WSU Baseball vs Houston 04-20-18

Friday, April 20th
WSU Baseball vs Houston 

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This time with kids say soccer baseball on 97. And thirteen thirty million cents. Now all of a senior yeah soccer's. Sanity yeah. Everybody compares broader arc on the campus of the University of Houston and Houston. What does anything to do it herself important bringing. Opera series. He's a favorite in America currently. Tied for first place records evidence. And we're not a ball did not do it for my card that lets those teams in the loss column is an app out of first even though they're recited the moment in place and I closely on race. Every week and is going to be important especially on the road win a series. That's going to get hit that doctors. Are good start tonight after hearing this week Dennis alongside. Formed in the I could not believe violence in out of that Tuesday and Wednesday. Outing everybody out there. A couple of guys. It's. One guy impresses me it didn't pitch like. Exactly yes that would go way back win. Atlanta but of course it enough about its debut goes three innings as anything Wallace. Everybody felt slam of course everybody slab. Everybody else this weekend right now out doesn't necessarily. It's a big guns doubled its towns are on background because this is like a dog days of College Baseball into the latter half your conference. You know it every. It was important like you're talking about. The there are 1345. Teams that we tell us that have played three mornings and would advise me you know not only played nine. Out of conference we. Everybody else started so slowly but surely they'll start cycling through and come back what I think it played question is army does not. David and get him to win the American conference at three vote Italy. Won the only regular. Conference last year. And hosted a regional front it read her time starters to look for starting pitchers all evidently they are greatly last year. And yet they've been a little up and down all the more so now that life. I. Played all of this contenders. Look at numbers certainly it is struggling a little bit slower rounds really yeah that's and you don't have looked awful lot further rate companies that are aches and that night. The Paula isn't all everything will get well it is actually served on boards but. He's got a point and adding 195. And two. That he does about basic statement kindly and untimely for him. But you really only have one guy. One regular that's the real threat as far as offensive production is concerned. And that hear it real close at 367 everybody else's real war or war. So there's outs he had to line up that put a lot of pressure on its. Come and lecture tomorrow ability of most heralded and best lefties in this. Conference before sells for our place. A Colombian air Flickr probably the most decorated like you said outside planning South Florida so. Because UH it's six or seven and finally it's 253. So it doesn't work out what is basically. They're pitching is our. And things it looks like amazed at. It happens this weekend. It's like they can't hold their own okay leadership and edged up answer the course of the series but this team also feels really really well don't make many errors which. Was at a conference play whatever is really good fielding team only got to play. It may are played and tireless advocate eight Wednesday. It's turf fields in Fairfield would. Have played pretty clean baseball. Yeah. Its fifth street Houston. And I think it and it's in the mistakes you've made it. Compounded because they're so good and now there are so yeah. Hold that at what does it out. Over the last couple weeks instantly were just that. Mean these same guys that. Program record there's season last year. Is. Now so. Let's. The deal was there for awhile but again. They didn't make it there against you know hopefully as a harbinger of things competence. You can't give away outs and nieces and yet it seems like this and this league uniter that. And we talked about it. This. About this many times of the years. There really isn't a thing as momentum offensively in baseball because he thinks that it could be really and all but lately there's been an amateur confidence right now with 47. And even though. A couple of times pace of this bread left and battered they've held their own against left. Including Grayson. Got it 300. Analyst sample size against left him now he's our hero lefties that would be patient and Smart. Anyway but. Yeah which does the best team in the American. And the rightness or it could have accounts. It pitchers but. There for mine. Should be at right left thing. Definitely arrogant leftist leaders. There hasn't gotten urged all obviously your pretty. Quality. Left handed it. Started that a little bit you know and win the other team goes right hander. It's not that Todd got it right line at Atlanta's got to. Play the outfield win and you've got comes out. You know on obviously plays that are left her vote right. And then it's an interesting dynamic now with like for the last 45 games. But just days now where. Obviously oyster the best nine on the field. And any time it's. Run because you've got some depth on the stand they take it and that and constant doubt that. This is obviously not easy. To hear your game is by land. Stars of professional service. Always. On here on terror to gain. This isn't this crowd support. Us. Here a look at the comfort of the skin are all in selling new ready is that you can conferences. This is all ears eating conditioning and didn't meaning of its. Speaking let's talk show is cool call today Tuesday night's 731. More exciting. Than that now. Comfort Systems proud shot athletics. Another mile our airmen brought by delta dental. Okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful mile per hour with no. Your parents are staying home weekend. Wow that's Hassan. Al with my Q and he only. 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Or renters insurance seeking eighty Camry or just reminds him more tolerant Rosie you're not under the Baxter & Associates in forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team challenging financial time and we're up that challenge me and Andy you're depending on your series money now and in the future please call at three and I do a one don't want back in a time well spent money on that. And there is. A financial. Interest and thank you don't energies into remarking names product is referenced here are independent of us via her and she went one for north collectively in Wichita Kansas users through a 2001 or online and planning to call. George Noory from coast to coast AM join me we. We are right here is I'm Guillen has yeah. Out of Baghdad bringing jobs problem here at the Oscars the cougars going at night game one of the three theories on my Kennedy along with CNET here in Houston and handling our producer in the studio. Did not play gets its due for an Oscar online order anywhere Gary Papa Johns are gonna pop a dot dot com and use promo code shocker. Here's soccer is out. Pregame interview with it or not butler's presented by express employment professionals. In support of millions to work. Coming out and really get midweek reform is a leader pitching. Well fortunately. It lies that we. Yeah it really does just that job this week out. Stay with ardent teller Davis broke both went five innings in some freshman got in on Tuesday night it's really well Linden and well so. We're looking good camera that we can hopefully we do have a bit of confidence in the men and it's getting. And it's. Things ever seem to work out like they look like they would on paper looks like it has that too. Potentially be a well hit close on a series and third start counting elect and I. During an eighty statement in June. It's right handers that report is launching. Against left. We'll go with a predominantly right in line up and lost and so. It's going to be you know in the office or they're pitching it centers. Excited about this company that is that we can see we can continue wining and dining. At all. Air field certainly hear you the chance to practice here last night anything unusual that I don't know it's my partner to the slower than ours it's Smart it's new. Little bit more urgent. Then we have which all say that the ground ball in the infield a little bit. You know the wind's blowing in tonight so I don't know how many home runs he hit that maybe left field much in your right wouldn't say about the ball. In line drag ball in the we talked last week about Cody boy coming up her rough outing at bats that he pitched really well deserved really bettered the money. Did it's well I mean yeah he pitched extremely well we played or he is trying to Africa 83 to four errors in it's. And we couldn't hold down that day and played two games Friday and we knew that we lost to the guys that were market. And they responded on Sunday and expect Cody warriors and on tonight. Because he did it last. No errors on that gives K a year and sleep most of a year earlier this has been really good summary or play it's it's been body is just concentration thing I think it is a careless errors and some throws at you have to make you guessed that for pro ball and through all her when they would snow play and you know content to their care is that can't make accountants place. Well I think we're building 970. In Florida conference were 984. Kalugin about spinning the field so. We brought it to our attention that the players' attention and we work at work every day since a lot of work. That. And it's playing Smart is certainly a big red and hit an eight straight on the road they series this week cancer getting personal and always makes it feel better it doesn't do battle so you know you don't look so good any relief is in. You know we and a lot of left handers and then it gets good points and you know eat each game you play yet armed with new things like Carol we Soledad because on Saturday would it from all. Lefties it's you aren't the only incensed that. And everything into account it cannot touch thanking god that god but we will have the starting lineup for game on the combat. When you set out to find new road you can't do. You need a partner. When you can count on. More and more people are finding themselves in early for the first time and trying something new can be exciting empower downright exhilarated. See for yourself Fleischer relays the most rewarded and that's growing and the last forty years overall. 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Our features are only as Smart as they're on last. It was only his within our national. Rate. The earth and really why. Someone please don't let me friends. Since June last seen rallies and no. Just ask your mercy weights and earth. You're awake on the latest news and information. Ask your. Seven and thirteen thirty and or has brought you by American family insurance in what agent Brad wouldn't John Green grid Cutler. Els or an elder raid a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie. Honey. Here's a great Americans on Nissan. Time OK can't pass pass. I have actually started cars. On the University of Houston campus like Kennedy loss I exchange data at tonight's shocker here at match up opening game of this three game series. Not to mention the conditions the win than it is breezy and I did not as warm as you might expect I had a couple hours that our temperature is in the near 65 it doesn't go quite that warm the wind is out of the south east which like that stadium being deployed to. Right field corner crotch toward the left. Eleven miles per hour feels more like him either a little of there's times so all the certainly carry the left field tonight we'll get out towards the rights of the Batman. Yeah yeah. And you're going to force you. Are right hitters. That. Hold on what odds that this pars all right. As well. He's tonight. Columbia actually. Here at home runs. In nine starts. Yeah mostly to left field where doctors in my eyes. It. It matches pretty normal 330 down both lives 75 in the Alley 390 straightaway not quite regularly that are. As of all parts. It has starting lineups presented by equity bank. Re never pay at 8 AM think that is an online equity bank. Urged the markers and if it's your head coach Todd that when he 694. Currently. Great hurdle that often play shortstop batting second in left field is Lew Ritter third baseman out there. Cleanup spot. Is better outline. First base batting Fidesz is gracing us. They do guys in right field hitting six. Accident Wallace Ph.D. tonight it's seven. Batting eighth is the second baseman Jordan warrior. And batting ninth. Satterfield. It's wrapped up a lawyer making an appearance at number ten for Wichita State's. So against our committee that Ritter ball. Flying at us that you've gotten. Wallace for your young Cody Hoyer may start the doctors time to. According to a fifteenth 75. In the league and not quitting is their head coach that are starting lineup looks like this. Connor Hollis second basically that I followed by the right fielder wild card. Eritrea low in third place there and clean up the odds are they cougars coach Davis. Tyler log lists is in left field hitting. Raising taxes. Is in center field hitting six. Art is super cold irons and seventh for Houston. The rate places a red. Is to get your batting ninth. And starting or Houston left hander create company this is appearances start at number ten for him. Or they can do so again for Houston hall Lockhart the hello Davis. The level it Padgett cold aren't quite as written. And Craig can be three and to its previous nine starts behind the plate calling balls I got Johnston. Goals that are first and Michael Holtz. It is the umpire at third and 88 out eating just iceberg today. It may make you a better and lose weight LT shocker. By United Healthcare and the real deal program learn more real deal. An injury report by line your life your money. They are optimal you. In the roster this week and mark how's that for a starter on for the last three or weekend. Is out this weekend back. Again they feel like he had sprained his forearm is not nearly as serious as may have feared he came out of last Sunday's game against UConn. And hope that he might even be back as early as next week that he is not on the roster this weekend and Alex eagle. Is still working on getting back. Thumbnail healed up so he is not on the roster but Conner luck is back on the roster. For a time in two weeks ago that it. Yeah you know it's got this mix and match on Sunday you know if kids. In effect that early in the season yet that now that we're in the heart conference season injury popped up a little bit so hopefully our profits. To cover that. Lord knows the the midweek stars like we alluded to really help out the bullpen. It'll be PDA on Sunday. Go. Along with come back in the fact that everything. In. Tommy part house's right arm still in one piece. I'm surprised and days very pleased about considering the way he walked out of a game here. And talking about starters there is currently at very definite possibility Tyler gave up his performance against day you could see that sending it really going to come down to. Let's let them one at a time and values evidently he used to get through Scotland. And available at ago at any time at nine guys. Yeah you know. You're there would say he killed wore Sunday but he still that doubtful and I cared he would. Butler might steal it let me just use them. So that surprise team. Once not twice. Iron or lower and that's. Boris carpet out letters or hatteras one of our 53 games sponsors and a long time markers on quarter. And long time greatly. Providing all types of flooring with great volume warehouses taking outstanding every day prices quality flooring materials and they're just great people to work with family owned and operated served as head of everything they do. An argument kind of ours. In north Broadway. There is a little bit of history between these two programs that most of it is pretty old. It leads the all time series 25. Wealth. But of those 37 game when we're played that in 1950s. When both teams schools remember the rebel conference in Houston. Led twenty to. In that era. Team there were some pretty ill NCAA and contenders at a college World Series team that in 1953. Under coach Lovett hill. So they were much better program that would tell us date back then. And then the fifties when he left the validated meet again until 1986. 