WSU Women's Basketball at Tulane 1-13-18

Saturday, January 13th

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Renfro Fogelman arena in New Orleans, Louisiana where today shoppers sports properties in tennis that's bring you Wichita State women's basketball. And Steve from New Orleans it's the shelters of Wichita State. Taking on the Tulane green blade hello everybody Steve greatly you. It's Saturday afternoon we've got soccer basketball for you as it's even numbered nineteen the 2070. 2018. Season shoppers have in with a record of success well there one in three in conference play taking out of the way team that's nine and seven. An alpha one anti start seeing the American athletic conference. We are running a little bit behind today there was a men's game here that wrapped up about thirty minutes ago the Tulane then we're playing close to you on. And that gave wrapped up. Oh probably at about 145 or so 140 somewhere in that neighborhood and that is really threw everything off we apologize for. How much of the pregame film that took that long for the you on the radio that news outlets that happened ready egos so an abbreviated. Pre game through forty which is what. I Kansas plain tired service were great fighters and professional auto service are all these. A slam dunk away let's go ahead run down the starting lineup for today's game for a black athlete thing we don't ever made. AT&T he should visit the online. Equity thing dot com. Starting lineup for two lane looks like this outstanding old keyboard and starts to guard by the senior from right here or that you've been sad that the score in the conference that 22 points. Five rebounds per game usually have to rebound the he would I have to point excuse me behind the weeds for the conference today Atkinson at temple was averaging 22. And a half points per game and also significantly. Today by all the board and hopefully the fifteen scores fourteen. She will include killing 2000. Club and only two other players in program history. Although we don't need starts and gone home at seven sophomore from New England New Zealand averaging nine point two rebounds in. Sierra keep them starts this guy at six foot putt from Houston. And averaging four point two rebounds a game Meredith Hilton sports the sports it's if you hear from Russell to Georgia averaging eight points and pointed out. It starts in a quote from its next to edit view here from Atlanta Georgia and she's averages in points and six rebounds beauty. Leases off the want the war years ago here to only one in four seasons he's won 480. And lost 349. Or assistant coaches Allen ride Joshua. And that got hit. Starting lineup with doctors put this way. Say what they've used for awhile now Kiki Thompson started to be guarded by five senior from Tuscaloosa Alabama avidly. My points and three rebounds a game. I want it's going to be marred by fights you regret at Texas Lockhart to points three rebounds a game. Sabrina goes off like that it starts to deport sixty. Junior from Santa Fe, New Mexico averaging six points four rebounds in society and we'll just north of the dollar to six foot junior from Switzerland. Averages 3.3 or the game apparently he was solid starts the forward since once a year from roads here in Texas this yard eighteen point seven rebounds you've. Those numbers this best of confidence slowly the. Ninth basket rebound. We go to doctors of their roadblocks that big old black jerseys. Like shorts it's as Wichita State bowl capital letters delayed visit their home green trim it or white. Tribute green behind the net difference it's the only one. Today's game the officials and the tip controlled. I Wichita State here we go shock and try to win. Their second consecutive conference games I've got it right baseline by the pagan drove Jill to the baseline to Rosanna Cabot Smith grade jumper played good. Look look my vote is so hard and by. This are you may be equipped at this. Was guarded well that it bounced past left baseline Lozada cabbage knocks it down to get the story started. Do nothing Wichita State's gasoline. The highest close this is not agree on the issue through that the topic he'd let slide over it seat of a left wing three output goes that theory Tito. Just not yeah. Three point here this season. The late fifteen to 35 point 6% from outside the art that we wondered gets delayed on the board daily read too many did he. Right we have you know it's obviously to let me counts of. The lanes and zone right now bought her company he writes that it grows you know outside the arc back at top diving dribbled into the lane by the C of those old look what that no good. Three down knocked out of bounds by the way. Oh Wichita State rule out on the side the shot clock doctors trailed 382 minutes fifteen seconds into the game. He Keith Johnson of the basketball throws writes I will remember if you back up top slot car. Left of the key Lozada cabinet down in the water Thompson's the baseline it's our reverse way if it's opened it. Nice smooth great people on the left walked over the right what happened. Doctors have the lead back quote the three. They have to go first quarter. We now these will be a board game. Watch out for her top scorer on the team with some of the left side the battery on. Throw they had now them roadkill and here comes Wichita State from our right to left I could afford three bizarre top of the T three and a good. He looked like he had been right on line but it will be fought battleground. Mine are young you into the lane and tries this little passage does this golf. So motherly all of each yards right into the shop for justice who's getting rid of the basketball. Hand to lane whose turn it over on the offensive. So it'll be Wichita State but basketball now 755. Left ordered. Doctors with the lead with three they've also got the basketball. I'm sorry to Lozada cabbage. Wichita State offered through mazes zone now about capacity to think this is so hard fourteen footed badly in his left there we have it only hit last. Why holes in the rebound and a jump ball and from things got here. That's about Wichita State on the boards. To force the job bustling this snappy aero dealt with it back to Wichita State after the inbound. 737. Left in the first quarter Wichita State forward. Here comes to mind who will be Manila Iran either it'll. Redevelop across the court throws last night you know over the mortgage. Morgan off the street into the lane running floater up their ability. All the mortgage averaging twenty to a game. It's come to their feelings got the lead back 54. If he went from supporters instantly instantly that it had it right elbow went into the lane and it was deflected out of bounds. Off of Tulane green he pointed out as they lobbed out. Because they were in some way which is just it went down baseline right side. When he went on the shot clock in doubt comes through and broad bill to the right Lott was not acceptable that the traffic in order to hundreds snowballed in the game. Now the shock has worked left wing. And we'll go for three it's still good. Since Oregon knocked down with three stature if that is the. And they shocker against you at 7 o'clock right and the ball movement began slowly for Wichita State. This is so far in their field goals to link with a basketball side and it's would you run you firing up let me love rebound. All of that as the Lockhart at the free throw line I didn't do it because well it's good. It's going to be right back with diamond you're from the shocker is leading by two. Three and half minutes into the game. Why didn't he Ambrose the last week now lost ark out of the water flows. I think for. Can't separate talks that would get out of avid soccer league that's why I. Hood pass in the end for what to tell us they got to pick up another sense I mean that's two of the three assists. But it just didn't double definitely four minutes into the game. It's mortgage you're going out of the doubles team doctors with an effective bill however bargaining called. Wichita State but he applaud the effort by team. Good job by the doctors usually only see 23 left. Just think the intent. With Iran gets it down probably got your work. It's definitely after the top of the key the right elbow. I'll leave it over on the left side quiet likeable than the lane but that you're wrote you know all of to the top of the seen the flyers definitely it's. Sierra Cheatham. Knocks down another three. Now keep him it's one of those on the season in two days she's got six. That's away eight point Lockhart top of the key three woods putted. Well hopefully that Ivins for Wichita State we've got 33 pointers that are world. You by the shocking thing the thirteen day. When you look around you rightly down toward the toilet seat of lava underneath not to play by not having good growth effectively bicycling out. He couldn't save the basketball from going out of bounds. Two wings got out on the border it's. You'll be that it would run you get it is in the order against him right we. The market right now active and it would Iraqi three point it's no good they sorry players on the rebound. For Wichita State what a lot harder from the doctors that by five. And look for more green you have to he wrote down in the corner and I was not happy it's back up top it still won't all right Lockhart. The rightwing in Roseville lobbed at this point. Right block double team left port crystal ball atop Lockhart I wouldn't travel to the rightly now approaching three that an air ball. And it's not about. An official timeout war fifty. Gophers quarter but a nice start for Wichita State shooting better than 50% from the floor it's doctors thirteen to blame me. 