WSU Women's Basketball at Oklahoma State 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th

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Shop for passengers sponsors. Voice in the lady's job coach Steve strange. Didn't welcome the Gallagher I don't know me now on the campus if Oklahoma State University Stillwater Oklahoma alert tonight. Pitt says that doctors put properties screen view. Wichita State with a basketball tonight from the sooner state is the doctors taking on the cowgirl from Oklahoma State hitting. Everybody's feet straight with you on it. Think I got shocker basketball what you gain ever looked. Obviously good for Wichita State is the doctors have it was directed at a little uptick on the 010 Oklahoma City team. Shocker to open up this season of course last Friday in Omaha Nebraska lose it right by the score of 66 to 61 in the debut. We keep active it was also gave it to other shoppers over. I'm fifty. Point second half deficit to come back and tie this cooler at the 630 mark in the fourth quarter. But they get outscored on the property by live right of the way with the high point victory. But the shoppers showed something that he had a career high for Mickey Thompson there's your card from Tuscaloosa Alabama scored seventeen points also. Let the team with thick at this rate it's our. Let these soccer's going on the date with nineteen points who's also. The leading rebounder with Ali boy to our leaping off the bench that night it well that one. That hit the game tying read the fourth quarter tied at 51 option at that point while the pit the shocker about five points short. In a tough one on the road and that's what they expect tonight against Oklahoma State in this very very typical fourteen games non conference schedule. That the shocker to bill the cowgirls have a with the one you know record. Not a lot of sincerity to learn from their first game they took on on word out of the south conference they won that game also on Friday by the score. He thinks the 35 what that does that out there about a moment that you. Number. Us players applaud feet hood that's something we'll talk about with Keith Adams leader of creepy it was now soccer's planes to attack these guys. The Oklahoma State team this news. The draw after the game rocky by Kansas plain tired service where great tires and personal auto service are always a slam dunk away. The shocker will have a few days off at the latest first home game. The regular season Wichita State will be home this Saturday afternoon and they will take on how the food at 2 o'clock hoopla. For the shocker expert whom gave that he a couple of them that Saturday. After it too because right after that that that road as the shocker to travel to Tennessee will be there this coming Monday night and the week after Thanksgiving. It's be it Mexico against New Mexico illegally now we're still. Saturday games sandwiched between a lot of Brody took about 2 o'clock South Dakota this Saturday afternoon. Through the green. Our injury report brought Cuba populate your wallet your security your optimal view this village forgive me tiger team that soccer's traitor by way. A clean bill tells everybody healthy. That's always drawn yet you tonight for a Stillwater. We will take time out when we cannot comment from Keith Adams back Fridays off right it. Previewing tonight's game as well and we'll talk about in our. The fact that he's got naked he had coached down the sideline. Him without incident for the year you how to. He had a great run when he was it a certain height to compete on a visit from dad. Which teams of players there but until all went on very very nice Rod Stewart at a community college they did that interview with the items. Coming up after that I think if you shocker basketball brought life soccer sports properties on the Internet that. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the best inning later. 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You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. She's Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhance and. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Indications it. After the shocker pregame show its Wichita State. Oklahoma State. First of all just kind of recapping what we saw in Omaha last week if again tough environment for this team I thought they should a lot of resiliency. To keep in the game despite being down fifteen in the second. We get we've battled. You know I think there is a lot of things that we took from that game it. And we came back which time. For two days we were in the jam in the film room and practices and and just working on things have happened in the ball game man to make us better team and for us to improve from that experience. Anything in particular stand out that you really want to see improvement you touched on defense after the game right away. Well we thought our our pick and roll defense in the game wasn't very very affecting even. So it worked on that a lot and you know also are our struggle that day was our inability. That the ball in the hole and score points. So we worked our offense. You know I think we end we understand we need to be a really good rebounding team and shot goes up we need to. Crash the boards and try to get that extra possessions. Sets up the net you know I hope to see improvement of today. Warcraft player really great forty minutes of basketball we can't play three quarters or two quarters. We we we were slow coming navigates Creighton. I mean and we picked up steam got a little better as the day went long but can. We're gonna have played very well from start finish in this game today that you touched on rebounding let's talk about that is it translates to tonight because one of the first things that stands out about this team is the size. Yes they have really get post players and a they're going to be a bigger team than what we face to Creighton. And their post players are veterans there seasoned and very experienced and so. You know we've worked on our post defense we've worked on double teaming we've we've worked on some different couple schemes at them will throw out amend. We're gonna have to be a lot more physical today that we were in our last game. Sometimes you try to take advantage in the some of the speed that that this team has with their influences. Well you know we always need to look to it too fast break and meaning transition points we can get. We needed we need to be doing that. You know our transition defense can have to be very good too because their bids from the floor in their and a they're gonna attack at a transition it all starts with their point guard. Goodly number 32 issues. Very very affect affect even very efficient and she left handed and she can really create some things and so it starts there were gonna have to stop the ball and and not let her get deep in the paint and an Internet play physical in supposed. A bit of preparation game is is her. Where were gonna BC news coming Monday night Tennessee. Well and I think that are our pre cut our pre conference schedule nonconference schedule. Is definitely going to make us a better team we're gonna learn a lot about ourselves we're gonna find out. You know like the Creighton game we and we came back and and then you know we we learned a lot about what we need to work on where we areas we need to get better and improve upon so. You know playing these good teams it's not gonna give us any. You know false securities in masking thing I think it'll it'll bring out what forget that it'll bring out what we're not get added and then now give us time the you know work in practice in Jan imaging in the gym work on the things we need to get better at before we start conference play. It's gonna be like to look down the sideline two year old mentor Jim itself. Well you know. And I told coach he called me last week in. He was saying that he didn't like playing against his friends and so on he was you know kind of singing that song Timmy and I just said hey coach I know both of us. We're going to be chair and we're pulling for each other 364. Days out of the year and also be one day that that we won't be cheering and pulled for the other one that. You know. Yeah I have the utmost respect for coach in them. I feel like a lot of my success in the re somewhere and that's because I've played for for him and I I learned a lot grown up in them. You know bit today AM it's it's competitive time it's forty minutes of going out there and in China women going to win a ballgame. Fun is it for both of these a look at where you guys were and to where you are now he's in the big twelve and you're obviously Wichita State. Going back to a two where the beginning was for the two. You know I think that kind of a neat thing about that is coach script that burden Kansas and Ankara but Oxford kids say you're talking. Two small town kids that. You know that the game of basketball is blessed us and in were both coach in division one basketball ended it all started in in little detail for both and so. In I think that's that's pretty. Pretty neat part of the story and and then you know I've been very fortunate says. Have a lot of mentors in in and have. We learned a lot from some great coaches know that that won't be any need to happen Don Haskins and you know considered talk about a lot of coaches that that I have learned a lot from that dead you know tonight I am I'm excited this. Have this opportunity and I'm excited to be Wichita State's coach and them. We're gonna go out there and forty minutes to play hard. Good luck talking after the game I think you. Keith Adams and can show will be back with the starting lineups and tip it off from Stillwater right after this. He's younger fans time to find your optimal use. Up to life health and fitness center is now accepting charter members to our state of the art 34000 square foot facility optimize introduces Wichita through an entire new level of technology enabled fitness equipment coaching and measurement lecturing spot elements and a vibrant community designed to help you achieve your best physical mental and spiritual self limited charter membership offers are now available. 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I Glenn Beck doing here in mourning tonight right here right here. Workshop ambassadors for. House's war. Patience and. I've you know we are moments away from the tip off Wichita State in Oklahoma State those. Like there's that even the city's. Lucky to have him rocky by express what it for personal observation the pavilion where he if that's another. Nice little race with him without that who to vote on the state. Against he played for him at Oxford high school years ago those items with the alt weekly score after her. It played with those with talent. And that night but don't know it. Now the third down the sideline for me to other note though that they would go. It your Wichita State is heated them let's turn it over the public address announcer now he's got the introduction of the seeking out the ninth. National at the National Anthem tonight for Gallagher either Hillary we keep off the and Oklahoma State county. The battle it's time now reversed I'd like that brought you buy equity they never pay AT&T feature is the online equity B dot com. For details about what the problem with it looked like this and all the nights at a forward please keep your market California. Story 3.3 points on Friday he did. And every article about it our fight it off or from Oklahoma City he put it on. At the border there I'd agree on where. Carly really start to the guard Bobby you might not. He's averaging three point a couple of rebounds apiece with more than what's and the dark quiet he replied respective. Goodwin with eighteen. Point the other day you know through rapid. Rebounds and then against it starts at the close the fifth floor and it's easier for you know Nebraska. He scored he grabbed seven boards Friday it well he's also a first team all big twelve