550. That's. Last meeting was at Norman regional. And 2000. Thousands when he got her eyes were wantonly opening round and regional. I remember that one like yesterday that was quite a battle between rattling in the news. Players a year in divisions on the way gas and now are prepared with us today. And that it was caused policy tied. And seventh inning Connor the last used athletic guys scoring position. And Lincoln tried it linemen and right basically it's around it you know getting this in our guys media hit into right field for a base hit passport. And doctors now went on full court in net regional the class action ought soccer's Los every second every game those are all very important and robbed him right answers Thursday and it. Either way side of it out and athletic. Yes. That was a good memory that you battle as Islam an we could certainly something very similar. I mean that's. You you play College Baseball to get in the game like that. The eighteenth really tests like sound clean day or. You know. Good old days but. That's right and illegal acts. Every single day absolutely well from top to bottom even that the teams in the bottom of this legal fight if he'll play your best though. Are very happy with the American. I'd being formed five there's a couple games out of first place again with with more teams that got itself is an exciting series obviously. Should dominate you never know. But and it's it's an awful lot of under the name. And David this ballpark. Odor park. It was renamed in 2000. In this. Has been here for quite a while that in 2006 seen. Ireland. Or Schroeder at it may be ancient. To facilitate installation that is video or life and realtor and the permanent your comedy 3500. That is if it here on grass ever smaller ones. On third base. One that goes from beyond the first they dug out all laid out there right field corner route around the pulled him. Corners that can put a lot of people here that is supposed to regional a year ago. Meet Daktronics video board incompetent they don't want their stadium. It was the second largest in College Baseball it was all the thousands. Of bodies and a half feet high. Five feet wide view all of the things that our report it is. I overall ballpark. The dimensions all terror. One thing it's a little unusual. Art color ramp at around home plate at the base is a little bit ludicrous to deal with Erik yeah the red pants in the UK stated on me dead center fielder. Adam is Latin. It is here we're not state still has a dirt around it and a lot of that are all. Around here that it would have her mountaineers. You know I've watched him for this. Rubberized Allison this thing about that's notre. Take it in black jerseys tonight over white pants red Lee and the numbers are basically flat little red program partly. Joggers in Rhode grade it black letters numbers and old black hat ready. First of all for a moment of silence honoring former First Lady Barbara Bush asked what they. Do. We followed by Aaron. He's gotten yeah he's seen me. Yeah. The art excellent. Here's a few. It's. It's. Yeah. I. It's. Yeah. Our National Anthem here at Schroder Clark in instead of soccer is about ready to get it underway at the plate facing tray comes days. Left hander who is off the patriots. Aren't what they three point seven. Heidi RA for nine starts he's completed two of them. And they were both shut out at seven innings 41 hits 195. Opponent batting average only twelve walks. And sadly one strikeouts so he has a six to one strikeout to walk ratio. 41 hits it 57 innings is not very many so he doesn't give you my work where it's darker we'll definitely have to execute. And take care of whatever advantages again. That may be a little bit encouraging or. Cautionary tale his last countless stars have been a little rough. After back to back shut out again in Mexico. End of this it would only allowed seven hits in eight innings and held Cincinnati. Two runs on four hits in eight innings in his last two starts against Elaine and US out. Nine thirds innings fourteen hits and twelve currently runs usually when a guy of his caliber has couple starts like caddies I've got to extended to a third one that you'd ever go so we'll see if the doctors gave him. Get to whatever is. Ailing him over his last couple times even with that he's second in the league in strikeout to walk ratio might mention five point nine you don't want to that's boarding any NCA. Thirty Indy. Country and strikeouts and seven in London and is equipped. Walk. For innings pitched his best. In America less than one based on her current so what the doctors you have going for them. It is his weakness Nancy extra base hit allowed him doubles seven home runs. You don't you don't give up Germany when he does. More than 40% mark for extra bases. As cataract doctor Alley as they look for 59 as the team itself strength against strength here tonight. Acker average about the strikeout game at the plate. He has struck at her more floor time this season trade Vickers leads it off against it in the left hander wines and the first hit the ball game. It's on the inside corner for a called strike one. That bullet eighty kind of tailed back over the tight corner Vickers hitting 313. Two home runs and a lot of runs batted in. 012 and now the right out of place. Trey is in the first real slump. You can call it of the season for him. As he is three for 24 over the last games was 048. In the two mid week games against Larkin on cancers. It. On the back to work. And Leo to play outside of that fast ball one ball two strikes. All have to deal with some guys hostile crowd but hardly anybody here considering how good Houston normally isn't. Is doing so partly due here. Your little cool for a what typically Houston fans at your victories thousand breaking ball back to the screen and that you have to. Over the last five years they have averaged about 14100 game themselves. And it it that etiquette is here it may be a little less than. On ball breaks. You're 15100 for Sam Houston. That would tired outside fastball up and away iso two balls and strikes. Do you trade Vickers. It moved into the leadoff spot last Sunday for the final game of the UConn series and that's. The light at this kind of settled in after a few games let's get him moving down with viable. Did you. Well inside that would balance. An account all the wasteful. Play you wanna get a guy like discs. Win his changeup is still in lieu of our eluding him I should say. Sometimes in the first inning there's reason why this thing might you know it's good guys hurt some times you might not get. And I feel April through that it's easy take advantage in the. Three hit it straight victory over the asphalt illicit felt the first base dugout and how to play. Turned into allowed me that he could advance her victories leading us. Knickers Ritter and ball shocker here in the papers. So my cool breezy evening here you three do again. Driven toward left center field well hit the left fielder. To his left makes the catch but he got ball stayed up in the air for awhile and the left fielder he Obama at. It'll run it down for the first out of him. Nevertheless it's solid it that portrayed Vickers is actors and build on his lip reader comes up. Hitting three and four home runs team runs batted in. He has really been swinging it well of late. And first term company fastballs and Automask. How did his own thing and wonder. Sleepless one for four. In the Kansas game on Wednesday night. Write down a little her strength and it goes over to. As head I hit his third I'm not several times recently. Including against any violence it would not get doubled to right field corner. 02. Up their hands popped up looks like it'll stay and play down the first baseline Joseph Davis first baseman right extra space coach's box that makes. Just to sit down checkers here in the first it'll bring up Alec ball. The gambling it again and one united against the visiting 353. Eight home runs thirty rounds that it was four for seven. It to mid week games. Right handed hitter. Do not nobody on and shot her after the first. Streak come into the lion's. And that is over but slow. You down below the knees and all of those strikes. Alec bomb in conference play has been pretty solid as he has been all year. One of us. Now off the plate now one ball and went right. Had a big series that he EU and not her first conference series going four for nine with four walks and hit by pitch including two home runs. He was five for twelve against you lane four for twelve against. All right. Tree come back to the lines. Andy's hit the ball takes a low again I ask you this isn't this sequence. Right over the plate but just barely loads. They fired right handed hitter. Two bulls on strike. Come back to the line and delivers. And ball swings and misses an off speed pitch that looked like it was out item off the plate then change deputies is more just. They did not only a way that gets down he threw a changeup that changes directions he's got something in the delegate. And two out nobody on it suit out of all of and he spit. I've got a little bit three and news. It's. Her work in the get a little bit here and a thirst but as a chance to get out of it facing the minimum three hitters. On the street and Alex well. Driven hard to right center field as a chance to get the epicenter fielder over cut it off but it rolls under and bald headed for activity will be in there it's like it. Fielder Padgett. Getting over that all the debt run at Catholic you're running these have plans to head down and pick it up off the ground rule under his glove. Probably still goes double all the way that it. I'm getting to second base it's not for better Trout line. His dad. Absolutely the best of hackers Alex well notwithstanding it driving in runs over the last week and a half for so it's been RB I'm dean is now just one RBIs behind Alan Bowman the guards men hill. Pull even and category. They have put up an heiress that's going to be a angle and an error characters that are fielder putting on the second. First it didn't go offline and better to strike. That's ball just above the knee gutter hitting 327. Home run 35 runs batted him. It. His last sixteen games he's driven in 25 runs hitting 379. I haven't seen game stretch drove him for asking you on Wednesday. Alone and Freddie GoDaddy get pitching get submissive and soon to. Quality so that's hits here in the first getting to second base coach account Allen better outline. Fourth straight right handed hitter to face lefty trade company here in the first the shot. On the Israeli. Bombs. And it breaks inside a low drop wind started to validate Gillick for its base umpire Doyle suitors that he held at the time wanted to. He's being gas electric company it is taken advantage of fast all mistakes. He's. You don't expect it just so. Fast ball. And bruised right where. He has a long night but he makes mistakes and that's ball actually now. Once you outta got outlined. Title and eighth. That gives us a look next. And now the pit. That was slowly outside part of the plague tune to. Nobody anywhere near Alec ball at second base that he's giving you secondary relief which wolf. Helped him score on base it on you. Impossible to draw him out let's I want to sit BB somebody in the outfield. It that it got. In the hole oh and his work at that either. Ambien. And at least give out cannot speak this way Indiana. First strikeout per. Biggest backers in order to play in the first hit no runs on one hit after happening Wichita State nothing against him coming up to think that he or. Number one soccer mom must read a tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. The united health care you can have better control your kid. The mobile app that you find a local doctor and your digital cards are easy to learn more you eat out. Health care. Or is available for plants. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars to arts from start to finish and I had gotten us and really didn't. In retrospect. I don't pay double for your complimentary and and a free 3-D X ray now call 313501100. Victory. Average family dinner to drink. You don't think much about. Forces draw you buy American family insurance and Shawn Chapman. Ron Willis Carrie and I'll tell invalid or indeed porn and overweight later. This is Michael Savage joy relief sites. On eight and ten. Yeah yeah. Or what does it here right hander making his started the year I do. Four point 93. ERA 45 there's 38 hits on hitting point four again. One loss is that once they get a little out of guilt. Little under half per nine innings but also ones. Strikeouts. Four point 93 DR de badly but at one art. Hard earned runs and hitting into third take dad out and under three somewhere in the low three's. And came back and recurring well. We can't get on depending on where there is only about four. Was one strikeouts. Eric thrive on her. Shoddy defense. I next time hopefully he was able to filter out all cried. That company debt double header that. Bounced back last week and urged the blame game it's exactly what he wants. One thing that has. Him do it started out at you like it got down early. On. Year basis Connor Hala operatives here at the bottom whispers. It takes away the bull. Policy 304. Thirteen runs batted in Italy hater on this. Oh. It's one thing it will do my. Bases. 69 already but they didn't go to a hole here and and strikes out. You'd be in pretty good because they seem to need little help us. Do you love. Right. On Hollis will certainly take your walks he's got 427. On base percentage. Coming off thing for for nine mid week games against Sam Houston date do you want. They sat on a little bit low three and one. Or straight fastballs all night he wanted 93. All right handed hitter. He is a senior from Arlington. 31. Yeah has just outside for ball tour. Leadoff walk and a buddy Cody Hoyer. And it is in the armour a little bit he. Only had a couple of gains were walking one and now he's had. Don't think it is necessarily with his control because the walk total is sky high you know it's. There are three pretty much every team on average. Seattle closer water to discuss it with teams. And frankly you know it will homer on that three week to slug. As a team again. Emirates. While Lockhart. Side is right fielder takes a fastball that are effort called it one. Lockhart to eighty dollar 24 runs batted in also 31 walks you seem. And it's 425. On base percentage Lockhart. He has 23 in the nation with those 31 walks. I corner frustration and it is strictly Owen to Hollis made a little loft through block for first time. He will run on flat steel. And inventions that they will. Trying to steal on him that he and his progress again right off the bat lawyers really quick to play hard to steal all the. Posted a lot current. It's. Fielded by lawyers they'll play it looks. Always hit that are. Often it was scored first a quick look at the router. Here. That's and dealers not athletic. When it takes over support her they Ari do you think Hillary will do to turn a double play you know and inspired second yeah yeah. It's. It's difficult to go to work for it. There can only one for the cougars best theater gear Israel. Is the it. Edited rent or are going to that are the relevant. So I Preval. Had to go yeah dad had a rough go far. Better dancers. Jess yeah. Absolutely unforgivable. Ticket base running mistakes beginning to doubt that first. That all goes into the dugout they have run and another edit them this case that planes get. Ray. And it's time. It is not and there but he heard cock he's a little bit sailed on him. And dockers in Houston. Against ray can be not make inhabitants. It's still one out but gave his first base there right Peter. That's probably the best true power of anyone in line. This unit is grounded to short this time federal hold on. Roster first quality out. And I would've been your right there. It down. That clearly makes at run that scored an unearned all the way. Tyler feel I'm a bit. Turns out from the right. He has just recently kind of moved in that they started to let up on a full time basis it's only had forty I added that on a year with fourteen hit 311. Players at. And the first pitch that is outside block nicely by outline that was all it did in the opposite batter's box. Understated proud of it holds runners on base. We look mobbed each. Have to work done and can do about it this is does not easy look at it. Coming up for over four game against Sam Houston State on Wednesday was two for three of the Tuesday game here against them. One of the strike on the outside corner escalate. A 11. Starting with those errors on Friday against two lane. Backers with nineteen errors. And nine conference in Italy may eighteenth and 249. 