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So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone they can just buy some of our chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at M tam dot com American family insurance American coming to insurance company and its affiliates 6000 American partners in Wisconsin hunters and injury free and SS. Calculated. Lot of them don't start from the field that's 55 point 6%. While the lane and even 50% for you this authors also knocked down. 33 pointers in this game now there have already been a small handful of being. Wichita State. Has gone with all the three point entire concept is already. Not only knocked down three three different lenders. Have made three point of the Wichita State exotic that it won't. Not one down early this kid. Doctors not just overall book from the outside Wichita State that is. Thirteen to eight lead. As a result our injury report not to buy all your life in my future he opted. Anybody here for the shot it's he's good healthy twelve players fear made the trip. Tomorrow we did not steal no timetable for her return after injuring her right. Stillwater for November shocker is still using some affected zone defense here that got us. But if that's deflected it yourself and throw it and pleased about that. Prices are here because it's the only way. What to tell us they know that seven point if it's it's. Picked up where they left. That would the other night against Memphis. Is the lead but it going to be called. Kiki Thompson's she deflected the basketball out of the hands of one of the three players and ultimately. Some contact well. We'll try it again in town Foreman who would you run you from the occupants. You cannot walk for two planes manually run it again. Two lines Morgan will be bored. The right noble now this is going to be there to kill. Guilty. Despite the confidence he dribbled once you develop and other organs right wing free up the good. Like she totally got rid of Harry that's part of the reason Kobe Morton's that you great score that was here 46. Three point now. She is nine points away from Getty 2000 career. This art left elbow double teams let blocking schemes he drives in politics and to live good hits that we've got up the other side to back up and Brussels ranging. Yet only about it cleans up the bats well putting it back up and it soccer league six. 7811330. We will ultimately run outside afterward. Outside you know it is reasonable enough that he now throws right side over to keep them right wing freak out they know. Rebound underneath the basket but why she lost the ball with our guys get through that now threaten Rogel. Here on this Yonkers has argued slows down. Good job byters doctors don't have numbers sorry with a good driving the right things like weapons while all of the ninth play defense that was. And it was boarded up block that got the rebound out of a quarter. And Wichita State gets back and now to labels that their half court offense that's right side the mortgage backed up right. I thought his fifteen game point to 531 quarter shocker lead at six but they're lucky. Three point the top of the key note. Is not a cap on basketball right now. 48 to gophers border and he shot clock Tulane would download baseline. Completely but it would about it yet again La carte package to gain for the doctors. She's in forum wrote you know if you tell you that the game for the he counted for this started off the end doubtful they've Morgan finds a seat on the left baseline. And lays it up and it stood fast start from Morgan. She's already got seven points pathway into the fourteenth she needs to 2000 points. He has not been left baseline open jumper out on line that a little bit short. Rebound them on its way Wendy you know first quarter. Shocker leaders fortunately with a basketball but he wouldn't rocky and is now up high in the middle of the war moves right except that rubble. And now lobbed it over the week the mortgage down to the baseline Morgan underneath the bucket slightly left no good if you got now. Kobe Morgan was of the active shootings that he will. Go to the free throw line and Steve Wilson to. Play the accolades for all the evil organ can't say enough that mentioned in the game second in the conference's. Points. He scored thirty or more. In both of the last couple games for two way. She's about to become the third player in school history it's toward 2000 or more points. She used it since. Now five point when you get to a more than likely what happened today. If you happen. He's not ready yet and I definitely fifty points with free throws were good for the falcons. 175240. Pills please order. Dockers work through essentially rancher Julia Preston into the game for the first time for Wichita State like seventh senior guard from mr. averaging. Six points each quarter this this is wheels on patents fits right wing out rested opened me that short. And the rebound called him by filthy and fortunately so fluid hit him. Yet. It was a freshman guard from nearby Louisiana. Now this is Morgan tripled between defenders to the left elbow jumper bounded over. Lockhart pulls down a rebound if a shocker as the anyway I mean it's like the free throw line vote jumpers out but it's. From the front of the lip of the glass wouldn't rule out a little bit more and diamond yet. Lockhart he's got. 1950s. Wichita State would lead about what you want to go first quarter. Those are the cabbage out of the game for the first time we've seen the freshman from France Italy UK. You right there will be one point two rebounds. More it will not enough for Tulane craftsman now it was my rookie field who. All these outside the arc on the right guys dribbles inside the guarded by Kiki confident that after Morgan rightly. Heats up a three that's good. Boy that was fantastic TPT with infinite faith. All of your mortgage get there he would give up that got it to go. 1918. Now to or points is all the more BP. Competed in the 2000 point club the way you're Lockhart shaking and baking right order in the White House. Rebound about it by throwing filthy. Definitely could take the lead with a two point this year it's tricky editing the bucket is Madison wells into the game weighs about for the doctors didn't pick up well that now hopefully Bradley played in ninety. Are about him back here. About two seconds difference between the game the shot clock doctors might be why he's here to let this thing rolled down. Confident that the plane float instead adopted he elevated. That right don't want uploaded them to Wichita State there but the way. It now wait for the wind up he would walk down seventh jock what else shocker leaders want. I'll be the ball won't Wichita State. It's medium Lockhart program that it through. More. Importantly it down over on this night with six seconds left in the quarter. Accurately it is 1111. Organs get it on the sidelines in the when he outlined its audience two point Anderson tough to keep back the organ pulpit. With one. Porter looks cool the market into the 2000 point club in the first quarter he hit fourteen plus points. And that's not the court order comes to a close mortgage with the if you're gonna get here and it's good ovation. This ball we've played through this fortunately 23. Wichita State one line this is not about. 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During the day now we're ready you know both teams shooting the ball really well after ten minutes Wichita State 50% minus 18 July. Got hot toward the end of the quarter and nearly 57 point 1%. On eight of I felt from three point range both teams this is assistant said. Wichita State 36259. Red hot humid it. The basketball down to who was right when he dribbles of Italy six to dribble the left double fines on it lately jumped up and it's no good. Rebound with our traffic. California and breezy at three rounder. And she just elevated above all of them. What a profit last gods are now. Johnson is it's hard to do. One point which I point three now that he's now this is going to be is that well well generally higher rights night she'd. This is gonna be Anderson. Outside the I left side of the right that. Doctors right now. In his own defense Anderson back to that and now the key with the way up it's not what that it's no good. And the ball goes out of bounds and it's going to be off Wichita State. With a breakthrough that doctors could say. So the way will. Baseline and that might be the reason. Sabrina was not happy with coming back in the accountants. Like it there and you coupled with him. Board. Two from the field. Rebounds for two. Old news. It's. And you'll. It's well let's right now you know laughter that is if you. It's a system. And he'll work it over for a basket now for two lane has quietly it up and and uses from laughter it's Colin White with a basket one time when we. The label released years Thompson left elbow it's a favourable winds heading Ambrose who threw a behind it was on cabbages later. Leaves for a broad Joseph Darby a laser output in. The shocker got a break there at their house was it a hot one of the teammates without gas taxes. Doctors at the basket were tied 45 why would that he. Looking for key yemen's. Defense though that the idea that by law cardinals got a cap. I was still just got a bit driveways and up until so what is the witnesses at the other end at Wichita State's gasoline that few minutes of the second quarter 27 when I got to believe. Lockhart help with the denying these principles I have got to steal from the ball handler if they shot with a note in the basket. Madison wells so if the offensive rebounds he put it back included. All knockouts the last week and to link it's about that laughter these guys now it was a IE Anderson. It circles to Wayne movies that there are things over to the right side you know you Anderson. That's not what he's achieved. She's been dribbling out to the right out he would accept that report goes back a couple often laughter dribbled down the left suddenly put that shot up on the ride itself. These things that series from Wichita State that got that rebound outlet to Lockhart right corner and Goetschl also the way leaves for Thompson. But Kiki got now. Speaking of the free throw line. Doctors with five assists. To start the scheme they had fourteen on Wednesday and that we will prevent it with a ball movement which we. Now Kiki counts and read through lines were he not or what free throws. Wednesday night hoping seal the deal and honestly yeah. A little bit laws. Kiki well what's going on now after that means. Answer average percentage was at sixty coming into the system he below one now. Now to try to make one of cute Thompson's second free throw on its way mean this was no good. And just checking back it was told Morgan she grabbed the rebound. That shot has gone a bit of Iran incidentally does back there for with the score. We'll see Wichita State could shut her down. Morgan's got it right he I think he leaves the than anything else for why the ball knocked out of bounds but Wichita State on the grounds. Fourteen on the shot clock is to label and down based on that side. We import for the shot and to guard Kobe Morgan here all he had them she's fighting through sunscreens and I think. There's going to be a fallow Wichita State it is hard look at why it fell for the wars. Targeted called on the soccer's not give them do. It could it beyond its target intercepted personal. They're looking for Colby Morgan they find your leftovers to drive the baseline Jonathan traffic. If he is split defenders got it up off the window and good and that's. Now seventy never team's 27 points were tied at 27 was our doubles easily fading away Rangers got fouled should go to the line. Well one thing that's really good to see for the chapters it is help balance they're scoring it's early this art got more. Here's the line for the five of the game four for 189 for Ambrose you know that's already a season high for her. Seven shoddy at least five from our content to. For Kiki Thompson as well for the shocker really distributing. And balancing it out loud to Lisa chapels into the game for the first time. She got the early minutes Wednesday night and played well chapel with senior from spring Texas averaging two point game. Next refill for this artist maybe they both of those 29 point seven Wichita State got the lead. Six Ford go first quarter. Yours Kayla Anderson for us maturities between the circles Roosevelt over to. Jeff yes my service she's 65 junior from Serbia. Now they love it into the lane and its overthrow both the cabbage cut it for the steel over the Lockhart you're comes Wichita State yet a late start is with defenders. Made the basket but no basketball. This was felt all the wars. You know before the shot went up. Wichita State Wheeling down left. Baseline to start to get it and. It was a B Lockhart left corner left open up the inbounds why not so he definitely you know most not a Catholic opted to rebound. There's some good work on the boards to blame don't get up now with Wichita State recess after the offensive rebounds and 25 second quarter. Shocker these 229 point seven. It's not a cabbage dribble down the left baseline by the and it's definitely. Not the point Sabrina for three it's up it's no good. Rebound is not to overlook the art and the doctors will ride again. Apple left that he counts down the left baseline with not a habits habits aren't that backed up a definite. I think about that Rainsy. It tickled that's why he's got eight accurately before. 