WSU Baseball vs UCONN 05-23-18

Wednesday, May 23rd
WSU Baseball vs UCONN 

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This time onstage soccer school now. Seniors yeah. City. Good afternoon block of packed news that revealed in Clearwater Florida second day the American conference baseball Mitt. Second round which non state actors caught in order to win this morning over US. Advanced cities and round. In the winner's bracket shot is committed 35191. Your opponent this afternoon will be the Huskies at UConn three seed in the tournament. 338. And one. After six to win. Earlier this rafters. Of the seed Cincinnati. The first game broadcast that. There are advantages both ways to the times that the teams play with us state. Had to get out much earlier out earlier then you've done it but attackers got a couple of hours in between gains after finishing there. Like instantly turning around and play the second game of the doubleheader. After playing in the middle game three here on the field today. Also the weather has been beautiful clear in Clearwater there arson had a big. Fluffy clouds on the horizon now for the first time all day after a week at which it has rained a lot. It has been clear all day. That's why the tournament committee decided let's get as many games as we hand in today there will be a total of six games played streak here expect from real. And three on my field and that's it listed as both carpenter field. At Robin Roberts field all our historic names and Phillies history at this complex along with little. But that's at a joining field the other unless they end here. Three games going on simultaneously over there today. Though that are getting through the first eight games that yesterday and today and ahead of schedule because they are expecting much better chances rate. The next couple of days and an act of already cited. But it cooperates. And impending weather farther to the weekend looks worse. They're gonna keep playing as much as they can that makes any news on Friday or Friday night residence Sunday. And yet they like it is only NN crowned champions so that's how we'll proceed here are catching up on. Some of the earlier scores in just a moment. It was rock you've by Kansas plant tire service tires and professional auto service. Is always a home run Wichita State earlier today if you were not able to listen. Defeating the conceit you by a score of fortitude it was. Back and forth in the quarter run in the first US and got one in the second. They won one until the seventh two run Alley while double at the shocker is a 32 lightly. Not committed base error was allowed US senate pick up an unearned run in the bottom of the seventh and cut it to 32. Luke rader answered that with a big two out single in the top that EA make it 42. And are today it was certainly it would he would Kilgore who could stand out innings the longest outing in his career that goes for Adam Keller started. In the third inning. Six innings and urged it to her tutor at night. I gave up four hits and one unearned runs a career high seven and walked one and got to win. It was so important not just get weary Lleyton. Get the shocker pulpit that nobody else had been used in Stanford came in to get the last three outs and clothes that you can do that several times this tournament. But on the other guys that it's had its thorough second game today and hopefully attackers or. It's a big boost. At especially because. Not everyone's head. Completely normal rest after Packers play Friday and Saturday at Memphis at him in years start play. On Wednesday. So that was a requirement that Kilgore Cody boy Eric this game does that and Shaq will be chase Gartner. Boot they face in the regular seat. And not ground a little bit and actually almost literally for those of you may have been there that was the game. Where Alec. You know it line drive right back at the picture it hit him in the left elbow. And it not happen everywhere but what does Slorc had broken. Actually only had the bad bone bruise that did a lot and although. He has not instead of throwing a lot of innings he has not done more than five innings so. So we'll see how that plays out today code employer habit that god where they ran with it or to ask that he has worked. Our seasons. Don't forget any data Packers play at 50% off on law and order and Wichita area profit. Not a puppet on. Use the promo code hocker 52 received. It yet will be back to Clearwater Florida and AA tournament. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament and money to kids off Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control. The united health care you can better control. With the mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and as your card for easy access to learn more you eat a United Healthcare. Available for play. 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Friendly on green rich what else or an El Prado Rebecca Sean or Stephanie. Michael Savage joy you weeknight at eight I can't answer. Yeah a lot of second game of the day for about what it does day. And it's not as they beat in a second round winner's bracket game weaker conference baseball service. Because our deep. Into exactly what starts with me. While it had chances that you thought Tyler that he has presented throughout the year breast employment professionals they. That million to work. He's starting lineups are brought by equity angry at Everett and eight and AT&T. And visit them on line and equity bank. It's not stay we'll be the home team witness game. As the seventh seed. It was a visiting team earlier today against US deaths that seat at UConn has. Three seed. Beat a home team against exceeded Cincinnati's. It's aimed at halting bonds would not date has not. Packers are in the second game. So for it who are 3318. And 115 year head coach Jim Penders. Both. At least not place left CEO Anthony Prada is to shore up the second. Accident scene is the catcher he'll bat third. Yet but I felt leaned in right field adding that senator Troy defense. That it acts of and playing second base Michael Wood working at a big game opener game breaking three run homer in the earlier game today. Chris Michael is at first base batting at a hitting eight. Designated hitter Chris instead of pattern regarding it is the third baseman batted ninth starting pitcher for the Huskies chase Gartner. This will be his sport to argues for it to. On your again Coca products and see felt scene that they are asking worth. Winkle though Moriarty for the Huskies with chased Gartner. And around Wichita State 35191. If your head coach Scott Cutler. Started off with Luke Ridder at second base rates of canister hit second they'll play first. At third base batting third Alec well. Witness not him it's scattered throughout life. Thought crop will PH the second straight game he'll be. This skipping it in left field hitting six else acts will play right field and bat that. On the experience yet to the other hits it for lawyers it's. He's batting ninth on the mound for the actors Cody VoIP. Your candor is aside this is it started the year so again. Better get us that Obama outlined crops that Dina. Jackson young boy here and play here. On the that's the same lineup that she got restarted earlier today against USF. With the exception course that Cody lawyer on the man. Umpires for today's game jets being behind the plate. Bar wagers at first. Matt leader. There's these packet wagers part of that group. Doctors earlier game this actually this morning that it definitely at 9 o'clock local time. Your healthy tip of the game. Rusty but I United Healthcare it now healthier food choices like soups and a great way to fill up and get more veggies in your diet. That is helping architect has brought to you by united here at the real appeal program. Learn more real appeal not we'll be back with the opening bit of this second round winners bracket match up the American conference tournament adapted. Meet Lauren knows he knows he's out. Green is tiny chocolate and not only. Does. That he's directly and not pirates. An American can only insurance even leave your dream the most valuable things yeah. According to Lawrence string it people want to get your own they can just nice and white chocolate every dream there's a champion aren't yours and hand out American family insurance. Contusion in an American park and Parker. 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Now granted against this when underway study Hoyer he should not his warmup tosses shocker in bright gold jerseys over white pants today Lewis Black caps. And you got navy blue jerseys silver pants navy blue caps lettering and numbering quite. Read actors. Letters and numbers of black pipe. NYU got 3318. Am one. They tied for third in the conference at fourteen and got the three either the various tie breakers. Doctor Strang too that one day and it is the seventh seeded not of the to add three teams after beating US. 42 earlier today. Pregame show brought in part let guitarist Kirk Douglas and Florida Saturday eighteenth sixteenth north Broadway. The only place you ever need to go about what you're looking for glory Hughes Supply apartment Atlanta. Tile carpet area rugs. Colors patterns textures everything that you possibly more if they don't happen and it exactly what you want they'll help you find it. An order from somewhere else that he sent degraded or its not me it's great press's every single day and that's fine. On comparable product bars. To. North Broadway. In addition to the soccer's player earlier today. You and eliminated. Yes it is the first losers bracket elimination games and it's and you can't. Two win over Cincinnati at first second round winner's bracket game. A year before he trailed Lamy eight seed Florida want in the eighth that scored five runs in the eighth inning. You now. Six defiant Cody Reuters first go to the ballgame and afoul backed by 10 o'clock and we are underway. Tropical left fielder for the Huskies hitting 282. One home run 25 runs batted in. Right handed hitter he would for five in the earlier game today against Cincinnati. Player with the 01 had a foul to the right at home plate into the base eats. No balls and strikes in ninety degrees at game time. Little fees from the we'll just flow out right fielder body to ten miles per hour. Earlier today it was not that same. Velocity toward left. No home runs in the soccer's earlier game today there were a couple of UConn game with Cincinnati. OT it's helped us out today there one quality strikes soccer's defensively at gutter outline behind the plate. Get a good per critter its second. Jordan Boyer or Alec on the third in the outfield left to right. Ross getting at a young and Alex checks it. Cody lawyer with the want to pick until that takes another one of the dirt two balls and to strike. And their earlier game today that one just completed prior to this. UConn had twelve hits in their win over any three before on twelve for 33 scored runs. The two doubles and a home run. He cannot. Boyer into the wind and delivers. Fastball skip it there announced three inches. Not a good 02 or three balls two strikes on John Copeland. They'll put has walked 26 times in 52 games he's also struck out forty. Cleanup hitter in the ball game. Three to oust him there again so after 02 start. Lawyers through the thing on the ground. In the leadoff man on for the Huskies Alex don't the end of that word whose teammate maybe settling down a little bit. UConn is no. Oh or having a strong pitching staff. They are also a good hitting team to 82 on the year 35 home runs. At 75 stolen bases in 52 games. Plate umpire going out I'm Butler Aston. Plate umpire to go out and check with Cody Hoyer that's something. He's case he's nothing at the vanity almost spelled out one of his warmup pitches that he. Seemed to be a little bit uncomfortable with the landing area at the front of the man he is taller. A lot of other pitchers and so his lead slip lands a little farther down the hill that is on the looks like. Umpires are gonna. Go ahead and have a buddy from the grounds crew maybe provide them with. No breakthroughs something is. Out of work on that landing very little bit. Have a little book I after the leadoff walk to tackle that it maybe you a little bit of additional grounds keeping here. You've gone 12 and a three from Wichita State in which you may recall that weekend. Where the weather forecast for Saturday it was just brutal and in fact it was it was a night Friday. And they played a doubleheader and you can't let the double header and then Saturday it was bitterly cold it snowed on. And then Sunday it was pretty cold that it is Saturday it's not here's one that went fifteen to six funded out sixteen hits that day. I. In that series you've got hit thirty. Against the doctors at 37 hits and three games. And what it does state. 311 against UConn well. Looking at Eckstein hit today on Sunday it gonna take array. And her on that you're a little bit there. Credit the man didn't give me the injury report prior to it again about dealing in the development. And actors. He lies coming into today specifically was seen initiative toward employers. Who has. Had a groin strain. And it was sort of a game time decisions pre game dead hailed trainer went through some. Test with him and make sure that everything was OK with him and eat it or play the entire game. And if you had not heard. Because when and Davis and low a year on Saturday night as we didn't believe the status. Of contesting. And Jakob head and running into the right field fans not to dance and play the golf stance and strategy. That the bullpen late in the game trying to catch a foul fly ball. And hit it and it's very hard but. After he had a bounced off the but it got out of the walking around it seemed to be trying to walk off whatever. Had occurred. And then it turned out that he head. Running to I'd ever nobody was quite sure if it was a concrete lid on something that was something that was sort of not covered one of the post. He ended up was a major laceration. Major heat got on his hand just below the knee almost although it's well. He was walking around is just remarkable to me after so particular. He was taken to the emergency room they cleaned it. The number of stitches and a fair that he flew home to Kansas City the next day and either has or is going to go through surgery. On leg. We wish him the best and of course he will not play again this season so he joins on the barn house. On the list of shocker we're a little in the plan who are not available for the both these. Looks like they've got the out situation work that the injury report I thought you live your life your journey your optimal use. Hoyer are ready to face. Anthony Prada. Short red hot today he was four for five in the first game today against him standing first pick him. Is a strike called dropped like outlined it keeps it close enough there's no advancement to put her. Mentioned this is a UConn teams like rounding up four players starting lineup. With double figures stolen bases and hope that first base is one of them. He's eleven for seventeen. One right count prod owes it 305. That fastball low and it's 11. 3051 home run 21 on Saturday at. Pronto is soft war from Staten Island New York. Better experience nobody out for you continent after the first quarter of the first until the it yet. Huskies are 754102. At just under 75%. Success rate. Closing employer on the manhunt two for three. If grotto I'll rate that the cat goes what do. In the game today the darker but with Adam Cutler but starter gave diseases that pitched well a lot of people. Just because. It was difficult to. Go to any of the artery you started recently on shorter than normal. And delegates are two good innings threw 51 who knows what really ready to go any farther left at first but it better ball bounces and from Trout line and had a lot open to script out a second. Not particularly three strong steps off the bag kind of decree is league. Alan Alan bounced away from drought by and he was able to take off every second. The candidate who had two Otto and they'll go wild throw by coding in order. Nobody got guns and run up to bat here in the top of the first inning. You all choose her. Well here it. I'm salad and mix it saves flooding throughout life. The ground keeping the landing area on the mound. Not helped enough as lawyers continuing paying a lot of balls in the dirt. Gets pulled cannot. The first two hitters in the ball game. Grotto. Is a little bit bright and the play. 320. Not yet this year and just you barely get a piece of it. That Canada. Profit was eight pre season all conference selection. But didn't actually gain all conference honors at the end of eerie scene selection as a freshman last year had a freshman all American. All right there. Ousted in that area again and again noted by route one. Straight Wall Street who now like but he ordered Starr of loaded. Losing to her. And my he'll chuck her pitching coach on the way to the amount. Since the names east second team. All conference there. Gutter Trout line being named to the first team. I felt scene you that's right fielder they first team all conference election Christian goes PH and today. Is the rookie position player of the year in the conference. PGA coolant was named second team all conference election as a relief pitcher in Mason pioli. Who got the win over Cincinnati earlier today. First team all NEC. Housekeeper came out. Watered down in the area a little bit landing area on the mound. Scattered throughout one's knowledge evolved. And wanted to umpires. Moving centered around that dance both. According Hoyer rock to a rough start to stray locks open the book game. They seem very good hitter is. Power guy but he leads the content batting average at 331. Home run 32 runs batted it. The upper they're from the left side. The better of this game. Moved to the third round in the winner's bracket them RO. And we'll play later in the day game because the loser has to come back. And play the winner of the game going on now between Cincinnati and US at an elimination game let her next game will be the loser of this game. And the winner of that game welcome back to face whoever wins this game that's to another team in practice. This stands in Cody Hoyer ready to go to work. Her missing almost hitting getting bounced an air thrown clear. And throw to third didn't matter since he got hit and hit hard that's all giddy in the right leg here's a down the first days. So Cody lawyer accused all over the place apart here. Two walks. A hit batter and a wild pitch makes him well first runner was. Bases loaded nobody out without benefit of a hit. You have Isaac held it up there with the best home run hitters in the conference. 28713. Homers. 