WSU Men's Basketball on the Road Tomorrow

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Friday, January 19th

Preview of Saturday's Shocker game, WSU's first game at Houston since 1960 ...


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Is this station which is talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news and SS we just cause number one yeah. Who's talking and whether she should depend on. Morning at 8 o'clock this is the case Unisys sporting news receiving dead ninety Macintosh. Is a government gonna shut out of it right. A story coming up we've got it. Until the program several local law enforcement officers arrested in illegal gambling investigation. Suspect arrested in abduction and robbery of a woman I'm Ted with word of those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a warming trend is underway in south central Kansas and we could see some rain by the end of the weekend. Our forecast coming up. Federal prosecutors are accusing several former law enforcement officials including two former Wichita police officers and obstruction of justice. For their roles and identifying a suspected undercover officer. Who's investigating illegal gambling an indictment unsealed Thursday charges brought where Edmund Michael's Murkowski and Bruce MacKey with obstruction of law enforcement. Whitman was also charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The celts Keyon MacKey you're both former Wichita police officers. Prosecutors alleged Whitman and an unindicted co conspirator owned and a legal gambling business that involved five or more people and grossed more than 2000 dollars and today. The chart to stem from April board twelfth 2014 poker game. During which the three men allegedly use police department resources to determine the ownership of a vehicle driven by a player suspected of being an undercover police officer. Retired Highway Patrol trooper Michael Fredericks and of derby is charged with two counts of making false statements to FBI investigators in connection with the poker game. Phil global brand Kagan SS news. More today on an incidents that disrupted a neighborhood in north west Wichita on residents had to be evacuated in the middle of the night after a van ran into an unoccupied house. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened about 2:30 in the morning yesterday on seventeenth street north near 119 west. Emergency crews responded to the report of the building collapse at a residence at 25 year old man was driving home. He was behind the wheel of a van that he did not own and he was southbound on chambers street any slammed into a house on seventeenth. The driver also struck. The gas meter that the home. Shearing off the gas line and allowing natural gas to fill the hole and also the area surrounding this accident. Which took fire department in Kansas gas both responded to the scene. To address the natural gas leak. People in the neighborhood were evacuated after about three hours they were able to return to their homes police believe that alcohol was a factor in this crash. The kidnapping suspect arrested Wednesday afternoon by Wichita police officer Davison says. Last Monday evening a 24 year old woman was trying to sell a ring and set up a meeting with a potential buyer on FaceBook. Meeting demand it Jimmy John sandwich shop of central hillside. She says he got into her car at a gunpoint fortune good drive several locations. She was able to finally get help two hours later making her way to a quick trip and Douglas and Washington. The suspect ran away with a ring and herself pulled. The Wichita police department Broadway quarter fourteen conducted follow up on this case and located at 32 year old male suspect in the area McCormick and meridian. The suspect was arrested without incident and booked into jail for aggravated robbery and kidnapping and outstanding. Warns the woman's cell phone was recovered voters stolen ring has yet to be located there with a government shut down less than 24 hours away Fox's Chad per gram describes what Republicans in congress would need. To get the spending bill ball rolling. The procedural vote to break a filibuster and I need sixty votes to do so John McCain Republican of Arizona is not here so that takes Republicans from 51. Votes down to fifty. Though we have three Republicans who say they're going to vote no Rand Paul of Kentucky. