WSU Baseball vs K-State 05-15-18

Tuesday, May 15th
WSU Baseball vs K-State

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Seven and thirteen thirty and it stands now the college scene here yeah. You can't not get to act stadium floor what will be the only game this season it would cost state and Kansas State. These two programs for a long time have played every year home and home one game that he play. It go to soccer is scheduled to play in Manhattan. Man just unable because whether there that that was the night called a terrorist threat is very wrong or hear it even more so up there. That game was called up late morning both places to get heavy rain that night and it was not a week where either team that played the other night. We get. That everybody is scheduled so this will be released this year it is one game here which it's. At the shocker like last nonconference game last home game of the season and we'll go tomorrow morning. Travel to those lines are listening three game not every Thursday Friday Saturday to close at regular season and and then go on directly from there. To the conference at Clearwater Florida. Years to some degree Kansas State has dominated this series at more than a very strong program years under bread ill and at one time which states currently dominated. Over the last fifteen years islander Brad hill. As it had the upper hand and Wichita State has split the season series the last two years. This year it's actually a better record are certainly rolling the law had a better season he's seventeen. One soccer's 31. In the RPI. This day. To thirty. A lot to a three chances over the weekend and allow cats because it nonconference schedule playing well at 140. Yards it slightly dirty air record like that it. It down. So it's still a credit to our club that just not what they had been in recent years. Certainly they have one of the best hitters in the big twelve and in the country. In all for a speech to the leadoff spot higher average hitter because blocks steals bases in his. It's not what you order. But after that here's a drop off from Brett. Next I hit it wildcat player is true. At the 8990. Point difference. As opposed to balance secrets with dateline. Al lord over the weekend. That's been one of the problems for me and it just has not been there but at your team ERA. Point 05. And typically they have had a lot of good arms and all and that and that a lot of people and there's your Kansas State. 251. In the nation. In an average stay two putted in yet to strikeouts per nine innings that'd be second. Bernanke giving up eleven point one yes. Per nine innings in an opponent batting average 303. Also typically pays states can power up and down the line up your home runs in fifteen games. Batting average at 215 the average spot. He runs per game they do you base it triples at seventeen triple in fifty games they've stolen. I 75 basis if anyone else and if he gains they are probably actual leaders and those statistics. And there are also 34 in the nation bloc of that's how they set the scoring but it is don't have those big guns in middle. I'm writing a lot of ground so it's gonna test here for the wildcats they're starting their last road trip of the season is here. Evening and what testing is applying its final home game. One thing we have seen over the years it doesn't much matter what the records are. She's playing in the week gain Kansas State right now he's got to play it loose and relaxed they're not really. Gonna go anywhere at the end of the season unless they find a way to win the big twelve tournament. Senator coming off those two wins in three games over a year and a certainly. Name the name here be loose relaxed ready to go to starting a guy who's been monitor weekend starters all year but has struggled lately themselves. He's gonna start this week in casket casket. Which to date will go at Tyler Davis who has that a weekend started the last couple of weekends pitched very well. Against Florida and Cincinnati but struggled in the first couple of innings this weekend against South Florida you'll be starting tonight. And not in the week rotation but he's gonna get that Memphis that Stella got the coaching staff believes in. Certainly could be a fourth starter for instance in the conference heard of it and that sort of thing so this is good outing for him to. Got to get back on the horse try to get back to what he'd been doing over his last three starts. And also just getting back in the crew before the choppers hit the play. So let's got to this area tonight it's beautiful evening hopefully we'll have a nice crowd on hand last chances CB dockers at home this year and long time rival premiere date with Kansas native snapped we'll be back. Mumble as head coach Scott Butler. It's your on your way out the drive of the game is brought to you by Kansas land tire and service or retires professional auto service is always a home run her back. 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Thanks in any event tonight's pregame show it cuts not not represented by express employment. National automation that a million award excellence. In the season. Nonconference and only. Well yeah London yeah I don't place an older guys you know guys it's and try to get guys are probably going to be moving on home field. Yeah their last home game and and we listened played really really well like Gibson Covina. Our guys that performed well in gets in line ups and I talked to Venus and place and he's older guys and resort solid Smart and a brutal few innings and you know moment to the next guy and hopefully get out of here get rid. Yeah it's better bet here. Anyway you look at it today you've seen out of dancing and I know a little bit this exhibit they can be there. Little dangerous as well I would use you know brand goes through their existing users. To remember 2000 currency and sold it hurts her regional which. State was there and they beat us in the final notice or recipients here. Rivera and yeah for you this coaching and I worked in Alabama adding fourteen barrels nanny or two. Many fortitude that. And in. Brings back to that he's been there for a year and La. You know their team the you know they're they're battle that played well as we can get you and or interesting that that week. Mention the line at their net. You really started to build a little bit of offensive flow over the weekend that one and Andrew Luck and hope courtesy continued. Well we have guys that we can help with salute to gain even more importantly play in attendance at 33 that's three strikeouts and 12100 Gibson's gonna bring. Freshman who hit three kids here somewhere around there and the other there's a lot of guys in your coach and gotten in tax lawless you know who's this little bit and he can hit. These older guys that kind of -- in the way in American. This flight and hopefully they caused him to finish the season this. He ran out of doors and excluding an accomplished and it's good. And they're good jobs forum series. Put all of this goes long is he can't effectively and is there anybody wanted to and actually get into it and I'd like Wallace and the only you know maybe Samberg needed help and real good and burn on billboards up bothers what do you guys that can throw that kind of change the rotation this weekend Alexy. Siegel who has the ball well is number two and do it if he's in the zone very effective so hard here. Are gonna start him on Friday and probably Clayton McGuinness on Saturday since we're up a little bit and I don't know from where. I touched thank you look tonight lineup. Shot. This. When it comes to try and try and there are the ingredients are. Are and yeah. The only try to secure my stuff from Colorado Silverado 200. A broadly yeah from a family of the most dependable longest lasting pulls us to grow from the leading venture. At least three jobs. You can count every run your own township there today and facilities on. Which to. 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It's on the mornings I know what's on any news in the morning overnight when these things and we can marry you know we don't do not know the reason yeah. Anyone including you are eager. Your morning's. They Alexa. Set fire aren't quite heinous radio every day they have and it's this morning's mornings from six until I want to ask. Bunkers has brought you by American family insurance in agent friendly on green Cutler. L.s and L garrido Rebecca show or Stephanie. Sean Hannity geared to meet every weekday at zoo the small happening right here on playing tennis that. And actually city where we should tell us a date tonight eight beautifully thing for baseball but everything that matter game time temperatures going to be right around eighty degrees and light greens or 57 miles per hour. So just really really nice evening it's bad overpass at times today right now writes I don't feel it. Last home game certainly could depict better night to play Kansas State. Brigades out right apart by Lawrence market outlook stories that are long time shocker sponsored even longer time which is not institutions currently down operated they have many many years that close to forty years now. Giving it to perfect combination of quality material at great every day prices cars at large war. A wide variety of colors styles patterns selected. Great. A list chorus chorus sixty. North Broadway. The injury report is brought to you by opting lies your life your journey. Your optimal you look at what has changed from Wichita State and fortunately there hasn't been much of that lately. Connie barn house has been determined to be out for the rest of the year it's too bad he sophomore righthander work displayed in the week starting rotation. The better really nice job at that all of that has some tightness in his forearm strain. And it has not. Grounded into shape quickly enough to get him back in the pitching rotation there on staff disease. Nothing that needed surgery and that's. Hopefully get back to achieve this summer we'll come back strong next year. And had gotten along with six to be back for his forearm problems at night you could throw it innings tonight betting on how things go. It's possible it could be back on the roster this weekend. Post season. Out of starting products you buy equity you'd ever days and yet be sure to visit the on line and equity bank. Account. Kansas State comes in at twenty and 35. Year head coach Grant Hill. Add this is kind of a bittersweet week for Brett yeah it'll. As the winds down his fifteenth of what will be his last season at Kansas State is the winningest coach. This industry is 1445. Games report. Seen previous seasons coming into this year averaging 32 slightly sick he has led Kansas State. Its first national rankings it's a little history. First trip in the NCAA tournament. Subsequent trips to the NCAA tournament mandate. Really had it going for a while but after like 45 and night. 2013. Three straight losing seasons of 25304730. Ads like basic security lines they get ghostly United's 26 last year. Back. Saudi security this year that he has resigned effective. At the end of the season and he's always been a class act really well thought out him in the head coaching community throughout College Baseball. Just a great job at Kansas case. His line tonight we'll have will Brennan. Maybe not let the crimes Parker will be right field hitting second. The shortstop Cameron Thompson or that there. It clean up and play center field it's bounce spreads master will be at first bases there. The catcher Jorge accident at bats sixth Hal sparks field will be the DA stood at seven hall John Sorensen. Third base added eight. And Philip watts. My second. And bat ninth starting pitcher tonight. Is Justin basket. Who has eleven starts this season as a weekend started out of this weekend rotation this past weekend innocent lives six of the year in eleven starts. Against the Kansas State Brandon Parker Thompson's. Out faster and accent mark fields Sorenson lots. Has it. On demand for Wichita State 3278. And one now that funky time on Sunday in the final game of the U series. Butler's lot of tonight as he talked about it pretty veteran group with. Literally not at second base get the only youngsters are being the freshmen. DH tonight at eight seconds. Alec bubble there at third base to outline catching that fourth. Recent tennis that will play left field tonight that's SC played left. One game as recently over the weekend that's primarily it's play center fielder experts say he's playing left tonight to get a couple of other guys in the line that. He's got the right field of that six days ago Bryant one of those guys gets back in the lineup tonight at first base batting seventh. Eric Decker shortstop that adds that has done. Is this field Saturday night sincerity picture that shoppers is freshman right hander Tyler Davis as he Newsnight team appearance and sixth. Star. One to three point 64. ERA. He pitched five shutout innings to get aware of cancers related diseases trying to stick went against both of the state schools this season. In his presidency again readers. Gibson called outline tennis god O'Brien. Vickers and Don. But Tyler Davis. On the mound edit data suckers like it percent Oscar online order in Wichita area pop the jobs ought not to Papa John's not stop its. That is the trouble codes shot it needs to receive you're not discount. Taking a look at the scoreboard and this schedule coming. It's already completed in the American conference today Cincinnati got it not conference and then. Over Ohio State fourteen to four games started at 10 o'clock this morning's time. Ohio State top 35 weeks. RPI XE one of the best of Cincinnati's had this year outside Italy and it says it all. Lebanon at this conference. Rhode Island defeated UConn today ordered three certainly that would go as upset you constantly rank and a couple of balls and they came into the week. We are yeah they're out. A 32. Season. This evening South Florida USA ethics Florida Gulf Coast Campbell is is easy you excellent. Louisiana Lafayette. That does play Tennessee Martin that it was at Arlington Tennessee. And so what's the stated that this will be Thursday Friday Saturday while at the same situation like this week the news tonight. Houston. Counties actually at crimes that land Texas resident Eddie you're used to price. Coming up this weekend this week is Friday Saturday and Friday Saturday Sunday something cattle they currently want. It operates certain to Clearwater Florida so those seriously start Thursday. Which I stated that this. He's really gone US asked at Cincinnati. Lane at the CNN. Houston outside the league at southeastern Louisiana. Houston has finished. The schedule at six. In Italy. ECU. Could still catch Houston great coaching him. They sweep their series. On you look at that it probably unlikely. And even if they do. Houston will be the number one seed in the tournament because they swept ECU in their regular season series half game behind ECU is US athletes. Wealthy and Juan Yukon X twelve point nine. Seattle and Cincinnati eleven at. Its side and twelve look it's not state. At least thirteen and one. Memphis or seventy. So with those records that that's what custody could finish. At thirteen point lead in the best possible finish. It would be seventh two lane. Playing this weekend against death on the road if you lose some form or they lose market slap. That's a sweet but it's not there's been asked them in seventh place and that we had seen that it can't rise any higher. That's the shocker don't do that of course there at eight he'd have already closed out then that's the last spot in the tournament. Dockers leader BD eight. And played them one seat which will likely be well will be key. And if that's the case that it will be at 8 o'clock central time on Wednesday if they climbed to seven. That they don't play until Wednesday and that play at 10 AM central time. On Wednesday morning's other two possible and not everyone plays. On the first day at the tournament on Tuesday Ericsson games one kind of adapt 1 in the evening. And in three games on Wednesday 21 round games and an elimination game. From the previous days of somebody will be eliminated in just two days on Tuesday and Wednesday that he the rest of the bracket. It's fairly well spread out. Scotland days at the hackers have seen. Who played Houston at 6 o'clock central time. On Tuesday night at the seat they would play it 10 AM central time against the government CC turns out the on Wednesday morning. That it as far as they all going on the dockers former nonconference opponents like tonight. And those people carry much weight anymore. Soccer's 31 in the RPI. It's that are seventh or eighth in the conference. They are going to have to really make some noise in the conference meant to be an at large possibility and yes it. Don't necessarily have to Gwinnett I don't think that they get to the finals three year. Championship game that can win games turned to look past that people finished ahead of them. In the regular season standings and really it's not editor at large horse thing when it was very capable of then it would get the league's automatic it. Certainly coming up later this week soccer softball in the NCAA tournament regional capital markets and they look like Oklahoma State. In the first game. Absolutely on Friday doctors. Audience 21 getting an at large bid selection show Sunday night. They have taken to a two games from Oklahoma State is. An opponent they are familiar west England game. On Friday. As far as soccer series and then there's. The two games on Thursday and Friday night games 31 at central time and means or pregame show at 6 o'clock. I'll close out the regular season with a game at 1 o'clock on. Saturday. At that there's a pregame 1230 right here on ninety sevenths. And their team Saturday and Sunday and he traveled everybody got a Clearwater Florida on day delay as a sign practice time Clearwater him. Chances. Had a media interview them and so forth and yet advocates and let the games on. On Tuesday. To our first round games and want elimination game on Wednesday and it run all the way through the following Sunday. Let the championship game there will be. Two semifinalists. Will be moved the championship game it played just one championship game on Sunday afternoon. Reform adds a little bit complicated but it's not a straight. Double elimination bracket you could have won depleted team. Once the team been so he has to beat somebody why some cut down one game at the end of the championship. Some selected brings you up to date on everything surrounding. Keeping track on its. Others were there police tonight as we want. You head coaches meeting with the umpires at home plate. Yeah cars for tonight's game arts guys just behind the plate so grounded her eyes and mark wagers. Ads that are healthy. It's you by united health care. And it's true it hurts and it's. We'll certainly can't make little faster and hear what you eat less today Celtics at Dubai United Healthcare real deal program or. You look you know. Not. Against actors at 3217. And one that. Think probably everybody is clear now not all of that transpired on Sunday. Low. Does any time he said. The game at hand in order for us at the end of the catch a flight back out of it slightly more lives. He. Game industry determined yet again by 3 o'clock actually I think it was at one point sincerity. That's half hour at 3 o'clock in the wrong game ended at almost. And a half hours adds so much to escape who has yet to come up in the bottom of the eleventh and I. Iron game clock it's 3 o'clock. McCain's independent side it was less about people and I. I think most of you heard that answer right now the partisan group a lot of situations like that is. Had US outscored in the top of the eleventh. And the shot is not yet to bat in the bottom half. It would have reverted to the last pleated and yes it would definitely out but it won't even that so what is it time now. And. Yeah. You. TE. Yeah yeah. Yeah and and it. Underneath you yeah yeah. Yeah. I it's. Okay yeah. It's. Slowly. I. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah OK okay. Yeah. And I. Yeah. Yeah hey. It's. Yeah. That's so it's an athletic stadium and good crowd already on hand advocates a looking beyond the outfield than 83 that car is still coming in and that was it. Most of those headed to the ballpark it's people who have walked. Lara by the alumni yes Sadr walking just laying a lot of people still filing and that's going to be a very good crowd that night a lot of purple at the crowd and yet the Vatican and K state fans are carrying out these guys members because it has been disappointing season there. At forty and thirties the president or. Turning added support their team here tonight. Of course continue to soccer fans and people still coming in that's going to be a good crowd tonight the cold I apply. Perfect way to the home schedule that is not here tonight. Actually. What it's our state has played well at home throughout the years there's 237. In their home schedule can't sustain this and fourteen. Hits the road games on the season. Was it Kansas State team that returned for a hand position starters get by starting pitchers. And just half of their overall Letterman sixty to 31. Last year's 29 when he sixteenths. It lives. Kind of rebuilding job the brand of this year a lot of ex. Experience players departed. And K state was hit nine matches last. Well pre season coach coldest time of the twelve teams like baseball other courts suit newcomers. Including eleven president. Day actually works well and going into it started out proprietor of the conference date had been slept like TCU. Oklahoma State and Texas Tech Baylor and Oklahoma. When it won a suit against West Virginia. And I don't want to look three cancers. This past weekend in Texas they actually. Indicates loves it. Events in the pitching they have given up time of war crimes. Eighteen of the last one. Games that over those 24 games and points. So certainly that's their problem but also they hit it. That's kind of done the whole thing. Through the end of march. And hitting some even want. Yes and 4416. April 197. And it's it's so hard and it. 32. Of the last week's games averaging under any hint and just. Runs. And it. What's it eight offensively coming off a good weekend against Lewis at us at it really gets. Does that stand in our hands. On line against the bulls hitters street Swanee yeah. Ten points a good run. Brigade eight doubles seven runs wanted to block. So. Keep that going into the weekend at Memphis and on the conference heard and that is that's been as good weekend it's not adequately. You know wild odd about this evening for a right hander Tyler Davis. From spring tax is eighteen appearances IR. Two and one with a three point six war ER it. At forty when given up a few hits 48 an opponent batting average of 79. Which is ten walks with 38 right cats. He struggled again US for the weekend to living on Saturday gave up nine hits and runs. A current big blow listening. 23 run homer by OJ ignored in the second inning ticket from fort ones at the one. Am candidate. Brought about his departure the game prior to daddy had to look good. Six innings starts against closer to Florida and Cincinnati. And overall in five starts 43 innings of that ERA. Three point. 91 can't hardly walk anybody in his five starts to walk 23 innings and has given up 26 yes he around the played all the time and when. Our analyst who just really overpowering stuff you are gonna get hit once while. That's out of this situation yeah making this did we start to I. Deep in the rotation at Memphis and certainly not out of its victory as a starter in the conference tournament and not yet. Clearwater if you're going to advance at a tournament like this going to need at least four starters maybe an implied by the time that's all that done. Every go yet it's not the the first Kansas State. Wearing. Gray uniforms tonight numbers and letters and purple white and black. And lacked data suckers in black tops of the white pants the county school in. The black cat. Like Talladega is a little brown and his slow the ball on. Brennan hitting three. No home run twenty runs batted in. Stolen bases that I wanna keep often they're Andy is right down around an easy it's not at one and one. Brennan is the ninth toughest hitter in the country is striking Natalie writes at every team in the halftime up. Ranked 35 to hit fifty and on base for any Evans and adding a fly ball blow up pretty well hit it and and get started again that little just little. Backtracked and make it. Couldn't get a great read on it. But able to recover go back and hold them brand flies that left start the ball. Brings arms Parker's right fielder. Parker hitting from the left side to 62 on the year to go home runs eighteen runs that'd be it. Parker came to Kansas State last year's transfer from Bakersfield college in California and forty. It is now behind third with Strickland. Arthur coming off any two for thirteen series in the three game series with you over the weekend walked a couple of times. Line by Tyler Davis in the alliance into it right in other remedies. Of chicken suit to Parker. Parker will work cannot they'll make you throw strikes he has 35 walks which leads the team ranked in the top 100 in the nation. David hearing that the glove. Into the line in the O two. It is low off speed stuff one ball to right. Other Davis has got to be in line depth he'll face hitter when he starts intuitive and he'll turn his body to the iso when he actually. Are in the leg forward he almost in the stretch position. And it's pitch fouled off the catcher's glove candidate won in. The defense lineup tonight gutter to outline is not behind home plate and O'Brien for tonight. The critters can trade Snickers or eligible at third. It was than another one would drive into this field at will call for a base hit driver brought up the middle by Parker. Who becomes the first runner's game Zachary Hatfield has a lot young in center do that right tonight. And then that. Gibson and Gibson as the DH. Marker board with one out. Outlaw that he thinks biggest they stealing threats that he is 748 on the year. The better Cameron tops in the short stuff. Thompson hitting. One homer thirty runs batted him third straight left handed hitter. The right hander Tyler Davis. His way inside and hitting. Now it is completely got away fastball that got him on the back lit it appeared. Authorised and can with one out in flight that Kansas State as a threat going in the first. Davis doesn't want many tenants 42 innings that is others hit batters though it's interesting that. It better had a higher ratio of probability based on the norm and walks with Davis. A second one out through amount to clean up matters that are fielder hitting 279. He has nine home runs are. More than anybody else on the team is 45 runs batted in. Person doing chest to the outside corner and we'll miss directs. Now has an interesting background. In that he originally. Assigned to it Fresno San Jose state. As a football recruit and re murdered and football in the 201415. Tired at night and now. I have to concentrate on baseball transferred to deanza college you're Alex played in years there before transferring to Kansas State. It's his first year with the that's junior in eligibility. Two balls no strike Davis is it should get a basket right out of an offense won't look at 92 balls and we're gonna. Not 511208. As it has become the second player. In K state history to hit home runs and twenty Olin bases in the same season the other hot air day and night night and it. Al Barack and it's two and two he has to twenty stolen bases right on the nose twentieth 24. Nine home runs. It is less than it was a month ago April 14. At Texas Tech tyrant dad had to settle that you probably spark and it. Sent home run tonight it's those. And that its net. First and hit one out. Attitude to pitch. A bouncer foul over toward the shocker on Thursday night. Mount coming off a good weekend. Safely in all three games again hey you he was for twelve with four runs scored. And he hits and five string for twenty want over the last five games. On the day it was a bit of a first inning game. Better for it one. Not looking. Asphalt down added that around days. And it's the strike yet the second out. That will bring up the masters the first baseman. And guess what and other left handed hitters get. Here in the first inning they are right hander Davis. 45. Won't run 24 runs batted in is your front. Washburn rural school in it and copy you'll community college. It's again is grounded to short as it. And he'll throw Thursday when he got out of don't second runner is called drag racing for some throws to first Paris masters. It was Saturday. On 1 and I am no runs one hit it left the wildcats. Shocked about that for a time. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament stands 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. The united health care you can have better control your care. With the mobile app that you find a local doctor and your digital cards are easy to learn more you got on. Health care. Or is fraught. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you the very special offer complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars two hours from start. And he and I had class. It really didn't. In retrospect. I would hate to receive your complementary and and a free 3-D X ray now call 313501100. At Cambridge friendly go to street you have something to smile about. Has brought you my American family insurance and we saw on Chapman. Ron woods carried. In valley dinner in porn and overweight later. Good news traffic and weather station to 98. Seven and thirty yeah. I had tonight who weren't Kansas State is just him. And as it has been a weekend started posted a year and a lot yet just has had a out of your hopes for senior right hander chuck Chela. California transparent last year from Fresno city college. At an eleventh start. Has given up 89 hits. It's 52 innings batting average of three at least it. Twelve home runs in this and it's it's it's pretty credit. High number. Out there aren't at all like five strikeouts 24 walks in those 52 innings to. Point 92 ERA spurs Duluth Ritter and there were calls right. Nice tonight hitting 332. Sandra. Adamant that it him. At 330 every leads the team by two point rally on land the second hit it to little children. Ritter aboard his client pitch. Coming into the game when he worked and on a percentage the eighth time yet which has the most on the team. Here's the leadoff man on a Gibson freshman yea tonight. Yeah a little bit against US. This 48 at bat on the year to seventeen hits 3541. Home run and fifth team runs netted him. Birds do it is that low cycle of the bowl on. Gibson that the RBI. Create it access once every 3.2. Accidents in ratio. 10. Down and away yet almost not two balls no strikes. Ritter first day didn't even attempt a stolen base until it almost halfway into the season he's now four for four on the year. It. To go and give and take right this time he's worked at an area three times and wrote out a way to the left handed hitter. This by a little bit at first you got to strike call there. Two bulls one right here's the stretch. And it moved to first base dives that. But outfield yellen recently popular area tonight and those left field bleachers. Mobley two action news beyond the left field since the quarter as more people that had all year long. Here's the pitch. And check where it is slow and goes to appeal it. Let the cat goes three and 13. Matta recruited knights of the third base umpire. Who is mark wagers tonight position right in the middle of the diamond and and actually talk to the right. Home plate and there's no way he can get angle and it's excellent. 31. Strike call up in the zone that's quality declined three balls two strikes. Luke Ridder leading off by getting hit by pitch 32 count 200 Gibson. No score bottom of the first state left a couple of men on and its net. Look first at Ridder. Scramble a little bit to get back looked like he was leaning just a little bit towards second base the threw him over the recovered and got their hitters. So we'll see if he's in motion here 32. He has got a pretty good out there won't matter who is low and outside he gives him two balls were. So has hit during an off putting it better don't walk slackers is first and second nobody out for Alec wrong. My caddie his best week in this week yeah. I don't while this past week. Impropriety on Sunday for her fifteen. Against USF that only 267 average. I walked twice in his sport gets a triple three home runs. Scored six drove inside wall and had a home run on Tuesday night against Oral Roberts of four home runs. In five games last week. Or is it Ian I'll street that respect one. Alec hitting 33014. Homers fifty. Runs netted him. Also has scored 52 rounds. This has regained seem league he had Ritter have been doing it routinely runs scored for about a month and make kiddie chatter about it. He's one ahead of Ritter at the moment. Here's a lot and it drives now on the right side out of play. It's. Alex won't. Heading into the week. Thirtieth in the nation and home runs forty. Runs scored yes it runs batted in. 77. In slugging percentage. Of 81. In walk. Two on nobody out. On the level of two. Time call these steps out has at its signal. For the catcher to go through designs against that it become a fairly long wait between pitches relic well. His rhetoric can give suited for both run well. And turned it almost a throw. I was at night Dubai has hit back to his pitching shoulder but is he turned around telling you almost had to play the second baseman. Lost a little bit slow in moving to the banks needed going to throw it. And I DOT to bump. And records set breaking bullet ball into strengths. Dockers for much of this season. Not a team that Gordon but in the first inning they have certainly done more so lately. Three runs for Saturday that that. Dividend to right center field slicing away from the center fielder it's going to land. Play it's that gas. Is under counting on throughout the play is not a time. It got kind of a late jump off consecutive days. Delegates at all could be hotter night. And so he was a little late getting home that beats the reliance double the ball is not easily won enough. All it looked like maybe got knocked down just a little bit in the gap that breeze blowing and it's not a strong and we ended. They expect to fly ball sailed just out of every citizen if you count him write letters. Yeah yeah. Restores the second get some stops there it is not present to run it already is still nobody out scattered throughout wind comes up. Owns 51 run batted in. Pristine Trout line this is low and away. Better streaks what do you want out of home runs 43 runs batted in. One for five on Sunday to finish at 613. Against Uga and went for a walk. Three doubles and home run among his exit. It matters has it's a little long again. I. 143 runs batted in second on the seem to bones now if he wants. Get ready. And the Pitt got wind low against the balls no strikes. Has it got to hit a ball all into thinking back to give up a double. Walked he had. And he was ahead of Ridder leading awful one that hit him with the next it. Winona Trout line. And got a little bit of size three enough to osprey media street change they're. It again accepted amounts from the catcher Max. Incident third ball that second nobody out in the first from Wichita State. Kind of Davis. Hit a batter and gave up and hit in the top of the first good pitched out of Baskett ready to go back to work after the conference and catcher. And the pit. Towel rate that threw balls like Erickson veteran had a green light three you know. Now the test or back over there. Which to date leads the all time series with Kansas State 5338. It's 4920. Stephenson restarted program in 1978. 65%. Winning percentage is not. There's a strike on the outside corner and that was actually. Eighteen and gets it right 31 of the accident comes on the ball wasn't he Sarah. Round one was actually going a moment ago. To want instruments. First. So what data brings race Dennison. Recently Treo 79 home runs 37 runs batted him. Working from the rich deliberate. And the outside corner that was close and all of those things. And yet as they had a very interesting weekend it was four or five. On Friday robbed of that yet. The one time he was retired and hope for five with four strikeouts Saturday came back go to 3000. A breaking ball low to an island on Sunday. Had a big two run double early in the third inning and then. At the game tying run batted in the bottom of the line drive you know shortstop into left center. The weekend with thirteen with three walks a hit my pitch. Sat out. There's three and out right away honestly it's three balls no strikes. Yeah. One out of me getting one running it. Give it its third on the second. And way up on account three and a. This has hit again just induced you to go through science and get Israel's stepped out. Can be a little bit of struggle to communicate tonight between Jordan accident is pictured. Just a basket. The back of the box right hander Eddie and delivers. And then it's straight down and in. Jettisoning hit his ninth home run of the year at this over the weekend. That is unless you added up to date. 31 player outside the ball toward. Second walk at the end of third street has given up digested basket. Bases loaded. And only one out Corky do. This guy getting a chance to start again right hander tonight. His numbers but better against left handers and right yeah. I'd love and fidelity veteran lineup tonight you're dieting and 44. With five home runs and fourteen runs that it is. It. Not sure what's going on that these third base umpire. Mark wagers kind of gestured to somebody out beyond it. Events over there on the third base side and then that's it that's not he has got to look at towards center field Todd Butler. Shocked that Doug had just kind of find out what Pataki about what's going on everybody kind of looking out towards better fields I don't know there's. Somebody has something. Something out there in center field that. Casting a glare from the Sun. City hitters or. Now the opportunity umpires disgusting thing belong third baseline. That general look seem to be out towards center field someplace. The only time that happens is this. Thing out there. And yet big bettors background behind the fans that people could sit in front and added it's possible I think. It's that high enough quality skilled at something right. That would reflect the sun. Could be seen over the top of the fence and might carry him home plate. They're based on our marks wagers once again over talking to someone. That their baseline behind the fans which could be one of Wichita State's facilities guys. Something I'm not here. It seems to be concerned about something out in center field. That's think that. It's like they're gonna continue here. I think that. Readily figure out their future. He has Zito the third base coach came down to it was Dayton did Yahoo!'s still waiting to step into the books. And Dylan has its throat yet is it. You lose out there it is standard around for a while with whatever was going on. Singer go to guys stepping in bases loaded. One out. Of the first inning actors have scored one run already delete one and that's. Time column. Might have been music to music they'll play. Candidate here recently is deploying a little too long time here's the and do that's it slow growing. Okay. Packers and Donald is in the first with just one hit double right utter. I Alley ball before they had a hit better to walk. The walk. In as little flare. Right Saturday and steal second base anomalous right in his tracks makes him at the second half and up pops out a lot. To Hannity and eggs. And the better they O'Brien. I'll just go ahead and mention it. With Utah State but that's the middle of march. I have friends slam home run that is one shy. Of the all time record but it snapped months later there hasn't been. And it noted that since then Grayson O'Brien does have one of the previous five. Coming against Nebraska. Is doing is low and outside for ball. They submitting to remedy for two home runs 27. Runs batted in. Adding three RB I game against South Dakota date on Wednesday to sacrifice flies and RBIs singles. One of. Like I've they sit right yeah Grand Slam but it could get a couple of runs on rhetoric first handed over to third tennis and I will hold up there Jason white shirt and allies are actually there how the data that are run down the catcher running back and taxi I didn't thank you. He's gonna be little more added a baseline and out innocent very aggressively touting him at third took a big lie turner and got it all caught between third hole but. Pick two more runs Bryant yet in the course runs on students. At least one panel on accurate inning which 83 in a statement. 