WSU Women's Basketball vs Illinois (at New Mexico) 11-25-17

Saturday, November 25th

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George story from coast to coast AM join me week starts right here I'm okay NSA. Shocker fasten your sponsors and thousands more. Voice of lady jobs Steve strange. The cream style of arena. New Mexico. In Albuquerque, New Mexico where today. Tucker sports properties located SS three Q Wichita State women's basketball today. From New Mexico it's the doctors taking on the fighting alumni from the University of Illinois hello everybody happy Saturday to you. Steve straight with you on a Saturday afternoon basketball as it's game number six out this season for the shocker women's basketball team. Wichita State and that limits on the season shoppers are. Owen lives this very difficult first. Five game to their schedule. They'll try to get their first victory of the season today against an Illinois team that these four and two on the season talkers were hand if this. Loss of the season last night when they played a very good new Mexican team in laws that he about it or at 76. To seven to 62. New Mexico though he's five and oh on the season. As they've got a very good team averaging over ninety points per game doctors able to slow them down a little bit back Wichita State. Overcame a twelve point deficit at one point that keen to tie this war. But these doctors. Unable to overcome hot shooting night for New Mexico a team that knocked us down 123. Pointers on the night. Those three point field goals represented nearly half of their points as Wichita State fell by 1476. Q 72. Leading that late last night by the way from Wichita State and you can start with sixteen points Sabrina Lozada cabbage off the bench to score ten for Wichita State that. Is big for her. It's he has come right up the road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And she's got a number of family members and friends here in the stands. Did last night with a game today. As the doctors try to get back on the winning side of things it's an Illinois team that also was victorious last night they knocked off. Cal Irvine 6559. Illinois or two on the season and they're under the direction of a brand new head coach Nancy they. It was a legend in not just the division three woods put all of women's college basketball. Has he won five national titles at division three Washington university in Saint Louis. And this is your first year at Illinois and he's gotten off to. Repeatedly. Warned you start of the season. It's a team that uncharacteristically. For the team's. Wichita State has faced is not a team that's been issued a lot of three pointers they don't shoot the three particularly well what they do have one. Very good player and Alex written here. Who is it true post player according to Keith Adams we'll have to do a good job of shutting it down in the pain. As with your own season averaging fourteen points and ten rebounds a game with the shoppers and Illinois tip off coming up at the top of the hour. 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You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. And the other great Americans join me. Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Indications and. Look back and shut the pregame show Wichita State and Illinois today from Albuquerque will. Hit it off the top of the hour we spent some time now with Keith Adams coached football. A quick turnaround night game last night speaking to do. It. The team ready for such a quick turnaround both physically and you know mentally prepare. Well we did two things we again the film room and watched film on Illinois and you talked about the personnel on what their tendencies are the things we need to do defensively. Against their strengths. And then we this morning had a early and shoot around and walk through we're. We were on the court going over. Some things for today's game so that's you know a little quick medal threat yet it gets stated film and then. That's thing is we need to play to get get this bad taste out of our mouth right now. We kind of nice the last night the crowd got pretty involved today more of a neutral site type of sitting in tomorrow for for that matter as well do you think it. Last night though with a hostile environment. Get that came out of the way maybe have a little bit more an advantage today. Well I think though it will be able to hear one another while better down there today without. The fan base in the noises that we have game last night so that out of helpless and in communication. So you know we just got to be really alert today and we've got to play great game defensively. And then on offense we got to find a way to to put more points on the board in now hopefully to date shots are gonna fall force we had. We have several shots in the paint yesterday that didn't go only and we got we got in the lane. It didn't fit nation that hopefully today we'll do a better job position on those shots in the paint. Let's talk about the defense today because this is one of the few times so far this season coach you're gonna play team it. Doesn't shoot to three particularly often particularly well. And you Petit zone that's worked pretty well at times or you can place more zone maybe today and gamble and try to make him be from the outside to mix it up you know I think. And we we talked about our defense and you know we ran the zoning it's Tennessee and that was very effective in that game and yesterday you know