WSU Women's Basketball at Houston 01-02-18

Tuesday, January 2nd

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Women's basketball. You buy shocker fasten your sponsors and also show. Voice of lady jobs Steve strange. Eight at. Not report property it. It freak you Wichita State. With a basketball tonight from the loan if they if they kill record of Wichita State. Taking they used to that happening to everybody. Good. June 18 straight with you we got soccer basketball it. Number sixteen that he's that particular state conference game number two soccer they cannot use the the shoppers have put it all on record of five wins and losses there 01 in conference play out started. Conference play with a lot on Saturday at home to told them. By the score of 67 if sixty do. So that doctors without laws that now lost two straight games and they try to eat it it doesn't want to block. It leaked play with a win tonight. That's going to be easy you know this Houston team is off to a really good start this well with three. Overall that what conference player of the year. Fresh off of the victory over at that you on Saturday when they won by at 8575. In Dallas. And that was the game or use it thwart what he got turnovers and that's really that there thing. This team. Play full court pressure for forty minutes they force you normally like a lot at stake their opponents are averaging. What these three point six turnovers per game. Because of that right here and because it's effective right here. That they force teams to get Mary floppy and they know how to capitalize. On those turnovers as well though. Protecting basketball area from Wichita State tonight. If they are going to be successful. This is a drive to the team brought you by Kansas plain tired service we're retired. Professional auto service are always plans. If you're familiar with university student. They did not think I'll find the billion which is their home arena again I think we're at the eighteenth he read up on the campus of Texas Southern University. I'll fight civilians on the Houston can't if he's going. Under. A multi billion dollar renovation project right now and the universe you need to have equipment. Our way your taxes they're these fees did Texas southern with you loud and then of course there's probably bet that. Like it to protect its other doing that is well at the wall all of these. They usually not on my ability. Houston and basketball teams are play year. That's taxes and other than that read we think he read it I did not. Over half by billions of Wichita State at what they played here will experience the things that. But united women's basketball the shocker Houston that's what you thought that I hit the regular season here. At leopard Cochran victory which would be their first ever the American athletic conference. We will take time out we cannot get comments from Keith Adams. 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It would just it meetings that take on Houston tonight from Texas we spent some time now we've. Key items in coaching who will listen I think he came away with from the first conference game and your little disappointing maybe in the the energy in the effort that he instilled that back into routine. After a game like that the other day. Well we got right back in the gym and had dead two practices after that game with Tulsa. And we just really got after it and and then I think we're pretty clear to our players what we're expecting. Memo were one for men men now what we're beholden to be accountable for in and we had two good days of practice and tonight we're gonna play. Very good Houston team. That you think the fact that you get so many kids who have from Texas and Houston particularly a lot of their family and friends here might be enough to to give them the energy you want tonight. My that definitely. We'll put some gas in the tank and I know that they're excited about being back. Home. And NASA is dead it will definitely helpless I think you know at some encouragement. We just got to come out play great game tonight. It's going to be really important we take care of the basketball. Houston have played extremely well against this in new. Their first conference game and forced us in the in between seven turnovers. Their defense to pressure and press was really effective so we've we've worked on and a lot of press breakers in the understand. Taking care of the ball is going to be really key in this thing and that's not like other gains for them their opponents are averaging 23 point six. Redeem we've seen prices before what is it that makes their personal effect. Well I think they they're gonna attract corporate Q. And that got athletic guards and their forwards are very athletic. And nice got to really be get about moving going to meet the basketball. Trying to keep the ball out of the sidelines and now the corners. They really went to the ball up the middle floor if possible. But the big thing is don't want panic. Employ faster than what you're capable of they want privacy here happened. And forced into bad shots and in making bad decisions so. We've looked a lot on it and now. We've had 78 people out before playing defense gets five. Analyze trap mean and and make it a lot more difficult worst prepared team for the pressure tonight. So you know we've practiced it and we've just got to really execute our game plan. You don't in this conference obviously you can't get so much attention and rightly so South Florida's good every year. This Houston team could be real sleeper I mean when we last couple three games three games do you look at that loss to Texas CNN and Rutgers and they've got enough to really gonna start. They have they're playing very well known is extremely impressed with how they played its destiny you. So you know we're gonna have to we're gonna play very well tonight. 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And balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today dot com state farm here to help planes go right. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhance and. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Impatient and co. National Anthem tonight for the HP arena. Eight Houston. On the campus of Texas southern university and the dockers and used it. Tonight from the lone star state are tied with Keith Adams brought you by express implement professionals on a mission. To put a billion to work starting lineup is lucky by what we think we never pay anything on TV here is that on line that equity they've done cop. Lineup for Houston looked like this Angela Harris starts to guard I think I'll work. From cypress Texas averaging fourteen points and three we got to be Octavia point starts the forward. Quite yet YouTube for Jackson Mississippi averaging eight points at four rebounds a game or you bring it starts at a lower price to topple from Dallas branch on the season. Eleven point three rebounds a game. Yeah at the Harris starts in regard by the sophomore from. Freeport Texas terrorist eighteen points and six rebounds a game. At three PO market starts to guard five Levitt junior rep or Oklahoma pockets eleven points and eight rebounds a game. Ronald he'll leave the sport utility Houston he has done very well he's overall record is. 36 at the however its first few years here. If he went six feet deep here. If you're number three last season they want well. This year they've already watched well. Progress like he beat denigrate yup. It is that the coaches their idyllic Victoria it caught him in the U. Starting lineup for the soccer looks this way. It'll be Kiki count that hard to guard bye bye see you from Montgomery Alabama averaged five point. And three rebounds a game that Lockhart are to be guarded well by pipes here. For a read of Texas locker ten point. And three rebounds to eat Sabrina goes on capitol. Dark cynical execute him hypothetically if Mexico was not gotten seven points or rebounds. This Daria and religions start to the Arctic your platoon that. And religion 3.2 rebounds. And made it with our big night for Hershey used to head. Start to the board as well frequency aircraft nearby roads here at Texas. What a state championship that your wife and build high school with your eighteen points and seven rebounds wanted to see here round. Road here keep them out of the first year coach of Wichita State. Her overall record of courses Biden did after sixteen great years that you cap. Her sister go to their adolescent health and building with and Kelly with. That I did officials the camera in a way that Forsberg execute if a coach Stevens. This is just the third overall it we Wichita these things did Houston has won both games. If the history of the theory too far left. All the way back in November of 2004. You could want that he used by the score of 69 and forty want. Our eight year reports that route you are out the live your life you're cured he or optimal use tomorrow leading up make the trip from Wichita State if you missed it. It tells the game we made to achieve this before Christmas had her hand reevaluate got affected it yet. About her injured hand that happened at Stillwater Oklahoma State it is fractured. Then her return though it's still. But the year for the timetable so there you go shocker to rattle the floor their vote blacks. Through the goal like yours he's black shorts that Wichita stated goal capital letters gold numbers on the front to back to use these. Houston that their home whites trip that red white jerseys white shorts if this means to him wrecked capital letters across the Jersey red numbers on the front of backs as well. I'd jump ball that was very let's throw in the favor of Houston they control the tip. Houston could go for our right to left the shocker left to right. As we've had a crop from the two teams that is that we're under way driving into the basket. Layup with no good by Katherine Harris and it rebounded