31 point 7538. Raptors now. On the right side now this is bad service that they're accurately inside the arc. Now handing it out there Anderson left the keys this is Morgan dishes it underneath now and the ball on the floor as not able to handle was joking. Wichita State with a basketball now he keep it ranged from makes these rules on the cabbage right elbow and the whistle and she travels. Some of the juveniles like we did something. Well gone that route that was done it happened to Wichita State's exhibit that definitely. By this team gophers that these core. 3127. You Anderson will bring the basketball. And trust me we're Anderson books and those I have left side now you'll find Morgan who's guarded double team Morgan tries to pass out of the Templeton. Finds that they're retrieved those rights that now my kingdom into the lane balls on the floor again for the shot or hands all over the place Johnson three on Q. Bounced past the Lockhart midrange jump per capita through. He's going to rebound now holding my Morgan she'll throw it out with a good Anderson Anderson threw it away as Tulane got a little. I and they hand it over and that'll take this to an official time now. 447 golfers. Still a good first half which tells me jokers there you want linked when he said the this is soccer basketball. Endless good into the field goal after the play it has been role. 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Shelter insurance where leadership who we are sheltered. Or renters insurance he Katie Chamblee or Jesse mice in Wichita religions either Dustin derby. Terry and SS. Keep out of originated from ages four through 2013. At green which. Yeah Ali thirteenth agreement don't talk about it. He batted. Wichita State. Accusing both teams 50%. To latest that if one Wichita State thirteen point six. And they shelters right now. 54 and 3127. People. It would be Sabrina Lozada cabbage to. Yes the basketball in. Related to. Now here we go. It was not a cabbage get in the locker yet read this Yonkers Kiki Thompson's at least it's not rigged it's done. Right across midcourt bounces just right the key to the start me he would you know effective job of odd habits. Overlook Vicky you know locker finds that cutting its art map block. It's one. And it's out of now. That they're rich city line. Companies like left side with sixteen football soccer leagues for. 31 point seven diamond at what point it was not a habit of that we have Johnson. He can backup my chapel rightly has now this is Lockhart. Between uses Google's not account the fact that he can down the Warner Chappell is a three that's outlined or without a doubt habits backup topped apple in the Flockhart. Shocker we'll try it again. Diamonds fittingly it was not a cabbage right we've down the court which apple bounce pass this art right baseline fadeaway you'd want to know look geeky Thompson's guys get the board. What this dockers work it on the offensive glass today he keeps those tough enough to the rightly now laughter. Diamond belt after the start right baseline spins it a bad day with Buffett's balance pulled off at a. Just before it was not gotten. In Wichita State turns it over. That's people not to Tulane. The latest always in the last three minutes. Doctors with these two turnovers so far in the game away with seven. Wichita State averages sixteen point two turnovers per game. Elaine fifteen point nine. 355 last year effort that got really useful and that he won 27. This will be continuity around you back into the game of notifying now rule quietly left elbow John define wealth taken away by the czar here comes right down the floor. To the right baseline mid range shot out but no good. And the rebound Lockhart. Enough with the late player that's played by diamond hustling on the boards. That's that they'll get mentality again. That the shocker to fill in Wichita State. It's all the now a number of offensive rebounds as well Lockhart if there that are left block. Right elbow Thompson right baseline not personal faith drives it the length both what I felt good and the rebound not that amount by which companies willing. I mean it's that. Great opportunity right there if he had a great pump fake it and throw it away from the right baseline. Or. It will be easily basketball 323 left in the actually it's 43127. Noble reasons why it. Dribbled once and off the audience that the flyers a three that's. He dribbled once and fired from the right fielder in what usher them with their normal shooting mode you know because she was shooting. Earlier that Larry King just did it from the right folders all the time that's normal motion but he's accurate with. She's that wouldn't want to repeat that they want I think the league now Lockhart traveled on the right wing. Which he tells the turn it over for the return today. They back into the game for the shot shoes. That was arrested this aren't doing so just to apple just under three minutes to go and second quarters doctors these 3130. Here comes goalie Morgan will bring the basketball. Bounce pass to the right elbow this is why it. Why did it'd around the square after that it felt all the way from the basketball. On Wichita State. And it's gonna be on Preston. And fell on to Leah. It is that their team now. Very quietly into the now and we've been hitting department it down comes the Morgan catches acquired by the white oh good but it offensive rebounds allayed. That'd jump ball on that he had it'll be. Filling basketball. I'm capital account of the war. Kinda. Pollen loose ball but she got tied up into lanes got the heroes that it down. Noble bucket for Lockhart and shot clock for the green waves. In downtown it's right you'll have the confidence he throws right side of Morgan back of continuity rocky. Last week announced that she did not that it equivalent block this is well fading light shots that contested. It deepened Wichita State. And it's Kiki top of the basketball down to 23 to go first out soccer related blog 3130. Thompson left wing thing. Police that goes back to constantly catches those pirates aren't available on that down the right we now mrs. Johnson Kiki dribble between legs. Toss it over to play it right T now left the key question is doable for the right elbow had it not the way feels the way. That was well with the steel now the ball than to report that the pickup by Preston. Wichita State got it back the other way for my right leg of the doctors sitting across from the team teams' benches. It's Wichita State with a ball one point lead. Juliet when that we threw Tyler thank counts of downforce oval soccer's looking in command of defense related switch back and forth in the first half. Now they turn it around related symptom scores. A leaflet that I flew. Soccer is now up by 33330. That was the lanes in the Iraqi the other way that's not the key move left double extended. Except the dribble now leads for wells off the keys well tire right sites you go back to Morgantown for the key jumper good. One of the things that makes her so dangerous how quickly can just get rid of it. Catches that suppliers and it's gone in a heartbeat she has in the timers face. Doctor lead down to one here's Kiki driving gloves that Elaine shots up but good nice move by Townsend. Back to a three point lead soccer's a much more balanced that is the way. It's nice to see or it will bring it across the court struck if you believe right. Under 45 seconds left in the first half now you're supposed to apply a lot of places up it's no good lead on knock out about buckling. So we shocker is now could it down the wall. Morgan is having her way with 22 points. The rest every team has combined for ten. All the Yonkers spreading it around very well. Wichita State with a 3530 to lead and the bring the basketball up with eleven seconds difference between the shot clock. And the game clock ticking clock nineteen of south Scoble on between the circles now writing that he Fay. I'll leave you looking at any there's no ball underneath the market and she couldn't hang on to the past. Went right to the basket there was nobody there except on it's doable but that. Would handle. It. And now to label the basketball feel like your golf game clock with fifty. And will be able it will dribble to the free throw line him in a line drive with a shout no good. With enough now to be called the Wichita State and it will be shooting down with them. Our little 1321. That's not the worst thing that could have happened she's not a good free throw shooter in there's two seconds left but the doctors. To get a shot up first free throw is good. So I say that Harlem why knocked out the first free throw but she was only. Fifteen of 34 coming into the game and kills you one more. Like its next three through on its way and this would is though this may rebound soccer mom hurried out. With eight snowball in court with six top of the key doing the right corner chapels. Add Julie to travel this you've got your feet set synopsis. Molotov with Wichita State but at least if not it shuffle their feet keep. Shot was there and good thing. With three seconds left to lanes got the basketball now they get a shot off piers Morgan threw a bit more you. It almost waited it would have been fitting that played he played in the first half but with these doctors. The over the the break with the lead. Half way home from New Orleans this war. Wichita State 35. And totally. 33 now stay tuned for the halftime show you're listening to shock the basketball brought to you by a shocker sports properties on the NF. When unit for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. I don't wanna be electors we're they had them on an ice rink we'll stop by your dearest Candice land tire store and let the professionals make sure you're ready for old man winter. 