WSU Baseball vs Nebraska 03-02-18

Friday, March 2nd
WSU Baseball vs Nebraska 03-02-18

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It's time for this state shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K. In a sense now with the call of the game gears same Dennis. Look it let's say yeah but because they continued its lengthy homestand they take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers from the the big dance and big red import games here top of the hour and then tomorrow and Sunday at 2 o'clock to regain. Series. Or Wichita State and Nebraska record and its exit photographs it's gotten three. That the show markers and the Huskers will get together forward the 48 I'm Nebraska leads the all time series 2540. But doctors leave this series here we are. Thirteen to nine the last meeting between acute influence. A three game series can now sixteen shocker when people who are seventeen to five. In the next few bugs or support nothing. Seven to three. Two bigs guard what you tell us then and now frankly Alec bulk angry jealous that only three out of it. As the 38. With three runs batted in. The weather should be fine cars the conditions are concerned or early march it is sunny 63 at the moment. But there's a pretty stout south wind at about 41 miles an hour consistently in just a little harder every now on net so well. In depth look at Yankee ball down and out of either center field or left field outfielders. I have a long day so it is. Sunny early warm and very windy here next stadium in blowing out port left field. Pretty good clip soccer's last week in. Swept Omaha into three teams ordered three kidnapping and six soon the latter two coming as part of a doubleheader. That lead to and that he had nothing in six to. Sweep. Courts dockers in Huskers now as you Edwards they'll. Coming in on Tuesday or soccer had also on Wednesday to take on all Roberts. For the shock or road game of the season Nebraska has been in Arizona the first two weekends. Of the season certainly workplace and yet here they post today Huskers classic in Tempe Arizona. Hosting is the right word today. Split a pair with UC Riverside winning on opening day. Eight degrees. And then losing to reverse side the next day one. And a split or. 12 games at Washington State 83. And five to three last week and they were in surprise Arizona. As part of the Big Ten pac twelve challenge. They lost both games that they play against number two Oregon State nine to want him to three. One bowl game against U tough with you in innings and seven the war. On the 45. Head coach Darren Erstad. The. Skipper for Nebraska former. Stand out player there in baseball and football all season the ball that. Very good baseball player and Nebraska he's in seventh year. At Nebraska and oddly enough. They're five and three start. Is their best. Start after eighteens. And if they win today they'll be the first time under there at that they would start of season six and three though they had. Not this pretty rough starts at least in the early going. Under head coach here and did it make a regional last year. Their record as they go is 35221. 167 and one. In the big and they won the Big Ten regular season two runner up at turner and sent you or Allen organ for the regional where they went. Oh and two against doctors and photographed at five and three. Personally three game series here next stadium the next 2 days will be o'clock. With pre game around 130. Moved up an hour from. The start time and pregame today. Doctors will go with. Cody or your on the mound will be making his third start and by Luis Colorado. You'll be making his third start of the season as well. The senior from Nebraska. Or that'll tell you about that throughout the course of the broadcast. So again they've conditioned pretty good for baseball. Not a cloudless skies sunny windy and going to be fairly warm considering it's the beginning of march so hopefully come on out here in the area and maybe knock off a little early and shocker basal Arctic trying to stay undefeated. No one's seen so far take on Nebraska Cornhuskers. They can't. And coach Scott Butler brought you by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million to work. We come back we'll hear from the shocker skippers discreetly won his 200 game as a head coach Scott butler's comments coming up. Concerts hasn't this practice that's more or X. Year racy TV can't see. Hundreds of the students are. Installing new is the comfort isn't her only your conditioning and even flooding needs. He stuck his cool call today 265783. Wine or a website. Sims got yeah. Comfort Systems crowd shot athletics. Another mile power chairman brought by delta dental. Okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first with no not. 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Shelter insurance rouge who we are. Orators injury he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in more intolerant Lindsay dirt out than derby. Justin Baxter & Associates are forty years of business on back or our whole team challenging financial time and we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future please call at three and they are 20101. & Associates time and money on. Reinvestment buzzards are offered to put financial at number ten I. Don't Kennedy's indoor marking names product or are here are independent at a B or has he went one for north collectively Dawkins and there's 312001. Or online Atlanta planning dot com. This is Martha living designing we stays inside right here on tape and ask as. My mom. Every game which does date and perhaps. Got a 483 game series. The return trip from cochlear you have to shocker work Lincoln first look at killed last week in Omaha was almost that the group. Totally flipped. Rothmans and everything. Well seemingly thinking they and they were stuck in neutral talk about them for why do you think the office or to Omaha I don't you know in midweek game last week like this. And he went out for games and road office would quickly point. Wonder. If things and we went home ovals. You know one thing is we've addressed we. And I worked on it last week we didn't have that we gain and in midweek loss may do little progress as we were really are not instantly but like it would reversed. Was really good we threw the ball much better fastball off. The bullpen was really good starting pitching was good it. We play good defense so and we count which roles was number one was good profit was great in the second week so. It was kind of strange to watch the order were three when it's probably pretty good teaching point opening weekend Mark Buehrle pitching coach after. It's a series in three you know but he had. A little bit of tweaking do if not mentally with every pitcher that went out there and it seemed like they all took it to heart this past week. You know he did a good job in you know give him a lot of credit mark really good coach actually expecting. And you know they were last week we got on the lead in the mean we've got a lot of work Mecca for this week I was really happy when we. Though you know credit spike in interest me at work I really think in the picture. In the they're trying to be than they weren't currently really tough. And Bulldog type mentality. Starters again it. Come mine has come along with amber and economic unit and we talked to those guys and Micah. You know kind of reiterated a lot of points and his new York and on it that's cool to be on the field off the field is the editor. Are good enough and non talk those guys that don't really pleased with car along with him or been that he. You know in which rules and you like the rule will be in the late in the closure. So low but it was at William and he's been fantastic. Three starters though for referrals. Management not really good. In that I think Cody warriors and you keep getting better in he has. Interesting you say that that not having that we gain of Lee has been beneficial because. I know player your for a player. If you struggle on we need to wait the entire next weekend at seem like a long time but. I these are the ones that need to make adjustments did go and that's gonna plead resident coach Norton you're getting through them. Well he's got to. You know the team has little bit different a little different mentality. Than one win. They're gonna do whatever needed individually or team. And you don't last Tuesday commitment that these guys in a lot of work pitching we threw those who. It makes no Bryant yeah good day home run it sooner than. A week ago. You know it's moderate or so often 400 you know you have to hundred no car and up. And not a one hit. Its all about the adjustments and we have the big red coming in go big red Nebraska Cornhuskers were here in urged that the regional team here. In the Big Ten aggregate of five in three minutes. Yeah they've been that kind of ravaged by agriculture Alaska here in America because of injury you have to go through the last three years anyway yeah maybe. The