with guarded here we go shocker with their first. Possession of the game. There are two Harris is off the future he does not related but the votes throughout the Houston area dot Lockhart dribbling around near the top of the keys got knocked over. Now she is now. By through the pocket I believe. It was there but for now the game goes on June 27 that it. And the doctors let them ardea you get that Lockhart. Doctors either half or water on the log reports that the because there at home to play. Forty minutes of full court pressure them roads right wing freak out but it sort but shortly about let's back up but. Start parade he played a lot of amply rested up which it's definitely. My other rights this is here's the court about. It out of here if it's taken a life shocker in the field of the other way. He keeps obstacles what was which itself at the wheel route outward up there. He keep lately that double left elbow jumper from there it's badly that. So that it only these last week out is that they want it odd years I've been here at the basket he just got out by Thomson. It will of the few of these active duty which Woodson the players to free throw line. On the land of the ballot which he taught me to the heat now. So the free throw line jasmine Harris averages a team high eighteen points per game. She's only a sophomore from Freeport Texas so we are going to be here. A lot of her here the next couple years. Now she's going to the free throw line which he is 67%. Foul shooter. That is something used to does not do particularly well in the first what is good for jasmine parents. 65%. He's it is from the free throw line this season. The shelters or tent percentage points better at 75%. Next one is no good. At this yard boot up but rather the board with the conflict with the basketball shocker is leading by the scores of who want. Here's some of that pressure Houston the wife got a lot but you'll have to get to a double team it was dark side of the lanky threw it away. Me he got it you'll hurt you cannot do that gets used to. That's exactly what they wanted to do was rush your passes. Force the tempo and policy to make mistakes. Out the other end of the floor of foul gonna be called on Wichita State. He'll answer birds. At that shocker light. Up your online order Wichita area pop out like on not the problem coach shocker if your. Now doctor if he's out will throw here at the last week we thought it good. That's Catholic parents that it's one theater. It's not down 25. Three point eight years. Now 42 full court pressure by the doctors pass at the top of the rock port right. He'll now are you. Profits over at anyway. Shocker is that involves the right word used to players where. Don't understand it but as party like left wing three here's the other short rebounds and you know if you aren't you laughter. Field which he thought the told the told the opposite. Effect. Their doctors about while he's now got left. Definitely nice little past idols on the added that jumper. Although it was a little roll with the tees all the baseline jumper from about ten feet. Used in the recount in the way we won't do that it's. My arms that right it's patently look what happened with the though it looked lockout not yet. At the board. One blog are. Without that like it it's like well doctors slow the tip on how to act these. He felt to not let. You order Lockhart with 30 goodness aren't let's. After the recount now. Worked quietly stepped it. One of the cougars it is that it. The that you aren't actors acted he happily. The Barnes will that that is listed here for. You and point four rebounds off the Yonkers to weigh on the here's the deal here after rightly that it. Right where people aren't why it happened already. The view. You've got to leave without them off or. Throw that. Out yeah. In the war. Keep. Out last night who wrote you. Sorry if this doubles the ousted its arch rocket fire three that sort Lockhart goes up with Skype for the rebound that air mailed the the ball well now. I Wichita State. I'm with apple root them out on law that god. Now might be the they. 616 the gophers who ordered doctors doubt the duties of a basketball. They turn it over a couple times. So far. According to this that things like it's been about here for the user three point that rules out pops up my parents. And they rebound that it now by used to. Of the shocker basketball we'll look at the full report due to pressure in. TCU from Orlando. He's really been playing well last that would mean that the double figures ten points. And five rebounds a game. About that Thompson he's not doubled debris left by yourself yeah I've been here authority. Content across the court. As for optimistic about it yet another rightly those that might with the last night as confident that the art. Kiki had the key Julia Preston who's yet he's he's that kid Feyerick is real good. We now know that about with the talkers out what the fans here tonight he has reviewed its artists from nearby road here at the Julia practices that Houston's aunt Julie to topple the government right now we will see what if there is from three taxes. Basically that we're. Of them between those three shocker they have more fans do you think that there's a ball all the war at the used to into the court shocker as well water. Noted Houston they see you know all too tough the got these narrow. The doctors will get the basketball five and a half ago first quarter soccer's down seeks to. It's our inbound and other right baseline there was a baseball pass all the way to the other four picky tell their drive the ice pass top of the the way. And you put buttons drop off the last three about what pretty no look pass by the youth well all the flights delta is it good. Four point swing right there and Octavia bonds with what it from near the left block to the shocker that's a layup at the other actors to do they live with the other one. That's got to leave it exactly five in the last quarter. Thompson got his head that he doubles team. Throws it away with a constant her children had used it will run throw hit the Dorian Brantley no good but it offensive rebound the put no good. Another offensively down by happy about is the it used to doing it on the opposite laughed despite told the that the other day timeout called Nike ad or 48 to go first quarter. This court used to Ted Wichita State to that it is soccer basketball. Green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Mondays are Bernard dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics when you're in need of window. 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They can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours and M tam dot com American family insurance American coming into insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American partners in Wisconsin Packers are entering. I led back into any week day mornings and night right here right here. Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Cox Communications and they played. Catch it right yeah they and it has used that. At that on the ninth theory is these things happen at any case what's real you know the which is the thirteenth the green which road duties with binoculars and night for the Keith at a Tokyo which strictly. At the 8 o'clock. That aging sports through the Alley if they keep completely after a couple weeks off for the holidays we will be back there again that's coming up and I. In the award him an audience either hero in his fifth or at Eaton. Yeah anarchy the green room is the actress shocker scored the first basket of the game that you just don't attend happy about that the over the last minute they leave their attitude with the updates turned it over three kinds. I like all of those turnovers. And Houston north who's now rebounding doctors. Excuse me. Which I think that we can use to it on the that the left with the doctors though. Rebounds which it it is baseball bat right there if it's not recovers enough. We're presently. Happening. Nice job Mikey he users need them that baseball. What is the floor with throat the other. The wrath it left losses that we thought we went. No use to it that the math in the war without. You're the third quarter. Used yet there's something right we write it easily put it that is not good. Is it that that by the doctors are one example last night. Nightly for the three guys that now the key I think that the thought let's go it. There's good work by with art and wait for the basketball. That double team. Lockhart recognized the need off with a heart rate he was wide open. It is that your left it about that that he got the ball long partly it is. It fits with the right for the doctors and yet he went. Let's hear it right when he read it's they're free to leave. Four point eight iron shots. Well Hart Wilbur is that we have to go with nothing else that. Rate you've got it now now the key jumpers partly blocked the top it's definitely. Account. Rickie at the shot blocked from behind you she shot the jumper from the top of the key. And one of the defectors refused to leave it might hit from behind the loaded due. Tompkins who's the left blocking. This was that in your editor out of bounds on the baseline. Used to basketball lately there he thinks we wanted to go first quarter. Yes but here's what we shall let us not out of the Angeles here's celebrity host he got shot that no good side bars and rebound them down the topics. I. Down by seven for example on the left side gets this three of the top. Not right that it's not if he's outside the arc about half with yet. That was hit by an Iowa. With you down on the side with fifty you know with the outlawed under snowballed into the game and other taxes that. But the road or in the right outside Dallas. Like you see your average to point. Is that rebound growth in the locker quote them without blood diamond. Doubled to right elbow their profits over the three