recipient from last season. Is that accurate but it will be a lot of that it would now again this seventh year coach Oklahoma State 120 definitely. Think the time losses for the fifth coaches bill. Actually didn't reach agreement. Started let it for the doctors reflective Kiki confidence that the quite like that Alabama. But not with a career high seventy. Also by the way that. Let alone could start to develop my question. The Texas locker. Well I didn't feel for you know. An assistant on the prevent them global wanted to do earlier. Live off the bench and scored him Friday if you don't feel that we rebound we even thought it starts the forward. What senior preferred share of taxes. Rebound here with the first team all Missouri Valley Conference lucky. Last. I'm confident we'll start tonight with. And if report. Four point three rebounds he bowed out after eleven minutes on Friday it. Though the business. Before the impact here tonight doctor Peter he that we're particularly with it cause they all wanted to record. All type of those wins that you. Heard the food and have a look out bill Davis and we actually. The 22 B. These doctors. Trail with the overall feeling well the gondola talking to. With the W ninety packet or 2012. Oklahoma State what that he'd like to hear it. If we got elected officials feet. And night shocker there is there. Tonight because Oklahoma State is doing with Lou is that there it looked like the Tennessee head off wolverines lose. Top and he's the with big black letters with numbers that exactly what it Miami Dolphins looked tonight. But what was that how do what different look with beat out Hillary will do. It or. Not we'll go from right to left them on the feet the other way. He didn't talk his way. Is that not your online order it would fire department. Like not a profit don't not the problem code shocker if you see your doctor if you know. Highly density. That circle group with the eve erupted for doctors and yet it got it backwards which they left right. They've got the basketball effort and here's the cut it to the basket or that would leg up in the a pass from behind both hit good at keeping out the cutter good but it just like that. The executive of the game but he definitely got. Kiki content within a pie loft nearly that would argue that Kiki the pilots night for the start away quietly that we got it. And the air traffic apprised of all the hate to let that happen with art he'll shoot threes that they evolve constantly doubt. Over the market's most definitely a lot to complain. And it could be at about dot com. Rather rough contact. Lost the ball would aim to cut lat. But they back on defense pretty enough. We consecutive game. Here's partly due to hit mine how to go back last night that we currently guarded by Thomson. Wichita State it out and let alone this will be pulled it all the driving it late developer. Yes ladies and open. Allen's basket and it won't nothing cowgirls patently. She's going to be tough he's 64 posting up with me coming up but nine. What's that about reports Friday in that locker less noble to offer up. A couple of good look for that road route and popped out rebounded Oklahoma State it was the other way not a basketball head of the it's enough now left side over to go back into the left elbow hitting looking at now as it was at night and quite good what. It would have been Lockhart I think it's free I'll fight through it worked out to the right one left corner and it was about half hit the post up on top it. They took place in its. It's got that cut. Off can't seem well audit well straight down middle irons it's nothing count your. Not even late in the now that I know the locker rightly. Are outside the background after it right basement and he turns and little law. Rebound that would. They want to which it again. You warned that one senior night with that if you use it at the key now that's my lips Wheeler. We've heard from the back of top of the key that would again. It was the free throw line is that we euros definite proof shot with a left. You really look at why it got lost her balance. Your hand look it up with a left and it went ahead and it is now eight got the cowgirls. With 745 B Cooper's order if China will be youthful heat out of these one. I get that it would sideline reporter I don't think doctors got this is soccer basketball. 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So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champions find yours at a M tam dot com American family insurance Americans coming into insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American parkinson's cancer suffers an injury. Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall camp. Happening right here on KM SS. Workshop ambassadors for. It's one. Patience and. For our coaches shows here right here I think that's that's it's evident that they're pretty AM we do it on. AP sports real yet thirteenth green which jointly on Monday at 7 o'clock Keith Adams still live eighteenth. Happy valley there keep history which we will not. Captors will think ultimately people. We'll pick it up in December after that but AJ is the place that prevent them Monday for. Soccer basketball it says the plot which he had to get right here. That public art for the doctors they're down eight at the putative. Fifty consecutive game Oklahoma State's perfect from the floor four for four the shocker it's the opposite for. A little bit of old full court pressure flight now by Oklahoma State had got a turnover deflection by Wheeler with. Steal your good what about after the last night over at home now back up to the this is Coleman with the two talked down to the corner it's good we'll get back up top we do it. Hardly the pass intercepted by topic that you did she got up but hold it with hands. Who got the Thompson Munich court eight at the Oklahoma State just about three minutes gone first quarter. That Lockhart county outside outside the art keys on the week a fine how about after Kiki. Pump the pump faked ride in the plane lost out to eat it to back up and then a jump ball. Looks like with the dusty yet here for the market he could but there at the floor but now the shot clock is down to well. 706 of the first quarter awful moment taking the the nothing couples of the game for the cowgirls but toxic doses of the game he's 62 of you for what Woodward. She's recanted and sports evident grabbed seven boards. On Friday there was an old record where it Braxton Miller as a freshman guard from Ohio who's also been. I grabbed five boards. Shocker that the job off the doubt there's that first basket of the game Rickie that are not one down to three. Cowgirls with the lead. Here's the past over the right we get to the idea that chuck it's no good periodicals with a bit. But the rebound not get down by Wichita State outbreak doctors there. Oklahoma State newspapers field goal of the game of basketball out of bounds to Oklahoma State. Shot clock for the outgrow it hold it down over the left corner. It's been applied to play good ones you've got lucky bounces gets excited suited scores. Off the left this topic yet inside the art jumper good Lauren good one if he scored eighteen the other day. Oklahoma State you know that if he did do it got it right wing along three point. No doubt and I didn't work out rightly took it. I want them. These first three of the season and now we can't fly out the other's company. With no good by the cowgirls pulled out that a bound by every other homes and Wichita State basketball. Over the shocker now on a little flight to two rod that got basketball I doubt that. Six of nine to go through quarter. He'll try it again reared back quite good thoughts about that went down. He's on fire early that would look this. But on the line without him this it. That was third at Wichita State road. Knock it by themselves down three but yet here for the triple to deep but definitely the feel good rebounder itself back up. It's doctors had three and I think Kiki made the fourth hitting over there away from the war. The lead yet it is still the biggest ones out there tonight we'll wait I liked him. He got their own rebound put it back up and got held it well he called for the twelve pounds that was. After urged. Him to the line. Jensen kind of surprising he shot one free throw Friday you hey win over. And kind words. She's got to leave terrific player. Also the big twelve women's basketball scholar athlete of the year last. He's not the freak you're down and check out as Pullman got a free rent and holding back yet. I'm 43 legal first quarter the Oklahoma State their team Wichita State seventh floor. Full court pressure for Oklahoma State soccer through the work their way through pumping. Through that the lead. And tomorrow not just Lofton as he often would strike. He won't have a lot of pressure on the issue is a little rushed right there are bound to go for Leggett turns it over. There turn over the game Wichita State oh with one. Think that's about to fall flat in order now leading 57. I had the rights empty home race for hope that they find it under the basket with content Bill Clinton's epic. Second time Oklahoma State's got back door with a it diligently to that in count grew up they haven't. A couple of basketball lifted dribbled out the let me find them definitely. That's odd left to leave the lineup they had the key to this art Reid beatable that would double team lost. Get it back but could open up the legal analyst. Lightly he was after she lost the ball up and that while the lack. 11. With a heartbeat he how. I got hit it right that he will eat up a creative ability. Laurie Goodman was one of the high right about the ideological left wide open there. One down he did how old. That can happen now buying time. Not only happy with the doctor if it's Friday but they thought that it. When he first quarter prompted an effort on the fly that put one up for good over. He felt good start offensively. Eighteen to eleven the score after the content that's. Seven which point you the first quarter pulled it back up top three quarter with taunted Jones. And Oklahoma State. Left open from outside the arc now last couple trips down. They've got both with the three pointed out of the teams that we count growth when he won eleven. Dockers we don't hit the first quarter have been against Creighton and whether that's. That package to through that you hear it's hard into the pay back the period suits that that we have enough fat with a laugh barely through iron. We've got Oklahoma State cowgirls. Water you're comfortable on the left water at the other three. They had tried any three pointers until the last three trips down another three for three. And when he was eleven Oklahoma state council of the delayed. Why put up a shot no good and he he got found that the Atkinson county free throw line will. Could be up with us you killed. We killed that. We'll be heard through now. He fell for the Calgary of the key with what those confidence to the free throw line he he shot two on Friday they want. For Thompson on its way to look at the bit. He's fairly grave threat to either have a lease yet phases of the game for the first time for the shot if you think you preference for plants. Played limited minutes. Writing really. No point did grab a board. He. Popped out or read through repeat he read off of her career high seventy. Friday and that's what. A routed out. Rebound and gentlemen if you want to push it quickly it now. The whole world about your report you gave. Rightfully right tonight. Light bulbs that with the work it out to hold kids back here and she got well in the right law. And that's considered elite gets into the free throw line again she was there are moments ago right before checking out of the game. Now she'll go right after the strike again. As its exports senior from you know what Nebraska. It was his 2000. Diamond Lockhart by the way Jensen it bounced off the heels freed up the back through. 