39 runs batted it. Right handed hitters do that a 180 pounds fifth year senior. Bases loaded nobody out. Orders for it to Goldstein is a little bit higher Kabul on. Activity already looks like in the soccer ball to better right handers starting to get blue's. Bases loaded nobody out atop the first four years gone. One other felt like it and look like it's lighter weight. Like cutting Hoyer even it up the 11. No team named the first all conference team. This one for three in the earlier game day. Update or for eleven hearings. Last week it. On the ground where your employer has over second one greater active first double supplier runs scorers. The situation it is much better shot isn't there now two out. After the latest and started thinking jackets could get out of this with one run everybody gold. Would be happy with the. Good his third on clay and he's over there with two down that. Two people on the planet the Packers are double play today and return to in the first game today. Against USS. So try defense keyed up a little sign of being center fielder. And at a good hitter 3035. Home runs. Urged it to him is a breaking ball in their for a called strike. Stefanski one of the smartest guys in the country. Striking out. It's that every eleven point eight signs up with. Which ranked 37 in the nation. Well for one with three walks in the earlier game against Cincinnati you know low on little bit lows time. One ball one strike. After really shaky start players can't get out of three innings only giving up one run. He. Bucks on the list and the pit. There is two bulls won. Royce Stefanski against the Packers in Wichita earlier this season four for thirteen 308 with three runs scored. Only five for 23. Over the last seven games. Hi Al third base side out of play evens it up to two inches. Us state and UConn that they very Lynn history being. Three games the regular season is the second third fourth ever played between the two programs. I'm wanna gain for the doctors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 20143. And one in the series pitch. Lo and they're a lot like outlined all the way bullet you're Korean too. Rudy order his gun to a full count three of the first I hitters now for youth gun. Against Maine McClanahan a lefty for US. Earlier British actress drew nine full counts in the first nineteen hitters. Duke it out streak that. And that helped get McClanahan at the game early left after five innings of the over a hundred it is route eighty and it in the first three innings. The eagle at the off to say sorry to put him in that same territory. Veteran third two out. Run industry cannot today hitter. Where is it. Just slow. Rate could call them plate umpire against these act that wasn't coming as it was just local local. Third walk of the inning. That Michael would worth the second bit. Would Wirth broke the game open earlier today get Cincinnati. It's one nothing game. He hit a three run homer in the fifth or sixth inning to make imported and nothing went on to finish to a war games. Sitting three team runs in 22 runs batted him. Very big plaque and wants seventy. Do you hear from Alameda California. Do him. In his over the open Boland. Looking over the UConn roster interstate they're kind of and a big mix of guys from the northeast from Connecticut New York that are there. And then there hasn't. Scattering of California guys can go transfers from California. That's over for a strike evens it up to one month. That he lawyer has equal to about those runs one Pitt should double play grounder. The players they have resulted in three walk and a hit that. And one that would worth Texas swing at a pitch good here and it's through that one. For a lot of them that ended up here in the first inning in the dirt that are outlined in Disney active independent credit pitches. So far only one run in runners at first and third two out. Players. 21 Pitt playing at a best including Bentley and Allen would rescinded kind of waving at that went. And the cat goes to tune into. Woodward's against the Packers earlier this season tied for twelfth. To. Keep that data in other ways that border. Painfully worked his way through first inning and gets out of that. Old enemy bases loaded with nobody out it UConn gets only one run with they'll hit. Adding these two men on base as perhaps hitting you on one shocker coming out for the third time. Hi this is our lead paint and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around it's time to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of Arnie. So to say we are real often life fulfill that voice is an understatement. I'll see like encompasses everything in one place. Functional fitness these exercise classes yoga heart rate base interval training and stops they even have childcare. This it up like that when he and let her on line RT Tyson's life dot com. Coach Gregg Marshall has the cold days. In practices preparation. And there's a second job recruiting. That means trampled and couldn't do it without executive leadership at the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider. There's always jet on the runway waiting for you can scout and recruit and back to unite Brady's start is now a busy day again that's good for his schedule and good for the shocker to learn more and exactly where your dot com. Or course has brought you by American family insurance in what it's a challenge. Ron weren't scary mark. In Cali and her and pork and over west. On 97 and thirteen thirty Terry and ask that region's Oz number one yeah. The bad for us not in this game already trailing one to nothing has good lawyers battle wild. Not the first inning. Not a liberal left hander. Gardner 7240. Pound from Novato California ran from the college of error. And argued here. Today there are. 42 with a 3.4 five ERA of two thirds innings. If you want him. 24 walks with two strikeouts. 62 and two thirds in arts is less than five innings. Her or so he's been effective overall numbers wise it. Hasn't hit indie games very often here. Luke Ritter leaves it off against it. Line of the first pit commuters to strike scanner underneath liquid and a three hit game. In the first game today went three for four. Scored one run drove in another he's hitting 349. Homers thirty rounds and edited. Went for a strike at the knees and going to do. Gardeners cutting off a five inning outing against you on Friday so he's coming back on four days' rest gave up three hits and one run with a walk up the right yes. Back off the rubber he's ahead of capital into it. Into the line computers and that way highland on strikes. Gardner got roughed up a little darker in Wichita final game of that series for a third inning. It hits three walks leading to pilot earned runs. And Jeter's swing at a Minnesota slope breaking ball. It's swinging for the first out in the first. Fortis that innings that would hey enforce our strength Gardner's only there more than four innings one time that was the client last Friday. And two thirds of those four guards. You can hit and runs five earned her to want that oh ERA. Grace and Jenna and it's easy grace and two for four in the earlier gains today. And the first pitch from the big lefty is breaking ball low for ball on. There are hitting 389. Home runs thirty that runs edited it. 10. And how exactly was it up with one of let's. Canada in pregame. Internet start which does it. Berger was hit in the elbow by an Alex phone line drive just aimed wicked shot at slot for sure it was broken. Wrecking ball little pop up on the third base I'm the third baseman Moriarty will make the play what he had his head back up the staffers of. To continue down quickly. And a better Alec bump that Gardner taking that wicked shot off his elbow only had eight deep bone bruise. Nothing broken. Now it on two for five in the first game today had a big hit and run double in the out of broke a 11 time. He now has fifteen home runs and 54 runs batted it. Or is it to end the fastball just look let outside clothes fit. Just out here. We all with 54 runs batted in in 55. Games. Gartner called time walked to the back of the net. So long as an on his fingers. Two out nobody on the shocker first they took a London. One notable. Fastball in there that he drank plot lines so far started get a pretty good job of hitting spots. Facing third hitter. Looked sharp here in the first. We'll step back from Albany back in. It's not beat it way high too balls and what's right. Second round winner's bracket game. Letter will be coming to a team in this half of the bracket. Being at a Minnesota fastball down and it's too into the bone. I get a single and double in the first game he also struck out swinging London which is pretty unusual for him. Scouted him to. Gardner back to work to get involved grounds towards 38 ball. Let's get offered the third base and into shallow left field. Hold up the single. But like I've always got to get him down the line which would have been a the bubble but instead it took a funny hop act towards the middle of the Felix enabled or not come over. And pick it up to hold a single. Alex slow but the two that hit. Better get her car outlined. Better looking than not that remains. Really uncharacteristically. Tough first game for him he was over four earlier today and struck out all four times. Hitting 311 was seven homers and 48 rough and edited. His first hit him as the best solo. That are walked one in her game. Or guest has. Hard to believe for him he's been swinging it well he was four for eleven with three bought in the Memphis here's. One vote high pop up drifting into Kansas the first day I don't the first day and over and order breaching it. Paul was just one row enough heat in the stands. For is based in winkle couldn't quite read it. Outlines all I wanna one. Not that many fans on hand those are staying back where there's Cheney because he does ninety degrees. We'll pour right through you here in Florida. It. On one that's full time. To balls and went straight. Well Wisconsin around over their first day trying to direct the picture a little bit he. Gave up looking to maybe throw behind it. We could throw our time to play. 21 account to better Trout lines Gardner hit. And I heartfelt to the right again this time much deeper out of play and get up on the roof. And two balls in two strikes. Beautiful complex here in Clearwater over the filly trained. Spectrum field Disney. Showplace place where the Phillies play their spring game and where the class a minor league team here place. It's 330 down plunge but certainly in the alleys 401 straightaway center beautifully manicured grass dirt field. Costa first baseball standing up. Alec bored little one out single off the third base glove. Two out. Her to get in the inning to YouTube account to throw line. I'm manufactured a run. Built around Cody Hoyer is wildness in the city and you two again. Klein and he takes low three balls and two strikes. Those four strikeouts. It gutter 37. Only strikes about once every five times even with that game. He's drunk 32 walks on the year. 32. And I felt that first day I again. So far it hasn't really been able to. Tie look Gartner. And kind of where one out he's been a little bit behind it. Opening up talent out of their behind first base is definitely times. And holding it preemptive. All will be taking on each pit the two out of me. And pictures hide the ball. Throw line drugs to outlaw it's certainly the shocker and a little something going for a second there are two. And north crop coming out. Oprah threw a couple of blocks in the earlier game the best. 302. For the year with two home runs and eleven runs edited it 63 at bats. First and second to about. Down around. Trying to manufacture a little two out rally here. A cross saw action in all three games against you Connors he's certainly had four at bats going one for four. Urged it to an event Belichick's breaking ball for a called strike. Good breaker got around the needs from Gartner. Now prod oh. Some fancy iron in the bag at second and burger was stopped turned around looked at him. Now focuses attention on the play. Well under brought when he got a foul off the plate O balls to right. No outcrop off morph Malays that. 3215. Pound right handed hitter. It's your ball at second Trout line for two out in the bottom of the first inning. Long look the design from Gardner took off nine. And finally come up. Owed to. Below one volunteers dressed. When we started today there was. About a thirty per it adds that we would get some. Pop up storms or hours by the time of the day but it has diminished to fifteen per that are less. There are few clouds on the rise that basically nothing but blue sky overhead. Just turned out to be a good day to try to play as many games as possible and I ain't raining we here in Clearwater Florida. You caught it threw a breaking ball down around the news. And please Gardner gets into Indiana is second strikeout and innings attackers get no runs not yet. And leave a couple after want it UConn won the statement. I wonder how. Can turn. On how good. I. Knew her older less than twenty but now for 1946. Year clock started free. Tackle conduit to diagnose. Where intruder to provide a three and on any need him here. Or 1946. National pro stock and Gary your turn to the. I can't I don't need. Yeah I felt pretty good what is it about seven bucks at the big blood tires started yet but then it. And it's a snack feeling lasted about as long as a snowman and San Diego great value exceptional fire service and might repair work all handled by practically praying text you can put your confidence and endlessly entire built on a WA SU shocker got to work ethic you can count on any one of the six Kansas entire metro locations to keep you in your card good lives online experience is my entire dot jobs. Candace my entire your governor Ernie declare please guys here. Sports has brought you by American aliens are in Wichita. Gerald Amato. Chris Sammy and Angela violent time in a deal Hartnett or built for more. Instead it is morning right here on enhanced and. They said it gave us today here at the American congress turned it in Clearwater Florida Packers trailing. One did not think that is continue to be a pretty significant statistic for what does date when they score first. There and at 25 and five on the year whether it's score birthday Eric and the 141. Just a little below 500. Definitely much better when Davis scored first only had one run. Lawyers for that matter are the only one run or. It needs to tighten things not to Iceland air around long is reporting nine pitches. That first inning walk street hit batters while it it's not allow it hit. Struck out one. In the bottom three of the order Chris winkle for that code and Cotter Moriarty here it. Legal through space and that's from the looks that he's hitting 72 and four home runs thirty runs batted him. And a hot pot houses third beside out of play the numbers. And I'm giving you that is when it comes up for both teams aren't up to date and is. And they Cutler for what our secret arms for you can't able to. That's a dated between games. Why it by ear and Leo one. Good baseball and a low on the outside part of the plate one and one. These acts all of America are good veteran umpire is on over the weekend in Memphis. He followed us or we've followed him then you're Clearwater for the tournament. On one. And Alan all the way to the back stuff. I'm not right overthrow wind blow two balls one right. Chris winkle long before earlier to day. Cincinnati. Coming off me. Two for twelve all serious and continued last weekend. 21 pit. That's in their for a strike out of zone two and two. Michael making his 48 start in 53 games for the Huskies. Sophomore from Orange Connecticut 65 but 205 pounds told. Lanky from the left side. To. A fly ball and it goes back a few steps Travis on camp under ad makes the catch. All fooled him just a little bit right the end he was added any to take more steps estimate hearing at this depth. Michael flies out to center starts the second inning. Bettors are voting lawyer who allowed the first three and underage in the first. It's Christian said code designated hitter. Named Nadia as the league's rookie and player of the year hitting 242. No home run 27 rounds and edited. Orders for fastball away ball one. Let go over four. Cincinnati gained a short time ago. Started forty. Of 53 games for the Huskies. They asked all entities for a rookie and up to one of one. Gun came into the tournament. At twenty in the RPI. They are a lock for the eighth. The top prize it's clearly a threat of the center fielder under the Islam as well they can dissect that a there's even. Some talk that you oh every. They do not have a facility on their home campus and doors to be able to do that but that I guess that made arrangements. To publish in Norwalk there's a small boat. Acceptable ballpark fair vote if they're not quite hit posting edit right now but. Peter you've got her EU. Being talked about a possible regional health care pitch in the dirt from Cody order one ball of those heroics. The odd thing about Cody struggles with command today as you don't see. Many fastballs right in the dirt he has done that several times in these for a couple of innings. I. Goddard Moriarty heading to 294 home runs Eckstein right edited news once before against him and had two out nobody on. The Huskies this as they did nothing. It from Hoyer. Look it's that gives little bit outside too and if eyeballs to under these dark. The quarterback for with a 20. Another hot flat balled under threat to gently to his left if you debt. He will tie the record shared by many with three put out some wanted. In the outfield three up with three down through lawyers and after one half it is one thing you can. And helped Atlanta's. You style that spread throughout the community providing. Him the opportunity to help it tap it light. At the tenth has helped Anderson. Are. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats yeah. Isn't that every hand and deserves the chance to be healthy learning or at hand is how. Yeah. I. Is stingers ripping into drug and is the answer you're in repair questions on your residential or commercial growth. Always three erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the better business Europe and they can make you look your home again though this spring storms wreck you're. Roofs aren't gonna hit a home run with the new kitchen and bathroom remodel or outdoor living they told you what. Are goaded stingers rushing dot com 021. Dinners rushing and construction you're home grow. Course has brought you by American aliens Sharon in which agent Jerry Crawford and remain strong hearted Mike Rogers Newton in whole or molding her harbor. I just let that he's like yeah good morning denies right here rusty. After that first event retired at a couple of middle and wish they skirted approach 23 pitches and his scandal in Ohio also at the line. The basic prosecuting and Alex Jackson Travis young. Our doctors say it honestly getting hit and a walk out Gartner. But first. One I think you're not. As he's score runs let benefit and yes it is not for the first inning. And again if you just tonight his doctors. It is the home team in the what you found the visitor after the U opposite rules earlier today because they're seated. They haven't seen little in over number two UC USF. Opting for a second and say hi is it based the third ranked Huskies here this afternoon. Katrina hope for three earlier today hitting to 38. In forty at bats. Shows but takes a strike there are companies. Had a couple of good swings in the first game. Just couldn't find an opening anywhere you know sinking line drive to right field. Center fielder for US ethnic uncle rob shocker is about four times now redeem it great that they get veteran editor here accidentally throw it better on the knees it's owed to. And Medina who has any catcher when he's playing a position. On the left fielder DH. Like all catchers pretty good umpire and he didn't think that was historic. Let Jeff Nolan thank. Oh to. Not put away one ball two strikes. Doctors will go right we'll ask right. Laura side of the plate being from a community accident young against lefthander here in the warm afternoon here in Clearwater. Once you pick. And this is slow to into. If you're not enough to Clearwater. This kind of right next door to Tampa. For us a couple of bridges. Beautiful area. Two balls to address to count. Here's pitch when he hired an outside all the way full two Kadima. Gartner went to one full padded the first on better drop line up walking him. It's called writes. On his way that history into news. Gardner's hit prostitute at the middle of the status through the center field for a base hit. I started a hard ground ball up the middle as a leadoff single here in which does it. Let's better start to beginning at this there's nobody on in the first. The batter Alex Jackson. Now it's getting his second. Straight start again they left handed starter in this. One for four and the person in his hit it was a slow roller up the middle. Fielded by the shore up credit for the bag at second and Alex is able to beat it out pretty healed yet. Hitting 250. For the year one home run thirteen runs batted him. A lefty on lefty matchup sorties Gartner is for attacks it is a fastball and at the knees for threat. Us has been at first nobody out and not for a second. Down one to nothing in the ball game. Gardner was on the rubber then get off. Ericsson continues to wait in the batter's box lefthander Zach. And Jackson showed bought thousand played from the catch your dad's second at the heaviest Internet crow goes into center field but his back that quickly by the center fielder so no further advancement. So wild yet Mike Gartner Jack it was gonna give himself up and sacrifice there. And now does he use to connect those 211. Either in scoring position with nobody out. This week. Now he's still had a chance to get cute CNET second added to throw down there and at fault here I'm off that lie out of or not. They hire our game. Deflect United Center field but it could. I says he'd back it up and hold it in his second. 