delighted that jumper that out but they'll go to rebound underneath the solid third buyers felt good. And that redoubt is saved by the Florida if it court. Scrabble for instance got. Doreen been Brandt throws and had a series driving layup is no good offensive rebound from it was back hood. Now with Iowa had to hit an off the bed too late afternoon. And yet another offensive rebounds for Houston. If these if it is yours that movie. Outcomes to still wallet it will double the basket while. To pick up the terrible accidents argue that we're right back on. Often they kind accountable to the left noble now not outside the arc at opposite of Julie at jobs that dribbled to the right through it right they fight with our strong move to the basket layup and good rebound the mile laps. Webster and to a terrorist right of the used to it to gobble up. Used as human rights activist doctor Q2 Eagles reporter. Houston fifty Wichita State fixed. Or from outside the three point line. Now comes the locker dive. Certainly not in the right now about the that confidence are just left without. Over to look at the press that the less they like to do pretty well built good. Deep pockets to tip of the rebound. The depth of about that point and work hard on the boards. But she thought that was twice to ourselves she stepped out of bounds that they want. Who's right that you. Used to that's it turn it over with that was relief effort to turn it over with mostly. I have to read them yourself. On the line at her material like. Don't have to leave you with a basketball right corner of the things when parents drive baseline. Goes left corner whose story ran for a reason good. Or you branch with a wide open. You hit them with her he got them 183 pointers and he said. It's not one there to see these well you're Lockhart did with artists got called for elephants out. Ranging fitted street view it or shape and look if I had them here about. He was right that you want to go first quarter news today he taught me that. Doctors three in the room. You start. By turnovers. Used it as it there with averaging 23 point 308. They and more than one over here by the layup by you have here is that the hard way. There is no help after she via broad view it was that easy lay her. You've got equally ready what you thought they know what. That is just the basketball play at court. Adherence to the left wing and here's retrieved that there. That goes up towards you he's not here. Guides for the board. That would that it's available near the doctors now with 31 for voter law what the all the gospel. The mother of 112 difference. On earth that is that to the right elbow got the right shot the lights looked awfully glad. Nice Lou. No ball with a basket wade aid Houston when the shot clock turned off. Has the basketball now that did play here it's confident which right. To the top of the key public option left with war. Letters with three to the top of the key account gap has reported upper excuse me that bars it's no good. That's not the first quarter comes to him that if luggage went for the shocker but poor sixteen from the field. Six turnovers. Ten minutes on this score Hughes did what he Wichita State eighth. This is soccer basketball it. Hello shot. 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I think too obvious that that that is just wrong there's no way he's you know from. Offensively down its. Debt. I think at least four. It really goes second quarter shocker is down 1220. With a tough statements that out there by the first quarter build walls confident broad field. You can yard. The on the collar of the game for the first time for Houston to bring the ball up the right side. At the that's what if you are not worried about court case down now this is yet there is doing the right we Collins. Back up top here is it's definitely a good rebound over these snowball. Rebound with but what of the Houston players on that is free throw line. Wichita State with a basketball he can count that left me able to legally if they drive they thought the toughest job market rebound. Throws it back a thought snowball for three off the last note that he can top that he has got a rebound. And cobalt got it out with powerful by key. With a little fuse doable Thompson's very active this Tuesday. Now if you shocker to capitalize with all her past the a columnist for three. That's about companies that cook who got the basketball that he. They did it off that last for three point. When he greeted the keys to gasoline. Now snowball that backwards got to hurry the shocker facing the pressure. They get it across this aren't you won't want underneath our good Lance good. Let the good job of these doctors be the pressure right there if you believe in but. 23 tenors or Houston with the lead. After the Korean team. The basketball lefties yes he hears those rights that that it Collins back here and now branch to those planes were shot that went. Did you talk to pick her up. She found a little theme of the day it's about eight feet from the basket just loaded up with him. When he tried to to gasoline. Kiki tops of the basketball throw that ahead of us are streaky with a bucket layup good. Rage you found an opening game got a pity the lady that many good pass by Thomson. This yard with a basket. 512 is the score. It's that was. It one of the with a basketball soccer and its own right it used to fight disease that facility in mrs. Clark left elbow threw that back atop the green. Now count half right it's like this to be ranch is the this is vile lens that he step down from the right baseline. So Houston maybe having a little problem with the old. Wichita State will have a basketball. 730 feet left in the first half used to 25 Wichita State well Yonkers is down this are gets to do with the Lockhart. I rebels that they do double teamed up through the head of the so hard drive their fertility. Rate at three steps though that all the travel. And think about it yet that the on acknowledged that the thing that hurt but it wasn't. You'll this. Wichita State turned it over and he. Yonkers averaged fifty teams already halfway there or that. With a seven point eight children now used to athlete but well wide open topped the TV is good for Catholic area. There was nobody there you notice her. You know he got down 25 coming into the game if that would build. What he well he's with the league soccer's passes three pressure the solid guys now leave for Lockhart I've got ultimately put up the weights or. For example where color publicly that it did not pound nicely by her. 2814. Doctors now. I foresee. Rent and rightly yet not yet there's that is out there. Now we're left it used to work it is is that he went went through this down the baseline. Friday. Excuse me that was where you. The repeal Hawkins after a rebound Wichita State Lockhart you know top of the key things that we gophers. Doctors you know what he was he Lockhart with the basketball through life right now Overland road view of that scenario. The free throw line with our terms suits toward. You got it all around the reality though only. It's what he thinks that are now with six doctors don't get back on defense don't wait up the fight used to. This break right here while left with a layup which I don't think the rebound Lockhart got it luckily. Diamond through the the left baseline and off rodeo is targeted with our left locked her keys felt good. It took it up a good offensively got the start lace it up they did at its dockers hopefully now they've got it down its head what the ADT. Like 45 left in the first. With a thief the keep typically if this is my forty we've gotten that second quarter. Gone by yet. College top of the keys to the left elbow issue to schoolers. Got it over to start with that fact upper right there. Holland now with fourteen if Houston thirty point. 38 T there's definitely five wanted to go for that Kiki comfortable the basketball. Court. Remove older laughs all right I'll point out the way. He will be enough for the rightly Lockhart diamonds outside the arc. Looking at from top to start with but let's not get that double team that he got what they do it now. Okay. We've seen the ballot you did not. That is the first team ballot used to this quarter Wichita State that would. Because Unser repeal hockey. He keeps up to the inbound they fly writes I chalk that down well confident that he was not cabbage. And I'll whistle at Wichita State it's a turnover. Sure what happened right I don't know if Kiki stepped over the line there was no foul was called to shock her sister and oversee them. That. Now people look like well. Here's let you leave it now for all last week we know that Lockhart the rebound. Those that are left block she left. Or. Why read T. You could hear the doctor and the background. That the fans here. He played well in double figures. Out. What. Here's yet here's like immediately shot that. She. By Lockhart. The free throw line. I have great people we felt the code and we have to go. A lot of people eaters that we haven't need to. Delete it we. What the doctors. Out the war won't have to go out this court used it thirty which the what. It is not about. The following is a message from new trends. He's into an eight. Is it June 18 no no you still I have holiday millionaire raffle ticket mr. screen and the always on this dude great blogs migrant woman yet. And now they're more than 4200 winners lives. There hurtful shall eat. Good dreams are waiting so play the Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars this is by. Odd that this deal I could today. Trust me. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time and losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking find a sober right now. 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After the wars that the birds wouldn't do all the that it that it went on respectable now it. We want to thank you. Wouldn't. Well hopefully the clock is by the way shoot from the field 43%. 