WSU Baseball vs Tulane 04-06-18

Friday, April 6th

WSU Baseball vs Tulane


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It's time Wichita State's shocker on 92 and third and thirty K and Stan. Yeah. Or rocket to stadium where credit which cost eight. Lying low for America conference game series and very un baseball like whether. It is call here Saturday cold windy the wind is blowing you know them from the north east jobless rate in center field so I'll. Nothing's gonna go very far aired today unless things change aperture of the mid forties and let's win it you'll war. Like its thirty so hardly ideal conditions. But it was not her place at 6 o'clock starts at night. Because chances precipitation increases the later part of the day. Into the evening even the possibility. Of some rain snow this evening. Which guy is somewhat. On the ad campaign last ditch letters system that is. Really hammering a lot of country they are still on the ground in Omaha Creighton Butler got called off their three game Big East Conference series. Former shocker 400 S value at all. Blanket eastern talking to move their series at the doubleheader today it's looking at the bar because Ohio valley is expecting up to six to eight inches of snow so it is just not good baseball what their budget. Where central part of the nation on up into the northeast. At this look like the best opportunity. To get to three game series yet with three single game team will continue to plan on playing at 2 o'clock tomorrow laughter. At 1230 on Sunday as was actually scheduled. Pretty chilly but not as windy tomorrow and the best day at three on Sunday west giants. And temperatures in the low fifties unfortunately. Last year in travel day for Tulane you get your. Would have been by far the best game of this state this week. Or seems to play baseball soccer's Booth is scheduled to instigate an Oklahoma State Wednesday. South wind that night temperature low fifties as little better conditions. They'll hardly ideal. Update at play today but. Played well the first ever America conference series. Odds soccer soap opera like an American alike want it to last week here at EC do. And Elaine kept him with a record all the eighteenth overall they played some conference there going three and three day trip to a three on the opening weekend at home from Cincinnati. One and two last weekend at US athletic you opener 32. Losing fourteen to three. And 108 they also had eight game losing 32 decision to New Orleans. On Tuesday battle for bragging rights at any Orleans which does it comes up seven the five win over Oklahoma State got back on track activity throughout the last two games of their series. At you there is just a little bit of history between these programs. Pretty much. One of the few programs in America conference shocker that play any kind of history of baseball. Shocker there or six all time this series at one. Here where it's not a shocker is lost to the green light Honolulu. Police to classic in 1993. And laws of the three at Portland 2011123. In the series year 2012. At one time they played not Butler went one and two in New Orleans in 2014. Experts season. Wichita State. Into thinking about coming out this weekend I think it was about my hands land tire and service break tires. And professional oddest service is always a home run. We would normally have eight pregame interview with W as head coach Scott Butler it was Tara agreed to pregame today. Only interview but he has presented throughout the year by express employment professionals. What a million to work. With just eight. Looking at about 500 in the American conference. Series here this weekend. And two Elaine is any better about 500 right now of the nineteenth. Parliament and a half a first place after we can't score most of the teams. Here's one week at a place of Clark for god with us today. You off before it can start. Highly ranked in the nation's ties eleventh in the polls plant outside the conference as we can now be playing a three game series. Against the University of Washington. In Seattle so big series for both teams that chilly conditions it will be that with the starting lineups right at this. Conferences and those tracks that work shout. And your race geeky but look at AT&T. Does it come and didn't hear air conditioner in selling new letting his client conferences those are all your eating conditioning and even flooding means. He lets tell us his cool call today 265731. More athletic conferences and got yeah. Comfort Systems proud part of shot athletics. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental can't. They were gonna find out just how powerful a mile or so it is for me with no Smart. He got and in. I can't. Grant. Now with Cuba committed Angelina has and hacked. 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Alex Goldie redshirt freshman left hander a little bit of us aura. Place to be rob or use finger on his hands it was real careful with getting that back. Completely healthy that he does favorite anyway. He is fine and he's on the wrong your man in his little action this weekend. Healthy for the game has brought you by United Healthcare. And other healthier choices like soups can be a great way to heal up. More at ease. He's healthy not tip is brought to you by United Healthcare. And the real you'll programs are more real deal. Unfortunately. Or baseball standpoint good day for today with a win here at Expedia. Starting lineups have reoccupied equity bank where you'd never today and AT&T. Is the online equity bank. I love. Elaine is twelve and eight overall the year 33 at American athletic conference here at their second year Travis Hewitt. As head coach this is his first division one head coaching assignment after eighteen years as a division one assistant. In his lineup and Jonathan art team's leading up to second base replicas through pre season off conference in the league field hitting second. Cody Posey is the third baseman batting third. Clean up at first base is Trevor against it. David Ed good as it left field hitting them. That complaint right tight shot. That designated hitter capital. Olin will bat eighth. So it's short stuff. And nice out. Kayla roper. Robberies 33 with a three point 72 ERA on new years and American conference guards at all. One point 93. Where fourteen innings. Overall two lane has any RAF five point five the they have started as a pro this weekend over. He didn't tell us who will go on Sunday we'll have very good numbers are very capable. Of shutting down pretty much anyone excellent reasons they're off to three start. Conference play Wichita State 26. And is this your head coach Scott Butler are doing want him to start at the American against another. Highly ranked already you. Shock a lot of today looks almost as saying it against Oklahoma State. On it looked at a local leadoff and play left field raced out of is it's that are hitting second. Alec Obama at third base batting third. Yeah at once again playing first base today Paxton Wallace. It sneakers shorts not know that we have got a trump I'm the only player of the week last week is batting sixth and catch. Yeah guy right field batting seventh coming up in game winning two run homer against Oklahoma State on Tuesday. Makes it O'Brien back a lot of today as the DH that date and your employer as usual spot I whole plant at second base on the mound. Your right hander according employer he has I don't know with a 3.2 3-D RA. Gotta we haven't marketers shocker is opening win at TCU last Thursday when I innings and that was giving up two runs. And has ERM one or three point 60. In conference play umpires for today's game Michael ciresi behind home plate that got angry at first part wagers. Umpiring at there are pretty good shot you're slightly negative percent off your online order and what type area topic jobs log on Papa Johns dot com. It used to promote coach shocker fifty. See you're shocker to gap we'll be back with the first pick at today's matchup between what you just stated Elaine. Right after this. When you set out to find new roads you can't do. You need a partner and when you encounter. More and more people are finding themselves and Chevrolet for the first time and trying something new can be excited. In power. Downright exhilarated. See for yourself Fleischer relays the most awarded and fastest growing brand. Forty years overall. Chevrolet and find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and regional security suite fourteen yeah. I. Her where she could call a timeout as expensive ATM fees. Well guess what would you banquet equity Greg you can with your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any banks anywhere. 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Sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friendly John Green rich chocolate does elsewhere an elder regular Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Morning glory from coast to coast AM stormy week does. Here is I'm Canadian us. Plus action packed stadium on a chilly windy day here with us aid in two lane getting me for the eleventh time overall. The first time ever ask all members of the American athletic conference. With this chili it looked out of it and there's a cluster out maybe ten or twelve behind home plate. A group that may be harmful fibers that people here at third base dugout that would appear to be parents probably at some length players. Do you party shocker. A TV camera and that's the idea anywhere out in the open. Forty days he would get an accurate with their forties it still takes yeah mid thirties with the wind out of the northeast. Steadily at about twenty miles per hour possibly gusting harder. North east today mean that was trading at center and that's not down pretty much every day it's possible. That you can get a ball down either line was of course they get it out before it blows foul that. It's unlikely that we had a few occasions out of the north north last they're going across the right deal or at least there's a chance to get the ball out. That your action. Pregame show up front yard par fives aren't scoring superstore exceeds sixty north Broadway. Large supplies of Bartlett leveled out our area out. Great selection. Great everyday prices because of our story. People that are dedicated to healthy bodies let's watch what it would Ohio pressures in the glory. Those are hesitant to get by the. They scenes. North Broadway. Suckers have not yet taken the field just not ready to go they'll get all flights today letters and numbers black and gold and black caps. Lanes. Basic colors are quite a historic railroad for today list. Great letters are Greek letters and numbers socks and this leaves. Bring capsule dates like attributed blues don't have a little bit of blue highlight exactly new uniforms that. They colors green and watch for the green why you brought it Orleans. Tigers starting defensive line. Not being it is as we get ready Egan is under way. It will be critical this lineup that there recently at first hey there's been a little bit of a revolving theirs and ours is Paxton Wallace's husband Eddie. Is getting his second straight start. First race defensively. That it's better for outlined catching. Your employer second traders short Alec all the third. Outfielder Luke greater grace and tennis and they adopt like wheeled around there right. Hayes and O'Brien will be the PH today. One shot it's gotten to that. On the mount Cody Hoyer. Your right hander making his eighth start. The year he has fired at a holiday 3.2. Three ERA 39 innings on seven hits a lot of the batting average of 197. The locks a little higher than ideal at eighteen to 39 innings but also 45 strikeouts. In 39 innings. Again he let these doctors thought that their first conference series last weekend at least a year that was on Thursday. But I'd innings gave up six hits the ground with one walk and seven strikeouts. Poitier has been good for survivors at every time out this year but hasn't gotten beyond that it's any barrier. N that Tennessee has had to struggle a little bit as commander currently. That is right it is pitch count up early in the game and again you walks in 39 innings. Show up in that category a little bit. But he's been very good great velocity was his fastball he's got commanded the second period hit his slider changeup. He could really be overpowering. Though on a day that good pictures day you can contact today on balls hit in the air and not going anywhere. You had hoped that he can come out and get off to a good start as far as it literally pitch count and it is all here in College Baseball. Always looking for a year we get started your Freddie starter to. Get deep into that first game because you've got a couple more to life you don't wanna start using up your bullpen too early. In a series lawyers a very good job of that overall but again that's his next goal probably is to get beyond that it's having mark if that happens today. Two lane that team hitting fifth in overall. At fifteen home runs in thirty gains and can run pretty well 28 stolen bases in 34 taps. But in conference play through their first six games they have three players who targeting 353. Or better league line. And no one else over thirty watts and they've had trouble at times fighting any. This lineup when they can really count on its. More than what are two or three guys you've got to carry the load offensively. John. 281. On on route eleven runs vetted it lawyers for low curveball on fastball at ninety cute. Cut fastball has been fairly consistently. In the night before 95 range in recent starts. Ball strikes. A lot of has fallen effort called strike is about the things that again at 92. And is Michael Mazur. Calling the balls and strikes today. Overcast sky is the most marked the 11 on the way for employer. At a fastball just outside two balls and one strike. Jonathan arc team. Is there redshirt sophomore from bay saint Louis Mississippi. To watch it. And that's what this is Ottawa it. Four straight fastballs off night he wanted to be streak goes to create want. Critiques. Oprah for him Tuesday's loss to New Orleans and Oprah thirteenth last weekend at US. Ice is just out down the right side that'll let it shocker bullpen area. Yes pulled out 32. That part is over 21. Over the last five games. After going 5413. In the opening round series against Cincinnati. Lawyer with a 32. And if buddy catcher as lawn outside RT. Gaza leadoff walk again. Again that's the kind of thing that has plagued but he Hoyer a little bit getting off to a slow start with commanded several audience and a runner at first nobody out. Laura and I were on a year. Elaine has five players in his article felt that at least three stolen bases. Better grant letters good. Handed hitting center fielder 318. For home run 22 runs batted it good all around player who has a he's an all conference choice. That again. Little bit low ball on the. Against Atlanta team that will run we'll see how aggressive they may be this is a day where you can take an extra base. It's going to help you because you're not gonna probably get along blog happens pistons and things on the base together. Although strikes what is it. It and tax had a lot of ground on a breaking ball. And it's like all right. That then. Junior from Lakewood Colorado 63203. Good combination of speed the power. Better first nobody else. On launch. Why I bought a first baseman and right field for a base hit our teaser it will go to third. You've got placed it back into the middle of the field to lay off to a quick start walking singled putting runners at corners with nobody out. Angle to the right of the first baseman Paxson Wallace who was holding the runner on. And the weather's been. Coming off three consecutive game. With two or more ads. Singles is first time out there brings Cody Posey the third baseman. Zeal bat from the right side is getting to 79 with one home run good team runs batted in. Let's start today he has now started all 31 games at third base green wave desperate. Sophomore from Griffith Indiana. 