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Resources brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Earl Monroe Chris Sammy underneath Angela and nine in Dillon Hartnett or built for a. This marks the names like yeah season hide right here on tape and aunts and smiles on the first. At some concern about. People sitting in front of the batter's eye looks like that now that somebody from the facilities through May be moving people around out there getting them out brown. Directly in the U hitter. Or accidentally operatives escape. In the top actors scored three runs on the hits and after the third that in front three nothing that. At forty Gator. Not the ball won the first right handed hitter. They Saturday night I'd rate left handers in the first inning. Matt King state catcher. One out to him is right on the outs like one. It started of the three games against hate you over the weekend and yet he was 048. In the 111 not and that's breaking ball down and away. And he does that went by a bunch. It has been kind of a streaky guy get a four for five game against West Virginia. I threw it back to back games against Baylor and tell you that it is this one for seventeen cents in any case of breaking ball in the turf. Right now it counts and so proud I'm asked to do it first complete strike yet. Alec Davis is now struck at two out of the last three. The first man in the second. And bringing up how Barfield the designated hitter. Davis is not over apparently his fastball he'll be 88 to 1982 at 91 once and a while that a good three pitch mix when he's on a lighter. At a pretty discreet yet. Spurs. Barfield right and he is on the recorder fastball that I'm a part of IDs that are around 8788. Most of the time. Park field or right handed hitters. 01. Outside that on the ball in a strike or field hitting 2473. Home runs 21. Rounds and edited. It. He's he's senior from College Station, Texas. Transcripts from entry into junior college. Aren't just a slider away one or two balls at once or. Now Barfield. Started three games against Haiti over the weekend it was a VH one in the outfield want to for a letter. 21 hit. It off the end of that little tap over toward extra space I got it back even tuned to. Both the Barfield hit Ganske came on Sunday and for five with a triple homer and five runs editing and. The first time in eleven games idiot had more than one hit. To pit. And a little flare to shallow center. General halftime lead and it makes the catch yet sparking a panel leaning out over the plate catalogs for that one hit it off his front foot. And accident now listeners feel the Kurdistan. Two down through Davis second. John Lawrence and getting started third base tonight Sorenson and other left handed hitters. And only his fourth start all years twenty appearances. First it was a fastball and these records are Sorenson is three for 2115. Two of the three here are doubles. The line by Davis. And he don't want him there at the knees again no balls and two strikes. Just orange and is a freshman. Note do. That would and there are one ball in two strikes. So it was three Colorado classified tape player of the year last year but it rocky mountain high school. Fort Collins to state title. Went to hit. Sat out Thursday's line keeps the candidate ball and he's right. Our and three for twenty. And all three. Pinch hitter he's been key dates busiest negotiator on a year with twelve official at that. Once again fastball low and it moves his feet shackled at the ball to race. Glad nobody on the wildcats in the second. And anomalous one out. Out of the first Davis got out of it with a strikeout and ground ball. Did you hit. Breaking ball low and inside on all the way full. Three nothing shoppers. I they first getting hit by Alan Bowman RBI double to two run single Monday O'Brien three to. Eyeball for Los even after having him in the whole world to. Don't walk. Her walk in free pass given up by Davis. The better Dylan watts the second base. A lot of that and left it. And now suddenly left handed hitters lineup tonight for Kansas day. What hitting to 34 no home runs and runs netted him. Him. Bowl champion gets the inside corner for a called strike. What's making his 27 start in 38 appearances hundred edited that's. Hundreds for two outs for Kansas day. And yet. Fouled behind third out of play investing in 22 lots. What started at third base against hate you on Friday wide open three and then. About that later on Sunday and laid down a sacrifice bunt. I. Stepped out of the box for a moment. He's a freshman from Charlotte Texas. Refers to out. 02 pitch. Yes there's the outside corner almost got a good finish lots laid off one ball in Paris. Nolan Watson was three for five against Baylor on April 20 nines that that two weeks ago. He is 0423. In the editors have been in his last eight starts. One account here. And then recchi now. Breaking ball a bit on it and it's kilowatts. David Wright sets and Indiana. And it's no runs no hits and one analyst after one and a half shocker three while that's not. AJ is forced military only thirteen and green which road in -- is your new home for shock her so she's shown she should tell our all new burger menu because Monday's Bernard days and Asians and don't forget Thursday's Beilin get one free today dining only and excludes the super don't let us for happy hour every day from 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go guards ticket turning only makes enjoy the game room or political games AG's sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza locations in Wichita and more than Hutchinson proud supporter of soccer athletic. About a decade ago government changed the rules for the coolant through greater conditioners. If you persist in the ten or more years old and you have a problem. Could cost you a thousand dollars just replace the coolant. On the stock hasn't run. One of their comfort consultant come and check persistent and it can qualify. If you look at 18100 dollars in trade for a new energy efficient models. Only in we're in. A 943. Cool. Things and maybe join us and become reality radio on week nights at eleven time yeah. Second yeah. Just has hit a struggle through the first. While you walk and get better and to get seagate not resulted in three runs for the doctors. No trade Vickers Travis younger deleted and get it back to the top of the order. Or Lew Ritter. It runs to hit with us today. And it runs on one hit through two innings against Tyler Davis. Really nice crowd on hand tonight. Good atmosphere and at the ballpark. Out on the outfield deal. Vickers in the right side and take in hides the ball long. Strain has struggled at the plate without any question over the last month or so. Last time up on Sunday rift in the left field pops this one up right in the middle of the infield third baseman Colin. And it gets pitches and guns Sorenson retires tree Dickerson is there's that it. One out Travis young coming out. That is getting started center field and I didn't fit in Portland one home run and seventeen. Runs netted him. Started Friday's game against USF was once before in a couple of runs batted in and appeared late in Indy game I don't want. Handed hitter. Has it goes to the line and glitter isn't a ground ball left a lot credit to shore not. Tops of the recorders for the Datsyuk put out a basket here in the second attack occurs in young on three pitches. At the top of the order to lucrative assets one era through while he needs a quick getting any through. Its. Yeah. Look at greater. Prior to the left shoulder his first time out notes they looked at yet reached toward. It. 332 on his first hit him is successful in the low. First inning that night it marked the first time games later he never hit in the this went well that it feels that it fielder was it a little bit goes back at it yet. As the recovery it's not like amount of children that one. Or even a rise in ways that are. Not go to order in the second and our main street nothing would not aptitude. Another mild our airmen brought by delta dental. Okay today we're going to find out just how powerful my first with no. Your parents are staying all week and browser that's on I'm. Now with my. Your parents all weekend Lal work that his aunt and. Healthy smiles and powerful things you deserve stills it down to the nation's leading dental benefits provider and unleash your smile dollar and delta dental. I inning and this is Andy card in hand with the current hand group that JPY and incidents the past forty years. Hand in helping the great people look which is top clients sell home. Loans helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between what you are trading at paring down. We want you to call on past. Let us that our past experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Your news. Again whether it 97 and thirty yeah. Yeah. The next video which assassinate leading Kansas State three to nothing all three rounds coming in the first Talladega says now mate once it through the order allowing one hit. One block and one hit batter has also struck out three. Second trip through please look at it on barker Cameron ounce wildcats' current user. Kansas State coming into this one at twenty and 32. A thirty teams and one. Only meeting this year that's when it's that there are scheduled game was rained out in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago. Out of Davis and little on. Eyes first it will Brennan and a little flare back over the green and unplug. And flied to left his first cut about him and hitting 366. Tonight seven game hitting streak that is hitting 444. Over those last seven games. Doing is a bright audience and I quarter alone to. And has hit safely in fifteen of the last sixteen games. Wind video to. News didn't sign that was close and it in his first I'm not the smartest guys in the country strikeout ninth of that statistic. One every eighteen point four bet. One. And little soft liner that little but it was yeah rose I at state. And throw. It back from the front again. On Thursday's. It was a really good pick up Vickers in the off line here a little short hop. Dateline was moving a little feel it got to get his body twisted around to make. Out of there in time that it was time and scored that is. Clearly you know those that applied this network. It was throws writers first with nobody out on marker. Singled in his first nine months. And is from the threat the first pitch mind out first base line. Parker lined a single letter in the first it was all over that. Lined it just fouled out to right field line. Greta the rhetoric first nineteen stolen bases in 23 attempts. On New Year's better than 80% success rate. David. And is here now a little behind third. And Parker in the hole and two. Davis on the mound opposing base stealers are four for. It Trout line has thrown out twelve of thirty it would be based it was about 30% which isn't bad. And oh and you don't birchard. It is settles him. And delivers. I'm ball foul got it in his hands pulled it when it's now outside the first base coaching box. Tyler Davis is not any kind of predetermined split if he's effective in. That is it can't certainly could go fibers extradite. The ball right and it. To take something off and that was it's unclear letter outlines count those who won in two and Iran removed and done. And I would guess will be awhile they had. Looked like he really loaded arm action down there to throw something on speed in just slid right underneath to outline. Second nobody out. Once you pick out to the hitter. It. And David is ready and deliveries. And it editor edit field for a base hit it gallop had to hurry to hold that would be one heart is gonna go through to ban will make it. Doubles partner runs score it is now right streak of one point in his statement on board there's. Parker's two bullet hits it a little. Little straightaway center in the first. Wars slightly toward right there for a double here in the third. Davis has now surrendered three gets. And the better Cameron top and it was it but hit his first time. Get a hitter hitting. It on the season. Thirty runs batted in which economic team and as well hit fly ball to right field did got turned completely around but easier to make tax credits and well thank you go to third. Ball was well hit straightaway right field took to go right to the warning track. Ponds Parker able to tank in advance after a productive at bat for Thompson's. Gets ready to third with only one out. Present through mount street cleanup man who struck out looking. In his first time up. Now it's a team leader in runs batted in with 45 that's why he's in the cleanup spot. Treacherous pit. Of us. Good fastball that I'm. Yeah man out to 79 hitter. It's 49 strikeouts. Well now this keys last about 5880. At bat he strikes at every three point six times. Okay. The one. Low noted black outline one ball one strike. Parker the rhetoric third one out a run in for a date here in the third lakers' lead 321. Parker pretty fast runner at third would certainly have a good chance to Goran any type of a fly ball over shallow depth. I whose side to mount two balls and one strike. It's. No one even in the soccer bullpen nobody even down there on the bullpen depth tonight. Two balls one right to pit. Weighing in advance possibly breaking ball made it look at the end of that kind of into them just want him. Waved at it restrict you. We. Debt for a moment MacKey and. Okay. Talladega with the teach you. And now back to the screen schematic and fastball Ian. Still too good news. Leadoff infield. Will brighten up the middle group cannot allow it scored in double by Hans Parker. Parker moved its that are on a deep fly ball to right for now its way outside three balls two strikes. But like three change that time for Davis who has a good one. When was very close to being a straight. Through ball to strike it through mountains. 103 one out. It a little off the Davis of flexible shallow right field. They sit and now it's gonna go pretend you're down hustling to get at that won't get to second base tonight. First of all they really well hit ball by now give him credit. It'd hit Tyler Davis and then at port and the doctors. Because the second base Ritter had started secretly moved toward where the ball hit right at the middle. And it deflected. At a sharp angle backed the raiders left. It was nowhere close to enroll in shallow right field and rolling slowly enough that did I wasn't gonna get there in time to keep the runner from getting to second. So it's a double from mount a run batted in. Three and K state with the tying run in the wanna. Davis appears to be no worse for Wear nick now on off his legs. It tracked the master calls strike on the you can give that any thing. The ball ricochet off the picture like that over the weekend. Hackers got at least one out of a ball deflected off pitcher toward Alley home. Third. Master calls time to get around to answer now to run on four hits it out in the third inning. Tying run at second with one out. 01. I fly ball foul territory for how to play. I'm behind be left field bullpen and the nets at the betting he can snowball ranked in the masters. McMaster grounded or discourage not to in the first inning and a couple of men aboard. Sitting in 45 coming into the night. Outlined that is messed up getting the science from the dugout. In the masters next then here. It is ready Ellen delivers. Breaking ball low and at night one ball two strikes. Chuck is scored three runs on two hits in the first and then went in order. On six pitches in the second. They are a little bit of something together offensively two rounds in on three hits. It didn't wanna. One ball to right. It is deal and it. A ground ball short runners gonna go to third Vickers goes over there and not in time. And ball got spike. It kicks is probably as he comes up. Pickers are they can get the routers that are. Asset to your routed first to go Fredette. And now duke and a little bit of this risky based running play their made it work dad he gets to third ahead of the throw. First and third knows only one out that'll be a fielder's choice. Jordan Matt and struck out his third time up there. Davis needs to strike yet again or even better a double play ball. And a Davis and a third inning jam three near Wichita State leads. Date threatening. And it. Low and outside. Wichita State started to ease and very slowly turning double plays early on for. 20/20 plus scheme it never edited out twentieth in the nation. With 47. Double play. One out. And take slow and outside again neither of those been close at all to balls and no strikes. That is going to get an activity started and not the bullpen. And one of those headed down there is Connor long list who has pitched a couple of weeks. He's not going to initially get up and throw. Two automatic. That's over for a strike fastball down around the knee sunny out I corner two and one. Jordan an accident right handed hitter. He's a freshman from here in which it's not tended may south high school. I'd eleven about 210 pounds. First and third one out. Davis delivered. And get strike on the outside corner at a defense all the way. Two and two and had an accident. May now Stewart maxim. But his team to three day tournament and the state title last year. Three time all state election he was. 2017. For any player of the year. Stretch you out. Good breaking ball away 32 fastballs for called right away came back with a breaking ball. A flat footed went right over the top of it right now accident struck out apply for a strike yet Davis. He can get out Barfield he can get out of a rough inning here illegally actors up 32. Is it is considered our field fly to center's first time. It is ready to work. And delivers. That's a lot of balls and no strikes. It's gonna be another. High pitched eight innings for Davis. In the first twenty in the second that number is climbing pretty rapidly. One ball those right. Al Bahr field but it. Opinion to announce that. Our field designated hitter. I'll fly ball under his first time out he's getting to 45 on the year with three home runs. Runners are true now that third threatening master it first for Kansas State. Two. When he outside I didn't close three balls and those rights. It's not Christiane right hander out. In the pen. Mark fields seventh man to bat for Kansas State here in the third. Three you know down the middle for a direct attack brings to three and one. Attackers with a morning flight tomorrow to Memphis. Sounds like something out of on. And then a three game series with the tigers Thursday Friday Saturday. 