42 point loans with a few teams that lose if that department. Doctors have a lead here okay. Me and the few fresh and different grants to Africa is the point lead out. The cougars are two free throws after the timeout. Not like they're committed to shooting down just before we took the roots of little things yeah adherence to the free throw line. To add to that fourteen point. And make the bird. Here it is now reports sent. 57%. Free. Room user. May one of these cars that went on the way it is the news. That. It's not a Catholic leaders rat the or use the violent 11. Lockhart will bring about the quality winners I rode him rode rob or. It's only top of the key data last week Lockhart I think by with that we shot go to ninth motorbike. He loaded that soccer's. 931 points. Yours yet but here's what they find it be that I am roads you know. Now back supplies will be here. Actually here with. You are now that he's now back to us here exit date back that is free throw line with the way. Lately that without. Which they. I'm happy with what. Violence. That would be under one of those now. Yeah I branch. That now that he thought I thought it was about not at least. Lockhart that he there were no life. Nearly. Not routinely. Live on the rock. The boat ride again reporting that the effort that night nine. If you want to them in later. Years if there's room. Yet here element that Google has the right week updates. Shoot the three it's out it's no good and he's got the rebound. They hit the Lockhart you're a witch doctors the other way Lockhart left which is now seeking out they note that back up I Lockhart wrote in the rightly say. Only. Kiki. The lava that there's a lot of hard last week Allen roach you know the scenario looking at lucky. Enough to face shot clock night. A leaf it lightly water it's no good move on economic rebound with the way. If you got it down here it out here if it that way running jumper that was not a habit now. Actually I wrote you this this is so it will probably get credit at the Lockhart drive down the law makes it that so good. Used to. Ian read it the other way. Right that you will hear it right suite three is it's no good and they do rebound. The laws are used up here that that would now. As a result got Beckett that they now here is Lockhart. Definitely not feasible leads for a layup good. Well I felt that he that he at that left at least Oakley laid up with. It down with seven point B 31 white horse of the job by the doctors. Or. Is it few that is that they deal by it gophers. It hasn't left wing throws down the Butler or is it upon fact that out of the older players with the on the left baseline double that in light shots off the block it's blocked by a broad view over the bulls are the capture the readout now Lockhart got to the free throw line. And it's not the way through diet. Houston got the steal their head the other way. Angela Harris to the right corner of pipe out of rant rant let it dribble into the lane. Now path left baseline over the last and that was threw it away. Got a little sloppy right there now the shocker certainly with. Three of their front line leaders historic town hit that rescue package that he. Keith Adams is hopefully they can do this rally with Wichita State out only by seven. So we'll see if they could keep things going here and the doctors. And down only 3144. He keep count that profit over down into the late politics of left wing refugees while they drive that the late running jumper at the bit out. Get the rebound if you away got found. Good hustle by the doctors and other sports basketball will stay at the Wichita state of the floor. Left in the effort that now that it. He got it right in line well that it's not open layup. But he had to wait for the Kiki recognize that not inflated it it's now. If the fight Floyd gave there he once won this. Marketplace that would. Dale witnesses there that I'd out of it ran. Parents old Robin Wright tonight right elbow jumpers and particularly. Not if you are. It all the time now they've got the. Now they need to get the team for Houston. So there are a little bit slow off the trigger but it could be 33 point six. Now the leftist doctors what a great job they've done to get back into the basketball game. They were down double digits. First half and now they've. Got this thing down to work just to seven point deficit and they've got the basketball. That this scoreboards situation figured out how 33 point six. That it forty gophers staff. Used it will applies to full court and then it crashed through the doctors have this art it about it. On the baseline right side it is off to the right of the Houston that's she's got Octavia born to run every now Reid. Throws it into the paint with Kiki Thompson is he keeps guarded one on one by Angela cares if you will dribble across the midcourt stripe. You know Kiki goes right down the middle of the war veers off to the right down to the right locket she got bumped his two. That's the third Houston team trials. It'd take a couple more to get Wichita State to the free throw line. He beat three seconds left in the second quarter Houston 33 Wichita State 26. Houston had a fifteen point lead earlier this. It's already debt default it. Shocker have a chance accurately even further that got the basketball club underneath of this yard and she got fouled as well. That was rather the year down. The role that the board now want. 11 with doctors that free Kiki now now now they slide right. Kiki get in on the left baseline that wrote genre well if it's good. What they shocker that the piped it down passes. Executed mostly by Kiki confident that nearly threw it away. And broad view that the ball went down the right sideline hopefully shelters them out by alive after they were down by thinks he's earlier. In fact it was earlier this order at the epic night the market we think the point he. Now it's down the line. He's given basketball lately here's does last week over the yeah I've been here here's is definitely doable that would head that he got crosses over. It was backed into here is three pointer that would do it Angela Perez. Hadley 383. Pointers at the age 37%. On the year. That was relatively consistent yet you seem like if they play with. He's already got it up he's likely not what you're not he's lucky then second quarter rightly stresses got to leave this. College up all of its goal. And lakers. Beat around Preston all the cue ball. The ninth circuit doctors that hero. And crowds it will let down. Two leaders rather greatly look doctors have to be quick you can't get loves that you do a double team. The start got bumped over go with what you've got deal at two. Along with jasmine Harris right wing three topic feel good that nearly went. At the buzzer. Though the doctors. We're hoping to get this thing. Threw it down even further. Two quarters Houston 36. Wichita State. What do you you're listening if shocker basketball brought you like soccer sports properties that they had. When you head for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. I don't wanna feel like yours where they had them on an ice rink we'll stop by your dearest Candice land tire store and let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winter. 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Outscored Houston by only cooler in the second quarter and he's it was ugly little run there towards the end. But the shocker well look what he'd be the first quarters of the job but he knocked it down to 830 feet when he did that read. Also Wichita stated that duty. 45 point 2% or half after he went deep thigh one. First orders of the second quarter really was big for with plastic he shot the ball better. Hit a 5056%. They help used to think that. 36%. That help (%expletive) yes right back. Again 36 when he is this board here that ray is Wichita State. The state under double digits we will start the second half now well that it appears though that doctors. By the way it will also be on the road this weekend with a tough date will be quiet but warn them. To take shots that role awarded Saturday but the that doctor. That law will be at 1 o'clock Wichita. We're glad that doctor's orders this weekend and that they'll be all four days later. On Wednesday with a constantly moved that meant that he went right back to the road. As the doctors will the world to constantly. On January 3 he filled. Is that the point 0% reported Saturday that there aren't. Like every other key moment road road toward the Florida open at this. Wrote for the way that that all that's at the January 16. There's a look at the that he threw with a I think he's an active athletic conference play. Of course it will be any different kind of shock at the conference. Peppers we as a member of the American athletic conference with the. If it could happen tonight doctors that's the catch up to view but it but it that's what two words that were down sixteen of the first half earlier but the finish. The first half down only eat at the score is that there needs its Wichita State 28 on credit you. 