best. Point to the team at game's hype sketchy. Ordered out you'll find your lower that's exactly right I mean right now don't just win ballgame oh. You know the thing that I do like about one at the answer is we defend the field very well with me three years in getting. Keep growing and that's fun is fun and work with any orphans faults and now. They know what they have to do don't they know. And down and good group there are here in the thing that I notice is. You know we've fallen behind a few time here no yeah. No. What point play through it to the final so. That's been fun so far but this is really aren't we great weather this weekend in hopefully get the latter part scored. And definitely opened you talk about the Nebraska Cornhuskers and her Ivan three familiar with them displaying a couple years ago. And I think we probably at that time. Kind of relax and you read higher early at a series with these guys not just the game where. You're either commuting going all the way up there or or likewise in Malloy back down here for one games nicer Edmund per week. It is and you know lottery for Nebraska. Opium from the midwest and plains and Oklahoma and the respective of their universe and there but we need to play we have had programs round in the midwest all the teams from. From. In the game you know the big twelve now. Lot of good teams right around us we need to play these guys. Who like the number. Play all in Nebraska Creighton a fair. You know I end he'll play in Nebraska Cornhuskers. That it works out perform. Make sense geographically they'll make you can get players from item number. Not where were you totally our and then bringing dozens players they'll mow of instate that you could share the rest of us think that goes it could even in the great players that an uncle a brother in hearing. And integrate. Here's the shocker we're off the history. You know we and our own whip your co the Frenchman can be really good down the line and now. You know. Are better and were it does its job recruiting. And you know we we really want to midwest that's where we wanted to be in. Our own good yet there. I think there was a second year for your hero cedar and now believe we really important. Are we gonna talk to each time our. Prior to the opening game of the series about. Terry bickers health. The depth that you had. Position player lies really shown up because you know without him. How can you update on how he is and what you do back in the lineup how shall hang around. Well I think to go and how tough little change and things mean Jordan border and very Luke Recker we have them. And line up. You know complete you know every one and I Dicker. I do not anticipate him playing this week you really worried about a short burst bought him making a quick movement were thought that we might heading back another four week. He feels good idea they took BP BP and asked the defense is really good as usual. But let's take off and he'll feel alone. Win in his name during a word mark here much is we've gone through. You know looking into where they've had injuries and in were weak in hate Ian in college offering so. In with Richard Jordan or you're a great job shortstop. And rigorous and very good at and the depth shows with with that in right now and oh look right wanna play this weekend. Can you get and good coaching in. Any last two weeks without being a worry about the figures are command passengers now he's got that game on Tuesday game and tolls on Wednesday and then. Who Ricans are now become. Schools and every day sports now getting closer and closer and you guys actually playing. Yeah that's good thing because you can move on quick and you know we have a lot of players need to you don't feel we have pictures that have not had an opportunity. You know that all all series we didn't really had the games close and we go again a lot of trust in. We have players that that we need to get on the field that we can learn to trust. And Richardson and you know and with a freshman who had him on Sunday you know hundreds of and her person to go home. Field. India. And uterine or bone did it when he was a freshman. In. You don't Nebraska this week and we're gonna go let's do it and we're game goes in and make adjustments. As we feel for the. Like a good plan tomorrow. And there's Scott Butler student is brilliant comment. They are brought by one national emissions that a million to work. Continents and a little bit Prada suit. This is a Nebraska team that step rabbit by elbow injuries. Now it is your last. They have lost since the beginning of the season. Sixteen of their starters. Brought to. It's convenes in four. Is likely over and Utley and then. I that they account on that time here as atlas. Richer hotter hurried those guys both have gone through. Tommy John surgery and unavailable. Donnelly. This weekend progresses itself. The Nebraska it's really ravaged by injuries and we'll see out and covered up a report anyway. It as a upcoming season. Continues to close the Big Ten play. There road trip. Will continue through the weekend will be eleven consecutive games for Nebraska away home for the day on Thursday march 8 will start me. Three day four series with cal poly. And in northern Colorado and new Haymarket marketed Northwestern's Kate. They opened a big tense late march 23 when he fourth when he says progress will have it. Soda. And like court with us now. American play 130. And 31. So later on at the very end of this month the BBC. News they come pirates. First ever game we're custody inside the American will be patent CU. 531. Pitch. Will mark the ninth and at the end. Of the month. It report it occupied you like your life you're Ernie you're you touched on some injuries. Pornographic and as continent in his pregame comments. Predictors are expected play this weekend at street in a weekend. That he will be out due to hand injury everybody else seems to be. At least on the open up and crop in the first. Weekend. This series. Weekends. Of the season was suffering from a little older. And that's reason why one big reason why we have seen him. Behind the plate. Out outline across the ads they'll crop continues. Nurses shoulder injury. Back to help. Health your health because it brought by united health care. With three bogeys and keep him in the pantry and quick protein they felt the shocker it. Brought you by united health care and real appeal program are more real. Dot com. Start ups brought by equity bank Julio never have to pay an AT&T. Or visit them on line and equity bank. Dot com. First for Nebraska Huskers coming in at five and three and head coach. Earners dad and hello all the Villa lead it off and play shortstop. No hanky played left field and hit second. Drivers in right field hitting third the Oscars. In the cleanup spot will be catcher yes he will in the Luke Rossum is the third baseman that. Jackson Hole mark in center field it's six. Batting seventh that DH is yet at the exactly Penske play first base and who gets the start there. And Alex Henley the second baseman will bat ninth Luis Alvarado six sports senior right hander will start. Hear the opening day of the series. Or the cornhuskers he has. No record in his previous two starts that he RE 2.5 three so again for Nebraska it's all the Villa hanky driver. Will convene Roscoe hallmark. At the Europeans and kenwood. Luis Alvarado pitching. Wouldn't regret what I think six the islanders coach Scott Butler started with the DH Alex accidents. It's inner field hitting second is Grayson canister. Batting third playing third Alex Hall. Right field in the cleanup spot Dayton Duca. Lew Ritter best bet he'll play second base. Batting sixth will be the first baseman Jason O'Brien. Strategy on the left field it's seven. Batting eighth and catching will be Gunner outlines. And it shortstop batting ninth. Jordan border. Start number three for Cody lawyer doctor right hander is one and though he's going to be RA at 630. And ten. Early season in zug English soccer's. It'll be Jackson jealous of the home. You've got Ridder O'Brien. Young girl line employer. And Cody or yours starting on mount which state. 