11. Into left field that's going to be a basic. Didn't get good time they had a runner on third goals galore it's. Yeah. Really hated dad say yeah. Okay on that what is real is the better bay to catch around it was about one part of facing ordinary again. With less than two outs that's a ball that probably doesn't score there he's got to hang on it. Yes right here is here in the first inning. We'll monitor what is out of runs batted it. Resemblance to it and getting braces and center fielder. Agitating to 391 home run. And it. Colors are pitching and there's a strike on the inside corner just pack a little bit yeah. Did you hear from. China at Texas and 100. I lawyer. Andy 01 fastball I went all right. Had four for thirteen over the last three games including 348. In the two mid week games against San news these days. All right first today. And it showed bunt to explode inside it at one. Yeah and has played one more conference series with us they've played twelve games the American. Padgett has played in all twelve started at AC 194. Italy play on open for 36. That he Hoyer with do you want. That's pops out that overheads and played two balls too strict. Houston with two runs in the first. Milwaukee. Throwing error. And a two out single both runs are unearned. Okay. Do you two. And it's tax cut off their hands over towards first base dugout. Nine weekend series Houston is four or five game series openers and they've got twelve and six the last two games of this three game series. Packers have lost their last two series openers at home to Tulane at UConn. Can you again. Ripped by the first they can't sit down the line at right candidate ever get it back quickly as they're gonna hold the league that are there. Now the ball bouncing publicity and he'll outline able gathered out revolt there. For some reason. Gordon lawyers out there was going to be. Sinister behind him for a double cut. So a lot of ground fortunately. The runner was held at third otherwise be treated us so. I sealed gonna go to the mound. Not all of this is an on Cody lawyer I mean you could be argued. Very easily get beyond the innings but he's got to continue to make pitches tyranny cannot back to back base hits both of them. Pretty well struck cell. This is a recipe for disaster against the guy like great company. You don't keep the score down early he gets silly and it. And relax a little bit get a feel for his pitches and it could be along night that shocker so it's. A big jump here in the game already earned first and imagine the doctors have lost their last series opener on the weekend and the weekend before at EC do they want the series opener the big laid up with a Thursday night games attackers are. Olin three on the last three Fridays have not good news for this. Certainly digging themselves a hole here early. It was third to about two runs in super cold iron short not. Inning 1821. Home run 25 runs edited. Right handed hitter. Cody Hoyer ready work from the stretch. The first pitch called iron right down the middle for a called strike. Cold iron. Transferred from Grayson college last year but for this reason I'm not real clear on was not eligible until the end of the academic year that he's started the last fifteen games of the season what school was over. It to 45 over those fifteen games picked him. It hard up the middle but not down by Vickers scrambles gets it. But hey I'm not sure first base umpire got right to get your shot and get a huge break there. As kicker dribbled the ball but got it they're just in time to get older and avoided Netherlands story you could argue a little bit. It runs on two hits and one younger error and it's nothing cougars at. You can over a new hobby enjoys friendly adventure and more time with friends it's always good with good health plans to these Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and better health simple you know bridge the gaps in Medicare like coverage out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co place our troops and support make Medicare supplement insurance Hillary curry played and sixty fly from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Blue cross blue shield kids is not gonna do with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. Rush. You know every day we're treated or need your diet better nor how you treat or your information. Politics is over for. Three trust me. Democrats Clinton and Nieminen condemn someone in terms I'm gonna be trumped Hillary ran it yeah. Lebanon you that's a basic summary of what I know they're on second and third seeds. And. I. Is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita. Gerald Amato Chris Sammy underneath Angela violent time in it do and Hartnett or is built for. This is an SS. Yeah I get here is that what you guys stayed behind after an innings and did nothing actress welcome back up. Against Drake can be here in the race agendas that they did. And Paxton wall. It. Check a couple of things on the scoreboard here for you. Some other soccer teams are an action. On the first pitched out of there and grace and take slow and outside the ball want Priscilla king tell you about it quite a comeback but shocker off faulty all Billy Lange did was hit two home runs strike eleven it's a walk off the wild and be sent to Florida in 98 and alienates. That would is slow to balls and o.s X to Genesis. Company through 22 pitches in the first inning facing four hitters gave up one base runner to not hit. Do Alley ball. Hitting 327. Home runs 45 runs batted in and he drives pioneered a left center field to deep center fielder calling Padgett drifting with it and makes the catch in left center waiting out. Didn't established by much that was under an hour fly ball immediate death left that are. Which does dates women's tennis team playing in the semi finals. The American conference tournament in Dallas playing against. All the checkers are the three seed. Packers won the doubles point. What's like most singles matches are pretty tight that fourth. Here's the ball in the air do Alexander field again by date and do. Losing 800 Padgett and make gets a one hit edit out recorded his statement did not pleasant and exactly good company needed getting off to a quicker guard here in the second inning lies. Throwing 22 in the first inning two out nobody on for tax and Wallace expressed anti aging tonight's shot it's. Hitting 33315. For 45. First pitch from the left hander Andy thousand under the screen to the right of home plate. The smallest two for four against Kansas on Wednesday and had two of the shot her season high eighth doubles and had game both to the opposite field. 01. Not that change yet it's outside one bullet went right once more from the American art final Cincinnati won Connecticut nothing. Well he's the only was out school. Cincinnati stays hot the team was picked to finished one last. Lester excellent candidates and let us created one and two. Other 85 Natalie Cigna. Starting play tonight Cincinnati Houston and US have all notified. All the whole attitude can be taking a little more time before delivering this with into the wind. Once you get fouled off this guy and I'm in the death. Good match up this weekend are you. If you asked after a big series. You and that is. Like as I'm holding. It up. For that over L at week. I'm debris seems to be dying down a little right now let's pick up again. All. They ask you yeah. It's not going to order in the second after getting an app is it just does that it. Sports grill at Ali thirteenth and green which rudin would you tell us your new home for soccer -- you know be sure to check out our all -- menu because Monday is a burger days and Asians and don't forget Thursday's buy one get one free today dining only and excludes the superdome when it's for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn and always amazed enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG's sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza locations in Wichita and wanna Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletic. A decade ago the government changed the rules for the coolant trooper her condition. Of your system this ten or more years old and you have a problem. Could cost you thousand dollars just to replace the coolant. On the stock has. One of your comfort consultants come and check your system and it Dick Wolf I don't you up to 18100 dollars in trade or new energy efficient models. A win win and little birdie 943. Cool. Even employed morning right here on tape enhanced and not a second inning here in Houston what state trailing they are giving the example of honor crimes and delivers things is throwing error by great Vickers. Hoyer will face. Nine hitters. Started here's. Our side through. 21. Is in the numbers. Programs under lock on strike at. It is the first place all week. There. It's late at eight the last. Are to blame last week it. At 48 at bats on the year twelfth there's. More runs batted it right here. And the first from here is that or. Or is. It. It for a strike outside corner ball strike another 30 game tomorrow evening that. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow not sure exactly how it's presented. At all. Today at what time the data morrow has fluctuated SO. Come back and forth on whether we. Our time ground ball short is getting plenty of chances gets this sort of refers to quality time Lydia. So one down in the second. That's the fourth balls hit at Vickers Kristi gators tonight. Scandal all in the want they throw to third base had a writer Edgar rice threw away. Hobbled one on the last play of the first inning and got a very beneficial call base umpire. Yours for the cougars. For 54185. There's been an easier read a little underground right at you are important to second base and over adversity out. So lawyer up to a quick start in the second after throwing a few more that he would have liked it. Actually south of the order yeah. And Connor Hollis. Hollis walked. Leading off the game and eventually Lauren. Policy veteran started thirty games as a freshman that he was hurt in the second game. Of his original off warrior in 2015. An injury hardships and south fifth year senior editors. Takes a fastball up a little bit the ball on. Policy to 93. 41 that's the first twelve league games for the cougars slightly below is an average of three or four. Florida low. Balls and strikes. Paula says the longest current hitting streak Houston for me coming candidates went seven for fourteen over those last four. Whatever anybody got a long streak right now the Orioles had a seventeen game streak this year give Davis he fifteen game hitting streak. Hello. Think that would for a right fastball in and good luck. Two out bases empty in the Houston and. Why did a lot. Why don't rehearse face down the right field line Goodell had to hurry to hold it a lot and they aren't a good job by Dayton did not get to that went quickly and hold a single. Policy solid hit right over the third baseman Dennis he has now admitted I had straight. Three hits for instance they've all been struck solidly. Angle of the first but I feel it feel Lamar did. Double but Padgett now a single by Hollis. While Lockhart now slugged act employers for time out. All for one came into the game hitting 280. Let's get a hitter. Lawyer from the stretch and his first pitch and Lockhart a little bit outside for ball one. Thought her first name pronounced wild but it. Little bit unusual spelling L eight EL. One out. A little bit two balls and no strikes. Card debt debt for a moment back in the box below that matters first two down. Or edit the built and delivers. And I fly ball senator gone back a few steps is Travis on he's there it makes the catch the end. Lockhart flies out veteran who got tangled by Hollis does no damage in the second no runs one hit for the cougars they leave it to me that's. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental. OK they were gonna find out just how powerful mile per. For me with no mark he got command and hampering things. And practiced. Now with you got promoted Angelina as an act. I help you smile as powerful thing. It deserves delta dental nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile dollar delta dental. Hello soccer nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carney Andrew JP wind and it sends it past forty years Carnahan group is helping to great people look at which time Brian Sell home. Helping us first home purchases patio homes and everything in between what you are trading at paring down. We want you to call on past. Let us and our vast experience robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Iceland and usually we get warnings and ice right here rusty. Lawyers had a can't trade Vickers had to get something going offensively religion touch natives got batted third against lefthander trade somebody yeah. Seldom do one hit through the first two innings and struck out two. Checkers. Only base runners are Florida two out first inning single by Alex bald you scored a couple of runs in the first. Or Boyer and getting to seventy died as he gets ready deleted up three home runs seventeen runs batted in. Hitting 471. On eight. For haven't seen over the last five games head to Disney Institute midweek games for the doctors. And on the right side to taste the lefthander. Like I can be depiction of fastball low and inside. Or boy you're in your from Oklahoma City. Adding eighth in the order and. One now. It's network load of balls and those straight. Camped out afraid to mix it up that you all three pitches. As well above every week. Throughout ripped up the middle it is going to can't fault her base hit little in between top download center fielder had agitated at every got a good job early and hard on that and that ball landed right credited short hop off his blood clot that is kind of in the lead off single for lawyers. You know as it you appreciate the aggressiveness that pat behind in center field that dangerous play because it's behind him. Board go wrong but a good job I had to not only sell out. That is mothers. And hold it whose single I pulled my graph is an intense does that very. Backers both have been solid but moments later leadoff man on time in the better at a Shia. These are plotted the first baseline that's pretty good the first baseman slipped a bit recovering foot race and it apparently actually edit check beyond for the Al. Had they gone to the bag yeah maybe has applauding that. Gundy got close enough and the glove hand toward the runner got to tag on it