mixed as a tough matchup because. They did great job of really drop fouls we played man and they've they're scored a lot of points and so it was a tough matchup if this was that they were gonna mix it will play both man and zone and and I try to break up the rhythm and not let them get in kind of any rhythm on offense get a player Alex windier that's averaging double double what is it that makes her so effective. And she's that true post player that. When she catches the ball means she can really really score sheet as a nice hook shots as a muscle fadeaway jumper. Best way to guard hers to not let her catch it is when she catches it she's pretty efficient very skilled so. Or try to really make her work to it to catch the ball and we're gonna have to be really great on our backside help. It's fun to see Sabrina succeed last night was so many people here family and friends gave you some quality minutes. Off the bench or those kind of neat to see for a very well liked player on this team as well breezy great young lady and you know I know for her comeback moments. It's excited she got a wonderful family and so. You know was it gets for her to come back to to her roots where she grew up. Adams with some comments getting set. This doctors. At Illinois that's the satellite time to go to items. Rusty by express employment professionals on a mission. To denote that a million to work here's the starting lineup for Illinois Randi easily start to the dark it's 56 and sophomore from Memphis averaging twelve points. And fort readout of the game. Jay Lynn Kirk Patrick starts got quite seventy. You candidate averaging three point couple Courtney. Kennedy. Had started guard she's like can't in his senior from bowling brook Illinois averaging seven points three boards. Alex let anger when we talked about in the interview started forward 61 junior from delaying mills Minnesota. Up about fourteen points and ten rebounds in an Alley and yours starts at a forward sixty sophomore from lake in the hills. Illinois handers on the season. Eight points and four rebounds in game. Nancy Braly is the first year coach at Illinois but again. Tremendous run for her at Washington University division preschool and think Louis where she won five national title. Her assistant coaches who hailed alone Dion occurred when. And Steve Cochran starting lineup for the shoppers looked like fifty he comes in starts in the garden. By five senior from Tuscaloosa Alabama. Averaging five point three rebounds a game diamond look outside and guard by fighting with the Red Sox this blog what's it. This allele Ambrose goes starts the first time ever that shot. He'll start at a ball at six foot junior from Switzerland and transfer from Redlands community college in California. Ambrose you scored the first points of the shot last night. He scored five and also grabbed seven boards. Anti Tom consultative forward 61 senior. She is from Orlando Florida the other is ten point six rebounds a game and rated as artistic or 61 senior promotion Texas it's all right. Fifteen points eight rebounds in game. Of course you coped with it. Tell us they women's. In this her sixth game. As they shocker that helpless if things can change today we're starting a little early a few minutes early so. Forgive me Tompkins the basketball from Wichita State after. Fires up a three point oh that's no good and Patton head goes up and grab the board for Illinois. Shoppers are there roadblocks and his team without a neutral site but they are the designated road teams of black jerseys black shorts. Trimmed in gold since Wichita State in gold capital letters on the Jersey gold numbers on the front and back as well. Illinois that whites trimmed in Orange. Driving the anger and an away and she gets well and Alex was under leading scorer on this Illini team goes to the free throw line. 36 seconds and just like that free throw opportunities that are. She's a really nice player. Only a junior 61. Misses the first free throw. She was evident in coming into the game. And with anger will have one more. And honestly in school. One thing we definitely did not you know by. Sixty the ninth nineteen. Much from outside the three point. Hitting a little over 20%. 1% last night that the fighting Illini album itself is an open. Is this. Field delivering on the right. And the doctors at the early to London. Mrs. Beasley he's guided by Thompson's absence at the man it's high rights right now. And that's because Patrick the corner. And they'll find button that she's in it won't cut it by its through that kind of dribbling the top fifty. The different we've got a good team now rightly pieces that had left wing pass over the shot clock. Won two gold label that showed up. The defense to tell us they. Area doctors make a lot of ways there are very very few moments and today. And of course Mexico the please hear that hopefully later on this afternoon against behind it. Probably less than there's people here listening. He has lost her right double in and thought about three dribbles to the left elbow extended rocks why no facility. Offensive rebound for a put back is lots. But still good hustle slightly into the active on the offensive boards. It's our team averaging eight and feel it really put an emphasis on rebounding last night. It's our job there is definitely lays it up until. Nice look pileup on it well executed down play for the doctors from the right baseline. Portland. Let's right now. We've got back on the wing of that hits left yet again