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Draw you buy American family insurance in agent Jerry Crawford remains Bernhard Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or molding Kirk Farber. Yeah yeah he's innocent non really mediocre week nights at eleven time and. So we'll be keeping our eyes on the coming up. Throughout the course of the afternoon and early evening so he's cute Tucker and that's. Going at a use their playing one another so you Edward little. Is old Roberts shot the scene and next as you'll see Dave Roberts on Wednesday. So. Cougars had alarm you being sexist. Angle this weekend. Next weekend opponent Texas. Arlington is taking on Stephen F Austin. Doctor Who go to Missouri on March 13 in the news playing. Human being seen. This weekend Creighton in central Arkansas both shocker opponents. In the UK they will be doing battle this weekend. Oklahoma and opening a series against Alabama Berman. It's taking on central Connecticut. Inside the American east Carolina mention them at our little Seifert. An American flag they are ranked highest. In the country and bounce but a good start they are. And and so far and on time they will. Take on Pepperdine. At this series coming up this weakens America and England. East Carolina and Pepperdine. And she's playing is it is else they always do lane so far. In the non con four and three. Elsewhere Oklahoma State. Arizona State that's. The time showdown of blue blood College Baseball. Cowboys and double. UConn will be at north Florida this week in Kansas taking on its southern. Couple ranked teams doing battle this week in our well actually it's. Get together down in Texas Houston is part of that stable take on number seven copies. Houston is ranked 24. In the nation. You Seattle plays like this weekend and they hand us now getting together. Cincinnati and Tennessee Martin Cincinnati doctor rough start that we at war in South Dakota State at Southeast Missouri State shocker placed out of date is now one game with amid weaker. On May ninth. They opened them and South Florida up to me reinforce darkness here they take on Columbia. You have that's three times. Played little tennis team. Today we'll keep our eyes on those scores updates you nit game. On the results and others are going to once the place. Later on tonight Cody lawyer and Luis. Alvarado starting pitchers here this afternoon lawyer. Taking his warmup tosses again bright sunshine really not a cloud in the sky not a cloud to be seen anyway so. It's right out there is dockers in their home whites blacks apps with. Yellow W on them. Proud of it. And decked out quite. Spikes as well the shadow. Of the roof of the overhang at the stadium. It's creeping out toward or your and so. Once everybody is uniformed service saying that is in the shadow and be a little easier for the hitters it'll remain to be seen the hitters have trouble. Things applicable going from life in the out of the shadows out when he when he tied Pete Arnold plate. Gonna Crown Point at home plate umpire both out of nobody else in the bright sunlight a good evil we're making his third start of the season. He is down ten innings allowed nine hits he would walk six. And he struck out well. At each of his first two starts. Cody has gone exactly five innings. And walking exactly please here there and innings. Walks breakdown or depth. The ERA so far six point three he allowed four runs by many as state. Three runs in five innings against Omar he did strike out a career high eight. Against the east they. In his opening day start game one by what state eventually. Rise for a ten to seven quote code you wanna go. On this evening four and three in his career is to be is a start. Of his career. Started three times last year to year before that so. He repair is out of hand it is now because State's. Annual total rubber and face all the Villa Aggie and driver. Here in the top of the heard that you Doris. Packers and Huskers for the first in three. Lawyers got the signing lots eased a little wind out and the first pitch of the game is a fastball looks like I handle it in 86 miles an hour. Spurs get thrown at 30264. Degree. Balls and one strike to all of the below the short stuff. And closing 185. In the early going well grown fast ball and get culture outline. On the outer edge. All the Villa there from the left side in quite technical Wimbledon wants it. Angelo all the villains we hitters it's 11 or 85 from late bill Minnesota. Still for 527. To RBR. Breaking ball over that little hard sliders two balls and one strike. Lol all the ability to lead things off. But in the count two balls one strike. It on the ground of the second baseman raiders got it easy to Kurt and attack. So all the bounces the the second baseman. And I'll bring up. Vote Joseph Biden. Beat. Us name you'll hear all season long ago just like it's. Dislike them Peggy ET EE. All right seven when 75 sophomore from Omaha Nebraska. OJ 08 left and batters sophomore. You've gotten off to a slow start as well the only 143. All of I 961 mole right. Mode go for a 28 hole hit singles. Here's your simple walk six times. The wind in the 10. And it skips in the dirt all the way back to screen slider to vols and no strikes. Oh. That in Nebraska has been on the road is their first. Eight games of the season to give her stance in two different. Cities and Arizona. You'll. And break down the middle. Bolton will strike. So what are your lawyer. Wanna know an 86 point 30 ERA. They green right handers. Theory hard thrower brings it and that's right down the middle at 942 balls and he strikes. A year ago ultimate Cody are mostly out of the bullpen and the RU four point 42. Two wins and losses did make three spot. Nobody on one out the first two picks. Area I three and you. Cody warrior and motel Aggie gone as far as they can one another. The full windup and the payoffs. On a nimble or lost. And as you can tell that you'd imagine in just like every other court the house her faithful certainly travel. Down by the third base Nebraska dug out and a lot of red in the saint. So one on and one out and that'll bring up drivers right fielder. Veteran hitter on this team 3331. Home run three runs batted in. And it swings and misses of the slider I think you want. So you little one out walking on grass this first base runner. Aggie one for two Eagles so far this year they're not a team or at least not so far runs much. Five of seven stolen. Powerfully built right and better driver. It's right owed to. Cody lawyers at least on this stadium radar gun has been consistently 9496. Wendy's fast ball here today. Driver a native of Wisconsin. Last year at 337. Home runs and 51 RBIs was all. Big Ten for me. All upstairs. When all of strikes. Carter also last year was drafted by Tampa Bay Rays point six round. Elected to come back for senior. They're all Big Ten first team a couple of years. Right and actually today when blown out. Slider in the turf dug up by a crowd want a runner up the second battalion that he had done. He read the ball in the dirt. The turf. And gamble that outline wooden commodity cleanly and come up with a team did in and out Mozilla Aggie immediate. Throughout the basin. You into an account to. Outline them gutting out people. On the basis with regularity to. Line drive base hit right center field over goes. Dude got to cut and all the candidates got about all the way it'll all drivers. Cruising in the second base with a double and ethnic. Mode you'll Peggy and look even more questionable as driver underwrite some of it. Got driver with his fourth double of the year. Will getting the catcher now. I can right hand batter from cedar lake Indian. We'll look at the league hitter on the scene 346. He's driven any team leading nine. One double one home run does the team only has two home runs so far. Looking at one driver. First pitch doing stand in their first strike total. Coroner jacket threw out. Peggy being thrown out on the bases certainly help with our state caused. Jesse will inning last year started 47 games to 47. Good pit on the outside or. Opinion it will inning all of last year one home run he's already got one this year. 2016. Seventy with one home run. Against right handers driver second base two outs top of the purse. And time COLT. We'll inning ways that waiting from the right side. RBIs opportunity in front of him the pit swing and it just barely felt tipped it off for the and guard got Frontline to. This is day 86 starts. I'm Justine will innings her music. Like nine to 4664. Hitter but. Alter great start is 049 when it. Now holds that nothing in two. Lawyer come edit the belt. Do. Outs to third charging as well these guys that go along way across and off the tackle Bryant attacked welcoming coming back. Throws wayward bit. But a good job by Nathan O'Brien. And we thank god on weakening coming behind a note runs one hit a walk. And one man my employer gets out of trouble. The first happening in the books is the Oscars nothing shocker coming up. Number one soccer mom. Three day tournament and 22 kids off chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. The United Healthcare and have better control. With the mobile app that you find a local doctor has your card for easy access to learn more Hewitt dot. Health care. For. You don't know every one of three yet well yeah we're living landscapes she'll always going one. Century you conventions sinner and not only is a great time for outdoor nature something at least three. The first 158. To go through the door any. Even three Derrick Todd flower pot not it's all brought to you by Stephen's green house and garden center. Sports has brought you by American family insurance in which. Brentwood John Green grid Cutler does he sells for an Eldorado Rebecca Sean or Stephanie Thomas this is. Yeah join us more things right here on Katie yeah