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff flake Republican of Arizona set means there are at a maximum 47 Republican yeses. And that also means they need thirteen Democrats to sign up and get him to sixty. The major holed up on passing a spending Billy's doc and president trumps desire for immigration reform. The drug administration is pushing back on claims that president trumps stance on his proposed border Walt has evolved White House chief of staff John Kelly causing a stir when he told Fox News the president wasn't fully informed but he promised to make a wall that stretched across the US Mexico border and that is he's had a vault sources tell fox diss the president was outraged over that comment. But attorney general Jeff Sessions tells Fox News. We all change and we aren't something as we go forward with his principles on immigration have not changed sessions also said Kelly is a quote national treasure. Democrats say comes hard on immigration stance could force a government shut down. In Washington shot Winchell fox needs for the first time in the history of the march for life for a sitting president militaristic gathering via satellite. The world's most powerful baby boomer will speak to a lot of the kneels at the 45 march for life it's primarily young people we are literally in the largest human rights demonstration happened annually around the world. March for life president Jeanie Mancini says president trump has remained steadfast on his campaign promises to the pro life cause throughout his first year in office. Organizers say they expect 100000 people to take part in the demonstration on the National Mall in Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. Hey and his excuse I'm now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Big sports weekend coming up including action for fourth ranked Wichita State in men's basketball on the road tomorrow we'll have a preview what's coming up sports our government update on smoking in the US say that story coming out. On the K and us this morning news or Stevens head. And as authorities is that Stevenson down 8099 minutes past 8 o'clock. A concerned parent of which of us should have learned of a possible case of headlights in his daughter's school and was concerned that not enough is being done about it. Gay at a news look into USD 25 nines policy. The coordinator for health services for Wichita public schools camber cassettes says the policies to change to have twice she says today and other large school districts follow recommendations from the Kansas cautioned him book of communicable diseases. The school district will not let parents know what there's a child to twice in the classroom. Because they see it is a hit per violation. Catch it added that kids you're aware when another student has lice and it's sending a note home brings light to that particular student instead school nurse to send letters home to parents several times a year about lice and how to manage it. Wichita public schools no longer send students home if it's discovered that they do have lice they are allowed to stay at school until the end of the day. After that they must be treated before they can come back to school. Amy web Kate and SS news. The federal government says the number of people smoking over the past decade has dropped from about 21%. Down to fifteen and a half percent. Who is most likely to smoke. The latest research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says many smoke more than women. Also more likely to reach first cigarette are people between the ages of 25 and 64. People with less education. American Indians and Alaskan natives people without health insurance people with a disability and people who live in the midwest or the south. Smoking's believed to kill nearly a half million Americans each year till NATO Fox News. He's not the governor of New Jersey anymore and he's finding out. Finding that out the hard way for a New Jersey governor Chris Christie now gets to enjoy life is a private citizen all though. He might miss the perks that came with being a public office like using the VIP entrance at the airport. For eight years he got to skip the TSA screening minds we normally stand did but not anymore. Christie in the state troopers serving as a security detail according to multiple reports. Re directed to the line at terminal B in Newark international in apparent Swedes. Kristy calling this fake news but instead a false story insisting it was just the mix up after being led the wrong way. By a Port Authority police officer. Kevin Rincon Fox News. Taylor says. News time now 81111. Minute. Did this. And it traffic update here on Friday morning finally got that record cleared up on the northbound I want 35 nights a traffic turning. Fine on the canal are up right now we are seeing our usual. Slowdown this time in days the north junction symbol to slow down on C 96 and I won 35. And all this slowdown on I won thirty by the by I threw 35. Slow moving traffic there but otherwise. Moving along here on Friday morning commute traffic updates from pages as as a radio I'm Jim Woodward and now the forecast with pianist and a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning you may wanna grab the heavier coat this morning that you probably won't need it by later on this afternoon the temperatures soaring more than ten to fifteen degrees above average today. Sunny and breezy with a high 55. Tonight some clouds will drift in our low 36. And in tomorrow's high 56. By Sunday a few areas of light rain or drizzle may develop and high near 65. KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy 28 degrees and of itself we ended fifteen miles per hour. Tenth and Jackson wishes to thank their customers for a great holiday season. Filling now for great into the year's sale items wildly last including large selection of captain adds to keep your war. As fans Jack 601. West Douglas