31 it. Added to last night in between hop on the closet goes across the body gets it. As a popular guy tackles picked up rally army was able to make compliance. And Davis insanity adding little one probably give up some runs on three hits and stranded. And a half it's 32 which does. And Lauren no knows he's out. Our dream is to not only. Does it. So he's not pirates. And an American can only concern even leave your dream the most valuable things that are. Today we're reporting and stream it people want to do all they can just I cement our chocolate every dream there's a champion aren't yours and and American family insurance. American turn into an. Important part of any three. Hi this is actually paint and I'm a full time working momma and my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around the time to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs so to say we are thrilled opted I fulfilled employees is an understatement. You like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and soc. They even have a child care. Did you like it when he person whether online at our deep Tyson's life dot com. I brought you by American Stanley insurance in which. Are crossed her attorney Bernhard and Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding her car. This is Steve. Join us more things right here okay yeah as fast. Just stay half deficit thirtieth street that they leaders and got to 3200. It's certainly not a shocker yes it has its first outside for ball one. Totally different at bats not papers to an evident to play. For scored three runs on here and 33. Wanted to give and started ago held up but I think that all that handle it for strike one. In the second the Packers went in order on five the night just as. It is your right hander. And 11 gets hot towel behind third out of play. And let the candidate wanting to give him home and Trout lines it's not to start the bottom of the third. The dust stayed in its mid week against him in two on New Year's. 12 pitch. Low off speed breaking ball to balls into its. It hasn't played any new Wii games from other evidence for intermittently. At what is right street colony outside corner looks like a pretty good it's weird it's not happy with the call that. Analysts because that's probably going and it went yet. One out of the third's second strikeout there that's. And it brings up Allie well. Alex hit it well placed right fly ball right in little gap in right senator for a double. It is ones who want to run batted in runs the Lawrence. It's. In the right side through it who have held off the plate for strike one. It certainly struggled to editors getting in fact the last Mandy face got a base hit Brandon. To not to run angle that Greece and that was caught on the pace has on that play to end the inning. Well slices one foul down the first baseline the shocker bullpen. Since then. It has retired four in a row. Went out nobody on the suckers third. Yeah. Bogeyed the box. And DOT. Got a sore right center field just sort of small against her base and it picked up a little more quickly this time by the center fielder. And gets back in the holder of a single same general vicinity of the lower trajectory on that one but bump. Balls for his second straight teacher. Unless there is no question. Well tonight is playing his last home game of soccer projected to be. It is there really is the third or fourth in the first round of the Major League that's coming up next month. It's better to outline it kind of a frustrating first at bat struck out looking. First it audiences. Of saluted at night in a balk was called. It won't count as he hits no count yet on Trout line and bomb threat down in the wanna. Good seat for sure what happened. No argument dispute through Kansas State. That's a breakthrough actress after one out nobody on. Bone singles that ends up that second still the only one out. In the first official pitch round winds now back Strickland. Batter came into the game at 3217. Home runs 43 rounds and edited it. Louis it does seem to be tiring a little bitty coddled every game that he has really picked it up again in the past couple weekends. Hit good. Guest is night when all right. That are outlined over the last two weekends. Six or third team this past. And again South Florida apply for ten against adding to previous weekend. Didn't now a lot that really got in his hands. And ball he strikes. And Jenna still waiting on get better at second base one out in the third through Wichita State actors lead this liquidity. That's salute. Lou Rufino questioning. Biggest crowd of the season and next thing. Shook off the night and finally outline calls time he steps out. Okay. That's not a right hander. And the pit and undertake slope to them to. Dockers at the moment have been out hit 43 that they leave the wildcat free to do batting in the bottom of the third. And second one out. To account to better outline. It has it's hit eyeballs three. There are plenty of K state fans here tonight I'll. Plate umpire. You know this is gonna hear from both sides and just about every night it is close that'll. It. 32. Low ball for. Its outlines ros lockers and second with one out and bring in recent jettison her walk. Issued digested. It. Over the course he's like Indians numbers before the game has it hasn't been. Overly on the water's going forward 52 innings over four per nine innings but it's that time it hits given up including extra exists. Not quite as much Datsyuk or nine. Three walks and a hit batters. Daughter's twelve men living estate team sees things it's very generous drew a walk his first time. Her second one out. But it is backed by recent tennis if restrict who want. Recently 3079. Home runs 37 runs that it here. Two home runs in the last four games after going a long time. Would not want. Once again their right hander reading a second and it turns out way he took a look back at it as he did bomb just. Another bounced it up towards their days are almost nearing and its turnaround throw. Or not Thompson trying to keeping close in the pitch to Afghanistan it may not accidentally that low. When ball went right. Started it goes stuck it often not picked him to get down out of the accident. One out of the inning gets struck out looking to guarded the at home has tangled outline walked. Too low is low again to Afghanistan actually that was the 11 now it is two and one. Mason tennis there has gone to sort of walk all year he's consistently been among the top twenty in the nation starts this week. Actually in walks drawn with 46. Nights at forty and after his first time. Slices there's 1000 behind third out applied to balls two strikes. Yeah. Recent data and British soccer playing his final home game did you hear. Is currently going to be drafted well maybe not a first rounder this is projected possible to start of the spring but it. Going to be a high draft. The ball it's. And pit low three and two. Very long first innings protested has get a quick 1232. He is acting. Throwing a lot of pictures here in the third. Two straight full counts he walks round one out of 32 pitch now taking office aren't. As the wanting Lawrence. Long look second bomb took a little jump toward third and he turned her around all. Not in my it is straight tomorrow diving back slightly to middle infielder had broken to cover. Aniston out for multiple threats put out of the box. He's back casket has the aren't. Three tier runners go land a fly ball the last. After retreat. This past median debt lithium little bread and may yet for the second man. Pretty well hit an opposite field fly ball by Kenneth moralist right at the left fielder the second out. Down breeze at Dayton and got. They popped up to second base that has seconds I'm not we're gonna get a good amount. I can State's pitching coach Tyler Kincaid. Not sure exactly what this conference maybe about the. Nobody in the K state bullpen as he was started really wrecked yet. It. Activity into it during a soccer ball fairly they have seen it. For the night from Tyler Davis he's six pitches through three innings. You don't have a picture continuing to throw in the pet if you're gonna say it was the guy that was in the we'll see. Like it kind of long blitzes throwing any may have just needed to do them throwing tonight literally got to be right out he's working his way back nine. Forearm strain. It has to Dallas to run into attackers leading 32 in the bottom of the third scored all three runs. In the third inning. It is pit Uga to it's a fastball for a called strike. Currently get to 43. Three for Milwaukee. Guard against Cincinnati since then is hope for it. Swing at a foul tip. So what do including his first time tonight over eleven. Started wanted to to mid week game against Oral Roberts went Oprah for that one and with Oprah over the weekend. Against US and two on two out bottom of the third doctors leading Byron. Oh count to Dayton Uga. It. Deals and this is time defensible. What a thank you get a sports ability alleys for hosting our shocker coach goes throughout. Monday night. Chris plan. Right on through basketball and baseball. And no scheduled Todd Butler show this coming Monday because it's not usually traveling in Clearwater Florida. One to do. Or three golf fastball away gets it looking. So has its users later ran. Well based routers that only one out in the innings no runs one hit in Atlanta. We've completed three of Wichita State leads Kansas State treated to. Coach Gregg Marshall has the full day. Practices preparation. And there's his second job recruiting. Don't mean travel. Couldn't do it without executive leadership at the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always a jet on the runway waiting for you can recruit. Indeed back the night Brady's start is no easy game again that's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more and exact air your dot com. This is KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. What is a severe thunderstorm warnings of severe thunderstorm warning has when conditions in the area award you're likely causing damage by winds in excess of fifteen miles per hour. For a hail the size of one inch in diameter. It was severe storms break out to right here KMS ask her life recordings but operation storm watch 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Is draw you buy American family insurance in which. Brad we're each on three rich Cutler to self or an elder I don't Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Solomon. George or who goes to Grozny and joining me wait I. Here is I'm Guillen has. Can I say. The top of the fourth inning shot usually treated italics Davis went three tonight. Four hit it runs one walk or strike out. And getting battered through 66 pitches in three innings. Taking over Connor bloodless. Right hander from day's high school now in his junior year who hasn't pitched a couple of weeks he said. Two different times this year is just a couple of weeks the tightness in his aura that is working its way back over the last week until they use their team appearance. Eleventh. In relief teams in the starting rotation early in the year and her four weekends. Coming out of the bullpen and nannies wanted one with a three point 98 ERA. 31 teams that are good hit innings pitched 325. And 31 and two thirds lots of little higher at fifteen. Andy has struck out eighteen. It is facing John Lawrence and Dylan watched the bottom and hitters in the Kansas State ordered an envelope Brennan will come up with a third time in four innings. Kansas native speakers candidate candidate in the third avenue at the plate scored two runs on three hits. Lawrence a left side whispers that it is it in the air right center field it's gonna Gary deep into the cat bounces just ordered a warning track at this time. Headed up on the track Sorenson is gonna go to hurry and he's gonna make it. Sorenson with a leadoff triple play Kansas today. He's only had four hit all season. In 26 at bat. But three of the director grace at first triple to go along with two doubles. Kind of an inauspicious start for Carolina with that ball was hit well deep into the gap in right so leadoff triple that's the time ran third with nobody out. Dylan Watson comes out struck out swinging his first time out. Left handed hitting freshman second baseman. Language from the in his first it's who want 100 best fastball up and Antonin. Lots. An art in the last four games he does so for three Friday against Kansas. Stood. I've kind of turned his front side in almost addicting but this just in side the ball on. But slipped out of his third base coach before stepping backing him. Okay. That'd be. A ground ball through the right side for a base hit. A simple single and K state has decided not to man up here in the fourth. Kansas State team only getting to 32. Last 24 games they've already totaled six hits tonight the first three plus innings. Doris Day has had and it's a little. You are paid for this week at twelve previous week's gains two point 72. Not then we'll rent and roller toward until after her at greater problems it is I could get anybody. It looked like he took his eye off not let this day if he had time to get the lead runner at second. And ball played him now off they announce first and second with nobody out walk that ball was not hit hard not to be a double play ball. And probably is only play it was going to be first base but it. As I offer the look at the router and didn't handle. First error three team tonight. First Sackett. Nobody asked Hans partners had some good swings and night out Tyler Davis with a single and double fault line drives. Raised his average 74 with those two hits. Under Trout line. It demanded had a chat this kind of long what's. And we have activity in the shocker bullpen. And every and it's a bearded left handers at cedar Tyler Kilgore. I love what. And pit. And putted well. Parker let that would get a little too far in on it before it try to divide it. Straight now that is their baseline. I'm Parker with pride sacrifice bunt on new years that the most on the team state. Desert act but a lot and it 24. In fifteen previous games. Second nobody out. I. One would that. Parker wears early and bots out on style. Straight down off the plate now the left at home plate counted on to. Writers are lots. Of credit to her. Both are tasked base runners and I come Scott Butler. Got a left handed hitter up there. And several more to follow and so you can make the move left you right here so kind of long woods at sectors basic three hitters gave up two hits and was. Then in a little bit by an error. We'll get that he doctored picture for it literally richer. And a morning. What does it hasn't proved it what it five million dollars and industrial revenue bonds for projects is greater Wichita why he had seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build a new branch from the which does it animation. Gross would be used for improvements and he ran for the top this mister delay. It's a good investments opposing public health and intranet which it is probably have the highest bit rate in the entire units and they did little. That's great news outfit and the material is still why outfit northwest they got pretty good array of bending looks up and neither of them mr. they have been there or. Oh what here. Terrorists there and every morning from the line on and ask. When you listen more are formed and more educated. You do more and more are there more to talk a mouth and you'll understand. Understanding what looks like 97 and thirteen thirty unions and this is an SS we saw number one. You aren't used to big weather station 97 and thirteen thirteen yeah it has. It's. Not state redshirt sophomore left hander he looked Kilgore. And it really quick turnaround again you pitched four innings. That's ballgame against us through 65 pitches and act on one day's rest. It is Kansas State here in the fourth inning. Certainly. Soccer's left handers in the bull and Canada title commodity at night as he stayed as a my dad to stack left handed hitters. One up there right now it. Hearts Parker who is. In the hole all into after vowing not to bother him. He would Kilgore. Not sharp in his last few outings as he had been for a while but they're pretty good all year three and 13 point oh heavens for 29 and a third innings. In 21 appearances 29 and a third thirty hit sixteen walk. 28 strikeouts. In his four innings on Sunday accepts three runs dollar and one walk in strikeouts. Given up eleven hits and allowed a run that earned it eat into its third in his last five appearances. ERA at seven point two out. Like he was ready to go and adds depth Dawson. Hundred Trout line at the equity. Made sure that the signs they've made being there. Different indicator different way of giving the signs are there runner at second base. Are there on the same page. Now oh and you don't hunt Parker is two for two with a single and double. By Kilgore. And pit. Out of its first in between hop fielded by Mason O'Brien is only play will be up on the bank where the out. Big high. Short bounce. Down the first baseline O'Brien actually field to separate out in front of the bank. So Alec but it doesn't advance the runners to second and third with only one out Parker. Essentially the ground ball did this in Adidas trying to do it started it at currently got a body does get credit for that replies that it. Will bat second and third one out Cameron Thompson or not he hit that hit and his slider right. Fly ball right in the third was well hit carry to the warning track. Kilgore from the stretch delivers fast ball low. It was only a little bit of Brees who are at the inning maybe five to seven miles per hour out of the northeast blowing in from right that are now it is pretty much dead still here. I. Kilgore has the time. The one now. Ice in the left steel company and estimates that gets better they're attacking yours to throw the deployed in a pretty good run but not in time. Tags in source sacrifice fly him to Thomson. At Kansas State State's lead to three. For the time beating that will be an unearned run because lots. After re not a single advanced to second on an error. Now the FB official scorer maybe to determine if he would've may second anyway that the error was because. Ritter didn't get their daughter's birth so it could still be earned I guess that. These are definitely helped advance. To Saturday getting better through mount who has struck out and double. You'll gore pitched him long on investment accounts. Block lecture outlined. Let's runs in the inning charged to Connor along with. Do not have a Wichita State jumped out with three in the first instance in case date has come back with two in the third and out to the fourth Italy. Time called for a moment but now. And a botnets actually it was time he stepped out of the block was gone. Or block has now been called party scene and there's one. A spur through this he's in darker. If he gains are only news that you'll get your 51 for. To block in that we've seen. Alone account to mount in the pit breaking ball fouled off the plate. And so in two. Inning his gun triple single. Error. Groundout to first sacrifice fly and allowed two runs in. A ball strike in Kansas State cleanup hitter remain out left on left and yet for healing Kilgore. Ousted a good a couple of feet out in front of home plate and it's not want to not chest protector get it in front of it. When ball strike. 02 is certainly not a bad idea that it may. Maybe counts of breaking ball seeking federal chase it that you want to bounce a little closer to the plate that was. So far out in front not tempting at all. One ball in two strikes in the pit. Bull lawyer outside tune to. Kilgore has they do and retired to. I hated the thought would. As a runner at third with two out. Breaking ball struck him out it was a really good luck. Laura yeah until authorities right now the second time he has gotten out of the ball game at Kansas State takes the lead. Two runs on two hits and one error and one man left on base after three and a half now the cats four senators Hillary. 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A chat Ron woods Kerry and how come up in Dolly and her and and and overweight. Cunningham here at great American join me. Nine and ten. The fourth sitting. Then Wichita State kept Dallas. Three runs in the first but checkers have been all over the last couple of innings come up in the fourth trailing 43. So O'Brien literally do not have followed by trade victories in Travis on the bottom three of the order tonight. It's K state starter Justin has yet brisket O'Brien up and away for bowl. Wind angle right with two out of the first drive in two runs 48 than 29. Edited in the years. The low to announce it. And I exactly the point article didn't impress on in my voice because. He has really made the most of his stats 29 runs batted in and night that. Humbled her space and read the bag to date there. And fielded and put on I'm asking for the it bouncer right over the top of the day I just stayed clear. A footer so. Bryant retired to start the fourth. Does that trade Vickers who can't get to third base near the pictures now on his first time up there. Gray started that I get to 78. He was up around 38390. For a while outside the ball on. And in the last eighteen games he has played hitting just 17912. For his last seven. That's the most to end its slump of his four year career grounder up the middle or not we'll field near the bag its second. Thompson's through the first time retired. More quick outs for basket. The analysts mention casket came into this game. Having given up 89 hits in 52 minutes that's hit pretty close it's an inning. So for tonight is not present total of just three hits. Better have a young relatively short distance. I was grounded out on me first hit those that could act and has had at least five hits 123 and had a successful pioneered senator. And this is going to be hit. Fourth inning with his group of young flies out to end the inning Korea three downs suckers in the fourth estate leads its forestry. And poor. And ringers ripping into drug and is in your repair questions on your residential or commercial run only three erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and he can all make you look your home again. So it's this spring storms drew a cure Ruth. Are you gonna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living they called Susan what are or go to zinger is rooting dot com don't want it dinners routing and construction you're home grown. Del march delivery and your not impacted over there on Mindanao and unpack. You're not gonna look at a mile or less music avenue dog do you mean nineteen money anyway he played I didn't know or Zach Lee it. They're gone now after using. TV we don't charge her for delivery and sent out and prices and in fairness we do you long after he. We are routinely. Not to start branches. This is Michael sat on the weak side today on it and. Not that they're human Kilgore payment to retire all here's three hitters he faced. In the fourth inning and continue here at the attackers trailing. I ask Laura forestry tablet Davis started when three gave up two runs on four hits a long list. Based three then gave up a couple of hits and runs and not go gore the third pitcher of the night at the right in the middle third. In order with threatening master Jordan Matt and and Al Gore field. Well not quite exactly in the middle thirties and a five sacks and guys in the order. Master the first baseman has grounded to short twice. Left handed hitter against lefty Kilgore. Is it. Going to miss this one fastball down and 89. The scoreboard Brett you buy dinners rusting and and construction. No balls one night the pit. And outside corner of the test bullets and even its own to. Internet. Scoreboard being a little slow to respond we give a couple of finals from this afternoon the American conference. Herbert from roof and gutters that it windows love your home's exterior again that gators Brookings dot com or call 316202. 