as fast. How can you all know we'll start on the mound for the Huskers they're wearing it. Red tops. Quite numbers. Great answer me red stripe down the side. And of course Red Hat Luis Alvarado was 64 Q ten. A native of Salinas Puerto Rico. Is in his third start of the season. He has no record silk market in two thirds. Three runs allowed and it's it's likely ERA he has struck out fourteen. In tenant two thirds. This is guys that did not start being last year he hit sixteen times generally and it's ten. Saves. He's also a part time hitter who's. A career T 77 here in nearly 500 at bats. As Arthur. In his first appearance at the plate against Utah went two for five that's the only time he's appeared here this year with six innings and historian you talk. Last week. I mean I strike is called. Q Alec Jackson it's nothing in one. Alvarado. Hey thirteenth round draft selection by the Mariners last year elected to come back for seniors these. Swing and a miss by Alan Jackson and the changeup that's nothing into. So Luis Colorado fifteen and two thirds last year with ten days. And eight to 83 hitter and 226. At bats last year. Slider down and and wanted to. Alvarado did not hit at all in 2015. Or 2016. But came on last year makes sixteen appearances and now he's their depth. Want to. Lock it into left center field over those Aggies went deep now comes in and into the gap he runs connect catch. All that may sound odd about Colorado but. A big reason why. They're chuckling all the cards is they're. History of arm injuries last couple years they're had a slew of Tommy John. Injury. Sufferers I suppose there head closer from a year ago and then. Soccer Tommy John surgery so he doubt it again that started earlier this season is currently at comic con you out. Strike Afghanistan. And Robbie how walker who made two appearances earlier here including one saying he'd out. Throwing in the towel back like Dennis Dennis. Very quickly nothing into. Colorado's come out on strikes he walked just three on the season in the ten and two thirds. First career start came opening weekend against cal reversed I struck out 94 and two thirds innings. Outside look like changeup wandered off the plate one ball in two strikes one out bases that he knows the war on the first. Grace and Jenna. Comes in 8273. Hitter three home runs and six runs batted. And cute tiger and underneath his arms at 93. Students do. Alvarado a quick work on and quick during his deliberate. Policy goes in the lineup is taking longer. Delivered to home plate. And tackled. The most he's right degrees in Afghanistan. Just on Sunday one out of four with a home run. It was a 62 win over long off speed pitch it's low and outside three and to. So far this season and it's six hits. One of them a double three of them holder. Also walked six now. And I think looking on the outside corner crackle. Needle V it's Dennis to sell by knocking down the third that he can run up. Luis Alvarado is tasty retired him. So here's how I coma the bases at him throughout. Bald is eleven for 14 doubles two home runs eight ardea. Takes a little bit low or supposed will bullnose. Bowl eleven hits four double Axel runs slugging. 105. A little weasel to walk seven times ball striking battle twice. It on the ground short stuff gobbling it up it is all of a look at throw across. It in time three up and three down brought shocker that the and that one was scoreless in game. 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Ron woods Kerry and Al in Dolly entered in for an end overweight later. George Noory from coast to coast AM join me. Restarts right here on key investments. Sleep it off Roscoe and Paul mark and actually. Facing right hander Cody lawyer. Carter enjoys every Monday night but he got Butler coach tiller HD sports ability Alley thirteenth green which rode our lives. I hear honking and SS. Thirty and 97. AJ Portugal the it all the all soccer coach. Across. 627. One of those hits a triple. Employer into the line in the first pitch that he left handed hitting Luke Rossum is outside third baseman. Open account wanna know. So far in the first eight games played by the Huskers team batting averages just 316. They're slow to come around offensively as a team that's upstairs. Rostrum. Balls no strikes you're out looking at 346 drivers hitting 333. Jackson hallmark center fielder ruled that met him three warning. The other regulars of up to 22. Line in the gap in right center field at the base hit it's gonna plug the gap and goes a long Rossum. Around first thing he cruises into second that's the second Dell and gap in right center. This one comes leading off the second inning. Luke Roscoe of his first base hit of the three. Okay. Third Jackson hallmark center fielder. Hallmark it is to 328. A 45 couple doubles. Five runs batted him. Here's stretched by order leadoff double for Nebraska in her rounded out their second base that's right in there too. Hallmark. And hallmark Jackson wouldn't act. Patrolling center field he has. 510135. Just a freshman from Midland Texas. Ross can lead the way its second distressed by it or you're the slider low and outside. One and one. All mark didn't play in the season opener but he started the last seven games. This is his third start in the outfield also made five starts at third base. Last weekend when it got to fifteenth all five of his runs batted in in against Oregon State Utah. Bit low and outside through balls and one strike. Rock and guarded it with a double to right center field or your fell behind him to the Nolan. Oscar and was. Sitting dead red went into the gaps. Outfielder might imagine on a windy day is Wednesday. Eating Jackson hallmark little bit over court. Safely viral in the second pitches well on and that's good to. Mentioned that the top three hitters will hitting driver all marked all three point here higher. But Ross and look where that last hit was hitting cute boy whose Alter Phil won 85 motel tagging seeing 143. Alex Hamlet their second baseman is three for 24 one point five. Yet are you good DNA. Is all for nine. They'll be next. It. Not looking outside corner. Paul Clark thought about swinging Duckett and it was right there so Cody lawyer it's backwards K it is strike out of the day. So one on one out for athletes. Old for nine. This is his third start. Redshirt freshman from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He's sparingly last year I mean it's very only two out of nine. It's plain and myths I think it won't. Ross with second base one away. Top of the second inning those gore. Nebraska has had two in scoring position wanted to the first two innings. It's like Cody Hoyer. The pitch popped up I'll back it out of play. Poland to a lawyer. Jumps ahead of Jeff actually. 6320. Last weekend and it starts DEA and that. Big Ten pac twelve challenge. Went over three against Oregon State over three against Utah did draw a walk. And that first away your game. Been played the last two games of that get the other. Do. Streak came up with a fastball one into. He got a medical hardship last explains that two for nine. Performance a year ago. Both of his hits doubles. Last year. This is an injury ravaged program over the last couple years. But they did manage to win the big fan by. The injury in last year's well. Runner up in the Big Ten tournament and went to court Alice regional. Went to check his swing giddy girl they appealed the third and our round anyway. So back to strike out literally got double. So Cody or year. One big hit away from pitching around troubled. Kids. Only got its hands and legs that Penske is it on the youthful for. This is his third start. Hinske playing first base that it. So lead off double and now he's there with. Jeweler. Bit strike called on the outside corner nothing in Lawrence. Her kids eat 61195. He hit it three times last weekend. I think in one lawyer trying to. Come all the way back. Side one and one. Oz in the leadoff double. They're sits with two outs after all market we have struck out. What are one is our group kinki. Lawyers did. Strike one and two. Okay. And all three strikes. You're out. Moyer out of the strip. Again should be noted how in the bright sunlight to hear an out. Pit. Here's overthrown two and do. Escort top the second Cody lawyer working hard and keep it that way. Booties love tucked up underneath his chest greeting sign now comes out. To pit. Now back to play. Actually off the green. Soccer let down and order and there after the birds. They'll have Uga rigor and O'Brien. You're up in the second against Alvarado. A score for the time being off in the second to light through a kid out to Penske. He gets writing lawyers ready he pitches. Game yes and is slow it looked in Pittsburgh into. And look benign hole they're looking at. Alex Chandler is a 125. Hitter. Here's a stretch by Cody lawyer. 