and advances borders second base that one out of the future. Young was going to be whomever in the bag. Good job but they can be a slow opener. He was letting her get credit for sacrifice. Lawyers now scoring position with one out portrait picker. It pretty solid fly ball left his timeout after. Working counts it. Yeah. On the they'll. In his first Vickers is an off speed pitch outside. Then bring it really been struggling at play a little bit in the field as well throwing error in the first inning. One of us here that he has had lately three for his last 25 at play zone he's really looking to. Get things going again here it could put shocker on the board. And return to sort it lifted that riveted to his left shoulder. Just look at her daughter back. Or boy or Italy are angles moved to second on a trap a young guns. The cannot ticker. And it. Lying down Alessio line that's going to be a base hit maybe go for extra bases left fielder over to cut it off Vickers makes the terror gonna go for it they're gonna get sick days. I hesitated going around hers and decided late to go to this one repeatedly going all the way that he does get a big base hit drive in Europe. Well. That's. You're. Out first slam it back east that throws me. But he sold out I think it is important that it taking. The fact that. Lamotte let's go in court at the line and it. Because it. Takes. Auburn called directly out not just first baseman histories about. So there's two down bases and the actors do whatever Ron Paul out of the long ball games. And deal on. The basketball right. Now with three hits and it opens solitaire. Hits from guys that did well yes. 11 deliberate or hitting three and having it it is. It is over an Easter is right what do. You know you think. Vickers. Really. Maybe he had a reckless approach every bit of play was in front of him but. It's gonna get off straight come. You know and the moderates those offline a little bit thicker maybe sneak into second base. One tutor their candidate on his hands and held their base that actually houses cougars ballpark. Still one and two. Luke Ridder continuing to make a great comeback from that miserable two for 22 starts since NEC 365. Over the last 27 games. What do. Al law hands back over the green still wanted to do. That are showing occasional power this year he's got four home runs. You have another one to hit. It hard through all of the left field for a base hit. Sorry to make solid contact your rate company that's the third hit of the inning at all angles all will hit. First with two outs for Alec well. Change upstate. And her state taxes and opted. Hot Ian Holm culminating what Levin game and all that eleven yeah he's the champ London authorities both eleven games. And anytime with two outs to end the inning get this guys wearing. Give up an opportunity. Obama there once or log into the right after percent us. I come days. The first pitch to Alex daddy takes little inside purple ones. We want you it. It actually now to cougars 43 at the moment. Alex ball 353. Coming into the gains. And him is low and away two balls and those stress. Blueprint other Arab terrorists. Sorry that a good innings and obviously it has solid hits it got her on the boards. It's been blown. Not the outside corner that one. So after a 1232. The first seven being retired and giving away two run Packers certainly gambled more feeling like they're right back in this. And maybe they can get to trade company a little. It. The first. Standing up against the mine. Is not above making mistakes then make many. You know seventeen hits including seven home runs and that's. I don't. That's hitting it and want to bump. Come leader of the plate that's out three at one. They're a good time through the order. Let's head straight base hit by Dickerson Ritter after both were retired the first camera. Yeah. All right yeah. Outlook right out of three into an Alley ball. You got to allow Ridder to break with the job the first case of Paula. And better and store yeah. Trey Graham they have. All of the signs. Flexing the data across the plate and finally calls time out. Stepped out. He's gonna get comfortable and intimate company laid on him a little bit now. Three ball two strike two outs. I don't pay for all four. Hours walk him and I am. Record out second all the borders first. It matters that are you know I saw something recently Mike couple different public and it looks like. It does amount. And it's but. Regarding how all matters. We'll just walk really close it relieves that. I think he's into the discussion of top ten players over all in the upcoming draft coming up here. We knew we gonna be good draft him in Afghanistan. You know will be. He's all hat would. You know plate recognition and admirable job field or off how are we there but he loves god. Andy's. Continuing to make an awful lot of money seemingly every passing game I would just mention is that progression. Just acted fairly easy. Way out of every case these. He's really contained up there to play and it's instantly only place. You'll regret it certainly he has a. Not a guy to create let's get bigger he's at apple and this. All right first elected to not better outline struck out swinging as her time out. Pretty steady diet of off speed stuff first round Eliot your. Didn't mistakes. When he gets out liner. Good gutter hospital late one bulldozer right. And really tonight come he has not on the art. Live and an 8485. The heart is strong winds 88 may be a yeah I was in the very first inning yeah. Kind of landed him there a little bit. In this inning. One out outline gonna take out all my goodness it's gonna look like Y global. I would describe Scott cannot that is honest and fair and certainly not overly big. Ball on line later a second ball that first. Quarter run here in the third bullet into. Pickett second and they'll throw they fortunately because Ritter was a little surprised at broke toward third took a fall effort to toward third but the second baseman wasn't moving in to cover the bag so there was no one for him to throw it to record my data. Can be returning his attention to go to Trout lines count on line. And it. We'll let outside that sound like that was closer in the previous pitch that catcher. Yes we try to frame it and hear it. It goes to on account does it should into. And step down the block for a moment back in from the right. Great runners every shot here's a couple of hits and a walk. 21. Way outside the changeup three balls and went right. They Scandinavian now on out there now is not thrown at like you believe it and finish. It's kinda guided generic they've been. Away and not brutal attempting in good Wendell. That are throughout life can really unloaded here at three in London. Companies hit the ball held back industry yeah. Little late on that ball X. Gonna start with a single to center by Jordan boy here at all bulls beat out of spot. Not moving the writer second straight Vickers and my little left right employer tried to turn it into a double and was thrown out at second base. That Ritter followed with a single ballot bowl walk. Jackets they're all over the based ads here in the third it's just one run in a foreign. Company company was apparently ready to go and instead go author ever. He's getting hurt throw three. Governor saw his latest possible. You're now seeing him to do it dispersed enough. The man by the catcher red experience company or together on what they want to throw here. And I got her out on this bulletin one. Nellie ball team lead in runs batted in at 3030. Prize. That's 35 games ever wanna gain that's really good number. It is three to van hit out of the middle a lot of second baseman fielded by a Collison. Personality out. And allegations that it had suckers get some good things straight country in the third pick up one run on three hits. And leave it there at two and a half now Houston to Wichita State wants these Lauren. And has the knows he chocolate. Our dream is to meet chocolate and not only east but as. He's directly not ours. And an American family insurance leave leave your dream the more valuable things and apparently. Today according Lawrence street if people want to get your phone they can just I cement our chaplain every dream there's a champion aren't yours and him. American family insurance markets and institutions in American Parker Parker. Hi this is our lead paint and I'm a fulltime working momma and my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around let's talk to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of Arnie. So to say we are thrilled our life fulfill the employees is an understatement. You like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness being exercise classes yoga heart rate base interval training and stop. They even have health care. This like that when he first and whether online RT Tyson's life dot com. Has brought you by American family insurance in which agent or Crawford grameen Bernhard Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding her carver. Hey Sean Hannity your list and meet every weekday at zoo this fall happening right here on any assets. Hoyer festival. The bottom of the third which it. Just hate that feeling Houston two to one Hoyer threw two innings and allowed three hits two unearned runs. Look what baucus not struck editing and yet of the getting right into the heart. Excuse in order here in the third period trio load though Davis. And Tyler deal moderates. Wichita State ought vault beating UC apps. 98 in eight innings on a daily Lance walked off already gave up three in the top of the eighth. And then came back with four of their own to let it. Improved to 76 conference here at eight and five. It wouldn't get a place. Now back screen right here trio there aren't too good gal. I. Resonate. With some wins and yeah RPI 34. Or. 08. All right now. Is lord that. It. Like it Islam. One Wanda Treo look 360 sevens starting play tonight. Lawyers it Ling and yes that was a good breaking ball down right over one ball two strikes. 30 in conference play through a twelfth game and it. 40820. For 49. The only Houston player even 300 or better through twelfth game. Called time Hoyer was ready to go back to work. I'm holding at one end to. All right handed hitting third baseman. And the ball off to the left field for a base hit. Hustling over to get a discrepancy on 30 is gonna go for suited got a chance throes of Iraq's. It's. At this time. Of their own way from second base a little bit toward left center site is setting itself they throw but it. It sailed toward third days it real there with a double. Not this story to get some did swing is not a freight company that. Also for Houston hit a good solid base hit a Florida and I don't coating lawyer. Joseph Davis first baseman who went after a first pitch and grounded to short his first time up. It is getting it to 993 home runs 26. Runs batted in. What is first pitch to him as a test all hybrid. All month. Kansas and Oklahoma State decided to play a double header today in Stillwater because they're expecting bad weather tomorrow and Oklahoma State run ruled the jayhawks in the first game twelve to one in seven innings. It's too which is three in the RBI beat Oklahoma five or Ian had in Lubbock and the first game of their series. A ball go right to Davis. Clears it low and outside two balls no strikes. You know Davis 148. For the the couple walks and two mid week games against and used in eighth and is one for twelve over the last four games. Two balls no strikes at second nobody out for you that it deserves. It. This look good basketball three enough. Who gave us another at the Houston veterans they return of their nine position starters from last year. Three goals knows right. Lawyers. And that's why don't the shortstop into left field. Security is great they're gonna send a letter home throughout the a story. Rhetoric secondly don't look took a step back toward second that ball carried over to give you make. Belly dancing got a leg up on second but he comes around and scored 31. So swing on you know. And drives in his 47 round here so. Cody a lawyer goddess and even teams that. Physically yes yes yes and no it's Ayman. Hitting team that held the guards against Hoyer and work and all that much. I would be LaMont. The first of them that do not England's first drove in round he takes a fastball furcal one. Three runs I hit for the cougars one run on four for the actors there has been split among the nine. Mine teams. LaMont it. At the moment hitting 320s. Is based in spurts. In the terror plots like outline and Davis had a lot like he was going to start reversed and then started moving back towards first though. The momentum is all wrong take off once he's on the ball down. We'll. One ball one ranked. He'd actually been moving into sort of walking leadoff first base series that darting toward second he might have had a chance to advance on them. What one. Gotta admit that's ball away with the crime it's wanted to do. It'll moderates actually set a little bit of good for this is a right handed hitter a left handed thrower or is that highly as usual baseball combination. That has not hit a march 13. Lawyer long hold the one to. Just miss down and away two balls in two starts. Cool breezy night here and that's an overcast throughout most of the day at more so than ever right now. If we cannot. And the pitch. Out again three balls two strikes. Still nobody out double by real low angle like Joseph Davis here in the third. Houston team. Getting to 54 on the year averaging four point seven runs for eighth or swinging it better than that so far. Three do. Wang had a calcium because he would hang in there. Pretty good fit Canada and it is got a piece of that it starts to glove a letter outlines. You'll love it back in their eyes and I Hoyer. Trying to finish off the street to. And this. It near her right towards the lines do you go on the run it without territory lies they can't quite get it. Debris still blowing across from that direction probably help not that went down a little bit you've got a long way to go couldn't quite get there. Glenn was inscribed at game time is south east and it's in big blood across toward the left accorded almost appears to Seattle or straight he's going straight into right right now. Still street dude you wanted it. What is it. Settled again. Now it's. Streak right at home plate. The reminder that weather permitting and things don't change. Another night game tomorrow thirty gets the start time at 1 o'clock on Sunday. In the series finale. It Hoyer was a three hit a lot this ask. Adams walked a lot of it. Was nobody out in the third at honors Thursday. And after which it cuts out Enron and those good swing at the top of the third. Employers yet to retire anybody in the bottom of the order so let's. Alley problematic for. Stay within shouting distance to the cougars. Not exactly shutting them down given Wichita State feeling like it would work or climb back in this thing because now is poised. Get all that beat back this. As you line line right over the top stories and adverse for a double that of the first. 