2066. Figures ripping into action your home team grow. An American conference Cincinnati beat it in Ohio and four to four. Hot shot underground basic right to you know work at the masters his first hit of the game is Kansas State's been hit. And I think that would not have been the three of four. Leadoff man on the wildcats in the fifth. The third consecutive inning leadoff hitter is reached it and eat each had two previous leader. Able to bring camera. Each of the previous two. That are Jordan Mac struck out twice both against three starter Tyler Davis. Kilgore ready first of Max how old right out of place. You know this is a game that lets it wants to play well he's a freshman. From what you. An ace high school actually. We've got to pinch hitter Matt and. Added in the second and third struck out both times this is Kate in the quarters redshirt junior from Newport Beach, California also a catcher. Quarter data are better at first nobody attitude change is one of the turf can't does go into. Jordan accidentally local products remains out done for the night after going over to. In the quarter MEW. I eight. DH is only getting to 73. One homer fourteen runs batted in. It. Doing announced that it sort of a plate blocked on the chest protector by scattered throughout on account wanted to do. In the fifth. Kansas State leads 43 at the moment. Quarter net 27383. Leading hitters and any. He leads his team but Florida grounding into double play outlined in the terrorists. The router will hang on us outline blocked it kept it in front. Two balls two strikes the quarter. Yeah it. 121 it adds has grounded into eight double plays. In essence there is a runner at first base that nobody else. And he held up on that was that was in the Turks and it's gone all the way to three and two. Date for Iran to hit no errors is doctors three runs three hits and one error. They scored three in the first state has come back with two of the third to the court. Runner at third with nobody out here in the yet. It the first of that standing up. Mention in the pregame K state team that runs a lot. At McMaster under her first is not one of those guys he does not have a single stolen base camp. In 44 starts this year. To hit. You swing and now live there again. Kilgore really struggled to keep the ball out of the hurt that you're getting ahead of the quarter over into. Single and a walk first and second nobody out. Activity and not their bullpen at the moment. I senator will be Kyle bark peel the DH right yeah. Or fielded at the end. So started ideas fly to center in grounded to third. Like Kilgore and then. Action. Or if you look at it that bad an act of that was just react to move her. Thought it might have called time at Kilgore pitted second base. Everything you got a tingle hall didn't make throw. It. The plate and apply to the third baseline Barack rose above almost don't want it. Fortunately Alley all six. Enabled threat to get it out. Gil Gordon a good job of getting quickly to the ball really matter rescued 39. Man almost pull all want the Alec they. Weren't that are based again. Long agree. That for either one out of the foreigners or not it. Fielder's choice for now mark the here's John Laurence and getting your rare opportunity to start tonight has taken advantage of but don't walk and it trickled into plate appearances. Left on left matchup for Kilgore a breaking ball buried in the turf for blowout. Zoran and walk on three Canada's second and then on the first pit on the fourth laced landed a right Ettercap. For a triple. Let's get a hitting fresh than from Fort Collins, Colorado. They'll Gore's pick it up and am leaning back two balls no strikes. The net and its tablet to hit Sorenson is now four for 27. On the year. Three of his four hits have been threats to bases previous doubles and a triple that night. Editors and reporters a second for a field at first for Kansas date they are leading 43 here in the fifth. Numerous pit. Stall just didn't get the inside corner threw a strike. And too little. Kilgore taken a lousy leans in to get nine. Sent the letter. Fastball on the outside auditor strike at your business grows these drugs and really good looks back at that fastball in fastball away. It's either that he would do. Two on one out of its debt for Kansas date. And stretched by the left hander. And pitch. Breaking ball low three and do. The eighth ranked duke. Could this season and is a little bit of a high note. At seven game losing three. Through their first with Kansas on Friday night but then won the last two games of this series. Immediately got behind three nothing in this Olympic competitively for three as the bad here in the fifth. No glory to the stretch again to pit and now back. It's gonna give Pitt street kid guided him and his stance that Sorenson plotted often sounded over the screen. Randy get a couple more chorus. Google along hold three to. Just outside of Baltimore and ever did this time out there and loaded up. Second walk of the innings toward healing Kilgore. That will bring out Dylan lots and lots what shooter. Little swing around the right side now is not one or two left. It was striking out RBIs singled. Bases loaded one out. Kilgore ready to work. Are you want us. I'll do the right out of Murray. Mentioned earlier in the game want had been three for five against Baylor. On April 29. Both were 23. And the other seven of his last eight starts to hit already tonight. 01. This way high one ball in her. The. It. Promising start through Wichita State tonight with a three run first hand at all and date of this. Here in the fifth Gore's pitch. Now that inadequate to. In baseball. Honestly that's the pitcher. That the demand. On to reset. What standing outside the box for a moment batting right handed for the first time today. Count it on and two. Kilgore is ready. And delivers. An earth now outside there. Right now balls for Dillon wants hanging in the areas Kilgore. Cutter to outline once again looking into the dugout for the sign. Actress ever righthander. In the bullpen. Okay. Even Kilgore. In the 12. Does this low close at its soon to. Some reaction from soccer fans. Like it was just slow. Long at bat in terms of elapsed. Time that it cannot a couple of right now balls Kilgore very deliberate between pitches. He used. You now. Breaking ball now finally got to cut its outlines there and play them cleric acceptance that he didn't hang onto it. Too bad and getting grace's remains loaded second strike get repealing don't war. Basins in difficult will Brandon. Starting tonight at 3133. Tonight and an infield single up the middle also a slightly left. And reached on an error by a second baseman. That lead up pretty much all the time so not a big RV accidentally has driven in twenty on a year. Bases loaded two out this is a big hitter for human Kilgore in the Oscar's left on left matchup. The first pitch at fastball low for ball one. Little brand last year freshman all American. All big twelve freshman and second team all big twelve you've broken 44 year old Kansas State records are batting average last Frenchman. Hitting 354. Points over the previous record. Here's a good right leg fastball at ninety get killed more than Carnoustie Scotland in there tonight. At the top of the sixth Kansas date from behind to build 43 lead they have that they is loaded with two outs. At a loaded with one out Kilgore with a big right Kattengell watts. On one did and it. Breaking ball in there for a called strike out around and he didn't want him to. One ball to right however. Again this guy's right at that every eighteen and A half times. Tests literate Drew Neitzel battle he had. Bet on it take it the other way do that every needs to do. And it. Asked below ground right side greater slice and not throws late in Iran stores. Really good drive by Richard Petty had it I into the outfield area sliding on one thing to get to it. And rented a very fast runner. With a lot of guys maybe get it now what answers to get little Brennan and the second in healed yet. It drives in Iraq make an 85 to three ball game and stayed on the days as remained loaded. We'll Brennan's when he first run batted in the year. Those added to that he's had a night aren't good examples. House knee indefinitely. Help the batting averages 3600. Do you get. Couple or three legged hits like that a weak little of it one game it's gonna deftly than your average. Kansas date now up 53 they've had eight hits. British drug charge you healing Kilgore they remain loaded her heart Parker. And he was the first man Kilgore face when he came into the ballgame he got him to hit a sneak one hopper to the first place. Prior to that two for two at a single and double. Left against left tears go ordeals. Fastballs one economist best quality 89 cannot open it. The Internet is going to be. Deathly slow tonight on May not have another war for Europe are scoreboard update maybe later. Nothing nuisance to afternoon gains come across here's the pit. Breaking ball in the turf one ball one strike. Cincinnati when a solid fourteen to four win over Ohio State. You've got to admire Rhode Island for three. Final night of nonconference play for all the American teams don't take tomorrow off and then. Final conference series starts on Thursday. And I guess he has to make plays southeastern Louisiana. You know three game series ring at a NASA asked all the latest one in sued out of her. Parts Arthur came into tonight hitting two and 62. Star gets 37 times and a hundred and birdie two at bats that's pretty frequent strikeout number. Every three points. Three at bats that are that. What ball I Kilgore is it as long list now. So pretty it's got to hold a one run at Kansas State does score one run on two hits and leave the bases loaded. After four and A half date only the Packers 53. Another mile power -- brought by delta dental and they were gonna find out just how powerful mile per. For me with no mark dean got my name. If this can crack can. Now with Cuba committed Campbell says and that's. Help he smiled as powerful things he deserves delta dental. And leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile dollar delta dental. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invite you to join to tried to zero campaign. Truck driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash talent that over 100 killed and you do your part designated super driver. Homes are actually. Buckle eliminate distracted driving. And remember. And you drink. You drive. Sport has brought you by American family insurance and Gerald Amato Chris Sammy and a little island time in a two Hartnett or is real for. Dollars and number one songs. This is Jay and SS. This thing was just it was the work to do ailing Kansas State practice green after Florida cannot copy of the order clearly raider lead off. And just could not all the way for Kansas State for greater low for ball one. Does that help like two really quick 13 innings in the even numbered in sports. Ritter lines one right to gravity short hops and her staff. That's like corporate backed tough luck is last time that these smoke want to center field last night not run down but fielder now. No one loud out. Too lucrative to start this. That's good at 62 pitches through four innings. Like it got it right hander starting business. Listen his arm a little bit Bolton stretch out he's not throwing you know a ground ball short but better Gibson Thompson and with that throws him out. As two pitches sadat's senators here in the fifth. And it brings up Alec bomb that it was a three. Hits. Double to right center in the first single to right that are in the that are. Yeah. That is raised his average to 330 so it. Two bases in this happens down apparently Smith. Line by it has into the pit and it. And inside the bowl on. Date. I'm on the board of Florida a number of that is. They are more there. Bald or Thompson's at all replaced it says. Well this. I did it easiest hole it three birdies. But right added that it is doubled to his last for error in Kansas State. An Alley on the line to. You've got to outline his. They stated students what they scored six or more war and it went some place where or. Right now and it it halfway through the game. Editor hotline has struck out looking and walk. Substantially all through want. Is it good popular salinity inning. We're good catcher. Murderer behind home plate let's go away soon. Three outs on three pitches and totaled just five pitches in the inning or has it at. You're five full cans dateline which honestly three. Zero please wash you're likely to make it to a cycle well then you've got to get enters a glance during their clearance. Single quality players like whirlpool Maytag kitchen. This resolutely I. I models on his way to make your buying isn't easy. There large inventory means you get and they aren't they deliver and install among models and they get that old Boise inefficient it is also replaced with a new world or Maytag amana if any Energy Star rated this one. Free on all flying model. Like. Maybe your providers sounds like. What motorcycle letters music you're here sheltering and has a parlor he did you see your wallet shelter insurance your funds are. Motorcycle riding mower is TV. Starving like a vastly different arrives rule her clothes we can cover children sure we're. You shall seek shelter agents and he's Clinton Zell ten Hixon derby or Rob Rogers and Wichita. Instead you played morning right here on end there's an hour. It's. It's not the six. Railing against state side is three Adam Keller out of a shocker bulls it becomes the fourth pitcher of the night. For the senior right hander is similar appearance he has one and one look at one point 10 ERA for sixteen and asserted. Fifteen hit one walk in nineteen strikeouts. They're most recently. So that a third scoreless against USF on Saturday that no walks. To strikeouts. You know just one unearned run on two hits in the inning at a third the previous weekend against Cincinnati. So it is first mid week periods a little while. Laughs yeah editing outings were a total of three perfect innings in two appearances against he struck out six of the nine faced in his two games. Checkers sports properties and what's tested athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State's lead level of corporate partners want. Occidental Coke industries. Cox Communications its interest in an advertising that's what state athletics calls not worth properties ones and it's 978. Saturday client to. Cameron constantly got it working data does it in their fourth. Thompson batting order and then or is soulful one and only official data fly ball right in the third stupid but it hit. Sacrifice fly below. Ponson started to 9266. Get admitted they do it right handers aren't. Adam's first. I cornered or. And can order that curve ball. It is fastball up there is no immediate times. Senior Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Yeah. 01. Under bald is very. I shot three years were honored in senior day ceremony on Saturday. Of those five Keller is the only one who's not a four year player in the program came in at three year West Virginia. And a year were county and is in his second year is a shot. 11. Fouled in the batter's box off the foot and hit one ball into strengths. Calorie year ago. Great to appearances he started three and there with a three point eight XE area with 32 and a third innings and he said who. Good seasons. When it really good season one point one know sixteen mr. One and sued Cameron top. Sellers at. You in a line drive caught by the Christmas well there's terrorists hackers hit when it goes. In the previous half inning. Line drive by Luke rewrite it or not that was it right on the nose like Thompson right at Mason O'Brien. One now. Exempt through mount these center fielder clean up Annie is over it once for three. BI double in the third. And striking out. Double was a line drive off the pitcher's leg that deflected into shallow right field for a double. Urged him to school in all spring quarter. 79 I'm coming into the ball game. Currently at 280 that is one through street. By far the team leader in both home runs and runs netted him nine homers 46. Driven it. A one. Jazz listening outside its. Good here. And Adam Keller. Hotline is kind of holding it there. You're giant deficit extra good look at it didn't get called. One ball right. Now as it may get an answer that would candidate one quality strikes. Dockers and a fairly early morning flights where although the bus leaves at ballparks in the airport at 815 we've had a couple that left here left the ballpark. Four for thirty year. Marla seemed like. Easy leisure time. Once you now back. And now hangs in there. Ending them this theory Thursday Friday Saturday as are all of the American conference series for that matter. Much every conference you look at the schedules around the country. Everybody now plays the last weekend Thursday Friday Saturday trampled on and either conference tournament. 12. Lol it. Two balls and strikes. Or if nothing else rattle on Sunday back home and ended conference tournament where. Everybody that extra day there. In times Thursday and Friday from 9:30. And then 1 o'clock on Saturday. One out nobody on that into account. Drew mount. Noticed that. Announced that the first baseline style. These four shocker pitchers who have worked tonight only human billboard it's the fourth and that's. Left handed against him predominantly left handed hitting line. Kansas State wrapping up eight hits tonight. A lot of pace the much better than they have been in recent games. Due to. That was close. Called just outside it looked like it came back plus plate but he didn't get well. As a stated linked to a three from KU over the weekend. Only hit 22123. He had sixteen runs in three games a couple of those clinics and. Do. I'm all right in front. Ruled. Over a different story coaching box. Days three balls and right to screw mount. Again one out of the inning. Is that a long at that. And it Keller. 