2511. Oklahoma State. With 25 points that we do have real seventy golfers would. How true that. Ten of thirteen from the field. Three of three from three point range of three of three from the free throw line as well they're really shooting it well. They've got 26 points. Just under three minutes ago recorded Lockhart talk with the company to move. Right suddenly put the if not a bit off to deal Oklahoma State also really dominated pool over the every now and then. How confident now definitely Oklahoma State basketball. Soccer's getting outrebounded 72 in the early going. Oklahoma State shooting it very well. On top of that through its 26 elevenths cowgirls to 47 gophers look. Julia Preston about the ticket for the game for the soccer's growth despite that it's easier for instance he scored six points Friday. She's it is released. We will be Oklahoma State basketball. Hobbs the freshman from Alva Oklahoma had a nice game Friday he scored eleven. You're the one club that beneath the Jensen Jensen get out by the art. Why not he keeps working for Oklahoma State Haley gets it. He's got a couple of entities the other. On its guarded green tea. Now its wheels on the war's not ruled it down a flight tonight with a shot while. A lot political album if you go left album it is now. If this top back atop the key you know quite well. Not a Wheeler last week three up with the hoodlum. Rebound could that he can count them what they plan. You puzzled the other way Kiki you don't bother rightly that Lockhart at the right elbow down the left point they don't foot jump shot is good. First points of the sharper relief UK has different. Not that the French woman not she's now. From about 72 to go first quarter when you think that he. Outgrowth of all the right we read it. How did knock it down at me. Sweden's big. Like you'd outside of the U 2913. Cowgirls horrified from outside the arc. Here's Preston dribble drive into the lane running floater up and these nobility and a foul on the rebound. And it's going to be called on Oklahoma State. Buck 47 to go for it would doctors down and see what kind of their team. Since Daria and rosy about the ticket for the doctors that you hear from Switzerland transfer from Redlands community college. Will community. That's played eleven minutes Friday. Use it you know all American honorable and Lance Redmond. Counts against him arrested notably Italy had taken away conflict Victor pocket driving to the basket all the after getting older for the fourth time that through to the point for the inaugural. They leave now by 183113. Million have to go for quarter. Dad left me outside the art. If you a couple of pints of pirates I didn't gross you out in the right wing if it becomes the Kiki double team find with our two great east. That they might not have been that long and rebound them down now. Did that then it's on its heels her parents drive in jumped up it lot throughout the read out that they that. Jonathan itself with either in good. Doctors mostly right there is hope that it. Come through all the way it adopted kids. 57 seconds left. Here in the first quarter and didn't Oklahoma State 33 which hosted the team. Shoppers find out now twenty. At the Calgary. On thirteen of seventeen from the field that 75 and a half percent. And the important life of the Idearc. On the fifth knockout for three point field goal with the doctors have fixed pupils who went to they already. You know one team here. You're really going. Don't know fulfilled. It's early but they're on pace to. The other 100 point. We've still got doubled up if you go look at reporters. Calgary put up 33. Affiliate with. To beat you with the offense. Beat you with the thing it's not that at that you're gonna. Go full court pressure by Oklahoma State doctors into the pockets of baseball hasn't had faith. Down near me with this damp religion with a basketball and it's it's all right we'll go to the front of the Oklahoma State it just really high right side it pumps it. And it was a long wait for the ball without but he called on local and state. This is a free pass through YouTube from Mexico. Who did it. Now we've gone there he transfer from Florida Gulf Coast where she won two national junior college championship. So he's there. And shot spot for the doctors not to let things might get depressed. You'll be able to do it triple team left wing it may backup my aunt who did not. How about this darker time yet she's new for two from outside the arc for replied you she's got. You're just recently put a topic he put those good doctors out there now that was how it was there now Wichita State completely one shot. He is doable let him between quarters. Down bite to eat lobster lucky fourteen. Preston applied they left broke down optical slot fair ball above your head after the Whitman road he'll top it means that she's got. Turned around that baseline it's not out and out and it's no good with you with blog the following day. Sounds implosion is not gonna. But doctors the good news is indeed Tompkins has already. Scored more points and you know I got the bad news doctor down 71 what the book of the water. This war Oklahoma State 33 Wichita State sixty. The soccer basketball. Hello shot. 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Percentage wise that doctors not from the field 41%. That with a seventy. That is the rest of the way that you can keep it that counts that are. Number two feet with a basketball. By rights I talked to deal with Brooke White out. You've got its eagle at they put out hot it will set up on the right side with a good shot at them no good. It would fight right there but feel it but then on the rebound that doctors would jump ball. As the Thai then that's that it but Wichita State you know he pitches that got the arrow there's the war. Which he is now becomes. Kiki. The doctors out there we need him. Tokyo and how to market it as the Oklahoma State area that now. And it's cult hit it right away from ground level army units that now. The dolphins either team here and all of the ferry. Woke well with that basketball now agree that would be more ready for them directly with the rebels. Not that we that we like 53. Year. That we. Now that's not recently applied to Goodwin. Only three point letters no. Child left side. Between that drives the link up with the rebound tap your docket count that. Here at the shocker relative to Kiki is right I got the base like that at gateway as a shocker to the field and Rodeo Drive that is the way I. There probably look back up that it. That's our three G bytes of rape or wealth like. Well obviously it goes away and the Fletcher won the open at. Oh late the well prompted. Wilson. After the free throw line. 848 to go second quarter. Oklahoma State 33 wood to talk to each team. Castro to distract she's a six footer that you hear from Mexico through. Playing just her second game as a child growing the first three through. On crystal ball into the game for the doctors. My team senior from Arlington that's. Odd thing about this Friday's or five. Played in all 31 last season's started. It free throws. One of Castro. Doctors get the rebound was prompted. Hold it. There's more to gain. Through some pressure from the doctors actually. And still balls that we can improve backcourt and Keith Adams had to call a timeout because snowball was double team doubt in his court. Took time out on the floor this will be a pool with a pretty poor enough to the second quarter Oklahoma. It's soccer basketball got you by doctors sports properties. You does that. The following is a message from your dreams. He's he's due dates does rejuvenate did not know you buy holiday millionaire rapper again mr. screen and he always honest do great blogs migrant woman yet. And now they're more than 4200 winner's life. So hurtful shall eat. Good dreams are waiting so play in the Kansas lottery holiday millionaire raffle with even more prizes and great odds of winning one million dollars this is by. Odd that this thing I did today. Trust me. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. 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Defensively for Wichita stated where with the doctors without any heat on him that well. The talkers eighteen point though. Darker and defeated by differently from the field but the rest of the team is. Well. I'll let which they had little in the world. On. His performance and deals that them. Through it for her but she's a lot of help with the soccer basketball now though all of that between mr. Excitement grows out after them and let it slide right in the first let me over with a well. Nice fluid loop like at thirty. Nonetheless a little up and under its youth they way to the right side of the basket load it up well. To the free throw line she's got fourteen already. He threw for two from outside the art six of nine overall retail value for AG. Which could give her fifteen early points and it's now offered for what he'd make it 34 and yeah. You've been terrific here. Oklahoma State basketball. Excuse me this morning good with a back in driving down the left side of the link she got hacked on the arm by Stovall. She was in the act of shooting up from here that'll be two free throws. Need for more than what. This are about to come back into the game for Wichita State. We're gonna visit with senior women's administrator Becky and excited to have. She's made if doctors here tonight. Didn't have that you won't he tries to make a lot of these. Short bus trips to doctors make. Split tolls to defeat him. Ones like that that he often. Content substitutions this artist thank you for Wichita stated. Braxton Miller the freshman from Ohio expecting it for Oklahoma stated so his freshman Gabe hobbes. Goodwin they differed free throws he's got one more on its way in eighties bill that with our leaders from Wichita team. They're TV Gilford yeah hunkered down fourteen pretty flat when you look. It starts got it. Rebels across the course pilots. Yeah that the office of good floor leader like you know left the left wing here's president elect me three is definitely back yet. It's called the three the rebound comes out of publicity good with that I left side to leave it up there. Now war Miller would back up top which detailed cloth underneath Jensen. If doctors fifty got evidence here for six or eight weekend is definitely another way. Tenth it will go right back to the free throw line you know he's got thirteen on the night. 37 when they want me. He regions already you'd report free throws that means he's perfect three for three and make it work report. The battle with we feel confident confident with Egypt with fourteen with a clean guy. The seventy point 31 lead. And the doctors mr. Gilbert tried to dribble through some pressure to leave after the loss to Oklahoma State transition Hobbs writes poetry out so good. Rebound them down depressed that you and Helio the other way into the lane pump fake it. That that no good. And a rebound them got killed. You know it's about that any soccer basket. But the other Wichita State. Doctors that would be there. I actually. The public about the shocker against that didn't. In the Oklahoma State basketball who. It may have had to let them. Anyway I don't know basketball. Let's this is good when I thought that it killed. While the that'd be their kids in double team spirit that's not such a few. Haley. Sixteen don't think today. 