46 hitter on the year. As Goodspeed the attempt guided doubled. Moving around in the infield that player is left off the rubber. Yet is it a little bit it threw a bomb shortened up a little bit at third innings Vickers broke in behind the runner at second that. Lawyer did not turn to make a throw that off. Activity had a shocker bullpen. Foyer at the belt. His first hit it had spotted the ball back to. Green. Nobody out he's been playing that presented a little that you're going to have. Then you bunt the runners over. You sit still plan now that he had once it. Davis second. It will moderate its first. Lawyer really working slowly right now. Settles into the oh logs on he was not voting takes a strike an audience excellent dignitaries there. Now. Orders really the way I hadn't yet got the advantage. And hurting him. Gives Grayson had to himself. But the very least decent. We swing maybe get a ground ball. Obama he's your eggs. Player has signs that. And the Pitt style that. Asphalt and away a little bit and lusting changed drastically at the very best Saudi lawyers not going to be in this game too long tonight quite a few pitches building out here in the first three innings. Opening game series you'd always like Sears started at least gave you five or six. Alone to. And it came out came down and hadn't gotten swings. This would chambers talking about this big out for Cody Hoyer. The runners at first and second person out of the inning and lawyers for a strikeout of the night. And you talked about death Mulligan game against Tulane and he had every other start this year he struck out at least four. That's his first one tonight so. And of course more than one per inning strikeout pitcher that. Had a hard time commanding strikes and get ahead in the count and Canadiens that since her first Erica and out here and there. Super cold iron up from there I all right grounded orders for a time out to fastball high. Cold I don't want eighty hitter on a year. He hopes for eight against Zambia. Hated to admit regain the candidates. Really good weekend for him again hit safely in all three games and ended a four for twelve. I don't try to match up for Hoyer. The Lotto. And here right Saturn does not bother unless it drifted back to little daddy may catch in the right center field gap brighter ball against. From throwback and by yeah. I was actually hit pretty well with the wind helped knock it down a little bit and got ranging who is left to right center. And coach Davis not one of the fastest runners by any means for Houston hanging on base. And I employer can get gray sweat it's. You can really make the damage notable for what it could have been here in the third double single produced a run don't walk. The first three hitters he's come back to get to an arrow went to grounded to short his first not. Right handed hitters and had a part time starter gets left handed pitching here. And that's it over the vent towards second lawyer has that he'll tagged the runner counting down from first to end the inning and so all of all of pretty good job by a lawyer to get out of that one. With just one run one run on two hit to left for you and it usually shocker for eagle on the streets. Gregg Marshall has a cold day. In practice preparation. And does his job. Recruiting. That means trampled. Couldn't do it without executive leadership at the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always had on the runway waiting for a discount recruit. In fact the night ratings are is now busy day again that's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more at exactly sure dot com. A string and on who. Is. Aaron breaking news we're following now presence on the. Following means that you alert as the it's like a rocket ship moving. Continuing. To and informed on the world. Just click on the link ask. Radio dot com or. Rockers brought you my American family insurance in what agent Brad wouldn't John Green rich conflict. Elsewhere in elder raid a Rebecca Sean or any element. Just as far as living like this week Jason tied right here on taste and ask. Yeah shots there's a lot of testing comes to bat in. In the poorest deleted with grace and tennis given Dayton gave. And packed the mall of these three went down and ordered. A second inning. I have had one hit in the first put together three gets for a run in the third. Total of one run on four it used in three runs on I hit so far recent Afghanistan. Hit a fly ball to center is first time up. The only left handed hitters taste lefty tree company tonight. First pitch is held up he was out in front of that off beat Pitt. Dusty into the death. Honestly came in at 320 currently hitting 37. Team it's. And he'll launch. Asked all of this low and away one bullet strikes. Tennis has been that it. It pretty good group a play. Over the last nine games hitting four rose thirteen for 32. More like you're not absolutely. Holidays and there it's and he's on the outside corner it's one. Doctor sports properties in Wichita in athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors which states the league level. Of corporate partners on delta dental Coke industries and and communications. To be jet that went into this sort of breaking ball at times. And he strikes out to start a forest that's their right get treatment. If you are interested in advertising that's what it's not state athletics and contacts. Sports properties at 31978. When he tried to do. Here is Dayton did the island after a first pitch to fly ball to center fielder his first time out. 753 home runs and runs batted it and it takes. Andy water around and I just got himself and a half swing that committed on it sold one. On the back to work. That a lot fastball right down the middle for a strike zone too it's. He may have gotten caught looking for something else. There slip successful lines. One out nobody on video too. As got a piece held up flights. Well when you go up and plates you obviously need to have a plan to hand you can luck one can't rattle you and ruin your entire outlook which I think that's. First good slider did forget god is obviously looking for fast all in the Olin was a fastball. Right down and that's I don't need to refocus. Again that's that's mostly at Sears almost wild one while. I'm certainly not it not date them talking about hitters in general. Just because. You get fooled on one particular pit. Again don't let that apple yet he's got a CAB. That's all it's also. Fans want one that. Pretty gets you right behind the plate it was in little bits and I was on this front part of chalk regret right now batter's box. Where he wants the Dell business. You do. Playing at a bit static on the Cosby did you weigh. In here announcement it was anatomy and. Companies got back to their hitters. It's sort of course. Brings up. Actually Wallace at Richmond with a strikeout victim his first time out. So this threesome so far as where. Companies that is best success of Florida ball game. Her pitch to wall is brick load inside. Throw more sliders goes right handed batters. Instead of just fastball change his changeup looked pretty pedestrian Alaska when things. Mix in an effort Campbell. 10 fastball out hit it got a pretty good chance to read you seem a lot for a moment appears to be okay. The bullet right. Two out nobody on. Doctors in the fourth trailing a ball game three to one. Opening night of the game series here in the americans' blood loss. Our speed hit I foul play behind first. And account wanted to. Not a bad job by a lawless state back on that one that is not that it is a little late. Expelled the monitors. One balls two strikes. They can be. Actually it goes into the line. The task falls out of the right field line again just a little late that he had a party that's a long way now. That is delightful delightful looking back on the. Lawless is up their attacks. That aggressive young guy. A mistake in the strike zone opponent. Another one to hit. And your guns. Hand rolled towards their hair balls hit up by the back through a process that could play night. Colorado. It's actors go in order for the second time here at the flora aunt. Had it remains. One news of yet nobody yet what is it about seven bucks at the big flat tires or did yet nothing's gonna. Getting good service never really lasted about as long as a snowman at San Diego great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by the fact that train text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire build on a WA SU shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you and your card to do it lives on line at campus -- tired dot com. Campus I am tired you're out of bear Ernie prepared please guys here. Isn't this crowd support SX. In your race DT but it can't see that Comfort Systems and air conditioner. In selling new right is that you can client conferences is all you're eating conditioning and even flooding means comfort. He watched us cool call today 269783. Wine board. Let's let it hasn't got a Comfort Systems is proud part of shocked at Lenox. Courses brought you by American aliens are in its agent John Chapman. Ron woods tearing out in dollar in her and or an Andover was a lawyer. It's chasing each instrument non reality radio week nights at eleven I'm. Both of these pictures on a similar pace tonight boasted of its fifth east. Through three innings and then it fairly quick fourth straight down before a Cincinnati. For Houston and Brody boy it was that it was through three innings he could use equipment here as he faces Tucker red leaving it up for the cougars. Britain's batting ninth in the order that's. His cougar sure it. Junior college transferring. Rockport Texas attended Angelina college. Grounded to second is first time out takes his fastball outside for ball one. Written over the last five games hitting 375. On six for sixteen but it didn't really interesting. Experts that team. Border with a 10. And that was low and outside and I think. Written it was three. In the series opener last Freddie at Tulane had 33 gets his state on Wednesday in between 80 for seventh. In the other three of those vikings. 20. That would surprise three had nothing. Just a week ago denied that he did led by as many as ten runs at two lane led by five going into the ninth and to blame walk it off seventeenth. Two. Teams. Of those teams runs are evident seventeen rounds were under. That's called me outside quarter restraint Hoyer gets back to streamline. Why does every three hit game thread was hitting 185 for the season this guy. You don't wanna go putting on leading up. 31. Bright red over the middle three and two. Senators Hillary now. The first time in the charitable there. Connor Hollis on deck for Houston while locker below that come to that here in the fourth. But he lawyer with a 32. And a big shot the second day it plays second bounce over to first for the yeah. And you know feel for the guy can hit them working at they had. Struggled go to lawyer. A lot of it is darker hair but this. So then they'll settle it does get a point now might even when he went and it because it's convenient. Cotter a policy that on attitudes time slot to scored the first singled in the second. Came into the game hitting 304. It's tough out. It's your senior. Wang an outlet. Deflected off of something off the catch her off the umpire behind him it's right. Cody Hoyer and 63 pitch fourth inning. Apply salt toward third but house no balls two strikes. Seem like more Nat then. They'll say it's funny 63 is not bad it weakened. You know 123 inning here in this inning might be able to go to another couple bucks. Please seem like he's just didn't do and O three and on the north ton of pitches. Again 63. Live. Out nobody on. Spoke to. At a fastball away all right three SE second strike added. And I'll I look strike out very often. It is nineteen and a 137. At bats that's. You're right gallery plus he walks or strikes out that the viewers looking for Gore's quote unquote tough outs go to college. He is definitely Nat. Utley on Lyle Lockhart who has found the pitcher slide under. Let's get a better. Sawyer goes to work. Her pitch to Lockhart is low for all month. The other reason it seemed like more pitches he's been. Really slope between pitches that many times. This science fact of the line at 10. Down again little bit slow to balls those. Current. Giving up a double single a walk starts at third he has retired five and erode now would you does that stretch of the gains. You ought to lock art. And then. Just off the outside corner with a fastball he's gone three and outs the second time in the next. Came back from three go to get Tucker red leading off the he's asking for trouble because real low by far and away their best hitters due up next. And you make things got tough on himself. Three ought to lock car accidents at least restrictive fastball three month. Now Lockhart. It actually a switch hitter batting from the left side against Hoyer tonight. 31 pitch. Al backed. Come all the way back to three and is it time to get things done this. Still has a chance to do. His first 123 inning of the night gave up they too are singled Hollis in the second at three had retired the first two. Lockhart step out for a while but he. And Hoyer with three to deliver. It is near a let's look back raiders don't go back at the track makes the catch. He'll fly ball but Lockhart. As he has retired the first inning and I forgot your after four. Straight what does it look. Is stingers ripping into drug and is in your repair questions on your residential or commercial run always free erupting inspections dinners earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and he can also make you look your home again. So it's the string storm's real cure roots are gonna hit a home run with the new kitchen and bathroom remodel or outdoor living space. Called Rhodes is what are they are goaded stingers rushing dot com you'll do what it dinners ripping and construction or home and grow. Hey we don't have big shot looking for a new LL EE and a real wood and and this is our back there honest answer. They are and real wood and Britney what does that mean we held a slight lead this school and. Gone through. He re not only of high quality and I know only one of the largest. Real good entertainment pressuring. The we are in the time not just French. This is. Join us this morning right here on pain him as best. Straight hitters this group. On the front door innings. There. Are beginning to look entry in the in the morning line for. Port like on pitches through four innings. Little more depth. To him at all. Your employer lined a single Sadr his first time out. And is now hitting six straight games. Raised his average all the way to an 86. Company into the line first Jordan that's all products. About 242 not all that long ago. He is now ninth for his last eighteen puts it in his first time up. No one else. It's the right I cannot enter the bat second base that apply policy over to a study out. Or are grounds out of the second baseman. Great county is now retired five and Europe. Travis young the second time. Throws put a lot of first baseline his first time up almost weeded out company got over to take costs the first baseman Justin I'm beginning. What does Zack replies as he moved Boyer from first. The youngest in fifty slamming into tonight. I heard that. Oakmont beat Pitt and ever call on. It was like four for four against UConn on Sunday that was over 2 strikeouts against central Arkansas came back to go one for three against Kansas on Wednesday. A one. Out on the right right out of place. Redshirt junior from Durban. Lou back into the starting line up. Good performance against UConn he's making 24 start. In thirty games. 02. Right street has taught not to strike zone. That. Can be as Erica time and he is retired Rhode Aston. 