3195. Pounds. It's a glove tucked against his chest says I don't have sat. There's pitched opposing Davis is low and outside Obama strikes. Two lane is only 200 in the nation in scoring averaging four point nine. It runs per game golden opportunity here in this her this version there's nobody out. One oath. Swing and that's good off speed pitch down right over it for strike one. Posey was over for. Him the New Orleans game on Tuesday. One hit twice last weekend against US that's going to her fifteen minutes there it. I wanna want. What is it. Good strike on the outside quarter and a little off his fastball that time that's bloody night clipped the outside edge of the twentieth. It's horrible death they'll take it double play here and give up a run early in the ball game. Employer can take care of Posey hit sell them out of that would open a possibility that double play it. Get about it yet. 12. Just off the outside it with a fastball to balls and strikes good one pit. Rosie didn't bite. Started 32 games in 44 appearances last year only hit to thirteen. At the moment he's up six points from its freshman. 22 pit. Now short of the two kickers over to second one employer backed a first for the double play but Iran of course asked Elaine goes that it front. With the right here in the first. But the best scenario for the shocker is if they were gonna give up around as they get two out someone's wing base is empty now for Trevor yeah. Though are the guy with a run scoring on the double play. The first base and batting cleanup hitting 651 home run twelve runs batted in. Right handed hitter lawyers pitched good fastball outside. It did not play in Tuesday's game started the last and games last weekend South Florida went three for six with two walks. All right. It. All there right at well. Girl pop. That'll do it. Lockett has started off late 21 on one yet in the first. Becoming a bad trailing one bit. Number one soccer mom. Three day tournament tends 22 kids off Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game and united health care you can have better control care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and ask your digital card for easy access to learn more you eat out. To health care. It is available for plants. You know the benefits are dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge's giving you a very special offer complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars two hours from start to. And I had yeah plants and we didn't. In retrospect. I don't hate double receive your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X rays know all 313501100. Decade. Cambridge religious history you have something to smile about. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita Asian challenge Ron woods carrying out a car stuck in valley center in Singapore and and overweight or Bill Cunningham. Immigrant Americans join me so. Take pictures this afternoon floor lane is your right hander in the brokers that want it literature here for a Louisiana I didn't oral scenario but. Did began his college career most of all signed originally with Arizona. And transferred to San Jacinto junior college in Texas. And is it his first here actually play offers a bar has today the senate starts. 383. Innings just create yet so one night seven quality because it. ID nine patient price its app hits per nine innings. Nineteen spots like lawyers that hit total in this little hot with a lot. And strikeouts to innings 38 strikeouts. Thirty users 33. With a three point at its new ER it he'll face greater leading up for the shock. In the bottom of the experts. Elaine little run on the Florida law is single and double play grounder getting run well not start out and want nothing hole but it. State it's. A year when they're on course for. Better. Topping three hit game against Oklahoma state of the right side and take a strike disease. Broke her name to being. American conference honor roll this past week he went eight innings and a 32 win over USF last Thursday. Her out straight backed up with Hulu. Broker those innings gave up six hits two runs just one of them earned walked two struck out again. Also hit six innings for win against Cincinnati in the opening series allowed two runs on four hits with the ninth strike outs. 02. Undertakes breaking ball leaned back a little bit stayed inside it's one ball he strikes. Ritter honest and ball for the shocker here in the first. Over 12 fell straight back Gore's plan over here. The ball he strikes and in addition to those concerts are what he has to know of one point 93 ERA in nineteen strikeouts in fourteen innings. Oprah has thrown eight shut out innings this year against Purdue. It's like to get their rhetoric that's felt that right out of play. However. It starts against quality opponents early. States avoid long date 112 thirds innings while yet. And fourteen runs well over are a little bit over nine so certainly he's been up and down but. Very good in his last start to begin conference play. To enter. Over the top it is headed back to back up something are being looked at every level. And it and it looked like it tended breaking ball has to do anything sailed right over raiders head. Too too little Lucas getting to 633. Home runs twelve runs batted again. Three for five against Oklahoma State on Tuesday to pitch out to the right out of place. Third Reich I'll. Hearing into it hit it badly enough here's a greater. Luke started the season. Threw for his first 22. He's hitting 35 team in his last 73 at bats. You picked. I for the fast forwards all the way bull. Ritter who started out Poland's new battling he has forced to thank you actually counted three balls two strikes. Upper big branch back to work. At balls ripped the foul outside third at. It's at yes go out of their days. All over it it is a little bit Aaron Brown outlined shots now. More than. Right double. Turned into a great opening duel between roper and Ritter to start the bottom of the first. The other 32 on the way. Ritter sharply on the ground backing everybody shortstop over to first dad gets. So throws out literary hit it hard but not quite Florida toward the hole that's that was able to back candidates right now tent pitched battle. Robert Bradley gets Ritter and now. It matters. That Grayson Afghanistan. Really looking to get on track he settled in at a four game slump now. That's really a little bit he is best. To forest last night seen over the last four games. Averaged 89. It blow for Wal-Mart. Six runs seventeen runs batted him it was two for fifteen. In the U series last week and then I'll report gives Oklahoma State. One out. Slow to balls and strikes. Again it's not explain her label walk and a single. Unbiased double play grounder that scored there on the top movers. I'll pick Afghanistan. And I hi felt behind third that'll get blown way out of play two balls start. Jesse second ever visit by two lane to X stadium they were here in 2012. Est one of the three at that particular series. He wants. Low three of one Afghanistan. Race it continues to lead shocker is it walks on a year with 24 to more than Alec golf. It that this game ranked among the national leaders it. It walks. I. And I are off four walks yeah yeah. Man on one pounds. And already horse he wrote for you this is here and it hit that record or retired. Noticed that walking on five pitches. Again or her team lost 38 inches fingers into the except Alex ball. City streets 47 cent at all rounds eight votes Connecticut. Replies Tuesday night against Oklahoma State runs. It's. Noticed it first get Ronnie 6%. On the year yeah. Throw run out opposing base stealers are three for four. Or is pitched a bomb. It's a breaking ball low for ball on. Alex was four for. Rain in the opening conference series VCU all four hits came in the opening game on Thursday when he went four for five. Double two home runs runs batted in and only had one official at bats. In the middle game with two walks and hit by pitch out of first place status dives back. That Alec collectible or three in the series finale last Saturday. Matters first one out for what Kosuke in the bottom of the first. I'll hold your design of the water out of us. Internet fastball and it went on. Roper upper eighties that is test or. It was an 87. Overcast windy cold day. So far no signs of precipitation. There is about a 15%. Possibility right now that it slow fast qualities evidence to want. Chances increase of more like 30%. But then after. That the original. Forecasts had about a 70% chance of precipitation but it's more like forty or 45. Go to first base and dives back. Capital to get to wander Alec bull. It right handed hitter ahead on the count. That's viral birth. To play ball they drag on the very outside edge. Few balls two strikes. One out one on the shocker in the bottom of the first atrial wanted nothing. It'll roper once again. HUS. All it looking. Asked all. Low market now. High and low here. On. I don't place. Called out on. Better tax laws. Alex Lopez small strides at the end there. Just can't strike outs it. Exit that's all he's. Paxton lawless right side of the writers first down and out the first pitch him. Away from the catcher rolls out the first baseline. Easy advancement secondary for Greece yes that'll be a wild pitch. One barrel outside. And it ricocheted off the catcher and guarded appeared at first baseline. One ball those strikes that all of us. Jettison him scoring position with two. Wallace. One for three a couple of walks against Oklahoma State on Tuesday. 34 at bats he's relatively new starting lineup hitting 35312. For 34. Wanna know. Their interest drag them. All right laws. Hi right now only left and right very port adds. Well yes it is a little over I. The ball in play. Not that that breaking ball to. Freshman from Greenbrier our kids he has been in. Since moving into the lineup until the last two games played first base Tuesday. Back at first base this afternoon. Takes a fastball little lower at 31. Nothing else checkers are for Caleb Robert throw a lot of pitches here in the first inning. At least five to every hitters he's faced and it points to beat at the wall. 31 fastball aren't horrible war. Second walk of the earnings per pack of Wallace but it writers first and second. And the battered straight records. Grace starts today hitting 3622. Home runs seven runs batted in years I'm 47 at bats in fourteen games. I'm not any more ports can't. Opening conference series at TCU. First and second two out suckers out around. You get on the board in the first inning just has to blanket. Oprah's first pitched it makers almost hit it well inside the bowl on. Raised his arms a little bit almost graced. They want one for three with a walk against Oklahoma State on Tuesday. And is now straight back. The Packers have particularly long streaks they can right now the most consecutive game hitting and at the moment letter Trout line at four. Vickers and boy here it hit safely in their last two games. First and second two out. And a fly ball to shallow right second baseman out there right fielder and it's the right fielder Giles they'll make the catch. Two Indiana. Packers it first struck couple of walks that leaves me stranded and I want to blame one cannot. He's. In over did you enjoy friendly adventure and more time with friends it's. With good health plans sixty flow from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it will bridge the gaps in like we're out of pocket expenses deductibles and co. Prudence support makes Medicare supplement insurance Hillary Hillary Clinton sixty flights from Blue Cross and Blue Shield Afghans prosecution has not connected with the endorsement US government the federal program. With strings rivals nature resumes activities. Giving life points against him flowers and trees or animals appear and tore. This is the balance of nature with Alice whether must also find are yeah as a guy we find ourselves. In the middle of it. Stay alert tornado season is about to become an order watches warnings and what you need to know he's an answer or inserting the US. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato Chris Sanyo and Angela Valentine in just a Dylan Hartnett or is built for a humble. This is Michael SATA stormy week sites they are okay. In the first inning run up one that I think it's great when it comes to. That is good against Cody Hoyer. And if they see David did good tonight Johnson that role Isaac editors. It's like batting order. Undermines get a chance here shocker head coach Todd Butler every Monday evening. Airs from 68. Days sports grille at the Alley. 887 deserts and through this accessible talked about the previously upcoming games things happening in shock program recently gone and all of buying. But soccer players so I Butler shows that the united injuries were real. At the Alley. Saudi lawyer. Walked the leadoff man and as often does led to a run. Trails like nothing has stated that leading up a bit good left handed hitter starting in left field today he's adding to any one. With one home run and run that and it. We're here with time. Angel network they're fair ball back get a bite on the bag and it makes that throw for the out. Good play by the army was lit and looking for possible violence almost hit down hard right on the line. Yeah party not that he had backtracked backhand the ball. And throat right the bags of good play by Alec all retire good. Our. Data just. At a prison Thursday. The details. On any level. Authorities here. Right fielders. Spurs. Is just outside the bull on. Fascinating to 58. Home runs seven runs batted it. Junior college transfer. From central Arizona college started his college career Washington State. One out. And it's a little bit load of balls those guys. I got 3195. In his hometown and a Portis Washington. Stay close to home to our colleagues at central Arizona now actually. Now it's up the middle has chance to throw it out to center field for a base hit. Candidate turf they hit big hi to harper. Over the mountain just read every second base in the port too late in the ball game and a runner on with one out here in the second. So active role of the designated hitter. Checking with dug out. Before he steps into the box. Hear from Philadelphia. A couple of years Scottsdale community college players. I've found. He engaged in all three games at USF last weekend as one for Abbott with four strikeouts. Thursday it is like it. It didn't appear better trial why didn't get quite all the way down on a that was in her uncle's wildcats. And for the second inning in a row. Landler runner in scoring position with less than two outs. It is it is wild pitch one out account to roll for the years getting to 45 with. With three home runs sixteen is that in. Three home runs at him one off the team lead held program that is. That's all right call up in the zone that's all ready to you know what it was. Roland wants her out at last weekend and this one ports well. Opening conference series against Cincinnati's it is important nineteenth so our conference play. All right. And bounced over the matter of middle stickers are short has across the market's first inning wide throw as a writer calls a while tried attacking going by. But is gonna go out and ask about the tech goodies gonna ask it stuff. They can appeal to the plate umpire say though. It Vickers normally I was Scherer at shortstop. Just ease up on that throws across his body that nice easy throw Annie pulled lawless up the line toward home plate apply would have advanced Johnson to third anyway he gets over their role is war on error. The second inning in a row first and third with one out for two line. Oh catcher left handed hitter. Adding just one. Out of does have two home runs and eight year. Lawyers for pitched all other browser back. Bought as a junior from Brandon Mississippi yeah. Transparent to Tulane hinds community college at his home state of Mississippi this. You about a 195 pounds. His 25 start at 31 games. He is twelve for 72 it has twenty strikeouts in 72 at bats. He lawyer with a no one fastball highland boulevard right. Player got a double play grounder in the first inning is not what I hear rhetoric there. One out this idea first and third nobody out in the first double play ball drove it around. All right handers that. And pitched a one. Ball low and inside the unedited her flight route one. Balls and one strike dole. Well it was two for three against New Orleans on Tuesday just who is second to hit game of the season. Over that little walk getting hit by pitch last weekend at USF. Lawyers who wants. His swing. They're gonna appeal that the third base umpire in the middle of the diamond didn't have a good view that it's gonna go as paltry as he laid off a breaking ball low. Tell you holier. A couple of jams early here at this game down one did nothing. 