in the idea that I think that it into the right corner. Now though we're particular factor that's not it back to. That's right wing. Dribbled toward the baseline and now for. Andrews. Is a 61 post player who can shoot from the outside. Seven of seventeen coming into the game not that one down excited for. The top few times and left right now. And grows you up to the left wing it's constant. Kiki I've had the key now this is get to higher than three minutes off the side of the green and he got the rebound and opted out of bounds but not maintain control. And the basketball back to Illinois seven and a half ago first quarter were tide for. We'll bring it out or Illinois each team's got. Free filmmaker and a three point field goal as well. Easily Anders was out left wing threes up again no go this kind of rebound on the backside now I have Rosie O. It's always already gotten assistance or love and underneath too bizarre ranging feels underneath the bucket he gets well. Has decided good job there to draw contact on her way out with these wells. Yeah I think that's gonna be on bigger. If it is that's going to be big. We want to get her in a crowd trouble these two cities in. Looks like they called it instead on cat head who's also in the neighborhood nonetheless free throws for its alert. Reviewed the stripe. On the court. And last night I was. From the free throw line to a four years of Reno's body cavity into the game she's in four Tonkin Sabrina. Since two junior at a Santa Fe averaging five point two rebounds a game. She scored ten last night as bizarre against the friendly roll roll through and the doctors up 643. Minutes into the game. Andrews left wing now to Kirkpatrick. Doctors. Have guns alone here in the first quarter now Andrews left Warner company it's now up to the wing Kirkpatrick your backup top easily. He's outta the rightwing cabinet she gets the double. Throws it back up top Beasley Beasley dribble down the left sideline he's holder Patrick left wing down into the corner these lead for three. All the shoppers are going to be these reopened three of seventeen innings. From outside the arc and give her credit there she's not around Oakland from the corner. Yet it's an exciting line. You're content driving the baseline right and it's not that no good but let's not. Thanks work Sabrina bubbling up the minutes on the board just like that. Rebounded well unfortunately back it's seven. Into the right corner now used with your not easily the left we can't add sets fires that three that's good. Just when you talk about the sale of the late night shooting the three very well. Now on the couple here early that it knocked down three at their youthful. He's definitely a bizarre love them and equals not that it. Lot went out of bounds. Basketball will you write that Illinois. I'm 49 left in the first quarter. And aid that was the first turnover they about it. That's its turnovers in the first and last better job since it. Here's that underneath it with your children they like it they way. It's no good apparently. That's an idea of the soccer late night host wild anyway no good let the art is there or what that is no. Street view that it if you hold on your own you know way Alex Beasley for Kirkpatrick and the way. Why many jump off that last rebound them down marker here and the doctors the other way. Re on the peninsula double teamed up top was not at its Sabrina the right wing this Ambrose you know it's aria. Well above her head for these are key range and golf about it. Johnson with less than Lockhart underneath but not Celtic is there that can't wait until it. I followed that with the Wichita State instantly out with a quick baskets and ten. 48 gophers who. Right wing at. Patrick toughness and playing music inspires the three of them and it. He Andrews has two or three players she's got six of Illinois thirteen thirteen to ten. We have to go first quarter. That is the key right wing passed to a broad view hard left and you're into the lane our sakes and shoot and its city partially blocked but they'll say. All of program rose you know which you try to hold that would back in that. After the block. We'll be Illinois basketball after an official timeout or 23 gophers scored in the school or Illinois thirteen Wichita State and this is shocker basketball. Hey shocker fans time to find your optimal use. Up to life health and fitness center is now accepting charter members to our state of the art 34000 square foot facility. I'll tell lies introduces would you talk to an entirely new level of technology enabled fitness equipment coaching and measurement lecturing spot elements and a vibrant community designed to help you achieve your best physical mental and spiritual self limited charter membership bumpers are now available. Visit us at web and 21 street north. Or opted dash lights dot com. 