81 night two out walk out well back in the third. And trade kicker does fly to left in line to the left. That's not faith what I said earlier about speaking to you guys have planned out there and they'll look won its racquet I think that. Fastball that he was tardy on fouled off gas head. I did victories for bowl one company came right back and go to fast forming outside corner and young was able to pull the trigger. That's absolutely when you've got to be able to at least all record. At an emergency swings stay at a lot. Count. All backed by Vickers one ball went right. Obviously they're you know pitching is destroying timing and hitting is being on time and it's as simple as that for both but there's a lot of complicated things in the meantime fourth. Pitchers to be successful and heaters to get the upper hand. Count them. Lot of high fastball to one. Thank really like seed is just flushing the last song you know. Understandably stranded duty if he may look at a one pit that against. Who yet. And the best hitters in the most mentally tough hitter probably do. Lonnie threw it can't get calls right Vickers started to go held up here it looks like it could have been a little high. Let's get goes to do. Increases as solid swings against them tonight that flyable look at these. And to. Recall that the inside corner that yeah. And those last pitches strikes out looking. And on the record since sixth straight dad getting sued in the reporting path he's been great with us they want. Another mile power airmen brought by delta and okay today we're going to find out just how powerful model first with no not. Your parents are staying weekend. Wow Hassan. Al with mild. Your parents are skiing on the weekend Lal added aunts and. Healthy smile as powerful things it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile to our delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas practicality. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driver. Do you lying in cost thousands of Dollar General time. And losing your life. A lifelong too drunk driving is unacceptable price. You've been drinking. Find a sober right. And remember the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Tucker is brought you by American family insurance in which agent Gerald Amato. Chris Sammy or an Angel island time in a Dylan Hartnett or is built for. George story from coast approached him or me we. We started right here as I'm Kia and that's. Or are setting up his first 123 inning of the ballgame is retired six hitters in a row world. Keep going as long as he can 71 pitches through four innings is tired but. He has shortened it a little bit in the last inning. Facing the heart of the order here in the this starting the curatorial. PLO has grounded or reaching on a fielder's choice scored a run in the first and doubled in coordinating officer. The average currently at 368. Handed hitter ready to go and those lawyers he goes to the line in the first pit. There's a strike on the outside corner. Prioleau. Came into this game eight. Were fifteen. Over the last three games he was three for five and bolts of the that we games against him used to date that would bounce. What happens credible player involvement right. It's. And Sam Houston State by the way that they split with in the mid week. 126. Win team right now that in the top sixty years so the European. It. What I want. This low balls and was very. 308 for fifteen in the last three. After going Oprah three. In the first game of the doubleheader. Against his leg last Sunday that ended may 32 game on base streak Virginia. You want. Fastball high three and one he's actually 048. In the first two games of that to Lyons here's the had a walk in the Friday at the on base. Rico left. He should ever be won last year as a freshman. Almost a hundred points higher this year. 31. I'd fly ball right center. Was exactly the right fielder did and they may catch the person out. Time to the scoreboard. You'd like gators roughly and Brooks got to England does your home's exterior again go to dripping dot com. Call 3120226. Figures European construction. Your home problem. One final and from the Americans old spartans that dual Cincinnati and Connecticut nothing. Bearcats apparently here to stay in her role in the first at the moment it's America. It throws strike at davis'. Shortened. It's. Things can't pick funerals of the four Americans really is low scoring games midway through their. Respective games. 01 fastball high of one of one. Got a ways Cincinnati was picked to finish. Dead last. And they are eaten five so formally. Being uninteresting. And Wichita a few weeks are on call. One to Davis popped it out. Shallow stutter. The second base and ordered out shortstop stickers that makes the call in the hit the ball. Actually ended up right at the act of the infield with a line designate exactly and field. Wind is blowing in from right more than it crosses it was early in the game almost radiance right out of the east. Two down pretty quickly through a lawyer here in the fifth. The better Tyler kilometer. He has won for won the walk into the first broke her and walked in there. Through it and spotted. It that sort of picture Reuters ills fires to first and it's the hat. Look at his club like he let Murphy editor not. Quick 123 innings Hoyer in the fifth estimates the scoreboard or not the end it'll help doctors. Situation we'll get divorced Gore's in the bottom or India. Extending as the actors. On the bed of the trailing 31. He's zero dishwasher struggling to make it was like oh well then you've got to get you to supply during their clearance. Low quality brands like whirlpool and Maytag kitchen and this as a prototype models displayed a major by this isn't easy place there large inventory did you get a day or deliberate and is still the most. Is that they get older Boise inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana where it's any Energy Star rated this one. Crystal ball flying model. A shelter insurance we know landlords to keep their printers and they're really. Probably add. Added we just dropped by to pick up your ring. I'm running a little or not everything works as smoothly as shelters are in good health cover up into a fire that's and more with us who deck and an older you mean yeah in May and they're news. Shelter insurance where you're you're. Orators injury he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay dirt out than derby. Bill Cunningham here at great American morning sounds nice. John McCain and his past ten. Clear night vision and the bottom instead got to cut off but chances. Goes through the scoreboard a little pain continues here's to go to the orchestra really realized. The only game that's. Not close is the one that's. Out of conference two lane stepping outside the conference in cleaning Tennessee State. And they give up seven start the second Tennessee State eight lane nothing. Mid game and now one. Number clubs met this ECU 1:1 hit game and Central Florida got a currently running scene McClanahan who's struck out double figures in a it's 1 nothing Central Florida over the bulls in net interstate match up your words besides Cincinnati beat UConn won nothing. Readily. Six took a hit it certainly looked like it right here it must have been just a little higher on all of those rights. Luke has now to the first baseman at single through the hole short. They slowed it site to an Al. Alex bald eagle the first graders in the second time of the third both are now writing eleven game hitting streak to. Streak ending yeah. The line into the 20 yeah. Players and almost any basketball injury in the softball team beats a good sport and 98. Innings in game one of the doubleheader. Top sixteen to darker three nights want. Double header today do avoid rain tomorrow. Three under better. Write that out in his career on her. Bold and Frontline shocker here as they try to at least get a little closer trailing three to want. 31 pitch from company. And Ed is right to call that looked a little hot again. I don't have a great feel for got just zoned didn't do that. Thought he probably would not call that he did it three Peter Ridder. And these kids should outlaw it and hands outstripped that. Oklahoma State twelve hey you won thirteen of double header there 11 of the second game that was Stillwater either prosper fifth. He's trying to heated up death. Series and I went second game of the doubleheader. And others three hitter. Rather the second baseman right at Hollis scooped it up and throws him out so as Cody Reuters that a few times. Come be able to come back the three ball count down in the count and get a ground ball out. Are eligible. State and this leading Northwestern State one to nothing in the bottom of the eighth inning. Against the demons that he's. Out here if they win. Slugger waits so organized. All the angles and walked his plate appearances. Bases empty and one pitch to him is. The ball on. South Dakota State or Robert split double header. Or losing 31 in winning 73. To him later on as the world with the month. One okay. Cannot. Shelley's poem fouled straight back when Bowen right. Creighton destroyed Xavier tonight or today 248. And they hit eight home runs. It's not your brother Creighton blue is apparently. He walked Wichita State often and a two run home run in one of the teams that they wanna get shocked at TD Ameritrade. Long time ago seemed like. Juan Juan and Alex won't. Camby back to work. And it fell to the right out of place. Both the Wichita State men's and women's tennis team eliminated from the American championships. To. Today in close matches. Fifth seeded US athlete which testing it's been 43 in the quarterfinals. He told that the the third seeded trackers in the women's semi finals for you. And that's a short time ago. To bomb now that off his foot in the batter's box stays wanted to do. These Carolina's. Pulled ahead of Memphis there in the time now it's 41 pirates. It is 31 Houston here at Tucker is batting in the top of the X. With one out of a bases empty. A company. Still staring into the mine. Goes to the wanna don't want to Hubbell Hillary best Florida lenders and sits in day out understanding that few balls and strikes. Page saying that's what got you got like Alec O'Meara and on here speaking nothing that he's not too comfortable up there. We talked last time lautner what kind of year he's had in his place. It looks like he's never uncomfortable. At least at this point this season can be buzzed him. To. Street talk on the inside corner with a fastball won't hold his body back to prepare it looked like it was at least on the edge. And there yeah. Company. Has settled in. Years retired nine in a row and has struck out five of those last night. Haven't totaled ball game now. Hundred Trout line Oprah to he has struck out grounded to second. I. It will long it that struck at 22 in the first round. Now that you're going 32 in the third. Texas went there. And he did not go as manipulative there's little bit low and inside. These past ninety pitches checkered you're getting close to it. Getting him out of the blog. 10. Big slow breaking ball in their culture could. And got it runs in the first both honor he seems shorter run in the third. Wanted to outline what couldn't pass yeah. Look that's all black market index on an excellent news. Sudan and actors in the sixth and once she cannot cleanup hitter Gunner currently on. In his undies then it's not even out of its in its second time yeah. It company has really settled it he has struck out six. The last ten hitters and after spot and a half it is still want to use them. Number one soccer mom. Three day tournament hangs 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. The united health care you can better control. With the mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and that's your cards are easy access to learn more you got. United Healthcare. Services. For its. One company is in addition a million people who works here it's like the big numbers are not one of professionals and maybe. Engineer for a ninety developer looking for the right for. How about administrative positions we are committed your sex and never graduates need to find a job. Express what it professionals is on initiatives put a million people to work easier and so we will always going to. Good to express grows dot com to find a location near you. Michael Savage joy you which sites they are they had ten. I'm just. Here in Houston lower have to be used in order coming up against Cody Hoyer who like his counterpart tree company has settled in a little bit. Odious debt backed attacks 123 innings in his retired nine in a row. Since giving up around the nobody out in the third shot which trails 31. And boy Circuit City shops. Effectively here that would actually be out of the lesson from where he was early in the game and how long it looked like he might be able to go. Is thrown eighty pitches through five innings. We basing Grayson had hit the center fielder who has double down the right field line and their last night about drug counseling. Iran's arms I hit for Houston wanna run reform gets through to us today. Those were the numbers back in the third since then both pitchers started shutting everything down. At 243. Easy steps in the left side. Lawyers for that too. Shallow left field Vickers started out Ritter we'll call him off the left fielder makes for the spurs out. Now what you'd expect on Friday night in the American didn't start that way certainly employer and dockers look like here get you can be a little bit too well these guys settled in and 31 in the sixth and that's. What you think what happened on opening night in the series. Super cold I was sure that has grounded or in flight pattern is that that of our. It to him is hide the ball on. Convention be transferred from college last year wasn't eligible. Until the end of the school year by that I mean when classes were over in finals and he was able to play in the last fifteen games this season. Lotto. The with a high who have nothing. Hit 245. But apparently good enough to meddle with the clout he was drafted in the late rounds but it cubs' number thirty. One out nobody on two woke up to the hitter. Lawyers get passed on the outside expert called rank 12 month. Game time tomorrow again at thirty in the lead. Pre game at its two lot. Ask all of rickety bridge racquet stood here. Yeah. Cleared out of her lawyer got a first swing it out there at the inning. Too little on cold ever rooted in going three you know as he did a couple of times in the last two innings. Of that even an aptitude to. In the pit spelled out there right out of place. Should be another good pitching match up tomorrow on absolutely. Leann and Eddie looking for a little bounce back from the uncharacteristically. Rough performance for him against you guys. He's got a dead of their own tomorrow night. I toward right center you've got a couple of steps to this right there right fielder makes the catch them. Parents lecture has a one point 08 ERA. 58 a third innings. That's failure number two is. It's business and tenth. To illustrate that point how good those two guys that then. There's been one weekend where Houston is hit in the ninth as we've against Memphis and they hit three game weekend series. They've been to 47 or less and every other weekend series. Rates when it is president's first baseline good nagged by jet as it goes to the bank and at that ball is hit sharply. It tennis today right handed borrowers those who is love I be able to get out and get it. They play at a list where 123 innings fertility Hoyer again the main street one and after it. All star business with the talented team but the science when he. In the professional that KD eaten advisors help organizations of all sizes and their competitive bags. Our trusted tax accounting and consulting pros can help like past challenges and hit home run. Go to Haiti dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. When he trusted advisor who's yours. Yeah another mile power chairman brought by delta dental can't look at that they were to find out just how powerful mile per say this for me with no mark. He got permanent. Hampering growth. Kraft. Great now with the Cuban community it can't believe this can. Healthy smiles powerful things you dessert is still down to the nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash your smile to our delta dental. Or has brought you by American family insurance in what agent Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard ink Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in holding her carver. Sauce number one songs vision. This is Jay and assets. Still ride it out 321 Houston and income it will go back out for the seventies throw 97 pitches. Certainly things don't look he has a quick getting that he could finish