10. Why did the right field for a base hit. That'll bring one read in a guy's gonna have to play it off the wall it's gonna send the runner from first all the way around thirty gonna try to score. Here's a related to placate it is not in time. So aggressive base running by Elaine pays off. He got couldn't quite get to that ball before it rolled into the corner and had to play it off that stance is that little bit of extra time. April a chance to come all the way around first. That light has taken 83 ethically here light hitting normally hold the line drive double to right field line. Three runs on three years already for the anyway. Batters out got the short stuff out there were left out of batteries. And only one out and. Certainly the error coming into play here. If I'm wrong will be under. It's almost hit it or not headed. Back out of the way. So getting to 61 home run fifteen runs batted it. Hoyer kind of a slow starters we talked about it and and characteristically. Tough start for so far with three runs already on the border in the second inning. One of and off like Walsh Ellis editor Janice got an honest and dropped in front of her base hit. And her daughter who had to hold halfway point advances to third. Little soft fly ball to shallow center at the wind really knock that one down. And it falls in replace it that all of that they had to make it was caught and he played it. That's office that only rated third after Eliot. Gonna get a trip to the ground by pitching coach Mike you know it. Not a lot of balls hit hard necessarily the first couple of things that forehands already ports to line. Plus. Error a walk at the birds the wild hit by a lawyer. An early trouble three nothing like. It renders it first there is still only one out here in the second that it did not take very long. Steals it but he can't just say quickly gets back to the dugout. It's not it's an art he's. Tough at the top of the order. Hard aids walk and scored its first time up networking account to. A T a 281 hitter on the year he's been in a slump over the last five gains. Looking in the dugout before he steps in. Is it double play depth up the middle looking. Terry wanted to get an oddity and. Is pitched Ortiz well and outside the who got by Scott wanted to slide into the opposite batter's box. Player hasn't gone all that many long. So far but he's having trouble throwing right line that behind most of the gators. One ball those tracks are you. And a good. Over at low balls no strikes. Team stepping out look at the dugout. Yeah redshirt sophomore from the upbeat basic little. Your balls. Lawyer. And a pitch. It's all a little high three balls and not. Ground ball out of the first pitcher in the sense that. Angle like site Johnson. Rolen reached on a throwing error by Craig Akers are putting runners at first entered Poland doubled to right field line to bring in two. Got a little bloop single out three and on our. I hit the ball for that was close. They're loaded. The better breadwinners. Probably the best all around hitter in the land line. Couldn't walk by Hoyer both sides are cheeks a leadoff man. What is it lined a single into right field his first timeout. 318 literati here. Is also to use our Earth's. Two lanes RB I leader with 22. Bases loaded one out Cody lawyers at. And it delivers it now straight back. Digging themselves an early hole outs created nothing in the second inning. Opening of this three game series. Howell street in center right center. Alone. Yet hardship right size for another base hit one run as it meant being later on third and it held up this guy fired toward at all. So while scores on the base hit letters has ripped through the right side of the infield forget that his fourth straight. To get game now it is important to line. Bases still loaded with only one out here is that. Owens story got so what is there aren't seeing it. The better Cody Posey who hit into a double play. In the first inning shoppers could use another one here. Posey to 79 theater that's there right the first pitch good. Is low for ball long. I already for the green wave against the shocker. Only getting to fifty on the year. And in their first conference series. Boldly soon the 32. One ball those strikes. It this has slowed to a nothing. Is loaded. Only one out in the second or two lines they already have a four nothing lead. What are settles in. And deliver. Fouled out there right side is rising out of play down toward the bullpen area. It won an attic but he Posey. And it. As people literally from all over the country. Candidate to that one. What are the long holes and now terror rhetoric home plate and you. Obviously a fair number of players from Louisiana and New Orleans area of the Mississippi Texas Connecticut. Pennsylvania. Vancouver British Columbia. Rochester New York Florida. Massachusetts. Georgia. They recruit Florida and New Orleans a bad place to go so. Probably helps. Having it delivered. Brown Baltimore's third eyeball and into left field for another base yet. Runners and gets it quickly but a ground ball out of the reach of all that there. Port through line five runs home I updating waves in the second and that's gonna get actions are not crippled yeah. They desperately hoping that lawyer could find it. The work himself this that's a Florida it's not happening. Bases still loaded with one out. As you what is seen run in the year. Aren't mrs. We're not. There last week. That they're right. There. Outside the ball on. Ain't as bad round. That Havel and one count four runs bases loaded. I did nothing while. One ball those strikes. Detectives Lange water out if that ended at the turf that is one ball one strike. Coverage as a right handed hitter. Did you hear shrugged it means Florida transfers this year from saint Petersburg college. Hoyer and the long long. And it added a late playing inside outs breakdown right field line fair to morrow is there another man over to third it got away at him involved. Here's the relay know all be made a three run double. Or Trevor Jones. It eight it's not a two lane in the second inning. Ball got an audience got to break it I doubt it landed just inside the bag Pittsburgh rolled out at the right field corner. All three runners come home school or. Charters. Are as far behind as they've been all season. Butler. Do it our lawyers. He's getting the on that inning today it doesn't make it out of the second. We haven't had your idea. Out. Oh. And mourning today is national almond or. In the Merriam Webster dictionary uses his behavior marked by Minnesota. Please thank you kindness and courtesy goes a long way yes that is throw me you don't realize. Please do not fit in the microphone and most of them very courteous person yes would never dream of doing anything that wasn't. I'd be hadron. It makes it on you shut your yap perhaps. A couple they threw down one person who's not observing beyond out of turn on Derek national on the you can make me. Instead mornings from it until nine point in us. Your brand and we're going to be honest. And you could lose. It's used in the shadows fall keywords list. And south with one price. Radio lap three or mobile device on line had an SS radio dot com slimmed down nose at. Yeah winning eighteen download hours. This is even like his morning right here on hate and test and. So I'll talk fast characteristic. Somebody Hoyer came into today's game ranked 72. Invitation. It allowed per nine innings that have heard time. He gave us. An inning and a third today is very. He's still responsible one more base runner on second base. Just want to hear. An inning taking over his Tyler Davis president right handers. Yeah I would be making his ball well to. Ultimately they're getting eleven hits blocks to write downs. Decisions and you are at that point so I just hit scoreless innings against Oklahoma State. Launch day allowing one hit. They needed that good hitting outfielder for the green white writers and that's why now. Only out occurred on the leadoff man in the inning that was very good. It is not the editor of Ed good episode the second time. Wanted to first rituals will bounce or two on the third. This time is right for Davis on the Internet. Lawyer for the first time all year it happened today it couldn't get a head. That hits two walks while it. Front runner. David. With the whole lot. Just outside one ball right. David good. To her for New Orleans on Tuesday. Last weekend the US have started all 313 for four on Thursday over for Friday's game that went three for five on Saturday. Zero for thirteen. One event that's hard and by all out to right field line that chased him to foul territory it'll bounce back off the wall it's going to be a double for Ed good. And scoring per second is for average and had to make it nine to nothing or. That goodwill does night runs batted again. That was a ball that maybe a little more skilled first base might have had a chance to pick up but it is not a regular guy. I can't play that lawless couldn't come up with. Another run charged ordered closed the book on him nine runs eight earned it inning and a third today. Lane and hitting to 32. Conference games with nine hit. Eldorado Maria I Johnson out there once for one of our. Annie takes striker breaking ball Saturday. Johnson humidity gave it to 58. Bounced a single up the middle to get this whole thing started for lying here in the second. Here's a bridge and it outside. A bullet right. David that good bounces there on the first pitch of the inning. Ten straight hitters every day. One on an error all the others on hits or walks. One ball directed. Again. This is good. Harassment of this fastball down one vaulted. To Elaine has won the series opener in each of its first in his. Conference series. Certainly giving themselves a golden opportunity to make that three out of three. Want to attack now. And it does float two balls two strikes. This little. Results for the doctors to come back good thing hasn't got on the blog about. But the academic all that money that way. And it's evolved can't get into my contacts into left field. Bubbles Vermont and sent her utter and now that otter will score. Was it a second base on the play this is just really into nightmare with us today. The last two balls jets. Were definitely. Playable. Lawless couldn't come up with a hard one hopper at first. That was legitimately. Artists here. All had a better shot at apple it's charging it is not as hard hit kind of in between hop. And guess what under his glove and had an error it left but here is can overran it didn't pick it up because it did not get there today eking it gore. Decorator Bobble the ball. Tended not to line matters it's only one out the better man. Poland reached a trade Vickers throwing error earlier in the end. That's inside the ball long they have actually scored two errors. Under previous flight one unfold for not taking it out completely and then Ritter. For fumbling it in left field line that runs to score tutored in advance another base. Three errors in this inning which does. Davis is low too narrow to. Oh. The recent run charged Tyler Davis. All that it would be on earth. Do balls no strike. It fastball high. Three you know. Raiders have reached base safely port Elaine yeah. Think it scored. It runs in the inning steadily had nothing. Three out of met Roland. This. Eyeball for. Didn't come very close on most of those. Four pitch walk to roll the runners at first second don't want out. It does bring the double play that possibility. That. Ebola lifeblood out of right field line for a two run double earlier at Yankee bats for the second time. Eight hit for Tulane in the inning including three doubles. This is gonna do some serious damage is really good pitching numbers both for Cody Hoyer individually to the shocker as a team. First pitched a one. Right call audience I court. August 0167. Hitter earlier but now has. Three. In his last five at bats last sport that's going back Tuesday. All the news. Twelve man had batted in the inning. Sport Elaine eleventh. Every safely after a leadoff ground ball up. No balls and strikes. Tyler Davis facing his fourth hitter out of the bullpen. Owed to. Now if there one quality strikes. Two lane with a run in the first. I mean here in the second. Two bit on one out. I Davis. It. Well again to institute. Authorities export Tulane eight hit. Two walks. And senators have reached on a shocker errors. It is straight years is it. That gave out fastball down and air. Get all swinging for the circuit that idiotic. Or strike yet but I darker pitchers today. Al got up from the left side he singled his first step up a little blooper now that are. One for one little run scored. Or ignorant to the plate. Or Elaine it is yeah. And I'd hate this guy. Well behind figured out what. This is only the third time. It 47 games at Wichita State has given up. Ten or more runs. They want one of those. Alexander nothing in the second in this. Alec Davis little. And little flare to right field that's another base runner out there anyway I'll. Don't budget will be cut off. That are important to light and they now lead led to. Hit at the end result. The year. Inning for. It is just yet. Tyler Davis. Total ninth now afford to link. Visitors had an aide in the inning that's the eighth seeded. First and third round. Art she needs. A strike. Now added three times earnings. He has walked both times as score votes than. Fouled off the bat he's a hole in its fifteenth man. Added it now for two lines. Eleven nothing. Replay. At ten ran second. Alec Davis. Do. Time called what it is delivered. That are Trout line out front of the plate. Through some defensive signals. That role on the runner at third opt out of its first four to link two outs in the inning. I Davis. Waiting outside ball drags. It out. Too Jonathan Hart he's. Scouting. Report earlier years. A yeah to applause. Can't even imagine how many pages have been thrown by the shocker here in the second. Yeah not the second time. Dublin I. 92 lane hitters have now hit twice in the attic. He too. Lie to the middle base hit to get a twelfth Ronald. Stopping at second it is out God's. Rowland scored. And export reliant. Twelve runs in. Eleven here in the second inning. We'll bring grant winners good. He is to produce the ballgame a couple of hard angles through the right side of the infield. For two of the runs scored a run vetted yet. Well runs on ten hits port language shocker contributed three errors all of us wanted it this way I Tyler Davis verbal. The amazing thing about all of this is it the day rehab to get I don't want him at a time voucher for a baseline. Fouled by that I mean. Getting probably get three one way the way the wind is blowing yeah. Kind of station to station in line has had three doubles in the course of this. Does it for a second two out of 11. Evidence that are little help knock it down let us do it right a few steps to make the catches shallow left senator can finally beginning. That's who landed in