32. Gonna come back we'll do again came enable the fastball 94. Hour away from him a little bit. Prepared ski. In those eight at bats these gaps and he is struck out three times. He's walking ones and employers. Filled up got through it. Hoyer reading signs. Trout line putting on a series of them with rocks and out at second base. It. And again at 32 bit lost on outside. So. The second walk is viewed by. Cody lawyer. Said. And I'll bring up Alex Hinton wood second baseman. And woods parred 9168. Junior from Appleton Wisconsin. He only appeared in seven games a year ago. And let left hand batter first and second tour. Roster and started the inning with a double. And then we're Penske after two outs and walk. Lol you got to the third and home cuts off gathers throws scouting and bugger gets out of trouble. Well this is a funny little. Shock after the third baseman. The old after gathering it. Any moment I'm going to first base and relatively easy play after he. Took this in on those double walk and left at the end of an inning and a half its Nebraska nothing and doctors now. For militant LE thirteen and green which wrote in Wichita as your new home for soccer coach Jones -- sure to check -- -- all new burger -- because Monday is -- -- days and agents and don't -- -- -- get one -- decent -- time -- -- and exclude the -- join us for happy -- every -- from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 -- while you're here -- cards tickets -- and always amazing -- of the game -- football a couple of -- -- sports -- at the county home of the -- 29 streets and locations and -- on one and has a proud supporter -- -- athletic. Don't miss the largest Cardozo in Kansas the outdoor Libyan landscapes they'll come see beautiful landscaping displays an outdoor water features a attends informative seminars and learn how to turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary. Outdoor living space. Plus our times avenger boots it's all going on now at the outdoor living in landscape tell accent is. Honey I'm here at great American morning. John McCain can't. Yeah that is and Mason O'Brien due out for the doctors in the bottom of the second. Nebraska has threatened in the first two innings but Cody lawyers. Turned and with both times. Guys they went in order in the bottom of the first will be looking for their first base runner. Hearing game one of this meeting there next to gain market. Marlins Sunday. The game course up on Sunday moved around a little bit Nebraska lose. Good to do it due to the fact that there's a basketball game on campus starts and Levinson it's senior day which are state and Cincinnati. You got taped inside breaking ball almost hitting and left one ball no strikes. Dayton for auditory to be double a home run in two runs evidence. And it takes a strike on the inside corner one and want. Third baseman Ross come. Was. Ryder around even with a bag after the first and he's convinced that do does not gonna bunt in the way he now. Little tapper off the plate now wanted to. Dayton duke got a year ago. To those six the couple all runs. Seven doubles. And it's going to miss a slider away and picked out nicely but it will continue taxed do death. That is strikeout number two floors Luis Colorado. It's. There's Lew Ritter he's off to a rough start as far as finding holes. When he too. One of those hits a double but he walked seven times. Mean it felt that had a good group good fastball from Eldorado. Started this season down Britney. Leading off. And then. After. Two games of the Oman series that saw him go one for six. And bounces and then off from the floor I think it after Wilkins. Don't walk it off I don't get crossed up but are they getting leather on out that it right foot. But anyway after Luke Ridder. And the first two games of the Omaha series. Didn't produce quite like ABBA wanting him out Jackson has. Let off the last couple again Alex went one for three in the finale against Omaha. And Ritter. We'll is that dropped the five hole in Sunday's game the second game of the doubleheader with school for four with three are so. He's struggling to get on base consistently. One want. Ball called strike wanted to do. Is empty one out bottom of the second. Dockers and Huskers scored. Camilo and outside will mean that Barack can scoop it up. Three game series last march in. Current 2016. In March in Lincoln a series won by the Oscars two games to one. They're breaking ball is in the turf. Printed. He's an O'Brien waiting next anybody gets on Travis him. 32. Eid Al right side was gonna try to straighten out and push it back it does in the first baseman over by the barrier and make the play. We're Penske. When that. Foul ball really affected by that strong southerly wind. It straighten it out in our hurry and it landed. Just about a foot inside the net and they. All over there just beyond the record again. It on the ground and shortstop knock down vital developed it's an up and throw it. But it fielded cleanly by all available it landed right in week. Looked into down here in the second X five point five down. For Luis Colorado. So here's Mason O'Brien. Wichita State and Nebraska. Mirrored one another when it comes to production offensively that was lined to left center field a basic. Good swing by Mason O'Brien playing deep with their hallmark you can't come off in the gap. And hold Bryant it's just about to say. That both these teams. Offensively. At this. Likely Arnold top. Three guys doing all the work or Nebraska and it occurred means. And really say about the same thing about Wichita State Alan Ball got it outlined. Journalist and Jackson to a certain degree. But there are. Quite you guys in both lineups that really. Would likely get it together sooner rather than later and makes it O'Brien one whose only hitting 176 in Puerto bringing single. I was young wings and this is a slider young. Probably in that category 23 out of nineteen. Although all three hits the incorrect based Dardenne or the three for nineteen who won 58. Hurt her who life shocker first they. Young and isn't close three game over three. As the final game in Omaha series. Young walked five times. That is a good sign for him good thing to see these super fast swing era it's it's a little bit. Above the bottom of the strikes and his clipped the needs and it's owing to. Mason O'Brien at first modest lead. Here's a stretch by Alvarado the pit. Slow breaking ball sales outside. One multi strikes two outs O'Brien birds. Bottom of the dockers second world that swing in advance and down goes beyond air strike out or at least Alvarado. And I shot it clear they rendered Alvarado makes quick work of round up the top of the third still grass connecting with us and another. My power chairman brought you by delta dental. And they were to find out just how powerful my or. For me with no mark. Oh with the Cuban community Campbell says and. A healthy smiles powerful things he deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider yeah unleash your smile to our delta dental. Hello stuck in May and this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY and incense the past forty years. Carney anchored in helping the great people look which is top buy and sell home. Helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading at or paring down we want you to call on past. Let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven system to work for you whether big or small our service is the same promise. This is Michael Savage joy every week nights at eight on eight and has. Just saw him in that studio eight and Chinese. Second. Wind howling out out and went on pretty much all day but so far. The pictures have. Kept the ball down pretty well and we had in their sports team will be the top of the order. For Nebraska. Here in the competent third all the killer key driver. Sports properties and Wichita State athletics would like to thank you soccer ambassadors who does the level of corporate partners. Also on delta dental. So industries and I mean if you're interested in advertising. Honesty athletics. Shocker sports properties. At 3197755. Cody lawyer has. Her doubles he'd walk two. Got to do. Strikeouts in relief. The big EU about the second inning because they came after a leadoff double. So here's Angelo also Villa. Or stuck grounded out to second start the game. It's low and outside Cody lawyer one ball on those tracks. The shadows have now almost reached the front edge of the pitcher's mound. So another half inning or so. Everybody beyond level footing as far as his vision is concerned. Spring and honest it's down off speed stuff one in Los. And low all the Villa. On a handful of Minnesota native. Pretty good year last year 31639. Runs batted in all Big Ten mansion and right on the outside corner wanted to. That 316 that it ever lose good for second best on the scene all right. Got driver. Nobody on nobody out top of the third Cody Hoyer. In a line in the long to get. Hired an outside students it. Or profits of 96 and at first innings and more like 9394. Since then. Here's the big right handers wine and kicks and deals she too is popped up foul us and make it out of play. Barrels pretty much all season long you've got scouts they're beating teams are playing with Alec Bowman grace generous but. He has got a TV. Appointment viewing to about Cody lawyer. Anybody lighten up 9495. I think it's an attempt. And happens upstairs pops out of outlines the three and two. Lawyer last week in in Omaha five innings five hits three runs. Three walk or strike. Never really settled in high fly ball left young Golan back he's drifting into the track in a and brutal all basic yet. That was a routine fly ball that kept hearing you could tell you don't measure that. Even you when he ran out of room made the cut and kind of involved in the wall. Basically at the same time all the Villa. It's one out into the jet stream home cared now. The one long out to start the third inning for the Huskers that'll bring a boat Joseph hanging. Peggy walked in and was thrown out by got to throw line fumbled turf and he thought he could make the second. All of those strikes that. It's bounces in the dirt. This is at the blown away. Cody Hoyer has twice now in three innings that leadoff guy out. You last year to 77 hitter hold Raanan. 