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Elaine 67 point four points per game average on the season that's fifth in the American athletic conference but the shocker to. 65 point 27. In the league but both of these teams. On pace to exceed. Their per game average or certainly Wichita State instantly is right I think it. Here at the break with 3533. At its core shoppers with the lead him. Really look at the two teams in the way they've distributed their points it's completely different is. Morgan war Tulane Kobe Morgan who. Maybe three pointer at the end of the first quarter two past the 2001. Market to link history. To the third way to do that is scored 22 of their 33 points. In fact only three other players at school for this team. While the shoppers have really gotten everybody involved they've distributed the 35 points around. Pretty well Sabrina was not happy with seven since our yeah Ambrose deal with this season career high Wichita state of nine. Range you can start with eight. I'm more apparent with live Kiki Thompson wore a couple for. Oh these two phase where else they really spread it around at the shocker of rebounding the ball well today is not rebounded. Filling bite me overall in the shoppers also. Getting effort on the offensive glass is well that's certainly good to see something that doctors have done a lot of this season but now you know offensive boards for Wichita State. And they cure netted a second chance points so it's the shocker with the lead 3533. At the break and a half time show brought to you by. Ready you need of America will take time out come back and run down the entire first half that he does stay tuned for that. Once again Wichita State 35 to link 33 all halftime show brought to you by credit union of America you're listening. To shocker basketball brought you by shoppers sports properties on the assets thank. 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If your interest in becoming a sponsor Wichita State athletics called soccer sports properties 316978. 75. If he views were at the break. On the credit union of America halftime show with Wichita State 35. And the lane 33 we run down some of the first half that's. Let's go him take you through the rest of the way shocker cutie. 45% from the field on fifteen of 33 just slightly above that per game average of 43 point 4%. Tucker shooting well from outside the three point line that's good to see they're three of the although they did not down three really early and then. Struggled after that. 37 point 5%. Which doctors on the season just 23 point 1%. From three point range is still legal we've struggled through the second quarter. Three of its a pretty good over the shoppers last in the AC. In three point shooting on the season percentage wise with. Really the first half not that only for free throws shot for each team. Shocker to me to Tulane 83. Of their free throws the first aptly as a team 46 point 2% that's a little bit up from their. 42 and a half percent average. Per game as to link well when he sits from the floor. So for the first half to de Beers six of eleven from three point range and Colby Morgan we've. Four of those 63 pointers theory to the other two as limited to only three for four. From the free throw line shocker is that rebounding to lead eighteen to fifteen. On the offensive glass which you tell us they 95. Pound rebounding to lane that's what eights at fifteen points for the soccer's just. More importantly. The length is also turned it over ten times and they shocker to capitalize there with eight. Points off Celine turnovers. The lane. Just as one point off the shocker seven. First half turnovers in the rebounding department individually. That shoppers are led by. Range even start with five rebounds read through supreme that was not cabbage and diamond while part two for Kiki Thompson. And one rebound relief if fate or to blame their led by. The three rebounds freaked out yes you will be bored you then too late for Sierra chief emeritus guilty. Tatiana Lofton and Madison wells one person rebounded well war partly why. The shoppers leave in the main stat that matters that's the one on the scoreboard that leads Wichita State 35. The lane. 33 ticket at a time out come back again. The second half of action started. From New Orleans that score against Wichita State 35 Tulane 33 do you listening to the credit union of America halftime show this is soccer basketball. Hey shocker fans time to find your optimal use. 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From the sooners they have that on our sister station CEY. 103 point seven Mike Kennedy bubble will. Beyond the call of shots have been trying to get their fifteenth win of the season. And moved to a perfect five you know in conference play. And those two teams will do battle again tonight at 630 that this time. From holes that here there was American athletic conference play on the inside as well you'll just linked man we're playing you you. Won't that be like double figures that he wrapped up. About 45 minutes before the start of this nonsense in this place was. Pat from that pretty good crowd here which linked movement as well but it's the shot through with the lead 3530 threes the conference that. Winds down and he gave the characters play he could get 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com. He's the promo code author who from you receive your doctor discount. Shoppers coming up this coming week we'll have for the first time back about. Home games during conference play. Wichita State's next game will be Tuesday that it home at 7 o'clock when they feel author's take on. That's their views and wanna see this as the shoppers take on. The most things events that you and that Wichita State we'll also be home this Sunday shoppers will be home. Or was always that really itself flawed team Jose Fernandez as the go to South Florida and its. On a national scale. A team that doesn't give obviously the recognition that you condos out of this conference with the are always very good team South Florida echo arena on Sunday afternoon. That's at 3 o'clock tips though they are here a couple of games for the shoppers coming up they're both at home but that's used to go green at 7 o'clock. Tuesday night did Sunday afternoon. At 3 o'clock. Soccer's next road trip will be a true road trip kind of like the veteran you know the man with the east Carolina. Thursday night's game was in Greenville, North Carolina and then because today's news today that this is not all that straight. It's also a little negative in that it a couple of weekends. Loses. We'll have they given them this on Saturday. Did Larry 27. And did the full include David shoppers will play in Greenville against east Carolina flew with the students here on the he's proved that had from the Pentagon now. East Carolina and improve for the time being recited that in return from Greenville right after. The game and get back into Wichita wee hours. For the morning. Wednesday. There is looking ahead. At Vietnamese scheduled for the shoppers to only zero. This coming Tuesday next Sunday and into ruins Saturday point seven that this this these days thirtieth. At east Carolina Wichita State was our second half of basketball from our left to right. Here we go to doctors their second half leading by two Donna walker the basketball. You watch enough across and we're now into whip it out that he lost to the right thing starting line. In the second half started picking through Wichita State Ambrose goes double teamed up Bible not the floor and it's stolen but that he can count to go to the force that's a fact. Those are the cabbage oddities that threat until late development and what athletic teams now lives. The way had a player on the war he lost his that it was both god and on the floor she got rid of it to a road you know if you got it and. Wichita State with a four point at least 35 seconds into the third quarter. This is partly why you left him enough there. You'll find fuel diesel to those rights are now over to keep him he'd lost it to the right line there is why it turned around baseline and double team. The Morgan left corner three up off the Renault won't rebound sticky shocker what an odd if you want a lot Thompson left double I think she's up also. She doesn't think that elbow got you. And that he he kept on going with that motor he got the basket soccer league is nine Ford at the start of the third quarter with the odds they. 3933. Doctor Lee's sixth. And now bumped over. He's gonna be Morgan over there on the sideline. And she's OK okay how does that sound. And it forces are you that is through through personal so but he's got to come out of the game that significant this is the scenario. These were economic career higher right now what's going she's got eleven point that you have to leave the game with three files. And now his films. The lane with a basketball league soccer's just deflected a pass out of bounds over toward the end of the Tulane. 11 on the greatly shot clock. Eight for B on the third quarter clock sharp relief to 3933. Morgans got trapped the court district of activity Iraqi. Avenue to run it through the editing facility shuts up partially blocked both not a panic spotted the hand on educate them of the rebound it's well only Sabrina played good today. 43 counties got seven points. Right well this is pressed in Africa now Lockhart left if he Sabrina the left wing accounts that. It was hard left lucky double team turned around underneath the basket leads the proposed that don't have taken away. Green you put on the floor a lot of traffic but here's a steal my card intercepts a pass peacefully on three dive into the wind shots across the last no good. Those are the offensive rebound. He's fouled on the way back up at a rate you'll go to the line. Yonkers or Hosley hero the third quarter as well. It carried over into the second half three G to the line where he will he do. We've got to like the host of this he started with the united it's that this wondered if it would carry over translated to. We hear today in his hands and range now. Two free throws first went on its way is good from the front of the room the last week in review with. 91 of the day Wichita State that up by seven. At forty to 33. Or for this or that and also good. That is that the largest lead of the gain for the doctors and eighth. At 4133. At the eight minute mark. You in the third quarter Morgan now that's now this is why it left elbow turns around it's worth approximately Johnson knew about the Morgan Morgan double teamed up all the way. This city stupidity she passes its deflected ball up around confident. And a jump ball until late that the arrow but that's what you had its Wichita State's right to wrap up high on more give and she got rid of it but it. This task was deflected. What the shoppers nearly had a steal the for the jump ball. So we'll need. So lame the inbound Morgan on the left baseline. He won 33 shocker with the lead. Morgan gets that applies to renew the rugged but it would be run Google's reply on the right side. You would definitely leave this for achieved in my thigh between the social feed him. Those left side Olbermann good Iraqis to fire up the three the toughness to this art goes up and clears the board. But out with a lot Gartner got that doctors they don't have numbers that it turns on the jet anyway and she traveled with the left law. He can turn on the jets with them to try to turn a profit stoppage Tutsis. Added momentum going so fast that you could slow down time because it through with a couple steps. It's a turnover from Wichita State. Johnson's. Eleven turnover machine rolling with a basketball afoul of a shocker over there right wing away from the basketball. As Kobe Morgan died of great reader experience. Lockhart falcons try to fight through. God that's his second personal. Second team talent Wichita State on the inbound Lozada cabbage knocks it out of bounds. So Tulane live down on the right corner this time it's fully aboard gonna get it then does too but you're you're wrong. And then it would Iraqi from New Zealand itself war between Marines used often that I. Outside the arts council felt concept tied with Kobe Morgan. This