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Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Cox Communications and back after the time out now illinois' basketball leading by 32310. And this'll be a left corner three put up that was no good that was my cat had rebound knocked out of bounds by Wichita State and it'll be Illinois basketball. Fighting Illini lead thirteen to 10401 to go first quarter. Little did on them they widow with Kirkpatrick on the right baseline they'd gotten the shot clock. As for Patrick he throws it off PT clothes and but it didn't work Kiki cut. And now Kiki the other. A into the right elbow now leave it for a real joke let it is well good to sorry you blew a wide open layup there's another point likeness for Wichita State. Had some of those on Monday night into the Seymour last night as well there. Illinois got at the other end of the floor thirteenth and that got the lead 340 to go first quarter Alley handers at the top of the key things aren't they started a lot better now. Because she's knocked down too early Reid can't hit right. Baca thought Andrews penalty shot clock enters. Has a pass in the paint knocked away by Lozada cabbage I haven't lost our picks up the loose ball to settle it on the left wing into the Joker from there it's no good both not a puppet with a rebound. Not the way she gets it back she finds Thompson in the lane Kiki drive lays and for good. Nice look I was not a cavity Kiki had that shot partially block which he had the presence of mind. To hold on the ball only an opinion shelters down one real life the gophers quarter. It seemed twelve or score first basket of the game for Kiki right we cannot handle mr. Patrick on the wing and you know her. Youngsters now Manning up and here's. Kirkpatrick over the left wing you point out that shot no good and the rebound editing. A group of her foot back he's good. Anders lacy definitely. And it's fifteen to twelve Illinois definitely. Here's now the basketball here is Lockhart diamond at the key here you know after the last. Right now moving to the free throw line through his right side Johnson on the way back up tough luck right now listening to Tokyo. Dribbling up the left double handed off up the cup if you are cut back to help them with you for three that shot short. These are tried to hole in the rebound in Alton Illinois. Sierra rice knocked it out of bounds he just checked into the game for Illinois. The shocker basketball under snowball into the game for the first time from Wichita State still below the flight to guard them only for them to four point game. To inbound plane on the shot clock comes up now. And this is drunken driving the lane running left hand layup is up it's no good rebounds knocked up near the top of the heat that's Courtney Jones with a basketball she just yet again. Yeah actually for Kirkpatrick who goes handers with the free throw line Andrews dribble hand off topic for a quick drive into the lane. Shot up but good. And he's talented he's got a challenge that. She's not the primary defender but she sure did have a chance to come over and help them. Maybe locker teams that young seventies well ultimately a five. Here's the cutting of roadkill into the paint underneath the bucket leads the falcons and he lost rebel force on the floor jump ball in Illinois got a hero. And the shocker elephant after a good start you started this fighter now. Wichita State just 31% from the floor of five of sixteen shooting. Illinois in the meantime six of eleven that's 54%. And the fighting Illini with a basketball 55 minute 35 left or quarter. Here comes the leader of the basketball shoe throwing after the right wing with your back into the game he'll throw that topped out Alley poll. Well off the bench kicking into the game she's a senior from Saint Louis averages three points a game. Now they went into with your turns around double team she titillated school. Alex wit you're not afraid of the double teams he's a long player at 61. That you raise the ball high overhead posted. It's hard to law that would down 1912. Here with 3.2 Kiki into the lane ready jumped up and go to the X loop like Thompson. Kiki more attractive offensively this season she's got forward. Shoppers back within 51914. Little bit under a minute to go first quarter from Albuquerque. We now this. Courtney Jones Jones back capacity right now rice obviously in the left wing Jones Jones and not be the again. Jones those who do things like that now Jones one to three it's it's no good and was not a cap that goes up for grabs the board. There's a 62 difference between the game in the shot clock is shoppers look like they'll run in the Oval Office you're snowball throwing out there that we them rodeo. Broad you'll into the paint. At the left wing throws left me out now that. He came back that road you wanna left wing down to the left corner now this is without all the driving the baseline running layup is not no good with fifteen seconds left in the corner. Order Illinois and try to get one shot used these luckily she's gonna pull up. And that's just no good checkers with time we'll got a captain guy almost six is keeping confident that what would force. With three you'll have to keep up with three pointer on the play. That would have been Kiki first carrier three point day. As the shot through she was over seven last year. Been working on that shot the one that was pretty good. He almost got to go. Ten minutes of the books from Albuquerque go to school or it would only nineteen Wichita State fourteen you're listening to shock basketball lucky by soccer's world properties on me and incest. 