411 count your. Rose just got accounts are set I let side down to Preston actually well outside the arc through the tops the oval on earth is right that he. Dribbling their backup I had my approach shot clock to seven to Sharia the free throw line a few cases it down near the top of the key. Just put the creative writing felt a little bit at a wild shot right there provided by Miller who come to Oklahoma State for my left to right. Miller across the court always scream their by Ambrose you. Destroyed fights around it you know kept up with the parents of high. The good look south that's right side hill Hobbs cops sitting right wing and threw the pass that up Dow Jones. Don't Google wants you know for the last week at a reasonable that felt that he got at Miller right we've got the quarter back to the right we could look inside the arc like the end and it was still. Wow. It is through that was on the shot. The thing that's two shots. Look like she's trying to get a shot off right there but he had the better angels in the benefit of the doubt recruits here for more than one. Six Phillies left second quarter cowgirls forty Wichita thankfully one offers free throw. I think what the soccer coaches with Penske if she was indeed the active duty that night that she's coming from down below yes what they. One more free throw for good one. 4121. Cowgirls with the lead and make it 42. 21 fluently reforms that doctors for the in the last few minutes late second encounter with a high. Levels between the circles. You know just right to keep them less to heat up down left wing approach you arguable drive into the lately that unity or confidence but it's taken away. Since it got right there was that passes Steele has got a good one. Good look down the left corner Hobbs. Thought about shooting dribbled to the left double. Now lead the call for a three pointer badly. At the head of the key by Miller battle for the rebounded to jump ball. Arrows in favor of Wichita State. Dockers we'll have the basketball now 537 left second quarter. Oklahoma State is doubled up which took me 42 point one. More full court pressure film crew Oklahoma State. The man out of sight back and let. Lockhart read of his that is used to that he would between their greens Lockhart moving left. Now back to their right looking repetitive countered with a steel Philip I felt passed by Simon Hobbs gets to steals and a block heartfelt view report. That's a case where a player makes a mistake to try to redeem themselves and tries too hard at diamond. Found all the way up in the court in Oklahoma State back to the free throw line as the shoppers with the visibility. Still five when he left in the second quarter won't stay with the free throws the rest of the way. First loser for Hobbs that would do it. Gabe hobbes freshman from Alva Oklahoma redshirt last year after injury suffered in an exhibition game. What is it. He got out of those nights when he left what are you largest lead of the game for a from the 80s44. Point. Anyone had a steal the backcourt that driving layup. Wichita State history to go for the eleventh time bill. A five minutes lucky person. Now they nearly turned it over again passing through pressure put Lockhart guided through my right side Tompkins. Prior to come home sit underneath the only. He's a free copy of it is related evidence. To look foolish for taunted that you kept seventy. That in the long drought and poof performance politically for Wichita State and now Jensen in the lane and trouble. So that help defense helps pay off right there. Doctors get the basketball about 445 left. Second quarter Oklahoma State food that was talking three. Cowgirls have turned it over six times Wichita State ten. As it's Lockhart now that quote dribbling up his left and keep. Diamond privileged oddly enough there to Princeton long left wing three badly missed Lee rarely see Juli in this format badly but that was. Preston. Started on the pole for team from outside the yard. And who leave school for four overall from the field. People back in shock refuting. It's 30% from the field while the now rules that 66%. Tonight news. In your pocket now now backed out of the week. Feel fine it would it would get left side. Over the Miller the post them later in Oklahoma state of the block shots up nicely done there gently holds up with lot. In the socket with a basket I don't know who got their home and read about. These are constantly keep between the reasons silent night now so quiet locker got intervals. Traffic in the free throw line was slightly different down right now. Constantly keep up there Idearc rebels inside the arc Lou Dobbs floats one up no good at an offensive foul ball. As one of the caliber of guided that was not the right yards. Nice job I didn't hops. With two tough statins to distract them. 4613. Outfield with at least 335 left in the second quarter. Here's Castro right across the court after dribbling right. Outside Yucca rightly. Heavily guarded well by Lockhart that through. Industry. The we'll now move left to you that it would fire up the right there and prompted you got it easy cleared for her sick leave out of the game. Handed out got it counts of and agencies destined for a double double she is war war war Abbott. Found it passes underneath it are supposed to write off on a no good but range he will go to the free throw line. The job that time is Tompkins was on the outside looking underneath where the start was posting up ranging. Cut out he'll go to the line Castro called for herself out of the game. And indeed this right. He shot six free throws on Friday knocked down for a first street the she played 37 minutes on Friday. Greinke the issue is seven for fourteen from the field. It's dark with people aboard real feud goes second quarter captors. Down twenty to 46 when he floor of the art rattled the next within. Filled 46 when he lives in Oklahoma State brings that now killed my right side will be equivalent in the corner shop is trying to wrap. That's it. Hi left side of the notes that it was. Got the right type pot with. Hospitals up to what rightly enough it's over the left side she'll find dollars Miller editing. Respite from Oklahoma City that he believes that it is. Like said that he was bigger there's another secluded himself but it reduces Abby woods yet to for Oklahoma State. 4825. Feet when he goes second quarter with our receives about half in the left walk. 32 column which often. Of the doctors gave it right back again that is twelve with a toss and turn over any other drought now. It would happen. Without a field goal for the shocker down. 23. Tonight Miller does that surprise is without. Doubt Goodling is righted the double. That's out of it now plans to open pillar underneath like a well the shelters were. Hi bill that was left alone down the left block she received the had a relatively New Zealand challenge with him later. 58 point five which is not ruling out this point in the interview room here to let poetry that definitely afflicted. Met with the affiliate itself behind the throw it differs Google team but driving it. Scores on everybody left to delay the shocker it's really want but the equipment defense and the other right. Down 24 Q what do you have to do. Second quarter Vista are down to talking on the right ones Lockhart jabs that night. Yeah they're right now believe that we're talking right baseline and a little ones but it fadeaway off one foot. And that is that it's gotten a feel good that we'll rebound pushes the other way find an open shooter. 528. Oklahoma State. Still a minute to go second quarter. Oklahoma State is now why does it about the idea here's Preston and other alt left week. Had to leave out another way down. She is my theory now rusty shocker it was. Down 24 wide open shooter again and again this is good at this time these players along with Hobbs the readout on the backside of the giant. Oklahoma State tried again. 72 difference between either the shot clock and the shot clock down to twenty Winchester pump that Suzuki drove him. The only accidentally killed but it now that the alcohol. Offensive foul called on Jones after she drove in Wichita State they'll play for the left out of the 25. Seconds left in the second quarter. Feet 55 Wichita State 31. Okay. Make it's it is it's Google do breed them across the board. The lucky ones one syllable not afraid of rightly here's lautner and hopefully. He will to succeed. Marley ultimately gets off the oval on global system. Let down with tonight and tomorrow will fire up with three with seven seconds left. Still time for him but he get a shot up to that was no good with art yup yup it's re back flips one out off the window. Hillary you work hard now that's why don't. But the doctors didn't rebound put back but it got a long way to go with its halfway home. Water cooler Oklahoma State this guy with a they are we now think him. He shot the basketball brought you back here. And doctors will often. 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Well that's good. I can read about it. But. At that half the doctors trailing by twenty points but we're joined now by Wichita State. It within that you're Becky and the content made it down to. That. How. Don't. Can play better. Left vacant. Yeah I think it cooled off a little bit on the very. They started out you make it. But. You can't protect them. Better defense you know obviously yeah. A task in itself and I think they may pull it. Piston hopefully they've learned a little bit in the first that. Live under the. It's definitely have a couple of 31 of the group. Well outside the yard and it. Keep her out of how prevalent it breaks gotten a little bit of palpable wave like eleven. Ended up with a lot of. We need to keep hearing about settlement in America are typically green. If we can inch your way back in the day. And hopefully they talk right now. Let's take a look at where we're going to be fun the united police bill that it would that yeah. If you like me. Needs to blatantly like that. Feel like this night and every night I think we've got to put ourselves in the position that we play some of the best competition and I think we're doing that without Homestake and back in Charleston. Continued to improve our schedule. Make sure that we're able to implement its conference were able to play it was some of the best teams in America obviously you can't be. The American and simple historically has been really good as well and so we'll just see what happens then hopefully coach Adams will be able to get him going here with that and now we're joined. The eyes that you women's administrator Wichita State Becky that Oklahoma State 55. If you're not volleyball. An article about him yesterday I've definitely got back I never letting one of the nation. After being number twenty sweeping over the weekend to get mentioned that. That he made out five flat. In conference play frequent theme is cookies to steam roll through the American. Yeah they have a really good we're not really flat out of our seniors that are on that team can have taken control. Not really rattles them that's the amazing thing to me they can beat down and that game. Come back then and just there just resilient in their wonderfully young women and we're looking forward to this Friday it also they played it close of this Friday and have a chance to. Clinch at least a share of the American conference. Championship will be at which obviously will be the first championship it will women and conference. So we're really looking forward to that. It's going to be yet it's going to be an interesting you know they've got four games left that we have that around and some news on Saturday. Which Anthony has three losses in the conference and probably is closer to visit our guys. You know our number sixteen RBIs this week really. That's challenged team. I think they know it's important that they went out in America conference and get a chance to. Play at home. But that's the RP I feel like this team. Program it's starting to give them the respect that maybe if it was for the defeated they it previously. I think so you know I was a little bit regional and so you haven't you know you can have so many drivers and some of those kind of things on the way they see it on. I think that see him. Chance of playing at home with. The awesome. Beyond super. Hopefully this city it was time to get a history you know. And and indices are about one more time. Let's talk golf now because blitzer at the senior year that here in two hours of the senior. Phenomenal golfers. And just talk about the country. I think the receipt that was state and phenomenal phenomenal. You know when I think we we talk about chancellor listen I don't always talk about all these kids. He's a very very good female golfers is as. I'm models can. You know. Really embraced Eric. If everything falls off. And please don't. You know fifty. I'm really proud to be able to say it once she graduates after the here and they've gone and whether he plays more golfers doesn't play much golf. All right that we appreciate diamond let's see it positive thing. Hey it's great to be back on the road with the enjoyment. From. And hopefully this. We'll be able thin. Both above and. Ministry utilities here on the halftime though not quite ready. America aren't over Oklahoma State 55 with a healthy 33 of the economic times out of that with confidence that you're listening to. Not enough we thought we got you. But doctors what's offered. Thanks Matt I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening lightning is striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. Homebuyers told me this phenomenon as credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application to past decisions and closings see ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible. 