this would have not. We have the opportunity for him to go see out Torre could go he has set down in a row. Striking out of those. And for the third time in the game this checkers will start an inning at bat with the same three guys tennis did you dine Wallace. Each time previously. Colombia's retired Austrian aero. Bruce Jenner and hit a fly ball better and struck out swinging his last time out. First pitch to him he shows plot takes low and outside breaking ball. Recent hitting 315. It left it Peter Atlanta. Against the left become the vote does not directed at the first base line that's a good I think after her ray yeah it's not a time. First baseman David steel curtain flip second baseman Kevin Reagan generous that would direct but it will lead and it. Allen's goal is to make Davis come fielded and he accomplished that beautifully and zoomed right past him. And the policy secondly into the back perfect perfect it tennis. What it's not state. At Dayton did the life under struck out. Packers getting their leadoff man on for just the second time tonight the only other time they did it. Jordan Boyer singled in the third and New Zealand scored suckers only runs of four. Or is it to do take slow. Obama strikes. That was the 100 pitch thrown nitrate can be denied. What ball strikes. And if you got brings it misses a changeup football and my strength. Dude equalizer when you don't go to hard. Trust me. It's. Really good look like it looks like he's just floated out there. Log on to you death. Fastball hit hard one hot at shortstop at second base linebacker first. Turks. Are single. Actors. They have nobody. But you know after that. Books when he changed yet it is there you guys came right back in and he's is that pretty good fastball. And it tidy not just enough one hopper to the short stuff so. Company has rarely been seen out there after the third innings. Really polished it was all these good. Texted while striking out in grand listeners to strike at its. At me like that's been the difference with company tonight that's the fastball in on his right hand man. Yeah ice changeup got long swings and misses. But that apple really all. Big job of it now that will not parity has pulled I had had a double clutched it gets there. Played shortstop Andy and I am Dodgers had a leadoff bunt single but only three men come to the plate in the seventh chapters six and a half. It is still accused in the tigers won. When you set out to find new road you can't do. You need a partner. When you can count. More and more people are finding themselves and Chevrolet for the first time and trying something new can be site in our downright exhilarated. See for yourself why Chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing and the last forty years old girl. Chevrolet. Find new roads don't total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales charity work yeah seventy. Yeah. These lying dead I don't know there are others. Not only aren't suddenly. I hear anything on the world. You don't want more I want it. Likes. In Austin Adelaide. You are seven and thirteen thirty and we're on number one. Stevenson. In the morning right here on enhancement. It's six innings. He Hoyer backed out here with 88 pitches through six a bill that got four sevenths. It's written. Connor Hollis Lyle Lockhart or Houston. It is 31 security team does that tide yes. And I actually throwing error by trade pickers. On the third hitter of the game in the first inning in his living very large that led to water runs in the first that's the difference in the game right now I team's quarter run in the third that's an old story. I read it over to put a couple of ground balls and he leads that's the hooters. Right handed hitting junior catcher Tony lawyers first pitch to him as the best ball low for ball on. And is awful struggling. Getting definitely runs again they want to burst into the age of eight leading. Three nothing in second game of the fourth news. Brown ball left side and a slight example I Vickers law through across not a time I'd like Craig Akers is actually in the outfield and he's likely to get that. That ball out that they'd rather throw the latest terrorist. Leadoff single by her written here in the seventh for Houston. And that's the first base runner since the third. You know we're gonna get this runner. Kyle Lovelace. Catcher so it figures to take over. Yet caught a lot this year but. A hard time. Getting it. Because that has played a lot of oil. So what 660. Isn't miserable start. Which is now over halfway through the season series like they are written. Potter Holler at one doubts that whatnot the third bumped out employer that. Nobody whereas. A close play at attackers appeared months. It just like with us today that it leadoff single in the top of the inning and then double play erased it hackers do the same thing that Houston I don't know but he. Wasn't a real easy turn because. All the third was hit especially hard you know ball was a little bit. There really hurried around the war. It wouldn't think that. Cody ordered haven't seen in nine innings after the first inning and don't know where it absolutely. Credit him. Every week we talked about him struggle a little bit the first three innings when his command that. That's what the number one does. Blue collar and it's deep into the gains Cody did a great job of that tonight while Lockhart a fastball for a called it. Get it wanna his line after war was not near port and five hits three runs and walks strikeouts. Everything except for the innings and it's exactly is that. Most importantly the runs. It's on this. Tree and went below one ball on the strength. Work he gets an earlier ID three out of a sense that this agrees saying he's. Got a chance to go back out to me it's Flockhart quickly here the ability will. The job we turn around 11. Fastball and a little bit too far in two balls in Europe. To not nobody on the cougars. Haven't they lead the shocker three to one. Lockhart debt debt readjust his batting gloves. But not the player to get Indians. Basketball played just a little bit high and 83 balls and one strike. The. I'll Lockhart has announced that employer flight center flight the left. Balls right here on fastball high global war. That's the third walk by Cody lawyer. First ones there's the third inning. Hundred authorised the two outs. And present danger Jared Treo look. Those grounded to short doubled and plied her right. 1383. On a fielder's choice is first not that has scored two of the three Houston run. It's. I headed heater rhetoric for now to mount. Later in the red delivers at a Fowler and act got him in the foot to one knee. Comforts here's would be OK don't balls and one strike. Actors in the eighth will be in the bottom two in the order them back trade Vickers that they will get into the meat of the order. One more time for your in this ball game trails 31 in the seventh. Pullen hit counting. Player delivers it. And the outside corner of the good breaking ball straight to. Poland to Treo look. South Lawn right here duties. Where a head. Moderates are due out. 02. Sliced into right field it's gonna offer a base hit it played on the second vastly runner over to third on the play. Had a great attitude there you know it takes to get their way into right field putting runners are there. That's confidence outline an ounce on top humble polite it's not just in front of it and happened didn't do much that now. Cody as darkness dockers teetering on the brink right here bottom of the seventh already down to. You on Cuba. You know Davis one's victory in the short angled drive it around and pot or. 27. Runs batted in for Davis. And as the top mark on the team. We'll hear from the stretch. First pitch to Davis is a strike breaking ball away. Yeah got to kind of be careful this guy because on three you know. In the third inning he was turned loose now rocket in the left so. He's up they're basically gonna guess slick ploy here. And put it best when it's been like that. Stay out we'll play him. Alone. Just missed the outside corner right or Trout line it up just not the outside it couldn't get Davis to fish ball one strike and navy veteran act like because look. I like her outline reached that would play ever so slightly so that may have been that if there is one before. Davis a junior from Austin. Right handed hitter. On one. Up and away with that was that was clearly had his own two balls at once correct. Steel and build. By Tucker reds started the inning. Petr Hala credited to a double play Lyle lot cart with a two out walk. And injured 30 look singled to right move Flockhart user. She won the captain Joseph Davis. Players. Out straight that it stood to. You that they're in wanna go three and one as yet. Still now want fastball away it yet Davis now back. I. He would like for this to the last pitch of the inning code in order to into. Runners at the corner two way. Let's move to first in the writer that Pittsburgh. It real might be cheating over their trio looked him for hands as they. Got a man over third in scoring territory. The it. Lawyers at once again. Two to. At a fastball on the outside corner gets that call. And Billy boy what a great not to have backed groups in early struggles to get through and yet no runs and it. Two men left on base and go to the eight still looking in three which dusting one. Number one soccer mom a three day tournament since 22 years old Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equal. Laryngitis. You can't control. The United Healthcare you you have better control. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor has your digital cards are easy to learn more U. Healthcare. For Oakland. Yeah since the launch. Welcome your locals or worse or shoulder on every angle on wall to wall TVs and done most to you in the market everything on the menu is made from scratch here the news spicy Nashville hot chicken and we were local twenty which all the room. Is shattering 29 degrees by a beautiful twin girls and out here at 20% wrong when Richard Zacks. Nguyen T these greens scenic views. Shocker has brought you by American family insurance in what agent Brad would be John Green Cutler does he Els or an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or any. I just let decades like eight get warnings and ice right near us. Yeah. Same career high seven innings complete Eddie leave trailing three to want to go to the 804 pitches for Hoyer. And his counterpart trade him he has thrown hundreds sport through seven innings force for Houston local blackout for the eighth facing Jordan boy here. Leading. He has an adequate inning he certainly could finish what. A law they let it go if doctors credit but it pressure he has retired. Thirteen of the last. Well Paul the last thirteen cities phase two of the angle to Grayson and as the leading off the that are raised him and double play Hoyer right. Security singled and scored in the third grounded to second. In the fifth. A lot. Sat on the inside corner raised his arms I don't know if it can't be an idea to do so and do it turned out to you as advertised as he has. Those guys really. Rallied from. A start really settle in coaches. And I bought the club scrambles at it still has time throws her out. That kept the but obviously I'm not a lawyer might have a chance but it didn't bounce theory Clark Libya has kept you behind the man on the actually went down to these these rabbit rivers in time. In a battle of the death. One out threat to young he has sacrificed and struck out looking. Akerson beaded base runner has to do. Yes the tying run to the plate. And officially go through on almost beat out of luck beckons the third inning. It's breaking ball for a called strike. This is not good news Wichita State. Colombia has not looked sharper and he hasn't last you yourself. Polonia. At Harvard right at the or not bubble for a second like cold or the thrill seekers Padilla. Both hit pretty solidly right at old man it's not to happen to them. Straight ticker up for the fourth time it's like the left singled to left. Right in the checkered only run out looking at last time out. What are in the eighth. Four can be used on site that he's 109 for the game so still not excessive. Since the end of stress lately. Line drive foul them last night. As we often talk about it's not pitches it's the ones that you. Throw with your hair on fire and really only happen in one inning. In the third. He's been on cruise control toward cents. Two out nobody on an 01 count knickers. And at this time in the past bull. Okay. Alan. Surprise maybe employer comes back out that he does not totally surprised he's at 104. 11 to bicker. That's all up and in just a little bit too balls and one strike. Ridder on deck it picker. It keeps the inning go. Peter is 21 pitch. Speed bits and changeup breakthrough restrictive. Keep throwing those laws don't get much out of your aren't either cut through it. Two balls two strikes two out and create Wichita State. Great company. Looks that way hi I would not look that that stuff. Three into the Vickers. He runs seven hits one error totals for him. One runs five hits one error for which it does today. 32 pitch coming to Vickers. That's all now. But. It's not it's in the 833. Down three companies and tremendous. Since the fourth minute and after seven and a half it's 321 use. One of them. Little hole and what's our machinery makes you check out the bobcat advantage and wash bobcats compact six graders take on the competition and pressure memoir my war. Hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles a lot more for us from the best fields in the industry. There's over bobcats dot com slash a better results and check the members and whites or machinery in Wichita today gunmen have. Having gardens here so. Or you're authorized Bob Jesse wise. Another mile power chairman brought by delta dental. Okay today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first with no. Your parents are staying weekend. Brown Hassan. Al with my. Your parents. All weekend wow that is aunt and. Healthy smile as powerful things. It deserves delta dental and leading dental benefits providers to unleash your mile per hour delta dental. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to me every weekday until it's all happening right here on fast. Soccer softball. Does it again they trailed 43 go to the bottom of the seventh Lori Erica late to run walk off home run its dockers walk it off in both games the Central Florida slice nine eighths and time for both teams eight at six in the American Packers 26. Minutes of the inaugural. You really get lands. Regular local back out to at least RC into these 104 pitches. Given up three runs one earned on seven hits through seven innings trails 31. That is not working tirelessly Lama. Left fielder who is wanted for the law. As it headed Petersburg. It is life a lot of balls that he picks it back out. Scrambles and throws enough. Was hit barker right at LA Vista is just off his body to let it is loved it out. That is straight livid trillion massacres in the hope that didn't hit home the best hitters. Would stick in the web I don't know where it but. Well it could not recover and Cody Hoyer anyone's pitch out that is. Does it. Bring. That Grayson get to double down the right field line in the first since then has dropped out of slight delay. Handed hitting center fielder. And the Bristol and again fastball high for ball. A state trying to hang in for one last chance down 321 in the. Oh yeah. It's slow and balls no strikes. Perry Camby had a 115. Pitched for Houston he really into it saying let it go back out to at least start the ninth. 