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If people want to get your phone they can just buy some of my chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at M tam dot com American family insurance American coming into insurance company and its attorneys say that's an American partners in Wisconsin putters in three. No one talks to. Workshop ambassadors. How's the war. Impatient. Actually returned to play quick foul after the inbound the foul called on Illinois for the sockets were inbound. Down by five early stages quarter number two. Now with all the good and you're that differs. From the big keys and signed her felt difficulty if he did you decide trading away from where I guess maybe the way. From the right block to the free throw line ranging off the glass and good. 1960. For this aren't she's got eight early points. It's for me to use Jones on the right wing Illinois. The left wing you know they'll work their rights rights outside the arc back up top easily shoppers noting here that could play well known use rice's three though he's left open. And it's good. Sierra ice was old report from outside the are coming into the game. She's just not on her first of the season so again it's not a team that has shot the ball particularly well or often this season but. Illinois with 53 point mates coming into the game. On the up and downs as the shoppers try to entry pass to the seller. In the Wichita State when in doubt on the right baseline. Down by 61 minute into the second quarter. Kiki Thompson gets in the snow ball on his on the rightly that sounds and let her just got called for a foul. They got bailed out there. And that is your second balance he reached around these aren't related to draw contact with refugees Jihad. Clear path the ball in the lately I handed apparently. Looked range was left handers well that's 2000 quit your keys out of the game and now a foul. On the post player Andrews through Illinois. So the fighting Illini are starting to stack up the fouls doctors will gladly take that part. Three quick team fell for Illinois in a minute six seconds of the second quarter shoppers with none. Which you tell us they can make some hay from the free throw line looks like. Very likely this quarter through them rose you're lucky that it couldn't guard Terrence Q it's no good ranging might have gotten her there and it was sold this time afoul of Wichita State on the rebound. Police if they came into the game and grab that board. That range you desired called for the trial. And terrain indeed that is your first Christine fellow Wichita State as well. Only basketball they lead by six in the and half on second quarter used Beasley in the paint sitting around cradling a snowball it's good. Beasley he's got four inches of snow balls and even though she's point guard against the point guards he played the post right there and played it well. For sixteen Illinois definitely Stovall had a leaky. Leave it just right of the key for a broad GO this are you drive the kind of a hook shot up off the glass it's no good Beasley the rebound but lost the ball falling to the floor. Kiki Thompson allegedly grabbed the ball it's a jump ball though. Illinois got the aero. And Beasley is she's in a lot of pain hopefully she'll be okay. And he Beasley really nice player for Illinois. Sophomore out of Memphis averages twelve points a game and she's being attended to by the trainer right now. Speaking of our injury report broke you back out to live your life your journey your optimal view. Hands to Marley is dressed up for the shocker today after injuring her hand about eleven days ago in Stillwater Oklahoma. And she was in warm ups just last night because of that sore injured right shooting hand but for whatever reason. Between last night into day tomorrow felt like dressing out in. Apparently talking to the coaching staff it's up to them and they'll communicate through her asked how she's feeling it's it's simply a matter of how tomorrow says he's feeling that we'll dictated she cut into the game but she was not. In uniform last night it is today we'll see. Illinois looking at some zone pressure from the doctors and they threw the basketball over. Silly turnover for Illinois getting careless and Gibson shocker trapping zone pressures. It's just it's got the ball back it down slightly when it was sixty. Little more than two minutes into the second quarter you'd be compelled to distance I just felt that he left wing play for three that's no good for the rebound them down now to Jones. Loans given out with the Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick now what we're on the guard with Beasley is. Looks like left ankle that's what being tended to. When basketball rice on the wing through the back of hiker country. Patrick moves left now back to the south and keep moving in the right now Julie Andrews that he left wing pastor Jones shot clock down and kind of tough games with a guided by the start. Andrews you'll want to pick up if he picks up the global throws to the right wing because Patrick Sharp bucket to shop popular one. And I don't think she got it off they'll let the shot go low and it's no good into the rebound not get a bound by them. Illinois. So they shoppers got a break right there boy it sure looked like the ball was still in the hands. Kirkpatrick is she got rid of that shot. Fortunately that shot was not. In Illinois got the ball out of bounds. The shock is for the basketball now. Evidently he'd go out Yahoo!'s down eight when I was sixteen. Lockhart back into the game down the top of the key double to left a wolf except the dribble through the back up high school ball to the right thing they have the opportunity for the loss knocked out of bounds. Why kill and sport Illinois Jones with the help defender. Coming over to create the double and he slapped the ball out of bounds. Shoppers have to be very careful about your entry processor range because Illinois is applying the double and anticipating that things. Noble catches you