the second and a meant to the plate yeah. Score eleven runs. After one and a half is handling it well which cost 88. Is forced military Ali thirteenth and green which rudin would you tell us your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Mondays are murdered days and Asians and don't forget Thursday's buy one get one free today tiny and only and excludes the superdome drew this for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and 9/11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn and always amazed enjoy the game room football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza locations in Wichita and more than Hutchinson proud supporter of charter athletic. I wonder how. Your internist is. How good stock is a new. Both are less than twenty but now we're just 1946. Year clock started shrink each. Tackle come do a diagnostic suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide pre estimate on any needed care. Are or 1946. National front aren't stocked and carry her turn to beat her. I'm not called on sort of many poor. As far as living like this season five right here on tape and ask. Larry Fisher. It did it again but the one nothing lead and goes back into meetings well I think that that's the case. Gave up a couple of walks offers 18 pitches. Outlined itself eating well that's sitting on the war while that was long. Well fortunately that's not the second inning scored eleven runs on nine hits in all but three shot errors. Actors list. A lot of game left but a lot of work it is slope that throughout quietly snuck followed by eight. And brown. Appropriately aligned his first picked her lines just inside the bowl on. With 28 pitches in the first half definitely cut that down to. Go to the five ED yet to win this one sided game high fly ball to right wind knocking it down pushing it toward the line and it now territory because made by the right fielder Johnson for the out. At ball carried it quite a way he's Forrest I as a positive that strongly. Outline applies to write this personnel. They got. Its date you she's 783 all right time grounds that it. She hits against Oklahoma State on Tuesday driving in three runs at RBI single early. At that game winning two run homer in the bottom. Kind of miss that small. Conference. Of Martha streak. This season averaged 78 over 733. For eleven. Late high as always although it. Normally his pit but. Oprah's got added twice with fastballs as well right through. To and I actually find the latter a little bit and I love it all right. Yeah that's not happening at the end of a loss that you can hear it isn't. From here. Once you do go on this heart breaking ball at times to do. Yes I probably. Go to three you know it. It lead early today that is Oslo Norway three investment much. Well nothing Tulane in the eleven run second inning. My goodness. Before. Prisoner walk. Batters per one. And better Bryant. Play. In August though it is more suitable. For at. These last. 7120. Tons and added it. Bryant is. What if she left handed hitters in two days plot against Rupert right on the outside corner race jettisoning the other. That first one out. Right captivate O'Bryant. Gophers hit. Up and away a little bit on all right. Opening game of the three game series moved up to eight did start today because of possible pending. Inclement weather even worsening weather later it was oysters. Forecast. Just outside fastball who have won. The rest of the schedule. Will follow the original as long as to what it just means that we're expecting 2 o'clock tomorrow at 1230 on Sunday. You want to get near a laugh when kind of pushed it toward the line knocked it down the left fielder over that makes the catch. The second man. A good. You always toward the line that blue lot throws down the cadets suckers now ahead. Three fly ball outs in this game in the first eight hitters and that's. Probably not going to get you anywhere today hitting the ball a year and getting knocked down. Jordan Boyer. Six to three runs fourteen I didn't. You guys burst out. Shoppers have reached on walks. Fly ball out Thursday and a that rhetorical shortstop rounds on throws across his body if first gets there and done. So Boyer down short for hackers out quickly in the second leaving one man on after two. Laine twelve Wichita State. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental of Kansas okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first is with no. Your parents are staying home weekends. Wow that's Hassan. Al with a smile you into staying all week and wow that is aunt and. Healthy smile as powerful things it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits providers unleash your smile dollar delta dental. Hello shocking name and this is Cindy turn in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY and incense in the past forty years Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell home. Loans helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading at or peering down. We want you to call on past. Let us that our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven system works for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. Its case and yeah please join us and become reality radio week nights at eleven on page there. There sitting here next idiot Tyler Davis credit accident inning. I got it. Theory about Reagan and three bronze only one of wood off one outlined. Lasted only inning and it here today churchmen. And yet. Walks. Here and Davis and throw 55 pitches. It that long it up there. Or to take sizable. On where the umpires. Are working mark wagers college balls strikes. Michael. Hurst. An injury there. Pitched hosing hide the ball to to announce. Hosea grounded into a double play. And he has singled to drive it around. To go to moves it back three balls no strikes. Davis. Working from the wind up the numbers game and yeah. On days and it got a previous. Play football for. For parents walked Posey to start the third. His second law. Yeah yeah movement. Google then. There is Trevor Anderson the person that it. Does there inning double right up three runs. Yeah I. There. Balls right rhetoric first. Nobody out. On your part to third off the ball up and down the left field line. It's gonna at chase it all the way to the corner and other matters of the way home. And the overthrow members fans at home is late it's thirteen and nothing line. Hard hit vault to bombs backhand but again certainly appeared liable. Kicked off his glove and down the line. It's that goes as the eleventh hit at a fourth error Wichita State doctors with three already. Have tied their season high and only the second time all year that they have made as many as three years. So a lot of really good statistics getting stomped on today. The pitching and defense. It is an error on all. In the game for him. And that was loaded David good good for ball one dead good. As red deserted doubled your editor. That'll be an honor at ground at least for the time being. Second nobody out but it up but they're good fell straight down one swollen right. So at this point only wanted for runs scored off with Tyler Davis has better. One ball. One right. Second nobody out in the third force plane may lead thirteen enough. What life. How straight back when ball he strikes. Is that there. In a conference view Pollack Oscars for years all of that. Didn't Missouri Valley Conference if you let bites or. After seven innings. And it. Again it's more and did it actually is a possibility then the way to go. Side. Lawyer Earl may play over at first but he out. Retired over a third on the play Trevor. Her third one out. The federal tae young. The American if you lead by fifteen or more after that game. Right now is thirteen to nothing like you were only the third and putt. Likewise shocker. Opportunities to maybe get something going offensively. Johnson won for two. They slow it exactly as civil and reached on an error he has scored both times he's been on. Thirteen runs on ten hit fortunately and would tell us date has chipped in the four errors he's and I. What is slow to nothing. After the four pitch walk. Suppose starting the inning it looked like the bullpen. But if somebody goalie that. A couple of ground balls but gave us a lot work again there has fouled out there right side out of play to have one. When the ground balls didn't get it led to another. Or one of the first eleven. In the second edit edit want here in the third ever better at third with one out. Let outside street one. I Johnson 58 coming into the game. He added short. Better than coming home Vickers take your out over first and gets at home is Trevor. Make it fourteen to nothing to line that are uttered it. Church and Tyler Davis. Does it look at credit for Iran that it gets there his first of the game. The better role of the DA reached on an error and has walked and scored twice. 245 coming into the game. For your a little bit low ball on. All right and it hit fifth year senior from Philadelphia. It's time Scottsdale community college now. But outside bounce off the catcher's glove do enough. Roll it. And as a freshman and 2014. And transferred to Scottsdale every year. To. It. Last year a four game as it starts at 324. Actually that was two years ago at 34 at bats. Before game six at bats last year 194000. I'll play to do. Most action that has been in place finisher Ernie had a hundred that this. Previous seasons combined. Maureen between those who averages 45 in that is. Those are two out. I. And it's from Davis yes vanish without off got his hands fouled it straight out. I'm holding intuitive. Two unearned runs home in the inning for the green way. Walk and error a couple of ground ball outs. That it. Bounces away way outside full count to. But he Hoyer struggled to get ahead work behind those hitters Tyler Davis kind of experiencing the same thing. On several long counts that's coming into the ball game and has walked a couple. Three to our role. Slow curve ball. Walk inning. That are. Adding that there are Tyler Davis experts to. Better. Already in the on deck circle but he edition guards on. May third out. Vision guards that have come up with a certain time in the numbers three innings. Doubled up the right field line to dragon too early of that inning and then struck out later ones for the ball game. Pitched it right fielded. To his left debt makes the catch Andy and over Owen lives right in the innings Elaine get some more on no hits one error. And it was one man left after what I have Elaine fourteen in Wichita State at. Lauren asking us in his seats out. Our dream is to make chocolate not only. Does. At least we are not pirates and shared account and an American dimly insurance even leave your dream the more valuable things that are. So today we're supporting and stream it people want to get all they can just ice and our chaplain. Every dream deserves a champion high yours and tam dot com American family insurance or contusions and an American partner or partners an injury. Hi this is actually paint and on the fulltime working mom of two of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places and how much time to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of Barney so let's say we are thrilled opted like fulfilled a blaze is an understatement. Eli encompasses everything in one place functional fitness exercise classes yoga are 88 interval training and stopped. They even have child care. This like it's funny person whether online at poppy Tyson nice dot com. Chalker sport is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains Bernhard and Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or molding Pearl Harbor this news. Join us this morning. Right here on Kate and the S and. Yeah I heard it here next Vietnam this one's a little hard to imagine it. It was my own eyes Packers trailing fourteen to update. It to the bottom of the third completely Ritter race Aniston. And Alec while soccer gets you broke who has walked through the first. Is not a lot of hits and he is struck out. You are. Started off what looked like it encouraging first back to backers were asked him for finally grounded out sharply short. Over and walked the next man got a strikeout to walk. A fly ball into him in the top the second act is scored eleven time. Creator. And a little bit bull on. Over forty minute. Effort to settle down a little second after walking a couple of birds. Now you're right that bullet one bowl. Three reports in the opening conference. Last weekend. It the left field is not doubt it started back spreading and it. And it's also in front of it going activities there with a double. So that it will. Not do this kind of win. Played it back at it realized what was really not happy. It happened at any yielded. What a fly ball out. Or falls for a double through a greater lakers' first. Second nobody that he's got to still walked on five pitches his first. By roper right down to little bruised right in one degrees. Got to sit in the 89. Actors. To eat two or three or four big inning overtime here to get back in this. I was way hire an outside 11. I'm fourteen did not think in the third. It's got better over. What law. And yes that's right 21. We. All right yeah. Once again. Look at it by roper and that it. That's short. Or take that there will make their experts like got that shortstop retires and big the hopper gave greater time to read it off the attic get rain. Across credible report not sure exactly advances they're one out. The better Alex well. Struck out looking this verse sat up and down to it that you thought low. The rhetoric there aren't doctors. First read of the game trailing fourteen to nothing to either. But I recruit a bit Annapolis slowing us. Here's the scoreboard. The batters hitless there. Treat yours guys. A called strike one. In the rubber track to pitch around they've misplayed fly balls and balls for a doubles should have been caught start the on the ground to the right side delegate Ron Paul the second baseman Eric over to first for the out. Urged by RT. Source for shocker today. Not nobody on an apple with his 29 runs batted in the end these games. It goes shut out but it is fourteen to one lane. And lawlessness there. Hers get him out of there right. Prado aligned every day. It logged his first about. 35334. That authorities freshman he's. One on all short and ended doubled up I got across the body's diversity out. So far. Good job of keeping the ball on for the most part marketing. Like wolves in the LR one want it left. At this trade is light or heat which tell us want. Coach Gregg Marshall hasn't pulled today. In practices preparation. And there's his second jump recruited. That being trampled and couldn't do it without executive leadership the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always check on the runway waiting for a he can star recruit and he backed the same night Brady's start is now busy day again that's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more an exact air shared dot com. Cellmark delivering you these high ages unpacked over there on you didn't pay you haven't unpacked. Act you're not gonna look at my older equipment millions they haven't hooked up you mean I paid good money or a new TV glad I didn't know service exactly. I should go on or even. You're TV we don't charge extra for delivery in senate and prices in concerning. We do all day long and happy we got everything we talked not to start branches. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would each own green which Cutler he sells for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Solomon. Ordinary from coast to coast am sure we we starts right here I'm. He and that's. I. Father's Day this goes back got its support for what you guys did not want to change got to backers. Yeah is now playing first base replacing. That ball in the line. And leading off for two lanes out got so that it in the hole for two singles. Or vetted it takes strike outs I quarter. Tyler Davis. Hitting into third. Relief that bode Hoyer. Gets through it inning ministers today. Out of this and I got a ball very. I've got to be coming into today's game. At hitting short. Sophomore from Wallingford Connecticut. It is outside for ball one. Got has a Clinton brother Paul who was on the Tulane team last year and decided to transfer to salute the conference opponent. Now straight back. States want to all as they want to see one train Burnett. This year. As expert Connecticut. Play there next year. All right at it analyze. Scott Boyer second base. Had to go up after that pulls out. The first out of the fourth inning. It gives other Davis two full innings now on the ground in Iraq. Do longest outing for him this year. If there are three other. One out nobody on. We ought. RT. Dot order. As walked twice. Scored what is your. 00. One's. His name miserable plight and then. Get down. Fourteen to nothing early. So long. Rights envoy into his lap and goes out all right. Now. That is. Four balls now. It certainly could have been playing. Alcohol is an error also fifth error of the day which. It's probably. They're called. Was there could have picked it up then it gets to global again. Shocker nightmare defensively. Is the spy errors early in the fourth inning Italy had as many as 31 time all season. Grant little bit slow purple one is two for three years. 10 down the middle for a called strike one and one. Conference and that's the way to create in the horrible crimes. 11. Loaded side two balls and it. Of the fourteen runs. Only eight or earned by my count. One tallied in the outlaw the is it. It out of the box Vermont back again. Did you hear from the Denver area. If balls strikes. Spit out straight back over the screen and. Activity is not a shocker bullpen. It's fourteen it's a blindness to blame. In the top of the fourth that it. And delivered. It fouled out there right. I and I am blinded. Not a shocker bullpen bench. Thursday's one top. Out holding into the address whether the. Davis delivers and missed the breaking vote alliance side. Boy sixteen pitch first inning. And David combined to throw and society in. We're over the first baseman. Bakr Al alliance right or Canada Fidelity's. Gonna go for two and throw to second is not in time. A big high shot on terror for the ahead of him back to third base but it goes as a double. Game. There were light with only one out. Pouring off Tyler Davis left it for life. The conference. Before Cody Posey. Soccer's just seem to be moving at all asked us today. It into a double place we'll. And walked into Portland on Saturday. Lest I hold but Vickers long process gets away the first. To go war. And the ball actually dug out. And know where. We. Or yeah. It'd error believe yet hit an error. Because it would be able to get Posey at first but the wild throw. Out the other runners to move up. Two morons gored at six seemed to want to Elaine. Posey the infield single one run batted it. He advances to second on the error and run scored Mears who runs and yeah. The better Trevor Jones won three. Slow ball. It ground ball to third three run triple. And he reached on here. Today like you're looking at a different team now they're wearing what Utah State's uniform placed on the way they played here. On the inside corner for strike 11. It only had three errors one time any games this season. Today at an early in the fourth. Lane also has twelve. Pitchers have walked five. One wants. Straight out there right out of play want to. Far. And partner in. Her fight for your it would be her third. Guess that's sort of third foul reasonable. Price. We have the shocker bullpen a left hander out. I it is Alex Eagles article is not. To. And they're two balls drank. The plane came into this game today ranked 200 in patient scoring averaging four point nine runs per game they have in. I. Thousands of little gun makers has. Personality out. And Eric you've done. Posey moved to third on the play. Thanks. Runs scored five after double. Dealt with. It. Are. There's. Once that little girl and her mind is apparently now. They're good has ground. A third Pakistani side of the doubled to right field line drove around that'll let them run. Scored the first eleven seconds to atmospheric in the fourth clearly seen that wants. Low ball one. Davis. Output in two of the third officially. And is it. First baseline now again want to. Exiting Iran while sport Tulane. One run one hit suckers they're committed. Six errors. Once you. Now lots catcher's glove. And these days a lot. That they're good at once for three today. Is three for evidence of games this weekend at nine for twenty over the last five games forfeit. That wouldn't side breaking ball to him to. Prior to his dad priorities last game was eight for forty balls. The ones who hit game. Yes you read it twice to once. For three day old early. The ball straight. Their two out of innings two runs in. And it it. I fell behind third out of play. Long long innings every time two lanes that acted. Today the first. Good to Davis has hit. And it's well off speed pitch was way out of brown visited them first base line. Yeah holding 23. Strikes are balls prevented. Us. I Davis. Hit. And I think are being denounced a good couple of feet incredible play. That's every. Again the stretch. 32. Without first baseline. It is is wearing out of debt. First they coaching box area without ground balls bet. Elaine came in to today at 115 in the RP they are all four against the top fifty. He can't get your first today. I'm pretty well hit the right field a little locket does it thanks to get amniotic. So sports Elaine in the fourth. He runs on two hit. Two more shocker errors. Three I have to explain. To us want. It. Yeah I felt pretty good what is it about seven bucks at the big black tires or did. Yes I think any disservice and a feeling lasted about as long as a snowman at San Diego great value except the cars are so Mike repair work all handled by frankly strength next. You can put your confidence in Kansas my entire build on the WA SU shocker got to work ethic. You can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you at your card again as live online at this land tired dot com. Scared as I am tired your affair Ernie repair things guys gave him. Comfort citizens as practiced the Porsche S senior rays CT I can't see it comforts of a junior or. Installing new letting this that you can rely on conferences is for all of your conditioning and even flooding means. Keep what you tell us his cool call today 2657831. Or their athletic conference since gotten. Comfort Systems proud part shot athletics. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. Challenger Ron woods carried out the cars up in valley center and think for an end over what. This is Michael Savage join me week nights they are okay. Just hit it in the bottom of the floor. Trailing two lanes. In 21. Well four lanes one run one hit errors. For the shocker straight. Off the well it might better outline. Anti. One here. Greater get a fly ball left leading up there that was misplayed vital if you drop in front of him for a double. Record actually scored Alex ground. It's the opposite of our speakers right at the portrait slider right whispers about. You have roper threw it on. One hit one run walk strike out. On Attleboro all the rights are asking her for a base hit. Pickers like that it just got to read the current pace to his backhand and leaves it up or shut your fourth. Better Trout line to. You plug it right for a out of he's gonna be replaced by Roscoe Dina. Wind gets one at bats today. And heads soccer's down sixteen don't want. This is a move to save Wear hair out gutters catching every day. So Roscoe Tina freshmen who seem limited activities of moral issue here in the fourth and take over behind the plate. They're right handed hitter the first pitch to him is in the air for a called strike one. F 591 night on a freshman from south flight taxes. Though he ATP campaign set up and that's what we get really sick. Bryant added yeah. Speakers are better at first nobody out in the bottom of the sports. Fire Roeper and the pitch. And yet stumbled out of balk at it. Caught his foot or something happened to any kind of stumbled out front of the mountain. If you start to make that move to the plate and don't finish it actually broke the mold played. That's a balk at those stickers that nobody else. I cannot Katrina. And that it. Don't tell right field second thing that out right fielder Griffey and toward the line and the next day I got it for the out. He's had plenty of activity at him that's his third put out. Of the first hand recorded. Pulling out at second base rate Vickers one out of the inning. And a better date ended up. They watched his first time. He's looking for other changes looks like shark or go to. The liberally to their bench today try to get guys that. She really seen a lot of the fourth. It got fouled straight back for Strickland looks like you're. Has come out on deck for soccer's. You got him into the game at 78 remains there after Milwaukee's first time. Three home run. Hey don't miss a breaking ball up that time. Gets traded Japanese it in the hole 02. Neighbors have ended up working a walk out of it won the fourth. He. Can't buy bonds right. The wind was blowing out of the north. Capital One and two. You got stepped out for a moment back in from the right side. Count one ball strikes. Oprah Pitt he swings and misses were directory osprey breaking ball down. To editing. Second right gap or you have rover. And now it hear it causes pinch hitting for Mason O'Brien O'Brien was over one the fly ball left. Coast is one of the shocker freshman. He has been out. At times the 3501. Of them a double who runs Saturday. 4195. Freshman from Omaha. First pitched to him is outside fastball. Great records. One through the right side of the infield for a leadoff single moved to second on a balk but they're not too out of it. That's it for calls striking is that the the one on one. Bryant was the DA though. Because it remained in the game that role. It. Under the middle right shortstop in the bag. Throw to first for the out. Slackers are retired after the leadoff single by Vickers all right I want him out after four. It remains. Keen to want to blame. You felt pretty good what is it about seven bucks at the big flat tires or did yes but then getting good service and feeling lasted about as long as the snowman in San Diego great value if that's the entire service and might repair work all handled by tactic trade text you can put your confidence in Kansas land tires built on a WA SU shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you but you're guarding good news. Online at Kansas my entire dot com Kansas my entire you're out of there and repair things guys gave him. Understand stingers dripping in construction is the answer your action repair questions on your residential or commercial real. Always three erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and bacon also make you look your home again. So it's this spring storms right cure. Roof or I hit a home run with the new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living they called to tunes what he's a six or go to stingers running dot com 2021. And dinners writhing in construction you're home team grow. Students and miners morning right here on end and then. It's tough for the six innings Davis remains on the map out a long two thirds for him already. Go back out there activity at a soccer ball without eagle out earlier not throw it right now. Taking over at second base Alec Jackson places dirt Boyer at that spot ross' death. For better Trout line remains that it had perhaps its young is not playing left field. Young Jackson replace lawyer. And raider there's lots of batting order if they switch. The shot of uptight constantly off the high now right. When. Well out of play for strike one. Tied Johnson's apart and they want grocery a single reached on an error grounded to short he has scored twice and threw an editor. Bullet. Actionable. Davis gone 13. Twice or 32. And two thirds easily his longest outing certainly weigh more today than any. Previous one game. This is a good did you want to tide them. Johnson. Junior outfielder. At a port is watching college transfer. Omelets to design an avalanche hit. I had outside of the. He's quite a few changes in the line depth. Team the world today. Only at the top of the fifth inning. You. Test them out Alex Jackson gets play man throws to first for the out of Alex gets chances on the first batters that he added line up then throws Eric Johnson for the first out of the fifth. One out of baton. Roland the designated hitter fourth lines. Rowland has reached on an error and on two walks and a scored twice officially over one. Alec Davis. Over the glove goes into the wind out the first pitch to Rolen. Fastball inside the bowl. Big outburst for two lane the second they scored eleven times in the second inning. Here's the pit. Back again two balls no strikes. Would have been hard to imagine. If we had seen it. Well. Net interest right to balls and want strength. Why did excellent. Fastball for a strike audience I caller. Ever wanted is anything but given it's likely that gains out to gain. Its dockers asked me to come back and win the series and get to 33 in the league by the end of the week it did you. For a third foul. Rolen stays alive with the count two balls two strikes. In times at 2 o'clock tomorrow at 1230 on Sunday for the final two games of this dream series. Pitt when he got three news. What does date losses. At the news last Friday Saturday were the second time all year it lost back to back. Inside for ball four. One out walk to Roland his third walk of today at four walks given up by Davis. And better all catcher and it looks like it's gonna do it for David Butler scored the man. But after losing back to back games the previous time which cost it one of the row certainly looks like. This is gonna make it three losses the last four games each market go to Japan will pick it up for you. After this. And Chad in the morning you know we're less than two weeks. Away from the annual gridiron children yet journalists here in the area in the eagle Oakland and everybody including probably you mr. and here they do enjoy that. On this probably because you have your unequaled ability and union dancing stint I don't know courts and it's all about our compared to use a combination of registered at the moment Wednesday well let them and could have been Fred please don't dictate and that's their. Yeah. I don't look breadth of it. And at this morning from the line on tennis as. Many hours yeah. Any minute now it's time. Any good. Like I was in any time. It's time to. Scene for a long time you're running out of our dependence on the thirty minutes past Niemi knows. It's. Always time and this. Let them easily in morning denies right here on CN. Tennis is best pitcher floor with you stay here in the they here's lady. It the year 103 point 38 ERA for six innings allowed eight hits. But walk. At a team right gaps that scoreless third against Oklahoma State on giving up one hit. Striking out 11. In the opening concert series last weekend. That one tree. He inherits a one out one on situation the Packers trailing. 