WSU Baseball vs McNeese State Game 1 Bottom of the 9th

Saturday, February 17th

WSU Baseball vs McNeese State Game 1 Bottom of the 9th.


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It's time for Wichita State shocker baseball. On 97 and thirteen thirty Kagan and stands. Now with the call the game appears aimed at. And good afternoon and welcome to kill Miller ballpark I think that's the first the first governor heard the National Anthem with one out the bottom of the ninth but. This is interesting situation here on a resumption of opening day which it does stay with 810 to six lead. In the bottom of the ninth inning last night on a game that was suspended. Did too extreme fog a couple of shocker outfielders had no idea where to fly balls were hit in the bottom of the ninth inning both resulted. In base hits one a triple wanna double. And the umpires got together and decide to complete this went today. The fog has burned off that's not an issue at all now. Rain in the forecast for the rest of the afternoon somewhat is. Follows not a whole lot we can do about it there's anywhere between thirty and 40% chance for much rest of the weekend. Oh worry about that happens it is mostly sunny right now. The temperature is in the mid seventies. Is 76 at the moment. 73%. Relative humidity at southwest wind at. About fifteen miles an hour pretty steady stole. To be perfectly honest any ball in the air anywhere is not gonna get knocked down today. Humidity warm temperatures. And winds gusting up to left senator. Should help virtually any fly ball so here's the situation but you can join us by the way she ain't gonna tear at the ballpark. Edgar handling back there which does studios. The second game. So will occur forty minutes after the conclusion of this one. So we will after the final out. Take a short break we'll try to tell you exactly when he too will start but it's forty minutes after the final out of this one whenever that counts. King Selma and is at second base or break pinch runner but Selma that that second with one out. And Kelyn kill war left hander from Wichita State will become. The shocker sixty pitcher. Cody a lawyer at the lead holds would stand to be the winner. And eight and Anderson last night's starter for game one starter for make these would be on the hook. For the loss so Kilgore left hander from heights high school come on to face. Joseph prop a probe and Zahn now probative Donahoe has not been retired yet. In this game one he walked three times and single. This will be the first time he faced a left hand pitcher today or dating back last night warrior. And then press the miners and Sandburg three right handers. To face. The left hand adding Joseph probe and Zahn now who is one for one with three walks hit 336 a year ago is the second leading hitter on the team. And Ian chains sell them with quite a one coupons. So far in game one to recap for Wichita State to get their ten runs on twelve hits. Their first eight hits were for extra bases last night including home runs by grace and Janice ballot bowl apparent double Mike Goddard Trout line. And clutched RBI doubles in the seventh inning last night from Dayton to god. And Travis yup so we are up to date and we are about ready for action Kilgore is finished his warmup tosses. There's joggers have stayed in their road graves from last night. And make these state has changed out of their white cops and gone with a blue tops and white pants and electing go with blue caps today. Here in game two whatever that counts of hearing got left hander against left hander. A very tough out of control that is on now the shocker working with a four run lead. Here in the bottom of the night. Selma and lead the way its second. Kilgore the redshirt sophomore from heights high school as society wants. And his first pitch is high what ball no strikes. Kilgore last year appeared in twelve games eight as a starter he was the quote and quote midweek start one of them. No wins one loss ERA of 608 in his nearly 27 innings of work. Wanna go to province Otto who will not help you he. Again as walked three times in this game on base percent to 437 a year ago. 10. Little bit outside the high two's Bono look like proven Darnell it's taking all the way. 511190. Senior from Downers Grove Illinois one of the few non Louisiana natives. On the roster. Kilgore. Try to get back in the count. Carson Maxwell right hand batter waiting next no action in the shocker bullpen. Kilgore is too low. That was right in there on the outside heads to want. Drove O'Donnell walked in the first last night walked the leadoff before it singled to lead off the sixth. And walked in the seventh oddly he has. Yet they crossed the plate despite being on four times in game one. Do it on account. Stretched by Kilgore shortly by Selma. And I swinging the bats breaking ball low and away. Dipping