is the man to man defense and Kiki counselor but he got the ball went got called profound. Now what really has Keith I. And into the game have to leave it to Apple's commitment from all our. Capitalism and it's it's if he were to go there it wouldn't shock it is 84133. But you wouldn't run into the Atlantic toward important data guarded by those are the habit drive's about to agree. Lazy that's what's up with a positive out of bounds. We'll see less morning it fired on the left baseline with that is Morgan went up from inside the left off line the basket Sabrina. Block the ball while it was still hot in her hands and out of bounds. Now right elbow this will be why. You've seen and really effective privately with Iran backs and now. Fox's that he now the leader of the back to the top of the key to the left elbow rested try to pick a pocket. It's called Trafalis well. Looks like this is going to be colts tight I understand that they want to eliminate some antics and things like that some of these. And to keep that failed to tell you this game now they lob it in any Kiki counts of blocked a lot faster than a shot goes up by Tulane it's no good. National can drive it had Kiki swatted shots without having to leave out to Tom that over to the left baseline shuffle look particularly buckling. The way that this deal won't want to do this is going to be key to leaving it from Morgan shot blocker that's about another one. Oysters in a block party that was not a habit as you've got to implement similar. You're right it's the left walk. Well you Sabrina Bradley today. Shoppers without a field goal the last 250 Lozada cabbage his plate right. Seven points three rebounds three assists as well when she's had a couple blocks here the last men Russo. More of a long left please read its ability all the rounded out there. Bizarre about god and she decided me it was either that states. Did buy it out that. Will be more you know the count soccer league as far as who they're pieces. Under six minutes to go third quarter. Warner was not the cavity now fouled on to waive away from the only team that has to be on Portland why that is. Second. Talking about all the whistles each team with war team now through the third quarter still fly 54 left so we'll be shooting free throws. The rest of the way. Either way that the team has fourteen month. Very few 1003 through the first that comes to get to the left wing fools out of habit of the chapel that we for the top that he. Bounces right that he ran it back if not he he left court without a lot of these rough losses this hour. Double team ultimately rested to the free throw line chapel pump fakes those rights act on the heat team that lost this art double team. Planes took off what would go up greatly. Off balance stepping away from the double team but this did anyway if not slightly. He's in double figures with twelve soccer league it's happened. 33651. In the report. Morgan sort rights right now to keep you outside yes rebels want those left side Alderman who would do well. But it would run to the free throw line in the lane driving definitely no good and the ball not at a high. As wells went up all excited cabbage which could get it. Handle on it just deflected out of bounds and he can't get into the game from those are the Capital One it's not by Sabrina. Chapel without snowball in for the first time this. 519 left in the third quarter shocker lead at 74336. Hands. The officials heading over to the monitor he's the scorers table and. They're a freeze what's the monitor to check something him. That issue what that's all about. We're gonna stay right here is that as the two teams to go to the bench use soccer fans don't forget it weekly coaches' shows originate. From AG sports grill the Alley thirteen degree which road we do it on Monday nights during the season. You can catch it right here 98 point seven FM and thirteen 38 AM on Monday night's shocker basketball with Keith Adams 7:8 o'clock or the times. So come on now see is that Gregg Marshall Field takes place from six to seven. Coach items from 78 we'd love to have you out of if you can't make it out that sitting right here decay and assess. As it's the key thing additives you know from ATS exports grew with Leo Leo thirteenth. I agree with throat. Officials still checking something over on the monitor I'm not sure what that is all about so. They'll stay there it. The two teams will continue to talk about things over. On the sidelines. We're. Getting going again. But in the shocker Soviet on Tuesday night at 7 o'clock tip Wichita State will take on the SFU. It's. Home game a week from tomorrow for Wichita State is that doctors ruled. They saw that in itself or the team. That is well. 7 o'clock on the. Tuesday that have been at 3 o'clock start. On Sunday with South Florida. All right after the time out they've determined shoppers have a basketball like this that's what the timeout was called for Wichita State will happen. By the way left here in the third quarter shoppers have the ball in the seven point lead 4336. A field goal of any kind of Wichita State. They'll have their view largest lead thinking. Which right now is eight point freaking get it to nine with a few points that. Kiki confident delayed running floater up and it's sure he can knock the ball around a couple times put it into the hands of excellent player that Keegan who hands it off now know why it. Quietly through the cold in the new Iraqi on the right side she clearly through the legs and professionally. Knocked the ball out of bounds ladies Yonkers or Penske they're hustling. They're getting after it he got the lead official time out for 41 to go third quarter Wichita State 43 Tulane 36 this is soccer basketball. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as an hour. A thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. A little thing called taxation without representation once caused quite a stir with you young folks. 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Had as much as a seven point lead in the first down. It got it up to eight points in the third quarter but. Not quite yet to nine Wichita State for the students to do that this possession as the shoppers. Have the lead 4336. Actually believed that the basketball to the sport. Wichita State it's the basketball. As the shoppers on defense right now and he Tompkins has come into the game from Wichita State. But quite Dave strange election if you can get going now four minutes for her she feels that you from the field with a couple fouls. We always hurts remains. He is in for Sabrina was not a habit he's played terrific today seven point three rebounds three assists. Sabrina. A couple of blocks on the day. Three to be exactly right counseling with a basketball of that now there will be Morgan. Now that was left side over the keys to keep it just reasonable backup and that he cheated just dribbling. Have lobbied into the paint and she finds quietly he turns around Houston scores. Arlen delighted sixty you to put that up above everybody else and it rolled around in five point shots relief when 338. Rose Julien made toward finds lost heartland right elbow jumper. But it's no good. And now it will not excuse me falcons offensive rebound that'd jump ball and Wichita State got here hopefully UG. Had the ball and try to build back up with what she did. That tied up and that was double double and Wichita State's list down baseline right side with. 28 on the shot clock Lockhart you're negative. Guidance does left baseline expressive little jumper from about six is no good. It was a quick shot for Julian refusal to dismiss it now let's get to the floor here's more good driving but that we shot. And that was so they had to foul going to be called what the law. It was a blocked by the start from behind and slavery V. Through the lane we'll let down on the right baseline with 24 on the third quarter plots or three of the third quarter clock sleeping on the shot clock and make you part. Soccer league has 43. Eight. And hand the ball now the mortgage due to the delight of right inclined backed the war in politics of the quarter. Dribbles into a double team. Now looking for help still looking still looking this heat that over the sidelines she finds Lofton isn't thinking Davenport and cheated. That Kennedy post he got shot up by well. And it was rock and out of bounds that it was that about stuff all that helpful way. What a job defensively they're for the shot if they got the lots of them went out of bounds off to blame players. And with it just it's not a basketball now. Doctors getting it done today posted to the floor really good game from Wichita State could beat back my. Now use them Rosie Ohio outside dribbles into the top that he felt house right wing Preston for three of its available. Rebound comes down to late it's gonna be an outlook got a mortgage she's been streak to the basket laid up no good. She got fouled by Preston Keith Adams doesn't like that series. Not the best shot by president lauded the Julius called for the foul with the other. That'll be two free throws for Colby Morgan. The lane. Has held the shocker scoreless for the last 207 with. They haven't exactly lit it up offensively and more this is the first free throw. 69%. Shooter coming into the game. She missed a vote or you don't see that much. But he missed two free to break through Wichita State shocker for the basketball now. 553183. Quarter locker got if he. Looks laugh that throws right it's not it's easy for three. I think what's really for Tompkins. As they deal with the often found the room there. As town it's not scanners that read what it was either. And they shoppers now back up by a matching their largest lead of the game after three minute mark 4638. Use more of their we hate him for three you know rebounds knocked out of bounds line with our. The Beasley basketball. Well the question was in the doctor's slowed down Kobe aborted the second half and they do. Absent quality it might be successful consistently really but he wants to be and they slowed down more than nobody else has really hurt them. The reason why the markets have an eight point lead late their orders from what I've left Morgan got the basketball now now that I'm. You'll find losses. I am you know laughter we'll laugh you'll find she's got to want it available to result but I would quiet. Right. He doesn't do that a lot but he stressed out there that this feed me now went down 4640 soccer's with a six point lead. Shoppers passive gruesome killing backcourt pressure that got it across the midcourt stripe now with our top of the key three badly missed. And now the rebound Ling G forces a jump ball TA yeah she. And keep their items did not want that shot. Wearing T on the season. From three point range these two of 24. And that was very early in the shot clock it's he's now. Full for two from three point range today to links got the basketball of the shocker if they'll pick up. One of the players that flop the driving to the basket but that's our blog if not out of bounds. It make it defense there by this artist Wichita State almost got burned. Only inbound baseline let's night Anderson to get it 23 of the shot clock sharp relief is 4642. Weeks ago quarter. Anderson gets that underneath quietly and nothing good. Why it