bounties and I quarter of the head of the key now to. This is Julia Preston just check him to shoot a rainbow at the shot clock winding down that job. Is no good to rebound them knocked out of bounds by Illinois. And it'll be Lockhart and lived down baseline left side. And diamond looks a lot in the Preston. Julian midrange takes a couple dribbled into the paint now it's about pride Scoble left of the key back at all flopped Hartford three. The other three of diving through Wichita State. That's your second of the year. And the doctors now downside at 2419. And then it's art a little bit of a silly foul on the inbound pass. When the shocker do something good in the combat in this art makes. A bit of a silly mistake 94 feet away from the Illinois basket right in any. The shocker basket off the Illinois inbound trying to get its deals he just picked up her second round. We'll she's hustling intertwined with. Gotta be careful sometimes and pick your spots that was not the best spot there ain't with it sells these in the game Lozada cabbage is back into the game for Wichita State. She's in for Kiki Johnson. Shocker down fives it to fight to go first now writes a tough pill once you set fire to three. That's no good rebound battle four jump ball in Wichita State dot aero. So little goes to the shelters. The sergeant Andrews battling forward in the here. Anders got shoved away a little bit. Cooler heads have prevailed so Wichita state of having at the other end of the floor. Six minutes exactly left in the first half doctors down five. Before nineteen shoppers who overcame eight double digit first half deficit yesterday to tie the school. Before New Mexico went on another run in the second half is a foul away from the ball diamond Lockhart on the screen. And that's the unlock give it to flowers so. All the sudden after three which team fell through Illinois. That category is tied it three feet or Patrick for the basketball now top outfield. Where it over the ball left wing right back atop her doctorate. Kirkpatrick the ball to the right elbow dribbled underneath the bucket through the back of top Andrews hopefully in three. It got to a point guard penetrating all the way underneath the basket can kick me back up top with a baseball us. To the sentence at the top of the key knocking down a three. Well executed play their points in the nineteen Illinois definitely. He has Preston left cornerback Al Flockhart she thought about another three suitable for the free throw line and push it now. Diamond trying to make something happen right there got to the free throw line did a little Michael Jordan in the finals against the jazz. Pushed off the defendant she got called for the and for diamond that is too quick fouls on her. 505 to go first half Yonkers down 8719. Patrick across midcourt at the wheels off the left. Now to a back to the right she's on the wing cruise back on top now. It Jones to the left wing Andrew down to the corner right. Rice down in the left corner guarded by Stovall shocker is back in and help the conflict got it right wing shot at a distance of nine. There's Patrick on the wing down to the quantity Jones drives right baseline into a double team. Didn't see definitively no good rebound comes down to who it's out of bounds down off. Wichita State. 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Workshop ambassadors. House's war. Indications and. After the action to be a prestigious whistled for a foul as the shoppers had the basketball that another offensive talent. Another wasted opportunity for Wichita State they. Had three offensive fouls that is the last couple minutes and that'll kill an opportunity to score something in the shock as it struggled in the they're not even when he yet with a 415 mark. For the first half in the time left on a three wood up by violence that's no good rebound them down to. Rested and we want to hustle the other leg kicks down the left would snowball on the drive to the baseline to double team now that's a tough loss hurt shocker down. 1790. Crested right corner. Find this hard right glossary of terms of the green shoots itself around rattles around pops out noted that rebound Kirkpatrick. For Illinois. With the doctors struggling out there eight and 25 from the field scoreless in the last 240. Illinois leads by. Here's Chris Patrick off the screen wide open she after the wedding and a layup is no good rebound though not got a lot target of the doctors. I'm into the left wing into the paint running floater up and bill. That timeout called by Illinois this audience. So we're gonna stay right here we have to go through stuff literally 27 Wichita State's. 21 are starting lineups were brought you buy equity thing where you'll never paid AT&T featured this is an online equity bank dot com. Trying to do to catch appear in our sponsors because this game. Started about three or four minutes early and then during timeouts they are not seek the pool allotted time that. We take this thing is just that's what the hurry is who we are rushing this thing. And he did doctors play you get that personal view online order any Wichita area Papa John's like on the up at Johns dot com used that promote those shocker here. And exceed your shocker discount and don't forget we will be at age he's at the Alley thirteenth agree with this Monday night at 7 o'clock for the shocker basketball feel with. Coach he and we'll do the Gregg Marshall troopers from 67. Then coach items from 78. Eighties at the Alley thirteen