27 runs batted hands worked one's balance what you want. Okay. The bullets strike one out. Oscars in shocker first of a three game series were in the third inning scoreless. And balance I employer. Total. It just hasn't quite been able to. At the lower part of the zone consistently. Here's the 21. Throwing a foul that tootsie. Thank you teens tomorrow will move up and now we'll be lean and Eddie and Nate Fisher. Eddie eightieth to an oh start through his soccer career. It's like a left over the line might be trouble and I don't get it but it's now. A young acting all of those around about territory and it got. Righted Ozzie got to outline. Alan landed oddities we. Are now. So good to look good again. And he has started every game in left field here. Right up on top of the plate let's not too into account. For your brings it all. Outside credit. Either breaking ball and they're three and two. You lawyers had a handful of brief you council for nearly going. He walked tagging. That in the first. It. The full windup and employers reaches. Out pavilion. I. You hear she's 77. And 49 starts. He's pretty much everyday player. Only stole two bases in the rightful. Three to. Counted in bull war. Cody lawyers. Ought to at least one in every inning actually has what exactly will they every. There's got Shriver Shriver got a double in the gap in right center is first time up there. His. Fourth two Bagger of the season. And Michael Steele. Has seen enough of Cody employer can. Go out there. Make a few mechanical adjustments. Given at a board one of the other. Such drivers and the most decorated offensive player. On this team for Nebraska. He has a career 315 hitter with 27. Home runs as a Oscar votes coming in 2016 when he hit sixteen. Home runs and drove in fifth time. He like Eldorado. The picture. Not this. As a junior elected to come back for his senior season. Tampa Bay Rays picked Shriver. Point six ground. The Mariners. It Alvarado. In the thirteenth round. LeBron has actually been graphs flights. The meeting is adjourned and now ex employer and Shriver. Right in there had he started to go and it's stoppers already say that. Take an act of congress for. Aggie to try to go down to second base them any minute you must go lower back his greens Schreiber your guardian scoring position this yeah. One of 147. Career RBIs Shriver and is Huskers career. A lot of swing and miss and employers looked at the tiny team that was not disclaimers driver. As a freshman Shriver to 71. Three homers and eighteen driven. And and he really took off his sophomore year sixteen homers last year hit seven homers and drove in fifty law. 02. Are looking at the belt on the outside corner driver goes down looking fastball. I don't even open on the outer that's in Lebanon and driver. Is he third strikeout victim code people here are some might steal. An. Employer responds by striking out drivers now will connect. He will inning grounded to third. In the first inning. Peggy at first two way. And baucus and called on Cody Fuller. Apparently didn't come stepped long enough. So the first ball of the season committed. By Cody Hoyer. Bush does the potential first run of the game in the scoring position for the third consecutive innings. Employers really saved his best work when there's been somebody on second thanks. Giving us. Double by driver in the first inning got will inning leadoff double by Ruskin. Worked around that. Now two out walk. Good hits on the outside corner and I think it was close at first it did not count. Arthurs in the bottom half of the third have strong wind Boyer and in back to the top of the order Alex next. It's that Lee and Eddie and Fisher will pick tomorrow. Carter along with little dark blue dockers on Sunday opposed by a mountain war. It. A one. Little bit outside wanna want an American because of the injuries. The Huskers have really had to shuffle the deck Jake and Eckstein is that lost. After just two starts. Nate Fisher tomorrow's starter will start for the second time this year. What it wanted Jesse will getting. It second. Libel right center field long run for us back in blue and they think that the warning track. That's strong sell them at the Huskers up the board as it was it. Just over it can't get enough to make them and sliding catch on the warning track. Do you know there are third in Nebraska leads runners in scoring position and yet it happens with the yet. Meet Lauren knows that and is he out. Our screen is chocolate not only. Does it. Intervene directly and not pirates student. And an American canyon shirts even leave your dreams the more valuable things that are. Today we're supporting our dream people want to get involved. They can just ice and every dream deserves a champion find yours damn damn dot com American family insurance. Coming to an American partner Arthur history. Hi this is actually paint and I'm a fulltime working mom must tip my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around let's talk to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our means. So to say we are thrilled I'll delightful fill the void is under. I'll Eli encompasses everything in one place. Functional fitness exercise classes yoga are 88 interval training and a stock they eat and how child care. This you liked it when he first and let her on line I eat I think life dot com. Sports has brought you my American family insurance. Agent Gerald Amato Chris Sammy and Angela Alan time in Dylan heartened that or is built. Sauce and I wanna saucy. Sears chain NSA. Shocker so hard and playing with fire that is walking that I broke beautifully. So or Wichita State offensively not quite so much fireworks on the base pheasants the Oscars that we're we're listen you know the bottom third. It'll be better outline leading off from work to our state. Darker with one base runners so far. The Huskers they had far right. In three innings they threw the kinds community in scoring position. Why 1994. On five of seventeen. If the coal strike from Luis Alvarado. Those eight years Cody lawyers in the times today. Alvarado said no such trouble he's been right around the zone evidenced by car and it went to. Colorado. Had this. Only faced one over the minimum in the few innings with two out single by O'Brien's got three strikeouts no walks towards. Nine hole hitter Jordan border waiting next. And little bouncer to third waiting for a hot blue cross and throw crosses in time. Eldorado gut shot line reaching and he is still lazy to offer. That third baseman. One open one now the shocker third Norton board. Warrior I don't in nineteen little run five runs batted. They're from our side first pitch to him had a notion and took low one ball no strikes. And I. Lawyers only home run so far this evening came in the Sunday game opening weekend against the state. And eleven at ten shocker went. To a noted Jordan last year. Lawyer. Bert productive offensively tonight hicks. Hit four home runs. And all though. At seven doubles a triple triples. Line right this second baseman having to tell us a little bit Hanlon. A lawyer here right on me out. Hey yeah. I don't short or your belt hit fifteen goals last year and brilliant. 