broke free nobody picked her out. She's with the authorities later we'll not accounted for the back into the game hears him roadkill left side it's not the pileup parent I would not accept the dribble. Throws him Rocha left leaning down to decide now left water. Ring he dribbled out of traffic leave it up on the week for a broad deal quickly with that in look for the links are concerned suits that good. Rebound them down now to Anderson Anderson gets fouled out in this sport bike and rode through. Those who sorry call for the that's innocently at the free throw line with one warden's blood left in the third quarter. Wichita State 46 to late 42. It became Anderson the free throw line for the first time today Hughes five lifted from the stripe on the years solutions now not at a lot. He'll shoot two years doctors. Have the Tulane. Anderson it's as the first week room. That's three straight misses for the green white. The break for Wichita State and roadkill in Tompkins believe they for the first time this now. Into the game was not a cabbage documents well Anderson's second free throw is good 4643. Of Wichita State now by three. I've known rod for Tulane last couple of minutes. Hard across they were. I doubt if they hire right side two lanes God's own. Shocker that worked well known as the like Lockhart left out of the corner failing to back up. The last week Lockhart that the thing in the corner he dribbled up the left wing that Lockhart in the way running floater but god. There's more good ball movement kind of found that city right the bill that so it went off the plane that would Lockhart. The basket there characters mean so little space and respectable five point lead seven points of the game for Lockhart. 4043. Wichita State's got the lead in exactly one minute left third quarter. This is laugh in topped the keepers to keep him on the last night she's inevitable that the without it he had to laugh and laughter. Laughter dribbling left that would double from captivity lobbed than any shot that up quite well it's no good she got out though. I pray that incidentally is the free throw line. Madison wells posting up on that day. A recent held for the phone. Forty seconds left in the third quarter Wichita State 48 totaling 43. Madison whistles to the free throw line where he is 71%. On the season coming into the game only got hit him. Five of seven and she misses the first free throw. And toll now from the free throw line it is. Four of him from the strike they are seven of 1546%. From three point range. But 40%. From. The free throw line at what is good four point game 4844. Shocker with Lee. 48 seconds left their quarterly loss are well off the basketball up I'll pass is higher outside the Thompson back from the diamond. Its own pressure by the way that it did what they get the shot has now left wing press him on about three travel. Had a tough day for Julia. I think she normally would have shot that basketball to elevate your confidence just wasn't there he'd go for free today opened two from outside ER. And so it's that she promptly put in the process of doing that trying to drive he shuffled his feet Wichita State started over. Tulane basketball for a four seconds difference. The game clock shop well. Shot clocks and AT why left double lead to better these. Posting up shots nothing good that's lofted one of the guards posting up on the left blocked shot clock turned up with its own state can't play with a laugh out of it. Order. Doctors not holding to 4846. Can look at climate for locker confident he throws depressed and have any clothes not a tablet. Wait a way to hook shot of the budget no fear. Itself position right there had to get what job they did away with little bit long. But fasten your seatbelts could be a fun forces we've got one that's right rob you wanted the school after he Wichita State he. Tulane 46 this youth soccer basketball. Eleven states thirteen an institution. Some of the nation's largest markets. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Student two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with the make up Bob powers six no doubt across the country as. 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And balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today dot com. State farm there to help planes go right. AN SS. We'll be AP sports grill the Alley thirteenth green which road Monday night to talk about this when. He that it shows 7 o'clock you can catch it right here on Cain incest or mana seeds. I give each day's sports reel with yeah with their team the green which rose for soccer basketball with. He to have him say we've got that would here hopefully this soccer's Roosevelt Wichita State has led. For a good part of the day definitely right now by this wrote forty. To 46. Doctors led. By a couple of the great city ID 33 it. Each team scored thirteen points and that they're ordered thirteen points the lowest quarter output for the shocker today is. I had scores of 21 and fourteen the efforts to. I've stated he would have totaled 23 points in the last few quarters combined. After giving up what we've the first quarter while they. Last down with the defensive end of the war but also that much better job on. Garrity who will be Morgan is with five points after. He had. Over 23. Soccer and basketball are the birds. In the fourth quarter they threw it over on your wall. They threw it at that they definitely try to definitely yup Europe's the ruling with a basketball now getting them. Ten seconds on fourth quarter shocker leaves only two weeks since she got it high right side soccer tournament Saturday. There's a big business right there on the light hits it to you. With dark by five why he keeps them off too easily later that it is. Tied it 48 years soccer's. Gibson all of this early in the quiet the last couple of it you've got to let these people for the right out of Austin you know. I am left side that's a tough Lockhart. Diamond of all the handed up on the back of the upgrade. Left or Preston conflicts not easily doubled into the left double that is backed up laughter. The left wing president got about three you'll for the base wants you to float the that at. Shot clock violation. Two Leah. Overshot the rib feet since it hit the rim but it and the other side of the backboard it's just that. Tough tough go for her breath as old reportedly now. She's turned it over three irons. Nine minutes left in the game doctors in the lane outside 48 which tells me. An eight point lead in the third quarter but normally it's the opposite that there's a roll away. Quality diamond Lockhart is that because of the floors of it's great for the steel. Which tells it got to basketball that alternative route forty you know time. With an account that we have enough Lockhart what we crafted it reasonable that Italy and with the running that goes well unfortunately yeah. Maybe that'll get the confidence going into this that's if you break the fortieth all night. Shot through fifteen to only 48. Left in the game. No you can't believe Morgan across the court. Or read into it it was the top of the heap shoppers have gone zone Morgan draws the double team that you got bumped it filed. I believe by Kiki Thompson was enough time. Kiki saw for the now that editors second. To label him down children from their own bit. There that he'll be back into the game for Tulane. He's had a quiet day today in just a couple of rebounds. But school is where her seventeen minutes he averages 88. When he gets it that the mortgage my right side in shot clock of course for the replay. Morgan double team finds wide at the left noble. Why that drives the lane afloat without that she doesn't get the roles and the ball knocked out of bounds by Wichita State. Until lately down baseline left side brand new shot clock for the Greenway. Eagle three on the fourth quarter clock shoppers leading fifty to 48 Morgan trapped in the last quarter dribbles out of it for the last week. Now if doctors have Kiki Thompson won on walk on board as organ greens that were the top of the he now moves up for the rights expires kicking block shots rebound go to why why it puts it up that shot was blocked. And the ball out of bounds off Wichita State with east dockers with. The blocks today. They had eight between quarters. They just picked up two quick was right there's the Philippines with double digits and walk out today. About that in bound him to keep it between the circles that the couple times he has to go for more. Will be mortgage dribbling right. The right baseline and it was sort of found to be called the Wichita State. As the shoppers might and they'll definitely the shot clock was down to four seconds. All the board it was drying defying. The way to the basket he has a pretty good that. We'll be mortgage free throw line. The fourth personal foul by the way and Kiki Thompson that's big. Thompson does such a great job at both ends of the lie ahead as we throw the chapel will come into the game for Thompson. Diamond Lockhart will run the point for Wichita State. The heat of 49 shocker with the lead 737. Left in the game. One more free throw for more of the swift and strong rebound the data with our outlook the lost art with diamond. With the realizing she'd better just walk it up across the board. On the top of the key lock personable to override the a couple of article out of Sabrina the last week I effectively Google won't pick up the dribble left we will not account which topped off. Right we now welcome that it doubles the baseline she's not Bill Belichick got help though. And that it to the free throw line. Doctors looking aggressive right there. Offensively than he's off he's diving let the free throw line where he is about as automatic as they yet. 94% on the year for Lockhart 3234. With YouTube. He had a great year shooting free throws two seasons ago. She has been so good since he first heard the one more for Lockhart. It all points. Averages seventeen. Seconds what is good. So Ivan goes two for two there. Lockhart now 346. On the year's shocker leaving three. 5249. Approaching the seven minute mark left in regulation. You laugh and on the left wing of the fact that that exceeded. After a loss that left wing underneath a white boosting apparent suits already know that it slowly rolled around the rim. The battle for the rebound and it's gonna be out of bounds off of ultimately rested. Since the lane with a shot clock is right again that's it 55 left with what is Wichita State you keep you away. 49 at the latest what is the lately about paths. They got careless right there Morgan by hitting a little bit frustrated he's really been slowed down here the second half. She looks frustrated there after he threw that would away Wichita State forcing turnovers. Shoppers now the basketball passing through some pressure by Tulane count passed to the top of the key disarm the region looks like a pie though laughter. 