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House of why. Need patience and. 5533. Oklahoma State definitely. Room. Stillwater competitively priced services checking accounts go home loans and everything in its weak credit union of America proudly sponsors. Which it and he won't knock it down. What keeps him for the first that Oklahoma State you're in with Greig 64 and a half percent from the field and 2031. Outfielder five of eleven from outside the three point line and ten of twelve from the free throw line. Well Wichita State 41 point 9%. 50% from outside the arc it's not there or they. And with the cubs needed him to night we hear that it is so that if 50%. Doctors in Oklahoma State. Even it rebounds sixty piece that sense if it isn't it it's. A lot of shots look out there they ground but fortunately. Now could involve the turn it over my old time with the thought they had if you let him and always keep on Friday and the ability. Over more than it won't happen later fatally with that Paterno. That some of the individual numbers Wichita State and he taught him. Lead all scorers with seventeen points on seven of eleven from the field due to from outside the art field with. Jon made one free with him but that's not offering hope that rebound. This cluster of course that is. In eighteen. It but there's not much help with a company. Outside of that to leave for a couple of late we point. Now he's got victory could start with eight point. And they've really doubled her. Left artery popped it counts of faith. Once again I mean he's getting a lot of different down the clothes that aren't obvious that he's. He had eight points on the night and the only other loaded with updated. At least you made with. Only four players. Forward with its they thought it was seventy. Three record there and hey we've. In the rebounding department if found itself in ways that he leads all players that. We rebounding or seventy point fifty down. Vote in the game Oklahoma Davis going at the couple tied for sixteenth. Elite kids did as well as board that would. Both with the fifteenth. And then he ultimately to rebound war. So when it was all up until that point oh what was it with 55. Which they would seriously. As we hear about ready for. Never you Tucker sports properties with Buffy athletic would like to think soccer ambassador. Which constantly level of corporate partners. They are the health of water delta devils coach talked education if you return to competitive fall through with Duffy athletic. Doctors sports properties. We went 6978. That is right if you look at activity. Over the right night duty doctor. And don't forget any time this doctor's way. You can get fifty personnel your online order that he Wichita area puppet well not profit on that all the use the promo code doctor fifty and Ritchie you're not there is down. Just about to head the second half now and the doctors. Down by what he'd do it. Doctors were able to overcome a fifteen point deficit again for the second half. But by the great tied things up with six let. What the. Maybe it let's work on the task at Oklahoma stated publicly they've provided about thank you. Clearly stood out of sight lately he's really hit it particularly this that we're seeing here. That's sixty like really get tight group. Player of talking with haven't gotten that degree you broke with the aid and sit in the big twelve years. Not a lot of high expectations that he. Very. About a year ago happened to pat wrote the basketball movie from our right to left. And apply to snipe that quote you warned it would do it in Ohio writes that you've just got back home. It's just got told to retreat in second personal on Hopkins. What was it look out on this night it would be it would. For now but doctors. Levinson did this happen. And it would not accurately tied to the left side of the predominantly now to fight we that we. That if not all of it. You know these guys see this will be up and up and it's not yield freed up and I'll be back down oh rebounding which they. It's art goes up to grab the lead crystal ball on advocates are. You have them on it will start at this point in place that he can count. And on the market that it's ardently constantly. Tomorrow. Why the effort now bounces. Want him back now that along with rightly oval counted write laws that Hopkins applied at a that's partly it's not a lot market rebounds. Yeah out. Fired up he gives you fruit basket of the keepers that's it easy for her. Doctors are down twenty accountant and 535. Now on the left side nice move on its own. Held at Florida field on here. The Miller we'll come back into the game for Oklahoma State. Different shot clock rule but hated it let's UB Holmes. Looking to get it. Old. Time the rubble of that holding out for the it was definitely a lot and Jensen whose double team. One of the as it is now that Tom. Pleading their case that he did that it's that old. We are third row you look maneuvers that nine seconds of the second half ADM with three. So lots of red unity that Jensen. She got that note that might have been out with the local state of the rebound and built by the yet. It got them right we got that that you found the right baseline with backup Miller Miller driving for the last night lately. So both got it on a lot to that get the fact he's that was when it counted. Across the board. Athlete it Iggy Pop that leads from a solid play a lot. That was our whole thing. Shot and not a lot of energy Lockhart. Well here putback while ago fired up with a doctor then jumped up right there. Hustle good Catholic pumpkin. It's art gets found that we need to the free throw line. We 922 with a friend not an expert when you. Eight point five left in the third quarter. 536. Oklahoma State. You know like ninety. Shoppers can just keep chipping away here when. More free throw for the and other rights news that went. Well look at the art with the it and still won't know left that he. He'll fight well were web site down. Hundreds of homes now left elbow jumpers that that's not good but that was snowball gets through. Rebounded out I got home crowd behind me. It's like people behind you over my right shoulder a lot of noise they're the peculiar that the united. If soccer fans think that it. From Wichita partly it's the Stanley. At Oklahoma. City. And it. Doubles the title that night that it's a good shot down by. Here's Lockhart Ricky pretty tight lipped. We'll play tried to steal. The indictment was to lead the bucket to inflict baskets for that you're the third quarter referred to as these. 5530. It's down 6 PM. Writes I go outside the arc. Old flew back to the top of the key now you'll find Jones. Out under the right they'll put up with three pointer it's no good rebound knocked out of bounds off. This art wouldn't accomplish doctors there who only wanted an origin that was Miller it was off. Rates. Or problems that led them. Or at least until Friday that it did this time lots of time now you'll find Miller left him who would let's double these last night you know. And this is too old. You know that have talked about that one not one that would cross over on the start driving layup. No good hitting team shot because of its arc but the rebound to Google Earth but that's no good rebound from candidates are also quite ready. I had a lot but you want to do it the weight Ruddy is the right elbow jumper out so good foul on the rebound and this will be on tomorrow lead. Believe. Lies. And the army ground on the board and it's called for the Sabrina will not happy about. The game is to keep you from sanity to Mexico. Schooling us. On Friday he would rather be down. That greeted him for top yeah he's been deliberate. Stretched out looked a little bit. With what you look doctor right. Oklahoma State passed it solves that little ridiculous third quarter shoppers down sixteenth at 539. Already know again 141000. Deported from Wichita State that would have on the feasibility. Very early this second quarter and they just did here. At the 654. Mark of the third quarter. There's that. He column Wichita State. And so the shocker is starting to make the little traction here in the third quarter of that. Another good this Oklahoma into the free throw line where their tennis well. How girls were 61%. On Friday. Retreat you know years and good morning good. Definitely did. If she were free to write in the room next and honestly that was no good luck Americans flying. God had an active there would early hours of the those who coached previously right they plan to arguable that it definitely we locker. Not to leave here the right what went into the shallow right off after the bucket. A wheel that turns out takes you to feel good. We'll go to the free throw line 52. Has she got the way up. So good work by his side that time. Distributed chip away here. In the hunt they were down. The over 28 briefly. There were released that give me. He. Twenty point deficit. Because you didn't that guy down now obviously you would see 3-D he wanted to leave. Passed through in the game for the first time this after Oklahoma State. We had an active first half of the senate and three does confidence right now. 38 left in the third quarter Wichita State down 55 to forty. I think it's definitely helped the 22 point halftime deficit. Good we'll let me just inside the dark about that top Hobbs as the freshman back into the game. Hopkins three of four Friday keep it threw them out there. Knocked down another doctor's not only heat. Constitutes art not the way they think. Stop the what. Retailer right there he's got it together. Shoppers were let down baseline right side what's the outlook Lockhart good. I'm still looking the oval rightly. Left to the the the left no doubt he goes out that it stepped right back at what you know the advice on what cities and ended up all on him down. They're always the favorite which itself it would lead to stave. Off the shocker of the war what a freak them but ultra. Back it up near the left elbow in the head they. Journal the jets and joked about it it is it's hard after the out of touch after we. And she's cute that little fade away that's good. If the 842. Race now with thirteen. Had to unite their quarter gives a left recorded three top. If doctors could not afford to trade twos and threes as Miller not that way now. 6142. Accurately. Ninety point deficit for Wichita State that it three field goals for Oklahoma State is now. On the counter of the way for the basketball is going to be up past room. We base our. There right baseline shot blocker. Wichita State I've been helpful that the court blocked off completely out tomorrow just inside the occupants are key out of pocket. Particularly like what what what uploaded on those ball now she gets some help but Goodwin. I thought it would go. We've got your taxable limit their for a little bit Clinton Oklahoma State don't get it back now deficit. Back up over twenty to 21 points Lockhart left the key dribbles inside the arc. Between the legs out now privately to picket rightly believed let it dribble into the lane a lot of contact one outside of them to farther readout and try to. Instead Lofton out of bounds though now. And will be Wichita State basketball after. Time now for it. Order Oklahoma State 63. Wichita State forty if you listen to talk about the public life doctors with the property company. Hey shocker fans time to find your optimal use. Up to life health and fitness center is now accepting charter members to our state of the art 34000 square foot facility. 