11 doubt Jackson. Gardner's hit Alex swings and misses Alan skate in the spirit that's when he needed a lay up I wanted to. I. Nobody out of the inning Jackson would like to at least. In a bolt pulled to right I'd get it you know over to third with one out. And it has gone on deck for the shot. They're ready. Breaking ball he now gets away from catcher and Jackson's gonna make it first and keeping it over to third. Alex didn't realize Paula got no way. He wasn't even quite sure where to look for this moment. Sure if that goes a pass photo wild pitch it looked like impenetrable pitch. So Jackson's straight out but is on for now call it a passed ball first and third nobody out. The editor at a out. That was one perk for the first scalable line angle to Saturdays hitting 261. One home run twenty runs Saturday and and attackers with a golden opportunity to at least get this game tied at three point one nothing in the center. Partner at the belts or is it beyond its high and outside the bowl on. Here's the couple met on the two outs in the first that left to branded. First and third nobody out here in the never got ahead on the count water nose guard you're look into the Scion. Settles into the strip. Don't think that a bit straight through costly pit and it's involvement by. However I'm Richard junior from derby. Had some very good games down for the doctors have to be hit in Memphis on Saturday which included a couple of doubles. You cannot fully 13 fourth start here in the American tournament. And its first runs well at some point it might try to put him in motion just to break up things on the defense. And because it's drone attacks standing out. Okay. Alex on his three mile camps is two for two. Opposing base runners have run a bunch with Gartner on the mound they're sixteen for 24. Big guy and repeatedly has a clearly poor. Thought smooth. They astute young thousand up right. The count 12. Escondido little leadoff single in the shocker and it helped by a wild yet. While it through a passed ball striking out bite of they ended up with runners at first and third still nobody out of one team county gun Brothers got back in the box for a moment. That you're ready to go. Gardner comes. And Biller on a breaking ball and appeared. And her because if you put the ball in play there the double play gets run home. It's Gartner an opportunity to hold the runners in place with one out now and that's his third strike again. Is that Jordan's lawyer. You're O for Florida couple strikeouts in the earlier game did it take you after hitting 254. Three home runs nineteen runs Saturday. Her employer does have a couple sacrifice fly here he was showing bunt pitches politicking that just hit it that it. Third. That's got hung up a little bit Hammond of the third base line that hustled back just in time. It was that it does all of the lawyers wanted to know. Not thinking about the safety Weezer is not an employer has a couple sacrifice flies here. And third one out it's not really like running at least get tied up here in the evening with this golden opportunity. Lawyers whereas gets it up the first base line. Been counting on shuttle by the first baseman could play. This game out hustling home slides in person under its act. Jim Anders you're not coach is going to amount and argued the call. You know honestly hand Pittsburgh got in an attack. Plan. Is basically went doubled what is love. Yeah. Hello. Plate umpire. Knowing him exactly priestly the agonies and along the argument. That the others actually it was a sacrifice. Poitier. Alex accident data base. So replies but in fielder's choice for a boy here. Runs batted in. For his jacket still only one out. Is that tied it at that 11. Now look Ritter at the top of the order struck out swinging his first time out. Gardner Jack has taken steps off the reverend. Gardner's big big guy. I have great feet scatter report on him is try to make you uncomfortable making mover on a little bit. Chuck is in the position is that right now. Runners on a line drive into right field CN. Around third heading home values accidental overdose third and it isn't there and candidates. It is. Written boy. It was hot it is wrong throw. Grace that higher bad boy you're in head first on this route to act and came around to score another day yes sir Lew Ritter. The shot mistake to go on leave and two runs and one of those who are valid dictionary yet. Striking out of the ball got away from the catcher. Running that not. We're off. Move through the pit and there came along builder senator. Her third only wolf out in front 21. The better Grayson Jenna and urged him is now back off speed pitch at a united front. A little pop up in the third eight minutes time out. And as lucrative 31. Run that in the third. Hitting and hitting an eleven game hitting streak and game streak with an Oprah for between thirty out of the last thirty. Cameron Bright field well hit the right fielder go on that at this track makes that catch. Tagging him coming home from third. Ritter played halfway curse goes back refers to sacrifice fly races Afghanistan. Fielded to the war interact. Attackers have put three on the board here at the second heavily reliant. Now it alone does get a sling here and in order under Kirsten to them that as well hit drive right field. Like racing for his 38 embedded in the. Three runs home but he got it after giving up in the first. I almost blocked the third base Dunn's glove in the first and but I Gartner. It goes Ridder got to get out pitches and accurate throw down not nearly a time the critter got a tremendous jump. On Gardner's that he had no right now. And guard that is records stolen base of the year in his many attempts. He didn't even have an attempt until about the middle of the season. It was in the dirt to bomb the Kindle one and out they could bring in there for. It. Big admitting what a shocker so far. I gonna put all on here. It is seeking the signal at the steel to. Ahead walking into it. Well that are dropped one and take appropriately is an old. There is all three. Got to play as far as it Gardner to watch that in Italy's. And sincere around with those. 30. And the fourth Wideman sees it and it. Senators first. To forget her crown on. And it drew a walk her. That this the only previous walking him but I guard and hit three hits. They're Trout lines and a team to Oklahoma and runs batted in this will be eight still looking for his first hit of the tournament after going all for poor earlier today. Second two out. Murdered a letter to strike fastball down around cities. So far today gutters has been a little out of sync is seems to be guessing wrong. Not really timing things well. Let him de Ridder back safely to second baseman moving in to cover. Actors with three runs on two hits so far here in the second inning and then onward to now. It is three gauntlet to our state. Gardner. Back in 01 to outline and a better right at the knees on the outside corner. Better docket to the plate umpire act happy with the school. Probably something like we'll make sure you give us a lot on that you're okay. It's oh and dude better outline. Second councilman. Nutter strikes have extended their get away from Suzy. Jason Dan Gross a person not in time Ritter a wide turn around third gets accidentally at a low throw across the diamond. Well it does open the possibility now. Or chased Gardner's to accomplish something very rare. And that is striking out or added laden has he has struck out birdie. And two of those drugs now re hearing that will be a strikeout and a while to get it now in there. The bases are loaded rhetoric senator Lowell at second trip outlined its first book cropped becomes the ninth man to ban in the inning. He was called out right of first time out. That strikes that were breaking balls down around beneath. You know it just it underground bases loaded two years in the second the Packers have scored three. Mike Gartner. And the pitch and crop takes a fastball for a strike. Usually when a pitcher. Accomplish is that striking out for only one of those other strikeouts. Three days. Or is it to me every day after striking out here in the second and. One to cross announced that it wouldn't it bounced and went to catch your computer home to Gore's standing. Yeah. So Gardner. And his second wild pitch of the inning. Snipers now have more runs home. But it can in third with two and a. They've read but I raiders got a good break off a third. Now one and one data no trust. And crazier things. Taking advantage of chase Gartner wilder a little bit of uncharacteristic. Struggle black. Seat behind the plate a couple of timely hits. Across. Takes low. Two balls at once it. Gardner threw 23 pitches in the first inning this one is definitely gonna show that pitch out of there and now. I'm cult like Todd Butler is you want to call cropped over say something to him. Look crops up on the count to a one. On the third outline its second two out. Backers have scored four in the second taken for a lovely. Cross started to step in the box and I'm asking the plate umpire the exact question may be about to count. Give defaced the pitcher it's been a long inning for chase Gartner. It's. 21. Roth takes high three balls and once it. Russ casinos started it all of a ground ball single up the middle waiting on deck. Gonna hit an alliance singled to right center by Luke Ritter. 31 develop trust. Gardner's hit. Weighing in a nest on high test or three in June Gardner still with that possibility of striking out 41 inning. Three balls strikes. Gardner stepped off the river for a moment neck on to get the sign. Rob Sands in. We do. Outside her wolf score. They're loaded up again. Or us giving it third walk. Given that it needs Gartner. It's gonna get a trip to the mound. Revenue is not pitching coach. Sure McDonald. In his seventh season as a pitching coach that you aren't. Jim Penders in his fifty's younger. He is a former UConn player and assistant coach. And he has been associated with the program for 26. Of the last 28 years players or coaches head coach. Here's a associate head coach Jeff Morgan. Is today. 2005. UConn graduate pitching coaches at her dad Dutch McDonnell. No script but if you. They're both that are out of here. On pander to ask them to volunteer assistant Chris put slug graduated from UConn and 93. Classmate. Tenders. And his staff threw out his fifteenth season. We are ready to resume with debate is loaded two out. Prosecuting it coming out for the second time he has wanted to hit in the inning which a date. Four runs second to the suckers they lead four to one. The big two out hits. Could bring in a couple more increases are loaded. You know one through on as he stands in the fifth time performance. Not a lot of people here for either side but. One sitting here and actors really trying to make noise here. It even hitting to 38 coming into this yeah. One out. Hire an outside Oakland post where a guy right handed her two balls and those strikes. Jay Gardner with that. Getting that goes will not end. Indeed ahead on the count who knows. About Gardner's. Q okay and that it does not zone to the line. Go look at casino was able to do is really don't want it looked for write a particular spot that was a little higher than he wanted when again that goes to balls and one strike. Almost Trout line and profit lead away from the basis. 21. Could they need fastball even today at the tune to. Russ it you know with eight runs additives. Those that come in the 4243. At bats. It. Megan in from the right side of the ball two strike counts. Gardner's hit. And tapped pockets put in the batter's box he goes down and keep the ball rolls slowly out in front of the plate. You know now that went straight down on his foot. Days too good to have hill that are walking off a little bit. Editor Dan K hill and see if he is needed to looks like it's going to be able to walk it. Yeah. David Garrity inning with a single. Second on a wild it's Alan Jackson struck out the ball got away from the lecture he reached runners first and third Travis young struck out. Fewer employers cut out of bonds got a runner harmonic close play at play warrior reaching Ritter's singled to drive in runs. Jenna sacrifice fly to bring in Iran bomb was walked intentionally. Trout line struck out the got to pick in the dirt it was a wild pitch he got on Roth walk loaded for Dina. Four runs it. Tutu again wine crowd on the right side. Slicing line drive carried over the first baseman bounced in the stands them right. You alliant. You know the chance man to bet is that soccer kinetic. Seems like it has lasted half an hour maybe and a. Packers gave up a run in the first outing he had good lawyers started out wild it. Got out of a bases loaded nobody out situation is one run it's not present for. It could beat and it drive to left field pretty well hit the left fielder right here and placed it. Oprah loves it and that's the thing that he's not restore horror runs. I'm just to hit. There are no errors and three men left on base and Gardner did not. Get support strikeouts in an inning after do Wichita State or UConn won. Smart features are only as Smart as they're all like so what's the latest blizzard and are actually don't always great. Yeah her really you. Can someone please let me friends. Since you last see correctly is a no. That's that's just the way so errors. Your sneakers wake up with the latest. News ended for. 87 and thirteen thirty. And another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental. Okay. Today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first with no. Your parents are paying all weekend. Wow that's on some. Now with. Your parents. All weekend wow that is aunt and. Healthy smile as powerful thing it deserves delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash your smile our delta dental. Any Sean Hannity you're listening meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on MS. He's. Belongs first inning in which he walked. Three and hit batters but got out of just one run at a great addition eleven pitched 123 inning in the second so. He's back in today. Reasonable realm hits lies this 42 innings. No place atop the order he started his second time through and done batting order here in the third which does date to score more runs. It happened the second quarter lovely. Doctors want earlier today every US up mortgages. UConn is having on base to two win over Cincinnati. Where Cincinnati in their fifth year in the American conference they still had yet to win the game. In this policy alternatives they are now old and nine. An all time. In the American tournament. John hope but it's not that he ordered drew a walk on a 32 pitch his first I'm not that scored the you can run scores around the block punts in the air. And tot Butler had the best chance at making a play on that would that he bounced past him right ones so. Both Kerry almost tied stands on the top step of the dugout right at the end of the railing. Players go up on the field. Here's the clear over here almost had him on short. That's not far off track cope with howled out. Hoyer into the line one. That's ball to the First Act like Aniston were under the bank putting out hopeless really hit hard. But yes to grow and this is actually didn't have to really cross is a very far. And it makes the unit has put out for the first out of this point in the third. So one out in the third of the better Anthony Corrado pronto talked 32 pitch hit or. Headed leaving UConn got real side hitter. In the first pitched he shows but that wasn't really plotting to strike. You kind. Saw Hoyer at his wildest of person they're trying to do whatever they can't get him out of rhythm. Oh and by doing things try to throw him off a little bit growth outlook in the dirt on almost right. Especially with Cuban Kilgore going to sit in the first game doctors not having to use their bowl advice I think good staff it's pretty happy warrior could give them I have today. 11. Fastball for a strike one and two and I say that because he's coming back. On four days' rest after start on Friday at Memphis and that is a couple of they ordered it usual for him. I hit it would be tremendous. One to add in Europe the middle base hit to center field. Low line drive Anthony Corrado lawyer try to get a club look this could reactive time on through the center field. The first hit of the game three you can. At the products bias for so far in the tournament. There on one not present since the catcher who was it that it gets his first. Lawyer angle low fastball hitting another foot or ankle really hobbled him for a little bit seuss did get left handed hitter hitting 330. By the right hander in the pit. He takes us outside the bowl one. He can get a very frustrating inning behind the plate I'm sure he would like to. Get a little feel good that but coming up with a bases here. Later in the stretch. A lot of fouled straight back onto the screen when Bowen right. Letter this game will be in the best possible position after this convey a deterrent to that. I'll wait for somebody to come out of the losers bracket challenge and later in the day tomorrow. 11 count. Orders hit. Low and outside two balls and one strike. There is a you'd need bullpen. They talked about earlier gains today straightaway left field behind Philip Eagles fans. It's eat to level bull. There's one mounted catcher's area on an upper level. And Derek shares covered by umbrellas in between the members of the bullpen civilian. Is it. And it drive into right center field for a base hit Alex Jackson charity to pick it up league's brightest gonna go for third and won't make it an out of play. Line drive single over the second baseman Chris sex NC and you're not with a threat first and third with only one out on their first two minutes. Of the ball game. It back to the bullpen that it brought. Here it would cheers him bros are is they that are mounted catcher's area in front. Cheers and at some level. Bullpen but the bullpen right here together and members of the little dance that sit right next to him. So that is. Totally unique to anything and I've. Recent. You've got down 41 threatening and they've got a guy Ethier easily. This game with one swing it felt seen as thirteen home runs on the year. Borders first pitch to him good ranking cities. I'll steam. Now Hoyer a lot in the first inning when he had the bases loaded nobody out Goldstein grounded sharply right it or not lawyers starting double play. Really reduce the tension on the Packers in the third inning. Poland has full time when Bowen during. It. Lot of outs in attendance at this tournament. Two guests. Will certainly be looking at a lawyer who is instantly thrown 9485. On the year. No steam Power. One one through it Bryant's gonna miss one ball or X. One out and getting. After getting ground ball on the first pitch he threw for a giant Coca. Has given up back to back singles pronto is his first and third. 