42 in addition to those three home runs good two outs and back to the top of the order in Jackson. Swing and miss Alex. Laura and her slime ball in the left field. Stark are referred. Alex now a six dollar 433 RBIs two of those came in one game against britney's stay and his side. One in one. Yeah out for mention eleven to ten game Jackson. Drove in two runs with a W wants to hire that. One bullet strikes technicals Eric on the outs record. Brothers and really sharp. In line in the 12. Got in looking on the outside corner of backdoor breaking ball and catch and throw. And that's that for the characters in the third ahead of the fourth still score the next day. Coach Gregg Marshall has a cold day. In practice preparation. Then there's this second job recruited. Don't mean trampled. Couldn't do it without executive airship the nation's third largest fractional aircraft providers. There's always a jet on the runway waiting for a star recruit indeed practicing night Brady's start is now busy day again that's good for his schedule and good for the Jacques and learn more and exactly where your dot com. Yeah. Yeah. Screaming is right around the corner and there's no better get her hair then the dorm living in Italy and he should. You need major land in garden and eat at your neighbors can be found inside century you. Or is she was going on right now. Equipment provider of the outdoor living in the landscape noticed my serve Erie you've object dealer. The only. It. Sports has brought you by American family insurance in which agent Jerry Crawford remains front Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in holding her carver. You students and in the morning right here on end as fast. Also we get options in the fourth inning for Nebraska. No school or not Huskers team hits a shocker with one. Soccer's. Trying to continue their homes and stayed perfect in doing so. 13 opening weekend at least date in three games in two days against Omaha. Last weekend. After this series concludes on Sunday as you Edwards they'll come to town and gory Friday afternoon game. And are currently at the road again for that we the next day at Oral Roberts. Rossum doubled his first out there. He was stranded at second base. Thanks cold start having loans from Cody you're. Luke Rossum and hallmark and yet athlete. Scheduled hitters were Nebraska here before. Bouncer off the plate charging hard warrior fields throws and just in time out. Thursday that up by Jordan's lawyer. And steaming toward home plate. None of that momentum take me toward first though it did play and of course it's Mason Bryant. Jackson hallmark. Hallmark struck out looking his first I'm out there. Cody a lawyer. Wednesday. They season to secure a one out here in the fourth here's the line right hander against right handers hit. Lofted towel right side that's gonna make its way out of quietly. And no balls and one strike you hallmark. Are you got to double with. Two away from sharper in the first leadoff double and second. And one out walk and talk with two outs in the third. Hallmark rant but any either but it through it but it once outlawed it. And it's at least you ain't got together in 2000. Sixteen in Lincoln the darker one opening game. Of that series. Seventeen to five. And establish a Nebraska. Low seventeen walks. Upstairs one bolt accused strikes. But then the next few being too much more normal score wise dockers. Got the fort and nothing 73. Fallen to strike a hallmark with. They sent you wanna pick. Over bit low boil it look at next to him to. Leon one out nothing nothing top of the war. As the Q pit. And looking out outside corner twice now hallmark has gone down looking. Strikeout number 43 of them have been called strike three. Barbara Watson hallmark wants. It through right now the DH. Struck out swinging his first got to. 48 all time meetings between these two programs. The whole thing like it in 25 point two. The first O'Brien got it gonna take it back in itself. And a very quick and easy like him three inning for Cody lawyer that. Were quite a bit harder the first three innings as he did in war a lot of little boy still Nebraska nothing dockers. 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Brentwood John Green which could go well for an elder radio Rebecca shell or Stephanie. Iceland and usually we get warnings and ice right here on. It's. The police Colorado back out to the mound for Nebraska idiots. Really all it does take you the first three they want over the minimum. Only Chris O'Brien has reached him two out single to deep left center field that. Part of the order the doctor or yes that Goldman Duca anybody gets on Luke Ritter. I'll grow it goes. Ten saves that he had last year was put on me receipt of property or want. Aniston takes Lola bullnose strikes but. It looks like garrison has a right button on Colorado having him start. This year. Good pitch in there it's just a one on one. Told you over autograph that last year by Seattle in the third round. I basically asked about it Red Sox in the 33. Side. Two bulls ones like a native of Puerto Rico. And a graduate of the baseball academy they're on their Puerto Ricans. And a solid career for Nebraska Natalie his pitcher and hitter it outside maybe better. Career as a hitter. But it's looking like. Professionally he'll make his money it's. Nobody on nobody out three and what the Genesis dangerous pitch coming from Colorado your list. Answer right down around these current ordinance took it into. If hallmark with any deeper it's buried after the current ticket. It that way around. Toward left senator Barack fifteen steps. Three fifths. Swing at him as he struck you now that's he's strikeouts in Afghanistan. One looking ones slinging it happens. Not a hell because at all for him one up and one down Ali we'll. All bounced short its first down there. At last happening this is the 48 meeting between two clubs. They privileged met consistently at least every other year. Hi pop up. Alice that are feel warm all sarcastic and blow it off his glove and into second as well as plain. Obviously for too. Long long way to run. Al rates that are you know this. So bold reaches second. With one out see how they rule it back. Even though a lot of real estate had to be covered by hallmark you probably should have made. Play. We'll beat. The 88 yeah. The shocker if you break we'll see you guys greater him. Afternoon. You've got strikeout victim Pittsburgh. And it's one thing left fielder they sit while medical back. And he thought maybe the third baseman roster they play. So he will hold up that they're not exactly. In adults who were anyway. Single byte guy and now record orders Ritter. They're bounce or is not. That error. By all bark and line. Yet here already. And knees and outfield. So. He's off to a rough start and elders to the mound after dockers with runners at the quarter. With one out. And I had dinners and I think he wants to talk to everybody. On the infield not just Eldorado. But anyway that's the ninth error for Nebraska in nine games played. Shocker as. Art Butler pointed out their pregame comments very proud of their defense so far had last year if you do it yeah. Really really stingy last year. And a program low and in errors committed. And so far this year after sixteen to three innings. Only three errors. So the meeting is over and Luke Ridder. About him climb into the right hand batters. So both teams now with two heads. The game's first errors given shocker they're urged Iraq. Ritter last year cute 43 hitter would when he runs batted in for homers. First it's killing his breaking ball it's over but look. And all of those strikes career. Ritter because of the injury to trade Vickers that short instead played second. Most of the time out once bounced in the Herbert great picked up by will give him backing. Good up and cover it counted paper here. Anyway employers and playing shortstop greater than playing second and we. Soon somewhat recently heard soon that the baker will come back that's not likely that. Play again this weekend that was global marine. O'Brien waiting on death. Alvarado. One pitch away from loading them up. You're at. Colorado 30. Outside bull or. It. So an error a single and a walk. Now as the basis pulled Yonkers remains an O'Brien. Who had a bullet into the gap in left center field that Jackson hall mark spray it over and cut off and prevented. From becoming a double. All the third he reached on an air give guys second singled to left. And raider who just walked over their first quarter end. O'Brien critics want high and you're right the old. A dismal is gone grants yeah soccer tournament. Basin O'Brien has had two great swings. Any dozens hurt home run as a shocker comes with a bases loaded the second Grand Slam of the season. For the doctors. Home run number ten as the team and Al Veronica yeah it has Mason O'Brien and we look. Or nothing shocker here in the fourth. And gotten no huddle but all from the wind. If the crosswind but he is. Mash it right into the teeth of the elements. Solar and again the crowd if you don't. And swing foul ball back to the green it was. The first. Extra base hit given up in Colorado. In his two and a half hour. Or nothing shocker Grand Slam from O'Brien popped up now backing out of play by crowd is young influences. It's. Shocker last year forty home runs. On the season and a quarter of the way there. Over that low breaking ball barely miss. The darker hit one Grand Slam. Last year. Area to. Six and a half games. One bolt to strike. And the young. Rondo into the wind hit it hard on the ground right or stuff all of the accident and throws across in time. Young hit sharply but right. In