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No show this Monday night we're going to be into the seat for the doctors concede. We'll be there are plenty throughout these communities we'd love to have you. There with its back to the action now shocker down nineteen whats he's up when he won 6342. 440 left third quarter here's Coleman now left me feeling you know it was not a cabbage and Sabrina just got called for an arm bar. So those are the cabbage gets called for. Her first personal. And that's going to be a free throws through Oklahoma State in the shop the cowgirls were at the bonus with more than six minutes left. In this third quarter and they. Shot free throws for longer than half of the second quarter it's well. And her for proof look moment you look. Unique elements economic growth last season's scoring eleven point nine points per game and it rebounding at seven point one. Three through adulthood. Shocker now down twenty to 64 week. Noble past is over to pressure had to the other side tomorrow with the finish drives late without an offensive foul ball. Tomorrow is hurt you down on the floor. He's in a lot of pain. It's tomorrow landed. And Hughes. She's hurting hurting that. Holding her right on the lamp off to her side. Of our own the use. Really hurting you hope she's OK that is your right hand. That the hand shoots with it. Well let's hope she's okay to Mars daddy's huge he's coming down to take a look lose you lose for the shocker train here. Get Smart sitting down now into the hopefully that is a series but. Regardless tomorrow or use a lot of things. Oklahoma State basketball. 46 left the quality shots down 6442. Thompson is back into the game for Wichita State he he's not played a lot. It's dirty use. Log a lot of it played very well have listed pretty the key here tonight Oklahoma State you'll threatened to pressure but this is a lefty delay. Jones just underneath the bucket shock is definitely got them have totaled in the way. High on the left side. They'll all passes to top his left elbow back of the bus is that Terry drives and a blocked out called at Oklahoma State. And that not listening to the free throw line and she's now living though. As weakly to left ankle and she is okay doesn't appear to be anything theories here it. Starting to build physical now as the shoppers try to. Make some positive things happen to build the momentum here in the third quarter. 407 left soccer's down 6442. Can't really see got a few debates which Marley and I could see you shaking your head. But there was an awful lot to me. Ours that if they think over here with those treated others well. Which you know what we know. That much for a lot of free throw for Tompkins is on its way through. Through Albany he said builders feel. Like he's wavering after. Injury minor injury to particular things. Ambrose you exited the game for the first time for with a constant. He did for Lockhart is not in doubt the next recruits well nineteen for EG. Suckers out down 206444. When he cute to have you can't let we not have room guarded by Brazil to through to go to one right that he'd be still ball lay up good. No longer doesn't it feel confident with this. Little bit at that time he went up that it sixty C 44 Oklahoma State. It's good what was that twenty points on the night leading all schools. Pumpkin slop that to the left block with our posting after she was up over the rim off the glass. And that was tough to get it adopted older. This victory couldn that it Wichita State. It's a foul and offensive foul on the rebound ability. Now. Free throws. For a ballistic range yells actually called for the foul on the rebound through. We'll be free throws again for the cal groups. Doctors put Oklahoma State in the bonuses over six minutes left in there who. Ranging by the way news picked up her second personal file still holds playing with for at least if they. About the ticket for Wichita State. And she's gonna give it for confidence and he is noticeably limping as he read the floor. So in a matter of seconds to quit. These injuries for Wichita State. Tomorrow re injured her right arm and Al Tompkins is critical laid down in. Try to get her right ankle I think I left ankle and should stay stretched out as well first free through its the good. For good when it. She's got 21 now and then. Castro. It is the Carly we live welcome back into the game. For Oklahoma State she is in Africa one. That is very nice. 335 left in the third quarter Oklahoma State now has their largest lead of the game 24. And it's 6844. They'll all across this we're guarded by Hobbs. Between the Marines. You know throws high right side is confident he he's outside the arc through that the fate he at least you know what you're able to golf Thompson Kiki dribble between the legs move less. Let's not totally ready loaded up so good keep contact. And Kiki we'll go to the free throw line. Let's see if Kiki it's there to make some positive things happen. Looking nothing like the pumps that scored seventeen career high on Friday great. He is ready to take it one field goal on the night the free throws the nation's capital goods. People for three from the stripe. He only shot two free throws on. Friday she did not one if you want more for Thompson weird. Shocker without a field goal went to 43. That's what I was confident that went through. Sixty leftist voters 68450. With Heatley. Brings it up last night guarded by the oval. With your back on them to stop that they. Don't throw the field with organist at the path drive laid it out good. He gets he'll let you know the and 12% right 6847. 53 left in the third quarter the right side across this out there and noticeable. What was your equipment to the top of the key route back to the right thing right now and you'll find all the that is not. Not about who writes that the left. Throws it to the right side of the plane and it was deflected off of one teammate. Now. Think she was looking for a whole excuse me Jensen keep them. Welcome to Atlanta with it turned it over for the day the with the top fifteen turnovers. Doctors down 6847. He's talented at the keys back up at the canyon road you threw it away by. Jensen got this deal to leave that for Hobbs left hand over her pass intercepted now by Ambrose you know. But the shocker that it knows that and kick that would try to get this deal. You know Oklahoma State balloon down baseline backside with 216 left in the third quarter. Choppers down 215847. Don't forget to close to confident South Dakota Saturday from Carroll who arena often here. Yet about how. Nobody picked up and keep history history. When this is the ninth player. Eight the freshman provoked well here's the right and three by him roads it's no good and Cleary for the rebound it's all the good start I think your pocket it's. But lays. Only was he steals you the last several seconds. It's like a couple of the start baskets 7149. Re DL with seventy. I am on the right side lately you've got the ball away from India home to accurately on the right side. Lockhart active. Which conflict of interest notable. Those are the cabbage about the chip well the parade it was coming but art that was its direction that it's for arranging. Now to a high five them out of Oklahoma State and down with what a lot of the shot clock. The Winchester freshman sixth loser is in the game for the cowgirls played the first half at about his. Hobbs has rightly well outside the other night by Lockhart that now this will be Wheeler. Wheeler that we've cancer outside the arc on the last week you know head of the need to step up badly and stuff that side of the that was my whole and a rebound in Wichita State if Lockhart the other way. Leave it right we now for Thompson now both of the candidates agreed not think in Italy all. The green and got aggressive with her movement forgot to bring the basketball with their. Yeah it's an accident but it's the other way instantly had to let Politico. That work out top three players no good that was Mike Jensen. And the rebound shoot down one by haven't lost a couple of minutes ago or what are doctors down 227149. It was between the circles right right now over broad field. Guarded by that discrete says it will not the key to those not have a brightly pretty tough but they'll. The bridge that was really good from outside the arc last year. Did shoot a lot but she got what down there shoppers don't get back to transition but with jet services to reverse it approaches the rebound. Shoppers can now place one shot. That's what he Adams path towards the shot clock is turned off the deep pocketed eighteen. Got it between the circles doctors down ninety. But Hopkins Lockhart knocking it out with a Leavitt. I would dribble between the legs. Comfortable over the right wing non profit over the right elbow room roadkill three it's no good rebound chased down by Oklahoma State with one. Had about it now. Not enough but now. The doctor free throw line. Well the doctors who definitely is much that would apply they find themselves down if we go to quarter over. Or Oklahoma State seven laud. Wichita State 52 as we go to quarter ever for your listening to shocker basketball got you by doctor. Property and yeah that's them. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay. 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Plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all planned. This is Michael Savage stormy week nights debate on gay and. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Indications and co. Soccer fans don't forget our coaches goes right calf on USS yeah it's got it right you keep 30 AM. We do Monday night from AP sports throughout the Albuquerque he would. We do you know by the ninth seventh for the. Live at eight games that the only thirteen lead with about these. Next time when there were about this but it would be adopted the legal fourth quarter of doctors them I. 7152. Oklahoma State. Has now cooled off considerably and for listing blistering first orders for. Down to 54 point 3% shocker shooting it better up to 42 point from the. Down by 22. Was instantly try to build some positive Wichita State has the odds of that here in the second half. Within a basketball you. What was politically from our right to left. It would have to throw it up Wheeler struck plucked out of twelve shocker in the hood and indeed it's you know it's his home with the union underneath. And the shot put my kids at this hour walk and got the rebound. Good defense that time by arranging. After Kiki it comes town to the other way. Between the circles of the key to the right side. Well outside the arc he keep it took the dribble at the key to date you'll do the right double bounced after the that you're with are. But that it's no good rebound mostly it's their road kill shot clock is not reset it felt that leaving at the rate he let the good. Oh wait you don't like to open layup after it with fewer. Oklahoma's defense rebound candidates on fourth quarter and now we opened three left orders. For those frustrating with the five point swing right there yet isn't quite openly that wanted. Give up the white guilt with three the other. That people are 52 matching the largest lead of the game for the cowgirls. He's lost our credit he misses that shot but I haven't. I failed utterly in. You know Lockhart. We'll go to the free throw him beg your pardon them largely reformist exactly what sevens that hit that late in the second quarter to 47. Largest week. Cartridge free through is nothing to us. One more time. But it's evidence that could she's got five entries Willis urged the authorities Corliss Friday through. First five points this season all of them you the second. Very good free throw shooter that's what it's good. That who are these people were shot down twenty. Backcourt pressure by thing Winchester the six footer we'll bring it out. You know actually the effort that went between the circles. That would rubles to the right we guarded by Thompson's back if not now we that we live. Tosses it over to the left side Miller that it is in the freshman Braxton Miller bump on her way into the paint she was fouled by thing. Hopkins it's not that painful worked on she's gonna come back into the game. And no side of Olympic anti that's good. And wait. Q we can find out about tomorrow Lee. Mean he lives through the shocker trainer is talking ten to Mars that right now tomorrow is back on the defense. Hopefully that's a good sign she's got her uniform on its well towel wrapped around his shoulders. She's not a warm ups after the inbound the ball. All the floors jump all the Wichita State got the aero with other doctors who. Haven't sitting there at the floor. 