12 count Isaac LC. A fifth year senior from Palo Alto, California. We're gonna miss it on a passed ball up and warrior it's his second straight ahead. They get outs as a dangerous two outs in the inning. And at price that they asking. Yeah hitting outfielder. Pretty dangerous customer 3035. Home runs walked his first I'm not. So far in two games today at the tournament. Stansky has walked four out of five plate appearances he was officially old for one in the Cincinnati game. Is considered to out. What are ready to work just a fancy. And get to strike companies working get away. You can't has actually out hit the doctors at the moment three days to. Look to us state leads it. A score report of one. Balls on strike workers pit fastball low and it's not like an extra one. Backed candidate candidate not to Dan rule about five feet to his right one bullet right. You can't run mr. Anthony Corrado a third act as yet her to do that linger in the third. Huskies are the visiting team in this room. Clearly the 11 and it's fouled on the left field line how to play. The earlier game today it was Wichita State's first of the season. At eight neutral site and the same for you can't. UConn played any kind of road games or 35. True road games. They were 22 at thirteen on the road the most road wins in the nation this season. What if it inside moved it back delayed steal it. Second they've got their daughter and a run down and tagging about the quarter better connect up the score from third. Not a very well run delayed double steal by UConn since he's on now between first and second. And it's no runs on two hits the Huskies in the third and one bad luck on day at six and a half with it's not a state court UConn won. And department to try and reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck driver or involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 filled and please do your part. Designated for driver. And is home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving and remember in Kansas you drink you arrive you lose. During that means you're old refrigerator her and window air conditioner will be working overtime against Clinton's plans to danger to other great selection of quality your client and that the 12100 dollars on. 123 don't tell us where you always the right product to the right right. We're has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita and Bradley on green which Cutler does he sell or an L Laredo Rebecca show or Stephanie tell. You're news. I can't let their seats 9830. And ask us. The third inning series gardeners through 39 pitches and it Verisign shocker second inning. Is that we do through the first two innings. It is not figured there around two deep into this ball game he has not pitched more than I did it and it is last night stars. Facing Alex Jackson Travis gone and you're boy weird to start the third. What 84 runs three hits no errors on one run some hits and nowhere is that Huskies scored a run of the earth that a little bit. In fact or score for a second on just him yes. Even with the score runs it could have left I admit stranded in their efforts to advance. It accidentally delete. In the third. Like thanks AJ towards Philip Elliott their team and Greenwood road or hosting soccer coach he shows throughout the season. And there will be one more time Butler show. It is doctors. When this tournament and the words of the NCA and a battle that next Monday. It's and if that happens. We're thrilled at the Alley ages. Hosting over a soccer coaches shows throughout the season now accidentally knocked the third's first pitch from Gartner Alex goes on. Jackson struck out swinging his first time out in that second inning the ball got away from the catcher he was able to reach for him naturally that the inning. Go. Writers first and third with nobody out. Alone breaking ball slapped at the first baseline it's gonna roll now. An accountant Leo and too. Alex one for four lit infield single in the earlier game against US staff today. That game got underway at 9 o'clock here in Florida. This little more normal time slot here and again. Hard did tell who's got the better of it in this situation with. Packers having to get up really early. And play early the bus left the hotel 25 this morning eastern time. So very early wake up call and start. UConn got a more normal wake up that they had to turn right around after playing their game and play another one immediately afterward. Oh Judy Jackson in the dirt on ball into strengths. That they must beat by Gartner but he really slowed down his arm action in his left Atlanta chapter. Alec hitting 256 coming into this month. Behind on the count one and two. Please gardeners to the line. Breaking ball to bounce that went that was way outside and and after two balls two strikes. He has on occasion. Through a pretty good breaking ball as he threw 200 no across when he struck him out in the first but he has. Had trouble most of the time throwing anything other than his fastball for right. To consider Jackson is oh and do it and he has. Completely. Left a couple of off speed pitches better. And that's the fastball thrown back over my head out of play. Stays tuned to reject. I am located. Just slightly to the left of home plate directly behind. Play it. Almost right on line with the first base line. Two balls drank it yet. Gardner stepped off the room. Heard her looks and goes to the line. You Pitt gets out of back to the screen again it could root for defensible. That would up pretty well respected active green accountable to them to do. Gartner with 62. Through two innings already thrown. That are for a hitter in the third. A lot of who left handed hitters. Gardeners. As they hear from the left side Edison Jackson everybody else right handed hitter. Left he delivers again he's not been a high drive to left field left fielder started back now settles in and makes it. I hit it pretty well the opposite field. Clearly routine play for John hope for the good candidate that protects and they Gartner throw more pitches. And at Travis gun struck out his first not about that in the second. Oh. This one for four earlier today. It Boyer on debt that Packers are in the bottom three of the order here in the third inning they lead it for a one. Gardner's hit and young was going to but takes it and it was a drag other companies. Had designs on maybe pushing it toward first base he's got. First baseman playing very deep. Back in the box with the count on one. Gardner alliance and delivers in that what is low fastball just below the knees when Poland's right. Okay. Packers' first American conference tournament they played in forty. Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Like 152. And 150. At a wedding for at its. And did try to bunt that went in missed on a pitch down in the zone and it's one and two. Doctors want haven't seen. Missouri valley tournament titles and forty years and played in the championship game 25 times. Pretty good location for this tournament here in Clearwater Florida beautiful ballpark. Great weather at least today at a lot of rain this week. And media. Andy's racquet out and off speed pitch in the appeared at a guns at a tough time with. Gartner the first two times that he's and it getting a month pitches to him down. Fourth right now regarding. The better Jordan Boyer. Lawyer laid down a sacrifice but his first time up that drove in around little push bunt up the first base line that. That pitino home from third on a close play at the plate or re not a fielder's choice. And scored so he has officially over all the sacrifice the RBI and around the earth. Pictured left hander fastball for a called strike. Jordan both for four earlier today against USF. Started this game hitting 254. Headed hitting junior for Oklahoma City. Poland. A high fly balls that are drifting over at the back center fielder hit him hit an eight. I stand before the Arabs to restore order for the first time today. In the bottom of the third and after three still wouldn't tell us state or UConn. Detained one and getting everything included you in airline. To bring a change of clothes. No room in your show now for Wi-Fi overpriced bottled water is really imagine my delight when I found out right now included with my insurance Obama. Forget. John just quality it made no additional. More greens aren't true you never go to the end the only fault mirror or Mike Ritter in Wichita. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament stands 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can. Controlled. The United Healthcare you can have better control king. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID cards for easy access to learn more QE dot. United Healthcare. Service is available for. This marks living like this week season tied right here on tape and ask that. The. What we're sending sixth in the orderly things up for UConn in the top of the fourth Cody employers through three innings. As a lot of it's around three walks to strikeouts. Hit a bad throw wild pitch but he was all over the place in the first inning. Really settle down over the last two. Doctors did I score a portal want security go to two known. It's status you'll get deleted up it's Woodward and I had forgotten that Stefanski was at the plate UConn either delayed double steal got a runner thrown out two in the previous settings and he had been out there with a one count. Deleted off here in the forest with defense would worth's van winkle for the Huskies. Started off in the fourth. Cody Hoyer into the line for that Stefanski is driven into right center field for a base hit Alex gets hustling over to cut it off. And get a MacKey and hold a single but that is three solid base hit. In the last four men to actually use. Grotto and Lucy had solid line drive hits in the third or else being struck out of them doctors caught runner on the basement. Second time in the game time since the first inning on it but it's leadoff man on three hits now for your. In the letter Michael Woodward right got it in his first nine months. Words respect to him shows spotted it gets away from Trout line. And I think garnered just took his eye off that one is where the runner was hit his glove and bounced away it'll be a passed ball. Are down to second with nobody out. It was time for all alarmed at Michael Woodward. Lawyers had to pick out of his share of trouble in this one already. I'm mad at second base with nobody out here in the fourth. Good fighter right hander pitched it would works. I again with a fastball to you know. Poirier at 56 pitches through three innings after throwing 29 in the first of Venus. Does pitched cannot give him up to chance to go a little deeper in the game. Of the stretch it to go. On a roller foul that's considered based on yet. Two balls one strike. The scene here maintenance item that is that the visiting team. Is housed in the first base dugout to home team on the third base it locker room at first base dugout this morning. We're on the third base at this afternoon. Two balls one right. Orders it. And tapped off the plate felt. That it would work to do. Into it that's my Woodward's lawyers did a nice job the happening out of his front foot most of the time. Striking now. It in the first the first time around back in the first inning at united front. Hit it cannot hear their daughter's second and nobody out. The pit. I fly ball better. Young. Right where he was standing makes the actress gets tags and blouse that doesn't go to strong throw in by Travis on. So one out. There are holding on at second base. It's Travis young's fourth put out of this game. It brings it Chris winkle and hit a fly ball beyond that in the second inning. Local one for five on the day of Florida's American tournament. Left handed hitter. 72 on the year four home runs. We're goes into the stretch. Bruce picked to winkle and strike on the better than nothing who have. Wrinkle or two for twelve against you this past weekend but. Or was O for four in the final game two and if I game hitting mystery. It's 94 over the five games is all 51 hit gain to a tie for seventeenth. Michael are now behind third base and how to play. Quickly Olin to. Rankled. Had two hits and all three games against the shot with a solid for eleven and a series with three doubles and four runs batted him. His average in conference games is slightly below his season average hitting two and be who overall. 28. In the Americas started 23. And his team's 24 games. Snowballs eggs. What your deals and a fastball just a little bit lower ball into her. Try it can't you little leadoff single advanced to second on a passed ball. And Michael Woodward has flied out to enter one out of the inning. Out of one into the left handed hitting Chris winkle. Nichols outside the box remote it sent back here. Lawyer at the belt and deliver. Any rookie Darren Kitchen spirits. This Thursday unoccupied drop our investors are out and does so. Saudi lawyers Third Reich. Local retired to anatomy and. At times. Cody has really been hard for you can't pick out they have chase breaking balls in the dirt. That definitely not angle of the better Christian head coach at a fly ball to center his first time. Does date leads Florida wanted to top of the fourth. Lawyer ready. And for his pitch instead no fastball in there for a called strike one. It goes started began hitting 242. 27 runs batted in. That is college freshman year for the Huskies that is never tailed off just a little bit here at the latter stages that you don't want to have another good strikeout is lighter on the outer half. It was mass ode to. Yeah. It rates Palin movement on it. No balls into strike that could go. We're looking to get around a leadoff single followed by a hair ball. 02 pitch in the dirt good block like outline keeps her daughter's second base. One volunteer ranks. Where with a chance touring relatively quick inning here if you can get through it go forth many say. Hasn't had any excessively long pitch counts inning hitter. One coming. Deals and a line drive in the left field come and gone and taken it gets his trusted independently and go get a little too well stayed up long enough work ignorant man and he innings no runs one hit. At long last let the Huskies. To three and a half Wichita State for you can on one. One company on a mission to put a million people who works here sounds like it never does not good employment professionals. Sure do scenes operator welter. Well maybe you're looking to find new jobs distribution. Held out of Brooklyn for yeah we are committed sources that never charged were beatified are. Expressed plenty of professionals design and an extra million people who were you cheering and let us held an element. Go to breast roast dot com to find a location your young yeah. All star business with the talented team but that science and winning. And the professional that KB CT aides and advisors helped organizations of all sizes home their competitive day. Park trusted tax account meaning consulting pro skin healthy like past challenges and hit home run. Go to Haiti dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Hey hey you join us for become reality radio week nights at eleven times yes. The bottom of the sitting here in Clearwater Florida Wichita State that you cannot for a lot of this second round winner's bracket game on the American conference tournament Gartner. Coming on his first 123 inning of the ball game back out and of course these thrown 76 pitches through. More runs on three hits he has walked three throttle while it's. Hitters reached. Ask all the wild pitch Beckett for a second look real started off the big RBI single in the four run inning and is one for them ball game. Struck out it's gonna. Gartner has struck out four in the game. Ritter at 349. Coming into this will be. They do it takes in the dirt for ball one. Mentioned Ridder with the base it has now hit safely in eleven straight. And thirty. Of the last 31. One out. The big chop up the middle short Cherokee hasn't pronto for a body to first for the out. Her out short to first one down in the fourth. But in a row retired now but she's heard. Princess grace get a sense. Pop to third in the first inning and then drove the right fielder to the warning track in the second good for a sacrifice fly that are embedded in it. Over one officially to her for. In the earlier game today against US. Left against flat honest if they Gartner. Andy. And it's spotted. Them out at second baseman charity groups and gets pretty good spot. But I can't just even better client by the second baseman were worth charging to throw about it birds. Almost. Perfectly happy putted hard not to get it past the particular. Her step in just a little too hard and it was played for the second baseman. And nobody on for eligible. Gardner had a chance for his quickest inning of today. Bones so far a single off third baseman gloves and an intentional walk. Urged it to him is just outside the Golan. Or maybe settling in just a little bit he's retired the last and it's. Packers lead Florida wanted to bottom of the fourth. Polo and and guided bomb attached to it. Lane made a bid for a second straight up earlier today. Leading ECU four to one. In the eighth inning. Pirates scored five in the gates went on to win that was exercised so he's used it to another team in the other bracket. Well Texas fastball for a strike to stood want. You considered to have the best chance of winning the American team to host regional it got a good a living there with thirteen in the RPI coming into the tournament. They've started off with two wins they're continuing to make a strong case for themselves. He won the bulge right called insight coronary pulled his legs that end. Growing up but played on pottercast visa account too and do. To another beyond its factory in the fourth. He scored all four of their runs in the second. They won their earlier game 42 over US death. Some timely hit a tremendous. Excluding released at psyche in Kilgore. Into the bulk. And it honestly it low and inside started this drive it never really had to get broken get out of the way that awkward avoidance of that pitch. He's OK in the count three and two. Start to have a couple of infield out by Ritter and yet it. Gardeners. With three to the ball. Hard ground ball that I think that gets out but a short snappy not set to throw the ball wasn't within. Great effort by product to get to that. Headlong dive to knock it down but it jumped up to make the throw I make this throwing motion the ball. Is not in his hand. Of the hit the ball. And a blow a game in the course of the shot here's. And brings a better Trout lines. Are continuing to struggle today in the two games he is over five with five strikeouts he's also walked. What is owed it to plate appearances. Struck out against Gardner in the second. To first base bump that standing at. Okay. I. But little to not magic here in the fourth had to edit nobody on our rhetoric for. It. He's driven to right center field at will hit the center fielder on the round I'm getting intimate yet Stansky Claudia didn't get it. Quite enough in the gap that is by far the best way he said today. Underlines that Indian attackers hit no runs on one hit. Gently on the spurs after war no shocker or the Huskies want. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental. Okay they were gonna find out just how powerful mile per. It is for me with no mark. He got mad men. I can't. Practice. Now with Cuba committed Angelina says in Iraq. Helping smiles and powerful things you deserve delta dental of the nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash your smile to our delta dental. When it comes to driving a truck there are the only thing. Hands and arms and then there. On the right to secure likes us. From Colorado Silverado 15100. A Broadway yeah from a family of the most dependable longest lasting. Seismic run so from we created printers. Release jobs you can count every. Your hometown have either. An ability to sort of proximity to her. Her sport has brought you by American Stanley insurance in which. Shawn Chapman. Ron Willis Terry how are invalid and or an end over what your. Your news. Again west. 98 and and he's earning yeah NSA. No he's a lawyer Baghdad hood it's not been seen as sort of a little bit loose control early that has battled back to Atlanta to get through four innings allowing just one run on three hits if they. Connor Moriarty John's helper and Anthony Corrado here in this. I. Moriarty plight is under his first time up Oprah wanted to bugging one or five on the days in games. Started the game hitting. 229 rain for the season. Moriarty batting ninth in the order. That in from the right side but he Hoyer into the wind up his first pitch is grounded salary the shocker dugout on the third base side. Moriarty is a sophomore from West Springfield, Massachusetts. At 11195. Yeah it safely. And eight of the last ten games pitched good swing at him yes I was a good slider down. Strictly Owen to. Moriarty thirteen. For 33. Just under 400. Over those last ten games. Okay. No balls two strikes. What with the pit at a. You bad pitch of the year. Outline to throw to first and Jessica can't hang onto it. And I stay. You might have trouble with the sound a little bit about what and now they're calling the writer out he ran it. Inside. The double line and got in the plane had just row and that's why Aniston. Yeah. When you run to first base there is that double blind and you get the last half related baggage you got to beat. He had that double line and he came inside of it and that's why. Get a that was enabled a picked up the throw and dropped it. Trout lines did as any that you've trained to do yet inside the baseline to get that throwing angle. Writer shouldn't be in his path that he was walking and over the Ryder Afghanistan picked it up late. So that is a strikeout. But it goes camcorders one out of the inning. Or strike gets recruiting or. John hope who has walked in grounded to first. And it scoreboard for here it is happening at scratchy but diggers roughing and construction. Bricks and gutters siding and windows. Look your home's exterior again go to Gingrich ripping dot com or call 312. Vote to 2066. Figures dripping in construction your home team pro. One of their game going on at the same time weighing in and they are right on top routed president letter. Brown Cody a lawyer no balls and one strike. The other game going on at the moment is an elimination game. Between. Eddie. And US there's a pit let's. What you didn't go when swollen right. I don't know the fourth inning. US leading Cincinnati to the one in that was a loser will be eliminated. The winner will come back and they loser of this game tomorrow. 