and delay know at the clock tower. Well it looks like we could it'll moisture on Sunday here in south central Kansas and looking for snow to the north and west career. But probably just a little rain in May not even getting that much of that as well but. We're looking for more to reflect some moisture to they'll help we did our oldest is Wheldon that snow melt did you not know what much snow but no little bit. A paper cup allegedly used by Elvis Presley six decades ago and Oklahoma is up for auction and bids have already surpassed 12100 dollars. North Carolina resident wade Jones is a collector of all things Elvis. He tells it's also world the crumpled blue and white Dixie cup which snagged by a fan in April 1956. After Elvis performed at the Tulsa fairgrounds pavilion. Jones says a fan named in June allegedly retrieved the cup the day after the performance. Right before Elvis left town for a show and Oklahoma City. A letter accompanying via collector's item says June had asked to keep the cup as a little memento. So I guess that's all the document documentation unique. Also the like that it to make it worth at least 12100 dollars I don't know much about collecting valuable what documentation doesn't Saunders many. Maybe they can do some DNA in fidelity said the word allegedly certainly meet the highly questioned. The authenticity of this item can be some Elvis DNA. Al-Qaeda from L lose let's right. Europe from sixty years we Arroyo 62 here's. A flying drone has dropped a flotation device to to a team's. Cut and rip tide and hit ABC's author Australian coast. In an official described as a world first to rescue. Multi greens Slade and gave Butler. Got into trouble yesterday about a half mile away from lifeguards who were about to start training with some new drones. A friend a crazy alert and a lifeguard piloted a prone to this swimmers and dropped to rescue pod. He says it was accomplished faster than they could have done it using conventional means. Official says it's the world's first rescue for a drone fitted with a flotation device super drone now. My question is a must be a pretty good sized drone to carry something like that out over the water again drop at the hefty enough you know if we're looking for. As many. Practical applications drones as we can and we've talked about roles before the fact that up the agriculture they can be use safari to. And surveillance law enforcement media delivering yep media delivering packages them. There could be a lot of uses for girls and we're just start to scratch the surface but if there's drone that research going on an education at Kansas state university of Salina and also. At Butler community college. They're starting course yeah there were partly you know it's a case states in line and can't get that don't. Well the restaurant chain Steak N Shake we have stake it shakes here. Now there's this is Freddy's territories they can shake. Would probably have some pretty stiff competition if they. Came into the market I like Steak N Shake I don't know that there have been mistaken shake. It's pretty good where are they after the into another state like they're all over Missouri motel and now that. The rest front change stake in shape and what is villages in a federal lawsuit that a former suburban Saint Louis employee. Falsely claimed on FaceBook that she fell to worms and a hamburger Patty Duke who loses a lawyer now. Saint Louis post dispatch reports Melissa white claimed she found worms and patty she planned to cook for herself the restaurant. The suits as managers as well as the health inspector checked and found no worms you now. White left the storm but told a table patrons and later posted a picture of the patio on FaceBook claiming she had been fired and no one checked the meat. The post we shared thousands of times lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages and removal of the FaceBook posts. They have the company seemed which seem to have a pretty good case. Derek Aziz inspectors. They're pretty tough people most of them and my idea is my sister in law him like my in laws and Texas have food place yet. And my sister brought terror who lives in London increased now. At her hamburger stand she got out each got a hundred every single time year after year after eyes and she said. Those people were very very strict and doubt and thorough and a itself. You know worms of the paddy and of itself to be like a disgruntled employee he had kind of every so starts to sniff fly yet in a sour grape involvement beyond. 