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The key if you're interested in becoming its sponsor of Wichita State athletics all soccer sports properties we went six. Seventy 75 BP to do again we went through ninth at 875. BP to use the number. Welcome back to work ready you the American halftime you know it is cooler if you did did hit Wichita State. What do you say as we run down now that school spirit that statistic that doctors again Q. 45 point 2% from the field experts now after it did what first quarter where they were warned that the they come back with it if it even with that in order to finish fourteenth. There you want 45%. Puck used to it that department. And used it 1434. Is the effort now 41%. Doctors don't allow read that you've been doing mile wide margin. What he felt it well with the only topic that last that it got it right what the that they did not very well these rebound the basketball. The air it out rebounded by the war effort is there a point that you have written their opponent will be 3.3. That is played one year at Wichita State outrebounded used it. Night that he. Turnovers the problem though with its monthly you love it already. And I think that earlier that the apple if you fifty. They force their opponents. Want the 3.3. Oh Turkey with a tough even though they. Just about there. It points off turnovers. He's fifty. We keep on the news. This right there doctorate at least now these are huge double header. I'd love to update with what he or there won't be leaked to pay that but. Comfortable out there right here. Doctors is to protect basketball that it is not now revealed that the Afghans and see if that happened. That. Let's run down council for the individual numbers first of all the glory with its updated led. I agree it is twelve points four points forgotten Lockhart or from the Tompkins. And that wore layers all with the point it's only at road feel ovals we crafted. And they. Refused to do that like yeah I've partners who I think he ought to get on with eat iceberg to let yours. Three particularly rich beyond. 2.2. If they read a department where which he thought he had been lucky that it well. Seven rebounds for me it is gone through that aren't well way he would double doubled and yet he. Before we get there three counts for the it will. There are a couple recipient not that it also produces yet but he'll. And that won't rebound for the count that. You know Cristobal alone if you pay the rebounding department for Houston that led by doing it branch who has three. To meet for Octavia bar to violence won't rebound for Katz partners. That he hit it well rebounds all. Houston that monster that the poor tee where even out here at the birds now. At this point Wichita State has yet there Pitt that night no that's great point expert either T candidate Christine. Which is tough to get what you quoted him he'd be at that point that they. But the big difference to be points off turnovers he used to be he. Wichita State view as the doctors apparently eleven times he used that line. The main stat that matters is what the score board that yet it leads Houston 35. Wichita State. What this is a pretty American how I feel competitive. Right services protect the alcohol problems and everything it between ready if America proudly sponsors. Wichita State that people want more time now on our halftime when we come back we'll have the second half. I've active drug use is where I get the score if you fit 36. Wichita State 28. Youth soccer. Ask people pay shocker fans time to find your optimal use. Up to life health and fitness center is now accepting charter members to our state of the art 34000 square foot facility. 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You're not it is now we heard about ready perhaps part of this school or is that their sixth. Wichita State won eight doctors you'd have to say at the all of them. Effort that will. See if that it carry over to have number two. That with a two point deficit eight that we are at that rate it won't leave that it. And he's. Got to start the second half topped it. Did not start it tonight the opposite played well he was that there was that second half rally started Wichita State. She will not start the second half the doctors. We'll go with this date five that started that was. Yet there won't be long before we stop it right that it shocker of them for our right to left here at the second. The other way where the profits from the it will get the basketball bird Yonkers. Pop on the charter right after the game will hit back with a target at that time probably. Well. Yeah it'll be right back to the road this weekend we'll leave for Orlando Florida. Right here. And he was shocked that the report will be Saturday afternoon and one Wichita tonight. Here we go Houston with a basketball Thursday into hairs we'll slowly through the rough in the courts right handed off lucky you bars. Over there that we weren't who's to blame except that revel now not to read the hockey. Think five starters also I don't the floor refused to hear his ranch rightly. Hesitate now fight to better underneath the basket layups good jazz with terrorists on the left baseline it is nice. Without the basketball that got fed the ball from the left block him just exploded going airborne elated she. Had seventeen points soccer's pretty careless through the pressure. Houston Keith Adams had to call up wit. Time out that locker was dribbling on the floors look down pretty good job to keep this rebel but he added that the Baylor rout of the time now. This will turn into a full time now by 23 left in the third quarter. This court used to 38 Wichita State one. 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Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for Oakland Hills honey and the other great Americans join me on. Workshop ambassadors and house of war. Impatient and. Soccer is now after the about what you want on the shot clock as the Indians that Lockhart and we don't know Lockhart will drive the right noble acts that. It Kiki now. The top. Doctors doubt that night that he knows their border conflict. Delayed what I thought that lasted well there are involved. Nice like he key. First basket. They again he's got the lead. Here's rightly or right now doctors. That old but the birds now. It worked pretty well with the right now. Here's the left side wide open three. Was it. You've got a couple of those night. Left wide open. Her that yours Lockhart that's if that's the other tricky path that the best way to good use the press with a hit. It back it. I slipped behind the 41 but he used layers driving layup that we've not gotten out of the Lockhart. You cut the shocker of the late night on it. Got a lot shoot the jumper that up with the recount them out these doctors. Had a chance to get out at seven. But now yours along the Atlantic coast to coast it was not at all. The jump ball rates. Well the ball that would update gas hero. Good job I sit there while the ball. That we. 804 to go out there reporters doctors. What what they're. With art baseball that's the actors out there and head out. Lockhart active area of the bright side it's the way it ought to do it. It was lock at this the Arctic the ball right delayed up but she got well. That the raid was active city is well. And to globalize it. It rains he will shoot a couple. Doctors would let that recruit you. 75 point 3% on the year especially with our who's 78%. Of them. The first was a little bit short. They that will see me is that when to go. Doctors got. 154. Left. One of the reason. This is. That. So bizarre one that he's got a Baker's dozen. They're team record doctors doubt they. Well enough pressure by Wichita State get theirs though all but left corner to free up that. Shoppers try to grab. And that might be an open bottom left corner for a three pointer now the full court pressure like Houston forces here. He Thompson tried to fight this art we see the basket over not being out of bounds the notes. Wichita State has turned it over for the little guy that night. You know by 1140 points there. 4433. You've got about people. On the right side this is great. Wrath of the by double blind with rebels and on the start pumping his right due partly blocked shot but readout yet and here is that it will reflect. You know this is talking on the right back again their right they fly. Bats that don't Lockhart threw the fade away uphill good rebound comes down to Houston and the putback by boards is no good. At the now by Wichita State on the rebound. You know the shocker to commit the foul that O'Keefe and Houston's into the floor. 4333. Is the sport didn't he give him credit for a three point basket. Houston has achieved through Q I think that was on. Yeah as yours is three moments ago here right corner three but that might Italy years. It's no that another follow the rebound. It. That's what will be on Wichita if they knew that it appropriately excited about it at the heat and he can't backing it. 658. Down 104333. And out comes to the left baseline floating shot applaud the good. Readout that road you know through the had a Lockhart left side dive into the started 33 you lost it and it's not about to office are. Once again it used to it force you to play flopping. Diving through that was in traffic this hard. Probably distracted by some in front of her she still had to get their hands probably would've thought that it. Doctors had you'll forget things let locker is for either. Try to get them here's the catch it's you three right corner out by branch it's so good and a foul committed by used there. And then in the Wichita State on his noble Hudson get minutes of the third she's hit for the first time this path. It is Google that is Rickie keep count since its 33 left in the third quarter shocker down 104333. He's that bad but they're familiar and demand full court pressure Ambrose who dribbles past into the top fifty in the right corner or Lockhart. Gotten through with a that we did it start now right that he got back totally at flock arguably top of that he throws last week over the film ball harder for those that he's now back to now. But throughout his left side and Rosie O lots of data prompted it to evacuate them. And keep you've got bumped in foul by Octavia about. A lot more whistles that is their order that we. All of the first app that already that there. The ballot in an opportunity to. There he left in the third quarter bunkers down gently down delight talking to little baby motors up but it's no good we've got to Lockhart. And the ball just barely raise the rims so vicious plot at least that. But the shop Steward over and it grows you'll laugh that bridge that they'll arrive late