11. Announced today they're two balls and one strike. That are Trout line has had a lot of balls bounced off of his person in this employer has hung in. For a third innings of the votes of Florida given up one run easily given up three hits. To wander until. And it reveals. A line drive to center field for a base hit. Kind of let down and got elements scorched into center field one out single. With the UConn lead it. Some one on one out for Anthony Prada who's been red hot all day. Collected four hits in the first game against Cincinnati. 11 with a walk in his. In the earlier scores from today here in the American tournament. UConn defeated Cincinnati. To the shocker the US that are afforded to those were first round games. He has been eliminated you EF 62. And you came from behind and Daimler. Game two defeat to Spain six to five. Ball in their kidneys were right d'antoni product. That puts. You to know in the tournament. To lane one and one. Lane will play Houston tomorrow in an elimination game second time they will look at. Length. Yesterday eleven to it. 01 account to pronto. Reuters pitch in the dirt through the catcher. And data packet goes on to open. Skidded across the plate through the wicket. That are current line of the wild pitch. To Eric coating lawyers and he has thrown a bunch of balls in the dirt through these first five innings. Now one ball one strike to Anthony Corrado. And one out three time. Orders pit and it's full time to balls went straight. No times have been apple yet for tomorrow part of let me. Depend on the forecast. They elected him to get two games in. Grata in the dirt under braking for third rode down not in time. And other wild pitch. Give tapas and credit for getting a good secondary lead off the second day he read the ball of the dirty took off. And Frontline didn't have much chance to wild pitch is now in the inning. That's the runner from first to third. Now three and one Anthony Corrado. Fort one Wichita State top of the fifth inning runner at third one out. One pitch. In that spirit again for both Ford and blocked by Trout lines. Go walk put runners at first and third brings that potential tying run to the plate. Four walks record to go along with four strikeouts and veterans were baseless. Acts in secret depth is the time it hits and has lined a single. The leading hitter on the team at 330 heading into this game. So what we're getting himself into some trouble here and obviously his best friend would be a double play grounder that hit Indian. Here's lead 41 in the fifth but at least looking a little precarious at the moment. Lawyer from the threat. For this to sue you get an answer one. Threw the fastball bind. Activity in the shot through bullpen looks like Cody Tyler. Coming out that in left field. Oakland to. Ball is right to call on inside corner. Two really good pitches but Hoyer has seen so far. CC second team all conference election. Cape Cod league all star last summer as were Alec Baldwin recently Aniston. No balls two strikes. Time called us. Who stepped out. We're looking at for the night from gutter Trout line comes at. The other two. Tests now that it's not the end of the bat pitch was down and away pretty good this current order it. It is good to keep it out of the cat glow. It started with a right get kind of Moriarty. Hope that single letter was wild pitch second and then third. Anthony Corrado walked. First and third one out. 02 count to bigger. What reveals. Fastball up and away went on to spirits. You can't quarter run in the first. To walk a hit batter. That double play grounder to get to run on the Oscars came back with four in the second. Ones whose whose. Side gets away from the catcher run coming home. And it's in order to blog and another man who's in scoring position at second. Sure how the score that would have looked like. Got a lot of outlines gloves. Now a passed ball not sure how to officially scored. Hope let off for the Angola's moved all the way around the bases on three pitches. Didn't get to the catcher's glove too wild pitches and either while it. Well. It has its way into best recommend what looked like three and jets I don't know what the it hits like Cody Hoyer receptive strike at it again. Is this of the ball game. The two downed runner at second. The better Isaac held gain. They'll stay dangerous right handed. Power here he is grounded into a double play and struck out swinging so far against Cody or. Product is still out here in scoring position with two down. We're here from the threat to her pitch to tell team. Ask ball high for ball on. Though dean with 39 runs batted in leads that had it. Statistic on a pretty well balanced team it's 39. Susie with 32. Chris twinkle with thirty. Ball those strengths and pitch. Ling and I'll back. It's one and one. Goldstein does not get cheated you know cut it loose. That's why he has thirteen home runs and all those 63 strikeouts. You know 183 at that strike more often and every third time out. One ball one right. We're trying to keep it to say one run inning here in the fifth. And is it. I'd fly balls that are field rather Griffey back on that note. Going back at that act leaps and it's awful long. Running and held scene around second headed for a third and he'll make it in their understand that. There is just a little bit of breeze blowing out short ride in the may have helped carry that ball just enough. You know where young could reach it he played well got back on it but he got all the way to say it straight to center at the floor under the bark. Didn't let up to that is blah then hit sand. UConn has come back within a run Nazi orders three ball games and tying run ninety feet away with two. They'll need his second triple of the year's fortieth and edited. To run for you got a big two run inning for youth on. And her that his fans he had the ball on. Troy Stefanski has blocked an angle in his two plate appearances in this one. It runs on five hits now for the Huskies. Dealers at a Penske grounds that the middle of the center fielder they certainly got tight game. Solid ground ball single right up the middle. And you but it's only three runs who have been scoring after some ground here in the fifth to tie the ballgame. Datsyuk to let his thirtieth president in the year. Weren't on six hits now for the Huskies. Right handed hitting Michael would worth a theory has struck out like senator. Staff looked like he played one more out here and complete I innings and give whoever the next inning start it than it. It would Wear it on non best gifts away to outline an underground circuit. It's been really disturbing how many balls have gotten away from her outline whether they're. Passed balls are wild pitches. It's just been too many balls loosening it hasn't been caught that's for. That has not the way it one way or another have allowed runners to advance. When it invest but I would worth Sunnis in the hole and want it now base yet. Good scores of Penske for giving UConn police. Both teams have left handers up in the bullpen. Or four games out the top of the fifth. A lot. A ball short shouldn't be an employer hasn't gone to first for the out and not look good but UConn. Source three runs on three yes. And I hear Florida half its Wichita State or UConn war. You know every day we treated. Immediately I had better or. Are your information. Obviously ultra open three. Trust Canadiens. Democrats and there's germs and even in the Democrats don't win the terms gonna and we ran him yeah and Johnson is that he let. And you danced a basic summary of what the nose in on seven and thirteen thirty. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids off Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can. The united health care you can't have better control care. With the mobile app that helps you find a local doctor has your card for easy access to learn more you got. United Healthcare. So is available for all plants. This is. Join us this morning right here on KM SN. I think this thing Bush's status UConn scored three runs to tie the game. Wild pitches passed laws that solid yet makes him. And it's a war for blogging into the bottom of the pit tonight. To get back on cheeseburgers settled down over the last couple of days. He's thrown 86 pitches through core earnings are probably getting near the end of his time on the man you're on. It's his vehicle standards. That's ready in the bullpen. Records and that no outcrop prosecuted and Alex Jackson. Zachary. And four runs on four hit off Gartner he has walked three struck out war. No outcrop over one little walk struck out looking in his first time walked on a full count pitch in the second. It's picked the right handed hitter. Your nails everything over the catcher the umpire and practice green on the fly ball one to crush. Both Gartner and employer have been wild times and struggled through these first five innings. Noted croft. Take a strike up in the zone one and one of UConn now with four runs on six hits with state pool runs on four hits. Brought chases wanted to hear this directly straight to that well now. And all the ranks. Little momentum shift toward Yukon with their three run inning in the top of the fifth here's. He teams had a cricket numbered and are attackers were off four of their runs in the second. 12 to crush it and that was slow to balls and two strength. Fourth meeting of the year between these programs UConn won two of three. In the regular season series in which. Editors teach you. And just load crops and that although it won't. You're has walked. Three. None of the second inning. Retired seven in a row at once and for giving up an infield single the bones. Crop take strike three today's. Does it trouble getting the bad ought to be older and three at bats today one Antony and it's right yet for chase Gartner. Grew up Brusca data who has gotten a single up the middle and flied out to left. A couple of pretty good swings one or two in the game. One for five on the Davis so for three with a walk earlier in the win over US. Bases empty will know but sorry one out here in the fifth. So I gave it 44. Gartner into the lions then the liquor at a breaking ball foul behind first and how to play. Rust could gain his numbers don't look all that impressive on the pace of it right now he's eleven for 44 to fifteen. Let a lot of his doubts have been good solid contact. Really held his own over these past couple or three weeks since working his way to the starting lineup. 01. That backs up there twice idiot again. At Gartner has one that's not but he has won out nobody on 11 count that Katrina. My guess would be the Packers will work to Cody Tyler going the sixth. Lawyer has thrown 95 Pitt is route five innings. Said they've really wanted him to finish the fifth. Employer or give Tyler clean inning in the sixth. Swing at a Minnesota pitch in the dirt that's a couple of times now. That crops and pitino had chased that off speed breaking ball of the spirits that are obviously not seeing it very well that's a pit that. Curtis had a tough time throwing restrict it has only elderly neighbor right now seems to be disguising it pretty well doctors chasing. Okay. I'm the one to. Get you know lies and go to the second basement and into right field for a base hit. The press could hang in an accurate that way again lines one of the opposite field for a second hit the ball game. It's not there's the potential go ahead run on the one out. And that is their fifth hit a ball game. Ends up Alex Jackson Alec has struck out swinging. Then. Hit it pretty well replied we'll let it last night about Oprah to. Andy comes Jim Penders team UConn coaches that might be good for chased Gardner's. Gartner past ninety pitches. It's been a labor for him looks like they are going to go to the then there will be pitching Kane and little wrinkle in her moment. It's a pork for a ballgame the bottom of that the testing with a runner at first. One out because that. When you lose. More cars or just four did you do more and more prepared more atop the mouth. And you want us and I yeah understanding more of what's happened on 97 and thirteen thirty and we need. Listen NS as we saw number one off. And and in the morning. But what does it got screwed up 205 million dollars and industrial revenue bond for projects greater Wichita wire he had seventeen and a half million dollars will be used to build the new branch from the which they innovation campus for a could be used for improvements to the east branch of the top business journal a little more. It's a good investments in public health and cure the widgets and probably have been highest physical at this rate in the entire united streaming down. They need help that we take us the water out here in north where they get a pretty good array of vending machines to flex action there. There mister and then there or are. Analysts here. Instead mornings from the line on and George story from coast because they him or me we'd start right here I'm KN yeah. At this is their guy this guy that we didn't get to see. In the regular season K who came into the season they've rejected first round draft him. A little bit of forearm tightness. And missed a chunk of the season including. Being regular season series in which it's not fact he had. Just hit for the last time right before that his last. Prior to last Friday was seven weeks ago march 29 against Hartford but he hit it two thirds shutout innings. He pitch two innings in relief. Against ECU on writing that floor hit that no walks and one strikeout. As a lefthander has been clocked consistently able. Nineties. Over the top arm angles it's gonna blow up produce a lot of ground balls. His changeup is considered a developing hits it pretty good amateurs curve ball. Is described as a twelve to its camera effective against both right handed Angela hit it hit theaters so. This is a guy who committed a season as their ace was projected as a possible all Americans. At first round draft pick and just hasn't been able to pitch for a while in the games that he has its. It appearances 43 the third innings forty sincere it's. Hit team Watson 54 strikeouts three of four with a 3.5. Three. ERA. And with all that I mean there's certainly not built back two pitching too long but if they could get a couple of innings out of him in this game here technically. That would be a big boost it and think this Alley for a three runs down the side a scheme that worked war which it does state had prosecuted at first base with one out. Added hey Alex kept coming up. Or sports properties that were. It's not they'd definitely would like it's a shocker ambassadors which are not easily level of corporate partners house at one dollar to settle Coke industries. And kind of communication security it an advertising would not need athletic post soccer sports properties and 31697. 75 hit two. Alec and Oprah to step in that they hate. A cat and a fly ball left. Could be that rhetoric first. King at the belt delivers. Ball in the dirt and all of those strengths. No radar gun readings on the scoreboard. Its reputation is low nineties that is sensible. Again. When he aren't really keeps it down well this is a lot of ground balls. 10 that ball up that's time to look at high two balls no strikes. Alex Jack one for X on the day let out an infield single. Over the bag at base in the earlier game against US and a Packers won that would fortitude. Led this one portal on that is now tied at four in the bottom of the fifth. I. To vote. In the appeared again three balls and no strikes. It is one of those guys they added that started but he came into the game. It might wanna get to him early if they can't before he gets capital really at all that this is equality talent. Being very difficult to get comfortable. 30 right here. And ask all right down the middle probably took just a little luck that has voted three and one. Indeed other moderates for just an average runner. One out of me getting. Potential go ahead run at Thursday's. 31 to Jack inside for ball four. Alex draws a lot pushes that putter down to second base and brings up Travis ya. We're gonna get a pinch hitter Travis got. Struggled against left hander Gartner struck out in both of his at bats in this one or grape pickers. Look up to hit for him. We'll also. Facilitate a little bit of double triple and a Becker's ability shortstop. Literal move from short second Ritter will move from second to the outfield. That he's going out of the six. Pray Vickers. Was having a great year until about. 34 weeks ago and it is hardly hit the kids had a pretty good weekend. Memphis for the season he's hitting 283. With two home runs and sixteen. Runs batted in. Veteran right handed hitters the first pitch to him is a passed ball all right. Only betray collect a hit in the series at Memphis he was four for evidence a couple of doubles and hit more balls hard during has for a long time. At 8247. Periods in US debt the one of those little Lutheran should have been caught that they'll. When I get invested their terror. So not a very good start is drunkenness on that one that was drank a reasonable load to. Her second one out for which a day. Kind of found that kept giving up three runs in the the top of the inning to tie the game. You know its second accident for him to take things that you get your name and want an exit. Oh you. Any check this icon that would have let her out of that was in the answer. So trade Vickers. Off the bench to pinch hit adding utterly miserable at bat against him Kate writes out of three matches with him there. But it definitely is an up to cured employers. During an Oprah wanted to sacrifice bunt hit a fly ball to center as last time out he spoke with five overall undated. The guy who a year ago had 32 to two out runs batted in. Hackers could use one here I gave it four in the bottom of the fifth. He hurt it the boy you're gonna last bullet there for calls it. Katrina had a one out single in the inning now it Jackson walk after you kind of changed pitchers. Vickers just struck out. Lawyer in the hole in one. In case that. And to play a breaking ball there's that big curve ball accident they're restricted its own to. Now we really needed at least in the strike zone but that's the one. That really had the scouts drooling. Ericsson and others here. Two. Leaders like senator wanted to hear it since you'll have to write about it person does go to Indiana. That's one of the guys is asking to see it again tonight on the last couple of theaters backers know runs one hit to left in the fifth. After five it's tied at four here in Clearwater. Big bucks I am ready and LG four ATV delivered we started of course everything. Out part of deliver the urge. And I'm like my flight service. Arts and on behalf. Eat legally. Be. Straight and that's why we offer free delivery and surface everything we now and why. And what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage in wash bobcat Compaq six graders take on the competition and pressure them one Marmol. Hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles and lie or four. From the dust filter and industry leaders of the box. That dot com slash a better results project about a person of whites or machinery we're taught to do gunmen have. Having gardens your souls. You are authorized Jesse and I. Her port is brought you my American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris Sammy and Angela Valentine in Dylan Hartnett or is built for. Yours youth friendly and weather station and I need to set an actor. Certainly the same as us. Tony Tyler got him to take notice six for Wichita State senior left hander from Terrell is making his first appearance since last Friday at Memphis landed in there. 