635 left in the game and shot her lead is 350 to 49. Right we shuffle at least intervals to the right baseline and a whistle and a few shots in all going to be calls on this. So Wichita State gives it back to Tulane. Tough break right there shoppers. Turn to get a little bit of space here only three to 631 mark now. Third quarter which ties for fourth quarter Wichita State to teach you to link 49. Will be Morgan with 221. Half points he heads toward what suits. And totally new field goals in the last three minutes and fifty cents. To plan yet but the defense again. If you're ready baseline shot up by law but it's good. Flowed in from the right guys that's dialogue I've got along with a basket makes about one point doctor Lee. All that double team that we present at a traffic would get the ball back. And keep out of all the time now. With that body got a little bit careless right if that's the basketball with four arms and hands for a liver. And it was deflected away with the doctors. We're able to get it right back with the full time now with a ticket you. 601 left in the fourth quarter of the school or Wichita State 52. To link if you want this is Tucker bounds. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors. Be tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest band. As you look toward continued growth and profitability. Geeky he has the bench strength and resource is to help you develop a winning strategy. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. But it beat Katie dot com and goes shot. Wanna have a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one mile or. 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The game and it's a tight ones from New Orleans Wichita State 52. The lanes if he wants doctors have had their largest lead of the game at eight and it wants it the third quarter that. Salinas can repeat that can. The green wave just moments ago and that drought of well over three minutes without a field goal with doctors now. Have not had a field goal last two minutes and 34 seconds though. Scoring has been tough here in the second half but. Tell us it can't yet like this 152. If you want this is the album Fogelman arena. How that happens at the university Tulane pop that thing sound familiar. How hopeful moment for those of you. Royals it was a part owner. Of the Kansas City Royals from 1982. Recognize that and that's why he isn't very proud of so lame alarm and that is the reason his name is here as he's put a lot of money into this university. That the action shocker basketball one to Q if you want this accident left the fourth quarter. Roach who's got the most qualified and left side of Lockhart. Some traffic by two lanes everywhere all of those Ambrose who gets rid of it though that we lost her job market that diamond back if not then he'll. Little things like this just it's no good. Rebalance the habitat that. And that it jump ball with its it's got the year. Right that the breakthrough which it's not stated that we Tulane play it's not a public. When it looked like he solidified. On the wall a little bit. The doctors in the job market well. Lockhart in downing diamond loves to this art left elbow room to. If there was apple. Hands off the lost art right of the Djokovic. And Wichita State with that if there have elephants walk rightly until nobles of the lately for with our way out is good. Great buys this argue getting into the lane. Down boots are on the right block and left me in definitely it. That's why this as a team doctors that read it before if you want review with fourteen. Your fuel left noble leaving it now for Wyatt and the shot was blocked by habits aren't great job by rage he welcomes Apple's not with. They had the Lockhart the Milwaukee that the other way. Top of the key analog or accident there was not this is just inside the top of the arc jumper from it's O. Those two quick went through raid deep at the soccer league this guy that 5650 line at 443 left. On last night now this is laughter it won't take it away it's not a lot could have tied after the jump ball to Wayne's got the appreciate the hustle as the doctors. Look for ability here in New Orleans but still some time left. As we've got an official time now for 36 left in the game Wichita State if he's instantly if you want this is shocker basketball. 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Or renters insurance see Katie Chamblee or Jesse mice in Wichita or Lindsay veered out than derby Cheney and SS. Doctors. Has gone quiet offensively in the field goal department and they pan for well over two minutes without a field goal they. Come up with a couple big wins for Greinke this yard here in the fourth quarter one of them off of really nice pass from its audience grows you know. Who was driving from the right side of the lane the last. But she left the bounce passes well purpose artistry to put it up that this art. From just inside the top of the key yeah him now to do with pupils for review. Just like that Wichita State's by now 56. 51 with 436. Left to. So they shot fish wow kind of slows down and pick up their first ever. Winning streak as members of the American athletic conference in conference play. Let's see if they concluded. Lockhart chapel. Those are the cabbage it's our high alert for Wichita State it'll be will be able to get that in. What you could tell just by the look honestly he's been frustrated this half. At least it's apples daughter now hands and face morgans got it after the inbound or if the fact left water dribbled after the week he's double team immediately he had nowhere to go. Now it's heated between the greens. Leave that Alfred shelty right now what drives good look at the cabbage pocket for a behind again at another blocked shot by separate. Basketball is out of bounds and now it should be Tulane basketball. And they're gonna go to the shot clock it is it is the the other 12 on the shot clock when it's down to that little bit longer just me here. It indeed does confirm this that is exactly right for 12 left on the shot clock. The lanes got her every year when it job defensively about the shocker right there and exotic habit you know the block today. So 12 left field he has to get them gotta hurry he gets it and any kind of almost an activist art but wait if you had control of it before the buzzer. So they'll let him play at Wichita State with a basketball. They get the steal and a locker drives on the right side of the way those back a couple of not a habit. The left baseline with our step back jumper ranging up no good Sabrina Knox the rebound bounced down the quarter. That shot was early in the clock but it wasn't that we shot for me he was open on the left baseline for mid range. She could not that went down shot. Google's not a habit that all the basketball it Sabrina by the way has five blocks today after that walk a couple minutes ago. With four felt he can count that can come back into the game now under four minutes left in the fourth quarter notes. Adams feels confident with them the confidence chapel shock related supplies for fifty you know. Right baseline quietly and unity we felt that he can argue that it's not go to the start of which fascinates that the basketball. The coach out of the past them relative to slow it up that was not a capitalist is slightly different with our. Without good. Workplace of freedom range need to start with posting up. He's got eighteen in the lead is 73 you have to go in the game shocker was we do it if you want. I rights night he and Anderson with a basketball. Threw it over to keep it outside the arc team to back up between the circles. Now to the right side this is going to be Morgan Morgan inside the arc double team and every time he gets it she draws the double. And she would away with a with our preview the steel leave it right don't go up good. Speaking if you want a different apple by the way at Yonkers it now they're up by guys with real you have. And it's good defense leading the offense for Wichita State if they double team Kobe bargain. Overall the right way she was just inside the three point line. And she tried to skip that to the last week and this aren't stepped right in front of it. I think the only ticket goes to goes let. Just inside the free throw line ranging left different rodeo. This hour elated at that and it throws you now. With her first. Double digit point out these. This is shocker with eleven points. This guards got eight team league soccer's. As fourteen assists on Wednesday there was they got fourteen day. And Tulane has been held scoreless for the last three always is that Yonkers or to eighth got the run. Over the last two minutes and eighteen seconds they've also knocked down for the last play field goals. To get the 46%. On the day eight. Nine point lead for the shelters. At the three minute mark. Morgan brings it up to the top of the key now move to that high rights and I joined the double team he's giving it a double team now she gets rid of the Anderson high right side. Shot clock started at fifteen. Now morgans got it seems just. Got poked at the ire lost the context of that happens is. Kobe Morgan is rubbing your left I don't think anybody hoped to maybe she was contacts I don't know. Who appear to be looking for contact no foul was clearly called yet they are doing with some high. To the left side. Tucker's we're gonna come over to the sideline. And Keith Adams said his back over the war this is. For the shoppers will set up the defense won that job by Wichita State. You're the second especially. On Colby Morgan who's been held before play. This after he scored 22 in the first. Tulane basketball tent on the shot clock is all soccer's noting that appeared. Now what I teed it throws the board of high right side mortgage backed the left side he did he did. Google wants lots of into the cage one by Lozada cabbage as the buzzer sounded on a shot clock violation. And Lisa's got that note for two lanes stopped that over on the net with this soccer team in the defense really hopefully I. And the doctors two and a half minutes away from their second consecutive conference win. On the campus apartment broad view since our hands now we Lockhart. The kind of throws right now to Pakistan to move out to the left wing lock up two Ambrose drives that the line with what buffet classic at. It's now 6251. At that you apply that. Doctors getting better and that's what the long. Adams heard your team to make some noise on the bench and for the team to finish strong. Here's a shot at Iowa that's absolutely it's no good it goes over the read that right there as well with the rebound and put it back up. Doctors leave them with no sign of what 43 on fourth quarter sixty to 53. And wrote about Catholic not a cabbage underneath this art bump but that was shot anyway it's no good rebound not on the ground behind them as well. No Wichita state building. Have the basketball that they confuse them all year. And it's really sensor now the clock is 134 left in the game shocker in the design and that is art he had a particularly Robert. Well they've mortgages that duplicates if it the other way driving the light layup nobility. Rebound knocked back aboard that double team with that but other shot they'll they'll. And we got pets that have broad bills licenses are you played well today at a technical foul called on leases knocked it. As the votes for Tulane is it right and that will be free throws for Wichita street is that doctors. It's that a little bit ago they were stability within that they're really starting duties now. 119. Left in the game that or will you. The technical these shoppers can go back up double digits first one for luck artists do. That we'll hear one more. 6353. Lockhart with one or 211 points she got a close. 