good. Doctors haven't yet to give out as the didn't fit you well. I'm 33. Night 45 left in the third quarter. Wrote your throat the head of its art labs ability. That would he had that whether it perfectly there was traffic there again that. Did and pre loaded up for her if he won the game doctors found that it will be like 35. To here's what else goes down. Want them but we re. Right he guarded by local doctors. Who here's. That early. Yeah here's that the lights out that rule out of the office. On what that back up and. It's not only the number of offensive rebounds keys to her. This is capitalizing. You're right there with about 124730. Time. That points in the game rookie cards through all of basketball left to the key to the left wing. I got careless use. Little and threw it behind him broad deal in which the parents. You know that the east is it that you plan now will keep it right here 454. Left. The end that there aren't born. Up. Wichita 330. Tucker can't don't forget our coach it's the right path right here it is that they. Now let me tonight he did and they originate from AP sports but the only repeat victory. We'll be there again. After a couple of weeks off this coming Monday that it is on the clock for the heat and it July 18 court ruled the album. There he was true. It will not shocker. It's troops. I needed time out there that's when the united because it was a long it will typically fit what we do have another we have. To talk about shocked that it. It's going right now. Thursday and actually though they went. The course the NCAA. College football. And eat all the leads. That'll happen in June 12 and I don't want that college football think that the coaches. BJ's the only player from regular. It won't be there eighteenth court threw out their team in the if not done with school. Right there after their super they'll eat that it needs you think you know that the that the U. The only thing that read through. Characters cutie. 47 point 2%. I wondered. If I have the Clinton. They did in the nineteen. It's. You talk stayed in nearly doubling up. On the blue words thirty. Sixteen. On night. It's learn. It will be. Yeah turnovers in a talk about the past few good guys here. He points off turnovers yet what. Doctors down well but giving up we're right up. We go. Back out of this or that there. 835. Is yours basketball. And now. Accurate or buy it and here's doctors did that one. So that now now it's gone up top here at the left wing men here okay. A topic here in the not related. Yours please he's. Got it now I'm night at the top. List now the key of the or you plan on that the company. And knock down threes. He refused to back out of fifty. There doctors they'll buy thinks he is the second one point that the eight the house. Fifty that'd be here a couple of things that. All right we re not talking about this down fouled. And equality or off the ball up that it. But it that he was now well the code word on that path to god. Now what that's interrupting me it is the ball went in and Keith Adams is telling you they feel that. They think they had it was finished two free throws because she's not in the active duty with the ball within. That's stuck with it properties that only committed for. Now the three officials talking about it. And that's it and shots. How is that she got involved with the it's not the fifteenth well. Tompkins made that shot. They get into Thompson's entry through the first was no good. He's got one more keep the thought it isn't about that and I started. Please let him do it all women's. The ball with. That for a conference news is that no. The stalkers do nothing right there. And it's that it's thirty but it's like here's the wide open layup good underneath the basket from Iowa. It's not break right there. And what I think you know by 78. Hit confidence in the locker. With high on the right. Lockhart. Had to stop the two embryos underneath the start list and I look bites it's only. Underneath. Elated. That on one other but are not the ball away. Basketball and had a lot cart diamond rights right now noble yet. That prompted. I don't know if it right by without well that would if I. Utility knife product out there now it does feel like well OK dollars. Flexible and it's like earth and a threat that the I'm not sure about that these phone went off the court and on oval slapped it into the artwork. That second violations. At the Wichita State people. We left in the third quarters to fifty Wichita State 39. Lockhart. Or. Doctors and get pounded. In. Your luck that he. It. Let's go to the ice by diet and she belted out what the defense to sleep that turned out after burgers. The basket down the right flatly that included a pile of wood and I've got eight shocker I'll love it and that's all. We picked up the basket well but the doctors not the way that makes your that down. Port deal with these. Juliet is that a lot of traffic right here and now the save all Wichita and the so that's lucky that's. Giving back. 32 there. Wichita State 41. And the doctors turn it over sixteen times tonight. After prostitute that would. The diamond Lockhart charged with turnovers. That's who you had a rough night in the left baseline. To be about that last drive at the end of the block that out to be called a lost art and then list to the free throw line. When a lot left in the third quarter to 52 Wichita State 41. And violence in the strike he's been really good there in the sixties and 70%. Spurs won. One either forty for lasted junior from credits Mississippi. Given Houston good minutes off the edge and knock him. The last makes vote. 21 left third quarter Houston up thirteen to. Or 41. Walker we'll bring the basketball up it's. It crossed midcourt but I'm gets streamed from the start. Back up its. Identity with our double team. And they've looked it up off the window until it. Right you with ninety feet down 5443. Doctors down eleven. Right here bite with it's a stay up top games when they're here basketball league got bumped into by him. And you can god. Each team down with fourteen pounds but it if you log left in the third quarter were 43. Yeah. Here is it the let's. Looking at the end and that's the here's why don't let me. It you know that was definitely. A backup point. But the play right there you look for stuff we get it. He's signaled that you don't foresee. You lost cardinal had taken the lead the pocket with. That I feel well on its frozen. Grant let. This like that. We like for. Ego that important. Baseball path ahead if we keep our kids is it that the doctors look behind the pressure is the guy who lives now admit. Both provide trusted. Don't get it right back that we thought they. I used it with the lead 105 left in the third quarter. The press and together in. Usually go. Get it. Yeah or. Actually London. There. Thompson throws. Our via. Bob Kennedy and apply for jobs. Out of bounds Wichita State eastern Covert war. The Nike. Doctor. Regina box. Recorders. Would not be. You read it happened like that gets it back right it's like on the well I think Kiki Tom might have bought it was solid rebound throws it away for. He's got to steal it and yet there that it's not the last week from on three point. You re exactly. What went up to him. Applaud it operates on the board but you got sixty. God that to a broad field. Aria that activists are great history together excited played credit let no good he keeps constantly doubt with a second left knows that I and away at steal my Hawkins wrote that got hit it. About doing good right about it sounded bears had to get greeted it did it would count. What. But you know it's got that double digit lead the pack them of the third quarter. Ten minutes left all this or use it seeks to Wichita State forty this. He's got that. Eleven states thirteen institutions. Some of the nation's largest markets. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Students two point six million alumni. Their influence is how. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with the make up Bob powers six known across the country as. When unit for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. Thank you don't want to feel like yours where they had them on a nightly to stop by your nearest Kansas led tire store and let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winter. When it comes to tire surface or like repair work you can count on the six Wichita metro locations along with the other seventeen Kansas my entire locations statewide. Find store nearest you at the tire store dot com Kansas plant tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. What's the phrase yeah 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course 93 the heat's home. My but just like seventy really talk to the boss who would like to do well there insurance companies just give car we see something you weren't really hard part of the wanna give it to protect. Deserves. Put out he's never done this book but he says I didn't immediately let stand some free air freight owner's deal. State farm. Call anything today. This is Michael Savage joins me weeknight today god can't. Women's basketball. Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Indications and. The other divers. What is dollars. And sixty. They. Never wore dockers they outscored 2670. Is that their quarters. That is what he urged. Doctors it was this apparently the team that. But will put bird it. Doctors that work without them now. Apple won't play which if at all possible. Want to eat they keep. We still have ten minutes left. That night I. Time. To get. It right but when you flop. Doctors did. That usage by the royals and thirty points. Off. Thirty points off. Turnovers that's not what sports do you. Well there you go after all right. The there's probably. But it away. Half. Way up. Along pretty but nudity violence with the way they got out. Doctors that way crafted I mean that's buyers me off he though hood. But I don't rebound he'll step of the way not with law. Bought the rights that. Yes and here's now left we skipped we look at birth report of luck I thought that it both bytes of why can't fully. Or she's okay but by Sabrina now that has the ball got played the other bed I throw the brick. Let we've got the Paris outrage that yet. We know there's no point in the quarter up the heat up the good. Rit yeah Hopkins. Three well. One for the first time count 65. To 45 and doctor bounded. Deflected the bounds neatly turned over. They say is it deflected. So those are the capital put out of the corner and tried again. That Breivik. Directed because now the Kiki across the board dribbling down slowing it down (%expletive) down 2840. You know. Thomson IEW. Laughter. They'll he'd get it back troubled. There's no differently. It. Kiki a little frustration their eventually here's. There's wants to know the officials all of didn't. And Wichita State go on defense. And doctors down quality. And they turned it over twenty times the night the lights up my husband at this hour block that got. They had the press that streaky player. Missed the ball knocked it out. Pretty down. Given that the rebound. The basketball now. Now come in letters ask the court and there's just cut out slightly pressed him. Preston one of those three players for the doctors got used. He wants to have a good feeling Nike Greinke started. To at least capital. A lot of family and friends he would stand soccer fans act by our. In the end result of that. It which they don't want them. Byrd's walk now like them. One thing that's left you one. Around the perimeter. Octavia art. It he pockets with that it will not currently. Jumper that if you let guys step back but repeal pockets. He talked about it I don't hold that thought that dribbling out with the right being fired up a point shoppers. 6745. Bought into the game now with buys one basketball at them. Preston road you know broad Dario quite cutting Kiki count the idea what went around half. The way partly by used to they've gotten us people. Felt about it but I will not be counted the way. And ask it well they used the. Two counties away when people that are. Shocker turnover of the game. Houston alone opponents to turn it over that forces but it worked 23 point six she gave. Used to get an iPod you'd be that those that it would away now. Not in the ticket. And that's all went. That it. Welcome intercepted by the art one on one ballot boxes raging into the lane posting up shoots scores nice group rate. He's got the what do you want now. That's a big offensive numbers the last three games she got high 25. At South Dakota State and went up over what he thought they get both immediately and now. Shot to double team that towards. Not near me or. And a role. Time now we'll figure idle time about it with exactly seven minutes lap you know forty which they. Soccer match. 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AJ's sports grill at the -- thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. One talk station. In assets. Workshop ambassadors from. House's war. Patience and. Basketball league back quality 6747. Left we read along with the like we ran so good. Did so what are the offensive rebound. While. We left it doctors one here instantly hear that he or different outlook of the top. They'll love it left block my outlets that there but he right and it that it now. Eleven spot tonight the average eighteen to. At least two days into the game from which that song. First down hold in there now. Yeah they're expected to. The game. Doctors have four players lined up against the scripture. But again. Or strike outlook heart rate forward. The group that the profit or after they got the leaves you rightly Thompson apparently clintons aren't that back it fires up with a couple read them good and the rebound and downed Hawkins refused to. You know you. Slow it down again to me but grant grant who Leslie Katz compares with a hopefully drive that way running shot up she got found. Yeah it's out in the act of shooting those three. Kiki Thompson oh burgers socket servers now. Though. Visitors to the free throw La. Bears with 22 points on the night averages eighteen again. It's an earlier this used to its aid he gives off more. It's kind of fun to start to become familiar with some of the names and stars of these. American athletic conference players that can be. The conference opponent. From now on from now lawn and and here's one you can hear a lot about. Makes both free throws knocked it down one. They are in 47. He's the ultimate trust me pilots that locker got them Diamondbacks and out get screened. Was back there right now back to the left again through my right side. Restive with a basketball whistle away from the basketball. Without any of them is it. You read the route objected to the game moments ago he's 63 junior from tells us he's guarding hard. It's got called for the knowledge about it tells statement to press him. That's Heatley. Knocked down a three pointer with some of the Stanley frontier. From Houston outlet weakness locker I'm glad that he got out of the baseline got back to that look at the rest. Rest of lots of news. The papers are towards something you don't walk walk to the rebounds they bite they did not released yet and now with our tries to save on the sideline. Rebels or had to jump ball with it's got hero. Oh the shocker is hustling right there in the bowl will keep the that there into the war. Quietly five left in the game he's 69 which dusty point seven. And the doctors. It down. I got back into the game which. The iron that. Goes. What 10. That double double. While on. A cart got it and be left out of that habit occupiers as it's often laugh. Rebound it out yet there parents out that it immediately on war and the way animals not blocked shots. Say. That now. Iced green on the baseline. Like. People bound baseline and I rivals on the fourth quarter clock. The outcome. In my lap left double. Come out with they use our partners is it that way but it accurately. Count the line readout. Kiki got it right again. The rats back Kiki I'd say. Let me half Lockhart guys. Right elbow step back jumper puppets. The browser used. And that again we have left the game got out one. Here's periods in the late jumped up off the window and it's good quality. Yet terrorists cooler than basketball she's got 26. Doctors now. 14070. That want to substitute at that time now to get any pockets and into the game with by the freshman from Sweden averaging. Appoint a rebound. Lockhart. It looked like the right now. 131. In the ground they'll ultimately that keep our post it. Or he announced. He would not eat up profits over the light relief I was not a Catholic lay up good. Nice profit over it quick bite Kiki she got the diamonds where they got the late doctors one. 7140. It left the game. Here's your husband here exit off the little Motley the basketball well. You'd be called on Wichita State. They left. Into the game idiotic policy experts that we've seen her five by senior from do you Obama up one game. So Houston we'll get a the end high on the left side is Catherine Ayers is stating its audience got much more patient. Here in this order the eighth. Here's it is reasonable price actually. Guarded by state download the ups and ultimately the ground he traveled with. Suppose you're right the browns travel it got Wichita State welfare and over the game. Houston on the campus is bound parkinson's and he was out and out near me or if they dribble across the courts right. It's. That. He between three times writes that hostage that was. It with a couple of times that we count one and now he's he's got. Thompson not rested lots unity is not account which turns shoots and scores count the hours round but did. That's the green hilly so nice. Kept their composure there it is it off the widow. I agree that those the free throw line right here this. Went to the aid. We'll let it out there and. It. I bought it. If it's left right now oh Collins Collins. That are left arm physically ready and a lot. It's not a job it's tough out over the pay at least the way. He tried quite pockets it. Writes I started then later our. Doctors entered the open now or the twenty. Or aren't they gave to basketball. You anecdote is that even got here I totally confident opt out of pocket. Hopkins that island's not picky college head off there aren't suitable down the left side of the lane and it was over the could be called. On which he thought they beat the board. Phillies at apple about becoming the EU to. It's silly to plant collapsed in it you won't. Yourself beads and applause are heard. Interpret it. Doctors get there they're used to it gave up and take advantage in doubt that these hockey shop. Blocked by I think about it. But the pocket definitely outlet. Yeah but well it's Katrina. Now you. It's all the Pallet taught me this. Battle but. Used it will she is arrested late regardless it is now bonus this is your read you Hawkins who makes the third. Person all around here coming off its may want he's got one more nice player case want to. Averages we'll and eat. Noble back into the game for they. Did he beat. Bode well (%expletive) down seventeen T on. One more free throw on its way in. The average them out in the fact that there's nothing. Back but. That's pretty much with the couple of people who. They had to pay only notable here at the it's still all up in the war on currently tied to the left side. Now at that house bought out the let me. Apple to the left slot on the cabbage up top pocketed. And for the cut off the fact there is no good and the rebound down to ground out early in the head count them. Calling it will be. You really stepping out of bounds was briefed you Hawkins. In the left corner right and it hurts you fit this he's the thirties we'll. Just keep it right here. Won't you. And enters the room. In