120 appearances horrid no one's neighbor 3.4. Five ERA for 28. And two thirds innings when I haven't yet so about one and pressing numbers walks to strikeouts. I blocks 37 strikeouts. And 28 and two thirds innings that wanted to soccer's most consistent pitchers on here. At the bottom third of the order for UConn started off here in the sixth inning. UConn scored in the first Wichita State came back with the war in the second. Wildness but he's starting pitchers Cody Hoyer entities gardener go help your opponent with those innings together. Did you. Three. The lawyer in the interests of authority believes that here I innings. Up four runs on accident walked or struck out lives and three wild pitches. And it's 95 pitches and all over nine innings also after Vickers. Gets hit. Port Travis got you stay in the game or not cured Boyer whose short to second. And Lew Ritter is now playing right field Alan Jackson moves over the left. That one move in the lineup with a computer ends up with four different guys for a different spots defensively. Chris went believes not that you can't chose politics just outside goalie Tyler. Michael has like that are struck out swinging. Left handed hitting first baseman. 72 coming into this game with four home runs. On 46. Of Florida turn that today. And are working from the threat to want to. Well outside again to stop the outside its two balls no strikes. But he touted his inning and a third Memphis Freddie did give up around on a hit a lot struck out. Three. You ball right. That's all right that this late in green didn't quite get high and ethnic challenged me back here you bought one right. I guarantee I would have been ducking out of Lewis. 212 winkle. Christians had no kind of Moriarty follow here and there. The letter has remained perfect all day. Soccer is a development it started at 9 this morning per game. 21. Fastball chest out hit almost blew it time caddie that it to do. Is that at any time we started this morning 289. Or ninety. Right now 84 years Clearwater breezes that light. And it very well blowing out left earlier this morning blowing out to write a little dignity and miles an hour. Here for the game. I'd overhead all day after a lot of rain in the area the last few days. Breaking ball swing or work toward their dugout. It's a candidate to do. And no schedule yet for tomorrow or times. Loser of this game we'll play earlier tomorrow against the winner. The US at Cincinnati game going on right now at you you field the winner of this game will await the winner of that one later in the day. You breaking ball bounced toward first it's a fair ball yet has it easy played first but Christina. It slowed to a property the first baseman gets winkle. Start the. Bring it instead joke. That go to DH fly ball better in the second line to left in the fourth. Actually at this spoke earlier I was not involved changes in positions in the outfield Jackson went from right to better. And it dean Dillon left swing and miss on a passed ball for a Cody Tyler. That Cokie anatomy should use its old slogan that you can catch up with a re act better Trout line catching it for. Lawyers that stickers or bomb that third outfield left riders can beat it Jackson and Ridder. 01 to Christians that go. I hit it straight and having a senator impressed thought he had another big grip that it. Goes owed to. In late in the day here at 110 wait here an hour later there were many of you were listening in the shadows of really started to put out over the infield from behind third base grandstand. A ball threw strikes. Alex and it felt great back. Nothing into one out nobody on. Cody Hoyer battled his way through five innings but. He was gives them trouble in every inning that. Packers would love to see how it is kind of steadily and make it look easy for a couple of innings. You're gonna have a battle to get started offensively gives him he ineptly done. 02 breaking ball popped up bright side scripting and shallow right field. Boy here called off by Ritter we had a mishap on that very same kind of thing in the earlier game where. Boyer was going out Alec Jackson can't call it lucky that the Breuer was camp entered it in Jackson dropped the ball that time. Not literate given up let boy your ticket and employer backed out of the last leg Ritter make the cat that just sent me handle it and there again. Outer Moriarty in concert there is an oath to the fly ball uttered a strikeout swinging. Moriarty got it all three of the games in Wichita earlier but did not started yet didn't have an official at that. And there. Tony kind of stressful he was primarily a late defensive replacement in those three team walked one and on the plate appearance. Two out nobody on in the U guns. What strikes to count cutter Moriarty. Analyst at school hired. An account what do you want. You on has had at. At least one hits in each of the last three innings until this. To happen to them apart in the six. Hit us now hi it's right at home plate that it. Playing wanted to do. Get no radar gun in evidence here that Cody Tyler has been almost like clock work hitting ninety with a fastball your law. It. One ball Shuster excellent candidate that. And hit. Just a little bit outside. Maybe a little higher as well two balls two strikes. Doctors there hasn't been excellent the top of the order coming up so maybe it can't get something going yet. Looking finish off the top of the inning with two out and nobody on. You do. Popped up foul territory it's gonna get out of play over behind first. Really nice ballpark years from field but. Not a whole lot and attended. But it kind of picked up to eight years plot is pretty good crowd of people in a friend he's the billionaire out of left field. Seems like a good place to be. There are few Tucker they have received few people wearing the black eagle some of this family. You two again. Outside the debt has fallen all the way for America to Moriarty. Or in times. Were you when it not been conducive to many people. Getting out through the day. Started early today to try to make sure they took advantage of the weather. Three to give out fastball down slightly. And then get out of order. It was six Cody Tyler first inning on the mound after plaid and a half that is still for four here in Clearwater. Another mile power chairman brought by delta dental can't okay today we're going to find out just how powerful mile first with no. Your parents are staying home weekend. Wow that's some. You know with. Your parents all weekend while that aunt and. Healthy smile was powerful things you deserve stilted dance the leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile dollar delta dental. Hello stock. Renee and this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY and incentives for the past forty years. Carnahan group has been helping the great people look into top clients sell. Loans helping us first home purchases patio homes and everything in between what do you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us not our past experience are robust marketing and our proven system to work for you whether big or small service is the same I promise. Honey come here and a great Americans join me on how. John McCain can't. City. On it relates to finish up that didn't bring it does not mention he's a guy that came into the season with a huge buildup. Tremendous potential and dead separates him forearm tightness. At this about seven weeks he just came back for the first time with a couple of innings on Friday. And he's not a relief here is through eleven pitches. It's AC three hitters in the debt. Start the sixth the loot Ritter will be felt like Grayson Afghanistan. An Alley home. Coming into the season. There were two. Highly touted left handers in the league potential first round hate and pain McClanahan had not faced earlier today. The third spot that is that their win over US. The Ritter won for three. And he takes a breaking ball for a called right. There was an RBI single in the second later scored on me if I'd and adding a struck out swinging grounded to short. Three for four in the earlier game today. That's all in their kidneys. The black at the thought of it in the zone so into. Fluke Ritter has now hit an eleven straight. Thirty at the last 31. Taking a little more time the other two. He has given a breaking ball in the dirt once again it's natural that the throat hurts and gets him for the first. That is three hitters in a row. That it struck out on breaking balls of the spirit and it tells you they're just not seeing. It in and out then. He has put a bullet to have them. Had to be thrown out experts. One out of this experience and get a kick us out. It's. Oprah to the sacrifice fly third in the first inning. Right on his way on in the fourth tried to drag one to the right then made it pretty good but was thrown out by the second day. Two for four earlier today against US there's a local or long. Grace and sac fly the second chase the right fielder that up against the fence in right field. When he had so far it. Wada for the cat to indicate that deals. At big breaking ball but it pays up. Two balls and those are accurately didn't have let stimulants and on it. Alex well one death British Erica. For a hit for the Huskies score runs I hit what both teams have played her bald ovals that ball get away it. That's all grounded to short handed tonight product code over to first for the out. If that is another stat is right it's a base hit that it was close it out to him. He was able to just cross so we're getting backhand was hit hard enough. He would have had time to move toward. That not jettisoning your in the sixth. There's ball hit solidly off the team hates it he entered the ball game. So here's the all. A couple of singles and an intentional walk lock. Both positive that infield single that hit pretty well they were drivel that they were. Off the glove of the diving buddy shortstop on the second part to keep the ball in the infield. Hit from Katie Holmes takes visitors. And we have made that ethnic Cutler early today the bomb again McClanahan of probable first rounder got Kate will still be in the first round now after missing so much time that caliber pitcher. 10. Ball on the inside corner for strike one and one Alex Oklahoma and talked about it. Constantly in the third for voice in the first round. Like not the Phillies have both of a lot of interest and this is the Philly complex and they've got people here and he's had some of their hotter it seemed earlier this season. One bowl. Loading up to two balls and a very. All this for four but so far in the tournament. We hit earlier today one of them. Game turning double in the seventh inning two run double inside the bag there it gave it to 32 ugly. To a hop pop fly to shallow center field. Stefanski is accurate as we were to come down and makes that catch in the end. So actors go to order against him Kate in the sixth. And pitching has started to settle it has got to the seventh. It's tied it worked. At every drink don't find wall to wall. 49 degree Mir survived the best in class twenty girls we're celebrating the land of the free he hasn't liberated with June 99 to walk us all week long this naturally flavored brandy has in Manila and why do 99 from may 24281. For you and one for one of our brave men and women serving our beautiful country is that when he first brought Weston rigid test. 28. Rain in views. AJ is forced military LE thirteenth and green which road in Wichita and your new home for soccer coach knows he should tell her all new burger menu because Monday's order days and Asians and don't forget Thursday or buy one get one free today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here bright and go carts take a turn and always amazing joy the game room a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 and speeds and locations in Wichita and when Hudson's and proud supporter of soccer athletic. Has brought you by American family insurance in which agent Jerry Crawford and remain Earnhardt Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or enrolling clerk harbor this is Michael Savage joy you which sites are yet. So excited Bork Cody Tyler Perry is second inning of work its stake it's a 123. Expert Cody. Basically putting orders here it's edit. In case has looked really sharp an inning plus three kinds of it is incumbent upon Tyler and his. All four years those factors and all catered getting out of the game. Now one of those games it certainly could go either way the team they play. Error free baseball take advantage of whatever opportunities they have it over the last three innings. John hopefully not this one for two little walking scored both times he's been on. But he Tyler. He hit his first inning he's easily capable of going three or four little breaking ball a flared it right I cut off but his second baseman boy over to her it's not inside. I disagree C a little hit here ever got to see it. Off their hands a little later. In between first. Lawyer did a great job hustling over to get to it that autonomy he termed it make a throw to first. Oakland had legged out an infield single for John hope that. Leadoff man on the Huskies here in the seventh. Anthony Corrado. Refused to be put out today war for five in the first game wolves were once the walk in this. Scored a run after walking in the fifth. Part of that three run rally that tied the game. Proud of these thirdly hitter for UConn coming into the game at 305. Urged it to him shows bunt. Takes local ball on. Rondo off more. Freshman all American a year ago five camel and 85 room that night. An island New York. Good all around play good defense or not. Stolen bases where early. And gets the bunt down backward Tyler the pitcher fields flip to first for the easy out but. Well executed but but grotto booths opened on second base with one out. I was just I was talking about when the inning started. Execute. Teams right now to tie game and haven't. Start but playing for one routed at times they didn't turn it into a big war great but it. I do it every can't move runners along. Gonna run home batters that he. Has been hit let it angled and struck out. Her face off with Cody Tyler left on left. You can't leading hitter at 330 coming into this. By the left hander in the pit. Bull just outside her behind. Ball strikes. So is he finished second to Wichita State getter Frontline in the voting at the league's coaches for all conference catcher. One other cannot. Have a quick look at it delivers. This to the same spot blown away to ball in his right. This came into this season. Projected to be a pretty good trapeze junior from Huntington Connecticut's 2205. Two balls a 102 one now. And as legitimate. As well. Plummer threw it to want. That's great Vickers. Through its currency science. Tyler turns around they Susie. It was stretched. It into law breaking ball popped out behind theirs. People who directs. Long day for the shocker in the wake up calls were. Go fly it 3545. This morning bus looked at 645 for the ballpark. Langer second game. Again later historic three UConn is their first game they started around in the 1 actually about 1 o'clock but. That had to turn right around after that game was over played us. If you handle I fouled envelopes. I let the fastball. A little bit late that needed a ways down the left field foul line. In the first game earlier today and like a lot of ball parks popular parks. Can't they get down past her interface are angled so the fans are looking more directly to feel that are cut down on Al territory when you get down about. Forty feet from the corners there is no foul territory at all. It writes that based editor right fielder right going to be around third here's a broad deployed at it is I anytime. I say let's outline it's going crazy. Butler is gonna can and argue. It broke got there and timing that I was I that looked like outlined got it down on the plate umpires pointing to the plate yes. Oh the Hillary rod Butler. Yet but I bull right. And reach a lawyer. Ritter made case Ron's point was hired the hotline looked like he got out with the tag. And on and the only night before. Is a round it's going to be hard for the doctors to take. This started with a little greasy. Later tonight to open brick yeah it wasn't hit well at all. Indians that glory on a plane were actors and pretty good argument is being added that play. Not Butler is really fired up now. I'm talking that men eager to third base umpire. At first base umpire mark wait here's came over something and tied. Taking his case to everybody. And it's not gonna change it unfortunately. I don't know I know there is TV the American digital network hearing all these games let me play at night it looked like it. It was close shot is not they had eight. So what's called ain't gonna close split the place it is I have before you kind. It presented. Sammy yes indeed it was. You know like a little bit zoo. So it'll be a runner at first and one out. That are Isaac tells me. It's still letting Alex. Don't speak at one of the biggest game back in the air senate fly ball better throughout the gun went all the way to the Fed on it up for it. And it hit just not at his glove at the top defense and went for a triple. That brought in the second round of that three run inning. Or you confidence no team eventually scored the tying run now you can sign in front for the first time five before. First time they let one to nothing in the first. Felt seen up for the fourth time he's won three. Under its first one at that time called steel. On top quality Tyler. Yes Zito. As a tag over his shoulder looks like. Something in his hand and he's walking. Down toward the left you'd order so it's possible that he got tossed. For arguing that play. Nicely they'll knocking this picture Cody Tyler in the infield. If you're better Trout line. It definitely hearing you tons let a little bit they were down four to one going into the fifth I did it but they have now they go ahead run in the seventh. Here's our the home team and stood at. Re four that's. Okay. Goldstein the cleanup man. Gonna get out of the rhetoric. First and on out. Is he second hit of the game. He's the rhetoric first. They'll stay grounded into a double play and struck out before hitting the triple off center field stands in the there at the news. You guns home run and RBI leader with thirteen and forty. Alex her limited voucher prowl panther days. Clearly Sammy S is Ito has been. Told believe the premises. No balls one strike. These games are especially critical with us today because the general consensus is that going to have to win this tournament to get in CA that pop up. Mile of the air on the right side it is the first baseman cal territory trying to dodge a runner and make the catch. The oddity edit. A lot of traffic error on that pop up the hitter got down near the crowd was standing on the day at a they would try to work his way around the rhetoric may well. Sudan that matters is Theresa chance that you're not is yet you cons going to be an at large. Started the week sweaty in the RPI. So I agree. Staying undefeated duties for a couple of games giving themselves better chance to get to the finals. Really important to them. A tough one to give up but they've still got time come back. Her first two out fastball companies on yachts and recorded a Stefanski. Troy Stefanski. Has not been out in this game Milwaukee and then straight singles drove an Iran with a single up the middle of the fifth. Given the game hitting 303. Left on left that effort Cody Tyler as a writer first and two out and hit. That is striking gains on the outside corner 022 really good pitches in a row. It infield single sacrifice. Bunt. That a single. Bang bang play at the plate it was. Ruled to go you've tons way hotly disputed vote Thursday. Double its. And fly ball pretty well he had on the run toward the line it's and guys that you can't get it gets a fair ball into the quarter. One run around third story here's the third man get there with a triple. That's road gets legs days at the end of an old days. Mean I had to go a long way that was the opposite field right down the line by this elected he would bring it immediately the long run headlong. And the like but that was. Just barely hear. Really big hits for you can't its attacks on another run it's now six at four Huskies. Penske and its third straight hit second RBI in the game. The better Michael would work. There are not that there's another runner doubted his ninety feet away easy scoring territory. Would worth over three in his left. Handed hitter swings and plows straight back for Greg on. What were it has struck out flight center grounded