817 now Steve intent on K and SS in debt we have. A big weekend as well. Every weekend's biggest port for just got a lot going on. We have basketball and football since Edward has. All the information for us. Right now right there at the Dallas get it going big sports weekend including me won't by the time the weekend's over. Don't know who's going to the Super Bowl yeah we have conference championship games. Two of them on Sunday it all starts with feet. AFC championship. Coverage at 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon began when you're listening to the Jacksonville Jaguars going to new englanders to take on the patriots. And then at about 5:15. PM late Sunday afternoon you'll have the NFC title game that'll be in Philadelphia where the Eagles are hosting the Minnesota Vikings Minnesota has not been to a Super Bowl since 1976. They've failed of their last five times in the NFC title game to get to the Super Bowl I'll. So listen to those games. And that'll be good football action on Sunday on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Was Nikkei FH on Sunday for those NFL playoff games. The and we have college basketball big weekend McKay UNK state both at home games that shoppers are on the road fourth ranked Wichita State is at Houston tomorrow. Mike Kennedy involved hole will be on the air with pregame coverage beginning at. 10 o'clock tomorrow morning in the game will tip off at 11 AM tomorrow on that someone else three point seven KE YN a and join me after the game I'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show had a twin peaks and east which is taught 21 in rock. Shocker beat Houston by eighteen points couple weeks to go in Wichita tomorrow is the rematch in Houston. By the way and his sister tomorrow does mark one of the biggest games in Houston basketball history. Fifty years ago tomorrow as the game of the century when Houston played UCLA in the astrodome urban Hayes against Lou I'll cinder. One of the great college basketball games of all time. The city's economy is because it big they played indoors right in the astrodome astrodome and the court is if you look at the photos. The courts this little area there right down Mangini now and this Gary's death her like 200 yards away rights it so that. It's amazing. It was a big big game though what down tomorrow's the fiftieth anniversary in the shocker will be in Houston for that one is the first time a shocker have visited the cougars in Houston since nineteen. Sixty who belong tiger listen of that game tomorrow on wanna three point seven KEY and tenth ranked Kansas is home tomorrow the jayhawks hosting Baylor. Kansas has beaten the bears ten times in a row. Lives coverage of the jayhawks begins at 330 tomorrow afternoon game will tip off at 5 PM and that is on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. Kansas State may in our home tomorrow as well tipping off at 3 o'clock in Manhattan hosting 24 ranked TCU. TCU has won only one road game all season long K state is nine and two on its home court. 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon case state hosting TCU they'll be nationally televised on ESPN you the Wichita State women aren't a three game winning streak. And they will be hosting second place South Florida at least Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock shocker ladies in a winning streak at Coke arena. Joseph go basketball in L Laredo tomorrow night Butler community college hosting Seward county Dennis Higgins will have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies beginning at 715. Tomorrow night. And that's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as best. We have hockey action in Wichita one game this weekend for the thunder earnest tomorrow night at 7 o'clock downtown it in trust bank arena. And it's a biggie the first meeting between division rivals this season in Wichita between the Colorado Eagles and the Wichita under Colorado comes in as the first place team in the division and they are on an eight game winning streak and what I saw will be. Trying to disrupt Colorado in that 1:7 o'clock tomorrow night downtown. That's sports a Stephen Ted take. SS and of course we mentioned but the bowler grizzlies right on the air tomorrow night right here on K and SS with the voice of Dennis Higgins providing your coverage today is. Dennis is birthday I'm happy birthday happy birthday is Dennis Higgins great Steve intent listener now. And he is fantastic broadcaster to yeah Oklahoma is sportscaster of the year in the news recently named him that and had Denis has got a lot of and I'll trophy case he easy it does it does support a play for the Tilton driller easy enough in his heavily teams are. He actually he and former wranglers announcer iron which it saw that he also two major league for a while any idea for awhile Dennis I was out with the San Francisco Giants working with. John Miller during the Barry Bonds years up there and tennis is Dennis has worked a lot of great places and Merkel happy to have him on the air and Adam is a listener that turns out this big birthday today I'm turning out no problem Dennis thirties I've that. And I'll tell you it did we've got to know him over the years it turns out to be pretty good god all things considered. It comes you know and as Kerry that usual. Swagger that people like you and me it is that huge ego that eagle and a giant deal he's he's got the editor could always tells us to wonder about people like that can't our egos. I out of control she's chemistry we have we have to wonder what his problem streets for a radio guy drinks they like thanks to a happy birthday dinner early utility to. David here for the Hannity boring minutes don't usually employment front says Sean. That's coming up Stephen dead wrong K and as fast.