21 in the top of the fifth. Owens to link catchers in various run double strike out a line drive right greet previous at bat. Now lie over how grad behind the backers first goes to the bank for the Al Bakr was out after holding the runner on him all the baggage that it was drugs. In front of the bags so he was in shallow update hi chopped off her. What are those earlier what for a double fortunately it had time to pack her literally leap again. And it makes the answers to play at first and second out Roland advanced to second on the play and Tanzania. We'll bring out got the shortstop. Apart singles line drive second baseman. Threw for three run gore run batted in. That's from the stretch as hers is strike. Our company's. If we get it goes more than just these couple of hitters. And get a couple of them go back to little hands and it certainly they won't. Right about here too long that he is still available rest of the weekend. Along. Off the outside coordinates were kicking it up football. We have got that would chase late October on one account. Second two out. Get us ready. And the pitch. Playing at this on a fastball at eighty. Inner half one and two. If yes can get got so. The first inning in the ball game at Tulane has gore got one of the first eleven in the second. To third to the fourth and second with two out here in the fifth. Want to breaking ball and I putted like community captured two balls directs. If he. Would not say. Is first inning behind the dish after pinch hit at the bottom of the fourth. Several lineup changes but shocker in this one sided game guys it. At play much for awhile or had played a lot all year getting it give him as. You cannot. Get this is outside the test all three and two. Cody employer through team pitches in the third. That's been by far the low pitch count for shocker pitching in this game today they have thrown a ton of pitches in his. Three you got that would runner at second base and Sudan. Got it. Asked all Lebanese army outside corner that those strikes out looking at mcginnis retires both men he faced in the fifth to finally get this Packers scoreless inning on the amount. All right no hit. Lot left. After Florida hat in his. No warrant. Another mile power experiment brought by delta dental. Okay so they were not just how powerful mile per cent from me with no. He got pregnant. I can't. Now with Cuba promoting it can't believe as an aunt. Healthy smiles powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provided. Unleash your smile dollar delta dental. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk cried. Do you lying in cost thousands of Dollar General time. And losing your life a little life lost too drunk driving is an unacceptable price. If you've been drinking going to override. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. Gerald Amato. Chris Sammy out and Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or is built for a humble. This as far as living like this season tied right here on tape and ask as. Yeah. Is now ready access to thirteen thirty KM SS if you have not been following the game he had coach dockers dot com I have started tagging you haven't missed much from a shocker standpoint. Our state comes to bat in the bottom of the fifth trailing by a tight now. Sixteen to one Taylor brokerage first pick should be getting low Alex Jackson purple alarm Alex. Getting his first at bat after during the game at the top of the inning defensively taking over for Jordan's lawyer that could face. Jackson hit hitting sophomore got a little trickster god though the fact that it has rosy about it birds. He'll have roper. At 828 pitch first inning where he walked a couple that has settled down since then he's only given up hits. Walked three struck out two. And now close to qualifying for the win. And I got a run of the first. That in the second scored a whopping eleven run. Added to mark the third the fourth doctors only run in the third. Sixteen to one lane has sixteen rounds with twelve hit a shocker is one run to the hits and they have committed an incredibly high six errors. Double but they'd ever made in the game this year haven't done. Giving his first played here. For Luke Reeder other defense he changed out the inning gets hit by pitch. Plate umpire mark where he stepped adaptive picture gravest doesn't lose his temper thing about going to the mountains. Young hit let hits with one out here in the certainly no reason for broke her to be throwing at anybody intentionally got a sixteen to one lead. Get through this getting him. It gives me five innings he had to qualify for the win. But it. Then Grayson generals out after the third time has walked and grounded to short as he stepped it. Packers have made several changes from the starting lineup. Jettisoned over one with a walk runners first one out. On plus this goes right on the inside corner. The first baseman. Is playing behind ya holding him and in a game like this where they're doing and it's kind of bad form to take off the bag. But he goes and pitches low throat out AA is not a time ball bounces away the short stuff so. They didn't hold you are not because takes second base stolen base for Travis got is his fifth. In eight attempts here. 11 account now to get there. At the moment Tulane with the bar and I need to end this game early there is a fifteen run rule after a bit in the American. A conference is there a sixteen to one. What want to jettison kinda outside of that one. So certainly can't fault Wichita State score taking extra base here trying to get some runs back and he is it going if nothing else have a president tack two lanes pitching just a little bit before the day's over. 21. And it's there for a strike fastball away to into. It's got to go optic. We just tuned for sixteen started conference play over one today was two for fifteen last weekend. At TCU. Did you pitch fouled off the plate and nasal. Gala broker. Looking to go to three you know American conference play has won his two previous starts. Against Cincinnati and US he got the only live for late last weekend series in Tampa. Ticket Afghanistan. The pitch low and outside three balls and strikes. From the original group started there are now it is five changes in the soccer lined up five the nine starters have been replaced. 32. I'd outside for ball four canisters among the nation's leaders walk draws his second of today. That's four walks and hit batter now. Or roper. First and second one out the better Alec well. Get a of foam tray Dickerson Dayton and are the only original starters still a shocker lined up at the moment. Ball today has struck out looking. And grounded out to the second baseman background ball. Did give it runs batted it and it brought in the lakers' only runs so far from third. In from the right side roper steps off the rubber. Activity at Tulane bull and no reason for there to be at. It. Outlines. All impairment sore right fielder right fielder gone back Apple's gonna get ovaries can it and got a lot bounces against the best. Around third to score is young pianist over to third on the play it's a double. Or Alex well so it is now jeans to ball game and that ball really took off in the win. Wasn't high enough really have a chance it out of the park your normal defense on the fly. What is it got hackers Johnson and got a pretty good job but had to turn completely around as the wind was pushing it. And managed to get to the level on it that could hang on. Keen to do. There's a third ball that second only one out here it's getting. And ball with two RBI did it now has thirty. On the year. I should backer. We'll get his first at bat he entered the game defensively in the fourth. At first base replacing actually flawless ball is over one of the law today a record takes a strike call. Gosh backer is one for eleven thought a year. And he has one hit came in his last at bat against TCU last Saturday one for one of the audience. Lefthanded hitter. And pinch off speed pitch little bit outside what I want. Back here at. Redshirt junior from Lee's summit Missouri 6320 hi this good V from the left side. Here's the opportunity for a multi run innings that third one out. Act like toward left field toward the cat left fielder was really shout it's got to follow the gap. Not down on the bounce who runs they're going to score to cracker at second base with a double. It's now seem to 42 lane here in the yet. A three run inning for the shocker back to back doubles by all the packer. That hit that ball a long way right into that north win into the gap in left center. Certainly knock it down that he carried Florida he can pass left fielder. It was very shallow. Chuck is finally making a little noise offensively trade Vickers the hitter. And he had one of the chapters to earlier yes I won through the right side of the infield for a single. Backer second hit as many at bat after starting zero for ten. Vickers is a strike audience I accord. Aimed at 42 lane. Packers now with four runs on four hit us. Oh want to Dickerson trail Liza ballots that you're gonna get out of that one out in front just a little bit. Still only one out of the inning. Young but at Pitt Aniston walked all doubled the Becker double. Reruns of sort. Roper. The Packers the over the map the second base and charging hero Bobble from all the throws the first baseman Kmart the bag makers is say. They'll go as an infield hit it was cleanly handled other than RT. Had a Bobble for a split second trying to pick it up aussies charts it. And then broke and a short hop pulled her space but not the fact that it was going to be bang bang play anyway. The diggers get credit for an infield single. Second hit first and third with only one out. And the better Ross hitting them that the second time pitch yet for better route one of the fourth a fly ball in the right field. Roper from the stretch. Or is it could we have not looked at our behind first. Shocker it's lonely to get through the first four innings have put together three straight here in the fifth. People want to get into the packers' third Vickers it first with one out. The tea pot with a fastball wanna want. Out for a moment that hit from the right side through his previous that to date him for eight. Why hole or shot to get screened it. Protect the players and coaches standing at top of that yet step. Into the screen one ball to Rex. It sounds like Texas true freshman. Edward the bottom of the Packers trailing. Before. But it bounced toward second this could be to second base one and got a back to first for the double play. Two Indiana that would goes forced X three and at the attackers get three runs on three. And reliever outer third so after five complete it out to lean team would costly war. He's old he's washed are struggling to make it to a cycle well then you've got to get into hundreds of planets are there clearly. They found quality players like world and they tended to. This has over qualified models on despite a major buying this isn't easy. Let's that are large inventory means you get and they are deliberate and is still the most models that is that they get that old noisy in a visit this washing replaced with a new whirlpool Maytag amana Sunni Energy Star rated this one should ask about preinstalled qualifying model. The show through insurance we know landlords have to keep their printers and it's everything. Added we just drop by and pick up your way. I'm running a little short this market. Not everything works as smoothly as children's records in good health numbers of entries of fire that's and more when I just moved back and smelled room you mean yes he meant. A news. So through insurance we're usual you're usually there. Orators insurance he Katie Hanley or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay dirt out than derby hey it's Jason please join us for become reality. Only real weakness. An eleven time yeah. Yeah. Us data trackers to. Instantly to exploit mcginnis active amounts faced hitters retired them both in the fifth. Basically top of the order as the Greenway Gardner good time. They're batting orders lately eleven runs really taking command of this adds sixteen runs on twelve yet. Wichita State four runs fired a shot here's an edit errors. Jonathan our team's second baseman who leads it off in the sixth he's been on all four times officially won for two. Efforts permit in a short right accurate kickers gobbles up and it rolled between his legs. The first basketball ought to ask you couldn't pick it up lately. It. It would have thrown him out but it rolled between his legs behind him and that becomes the seventh. Error of the day for Wichita State. Third on trade diggers. Tray had made three errors in fourteen games. Chris had made three errors once this season. Abbott today. I regret what is three for four singles and doubles. Applaud all the senator Byrd has now reached twice on errors. Does that not all five times who walks singled to her. Actually there's been a little bit low one bullet or it. Please create team cutting about 333. Yard a year four homers 23 runs batted in one today. Double he had earlier with his eleventh of the season needs among the national leaders doubles. On one. Good strike companies outside corner one and two. Other activity at the shocker bullpen at the volatility holier only wanted inning and a third today. Tyler Davis a season high three innings and get a two thirds so far actually. Should have been of one full inning with regional outlets didn't get it now outside to do. And I got sixteen runs our current while Davis pre earnings earned runs up lawyers inning and a third. After he came into the game with a low three ERA 3.2 three. It would. And hit the middle one hot ice cap but Vickers slipped to second launch accident first double play. Vickers after an error made an actual playoff that went a low line drive one hop up the middle of a great job here Otterhound got to Jackson and the shocker rollovers. For three. I really good it can't play out today when the shot has just been horrible defensively. To that nobody on. Better Cody Posey the third baseman. Posey making his 34 consecutive Arthur ray is 23 on the day plus a walk. And in two rounds and you scored better. Or is it didn't have his one on a missed for strike one. We are now in this building past 2 o'clock hour. Anticipated possibility of precipitation has not yet reared its head chances aren't exceptionally high. There's a good strike on the outside quarters so it is supposed to get the fifteen to 20% range but this time in the afternoon and actually. No more than forty or 45%. Late afternoon into the evening after it was much higher earlier in the week. Coach you. Low this time one volunteer. They get a Scott the last two outs in the Fiat to. Post a shocker is first Corliss inning on the mound today as a chance to. Put another zero here at six with two out and nobody on. Once you. Yes the outside corner to positive to drag it fastball one right hander. Is has put up a three I didn't have that. The lower third of the order coming up it. And unfortunately. The series of that are due to. This low three balls to. Cold windy edit it certainly uncharacteristic. Weather sport Tulane to play in that they are handling it just fine today. You got it looking fastball that needs right out Cody Posey. And as faces a minimum three. After the lead author. Runs no hits somebody left after five and a half it is deemed afford to Elaine. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament and it's 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game for united health care you can have better control your kid. The mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and ask your digital ID card for easy access to learn more you got current. United health care. For plants. One company on a mission to put a million people who worked cheer sounds like a big number doesn't it not to professional. Make sure you'll scenes operator Welker well maybe you're looking to find a new job distribution. Held out of Brooklyn operator here. Minutes horse sense and never church was beatified John. This press player of professionals is on initiatives put a million people who work. Let us help yeah a lot of go to express pro stock can't find the location near you mean this is seen. Join us this morning right here on hate us yes. Her that were eighty pitches beyond eighty brain by at least allowed five hits and four runs all her for walks and hit batter. And strikeouts. Eight guy here. Alex Jackson from which escape in the delaying the eleven run second today. They're actually building really. Don't want it after four shot with three runs in the fifth. And right now aren't position to keep this game going there is a fifteen run rule after Sadler in the American athletic conference right now shocker it. The margin to twelve as a bat in the bottom of the sixth Dayton did go through on a walk striking out of four. Brokerage first pitch to him is a strike fastball Lebanese. Actors collected three of their five gifts in the fair back to back doubles by Alec Bowman Josh attacker an infield single by trade Vickers. 