short. UConn with two runs on three hits and a big inning for them a 64 now. Trailed at one point four to one in this. I Cody Tyler. It VO one. Well a little bit low one bullet strikes. You became the first to another team and the other bracket like coming from behind today they were down 41 into the eighth and scored five in the eighth went on to win 65. Fouled off the plate. That those who wanted I was against the heat to blame now your contract to do something that order with us day. For Huskies in the. Better at third to not want to count to the hitter. Uncle would worth paying 316 hitter on the years. How is it. In a grounder to third foul. He that it wanted to do. Whitworth likely they'll doesn't look like he can hit it out of the zone at five Chandler editing but. One out of here in the earlier game the couple met on tickets remain. One nothing lead over Cincinnati afforded at that. Outside the box for a moment. Get ready to go Cody Tyler with the signs. Other want to pit. And just got a piece of evidence fastball down and not even a stroke right but he managed to. Now and the end of that rutted dirt around home plate. Cody Tyler and his second inning of work. It up for a couple of brown here in the seventh. And not get the call at. At the plate he would have been and Unix and that's an. While. And again. Drive into the right field back up at traitor there to Mexican action that would do it you can't get some runs. On three hit no errors one man left on base at the seventh inning stretch it is you can't sit. Soccer's. Just in back there at an associate or forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team in challenging Financial Times we're up for that challenge we understand you're depending on your series money now and in the future of the call at three when they are 2010. And there is time well spent money on that. Your yen and advisories are. Financial F number ten I. Don't Kennedy's indoor marking names on a reference here are independent and just be faster he went one for north collectively which Dawkins and there's 312001. Or online money guys planning to tell us. During that means you're old refrigerator freezer and went to air conditioner will be working on her insulin supply today and other great selection of quality playing. The 12100 dollars on GE. Profile package isn't in the deal late black English and black lady and all eat window unit or they'll try to memorial holiday weekend. I am today in an old today Clinton's appliance conveniently located at 123 south held what were you always the right product at the right price. Sports has brought you by American family insurance in which agent Brad woody and John Green which tuchman does l.s foreign Telerate a Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie. It's Oz number one songs did you. This is an SS. And. I'd say it's about a cap that it's down six core. As we go to the bottom of the seventh inning. Plate umpire currencies and everybody's so it looks like new look fielder. Or you're done. Far out there to get number. And later. It seemed to be wary was pointing toward left field. Richard until those it right it. Lightly not to him he. Hitless scoreless inning and two thirds in relief for UConn. Outline all for two. To hide fly ball to shallow right field they or actually get it first right fielder calls it mark. Made but I felt seen. For the third out. Trout line fly to shallow right. That no across. It is now these hitters the only ones who really where all this race and that's it you know hard grounder to write it or not quite enough to lose right. Is able to cry over. And now. A crop of aero for two locked out of Bagram. Rondo back in cross ice homeland. Proud heard today say say exactly. Had a shocker and it Lilly's flunking that is both hands against his helmet no outcrop jumped up and down. Another call it goes into shock there now that the event. The routine play. Or product releases shortstop but he just nailed it I think it's I winkle he did indeed get the tag on crops to come down that didn't make the play. Really want egos can't really argue over there. He was a two out run Medina two for three with a terrorist angles. He was the last shocker to get a hit. It is not a starter he's Gardner in the fifth. Her pick him breaking ball drops low for ball one. Jim Kate seems to be a good rhythm hasn't had to throw that many pitches it looks like he could possibly even. Think this one out for the Huskies. They now lead to four in the eleventh. You know to pull away for calls right went on. Are giving it to 43. Investment. Singled in the second and single in the fifth and the plane hit a fly ball to left. Walked the first anti phased out yet to. Coming into the game and then he is retired seven in a row. One bullet right. Hander wines indeed and how's that one. Maybe a foot out in front of home plate by the catcher two balls and one strike. And so dark that that would lose. A little surprising with how far off the mark it was. It would want to Katrina. Hey it deep breaths into the line. And to blunt all held up the right side who stepped into the seats you balls two strikes. Getting into the evening hours here in Clearwater now. Still them late on. Mostly in right field will sliver on the right side of the infield. Good ball right Katrina. He hit any strictly about a picture of the spirit how many times is that happening casinos. Happening outside the double lines it would have been adding that it needed right now. This strike gets Tim K that is it is. Third. I'll force on pitches in the near the suckers again and order. In the 77. You can't say it's not equal. And all star business with the talented team but that science and winning. And the professionals that Cady be eaten advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive bags. Trusted tax accounting and consulting pro skin healthy like past challenge is and hit home run. Go to be Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs it trust advisor. Yours. Hi this is actually paint and I'm a fulltime working mom and my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around let's talk to work out that because there's not one place that needs all of our means so to say we are real our life we'll fill the void is an understatement. He might encompasses everything in one place functional fitness being exercise classes yoga part 88 animal training and soc. They even a child care. This up like it's when he first and let her online at our heat Tyson's life dot com. Students as miners morning right here on MSM. Let's go come on what it does state in the eighth to redshirt freshman left hander. So record Cody Tyler he still making his fourteenth appears to opt out of the bullpen. A 3.5. Four ERA twentieth they're only allowed twelve hits with ten Watson 29 strikeouts. In its audience third. Got to start at this man really struggled at one on Friday just. Seen out of sorts gave up and hit three hit batters and two runs and two thirds innings and came right back it released on Saturday. And threw a scoreless innings with one yet. He strikes yet. Just prior to the Memphis guard he would throw pre shutout innings against US senate then three shutout innings against Oral Roberts. That in his last five appearances before the Memphis guard just one run on seven hits him in the third with twelve strikeouts. It's projected to being. In the starting rotation is it true freshmen last year and it hurt his arm this season. Has shown some real signs this year of being a guy's going to be important shot these future. He will have logged states Chris clinical. Christian let go and Connor Moriarty here in the eighth when you're done Buchanan with the league at some runs. Seventh. Giving them nice four edge over the darker here Wichita State. Three and team when trailing after evidence. You cannot teen and two when they leave after a. It. Winkle Oprah three. Left on left matchup for eagle. It is surrounded but it at the first baseline it's a good one get it feels Addie was standing on the back is out at first days. Yesterday pretty good job of Reading just how much ruby had erred on the ball was going to get to it is his foot on the bag that just in time. Retire winkle. That was almost. Perfect bunt but I would go but he pulled it just a little harder line didn't force him to have him. Yeah. One out in the eighth that are Christians that don't. Because the DH three fly ball out and he's been equal opportunities hit one each of the three outfielders. 04 bit in two games today in the tournament. Eagles picked stood him in a draconian secular. Because that a couple of crooked number innings got three in the fifth two out of coming back to afford a one deficit early. Good you're headed monster right. This just low one ball once. Eagles hit balls on on investment. Data on what to do it this is actually not that go to the stats Phillips. Junior from San Jose catcher first base and getting his first at bat of the game he hit 268. Yeah 109 previous events. Phillips. Getting fed noted that Yates thought. One ball strikes Alex Eagles hit and it just vanished without. Siegel would have really good breaking ball. Almost looked one time there. In the eighth. Two markers down appeared UConn. Our batting as the home team. Holding one and two Eagles gave out breaking ball in the near outline. Did first. There at that time. On a strikeout on in the here in this game it is that right out of that scene was put out lose catcher to first. And Sudan. That Connor Moriarty useful for three with a pair of strikeouts. Moriarty came into this we're getting to 29. Right handed hitter batting with that and nobody on. And that would now that few inches in front of home plate in up over the catcher in the empire back to the back stuff. Bald right at Moriarty. Who can't afford to give up getting bored out of four in the eighth. Facing a tough left handers Tim Kaine if you count. 10. Fastball strike up in the zone when Bowen right. Alec eagle looking at that time. And that way tie with that fastball to balls and one right. And hopefully we will know. Before we wrap this one up. What time the doctors we'll play tomorrow regardless of whether they win or lose. Right to breaking ball again but it didn't really staff stayed out put away three balls it was right. Goes retired the first event of the inning quickly solid behind Moriarty now a three and want. Here's the pitch I hit the ball fourth. Not a good one to lose 9229. Over three woods who stray cats and Eagles certainly could sign to play. They sit back and atop the order. And the dude guy and his body is Anthony did Serena though redshirt freshman who took over in left field for until previous happening. Gave his first at bat of the tournament ten for 47 on the year to thirteen. 23 appearance. It illusory dug that out of the way. Just missed his helmet when ball and those strengths. The elimination game on the adjoining field between USF. And Cincinnati is now in the but the ninth South Florida batting as the visiting team leading the bearcats seven to four. One of you know that the big bounce over some basic visitor the only runner around holding up as Alex's accident it's expecting him. Hard bouncer up the middle but I do Serena and on his first at bat today as they it. Siegel started out making it look easy gets Burris who managed now. To bunt with two or Anthony Corrado. I don't there's only one official added this one and that was a single to middle of the third he has walked twice laid down a sacrifice bunt. That gore holds on the other field next door. Doctors can't come back in this little elf they USF again tomorrow in an elimination game. He hit it grotto and it's time Pro Bowl one. This game plays the winner of that game. Whether this came to know awaits the winner of that match up. So he comes back and challenge isn't. 10. All night diving try through the left field for a base hit ground there and get a sore throat behind their daughter's second and he's out at second base. So. Serena. Bigotry and get up play by prosecuted. Him down with a single by product gets another run homers Moriarty scoring two out walk. Act on Packers you gonna get one run on that gets after a half. And lead them to lure. A decade ago the government changed the rules for the title. Cooling group put her condition. Of your system this ten or more years old and you have a problem. Could cost you a thousand dollars just replace the coolant. 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Heads retired the last eight in a row after walking Chris Manning they have now faces that they had Alex Jackson. For the second time going at it throw 28 pitches. Yen to two thirds innings of again. Still building his way back up throughout that long layoff that they'll work pitches and he says he throw it's conceivable he could finish this one out or not. They've got he ain't cool in the bullpen has fifteen days on year. It's that you some body to finish it off little player behind third out of play. Strike yet and Alec has struck out like the left and walked in this week. Grape pickers on deck that Jordan Boyer. UConn a seven runs on eleven hits aid and all the damage from that game on the doctors at four runs in the second did not scored cents. You can't cut it with three in the fifth scored at seven to now want to create that Jackson Texas tracked equities. Isn't a whole load to. It looks like its dockers lose this game they'll have a rematch with US out. Tomorrow possibly tomorrow morning. That's leading Cincinnati in the ninth over on the other field that 1000 in the area Suzie. Shot somewhere ears down in pain. To get out of blocked network that got him right in the midsection somewhere. Ticking toward a date on that others gore. Out of four. In the top of the ninth. No change on US at he'll batting in the top of the ninth leading seven to 4% and at. One ball two strikes Alec Jackson. He was given a little bit of time to recover after taking that was not his body. 12 pitch. Outside of loading it banged again bullet bounced in the dirt two balls two strikes. See you take too literal like that. And you wonder why anybody ever plays that position. Act and trying to get on to start the eighth with us anything else. Three runs to make up. Didn't hate it. They need to go back to work. The line. That ball striking out looking. Right there activities but. It now with five strikeouts. The first strikeout looking. Previous horrible then on pitches in the dirt that he gets but it is well again. Restraint Vickers who they seem to pinch hitter in the fifth then struck out going. Trey ball for one of the ball game swings and misses it and edit it down and leaders. Qaeda is now retired and I. I eroding as struck out five of them. Okay. Maker of metal and they sit at the center field. Makers Alda one low liner right through the mounted over second place. There's the first hit since the fifth inning. One on 128. That your employer who is 02 with a sac bunt. It's. Lawyer could somehow get on and you get the guys coming up who could really do damage soccer's down three runs in the eighth. We're all for it in the tournament today. He hurt him and sweet and innocent Hezbollah. Is a good one to go after he got a fastball but we could see it. Couldn't get up will. Trade Vickers it first with one out. Flights. Terry take full effect here in Clearwater. News pit fouled out right I don't believe nothing to. Think for sure if suckers lose this game. Do you have a chance to continue to advance they would play after play two games again tomorrow. If they win they would only have to play one. I. 02. I with that one ball in to correct. Lawyers at suggested the batting gloves. 54 hitter coming into this and get Oprah to the sacrifice. Once you. About it I felt that it just didn't get a piece of well your days lives. Once again a pitch that was pretty much in the theory that look better than it was Kate's been able to do that to a lot of guys. Is not a team that strikes out a lot Wichita State especially on pitches darted zone so. His that is good not that he's fooling them badly. 12 fastball strike you about it blew that one behind. Swinging strike three for Jordan's lawyer to out of the inning Luke Ridder will try to keep doing strikeouts. Eighth. You know three and a third. Yeah. The Ritter once before in this one Lou Engle in active he's struck out twice. And grounded or. They can hardly ever writes. Gunned down twice in this one struck out swinging on the dirty in case and I could hook in there for a called strike one. That are here glad they were here for disciplined businesses. And hate that they were expecting me. All these little on a good time. The that's the early orders for tightness in his arm. Looks like he's back. 01. Ohio and bullets strike. Getting those. Critical day close to the draft her body trying to make your title the engines get draft board in order. So these feelings are important. Who not rhetoric spurs won one cannot Duluth Ritter. And it. This inside that was close to twelve months. Only to get them. A man on to get the tying run to the plate they have not homered hit two games here Clearwater. 21 counting here it is Ridder. Take your low Souter wrote that we were borderline but he got colts 31. In fact there has not hit a home run and either of the games that would statements played today by either side there were couple. In the Yukon Cincinnati game. Wonder hitter and a pop up yeah. Out of right field line decree space and local rating after it hit my hand not activity over the shoulder running catch on and it is love. That might have been ball four Ritter protecting against the colts strike. And now the right field line that's the play he a lot of her basement spring like that trying to hit the ball in over his shoulder and not quite able to hang onto it that's a tough line. Three and two and a moderate. To not actors get moving let's pitch up the first base. And the pit. Now hold on the right side again. It's. This is probably the best trackers have battled knee in this inning since he's given ballgame may have been hit by Vickers it was a solid hit up the middle. But he still has struck out two. Scouts and get three into Uggla critter. In this threat. And others three and it held back that this would just right at home place. The critters started the season. Going to port 22. So instead hitting three Saturday. And for fourteen over the last thirty games coming into this. The other three you hit at least give out and I asked the wrong. Give Kate. An impressive. Three plus innings out of Yukon gold then he keeps UConn in front seven the war after eight. You. Is prepared to be. Palmer country club our local goals 1981. Thing to show you the new owners great life he had at a news fairway is the golf course and begin at 2.3 million dollar renovation we think is a brand new state of the art and Aaron locker room already complete it's not all October is new lower membership breaks are offering the first month of member appointed four new members play where shocker shocker sand clay and play the new tall grass country club today. Every day and workers could compassion into action -- empowering people to live meaningful and productive life providing life saving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back recruitment support. While they're improving alliance saving lives and restoring. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commitment and compassion. Community. He Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at zoo it's all happening right here on NSF. Alex dove. Or his second inning gave up around on a hit actually a couple of hits. In eight innings but stay down there before he is not here this second round winner's bracket game. Bridgewater earlier today 42 over US ass. And UConn defeated Cincinnati. Score of 62. You have at that Cincinnati playing elimination game on the adjoining field. Is beyond the left field fence. Spirits from field. CNET what salt folks car sealed it Robin Roberts field both are legendary names in the history of philly's baseball Lou on this complex. Carpenter families of the Phillies forever. Of course Robin Roberts hall of fame pitcher star in the fifth he actually. Leading off tonight for UConn Zack and seemed to catch your exit off speed pitch from. Eagle for strike 12 for three and hit let it. He's been on three out of four times struck out swinging in the fifth for the only time he's been retired. Elimination game next door is moved to the bottom of the ninth eagles'. Ball that your 11. And US death. It puts it any editor of that they edit two runs to their lead in the top of the ninth and only the bearcats tonight it's war. Cincinnati about you go to bow and hand all the time in this. Five year old Karen. Bounced way out in front of the plate pupils and went straight. Cody Hoyer went live this what Cody Tyler too and Alex eagle on his second inning of work. Two balls one right to. Her well. Little better thrall in the previous two but this load out three balls it was right. Susie Ozzie felt being. In Troy Smith asking you look for UConn here in the ninth. We want. Ball inside both poor. Leadoff walk in the ninth those are always trouble. The first block by either of the soccer relief pitchers Cody Hoyer walked four in his five innings of work. There is a pipe itself and who has grounded into a double play struck out crippled. And pop to first one for four letter outlines that not eagle. Doctor Bolton Cutler right handers in Europe. I. Plate umpire yes he's actually on the way out to speak better Trout line along that are already started that Alex liked. That was stalled again. Available to him a little more time murder making communication they wanted to bring him in because Todd butlers on his way to the amounts that looks like doctors. We'll make a change here held a right handed hitter up there at the moment. With a runner on and nobody out here in the top of the ninth. Yeah. Buddy headed it yet. Backers will make its hit pitching change here at the top of the ninth. Which it's not very trailing UConn seven the court the American conference tournament. Clearwater. And in the morning James Taylor out of town interest bank arena many putting forth this week. I regularly ID tickets in the first time roads and a couple of seats in the ropes for four. From what a good lord I and you Sarah Stephens and have you ever been to a change here. I have I'm excited about you and your shirt. Standing in the war broke out. Right up close and personal. Thank her for losing to Stephens and we appreciate that and yet you wouldn't be completely out of bounds for you to pick up a couple extra large church for a while you're there. Headlights that. And every morning. I'm on. Swanson talk while you're doing laundry. List on plate in his radio no problems there are plenty of life. 730. S. You're news traffic and weather station to 98 and thirty yeah. And a. The. With the venture forward to. Us state and bring him to get three outs here in the ninth says shocker. Are you content bud or a 741. Man on nobody out at night or at University of Connecticut. And replace Maginnis here it's number 33. Two and 085. Point 01 ER 832 thirds innings when he nine hits all walks 36 strikeouts. Interestingly enough and all of those appearances 33 puts him in the top ten today and appearances. He's got a lot more good ones than bad but these have a tendency to string to retrieve opulence in a row and that's. But we got his numbers against third inning it that this Saturday. He had. Two hit batters veterans Gordon's third inning we can go to Tuesday at Cannes against Kansas State hit two walks on his last three appearances. He's faced eleven hitters and only retired two of them five hits two walks two hit batters. And five runs is actually two thirds of an inning this. February up over five after skating again. Closed below floors again. You'll have a distaste Isaac no state other matters worse nobody out belts team won the Portland RB I triple in the. It tells CNET 287 hitter of the year. In home runs. Attackers once led his game for a lot of tech let it poured water into the fifth. That's Treo seven to four in the ninth. And I called helicopters flying under the complex here. So doctors started this day unity. Very early morning here with the first pitch and now playing pass darkness when it in this respect one by Feldstein. It's still a little bit of dust with the lights have really taken full effect here at the ballpark at 8 o'clock here at Florida tonight. That May Day into night games for the shocker. But it right hander depiction of felt that still seen in the hole into. Packers in their half of the ninth we'll have canister bomb and truck lineup there's started off him caged. This has been over powering through three and two thirds innings. Walking up and strikeouts lefthander. And his outing today and give them some hope that. But be ready to go as a starter again and regional. 02. And it's not now pastor. All seven runs against hackers are earned in this one and only gave up one earned run in Atlanta every USF earlier totaled two. Scored as a result of reaching out two base error. Had not made an error. That. And I backed it by a Snickers over to get out there are no chance at first but it. Great play by trade kickers looked like they edit between or Garrity was able to I don't want need a backhanded and got to throw to second. Not just four sacks this. So one out under her recon. Phelps seen every zone fielder's choice and better Troy defense. Stefanski has walked singled twice and tripled three for three with two runs that it is. Handed hitter they write in Minnesota asks all out at the middle picker field of Boyer back over to first double play. Well nobody sat at this thing goes for three to wrap up the inning. Go to the bottom of the ninth last chance with its not state atrial UConn opened the floor. Darryl welcome and I am looking for a treaty TV. I am not your well I'm I'm a million a week and still rising about eating. And rang out right here no watchers. Are these really are into it and I. And as. Eat eat because I am kind of median need for a year we off screens and everything we our. Battery and are not. Our brand. Every twin you'll find wall to wall. Grass roots and signature 29 degree here or by an interesting class twin peaks girls join us at twin peaks as we probably are our active and retired armed forces for Memorial Day with a free select menu all day long but it may twentieth. Twenty thank each of you probably and bravely serve this beautiful country you'll services deeply appreciated. Is that 20% rocked western risen task twenty speed ring scenic view. This. Plus living like this season five right here on eight and as it's. Just. It's a little tense and it's that night had a great year. Hit teens say it looks good statement that is outside in the nation I didn't do as well when he's seven appearances. At 3.3 two ERA at 42 thirds innings he has pitched really well. He could not possibly be any better than him Kate does over the last three sisters Kate gave up one hit. One block struck out seven was pretty much over powering it he finishes up with 48 pitches. And we'll we'll face get a diploma outline the started off its docket tonight they need three to tie. He pitched two innings in two appearances of the series it would just honestly gave him this. Want underground. That no locks. And he's right gaps in conference play at fourteen appearances into a six saves and today. What elevated three point 97. ER 22 and two thirds innings that they get burdening its. So. He is at least approachable. Here's Qaeda put something together here with their last three outs they trails seven the tour. BJ school of the third straight left hander faced the doctors in this what he has it here Marion Massachusetts. 1185. Being accused them. Little interest of the large contingent of scouts you'll see him behind home plate. Recent episode over three in this lovely sacrifice fly that. Period the warning track in right field. Left against left. It has to steps in the face prove. First it is 100 list of high at that school. And get a stick came into the game hitting 36 Tina you're going to report. USF earlier. Learn this low and outside when bullets during. Snow left handed hitter than building a steady diet right handers against a lefty pulled outline for Newman gets on profits. Christina. Wings players now over and getting above the third base that got the ball he strikes. Backers of a solid 42 win over USF earlier today had. Like they were in good position early this little meeting borderline that couldn't hold. Want to bolt Powell and left side out of play late on network that. More solid contact one ball strikes. Is suggested junior from Eudora Kansas. That could be a good draft. Even a very high draft. 12 fastball low and outside. Has not had quite the junior years that. Unexpected coming into it isn't at all around abilities that. Where it is he's still gonna go pretty well. Big guy with some power who runs well why don't the outfield positions. Her days. He gave coolant that you cannot here's his pitch and it sounds that would in appearances he takes another weapon and it actually goes down and tries to block it. Three balls and strikes. Will it has walked nineteenth. In 42 thirds a little over four. Per nine innings so he will walk a few occasionally doctors can use that kind of help what you're trying to do not a three run rally. Really helps a lot not to have to do it all these hits those pitchers. Now it was pre cast makes success so much easier. Three balls and strikes Shatner fans in attendance hearing to hurry just in time called school of walks back regretted that Lebanon. On the other field. Gore is now final US that's defeated Cincinnati nine before. You assess now 3319. And one. They are still alive it is a bit at one and one. Don't come back to face the loser of this game tomorrow. Cincinnati eliminated they've finished the season 28 and 28. Yeah Aniston. Strikes recall a tennis ball down and as the thought it was low. Certainly borderline of where the other that he is called out of rice. That is thirteen strikeouts. UConn it's in his. And over the season and have struck out quite a community came into the tournament. 45 in the nation strikeouts per 99 point 30 that's right about where it's not stances it here. The team in this one wanna Alec though is two for three. Let's first pitch to him and his deleted it appeared when Bowen those stripes. Pointing old sue for Cincinnati in the tournament. As they have still not won a game here five years in the league all a chance it is sort of apply. Needed one win to have their first record about 500 to seven years that loaded night. Two balls no strikes me that 48 at 28. I'm having a winning overall record. You balls and those strapped Alex well one out nobody on. He gave little ignited any theory in the line. And a passed ball really deep to left center field. And Serena are going back and it is gone. Personal round of the tournament who are not state. This gets hit sixteen home run of the year Alley on. Fortunately comes with the bases in the years the bottom of the night makes it they sent him to fly ball game guns they've. And it left center field. It is six on round in the last eleven or twelve games he's really the only ground rule of law here at the end of the year. Three hits in his game and is still alive they have only one out. Guilty to get a man on who gets tying run to the plate. Hundreds outline hoped for three at this would go for seven on the day fastball for a strike equities. That was a Big Three to Cohen breaks agenda and appease the board. Walk at one run games a couple close calls at. That's nearly re wrong with a couple close calls certainly. But that could have Islam has gone through with name 11 count Trout lines and take slow. Why didn't hit. Towel behind Thursday's out of work. There has always been the Oakley say about this game to game it is news outer state. Striker goal. Couple of those they give a close game can make a big difference. One to. Exonerate two balls in two strengths. When I'm home run by Alex well they communities seven to fly. If you currently. It seemed to outline and I high pop up. Ability of everybody in the world after a short not products hysterically catches it right on the pitching rubber was second Hannity and it was not clear room while everybody heaven in answered Rada pulled out his colleagues and makes the heads of the second. So no crock. Last hope he's going for the shot Oprah three of the slope for Exxon today. It's. Yeah. Nor has struck out twice and grounded shortages of water. Can the second inning. Started a game hitting 30 do. BJP rule. In the line the pit below. And await cooler and came man with any run lead. That. I'd at this point he throws completed and steam ahead qualifies her neighborhood is asking of the season. Why don't. Hold back. But bullets right. They do guy has come out on debt for the event of the prize yet. You cannot excuse is a guy who's capable of kind of with one way. 11. The spirit to balls and one strike. Tucker scored four in the second that they can afford bluntly that they had not. Scored again until moments ago and now at home homered to left center. Trails haven't applied economics or unanswered runs in his for the moment. Two balls one strike could no across. Greece need him on this still have a chance. 21. That's a little bit low three balls demonstrate. Two out of the inning. 31 to trust. PGA school in the Yukon closer. It it at the middle and I think not but products or throws their purse out of a bang bang play in the blog it was a you cannot make the plays it it had serious throughout this game that looked like a base hit up the middle products doing great range I stopped scrambled up throws not prompted her on a close play. A lot of close levs went against the Dodgers in this final totals and run on one hit nobody left. The titles storage UConn doesn't. But it's not state pride suckers that come back in his elimination game against US a tomorrow night mind at this time quarterly then back on the post game show. 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Routinely are not just our brand in sports has brought you by American family insurance and we saw agent Gerald Amato Chris Sammy underneath all of Alan time in just two Hartnett or built for a humble. Pages at least and maybe join us for unreality radio on week nights at eleven on the SaaS. Sausage I series is their second game of the day because they let this one at one point toward one that put together a four run second inning that was kind of a combination of a couple of gifts. Some wildness ID UConn started chase card here. And couple balls got away from the senators scored according to a court one it stayed that way until the best thing UConn with a Big Three run fifth inning to tie it. Believe he done a controversial play at that that bang bang play at the plate and a base hit to right field not thought they had the router at the play that he was called a and UConn went on to added another run in the inning and attack on another run in the eighth. Make it 724. Packers got the market but I want and Alec bombs one out solo home run. In the night and UConn becomes a team that goes to know in this bracket. Attackers welcome back to play another early 1 tomorrow morning. And LT and elimination battle against US apps team they beat or two earlier today. That's Eric game recap brought to my ability. It cutting cutting cutting that your criminal defense and you are a lot Herman what should not give them a call six for 1548. Visit the upcoming LLC. Cup Cummings coming up. Greenberg he always come hurt that cause this one out credit this. Good health Atlanta's. And that's healthy lifestyle that spread throughout our community providing. An opportunity to help and happy life. At the camp has helped Anderson. And we invest in the idea that com that today's top health threats. It is due to every tenth and deserves the chance to helping you or me and hinted. Dunhill. Yeah. And prepare to be shocked Palmer country club Arthur Middleton girls or 1981. Thing is shown you the new owners great life he had added news -- fairways the golf course and begin at 2.3 million dollar renovation with trees and a brand new state of the art fitness in her locker room already complete all tall grass isn't new remember breaks are offering the first month membership waived for new member league where shocker shocker sand clay and the new told her country club today every day and as workers put compassion into action by empowering people salute meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical. And assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers who won this healthcare act act. Rubin's support. While they're improving lives saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield of chances commit. So. Strange and on we do. All year. Breaking news we're following Al president's. Following this means. This industry and as the it's like a rocket ships moving very eighteen easily. Zoom in and informed on the world. Just click on the link ask a radio Don yeah. Your news traffic yet whether it's 98 and earning an asset. It's. My candidates actually. They're moderates in a long day at the Wichita State actors playing their first game of the day at 9 o'clock this morning eastern time. And ending up today at 830. Am eastern time that the net result was a one on one days not beating US airport two and losing to UConn by a score of 75. More on where that puts them tomorrow. At first let's get a card game in this one. And for rockers. The Alan Ball three for four at three and seven hits. And at that solo home run in the ninth inning for their final run so finale of ours started a game it's presented. I can't lottery lottery ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire he has lottery dot com the most current. A lot of them like Kansas lottery entry bigger. Appliance presents the play of the game also authored by now. He gave ruler not in any hurry into the line. And a passed ball pretty deep left senator beyond this radar going back at it is gone. Comrade of the tournament. I stayed. Out hit sixteen home run of the year Alley on. Court only count and bases and near the bottom of the night makes today's 725. Guns they've. And then go out crops trying to get a court and keep it going thrown out of great play by product or not that thing played her soccer lost a couple of those night. The book game or our game play of the game. Scoreboard for a bike dealers gripping and direction of debtors in windows let your home's exterior again. There's nothing dot com or call 3162220. Acres of your home team growth. Earlier today it was what it's not state of US airport to Houston's laminated use at the other bracket. To. You've gone over Cincinnati and ground game to. Second round winners bracket matchup on the other night you game 41 down with five runs in the claimed six lives. And it was kind of what does state that lives. But you've got to know honestly one and one US debt game that the add nine to four that puts its current. At 11 instance Andy becomes the second the eliminated from the tournament. It yet so tomorrow there are new games at 9 o'clock eastern 8 o'clock central ones which time eight US. Yeah at a Houston. And two planes that letters of those games of that later today to meet the two remaining unbeaten teams on this bracket. ECU. In the immigrant with us today. Wants to continue to play board games samarra. Is it another way every US after an odd. You can't later in the day or on our time broadcast at the moment. And dated actress Blake 50% of online order which time area puppet onslaught on profit on that on. Promo code shocker fifty. You receive your record is now. The final numbers presented by the eighties CPAs. And advisors. Trusted sites. Yours or it it runs eleven hits and lawyers. 857. And vote winning. Inevitable. Guy who is that we. Tightness in his car meant you being projected first round started the year. It looked like first rounder at night three and two thirds one hit no runs one walks and strikeouts. Look at the last three outs like giving him well done Alex well. Or is. Here at the Los goes to bode. Well it runs it. Is now Warren one. The only home run of the game was by Alec qualities that the year it in the ninth at three or four. Book which statement 3520. And one. Back out here early tomorrow for the game starts at 9 o'clock here 8 o'clock in the central time. Her I haven't arrived at 12:40 AM if they. Those will go right first tomorrow at 8 AM at times like today. The Packers take on this at a time. Accidentally shot you've done later in the days. That's schedule thanks ubiquitous throughout today thanks and studio audience today he's an excellent. Not with you tomorrow morning 8 o'clock central time. All right ethics. 751240. Packers take on as a final score this once again on. A five. 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