6453. This was used to two point he would. 3533. With the doctors of god god. Particularly with the defense in the second half a lane has scored twenty points in the second round that's it. Shot there's no lead by eleven with a minute to Atlanta. Lockhart throws it behind them roto double team between the greens it's really that it felt that telephony Lockhart. Down the left what it was not a habit just pocket fourteen soccer's patiently passing it around. Those are the habits left corner at a Lockhart left me. Kind of activity there was applied to a broad you'll write this he got talked about that's right baseline with solid fact Kiki in the paint let's put up with you on the shot clock. It's don't look of the cabinet got put everything out all of the networks or clock now. Bucket 42 points that we have brought it today seven point just grabbed her seventh readout of the day and now a follow up time. And the doctors here at on the bench that are up double digits that got a chance report. And Lockhart to the free throw line 41 seconds left the city of Wichita State sixty fortunately it. This isn't the only team that night at seven on the season. Doctors after a 32 timeout called by the light up enough advance the reserves are applauding the hardware. The unit on the floor and there are lots. Accolades that go around for this team today agreed to be Zanardi eighteen points and down on the verge of a double double but since sorry and roads you know. Thirteen points three assists today for the junior from Switzerland's supreme realist not a habit. Seven point seven bullets and it. Guys like shots Lockhart hit solid eleven point four rebounds. This team. Has brought it today that was not a shooting foul against that a lot ourselves. The lane has at least to get there he is committed another fellow walk or. And that is another one. With forty seconds left that is the third team now for doing so. They've still got a foul two more time with the doctors will get to the free throw line with forty seconds left in the fourth quarter. In downtown to Compton she gets rid of them rote feel to sorry double team down the court and now has Thompson and Kiki. Travel with a basketball as he got. No Wichita State is turn it over for the nineteenth time didn't. With 33 seconds left the game with his doctors in great shape here Koppel Levin 6453. And outcomes that Anderson. He'll let it bounce into the fore court before she picks it up to start the clock. Now pass right side over repeated TV last week passed overtook that it wouldn't run B three quarters up but good. Down two at eight point game now. And Keith Adams wants a time out there to advance the basketball. 25 seconds left in the fourth quarter of Wichita State 64 lane 56. So that's three pointer there by. Manila to run he hit it down to single digits. Eleven down that they. Taylor went to a rugby is another one that there has. Been fairly quiet today is he averages nine points per game we have not heard a lot how. Action was over five prior to that may consider one for six from her. Three points and that was it three pointer all of. That the doctors now when he dies knocked it away from happy plane ride home. You'll forget Wichita State got two in a row at home after this. And there on the verge of it to be at least three things that it looked up for the three. You can start scruples you on the left side. After the bounded to jump ball now all the Wichita State got the aero with twenty seconds left it worked the shot clock is turned out Johnson and A with twenty seconds left and road kill. Getting into the starting out if they were rated double team. It didn't get through that reverend Leo. Now over there was not a habit with thirteen to link him to not have found yet Lockhart got it over there outside the exotic habit with night. Now back up I am wrote joked the latest docket of well they're gonna call off the dogs and the shelters are gonna win it but here come the final hole. We can't just take sixty bulletin late 56. They shoppers deal about it but doctors have won three straight teams will take time out get Keith Adams over here at the moment this is shocker basketball. Did your dishwasher struggled to make it to the quality meals and you better get in the wind supplies during their January clearance sale save on quality name brands like whirlpool Maytag can't kitchen. Clinton's super 25 miles on display to make your final decision easy. Plus their large inventory means you get same day or next day delivery and install on those models get installations today and get that cold noisy inefficient dishwasher replaced with a new world. Whirlpool Maytag amana for a kitchen aid Energy Star rated dishwasher and ask about free install on qualifying models. 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Don't show up good. 6050 want to throw the ball right away. Now they're up by guys with real yeah. In New Orleans doctors get the victory today 6456. Wichita State's evidence twelve or over on the season two of three in conference play but they've won two straight to blame falls to nine they. Overall one of three in the conference Keith Adams is here and coach and you want to be quick you've got a team to celebrate with them what a great victory to celebrate. For the second game there of this team really played. As a team he had multiple players in double figures the hustle that don't get it attitude it was all there again today nice job. Awesome I'm I'm so excited it net in the locker room with those guys. You know I'm. It's here's what's happened. We thought it. I think we've figured out what what can we got to be what we got to do. And in their ability and we just have to play so hard. I've told these young ladies. Wichita State is their university. And that university. Streets it's this program first class in all kinds of examples we've talked you know what you put that Jersey on. We had eight kids are gonna get diplomas from here so it's all about us representing the lineup planes are in the go get it that is our theme. How many times a week you'll get it today that we would grab the ball outside the ball up at the ball away got rebounds got steals. Marine that rebound down there at the enemy just all those I think. You know we figured out what we got to do it we played together. And the most important thing. And I told them about a week ago I want to feel from them. That they want it more than the other team. And I mean that I want feel that it is quite frankly. Tulsa. He's yes I didn't feel like we want it's bad enough that really bothered me they've responded I'm happy for them proud of them. It if we you know we come up short today. I'd be really really proud because we're playing hard and that's the bottom line plane our plane again. And it's it's not just one or two coach its everybody great numbers today gasses are you Sabrina was terrific seven boards and. By the law experts agree it was and testing team and against the very good team and we box chaser. Only Kobe more and it's sad to think in the first quarter when he threw the headed there again is that the rest of the game for three quarters we did a lot better. And that and that multiple people on week. We dialed it several. To guard is one person we want it. RT. Try to Wear down its such tests. She hits big shots it's like she gets on. That we which got older. They'll order a lot to get cute ones. I coach you'll enjoy it got outshot the flames are right he's doing. It's your post game show after a shocker victories she was eager to get to. We'll celebrate this with a team and she deserves 6456. The final Wichita State gets the victory today. Rama New Orleans is that shocker now won two straight at me again. Two straight home games Wichita State as a new Tuesday night and then on Sunday shoppers leave home for south orders for things that quickly. Turned back in his team's direction. I doubt for a player of the game rocky by the Kansas lottery will get to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for eight. Chance to become a millionaire go to the F slot readout count for the most current jackpot now. Play Kansas lottery entering bigger and we're gonna go with Sabrina Lozada cabbage today who didn't have the biggest numbers warning lights. Had the biggest numbers rebounding lies she did have the numbers though the biggest one in the terms of blocked shots with five. But mr. overall energy and effort today across the board the numbers for those not cabbage the junior from Santa Fe, New Mexico seven points seven rebounds. Three of five from the field. Major only three point attempt of the day and another with a guy like four assistant how about three steals in 35 minutes. That was a great day's work for her Sabrina Lozada cabbage our players the game brought you by the Kansas lottery. Our thanks to Keith Adams for stopping by that time rocky by express employment professionals. On a mission to put. A million to work. Shocker get the victory fit 6456. Running down some of the final numbers. For Wichita State ranging bizarre led the way with eighteen points nine boards thirteen points for his sorry Ambrose you that's a career high Wichita State for her. Eleven points for diamond Lockhart is steady from her again also four assists. Oh game high honors for her sharing it with was not a cabbage another good day for diamond it's well. But that was an all those are the cabbage is 76 for Kiki Thompson to wait for Julie Julia Preston at least if they actually to chapel three for. ED Tompkins why they for her in just seven minutes. But hey the talkers can't always get Tompkins and bizarre and just rely on those two that need others. Stepped up to date this team really has played as a team the last couple games. It showed Wichita State 22 points off of turnovers today. They got it done a shock results of 34 points in the pay they get out rebounded today both. Overall and on the offensive glass but in the first half that wasn't the case. In the second half it was just all about defense asked Elaine held to 23 points in the final. Two quarters and 33 points in the final three quarters understand. Dewayne had 13 after one quarter and they finished with 56 points. That is defense that's getting it done and you could chalk it up with a W Wichita State with a win today. 64. To 56 don't forget we will be at eight gaze at the hourly Monday night with Keith Adams for the he items show we can catch it here on pay and SS. 7:8 o'clock as the time or announce he has thirteen degree which road Keith Adams show from 78 right after the Gregg Marshall show. From six to seven assuming the shocker meant win tonight which we certainly think they will. It ought to be a fun that they did is we talked about two shocker women's victories. And so hopefully two men's victories as well because when I get it done here today. Our thinks it's him slack back at the end of this studios punching the buttons making this when possible. Now this is Steve strange things along from New Orleans while want to get our final score. Wichita State 64. To lane if he sits now from our broad Fogelman arena in New Orleans Steve strains so long everybody thinks for joining us on in assess this is Michael's. Join me weeknight today on eight and.