32 pitch to Al again. Really turned on that one out in front. Okay. It's already thrown thirteen pitches to hitters and there have been four. Right now bolts. First human partner in the inning Thompson and now amount. You again. I pop up it's gonna get back in at play. In late evenings nodded it's. Nice and it's getting a little later every evening that the sun is still around that still. Asking if you light areas here in the air on the playing field shadows around the field from the stadium. They do out of right field Indians. Alex ripped towel over towards Thursday and again. This has been. An ongoing. Hillary throws a strike him out thousands somewhere most of them he's got out in front of him holds now on the ground. And several of them wait now. At least that maybe eleven it does then. Again. I. I fastballs songs right at it and Keller some credit because those kinds of long counts. Usually sooner or later the pictures likely to miss or just lately and they're little to do and he kept making. Could not get is that not to Wear one up and then you over power through it by about the zone right three. Good duel won by Adam Keller his bird strike. And at the end the better man. Angle through the right side his last time out his. Three at bats tonight. It left handed hitter fastball and master grabbed a short of the first grounded to short again in the third reached on a fielder's choice that time and in. He's an average at the moment it to forty and it. That was one out. Swing and there's a good curveball down and did one on one during. So long in this debt one night maybe a foot or more. Limbaugh once drag. And the pit. The outside it is including without outside corner he's left handed hitters and is it calls on the other way that he got an edge there and it's wanted to do. Mastered now. Questioning the plate umpire Gary Jeff does a little bit. Two out nobody on a one you cannot be hitter. The other Beatles so anti Taliban activity of the high fastball much like the one finished up now because then you get enough of that. Redirected back to the screen. Oh lot of foul balls in the inning with two strikes not Adam Keller but he keeps coming back popular right in their. And again at. Let him. You cannot ask all of it and. Once in three innings where Adam Keller the first 123 inning bush not pitching tonight after five and a half its tied it three Kansas State. Number one soccer mom. Three day tournament and what are you teaching adults Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game and united health care you can better control. With the mobile app helps you find a local. Hazard. Cards are easy to learn more do you eat a United Healthcare. Are. Plants. One company is on a mission to put a million people who works here sounds like a big numbers and now we're gonna professionals and maybe. So engineer or ninety developers looking for the rights for. How about administrative positions and we are committed sex and never church which he defined shocked to express employment professionals is on him. Put a million people to work each yeah let's hope we looked. We spurs dot com to find a location you're young. Let let let me give warnings and ice right here on. He has since. So yeah at bat in the bottom of the sixth they are facing a pitcher united against a basket. As a public that it angry at years 376. Attackers have and it's three hit it five minutes. He is retired. Eight of the last night. And it really should have been all night the only bad rates now at home on an error by shortstop and bawling right at it. Gray and just deleted out it is it's not as little pared it down 53. And out hit. Eight to three. And as walked and flied out takes outside the bowl want. Walked outside pitches his first I'm not last that worked. Three wood hit a pretty good fly ball to let that it is more or less right it lets you. Taxes went up late for a record at one month. Yeah it's a Dayton who and make it O'Brien do not that it looks like Allen Jack has scrapped and that. They hit the Uga next. One Warren unit to laps and on the ground foul down the first baseline. One ball in right. He hit. But it double by a bomb in the first inning that drove in Iran and then. He and hundred Gibson both scored later on Iraq angle a Mason O'Brien in the first the only other since then. One out single by a bomb in the third. Get a license up behind third count days one to. Skip thanks in three innings tonight which he's only thrown either tigris pitches. Total of sixty London. Through privately through 26 in the first 25 in the third. And it has to take slow to balls and once. Recent walk in the first inning. It was his forty bit of the year started the week that protects an accident walks. 22 and a little fly. Marrow and. Sure it's not the left center field for a base it takes a turn it personal. This had to reach out for Juan and spoke softly over the or not it downloads that are. And as it was visitors to get the suckers for a and in her since early in the third inning. Brings up Alex Jackson is gonna hit the dude it was over to the strikeout. And swinging much better lately hitting to 3967. At bats on the year one home run low on Saturday at. And all round the first of his collegiate careers came on Saturday in University of South Florida. Not bad on the shocker here that means anybody who comes out as the potential tying run Jackson's. That. Alec Jackson. Came off the damage in the opener went one for two started the next game hit safely in private for Evan. They went through little slump fell out of the lineup went thirty haven't been needs an attic yet. Now the ninth for his last thirty right at 300. Differs in that flops back to the back. In the 82. Leading Steelers ten for eleven years at a non leads the team little left. I basket. Don't want to act of swing and a miss. It's a big rift. Didn't let up no balls two strikes. Little bit milling around the K state bullpen has been stretching and getting loose that nobody's throwing yet. So at present not having leadoff man on its the first grader was hit by a pitch that eventually led to three runs. Act like now better swing at that when he was late but it's solidly now down the left field side. Still owed it to Alex does that first little leadoff single. It's. Mason O'Brien is out as scheduled on deck. Three straight left handed hitters against him yours and throw to first get the way a little bit. Started to get it that it did enroll Florida terrorist. He has been erased on the base has once already had a big turnaround third. Two they hit Brian in the first inning and eventually was cut and run down into Baghdad. As it to left field that's well yet but the left fielder is gonna go back on it makes it in the good swing by Alex in the opposite field here it is beyond immediate debt that made that little red or one. One. Do Mason O'Brien's. They sit at two run single to right in the first grounded to first in the fourth inning. Hey it's 78 on the year 29 runs batted in. In 97 at bat. It then announced outskirts baseline. In a granite redshirt junior from a loss Oklahoma. Spent two years in Oklahoma State law and as they've redshirt injury hardship. You're Kelly caddie before coming here this year. Yeah. 01 pick out noticed it was running it when it won't. He's with three of the first. Have been shut out since then. But I Dustin has hit the last four innings. O'Brien is outside to have long. And during that and not much in the way of threats in the third inning. Bone mingled and throw out one walked with one out. It got to fly ball strike yet ended added that Packers haven't made any noise at all the last couple of innings. Noticed it first with one out. To line kinda makes it O'Bryant. Maybe. Sometimes it cost cuts. As it just held for Everett the stretch that sent. Interestingly enough the breeze was blowing in from right out of the north east or east. Beginning of the game that pretty but I completely ban that big flag out there moving just a little bit against Pitt. Low three month. Just a gorgeous evening here at tech data into the final home game of the year. The crowd on hand. Close ballgame in the middle innings tried three Kansas State bottom of the sixth. 31 goes the router going in and asked Rodin is not a time at second base hits those data. No way. Bryant and pulled out that it just a little bit of the cat goes Korean too generous to steal second. Susan Levitt stolen base twelve drives here and now they scored. On. It. Obviously with the number of runs batted in has heard that Bryant's been really good with runners in scoring position as an opportunity here with only one out. Church not. Thompson made any sudden break in the bag behind yet as did it. It is made it very casual. Are livid. Instead it wasn't that far off today. It used to dance around three to lifted now straight back Brian. It is still a day leadoff single to Alex Jackson pinch hitting for god and eight deep fly ball out to left it and minister stolen second. Bryant standing in long it out here with a foul ball count at three into. Stretched brother right here. And I territory in the short broke it again. No attempt to throw Guinness and scampered back to the bank. Little cat and mouse game with the runner right now. Three you know Brian add up and hand the ball for breaking ball. Stayed behind. Let's runners at first and second we're going to get in a pinch hitter for the actors as Preston Paxton Wallace looked about to hit the trade knickers. Pray continuing his struggles playing you know too today. It. Paxton Wallace oak bar scene for get 23081. Home run and nine runs batted again. One for two as a pinch hitter over the weekend against USS struck out one and adding RBI double the other time. And again we're gonna get it. It is now second one tonight but I tonic and K okay the pitching coach has a right hander starting to look up a little bit. Hasn't quite moved all the way up on the rubber. Throwing hard yet is starting to. Play a little catch with the cancer. It's MES zero actor's third base coach. Colin Paxton smallest answers to little bit of coaching advice before he steps it. One thing you can count on is flawless look at that loose offensive. He does not get cheated on his swings. Sixteen hits in 52 at bats also and team right gets. 3308. Batting average. And he slightly higher percentage of strike gets around thirty love 32% of the time. He's fun to watch. You got a lot of potential first pitch to him. Now back threw strike one. He's not up there to take about pitches in the zone he's Hackett. Batters he jettison its second O'Brien's first. Potentially those in the tank runs Packers trailed 53 at the bottom of the it. That it deals while they boat that went in to her one ball right. Didn't hear our pregame interview that type butlers or his Monday night Letitia. Packers aren't changing out the starting rotation a little this weekend. Cody Hoyer will lead to knock on Thursday Alan Siegel who did Friday or the middle game of the series. Wallace grounds it towards third and now. Big high. Spirits and they're going Torre is backed candidate ended up bouncing good night he now. One into the wall us and then on the final game on Saturday at Memphis. Like mcginnis we'll get to start threw four good innings as the starter against Oral Roberts last Tuesday. Gonna get a chance to go back out of start. Okay. All us in the hole wanted to first and second one out. Added that there should be two and a second one bit active thirst easy double play parkinson's. Doctors threatened that it double play ball takes an oddity etiquette in the sixth and runs one yet at Atlanta at Kansas State time which. Dusty street. And all star business with the talented team but that science winning. And the professional that Haiti's eaten advisors help organizations of all sizes and their competitive thanks. Trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy like past challenges and hit home run. Go to be Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our client. We need to trust advisor. Yours. Another mile power airmen brought by Dell to. Okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first with no. Your parents are staying home weekend. Brown on on. How we can he will be and Lal that it aunts and. Healthy smile as powerful things it serves tilted to the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your smile to our delta dental. Are you by American aliens Sharon in what. Jerry Crawford remains strong hearted Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding her harbor. They Sean Hannity here listen to meet every week they had two defaults happening right here on AM. Nice slick it's not a state offense let attackers and three runs on four hits. Through six innings tonight against a Kansas State team that's given up five or more earned runs and eighteen of their last twenty or games. Adam Keller winning 123. Innings striking out to those that got to hit the senate he's the fourth picture of the night. We're not given up five runs on. All vibrant well at least four of the fibers capture about one of them. Not a one with that it is three Gator appearance in the fourth inning did not recant or they came in the quarter to catch. Later in the game he's had one plate appearance on a walk. Is it from Keller right on the site. I had eight and want the totals gay state 34 and one for the actors. Reporter right handed hitter. Acknowledged that. We're third bomb fields and today once buyers of purse gets the out. Mortar rounds at third to first to start the sentencing Keller. Probably happy to happy to pitch that he went through 21 pitches. In the sixth inning and it was because he was all over the place it was because of the news right now balls in the and. Now Kyle Clark field the DHO for three on the night. Like senator Graham the third try delayed out of bonds. And force the runner at third in the fifth street on a fielder's choice. You strike on the outside corner. Okay. Left hander in the bullpen that would mean Cody Tyler's it's Kilgore has already worked. No balls one right. And it. Love this time what it once hit a wider for a shocker volleyball and track and field athlete who's a huge baseball fan and has helped us with. Notes and things here on both radio and TV in recent years came up with a great debt to greater curiosity knows no doubt this is a good muscle pass it along here in just a moment. On one. Game and as those who wanted to on Sunday Cody Tyler. Pinch ran for the Packers and stole the base. And her carries when it was who was the last true pitcher you look they were. A picture combo players. Like Travis why not played position and all of it and Hilliard a couple of years ago. 12. And a soft fly ball left hit a ball for a base hit Alan Jackson now playing that's realistic all the way to the line to run it down throughout the second base not in time. Archaeologists pattern reach down and pulled one softly right down the left field line and entered into a double with one out here in the seventh. Anyway. In his slider tracked down the answer to your question was amber Lee in 1999. Number Hillary around the course during. Closely attached to packer athletic program that would expand. Bradley. Who was only a pitcher partner with us. Stolen base as it could record that in 1999. But he became the first ones then that's his deal. Its second one about the better job or. First pitch at a press and outside ball one Sorenson had quite a night. French then. Starting for just the fourth time this year and coming in at 115. Has walked twice and tripled. Left swinger of the rhetoric and base and one out. Good night Keller. And stepson. Out of seven Kansas date already leading 53 what should not date scored three in the first. But hasn't scored. 10. Right down the middle restrain its one month Kansas State. Getting the third two in the fourth and one more in the fifth. Okay. Adam Keller had a one to three X got the first man in the seventh and gave up that double. Hundreds and one out. 11 Sorenson. And now bracket at play one ball he strikes. Or a standing outside the box for a moment back in from the left side count against him at one and two. Keller at. And delivered. In just inside fastball two balls two strikes. Yeah. Keller stepped off for a moment. Thought about things refocus his attention on the plate. And has the signing on at. To. Pot now nonetheless I'd get a grip got to play damn near Turkey's state bullpen. It's day two balls two strikes. To give John Sorensen and credit he has. Hung tough and every at bat tonight to. The end. 3420. Year loan. But all three hit prior to tonight had been incidence. In the throughout. And another two. That's fastball in. Ninety miles an hour gotta look good pitch by Adam Keller to run in the inning and is that a third strikeout. Now faces Dillon wants to second baseman. Once headed RBI single in the fourth. And struck out on either side of that it one for three on the night. The left side of the plate he had a right handed bat. Against Cleveland Kilgore in the fifth. Or one handed wants her to go at it. Caller's first pitch to him that fastball right at their restraint. Ninety pretty consistent in his fastball here in the sixth and seventh and the top of the better second down. And keep the margin shoot there down 53 at the moment. Olerud to belts. And the Pitt and what spotted at it and miss her right to. That it's being moved by a lot here because he'd Wear it around very deliberately almost like he's sacrificed budding position rather then. You know kind of being on the move out of the box that you normally do what you laid out hit. But he putted edited missed. Snow balls and two strikes. They're ready again. And and delivers. And the right to left field Jackson toward the line it goes back and Mexican and it's almost Kate Middleton to Clark. Recovered it makes supplying Canada and is scoreless innings Keller. And no runs one hit the Reuters and one man left for Kansas State. Sort of sitting at your next idiot senators trail fly grocery. When it comes to driving a truck near the yeah. Yeah. And there are. On the right to secure my stuff. From Colorado brought a 15100. Broadly yeah from a family of the most dependable longest lasting. Such a row so from your reading pleasure yeah street jocks used to count every. Yeah sounds heavy either today or easily. So that's. Some people over at at least twenty Klein wall to wall CD scratch to the pitcher's point nine degree near her but testing last twenty girls in twenty encourages you to indulge in early bird and bursting with flavor of poor little red handcrafted and I thought to create the perfect paper or one of the new closed her incompetent it's like dumb Manhattan here either aluminum made from scratch menu items that are rumored to be every since April 21 and rocky west that will contest to win. He's ranked scenic yeah. Your news traffic and weather station to 97 and thirteen thirty yeah. It's just today bandit finally break edited out by history to Kansas State they've been held at four hits right just to get through six innings. Right handers and 88 pitches and hit it past me. Laid off the seventh pitch big for Travis had a so for you tonight first pitch he ripped. Fouled out snipers he was all over that. That little bit out in front right now for strike one. Ticket tax saints had a couple of stars recently. It hits in 44 that it twenties and on New Year's. Sophomore from Lee's summit Missouri. It's that went low one in one. Doctors would definitely like to get on their leading off an inning of their fastest they runners. Does that do work. When one hits. A high towering pop up down the right side scripting toward the seats is based in over runs out of room that would not four rows back. Bolted strike. Kansas State is fighting twenty and thirty record. Like most teams really good that they lead after seven innings they're in need of three. When leading after a dockers. We statistically that was outside two and two cats he Ritter and give him that the actors here in the seventh. They have not scored a three run first. To do. Time now third base side this drift out of play. He started on Sunday but then there was an early pitching change for you that's that's the only ended up getting one at bat in that. Both for five against South Dakota date last Wednesday. I drive to center field. And visitors fielder back to listen to settle underneath yet. He flies to senator. One out in the seventh and Luke Ritter comes up. Luke is hope for two but he is it two balls right on the nose he was hit by pitches burstein about it. Mine too early and senators. Could almost got one over the head of mount the center fielder and then lined up bullet right at shortstop in the this. First pitch to him is this draconian ankle fastball at eighty Kyrgyzstan has. One out nobody on the O line undertakes low ball one strike. Certainly he's at. Is two outs. There's an apparent swings is probably anybody against it tonight. 