down and eat the bad programs on up. He will strike out or did some last year you got 48 times in 211 at bats. But he is a tough out when he certain when he gets the count in his favor. Two balls two strikes wanna. Bottom line conclusion of being more. This is not a save situation but it would be. Big time save for Kilgore make a winner on Cody VoIP. 22 pitch. Why into the left center field a base hit kind of settled for a Democrat. Ron Dennis court probe and thought oh it's perfect day continues. And he makes it hit the seven. Roland throttle it down to get a slider deserted in the senate sliced it over toward left center. Salmons scored easily from notes and the seventh and the tying run has been pushed out of the on deck circle. Very easy though here's Carson Maxwell. Yeah. Those two runs will be charged team last night's reliever rob the evidence close the book on Evans goes a third of an inning two hits two runs allowed. Although at least one day hits that he gave up last night it was questionable whether. It would even been hit had there not been so much fault. Slice valve on the right side by the right candy Maxwell whose. Over three he was hit by pitch with the bases loaded in the seventh last night. So good job like Kilgore to get ahead of Carson Maxwell pair of big strong right hand batters to face him with the wind blown out on a hot humid day. Here in Lake Charles. That when sales up and away it's one ball one strike. So it's not ten to seven. Again the tying run. Represented by Lachlan Mayo in the on deck circle. Tommy born house has now started loosened up in the shocker pin. Strike called me good advice he'll go one on him. A. The double play it would end it. Maxwell bounced into a 43 double play in the fourth inning last night. After programs on a walk to start that it. One ball and two strikes killed or working on actual here's the stretch. And the pitch bounced in front home plate get the weather goes the double play opportunity wild pitch by Kilgore. It certainly is shaping up as. Not going to be easy to close out. Gonna have to get Maxwell and mail it would appear less. Maxwell lines into an unconventional double life. Two balls two strikes. Still one out runner at second. Maxwell junior college transfer waiting at the plate the kids doing swing up now back in a mighty rip. And it goes right back to the screen. Bolton to Kara. So we'll see how long that Todd Butler and Mike Steele and a going with Kilgore. After allowing the hit. To probe and Donna. Do into the county Carson actual and time called home plate. Kilgore and his catcher got a Trout line took a little too long to get together young generous and give god the outfield bull Boyer reader and O'Brien. From third over the first. Kilgore is ready. Here's the stretch. That to two. Down any and all three. Laughter lawyer last night it was. Preston miner for two thirds of an inning allowed two hits lately you know what wonderful thing about a hit and run. TN RC and burn when an inning at third striking out all of the outs within Robbie Evans ran into trouble in the fog last night and killed or following through so far. Here in the resumption three balls and two strikes tying run on deck. Payoff is balanced solid between the third base coach of the line and we'll do it again three balls two strikes account hold. Again game too old. Start forty minutes after the conclusion of this one the shocker we'll start William Eddy a freshman from Colorado. On the mound. First things first kill ward to the bell. Did it like. Inside ball forward in this spot but now here comes the kind of play. So Kilgore. Allows a single and a walk and he does does bring a normal life back into order yeah. And also brings that tiger on the plate and the Australian native Locke let Mayo. Trout line up for a visit with Kilgore. Absolute. Worst start you can imagine Wichita State. Mail. Has struck out three times in game one over for so far is the junior college transfer them Weatherford college. And native of Sydney Australia here comes Mike Steele made him do it. Or Kelyn Kilgore the lefty who is called upon to get the left and any joke probe and domino. On it QQ Pittsburgh when Donald dumped it in the center field then on 32 pitch he lost Maxwell. Tommy bond house that projected closer with us today. Who should be ready by now. And they're gonna go to it so Kilgore. Bases to. Allows both to reach. And barn house will come on. What has turned into a state situation. Art house will become the seventh pitcher. Employed by Wichita State hearing game one. Tommy last year. Was there a middle reliever. Has inherited the closer job this year. And the hard throwing righthander. Called upon to get the final two outs still only one out in the inning. He has both pitchers are both hitters do come to the plate. Well or. Make me state every. 