821 left in the fourth quarter choppers down 27 people were 54. Tompkins. Inbounded to lock. Lou. That all up. Put her right thumb up here that ultimately. Agree that the left side street and the key data directly with them Broomfield it's already hard drive into the lately. Confidence and the ball not that it can't flat out roll with it. On the baseline. The Wichita State basketball with seventy on the front line. And it's it is. Flightless tonight. Out of the political Lockhart chief behind your. Paula thought it was heading. To her right range he threw it behind your toward the corner. It's through right behind your shocker didn't turn it over for the eighteenth kind of Oklahoma State basketball. Because it was an agreed that that would been terrific today what Q points for her that's it game time. You know to drive all the way down the left side of late with the flu shots up no good but the rebound comes down to good what shoppers could hang onto it. Good ones left elbow jumper no good rebound knocked out of bounds. Meticulously basketball. Coleman will come back here for the count growth he looked at me for Winchester. 748 left in the game Oklahoma State. And it is that little nicer ones that forces before. Down comes the Thompson Kiki we'll bring it up across the court it would will be there. You keep drilling with a left him throws left wing over to a broad field and it's history it's hard. Drives that lead rights right from our cart outside the arc that rebels just inside the top of the even at night and knocked down an eighteen footer. So Lockhart stroking what home. Through eight point second half a point he (%expletive) down EV 7456. Right side this will be Miller media now for Coleman. Coleman down to Jensen. You're the right level yeah direct loss tries to toss it back after the week and one of the doctors at camp road you deflect it that it amounts. Two with 58 on the shot clock Oklahoma State went down over on the right side directly rob the floor from the bench. Leading by eighteen. The incident. You'll find that went top of the key will be left I'll leave it right of the key this to be called the lobby of unity and love hath not the way Lockhart had it. It diamond got bumped did you by Jensen. So for Jensen that'll be believe it or not her first foul of the game. And that is. He felt number two on Oklahoma State. What that somebody you'd like to see racquet the crowd that'd hurried. That's not happened the chances tonight he could play freely. At the defensive into the floor afford to give up a few pounds. Now left the that he hears that this yards through this rattling around that popped out I don't think Keith Adams like that shot at all she looked the other way when that went up. Almost within the that was early in the shot clock this darkness and the three. Rebound Oklahoma State now used yet to throwing it left side. Over that we looked heading on the baseline now she'll leave it out of the league for performance over the getting down to pick up the loose ball leaves and apply them for good when. Dribbling around at the top of the key tossing it right side. And driving in Italy shots up there. If you look like a freshman right there could aggressive strong move Miller nice shot up the good 7656. Thirteen points for Miller the freshman. Thompson got left wing of the head of the key. Not the right level were left side over and Roche through out of Hopkins helped us down the left corner Lockhart for three that's no good. Kiki scrambling for the rebound can't get it though. As Lloyd Goodwin went up and had better position she's got out of into the left wing down to the corner now Wheeler. About the top now Coleman's got. Only drilling in the had a key on him delayed since it up that notebook but into confidence just got called for her for personal thing I'll. Over the files and started to rack up for NG here. In the quarter. I was also we shooting Fallon pumpkins so. Free throws ahead now for. Maybe Coleman. First one. Rattles off the iron no good. We what it 12 punch that Oklahoma State with cool but it's the three incidents it war. Those two spent a lot of time out on the floor to get there that makes this team new dangers that this team is academic abilities. In the big twelve wicked people not expecting them to make a Lotta knew it. We have a pretty good company should have guard play post play. And obviously you'd like Oklahoma gave 7076. What eloquently for the cowgirls here Lockhart. Across the court you're going to the top of the key now directional traffic to faith. Not that he left it up crested and pushes it underneath. Shots up by the start ranging. Contested shot that time wrested the host rebound Oklahoma State becomes Coleman of the they writer for the leveraging this to get to the rebound put back. I. Entirely too easy other rebounded doctors did not crash the boards instantly that after. Soccer is now down 23 and they are scored this the last 216. 7956. Is there schooler. And Caylee jets into the free throw line that sorry leave the game she's frustrated. As rings you pick separate third fell seventeen points for Reid. I've read. Is. Against him make the free throws to finish this three point play. In Oklahoma State is now eight years. They needed 56. Cowgirls on six nothing relative last minute change shocker basketball now from our left to right still won't bring it up across the court. Hobbs is back into the game for Oklahoma State she's guarding Stovall and rightly Lockhart diamond picked up the dribble accomplished oval just off the top of the key. A lot to Preston now left wing shakes makes shoots a left wing jumper up the good. Hobbs clears the board on the backside of the giant she'll bring up the left side dribbling with less you know about pacified Coleman Coleman himself out of Miller Miller. The good ones down the left wing you know outside the arc Hobbs has it was seventeen on the shot clock atop the Coleman along we pointed up off the front of the rim no good. They rebounded knocked over to crested underneath the bucket. That is still all here on the docket on groove settled up right we extended jumped up with a good. Right totally that it he's leaving about holding it and then we'll definitely not driving the lane Redding later. Everybody picked her up. Street Louis beat one defender there was no help underneath of me. And Goodwin with them 24 points soccer's scoreless in the last 352. Field goals in the last fight with him. Still though well outside the arc that we looking for the last it's not there's some troop levels down the baseline if you double team right underneath the bucket in the role deflected. Out of bounds and take into our laps. Official time now world through the fourth quarter. Cowgirls in the few Wichita State 56 bit. It's soccer basketball. Eleven states thirteen institutions. Some of the nation's largest market. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Students two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete which. It may go Bob powers six known across the country. When the shocker drove into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled in on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shock -- look it up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hardwood and I'll ask really mascot would happen did. 23 all across the state you can count on Kansas land tired just like you can count on the shoppers for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired not top can't display entire pure. There Ernie repaired these guys care. So this house is in great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sounds like well. The house across the room just sold for a few years more than a mile or they're insurance companies Jesse how we see the home gym working really hard part and a warning given to. Texan designer. Tell you why why do we offer 23 years with the fast Clinton's. Stay firm colony agent today. No one talks to. In assets. Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Patients and. Final official time out of the game. These doctors kinda. Yet some positives here to finish this thing out. It up 18256. Oklahoma skated to led that is. 27 points tonight it was 22 app that. Tucker's got it down. About fifteen early in the third quarter that started off well this. Oklahoma's game. To bid was two incidents explorers. Also shot the ball very well from outside the Arctic they do they died at the eighteenth we pointed him. Doctors. Having trouble putting it in. You're the last few minutes to fully the last three and a half that it was. We've got for a few to go down Wichita State down by 25 place reciprocity Isabel gets it right who have not habits of really wild. That is free throw line. So too for those Saudi cabbage. Sabrina 51% from the field left. Has progressively. Gotten better. And free through these nothing hood don't forget. Freshman year she was still trying to work her way back into the fold after a very serious injury suffered through senior year high school. Did that play defense until conference play last. Freshman year last year. Thought actually. Throughout the season. It looked very fluid. There youth and varied place. We don't make the doctors now. When or if you eighteen feet yeah. Yours Miller with the now that the key homes homes fueled from the top of the it's a rebel activity around in circles now the left side youth ball this is it beautiful. It's got into the game requires that the reporter that's good he is senior from Brooklyn will only way to eat it last year. Didn't play at all on Friday that children aren't words. Out right away. Here's Fey putting up with turnaround fade away with a pinball that's the reason is there to Ali put put it up with him. They would not intending to pass that with that able was tested by it was not a Catholic but Sabrina. Watch it hold it right quietly won. Those Sabrina hustling at the offensive. Yet he's at the other. 760 Oklahoma State is matched their largest lead of the game at 47 point. All outside the arc on the left side of that was not a habit to break that you'll that'll finally ready left hand shot up. Well the Brady that's as good a good job now ya but to bid. She's got. Six quick points at nine in the game. 8762. For all of the other the floor on Wichita State. Will be the fourth team foul on the doctors will spend some time with people items after the game. Our coaches corner brought to life rested when they professional. Free throws here for many people would felt that the opportunity was not a cabbage all for the we'll see if that suits this are you Ambrose used having to get as he kept you know she's gonna can get through. 