01 that you got fastball over the middle of the plate and down and so on to. The well located fastballs by roper. It's been operating this fast all day that was an 89. You. Rolled left side third baseman gets played. And the throat first announced our first baseman. Posey I think that his first chance that Sampras I remember about. Am just threw lol it past the first baseman yet a shocker. Get a little break the first error of the day's work in line. As opposed to. What fascinates you got bored with nobody out. Here it causes will come up. Looks like Dayton. Is okay as he walks off he may be strange something a little bit but they're gonna pull him. And pinch run hunter gives. One would assume Gibson we'll also take over right field. That gives him pinch running for did that now leaves just three. Of the original starters that little line out here in the sixth inning. Gary how's this for Mason O'Brien. In the fourth inning grounded out to the short. Let's get a hitter. Broker from the wrecked his first. Because estate slope from all month. Here put a pretty good why not want his first I'm not get a solid ground or edit the middle but. Shortstop. Got old playing about that little bit takes that would load who have nothing. Oprah wanted to make puts a freshman at 34 bit. In limited opportunities so far this he's. Too low pitch. Strength call today's audience at a quarter to one. Because this appeared in all three games of the firm and series. Two weeks ago this weekend those were his last. At that. 21. That's all right now that is on this time up and away to do. In Lieberman series kosice ones one on Friday with Iran's editing at one for one Saturday with a walk. And over to the side of the game it got the first baseman fields throws down the second late there. Yeah advance to second base under Gibson the one out big shot near the bag. Yes it. Made the right play stepped on the bag gets your adamant try to throw it out the second attack like that it was time to get better if is the first baseman and is just one out of the acts the better Alec Jackson. Alex Brandon shortstop this first I'm not entering the game in the fifth inning defensively. Second base now in place of Jordan Boyer. Yeah his fastball for a strike on the outside corner. So looking for his first hit it'll while he is seven or 36 now sees that last at bat. Got it just below 200. Just outside when it won his last yet. Was in the Texas Arlington series. Four weeks goes one for one of the final game of the series. 11 account. And the pitch. To that would not tied to a one. Exit as a freshman last year started 44 games. To fit you want in a 179. At bats. It up around 300 for quite awhile before tailing off little right to the end. Two balls drag. And a little grounded to third. And causes gets it gets it gets himself in Iran data gets checked yeah. Second base ball hit right in the third baseman got a breeze. You make played a version gives ran right into it out here's tagged out by the third baseman Hosea assisted. Field is rejects that he's a personality. And that atop the order for Travis yacht. Does is it one better one plate appearance today entered the game in the fifth. And it was hit by a pitch stole second quarter. Grab a yacht on the ears with this team fourteen for sixty pride. At first yeah. Trailing sixteen to 46. Yeah that under his arm for ball one. It's young redshirt junior from Gergen. Started a lot early in the season has started eighteen. Point seven games. Go to it. Hot pop up right side wind pushing that without territory. Yet activity that could get it when I started out. That's the ball that would normally be caught so we're directly behind first base coach's box it ended up. Support toward the upper deck on the right side. One bullet right. That was the best example that people hit today just how much the wind is that that's all a routine put out the first base coach is positive and ended up the good 4050 feet. Right it. One ball one right. Travis ya. Undergoes a ball avatar right senator slicing back to the right fielder though are running catch my Tank Johnson all the previous. Swing the win kept people I've got pushed out apply that signed up all lighted and doubled the wind pushed it right back to the right fielder. Again it's retired Indian exits the shocker is no runs no hits one lane here. One analyst actors it feels team before the green wave. 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Suckers were brought you by American family insurance in which agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in holding her carver short story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here. Here I'm TN SA. Thanks again as soon as round nineteen pitches. Bruce coral is getting into thirds is gonna go back not getting another inning here in the seventh he has longest outing of the year. Has been two and 13 innings against Oklahoma so he completes the setting it would be. His longest that. He's a guy that can throw pretty much every day as long as this guy doesn't escalate to lectures out of a good chance to go ahead finish it he would still be available tomorrow if needed basic Trevor and who is one for four with a three run double in metal leather run second inning and throws a fastball inside corner for a called strike. It took it thinking is going to be a little bit inside just audience that it. Guinness. Working from scratch with the bases empty and Leo lie down oil on Paula right. And it's brutal sanity back to things with his scoreless inning and two thirds is related scored in each of the first four innings. Including net humongous eleven run second. On ball plugs right. And the pitch fastball down into balls and one. Get a drop down to the side is bold attack prost fires across his body. Fastball into right around 9091 today. 21. The pit now straight back here right adding fastball up to it too. Janssen came into the game at 65 that's actually gone down one point. On one for Forte. Picked up three runs batted in on what swing at bases loaded. Inside out great double to right field line in the second. Two lots beat Pitt left little side bomb can't get it Vickers does flag down now at last he'll be able to make a play. It'll be a base hit sports Trevor chance to unite grounder between short third ball diving couldn't quite get their pickers. It is sliding backhanded. Stop it in shallow left deal. Urged yet. Since the fourth inning. Sports Elaine. There's thirteenth hit the ball game rhetoric Bruce nobody out here does that. David good good it left fielder who is one through four is one hit also a double drove it right that second inning. First hit him as high and outside. Activity of these shocker bullpen. That hit the first page rendered it McGinest himself has given the had a runner on in the next on. Error by Vickers. 100. Ball a long legged on the right side but wait now is that good as well a lot of credit that. Love all of one right. David had good. But he there's a suddenly emerged as a guy for two lane for forty. Going into the USF series last weekend so even 200. And one pitch count it. As it toward left senator pianist on the runway you push it away from that lands a big gap. Yet it's not able to knock it down it rolls all the way to track runs scored pick that will not a second. With a double. That put him in for four today. Trooper fired today. And scandal. For his last 22. Over the last five games. It is seventeen to four that run. Charged in the Guinness. He has not given up an earned runs. Tens of current round of the seventeenth four to wind today they'll get some activity going in a shocker bullpen. Double second run edited. Into the game. Better tie Johnson is one for four. Get hammered into left field for a base hit Turkey is utterly router stopped at third. A line shot into left field like Johnson for his second hit of the day to Atlanta after going a little quiet with the bats the last couple of innings. Turning it on again here in the senate three hits now off mcginnis. First and third nobody out. Yet both of those runs should score that would put. Elaine back in position to possibly run rule shocker guarantee American conference run rule is pretty extended fifteen. After seven innings but. Lion has a chance to do that they were up by fifteen at one time and is sixteen to one its seventeen before the moment. Roland the VA is the hitter and he takes water outside for ball one. Rolen reached on an error his first time upset has walked three straight times. First and third nobody out two run homer in the seventh for two lane. It is as it. In their knees for a strike it's 11. Nobody out a double play it would not get shocker Saturday and it would bring in Iran that he'll stay at double play depth. And hit on our investment fastball down slope right over it for strike two. Seventeen runs on fifteen hit or two lines today. That game that's really going to that's some outstanding pitching numbers for the Packers 26 games. Checked swing you utter crap out it had an era drags. Double play soccer at the end Roland strikes at get a third strike yet. Oh one for four he doubled down the right field line it's first time a dragon ransom then struck outline her right crowded super. To Elaine catcher. Hitting 171. On the year. It is from the stretch her pitched a lot of fastballs away its low for ball. The ornate junior college transfer. Instead he is second game of the season on Tuesday or going to. It is not itself one around on its way out of that it would have been involved in doubt in that it goes to 11. Could not itself what it fastball running down into. One ball strike. That and deliver. And it bounced right so I passed a backer of her right field for a base hit another gores better first or second hole there. It is eight to four lane. Good scored easily from third. Tight stops at second. 012 later today so he now has his second and third two games this season back to back three runs batted in and is well. Eighteen rounds on dean hits that two runs off again on four hits. And the batters out got so who is to report. Still only one out in the inning. And it got so grounds it outside for just barely now. No balls and one strike that's a single his first few times that is lined to second struck out looking. Daddy gets Maginnis in the fifth. So the rug and a two lane needs for a possible run rules now scoring position at second base with two out here and that was. They have three hits in the inning. But to get us. BO one fastball over any restraint or to. Eighteen to 42 lane. Seventh inning. It just looks damn has the scientists threat. Put too. Not yet site quarter with a fastball one ball strikes. Earlier in the game. Roster populated with guys all over the country got so from Connecticut's. One brother Paul answer from Tulane Connecticut it out years. And this. That way and not speak away. Get this right at the beginning his fourth. And got me into the for Jonathan RT. All and retired. To walk a single and has reached. Twice on errors so officially won for three but he's actually been on the base has all five times up right handed hitter. And the hand is breaking ball local ball deep hitting to 82 on the year. They are EI GE S. At first and second two out. 10. Asked well I just a little bit too balls and those drugs. Packers extensively now have prosecuted catching Yoshko backer first Al Aqsa and it. Second left side remains the same as started out great acres you're eligible to third. To go to our team fastball inside quarter for a strike had a tidy up to a one. Have a young is out of left field Grayson Aniston is game remains in that are harder Gibson right. Checkered also changed DH. And here it causes replaced Mason O'Brien. Too. Arty Howe writes I'd like to. This game is going to get played in the official. If precipitation does eventually moved him but nothing has started yet. Probably good decision to move it out these little there's been bad enough as it is. Game time tomorrow 2 o'clock 1230 on Sunday Sunday expected to be the best day of the week here's. Now back to the screen. Get us somewhere past forty pitches out here is two plus innings. Who got two on this edit. To you again hearty slices it into the screen. Possibly breaking ball that time and I teach managed to keep its hands that could have had a life chatter that links. And it's sprayed into the green to the right of home plate. Latest court to hear in the seventh elitist eighteen to four. They need that run home from second with two out to be in position to run rule which doctors after seven. Two balls and strikes. And it's. Set that. And a little more shallow left the building is going to fall for a base hit there that are out there now all of our. That could eventually lead A-Rod rule is to blame now leads. To war. Here in the and you really can't say anything about the nature of it today a little bloopers like that balls that are hit into the wind it played with down. That's is going to be the way things are today so. Hard to say that's just a lucky yet because you can hit a line drive it looked like a blooper now not Butler headed to the amount to get clay McGuinness are teams. Two for four on the day that his second run batted in. Nineteen runs on seventeen hit this academic pitching change which will tell you about right after this. And in the morning overnight two weeks away the annual gridiron Killen would you journalists here in the aryan people Oakland and everybody including probably human human here today and on this probably because you're you're an equal abilities and singing and dancing I don't know courts are about I've heard you compared to the combination of registered victim moment. Well that that are could have been Fred please don't evict David and that's. I don't the president bit. Instead it mornings from till nine on an SS. Yeah your friend we're going to be honest. You lose a few. It's used and we should do is bulky worthless and lens out with one price. This radio laps for your whole life online had an SS radio dot com slimmed down though is that. And 2018 and download hours. Bill Cunningham had a great American on Nissan. John McCain yeah. It's. I don't want to let's go take over on the balance throw it to escape here in the senate is looking to get one more outs in the inning in his easiest appearance in six Italy won and now with a 3.2 one. ERA for 28 innings he's allowed one hit with ten walks. Seventeen strikeouts is very good on batting average. Just to oppose it. One thing we had not done yet today. Of the scoreboards for you might get her opinion construction and roofs gutters siding and windows look your home's exterior again but you're stroking dot com or call 31620220. 66. Opinions construction. Your home team grow old we want game involving a Wichita State opponent started at same time as this one. Or at least that was the plant Google Jacqui if anybody else who got your time today because of weather. That's in the Ohio valley. SU Edwards still eastern Kentucky. Switched to a double header today instead of single games today tomorrow and Sunday because expected weather center replicas that will be the first Gator to face scattered along with his three reply today. Two singles and a double. To write a leading nineteen to four in the seventh. And the first game of that double header eastern Kentucky he can you please just tell you were built this team to. Show off ball. Scheduled to play today at. Actually the evening has moved their series with Paulson to a single game tomorrow at 3 o'clock. And then at noon double header on Sunday they're able to work the schedule that way because sources close to doubt it short bus trip. That it hadn't planned for a flight on getaway day it's slow and I'd wanna want. That's why it was not a possibility to do that with this series and get out of here on suddenly they have flight scheduled. Single game between these two teams Sunday at 1230. 