local little short stuff it outlines. They are lying fell behind in the count and had been hit on Colorado's turn. It's illegal we bouncer to third baseman his first time. Yeah. Carolina off to a good start after a really tough season last year to play. Gutter a year ago it to 24 with no home runs and 76 breath only drove in seven. Last year he's already got five this. And he's ahead in the count threw enough. Well Colorado probably deserved a little better in the inning although. He walked demands that. Move things along for the Arthurs. Little sister little Fuzzy little ground ball to third baseman cuts it off the throw and just in time. Rostrum it's gonna outline badly CN. A little lip liner that counts a couple of times before rock cutting off. And threw him out the doctor you great ground. They get four runs on two hits Mason O'Brien at the Grand Slam and art school raptor for his doctors war in Nebraska and. And stingers ripping into drug and is the answer your repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Only three erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and bacon or make you look your home again though it this spring storms can wreck your roof or. When I hit a home run with the new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space. Called you'll see what it or go to stingers rooting dot com 01. Dinners ripping and construction your. Bro. I Darryl welcome back I'm looking for you re TV. I am not your own well I'm I'm a video screen and Jill you know I think he needs. I. Am I here know why are. We usually unity and kinda. EEB Sam kind of median pain free for a year we Oscar dreams and everything we have a battery and I'm not our. Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday until the fall happening right here on Pena. The lawyer after. Various amounts of trouble in the first three innings. Finds himself ahead four to nothing once we have Athens stock before it makes an O'Brien in the first hit the bases loaded. You positive wanna. On me Coleman Hillel. Soccer's second Grand Slam of the season and it's sport and nothing we had that there. Propensity. Hamlet to Alter the 89 and one you look for Nebraska. Here in this. I get to the out of town scoreboard coming out here this happening as well. Reoccupied bigger drop in construction on the roof and gutters to siding and windows lug your home's exterior and again in your conduct comical realistic. Two to 2066. Your opinion construction your home team pro. Hinske walked his first time up there and takes strike it's nothing. Four runs three hits no lawyers for the doctors know runs to its water for the Huskers. And we've played here in the fifth steady wind blowing out to left and has mental game. A lot. Upstairs for employer wanted to. Other scores around the nation particularly in the future shocker opponent and of course. The scoreboard in the American to get through next in yourself. And wander Penske to pick. Swing and national party and asked all 93 it's one and two. As you Edwards are all in all Roberts. Both. Our opponents and in the very near future. It six to nothing you Edwards build part of the second. Poitier once you lined it to center field just to come and line that's played on a hot line drive in the center by Penske and Leo is on there. On the Huskers third hit. And I don't bring up the second baseman Alex Henwood. And would grounded to third is hurt I'm up there. Texas Arlington. Playing a series with Wright State. And UTA trailing 41 stop the war. You won that series. It's strike and air down around the knees Maggie line from Cody employers in the in little blunt today 325. Now on the season. The. Direct. Lawyer people want. Tried to block and pull through it bullets to. Like he tried that gamble snake. Alan Colmes third baseman come directly but it threw. Little bit later on about 45 minutes from now Creighton in central Arkansas. Are the first of the three game series. In Arkansas who played both of those teams eventually. I fly ball shallow left. Young come on he's older that's in front of Afghanistan and make you can't. Go away and productive out for the Nebraska nine hole hitter can look back at the top of the order. Hello all Google. Altered Bill Graham it is. Circuit and fly to left. Andy LeClair classic. And Greeneville. You'll take on Pepperdine at the mention today that in just under way. And Missouri State will play TCU. Tomorrow afternoon. Right in aerial surveillance nothing in one. Ford nothing soccer's top of the fifth runner at first one up for Nebraska. Later on tonight Oklahoma State and Arizona State the desert. Libya on three game series. Old blog all to Villa. Lying to lay out the young started back now comes on the lives gonna blow up Sunni Mexicana or. This next guy right here. Is a big hitter for who'd you lawyer to get into. The motel hanging his walk wise. But it's more about the guy hit my name that you don't wanna have to face here in the fifth inning in a quote and quote shut down anything you liked. Put up zero that your guys score. That's down and here's tagging. Stretched by Hoyer. Hit. Breaking ball a little bit low oil wealth around on an interesting theory. The end not the New Orleans. Feeling Fullerton. Play later on tonight. Open a series. Here's a stretch that this. I can't see inside corner a little bit before that look better but counts early where it. He won a month. Our first rule shocker leading 42 nothing. That's not the fifth. Strict libel lawyer. One law. Called an outside or. Offensive. A couple of hours UConn and north Florida starting three game series. The Huskies. Our four and cute nearly don't. Out throughout the play bolt comes charging field. The borderline play or thought it would be better or not do it. High bouncer off the playing good job by Alec you and other. Wrong accurate throw. They are key driver on their. Way through it with a state or. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful while it first with no. Your parents are staying home weekend. Wow that's asked from. Now with your parents all weekend wow that is hot and. Healthy smile as powerful things you just urged delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power to tell. Down. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invite you joined the drive to zero campaign. Truck driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality. That over 100 fellow can. Lead to your part is a new super driver. And home safely. Buckle up illuminate distracted trying to remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. Sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. Challenger Ron woods carried long I'll come up in valley are in for an end overweight later. Just as far as living designing these days are tied right here on tape and has had. Yeah Zambrano. Back out to the mound and Nebraska he cruised right through the first three innings. Our lineup that. Caddies center fielder letting down a little bit or he walkman. And tell us they got one mighty swing the bat from Mason O'Brien Grand Slam. It is darker thing or nothing lead that the only inning. And neither team is able to get the scoreboard. Boyer takes a knee high strike it's a little. 04 innings for Eldorado. He's allowed three hits. He struck out five. And walk is the one boy your sheets one out on the right side over towards the concourse beyond the shocker bull pen. 012 Boyer lined up the second day in his first time after. It's. So it continuing need her her opinion instructions scoreboard. KU and Texas southern. Starting a series this weekend tech southern town I'm not for a three nothing after launch. Smear Powell backed by Boris still nothing into. Quite get together downing Houston and made. Houston in Kentucky it told you about them. You kick it off they'll play in about an hour both of those teams nationally ranked little roller to short altered bill charges picks it up throws and got. Warrior fool. Does slow roller to shortstop. One wife. But anyway later on on the weekend so. And point fourth ranked Houston after they play Kentucky tonight. They'll play Mississippi State. On Saturday and number bandied. Summed it. Three night for the cougars in Sweden three counties did. Right in there and Alex Jackson's. Central Florida or five and three on the season so far they'll host Wagner. Tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon. That pitch misses out Jackson won one. The earth on South Dakota State that Southeast Missouri State seem a leading 32 after. Jackson pops it up. Left side of the field all the bill all by himself. Which were come down make the public Jacksonville for three. Iran's Grayson tennis who uncharacteristically. And not let her comfortable police. Outlook Gaza. The tri star classic in Knoxville Memphis taking on middle Tennessee tonight. And this might just. Pulled off an eighty mile an hour to him. Memphis struggling out negates her three and five. They'll take on Tennessee tomorrow afternoon. Selena felt that might Aniston's.