11. It slowed to a one. Hackers have some guys coming at the little bit it could certainly are busy potential tying run I think you get somebody on ahead of them. One. Fly ball. Easier planet for the contenders this time it's a regular now settling hundreds shallow right setters and makes cats and now. Routine fly ball to center fielder to start it and through Wichita State and a hundred Gibson comes up that night. There. Giving DH Ing tonight is open to with a walk walk to scored in the first and struck out looking and grounded to short. It. First pitch to him. His low ball on. Still not a lot of it that's. As most of them outcome in the last two to three weeks that. Fifty now on a year and seventeen hits 340. I had to announce. Okay. Freshman from hula Oklahoma adding that and nobody on. In the seventh inning. To vote. All right through their restraint in its two and one. Should give and get on. On Alec chrome would be up next. The retina and based and we'll have a and diversity out it's not a stepped in his right through lots appealed that one another easy one industry getting her basket and sent it. But it remains Kansas State time with the Tennessee three. Number one soccer mom lets three day tournament and 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. Health care you can have better control. With the mobile app that helps you find a local doctor has your card for easy access learn more you're dot. United health care. Service is available for the. Wayne Grady Little world from she's whenever you all you have to do is. As Alexa played in this this radio finally thanks for asking it's. You can't do it on her own just ask don't even have to ask nicely early job is to be at your Beck and call literally has. Nothing else is 97 and thirteen attorneys. Say hello. Sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita and Bradley on green retired put de L or an L regular Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie tell. There's fires living like this season high right here on tape and as. It's stolen base and played an inning in right field on an annual return to his normal role as a pitcher takes over on the hill here in the eighth or what does. Outstanding job again by Adam Keller two innings one hit no runs no walks three strikeouts. Doctors within a couple but he Tallet pitched four innings against USF on Saturday gave up six hits and runs with one walk. And three strikeouts. And pride that was less than that requirements prior to that ate at a third consecutive scoreless innings. It's night previous appearances. For the years that if your your left hander appearances for no one's a three point 08 ERA. Please exodus they're only four hits not one minute literally five walks. 33. Strikeouts. Over the one strikeout to walk. Certainly a good guide and in it against a pretty much. All left handed hitting lined up for Kansas date will Brennan heart to heart during camera Thompson here negate all that from the left side. Will Brennan. It's against everybody two for four tonight or infield singles. Ray is already impressed every three. Really good looking more hitters that can't. Respect him like fell behind that are. That's pretty good pit. Custody in Canada and and spoiled freed at the other. Okay. All time K state freshman record 350 last year and he's up. In point from that so far this season. 01. And only one ball one right out of the truth be guy not many extra base it. Twelve doubles are 74 hit one triple. Both the business today have been infield singles fielders were able to get to that his leg and out. One ball went right. Always over the third base loaded down the left field line. Racing around birds headed for and Alec yet throw or not the time. Just a good piece of getting Blair really good hitter pitch on the outside black. He has reached out and slapped it over the third baseman. Bryant who root Tony Gwynn taxed out there. A leadoff double by will brown and here in the eighth. On Parker do you not then. And yet it is they're they looked before stepping in and he is two for four tonight. Singled and doubled his first time Upton grounded to third and struck out the last two times. Kansas State now is to hit tonight. Can you had listening here for a moment. Ford doubles and a triple. On and hit five wreck your bases. Eighteen triples on the year they're one of the leaders and nations triples. Here's marker squares around the block takes lament that it gets away from the capture. And read and hustles over dessert. The wild pitch and almost hit me. And outline unable to actually hit it down. K no shocker trainer. To check on the plate umpire tonight at the apparently that ball got through Trout line and hitting him. Like in the rib cage made. Data protector bed nets seem to be the area he's. Wincing a little bit Yankee hill. Applying pressure a couple of areas and it's sickening amount. That was a hit updating and it almost hit tons Parker. Outline at least got a level on that didn't catch apparently hit guy at the plate umpire and then fell to the ground. We'll Brennan advanced to third on the play. Not present on six consecutive. Scoreless. And story three it hurts it really can't afford to give up anymore this late night. Its third nobody out. And fast enough to score on about anything they're gonna play the infield in kind of take away his ability to warrant ground ball. It. One ball no strike a heart. Field all the way and all the way around. Tyler's pick lol two balls and those strikes by the way Jordan poitier is now playing or not they failed to cabinet trade Vickers left. Four packs of Wallace as pinch hitter. He has now it under after hitting through at a young. In the bottom of to all the cats tallies pit. Well against three balls in those ranks. At present outline behind the play of Bryant and her rhetoric. Lawyer short ball at third in the outfield now has now an accident left Jacob can be better. Who's in right on the figure that out that it produced earlier. It is right at the knees three and one. Yeah. I think tennis to move from left or right that's what it is that Guinness isn't right. 31 the hunt darker. Is it. The drive to center and I don't get the run wild cats we will have to keep them out there will be easy Brennan detectives doors in a good job by Parker's. The ball to center field at around eight innings and escaped now leads history here in the game. On Starker what is and I seem. Run batted in a disease. So one out bases empty that a big potential insurance run. In for Kansas State. Exit Cameron top of the shortstop potentially over to he's also been hit it pitch. And hit a sacrifice fly it. That night Tyler first pitch tops Cotton Bowl want. And that magic number for K eight students. On a year. And a score of war compared to four in 24. Score five or list. 10. So we're gonna there's a fastball down one swollen creek. Cameron Thompson came into the game hitting 66 team offering hope for him. Weekend against K you know what struck out five of the ten times. 11. No way to ball went right. Dockery during Todd butler's tenure against Kansas State. On two of us. Two and two here in Wichita. Now to three in the eighth tonight. To hunt. Not to knees on the outside corner for a called strike to hit it. Average Thompson looking questioning Malia play down partnership it's. It. I had a ready. 22 fastball and Al Green has the look at home plate. Kansas date. Had a couple of guys that do a little bit tossing down in the bullpen. It has thrown a 102 pitches now through evidence that nobody actually throwing right now like they're really ready becoming. Okay. Two balls right now holding Tyler good breaking ball kind of caught my home there. Slicing liner just about ball hit. The net to his backhand and Saturday near the canal. Two down now. And better drew mount. Outset and interest ignite. He's one for four years it was a lion got off the pitchers like that deflected in shallow right field for an RB I double in the third. His other three times not he has struck out swinging. Two out bases empty Iran yen for Cannes day here in the eighth. And now it's a fastball that these restraint. Three strikeouts in four at bats tonight gives an out. 52 dragged out in a 183. At bats on the east. Doubled drove in Iran which was his forty. RBIs that your. Pitched an outside one month and is. In more than his next closes inmates in the RV I column. One bullet right. Italics here. This low Lou. It. Dockery in there after the eighth glad foam Trout line in tennis it started off. It gets. Three runs to make out in the last couple of innings. Okay. But he Tyler with the news. That's low three balls and she drags. Backers in jeopardy of spoiling their perfect record against the big twelve this year and I don't know with two wins against both Oklahoma State and Kansas and want against OU. 32. I drive to right center gala pretty neat cats it is better fielder at the track jobs added this lot out. Runner on second headed for its third down. Holds up there and back yet it's great that a crime occurred based Cadbury. It made it a try he got to work the ball lives. For that ball hit his glove like that mentality in the blowout at the wall or not the ball popped out that again. Double threw out and doubled the game. I double in the game for him that does not but he. And really really anybody. That's you know that's fairly deep liable under throw line a line drive that are based. One more left handed hitters weren't you say your interest man who's one for four. Singled him out last time. Tyler first hit it up now back to. Good rip at a fast well. Date now it runs on eleven hits the Packers have only managed four hits tonight. Yes it has didn't give up almost two hits per inning on these. And they were really swinging it well over the weekend scheme dragging nets. Balls one strike. And the pitch. This Lola breaking ball one and one. Now came with in May be a floater to. That's getting that ball out of it would have been his first home run in just over a month. And would it get any net special. Accomplishment at ten home runs twenty stolen base is that he's only the second time the key players down. 11. On the outside corner oh that's right it's wanted to do. Backers have been pretty good outings and late inning rallies are still in this one. Three. A little difficult at bats to go they definitely wanna leave that runner out there at second base. One to hit you back. Until the air strikes at the masters swings and yelling at Kansas State gets a run on two hit at least one. And after evidence and a half now to three wild guess. On a little. And why sir machinery makes you check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats comeback that's your readers take on the competition and crushed them one Marmol. Hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and more or. From the best fields in the industry leaders of the box. Get dot com slash a better results and check them out version of whites or machinery in Wichita today gunmen have. And having gardens your souls out reader authorize bus gets you why. Another mile our chairman brought you by delta dental and they were gonna find out just how powerful mile per it is early with no mark. He is Ackerman and can't. Practice. Now over it you got promoted Angelina has an aunt. I hope he smiled as powerful thing. He deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits providers and unleash your smile to our delta dental. News isn't she needs to become reality radio on week nights at eleven times. Running out of time down six to three in the bottom of the eighth Alec Obama deleted often better Trout line in Greece and Janice just a basket. Still out there sports Kansas State yesterday came editing and an excellent 66. Point 92 ERA. Has limited its dockers to bring first inning runs. On four hit for the night and enters 102 pitches dispensed in the ballgame. Alley. Obama has two of the four hit with a double and a single is for a few times up fouls happen in the batter's box for strike one. I'm Michael also reached on an error but short on his last time. Packers looked like they were off to the races in the first three runs on two hit. Plus to walk and hit batter. And not words it's. Now back but all of its own two and it only. Had any kind of a threat a couple of times first and second one out in the third failed to score first and second one out in the sixth. It ended with a double play. They'll balls right Alec bump and it hit. Little bit low one ball and he strikes. Not only have actually hit. In the ninth inning and that hurt him. Home doubled with nobody out any of Braddock road Englewood to that one pitch evolve way he has sent two balls two strikes. Alec with the old school look he's hired hands. Alongside with the horizontal stripes and three golds drives horizontally around black sock. It shoot. Low and away three balls two strikes. It. He stayed at a right hander actually throwing off the mound. That it was X. But he right now you've been a odd man. 32. Now all that not just barely got a piece in his stance. Okay. Like hanging in it. Two hits tonight as is every 335. Try to get something going in the eighth down to three in the pit now laughter hands is yet. When he has really jammed him a couple of times that he's managed to slide it off. Can't hold it three and soon. This will be the eighth pitch at the at bat. Well and we had a good luck that Keyon. Back to work. You now. Hold the ring. And striking immensely. Christianity in a distant Third Reich yet tonight we're just at best it. That's what he said it's like gather at a 198. At bats Alex well so what every night time. Gatti Eric. And here's scattered throughout line better hope for too little walk and struck out looking in his first time out in the first all of us now is not yet. Fastball today's for a called strike. You don't want. I'm propped up right side they stay and play near the first race I get the first baseman ogre re using an. And he got. What a planet but. Answer the first baseman because it's a soccer dug out nobody has helped the team over there about how much of your hand nobody really get out of this like any reason to leave a couple of guys grab that one. The second round. It's hard it's just this game look at it that's it is hard to believe it's either swung the bats as. Lawlessness and hit over the weekend. It looked like this against a guy who has struggled mightily as caskets has all season. He has kept them down tonight here is Greece and Jenna and X inside the bowl one. Think about that run at Kansas State ordered his top. It really changes things quite a bit when he gets the lakers right on the outside corner it's 11 because without that. Anybody gets on the next guy out the potential tying run home run gave you in his time I got to get a couple of guys. Make it happen. Outside of that one. To not pay is empting the Packers in the. Last home game and last nonconference game that he's now back but I Aniston who would do. I had not home record coming into this 12301. Suckers not conference record. 25. And four prior to tonight. Yeah. It. All right and the radical bill. Through the center field has get a happy wouldn't sell these through his lob up that it was it did pretty well as our regular right by his glove. And on in the field as it straight yeah. For Sudan. And better Alex yet. Time now where we're arsenic and yes. Don't have anybody warming up in the bullpen not actually a blog about throwing like it might be ready to come in immediately. Accidentally clearly fly ball leapt to her I'm not getting in Dayton do started in right field tonight. Alex and hot opportunity and subtle side of the infield. It's not over. They've been calls it off then. It's that interface that makes it sort of living it like your dad nobody's. In the eighth and what should not stay. No runs and one hit shot after eight. Kansas State six what's State Street. Soccer in May and this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY and incensed that past forty years the Carnahan has been helping the great people of twenty top clients sell home. Loans helping his first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down. We want you to call on past let us that our past experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small service is the same I promise. Back or an associate or forty years of business on Baxter in our whole team challenging financial time we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please call you and are you wanna want and it's time spent money. And there is. Like I have never been to. An Kennedy's indoor marking names product or is reference here are independent but he has a when he won 3 o'clock to play in Wichita Kansas they're 3120. Ones. One or online money to find out. Sports has brought you my American family insurance in Asia on channel. Ron woods carried out in valleys and her NT four and over what lawyer. Yours you. Yet whether it's 97 and thirty. And I get us. Oakmont to pitch or what you state Clayton net weighted. As the Saturday starter. In the upcoming series with Memphis. This is his 31 appearance of the years. Thirty a relief to get started of course last Tuesday against Oral Roberts and letting them long four innings and that was. Then out of the bullpen retired both hitters that he faced against USF on Saturday struck out wants and it pays three on Sunday. It didn't retire any advance gave up three hits and all three eventually sort of it is ERA. Was even below three for a lot of the early season and it industries he's had a couple rough outings here there and it puts it well up over forty get it back down like three Evans. And in those three runs on Sunday pushes it back up to four point five. He's still only given up 27 hits in 31 and two thirds innings and and walk. With 35 strikeouts to just. One rough outing here and there. That's not a mess up that ERA number. Three he paid a quarter. We get up here in the ninth McWhorter. Into the game in the fifth inning. Walk and grounded there. It is into the line first pitch a fastball through draconian like order fastball at 92. Reporter Kyle Clark field and John Lawrence and do it for Kansas State gets lead to three. I hit the shot at eleven to five. A lot. I'm a fly ball right field toward the line. Long runs through and a and rides and looking at yet there's an effort he was gone all out lit it. That he was still made three feet from the ball in Atlanta. That it illegally threatening little time. So no balls two strikes in the quarter. Okay. The darker picture of the night. He only one who has not been scored on was Adam Keller it's the hundreds give up one hit or not three. Yeah. It's. And it's with the island owed to. Recchi now all of a lighter as a good pit. He gets a quarter swinging for the person out of it. That is now. Twelve strikeouts for soccer pitcher tonight in any answers. Oh. While striking out three walked. That they have given up that hits all run or at least not the ex current there was one run. Along with Cuba back in the fourth and I'm not sure if it was earned or unearned. It is a first pitch mark fields popped up bright side it's gonna get. Behind Thursday night out how to play. Soccer's in the ninth or have the lower three of the order coming up. Started off eating at least three. One out nobody on. Help our field one for four on the night doubled his last time out. You know one pit. Yes there's a way fastball at 95. Times Bob Maginnis. What I want. Our field double is just a soft fly ball that he pulled right down the left field line is lesson there. Date with five doubles and a triple. And their eleven here tonight. 11. And it away. Ball in his right. And the actors will travel to Memphis tomorrow that series opens Thursday night at thirty. Nothing in the thirty on Friday at 1 o'clock and only on Saturday. Cody Hoyer out of eagle and play against a depleted rotation. Who won by an get a credit check his swing any did go around these militant at first base umpire Joe Brown who hanging out. It's two balls two strikes. Kansas State. Inning for a third straight win after losing in a row. And all would be against in state rivals and it took to locate you on Saturday and ended. You. Did in the senate steal the base yet. That's the over quickly to pick it up toward left center. And Barfield is now two for five and he hit. And K state now only one. Two of those three they were down. Five runs going to the ninth on Friday and court's five to tie it at them gave up around in the. He's an old. In with. Five of the six runs earned according to lives stats which come from the official scorers who's so that should be correct. Here is John Lawrence. Writer breaks the first pitch he pops it now back and how to play. Sorenson tonight to a lot of triple and a strikeout his last time out. One to two. Rendered first days how mark fields six steals and see evidence that he was running in K state wanting to add one more current round here not afraid to hit with a runner in motion. One out one on. Late mcginnis. Into the threat. Long hold leaders to pit under not moving it's not that the ball bounces away from Trout line. The better route down the latter having steel. If that would now looks like it in up to. Guard maybe it's better for outline. Not absolutely sure that's a wild pitch a passed ball. One ball one right. Runners were in position now for cancer day. Sorenson standing outside the bar working on the bat handle a little bit he's backing it. Not Maginnis. And pinch. Hit Langdon. A low. It is all too two balls ones. Yeah. And the state keeping the pressure on a shocker here at the top of the nine. And that it low. And it is three and one. It has got out took great art and a three hit right get it TK in the quarter that accompany him to base that Barfield. Has gone 31 on or. Or came into the game hitting 115. On the verge of throwing his third walk tonight. 