20. Good fastball in for a right stood in line you know that they only have five saves all year. And get Nate Carter had during his three of them and one warning wanting our itself. If you can't carry it over to him. List. Three outs to get that you run lead and that's hiring. Great companies and Friday it to particles. Ground ball to first base line goes well. And it's good to pass. Kicking and see what kind of recent success Carter Henry is here. It. It was or listening again and news day is big. Got bumped around a little bit too late last week. Histories and 76. Get to pet it. Out of it and gotta chase one of the earth. Hoyer registers his fourth drag it. Below average numbers bring him. Nevertheless going. Seven for the first time in his career seventy's they're not here. That Cooper called iron or has had a short flight under slider right. Averages 178. Down here. We're delighted. First pit. Boldest a little bit low. Record in the night we'll have. Greater bulk and Trout lines coming up. Yeah. Go to cold. That's bull Vegas quarter prescribed it's 1 o'clock really pulled these guys got stronger as the game went on. Acres much question about that. The fifth until now they've been. Littering the strike zone. Here is 11. We're gonna miss. Him working at a site quoted a right handed hitter one ball strengths. Nobody on for Houston in the bottom of the eighth. Players nodded and design and the ones yeah. Fly ball on the right field line talent out of play. That's just throw at least one more. Cooper called iron it's. They'll like Senseo wealthy I borrow end. Your from Kilgore Texas. I'm bald guy Cody ordered the lions. Outside the best alternative. He's a bit to run in the first book on her team scored in the third and nobody since that. Do you do you pitch. Popped in my. When the pushed back a little bit to outline has played it right at home plate and gathered for the out. It was right here in case it is better outline next play and it's a one C three Hoyer. In the days really good job like Cody Hoyer but unfortunately for him. Did even a little better actress than in the ninth trailing 321. Hello soccer nation this is Cindy turn hand with the Carnahan group that JPY get an instance for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping great people of which is time buy and sell home. Helping with urged home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down. We want you to call on past. Let us and our past experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. I'm really not for digital sign. No I don't Jonas. What is true today yeah. It's not us. Still don't know that's that's springtime so old. And spends the winters. And they. Stay connected to her severe weather season finally sliced bread and these. Items will be much more predictable when it's going to be a narrow window look at least know whether obese so. He sent an attorney and. Yeah. Sports has brought you by American and we insurance in Asia on Chapman Ron will carry out I'll come up in valley center in Singapore and overweight. Kids. Plus living like this week stays tied right here on tape and asks. It is done for the night C Houston left hander goes eight. A 115 and it is allowed just one run on five hits with one walk. At nine strikeouts he'll turn it over to Carter Henry. Awful writer report that news taxes for 215. And Henry. Lee's team players. I imagine it's changed with three. 78 appearances for and won three days one point 21 ERA. Want to united cute they're only allowed nineteen hits as walk well. And struck out what he's got a pretty good numbers all the way across. Most recent outing. Was hitless scoreless inning again and used to date on Tuesday it's twice against Tulane last week wanted to third on Friday that bloodbath give up four hits. And five unearned runs. And it threw a scoreless innings on Sunday. They lit Ritter leading off Luke one for three. Fastball for a called strike test policy needs. The single through the hole short in the third and decided that he spelled out first and grounded to second. Swearing in of this crowd of one there it's going to. That are living here tonight has hit safely in eleven straight. But he cannot make it all the way. This morning good afternoon good night jitters out of three pitches to start the knives. Right gets used to it and and it better Alec bump. If you isn't music this is perfect because most damaging and didn't get to within one era. He's singled walked it struck out looking and Thursday Alec. It is a little bit low for ball one out he can get a Borger Trout lines certainly still a significant threat behind. And Janice are behind him. Blow. Breaking ball for strike started and I'm really her hand and had only one base runner. Since force that was apart single leg and a leading off at a. 11. In the middle on the ground policies second baseman back hands and throws the first half. Most of the balls at Soccer City hit hard over the last few innings had been on the grounds that they haven't really hit anything in the year. Since win the election. To fly ball outs to start that. Ground balls have been hit hard treatment right at somebody. You have to Africa. As instruct on extra base hits and I Terry can be settled in after the and at least at this point out fuel Cody Willard. Outlined a slow. And we talked about it before the game the last three games with us a scenes CNET team yet that that it ended or hurt somebody threw them like carry on yeah. One else. It hard to center field pretty well center fielder on the row. And you look at the screen Celtic knocked down a little bit. Yeah. Applause it's not go to an order against Carter's handling of the night. And when the series opener by this aura. Three nuanced yeah. Militant Ali thirteenth and green which road in would you tell us your new home for soccer coaches show should tell her all new burger menu because Monday is a murdered days and agents and don't forget Thursday's violence one freak accident dining only and excludes the superdome -- is for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here brightly goat cart could turn and always amazing the game room for a couple games AG's sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 streets and locations in Wichita and one and Hutchinson proud supporter of charter athletic. Did you rolled his washing is likely to think it was like oh well then you've got to give you the principle it's greater clearance. Low quality players like whirlpool and Maytag kitchen. Listens as a prototype models on this try to make your client isn't easy. 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On Eli encompasses everything in once it's functional fitness group exercise classes yoga. 88 in the green and stopped. They even have child. This off like that when he or in Atlanta or online at Tyson's life dot com. No more blue room is being hides on over there on you didn't happen and unpack. You're not of my older equipment millions and haven't do you mean nine paid good money for a new HDTV boy I didn't know aren't exactly. It. They're gone now after eating at. TT we don't charge her for delivery in Santa good prices and insert it. We do these long after he. We are routinely knocked not just our brand of soccer is brought you by American family insurance in agent Erin Crocker remains Bernhard thanks Mike Rogers in Newton and all oriental paint her harbor. Pastries and maybe join us become really radio week nights at eleven on page. Defense just and the post game show like editing and change that with you with us tonight all three to one. Had it read it typical American conference Friday night pictures digital picture straight can be for Houston and Cody Hoyer would date. And a little bit of a rough time settling in through the first three innings but after they did everything the scoring was done by the end of the there. Yeah what does things and able to get those going straight on the east side hits all singles but credit Cody lawyer he went actually complete game. First complete game of the season for which our state. But his first inning. This is a key point or might steal personal hope my crew will tell. Cody out proud of him that he is because of the rocky start he walked the first eight days. Trade Vickers. Made a throwing error. And then would go out Cody gave up back to back base hits you it will cut and nothing I want as. Well that's being as though that will be key teaching point for my field you Cody court but on the other hand. It's not how you are tight and he saved the bullpen for the rest of the series again. You know it's called active Tyler Davis pressed tightly guarded in the week but your job as a starting pitcher. To hit like that bully what might see a problem not a talent and you would enable good against Cody order Rory does. And you can look at it runs for us and it was the difference. Like later. Eighty more likely to score one more on that they had is. Actually. Joggers at one base runner after the third. That was great. Outlet out of it double play three men on base there. Yeah and the company was all everything pre pitchers here regional conference. And they've got to get Tucker's game went on and after he gets on those first two runs he knows can be tough and shark got some good swings in the there but it turned out that was. Coming coming. To you I'll offer which if that call it for 1548. Hours of oil company LLC dot com coming off your needs always comfort. Are starting game but it can't lottery. Lottery Mega Millions ticket today at seven millionaires as lottery dot com. The most current bottom out and lottery. And dream bigger pretty obvious does. Any time you have a guy go. Complete game to mean at this is only thirty warriors guarded. His previous career high and six. And you got to port games client ultimately it has no where near the use of them the right yeah now it's Scott Butler on the other hand it's got to message it is theaters yet you're gonna run it is good likeness and on the it was exactly what we thought was a victory duel but as. A group of hitters you got to find a way. You know sometimes it's the like can be did tonight and tomorrow's. Statistically even better. It's got kind of way and it does. Can't just let it happen to you even if this stuff. I quality of arms yet don't actually like like he does. At this. I am back. At nineteen every artist has clients with a personal financial plan for forty years now are you the Financial Times and were up for the challenge them at all. Call 2011. World around money won't. Into an advisory to financial yet never been a get out and energies into remarking names product or does is reference here are independent as fast as you want Israel to blame talking to 0312001. Or online at planning on. Yeah felt pretty good what is it about seven bucks at the big glut tires or did yet but then getting good service and feeling lasted about as long as a snowman and San Diego great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by the fact that strange text you can put your confidence in Kansas my entire build on a WA SU shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas entire metro locations to. To keep you in your car and didn't online at Kansas my entire dot com stay at the entirety of their earnings prepared please guys hear him. It. Taught her country club our local golf since 1981 has something new show. The local owners great light lead and added news affair of the golf course and opened at 24 hour fitness for members to tell all lost told us in the lower membership brings. Not all there rock radio first month free remember. Anywhere talkers in soccer fans clay and play the new tall grass country club today. Every day and workers put compassion into action by empowering people salute meaningful and productive life providing life saving medical service and assisting with 22 relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers who have won just healthcare act as backed group support while they're improving line it's saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. And community. I. Quick rundown on the local news or no longer a relevant and wondering if nobody want you to read in the news okay. Let's play Qaeda in Kansas radios inside a way you can do that on any smarts and tries. You're Smart speak here. And here so it's not an. Asset. Laws where is always to until ready to enjoy wildcard weekend in the World Series hits out of the park went on dereliction Durbin poured over him made eye ball in the toward new classic suburban cocktail did a Manhattan or try or terror and ice cold when he nine's green local twenty which all would've made from scratch menu item. Rumored big everything and statements that we're neighbors and rock west at. Twenty he drinks and you. Were brought you my American family insurance in Wichita agent Earl and Chris. Amy Yoder an Angel island time in Dillon Hartnett or built for home. This is yeah. Join us this morning right here on tape and yes. So. Hey lets just state wanted to get pictures built right here in Houston welcome back to close game don't remember any data Packers play it 50% off your online order and in Wichita area Papa John's. Log on a Papa Johns dot com and the problem coach soccer fifteenth. Received you're after is yeah has a look at the scoreboard. You like fingerprinting and good direction for Brooks. And gutters adding windows let her home's exterior again that is ripping dot com. Paltry what it's too old to 26. Figures ripping and construction your home team broke that. Here today mostly in the American. Players Cincinnati UConn won. At Florida VUSF one thing. For easy use leading members Portland and outside the conference he's been. Stalled plane and I want powered by a seven run second inning awful week for Florida. Or to back walk off home run Celtics are off one green. And then built. A series we'll be back. On. Yes there are a couple of walk off that loss Cutler got it here they edit them that way. Appliance presents our play that game unfortunately not included in the deep freeze here is currently playing the game that night and it. Flying down the left field line that's gonna be a base hit maybe go for extra bases the left fielder over to cut it off. Vickers makes attorneys is gonna go for too good at getting circuit today. Hesitated going around. This I didn't like it got nervous wondering if he's going all the way but he does get a big base to drive an era. It proved to be the only run of the night for the Packers but it just side it's. On the eve final totals for you by dictating the advise everyone needs trusted advisor. Aura or Houston that I run out of hits and one error. One run five hit. What are winning pitcher Trey county goes out one run on five hits struck out nine spore into one year. The loss including Hoyer let me career longest aides gave up just one earned run three total one of the hits. He has guided street Carter Henry pitched a 1239. Or eighth U. Nobody with more than one hit a piece for soccer's W more than one hit for Houston as they totaled seventy separate your real. It was her. Pork is now 25. Americans remain tied for first. One. For the American try to move toward possibly winning series. Basic that it left hander tomorrow and hear what you're born to want to believe ER Anglia and the although a now it is plants knockdown drag tabs on your heels are sort of latter tonight. In March. Even and a ears open or any changes at that time because of the way editors prospect rain tomorrow. Right of the game tomorrow night there pre game. Plug it in handling my editing which. I. Think it's backers want. You've been listening soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty taken as ask brought by these finds answers. United Healthcare the Department of Transportation. Shelter in Terrence. The Carnahan group. The lines militants appliance equity ninth your hometown he dealers. Delta dental BT team blue cross blue shield of Kansas might start machinery. The Kansas lottery American family insurance. Sports grille let out on grass country. Comfort Systems express employment executive is six Kansas plant tire and service. Cummings of Cummings losses. Caught a there isn't anything in construction.