107. Bottom nine. Tommy barn house 64 Q 45. Native of Lansing Kansas. A year ago. Actually started almost as often as being released. At eight spots Dark Knight relief appearances. 40143. Two wins three losses. It going five innings three different times last year. But he'll be asked to get the final two out here. We've got blocked when Mayo. Right hand battered you love. And read or is scheduled hitter next. Oh I'm sorry Jacobs graced our right hand that are. I hitter would be that's a couple right handers to face barn house. The inning started last night was Robbie Evans getting the lead off man. Dustin do on the ground to short. But then Jake Cochran. Lofted a long high fly ball to right center field more. Ford center of the right but nobody zone. And it landed on the warning track which turned out to be troubled by the time grace Jennifer ran it down. And it's almost hit a similar fly ball to left the balance out where ground rule double in the game was suspended. Now proven sun on RBI single and Maxwell walked. And Tommy barn house after a long walk behind the mound. We'll chat with Luke Ritter will toe the rubber so the tyrant represented by a lock when mail at the plate. The only time as struck out. In this game when they fly ball. Senator in the sixth last night. Born how's that. The pitch. Right in there good fastball down and down around and he's looking at one. Programs on its second. Maxwell at first. Right hander against writing in her barn house staring into the side. Now straighten them. Set at the chest the pitch. Think pitching results for it to. The fastball on the outer edge. Few meters away and it's quickly nothing into. Mostly sunny clouds all around. It's warm today the data here. Give one in the air. Our house trying to keep it on the ground get a double play to end. Check of the runner at second the 02 breaking ball striking out. How has that golden sombrero. And one more again. Jacob straight there to perform the parents like yeah yeah. But three point strike out yeah. And I'll make these its final out. Last year only ended up with 46. 196 batting there in oil at all. Struck out of the second let off the fifth with a single and scored singled stole days in the sixth on a delay steel. And struck out in the day. Sandberg got in last night in the eight inning breaking bones loan. He held up one ball no strikes. Proven Donna its second Maxwell at first now with two outs. All the knows strikes he comes set. And the 10. Right down around me here for a called strike killed. So far Tommy barn house fastballs. Been plenty lively. Now around the knees he's gotten called strikes with three of. Outfield as you might expect deep. And relatively straight away Janice. Shaded over toward left center about ten steps. Breaking balls in advance warning do. Sharp slider and a lively fastball that White House says it Yonkers within a strike. Of closing this now. Straits last year nine for 46. Double triple and home run among its nine hits. He singles last night. Right handed hitters grabbed a baton. Gone in the on deck circle and this one continues. Why else is one to swing a pal back so. A fastball that Tommy tried to slip past race there on the outer read it. Mitchell Rogers has grabbed the bat and if this game continues looks like he's gonna hit the read Bork the freshman shortstop. One ball he strikes or an ounce and close it out here's a stretch. Right hander comes set check of the runner. Won two again breaking ball little tapper found just barely got a piece of it. Right up the into the back. Tracer will survive to see another pit. And the shocker it's. One strike away from. Winning their third consecutive opening day game. One ball two strikes. Tool weigh 107 shocker bottom line the pitch. My ball go. Tommy bought out at ten strikeout. To end game. Makes a winner out of code you all here. And money barn house where there's like gods. Notches its first careers day. And what the doctors and wanna you know zone that was in the it took over seventeen hours a real time. Around four hours. And technically didn't. All well and well the second game will start at approximately 155. So we will check back in if you add around 140 so tell you for failure families are. They. In game two of this three game series coming up. With the pre game around eleven our jobs are at 141. Pitch around. 155. Cody lawyers the winner won in 08 Anderson the loser Poland one. Tommy barn house with his first day. Home runs the ball game Grayson Janice there a solo home run ballot bowl experience like Grand Slam changed album with a solo home run. Or anything obviously all of there first. Home runs. This season though once again the shocker when it ten to seven. We will go back to regularly scheduled programming and rejoin you at about 140. Pregame show game two between Wichita State and make these days. 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