31. Low ball four wasn't close. Her second one out that just lets it double play it back into the equation. And Dylan watts will be an aviator. Watts one for four tonight that RBI single in the fourth he also struck out twice like the left. Switch hitter he has had one at bat from the right side. And he is one for three batting left it. At times called Mike Teel shocker pitching coach. On his way to the man to talk to mcginnis. What are remind you that there is not any time Butler show this coming Monday. Thanks AJ or grill at the Alley for hosting us throughout the baseball season all the other doctor coaches throughout the year. If what you tell us hey it works its way into an NCAA regional. By the end of next week. Then we will had to show the following Monday. That means selection Monday that it. Comes to past suckers are in after all that we'll have a show that night talk about it. Again thanks AJ sports ability Alley. Or being our host site war. Coach shows through out the season. I steel headed back to the dugout Kansas State with two on and one out in the ninth already leading history. Leighton again he's a shocker pitcher to first inning of work. You'll have lost that it is at the end. Adding from the left side. Get a as the science titles and. And the pit lane and it is a fastball away at 92. Good heat tonight through on ninety pride. In consistently. At 92 range. Single by our field walked to Sorenson after a leadoff striking out. Date threatening. 01 a lot sway behind that night when Bowen right. I think from what I in the bullpen and it gave little gym a junior right hander would be. Do picture for Kansas State if they do make it ain't going to the bottom of the ninety. Throwing up milling around. In a 118 pit for gas has an I would think that he beat or about. Get a pitch low and want. Packers need to get to the bottom of the ninth no more than three down. Already a three. First and and one out. It is taking awhile to get this time. And. 21. A high three balls and drank so he has suddenly started struggled fun to play. Five pitch walk Sorenson 31 on one. Then of the last nine picked that out of rank them. Evident right handers throw in the bullpen. 31. Way outside for ball. He's not just this thing's that missing like quite a yet bases are loaded one out. Two straight walks for mcginnis. And will Brennan up there. That is not a guy you could ask the phrase in this situation. Much. Power but it is neat is it contact hitter. Three for five on the night two infield single and double last time out. Bases loaded will Brennan three for five on the night as race he's ever had three of the news. Backers say exactly double play depth. In the middle bots. And of itself got a double off him. Butler an isolated mountain might steal already been out of innings that means Maginnis let it looks like Chandler Annenberg. Who's throwing again and not have to make a move here and so we will have a call to the bullpen and will be back credits it is. And in the morning. In the what it has approved a 25 million dollars and industrial revenue by her projects greater Wichita why he had seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build a new branch from which they have in addition us. We're of these formed group mostly east branch of the top business journal little boy. It's a good investment so close in public health and security which it is probably have the highest physical fitness rate in the entire United States breathing a little. That's great news outfit had a meeting this still why outfit northwest again pretty good array attending tonight's out in there. And then mr. there's been there at all. Us analysts here. And Ed. Mornings from relied on an. When you listen more. Art form that's more educated you do more. More are there more to talk and I'll see you understand yeah. Understanding more of what's happened on 97 and thirteen thirty and we need. This is an innocent as we could cause number one all this is Steve. Join us this morning is right here on Jay yeah SS. Byrd becomes the seventh. Pitcher of the night for which it does status he counts in the takeover bases loaded one out situation here at the top of the ninth that the Packers trailing 63. Just plant and he sees it belongs three innings. And at eleven inning game against USF on Sunday through 55 pitches he gave up five hits in those three innings no walks no runs and struck out four. Chandler making its 25 appearance a year or two but with a team leading eight saves. At a three point 03 ERA for 29 and two thirds. That we face the leadoff man will Brennan who is three for five on the night with the bases loaded and one out. Anymore run for his stake would pretty much sealed this live shot is already down to three. It's. Sandberg is trying to get out of his hands and now that another run scoring it's certainly a double play it would be the easiest and best way to do that but I'll mention again will breaded really fast theater you have to hit it hard right at somebody. To give you a good chance to turn want. The. Amber in the eleventh pitcher of the night shocker of head. Three players want actually four players come off the bench and play tonight so. Scott Butler. Hit uses squad a little bit. And in again three for five blue infield singles. And yeah a little liner over the third baseman for a double as last time out first it couldn't bring it and ask. Ask all candidate at 93. Aggregate likely got an adequate. Typically ninety to ninety five's. Yeah. Ball one right. It. I did to center field but that's we will let it get that he out rhetoric third tag of course the throat goes to record. I live by Brandon gets better run home and they added that he hands me. That's the third. Sacrifice fly tonight cans a day. You've really got to give them credit. They have rapped out twelve year. It also. At three sacrifice fly back Hafner hit an extra base. It is not a good job of executing getting runners home. First and second two out the better halves Parker. Is two for four with a sac fly. Particularly in his fastball outside the bull wants. With the slow Internet here. Lying on the always solid eight and older get a few scores which rules. Along to you. If not Alan post game show. Packers next opponent Memphis leading Tennessee Martin nine to nothing in the top of the fourth. That is low. Two balls no strikes. They're playing that game in Billington. The scene and that any US a baseball. Complex. That's worthy the US national teams trying out and are elected in practice and so forth. So that's from Memphis playing. Martin tonight and there's a big early. Hello. Good breaking ball for a called strike it stood in line. Kansas State after a lead off dry cat likely again is split single walk walk. Load of partners and sac fly to center field but it will Brennan has brought an errand to out of the inning. 21 cannot sometimes Parker. Amber and delivered this is low three balls and a Parker. And he on the year with a couple of hits tonight. 31 to cannot. And burn out that. And deals fastball down the middle for a strike it's three incident. Packers will have to make up at least four. In the bottom of the ninth feeling of industry. Louisiana. Formerly southwestern Louisiana. Still I think technically Louisiana Lafayette that pretty much is known as Louisiana and now the two lane tonight and it matters going what are their son incest. I can understand her. Two Indiana illustrate GAAP Kansas State adds one more run. On one hits no errors have been left on base we go to the bottom of the ninth Kansas State and Wichita State three. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which rudin would you tell us your new home for soccer coach Steve to tell her all new burger menu because Monday's birthdays and Asians and don't forget Thursday's buy one get one free decent -- time in only and excludes the presumptuous for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM what you hear of Brighton go Kart at a turn and only remains enjoy the game room well a couple games AG scores grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch dates and locations in Wichita and Glenn how proud supporter of soccer athletic. Our features are only as Smart as they're all eyes and it was so late is when things aren't actually only way. Earth and really flat. From someone please don't let me friends. Listen listen to Los seeing correctly is no. Assassin used an emergency waiting so they earth. Your seekers wake up zeros and just ask you. Seven and thirteen thirty an. Has brought you by American namely insurance in. Earl the motto for Sammy and Angela Ballantine in just two Hartnett or is built for George Noory from coast to coach him or me we. We start right here I'm EMS. And I stayed really. Or Odland. And a three. Mason O'Brien you have lit it up but I think. That a pinch hitter and kind either number. Restraint yet. A lot of all right pretty well hit it that he did not edit the other it can't right fielder certainly hit me. Parker the first death in this that would bind but it's just a little. Under lies you write the first. We'll bring it Jordan poitier for the first time. Straight victories targeted shortstop tonight went over to them next and Wallace hit for him. In the sixth heading into the double play. And then. Boy you're not it's his first plate appearance. Heard employer hitting his 613. Home runs they teen runs that'd be it. Here's the Q&A strike employer. Even the depth that one on one. Mean yeah it's yeah it's. Yeah. This was tied to bolt the strike. What that nobody on the these actors in the bottom of the. Even a little spark lawyers try to pitch this resentment on with one out second hit batter. Just that has studied at the very first period based liberator in the first inning. Their tickets at the U that'd be game as a pinch hitter in the seventh. Flied to center so also won on the night. He. Came into the game for travesty on this so to those who started diapers it's him enough pop up right side of the infield. Second baseman first baseman both calling second base that want they can't sitting right president interest rates for the second out. Suckers down to their last out on or around here in the ninth. Grader will get one more chance is willing to bet. Let me hit line it's better lines are shorter lighter right. Open three tonight. He has hit in five straight coming into the night after having nineteen game hitting streak ended a week ago Sunday that the slider for a called strike weren't. At the moment I've got has yet at a 127. Pitches. He has one out away from a complete game win the pitch. Fastball high watermark. A senior who the hell out of the weekend rotation on the verge of during a complete game that shocker tonight. Only allowed five hits. Undertakes load to bolt and a strike. It's. Two out of the inning or employer burst they. Let it. 21. A line drive over the second baseman and center right center field and that the gap. Lawyer racing around the third grader turned personal not the strong programs that Ian. First and third with two out. Sectors it'll. One base runner away from getting the hang around to the plate. Now under if it can get on that potential tying run play but theology all. And he's giving it. Solid yet but I Ritter. Who has now hit in six straight. And 25 a 26. And nobody doubts that night relying drive so he continues to really swing the bat. Here's hundred gives the Oprah free will the law walked his first time out. And a strikeout and two grumbles. That it hitting freshman. I'm called remote but it gives since debt debt. Get ready here it is that's in Gibson's take the strike breaking ball. Critter takes second on defensive indifference they didn't hold him on. The tip off that second you don't get this stolen base that it only try. It'll just. He's at second base base hit the courts and now the actors need Wharton once he gives. We'll I've libel that should end it drifting to his left that was that little breath and it makes the catch all the evil. To date in the night no run on one hit and pivotal that final score and this date certain. Which is not State Street straight into the post game show. He's old he's washed are struggling to make it was I don't well then you've got to give you that is during their clearance. Low quality brands like whirlpool and Maytag kitchen. 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Eli encompasses everything and 18 functional fitness and exercise classes yoga. 88 interval training and stop. Even health care. Visit do you like it when he for in Atlanta are on line up I think life dot com. Big box I already get an old Ford ATV deliberate we started of course represent just. To be no doubt apart to deliver the fuel surcharge. These are now from mine my service. Charge and he can. On. Eighty legally. Be fun not story that's slightly off for free delivery and surface everything we. Seen I think why. Tucker is brought you by American aliens are in which. Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or molding Kirk's harbor. Your view traffic and sweaters and an act. That's next it's just hand the postgame show Wichita State that is pointing to three loss tonight to Kansas date. I started in very promising action scoring three runs in the first on three free passes and looked like we were often running. Kansas State began to chip away with two of the third and scored two in the fourth going. And as it turned out shocker would not score again. After those 31 inning runs and eight edit solo runs in the fifth eight and and yes it has. That came into the game that he aria normal. Is giving up close and hit her innings pitched on a year pitches complete game with well over a 120 pitch. And holds the doctors to three runs on it. And that she storage lockers just never could get going offensively early exit. Off I tends to give up a lot. At 328 over the weekend against the very good South Florida. Packers fall to 3018. And one that may have. Sealed their fate they may go to Clearwater next week maybe win that and it. Get an NCAA tournament is still three games to go in the regular season with three Memphis this weekend that's our. Game recap I brought to let all of it coming coming coming your little defense and Eli Loughner would not give them a call six for 1548. 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Our empowering people to live meaningful and productive life providing life saving medical. And resisting what to ask a relief efforts blue cross and. Blue shield of Kansas offers to workers the wind is healthcare access backed group in support while they're improving line it's saving lives and restoring. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment. Passion of community. Raj you know every day we get treated. Immediately dire as door so yeah. For your greens and ultra. The ring. Libyan. Democrats and germs and even if the Democrats don't win the terms and in Asia trump Hillary ran as an insult to try. Lebanon don't you that's a basic summary of what it knows they're on sound and Cesar. Every twins were climbing wall to wall yeah. Scratch food and signature win nine degree deer are vital best in class twenty square. When kids they're thankful every chance at a time on and threat straight up but made from Richmond the perfect idea to me thank you heard enough fraud including nine degrees in 22000 in size -- welcome to your new local spot four score and scenic views he's dead when he heard rock west has risen past week. Eats drinks and you still running here and a great Americans want Nissan. I'm OK and send. But the national stadium and the post game show last home game for hackers incident this morning at the three laws. You can't. Started a game brought to go to Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com. The most current. Jackpot amount like and lottery. And dream bigger had a hard to use a dark tonight Packers did it gets from Alex while. And grace and to walk one Kennedy artists Houston that's the only knock pitcher to let any distance at all not being scored on. Was Adam Keller two things one you know around a walk right gap and lowered GRE a year ago point nine Adam Keller. Is. One of line drive base hit it right the other of the Grand Slam this could get a couple of runs home. Her first headed over to third and is now will hold up there and it takes a white shirt in nice. Please their home its got a minute run down to catch your running back and taxi I didn't tangy. He's going to be little planet at baseline and out. Innocent very aggressively pounding and his third took a big wide turn and got itself caught between third hole but. Soccer's picked up more runs Bryant yet they scored three runs on students. Antley one man on accurate inning which. I stage three cancer statement. That was as good as I and you know you never know in sport but. What might have happened yet it just taken and normal Terry held up that they've still got the inning going. With Kirsten that are two out and it kind of on the ropes after daddy really settled yet he had a five hit second inning 13. And after that seem to get some confidence suckers never really got to him again that is our. Play up the game presented pilot is appliance scoreboard brought to you by diggers roughing and structure and the roofs gutters out of windows let your home's exterior again vigorous ripping dot com. Or call 3120226. Is drifting into action. Your home team grow. Apple finals afternoon involving American conference in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio State fourteen to four. That was the bearcats that twenty sevens for. On the flip side UConn was upset by Rhode Island sub 500 team going into that they beat UConn 43. And UConn thirty. Yen one going into the final weekend. Louisiana Lafayette defeated two lane Evans. Tonight. You did leaking right and nothing in the fifth inning. The lakers' last regular season opponent this weekend and that this meeting Ted Martin nine to nothing. In the top of the sports scores back to what's coming out this weekend in a moment. Remember any data hackers might get 50% Oscar online order and what type area pop the onslaught on a Papa Johns dot com. He's a promo code not fifty to eat your doctor is out. Not to go into the numbers vital stats per occupied TK he CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trust advisor. Who's yours. Kansas State and out of runs twelve hits and one error for the lakers' three runs it and one error. Can't go to you 2130. On the year they won their last three games and it goes the distance throwing 130 pitches. Her rounds on it it's the winningest period in her lung where it was charged with the go ahead run in the fourth inning takes the loss. He is wanted to do Packers used seven pitchers tonight no home runs in the game can't Dayton head about a half dozen doubles and one triple in the ball game. And Packers did not have an extra base hit among their intent to Alex Obama needs peace Mason O'Brien. Drove him to do with that first inning single suckers now 3218. And one. As they head into their final series of the regular season that begins Thursday night. In Memphis Thursday and Friday night at 31 o'clock Saturday because that's the regular season not to Clearwater Florida. For the conference tournament next week. If the suckers aren't the eighth seed they would play on Tuesday night against the once he puts will be here. If they haven't eaten and they played his seats still to be determined their ideas that would be the first game on Wednesday. And now we get underway it o'clock central not the way to soccer and he hadn't seen it is too. Can't catch that few games onto language means lane perhaps lose two of three. Against the EU orbit slap shot that would have to we Memphis all of which is possible in the but again. That's broadcast Thursday night. On the air at 6 o'clock and get us all reach on the final series of the regular season. 6 o'clock pregame 630 right here on the scene signals but for now that will do it thanks Andrew handling free is always excellent work at the studio. Finally tonight here at a stadium Kansas State and Wichita State. You've been listening soccer baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS brought to you by these fine sponsors United Healthcare. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Author and earns the Carnahan group off the lines militants appliance equity banks do hometown media alerts. Delta dental. BP team blue cross blue seal the Kansas might start machinery. The Kansas lottery American family insurance is a sports guerrilla Alley. Tall grass country. Comfort Systems express employment executed their sit in Kansas plant tire and service coming in coming Wallace's. Apology it. There's something in construction.