112 Witter's. At a lunch which from scratch. And his good. And a high fly ball left steel trap that you aren't getting it entered to win not down on the left fielder makes the grab. To Andy edit that to Elaine picks up three runs in the inning on fire yes. They leave him out of Florida and now we go to the bottom of the Wichita State trailing by eighteen before facing a possible run rule. When you set out to find new roads you can't do. You need a partner. When you can count. More and more people are finding themselves in the Chevrolet for the first time and learning and trying something new can be excited and power downright exhilarated. See for yourself like Chevrolet is the most awarded in past. Growing brand. Four years old world Chevrolet and find new roads is a total aggregate recognized industry awards and retail sales charity sleep working through recently. Now usually Smart. And here's some Marcy here's. I was ready over in the morning I know what's on any news in the morning overnight when I was leaving only got carried away doubling or internal reason. Ask anyone including you are and speaker yeah morning is always. They Alexa says ironically McCain has this review every day it's him and this morning's mornings from six until I want to ask. This is Michael Savage your new week nights they've done yet. And it pitcher court to light as we go to the bottom of the seventh inning Wichita State needs at least one round to keep this game going even though the American has a candidate. Fifteen run run rule that seven innings checkers are things that that is a trail. Nineteen. To four and pitcher. For two plane is right hander Robert Bryce. Lives off or from Moorestown New Jersey price making his tenth appearance Altman relief. Levin and two thirds innings of which has given up twenty and ten runs an opponent batting average of 385. And earned run average. Seven point. Out one. Hackers scheduled at grace in Afghanistan Alec Bowman Josh you factor out there. And it looks like those guys are all out take their swings. In several changes in the shocker line up on this one sided day. Right now nineteen runs on seventeen hit a shocker just four runs on five hits and what does eight. As committed an error yesterday. Recent tennis over one with two walks us step in Italy. Priced into the wind right handers were hit a fastball for strike Sunnis. Just walked in the first grounded to short in the third walk again and scored in the fifth. Price work 01. I fly ball to left left fielder that good shallow that you get back vendors will not sit down next to catch over the shoulder. Always really well hit and only ended up just beyond medium gaps. But without that win that ball probably is over the fence. Pianist applies to the left one out in the seventh the better Alley all. He has struck out looking grounded to second that ball driving in Iran and then doubled. In deep right field in the fifth so one for three with two runs batted in. Right the wind at his first pitched a bomb in there for a called strike. Prices last outing was last Friday at the US after three innings gave up three runs on five hits a walk that was his longest outing so far this season. Nobody on in the seventh. Along. One ball. Attackers order run in the third at which point they were down fourteen to one and they scored three runs. In the fifth. We'll take just a little bit low two balls one strike. Double a run in the fifth. Attacker followed with a two run double and by far. Really out of their op Eds. I applied all senator Wednesday period toward right center right fielder let it makes the catch. A flawless being pushed away from Twitter. What are the other it was our. Didn't score on right now and slipped a little bit recovered in time make it their you done. Shoppers that are down there last out. What is potentially a seven inning ball game. Actually packer game in fourth. Place in Paxton walls. Does one want wrote one of the gap in left center for a two run double in the I actually started the season and over again. As in his last two at bats both in conference play it right on the outside corner. Sports properties of what does it athletic so thank you shocker ambassadors were not easily level corporate partners one. Old Coke industries. A line drive to left and had good diet and they catch to end the ball game. At a tough time reading it but accelerated right at the end it diving catch in the back of the ball well flies today that is robbed. That will end. Down 123 at the bottom of the seventh. Highly unexpected and disappointing start it is three game series. John is run ruled in seven innings nineteen to four. Like Elaine. For an early post game show coming up. He's old he's washed her struggling to make it was like oh well then you gonna get into the supply units during their clearance. 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Eat drink CNET news. Choppers horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford in her means Earnhardt Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or molding her carver. Plus his action packed stadium. Man this game was over early both. Literally and figuratively. Which did not state gave up. Eleven run second to make it twelve to nothing to lane. And really the game was over at that point and eventually it just got worse. Elaine and putting my team to four run rule victory. We didn't think we've probably. Right in the American conference for the if you run mark and get the fourth at. It at the fifth nineteen for the final leader Wichita State. Couldn't do much anything right the only managed five hit on the day. They committed seven errors the team that only made as many as three errors in a game one time this season. And more than one only five time all season and it makes happen. And one game and that's the Packers coming into today at one liners in 26 games and make seven in today's game. Pitching struggles Cody Hoyer only one inning and a third Ian Tyler Davis both struggled to get ahead of hitters is Davis what innings. And it was just a bad day all the way around. Tulane got some big hits early and you look roper was that is very short this game six innings giving up four runs. On five minutes. Pretty much yet that's the game recap brought to my ability. Cummings Cummings of Cummings is year Republicans EUI law firm and not give them a call six for 1548. Hours they'll Cummings LLC. On Cummings of Cummings law where your deeds. Always comes first that more a moment. You felt pretty good but to say about seven bucks at the big glut tires or did yep I think it does or doesn't that feeling lasted about as long as a snowman and San Diego great value exceptional fire service might repair work all handled by the fact that strength next. You can put your confidence in Kansas my entire. Built on a W as you shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas my entire metro locations to keep you let your guard a good visit online at Kansas land tiger got jobs. Candace my entire here out of bear Ernie repair these guys here. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course since 1981 has something new should use the new local owners have already started adding new solution fairways the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low as 3999 Vermont 24 hour fitness center free golf on Monday and Lexus plus mention sending your first month free I know is shocking progress is also the perfect for your next private event from fundraisers weddings they're experts that is ready to your expectations play what is shoppers play enjoy the new tall grass country club today. Every day Kansas workers put compassion into action by empowering people salute meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief that it's Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers who won his health care access act the group that supports. While there are improving lives saving lives and restoring. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas couldn't. The community. Alliance he weighs readies to release oral information. Every you'll want all you have to do is. As Alexa played in assists radio finally thanks for asking. I do it on her own just ask you don't even have to ask nicely for our only job is to be at your second call I literally have nothing else to do this. 97 and thirteen thirty us sing along. Here's more perfectly what makes. From scratch through a cold beer and at twenty their own thing on the menu for every fan's appetite even better if there are plenty of series your balls to choose from like I knew loaded tots are good side update to satisfy the holds. The perfect and it is heat signature dirty blonde or not he drew next. Served it up for us it's 49 degrees and at twice the size of Easton when he first and rock west and raisins at twin. He drinks see yeah. This is intent miners morning right here on tennis and. Actually shot his post game show it to last day gifts ran out of the stadium today by Tulane. Teamed for dropping the lakers' 2010. I. Overall. And 21 entry in the American congress of a lot of work to do the rest of the weekend. The game run but Kansas lottery Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become millionaires as lottery dot com. The most current jackpot amount Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Not to my answer today for a shocker that Alley bald at an RV I ground ball outs and and RBIs doubles vote who runs batted in. Gosh backer too good swings on the line drive outs then the game the other two run double rate makers to retreat that's about it today shocker though are the game out of the split vote brought to you by the Kansas lottery. Lit appliance present the play of the game certainly everything was in the breeze today but no letter to shocker is that this is our play of the game presented violent. For a while. There wanna. Actor slices short left field toward that apple left fielder was really shout out all of got down on the ground it runs they're going to score a packer at second base double. It's now seen the four lane here in the. That was a really the highlight of the day for the attackers then it ended up nineteen to 47 inning run rules so we'll be back to wrap things up right after this. And in the morning you powerless to reach break annual gridiron children yet journalists here in the area in the Cleveland Oakland and everybody including from what you mean here they. Made. On this probably does use your unequaled ability and union dancing. And of course at about. Are you compared human contamination are registered at the moment. Well that there could have been Fred please don't have to say that much. I don't the president it. Even admit mornings from the line on it as S. As your friend and working and honest yeah and you lose. It used in the shadows hold few words to slim down woods one have priceless. Says radio laps three or more like online ad can SS radio dot com slimmed down nose at. Clean and pretty easy and download our. Sports grew up the only. Thirteenth and green which wrote in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows we should tell our all new burger menu because Mondays from earlier days and agents and don't forget Thursday's buy one get one free T today tiny and only and excludes the superdome witnessed for happy hour every day from this it's CNN 9/11 PM while you're here -- go carts take a turn and always amazing dreaded game room football a couple of games KG scores go down home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in which is on one and how proud supporter of charter athletic. What we are extremely energy on and I. I want and just. And ironically. It's. One week and we Nissan convenient needs its. Winning streak and are certainly the stories you want. This story you need to its. Updated twice in our our work. I stopped and thirty minutes past. Year 97 and a third earning as. We'll do the big bucks I am ready to get an LG Forte TV deliberate sweet all right let's restarted the course and every extra. What the TV looked out the top part to deliver the fuel surcharge. Plus a lot of these are the net like mine my service fees of arts. And he did anything. Condit has. Eat legally TDB and not and that's why we offer free delivery and installation we surface everything is now seen at and T watch out. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris. Amy Yoder an Angel island time in just Dylan Hartnett or is built for us. I just let venues like yeah good morning guys right here rusty. Lot of back and post game show let's wrap things up on a dismal day for the shot nineteen or two lying in the final seven innings today remember that any data shocker plague in 50% up on line ordered any time area Papa John's blog topic on dot com use promo codes. Shocker fifty. Received your shot at discount. Scoreboard today. It brings you wrote letters to an agreement does love her home here again I think dot com or call 31. Point 66. Here's ripping structure of your home team brought a lot of today that Paul is Paul and rescheduling series because the weather all throughout the central part of the country. The series between GAAP and UConn in Connecticut. Scheduled start today postponed because of Powell. They'll try to get that in tomorrow. Sunday. Memphis Cincinnati Cincinnati who got their start time from 5 central time three so they are just getting under way. Yes after you been fine in Houston play at 630 at night. EU at Washington out of Seattle. Good weather on that they have moved from three single game of the doubleheader today which start at 6 o'clock central time. Oklahoma State and Kansas State decided yesterday to move from Friday Saturday Sunday two days series with three singles. Tomorrow is Sunday and Monday. In Manhattan Texas Tech and Kansas who got their start time this afternoon from the evening it ten to one Texas Tech. In the top of the fourth there. Oklahomans easy you'll play as scheduled to thirty at Fort Worth butler's great scheduled to play three game series and Omaha canceled series because of snow in Omaha. As you personally attacking. Move from Friday Saturday Sunday that doubleheader today eastern Kentucky leads fifteen. Inning in the first game that what. Nebraska and Michigan date postponed in East Lansing rescheduled at Oral Roberts and western Illinois is on rescheduling. Up in Illinois shot off ball is going to play calls today will play dead at 3 o'clock tomorrow and double header. On Sunday the final totals are brought by the tape the eighteenth PA's and advisors every one he trusted advisor. Who's yours. For Tulane today a team game and it into the if he would ever under five runs per game nineteen run out eighteen hits one error. To date four runs five hits set it. Errors what are the real change out. The day is that is pitching staff has done great 46 games particularly wealthy individuals that lit up today. Even 08. And runs were on current eleven earned runs in seven innings who shot in the RE. Three point. 93 point one. Cody Hoyer. Has ever lost a fire that one on the year gave up eight earned runs and there is ERA goes from 3.3. Two. Four point. 91. And clay McGuinness today giving up three earned runs on five but there is ERA goes from 3.3. To four point four. And the winning pitcher Taylor roper. 43 year three and now American conference like now all of runs with the wind howling in all day. Multiple hits open down the line in order and the only shocker with its trade Vickers who's 23. Lineup thirteen and eighteen overall for three American player though records twenty.