the game Hawkins ended today on ways. It's the use chaplains the wrong. And that you view. College finding it harder nicely done what Terrell Lambert is the game that you throw it out of the water but throws. Yesterday though. The ball goes up to Wichita State doctors will look at our eastern right here down the left corner. I've attempted to get to the Stovall. Stovall guarded by idiotic policies on noble profit or hire other sites guys. Left and now reaches out and people aren't always. Their team about what. Apple will about it over on the left sideline for a soccer games at least looked at the and opal. With a basketball exactly what is left with no doubt when he. 5350 ones all physicality goes not a cabbage it's certainly. Nice look for odd that basket. Not the greatest threat. Left side of the Olympic looking and looking those right now Mariah and it was. See you from McKinney Texas now in the Dallas area and she's just the ball off of me. And turned it over. A minute 36 left shot. Down seventy. It oh. Well. Or now on. Right or left it up. Now to find out how to do it right the key couples to apply the feel good. Not a habit out there definitely comes away and liberate it. Well enough people. Military over for Houston it was dirty. In the circle. Left in the game. 73. Wichita State aid and apple looking to get it yet. Police announced that they'll load. On them of course. Well right now back left out riding it right he read it out promptly I'd hate. Got the block that it uses it's the way it's still all left and it will. He got out. I seen you for nearly. 511 post player. He evidently. God. Still look at the rebound and was ultimately back up. We'll under the preview online bush will. Her thirteenth and free through. On has made nine wells on. The free throw shooting effort went for. Three shocker. From. Shocker to be excited at the bluntly that the Dallas him to play as good you still bullets from on the diamond ball hard. Read of the to itself. Didn't feel lonely and. 355 under a minute ago Houston got the lead. They're also working a lot limerick that now that he's slowly. You know well now with basketball. Right that's what the left elbow back up the left weaknesses what are we into the paint city the Oval Office he's a couple thousand. Although he'll blow. And then have them delivered to the free throw line. But their deliberate. I'll borderline. Too easily 43 through this season and the first off the field now that. Members who won or. One seconds left in the game doctors down eight. And clinics when you. Well both of Abbott's three down. The pockets that hit him Wichita State. It up the left side of the exotic with say. Think by the petty chapel released a law gets it back it was a tough snowball that pockets of I have to keep your eyes to a double the offensive foul. I entered the yard. They keep that that means that. Shot clock you're if that made the account like ET 73. That's that looks like that's what I lived wants to do it feel walking the with seventeen seconds left standing there stay there. This thing out and the doctors are gonna lose their third straight game after that on the street. Oh in conference play is locked down with three. To limerick still dribbling around your. Remember and tossed it. Three Wichita State 55. Will be back and wrapped up right after this. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and suvs two years in a row I am so fast and that's great especially tears in her set he stepped in us better get behind the wheel and see for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability is a year content Chevy dealer today bourse is up from thirteen or fourteen beautiful. 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Find an ancient additional term insurance dot com when you shoot we shelter some restrictions apply. He shot regions Mary hall and got Jodi you eighties and hand over or grant Collins in Wichita. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on KNS and listen it's. Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Cox Communications and hope. Welcome back the eight. Fiddler it is vital to 73. Which it if I had a shot at 12 o'clock and eleven others. He overall figure you know the American continent flavorful and that's what I think he added that. But it was no surprise though it. Like it was really getting turnovers that doctors do that it would tonight with. 25. To 35 points which represented nearly half of their output. Yep there. They're good team and they. There haven't a great season thereof there really it started them. The there at that finishes the entire game. And express is still the last minute now you know. It taken off it you know we. But in the first half we. We handled it in the backcourt lob or turnovers came after we. Cross half court it got in this decision making it after we got the ball after we got the rest room. That TV turnovers. They shot the ball well they have. You know we're open for eleven on threes they're eleven for 23 on theories. In. There early score. He had that when he six awaits him but it is they have very nicely and then. You know we. We duplicate of the game that we need to take really good care of the basketball. You know I think we really. We really hurt ourselves in the first eight minutes of the ball game is in. We missed two letters we queen miss some easy opportunities. And we pride ourselves down ten to two. Because of our inability to put on hold in. You know. If you fight yourself the entire game trying to get over the line. We've mixed up our defense this week half court trap. We will dive in chaser we 221 press. They went man and you know we're trying to dial up some things differently deep it's wise to try to help creates an office hours. In. Yes struggled when when we really struggled sport in it it's a very struggled. We have a hard time. That the ball well you know this layups as Jupiter's it. Several several that you know. And we didn't do it more shooting in practice you know and try to get more shots they. You know because I know that this is one of our hands that you easy else's are. Inability to put the ball ovals I've been trying to do more shooting with their team that. You know we. We had around ten point game. In we just can't ever hit theaters and turned the corner this debate get a quality of the one point gain for two possession game. So yes but. Not bits and you know effort that was dead you know get on the floor loose balls and. There are some positive means they get. We're just struggling team right now because of our inability of school used to to score it suited him in. It gets a balanced attack and it got hit bounced Rory. They're gonna they're gonna win some games that. We've we've scanned it gets outside related fighter profits and then. And I keep that it anymore she can practice it yet again it can't get more shots at. All right that things with the other places. At Atlanta make you cranky out of the the post feeds no after the soccer ball seventy. Three feet deep by these did come away with the victory use. In the year Houston is led by partners with 23 points. That is eighteen eight point that well received averages eighteen games. They ended up with three double B use do we rent with the team you're born with it shocker flip about it right. It's art when it went to rebound the fact speaking of that it's time replace the Iraqi by the Kansas lottery. Get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today he has become a billionaire. KF lottery comparable jackpot now. Like Kansas lottery entry bigger in the big night for his start here a couple of points in the east or here. Record them wrote you're right we were up but it toward the start to rebound put it back up but yeah. Let's start parade people have a lot of family rented I think which it's definitely it's obvious to the far left locked her keys felt good. Look at that that's a good offensively out that's art laser that they did at a shocker hopefully now they've got it down it hit what do you eat. Like 45 left in the first. Well there's a bonus he got to read these baskets and it really key rebounds. And it's fitting that it she's scored in double figures and she grabbed ten rebounds well. Review the sound directly at the gain ground by the Kansas lottery has talked about getting back and stacked with. Coach Thompson now. Houston with 35 points off turnovers tonight these. Or 73. Nearly half the points off turnovers the other thing three point shooting. Wichita State was oh for eleven from three point range used to need eleven Google's. Read him that any of them were on that it. Three point defenses well. The shocker that readout Houston 4330 that's no surprise Houston giving out rebounded by about one half boards per contest. All the fees they will rebound got to protect the math all. Dockers did. Capitalize and use it winds 73. If he lives. I talked with Keith Adam rocky by express employment professionals on an issue that only work. Well look like soccer broadcast will be this Saturday afternoon from Orlando Florida. Dockers we'll take on Central Florida 1 o'clock that will be kept on. Will be with you right here on that enjoys for the pre game at 1245. Backtrack actually. That Saturday. Became ethnic radio. That you will be on 97 I FA because he beyond the unit that. We plan on. Saturday at 1:40 by 2 o'clock tipoff. Wichita State. From land deal or that the 75 yet they. Will be. He's at that. However hopefully the doctors will play better they which they by eighteen. What's the final score 73. BP but he's in it went on fixed and handling back at the K studios. Punching the buttons making this possible this. Is wrapped. That's once in a final score 73. Wichita State 55 weird with a drive of the game. Which is that rocked by the way I service. Where it retires prepared autos are all leave him. So until Saturday when we hear it went. Atlanta is they were these greens alone and.