8862. Coleman with one more free throw. 237. Left in the contest. Coleman's next three threw him out. He's good. Winchester back into the game for Oklahoma State. You have to. Coleman agents and those lead to nice round of applause Miller does it well we've got we've seen the last of them. On the other. Guarded now by a weak area home to his laughter Q there's an orange you lane on the floor. A three pointer that I would cost me that this victory done nothing about that will be shocked the basketball. On the left baseline. This is still all. And field drive it heave one up to them Broomfield. And you're probably right noticed over the top left would Preston 43 on the shot clock Kiki Thompson was now confident that the through distilled all right of the deal Roseville underneath the right block there's no doubt we'll try to cabbage and Sabrina. Floats one up within. I was not cavities downloaded double figures she's the third shocker to get there at 8960. Fours lucrative positive. Here's the but the opposite to him the look forward to reading. News pop with a one into the paint balls got it puts a shot that she doesn't get bounced. Homes excuse me but he bounced off the iron. Colmes to shoot free throws. Oklahoma State is about to shoot free throws that were 2445. Tonight. They made 73 point nine of them so far seventeen of 43. First free threw for periodicals and the sophomore out of Oklahoma City. Scored nine points Friday. Started in just six games last season but. They started now the first two years she misses the second free throw. But Oklahoma State hustled they have the rebound and it has saved the cowgirls get the offensive rebound now the ball on the floor in a scramble court. It hasn't cowgirls in the wild shots out they'll go to an offensive foul call it was not a happy about the crowd. Who Sabrina mostly right there. Throughout the charge. Found that he called on small and its Wichita State basketball. Still we'll all we'll bring it up on Israel now leave for Preston. Yulia. Through its accounts that Kiki got righted the you know rose you with a basketball. You're going to head that he is often left it up those rights that oval on the act. Your work with a left hand it's not that he hates it that would certainly. The pump fake links you to feel good approach good offensive rebound it's not that this noble on for three talked with a Padraig first basket of the game after she was one of three from outside the arc on Friday. That you needed 67 a minute to go in the eve of Oklahoma State definitely. Cracking down this picking up the dribble now that time outside of Winchester. Winchester goes over the right we've got to Hobbs. Obviously you know there rightly has stepped back threes up but that would do this for small. And on the back side of the river crested there for the rebound Julio that you get the other way at the top of the key into the lane right corner and rose hill for a three that's longer on the rebound this flap. Often eat and do best group we'll also got fouled by crafted. And that'll sit Oklahoma State to the free throw line. Free throws here for the Calderon faces. They've now gone without a field goal lasted forty. Fortunately for the doctor's know what was it could would this team. I needed 67 school right now is to the free throw line very Castro. The first free throw for Castro is off the side of the rim no good. One more free threw for Castro. 32 difference between thinking of this out what the doctors will. Get this position. Oklahoma State its effect it will likely he's dribbled the thing you know 9167. Thirty seconds left in the game in Bruges got it right we. And you've got in the quarter depressed and Julie catches fire up no good rebound just. Out of bounds off of both of the candidates. Preston did try to save it through May technically be ultimately that is not real basketball with 21. Seconds left in Oklahoma State you know. Durable this thing out. Truckers localized some full court pressure from all tried to get it if he does. And guess that the Castro. Castro underneath that soccer basket throws at the other end of the floor. To pop pop across the court with thirteen and with well except that report. Positive soccer's. Not slacking back he has got a double team and it's a ball. Wichita State wait until the final buzzer here down by 24 that you won't hold. And that will be cowgirl basketball. On the side Winchester to get idiot. And Winchester gets in the Hobbs in the courts Obama got it down. At him. He said look at under Stovall he's hustling until the final budget. Lieutenant appreciate the hard effort even. Decisive lost in downtown and it's not up to hand. Of Combs who chases it down to the corner and he retrieved. Well there's some constant here the last few seconds doctors did not flat back and let Oklahoma State who went out Keith Adams won that. Them to play defense all the way through the got a turnover now there's only 12 left the game shoppers have to go the length of the floor. Lozada cabbage to that which is still well under fire and. And that we'll do titles. School Oklahoma State the right. People think 67 don't think you know for the post game this. It's not enough. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving it. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time and losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. Wanna have a little fun what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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So students can join this morning right here on cape enhanced and men's basketball. Workshop ambassadors from. House of war. Indications and co. Welcome back to Gallagher either created the final Oklahoma State 91 with the constant 67 conference call that only if you want to see. Oklahoma State now to vote joined up with nice but the heat to coach unfortunately this. Kind of got away from the team early Oklahoma State was the street from the field give them credit they knocked down some open shots that night and leave them like it's. Especially effort now. Well we we got an old fashioned but ticket. From the state that's very good team. We played better than what we did. I think the first quarter of illness forced shots. We really didn't think that we worked opportunities in our game plan. At Houston we didn't come out but it's. You know we do this their point guard. Was gonna drive the ball a lot is left handed. We didn't take that away. The game plan for the big jump was the double teamed fifty fluid. We're just you know slow on getting there and we need to be a whole lot quicker and. You know those two players did exactly what we knew they were capable of doing and. You know they. They've got a very good team I think again. You know coaches. Some great shooters. And he's got some really good post president the point guard really starts form. And so you know they're going to be in the turn and then I think they can make some noise this year that we. You know we just I'm disappointed how we plan I think we could've competed in. We could have played harder. ANC and had a good first half and hit some shots floors and you know that we just. We did the standard we didn't play as hard as we needed seed at night at halftime bites down their team to. I can't it can't you know are thought senay about how to fourth quarter start to have it by CNN. You know they just they instead of answer. They made shots and make plays and them. They were the better team tonight that without a doubt and we got a lot of work to do. And at two on this though Bob played hard there at the very end. And her spirit in intensity. Very. Proud for her to be on our team that we all just go play with that kind of steered I want to ask you about that they've not let. The lockdown. Ritual we plan was it was. Well you know you eat it really and I thought the second half I mean in a time that some might guys is all about character. You know it's all about character you know. Where were our backs are in the forward in the wall and water we got it how we can respond innocent. You know I fit I thought the second half we kept playing and and we were. You know we were better the second half of where the first half it. Just not good enough and disappointed in we gotta get home we got a lot of work to do it. He's got quick there and you know it starts with me and I gotta I gotta get these guys it's and we got to get to work. I. I don't know in it was had dislocated finger thing so. I haven't got any report of yet I could with the we appreciate it thank you. He's out of the post Gainesville after a shocker lost 91. 67. At this dockers followed with food items brought by expression when it professionals. All the nations of the and billions that were welcome to your post game drive from the game rookie by Kansas went higher service where great child tires in professional almost through with. Are always the plan don't. Let's talk now for a player that even there's not much question about this is that shoppers got a outstanding performance for me to top it particularly. In the first half confidently at the he was 7-Eleven from the field knocked down both of three point attempt early in the game she also had seven rebounds. As well. EG top it's also working hard underneath the basket got his computer in the first half that led to a three point play opportunity. Soccer basketball now Stonewall street that between mr. My excitement Roosevelt passed them Hopkins left baseline riding in the couple reverse flip it over half of the foul anybody I bullet move right. He had thirty. Started on the left side a little up and other issues maybe the way to the right side of the basket loaded up the album yeah. It to the free throw line. She's got fourteen already. Anti falcons are playing the game brought you by the Kansas lottery you to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today. For a chance to become a millionaire go to the F lottery dot com. The most current jackpot amount late Kansas lottery. And dream bigger at soccer fans don't forget November is shocker spirit about the Carlos of Kelly's. Because cheerleaders for lunch and dinner at all three Wichita Carlos and Kelly. Kellogg and create 47 itself Broadway and when he died in north rock road. This is this your what you annual fund raiser come out and support the team that supports. The shocker 9167. Is vital. And as a coach atoms touched on this team to go back to the drawing board. Regroup they've got this South Dakota on Saturday at 2 o'clock tipoff first home game this season you know coach Adams wants the team. To perform very well from the home crowd at her first game Charles Cook Arenas though. Your QB challenging this team over the next few days you can see. He's disappointed the effort especially considering. You know it's against a big twelve team this would have been great opportunity to really shine and beat date for the team. Of course against your old mentor her high school coach Jim without his coat Oklahoma State that. The doctors just got knocked around early never really challenged in this would. Wichita State loses by 24. Points Arctic shocker broadcast that will be on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Will be with you the pregame at 145 no radio for the Latino radio for home games to get fees you can catch it but those dockers dot com Wichita State. And South Dakota on next to you this that's broadcast will be used by date. As the shoppers will take on Tennessee. That will be a 6 o'clock tip from a Knoxville as the doctors take on the lady vols will be with you at 545. For the pregame you know. Well that the three are thick and handling back at the cadences studios putt about making it possible now this is Steve strange things along goodnight from Stillwater. Where once again our final score Oklahoma State 91. Wichita State 67 and now from Gallagher that he strains so long and good night everybody.