degree which Rhode come join us from 78 but he hadn't you know if you can't make it will carry it right here. On he and incest shocker down six back to the action now. Three and a half ago first half up top now Beasley back in the game she appears to be better to toss to the right corner. The guy who boys into the game she's a freshman from granite city Illinois now the work that he hadn't had. Back up not easily for three off the side of the red no good rebound is chased down by Jones that he. Could not save it said opted out of balance. So better defense their for the truckers although they got a bit of a break in this wide open three for easily. She's not much of a three point threat those who perhaps they. Gave her that she it's now Wichita State basketball. Exactly three minutes to go recruit staff doctors don't think it's still all right doubles it to the right wing Lockhart to dribble inside the arc and hit. From the right double extended and it's good. And diamond Lockhart now with seven points in the game boy and she elevated her options this season and that's been good to see and the shocker really need. Down by four point 723. And 35 left in the first half. Pat had a tough looking right. But she'll throw to the left Joseph it's guarded by still lost. That would rebels want to have socket type now the more he'll firing three badly missed a glass that's our captain rebound over it was not a cabbage. And they shot this with all that out down by only four. You twenty to build her up without habitat of the key rebels want rose writes I pressed to top that he painted up there the locker diamond. It was right at the Eagles not accounted for three that's not very shortly that comes down to be easily. So Illinois with a basketball now moving from our right to left really by fourth two minute mark. Second quarter Beasley an opportunity to look out wide open layup. How the ball broke free right underneath. For a pretty little play in Illinois back at 629231. Basket of the game for ball. Senior from Saint Louis used the oval that he goes right we go to. Those are the cabbage Sabrina is its left side now the oval again on your back atop Sabrina. Over the rights that now Preston inside the arc ovals wants the baseline suits and that stuff long. And all the rebounds and fouled gonna be called on Illinois. On the rebound. And that is going to be. On patent headed Illinois in the answers second so. That'll send bizarre to the free throw line. Actually that the fourteenth now the shocker lined up if you. But that's just the fourth the shocker to commit night he threw it. They'll have that gets one more about illegal to get to the line in doubt comes depressed and down to the reporter Lockhart. A tough Lozada cabbage to left wing tool wolf love that the confidence is back in turns around and if they delays no good. And Lozada caddie it's not the rebound out of bounds. The normally with a basketball now. 115 left in the first fighting Illini 29. Wichita State 23 years before you have double extended jump shot up. That it feels right now. He's got me fired a couple of three point yes but it to point me there from about sixteen. 3123. Illinois with a lead Lockhart left wing. He says that you'll back us now crested. Announced noble to the right Greenfield delivered to those not haven't skipped past left wing craft an open three shots long Julius cold coming into the game. Rebound go to Lockhart shoppers can be set. You're not into the pay back up now to Sabrina was not the cabbage into the lane running shot two strong off the window and the rebound comes down to Illinois. Illinois now has about 32 difference between game they shot well. So they can wind this thing down actually four seconds difference and they are the gonna wind down and leave little time for Wichita State. These misguided on the right wing with fifteen now that's an out. Shot clock down to it. He directs traffic. I'm on the right side shot like 17 o'clock and eleven bees we on the right we still dribbling down moves into the paint dribble into the left hand shoots on the run and it's good. With one on the shot clock and now three on the game clock Lockhart permit for. What happened almost would. It caught the bottom of the net. Just a little bit short but she had it I don't mind. But we go to the locker room shocker struggling offensively. Find themselves down by double digits this school or Illinois 33 Wichita State. 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And they find themselves down to the fighting Illini violently this school or 33 to 23. Our potential brought to you by credit union of America check out credit union of America for your small business needs credit union of America. Proud sponsor of W as you basketball. Re deeply sorry for the shelters. Leading the way with eight points but she's got a couple of files I've marker with seven. Only two other players have scored Sabrina was not the cabbage with Ford and keeping Thompson with scores of only four players past or from Wichita State and doctors are gonna need some help. Themselves down. 3323. Was only shooting 48% from the field on thirteen to 27. And six of fourteen from outside the arc that is good for 42%. To put that in perspective. Illinois his team that I talked about throughout the first half. Does not shoot the three a lot has not hit well they were only 28%. Shooting team from outside the honor. Averaging five minutes per game well they've already made. Six and one half. Dockers and played some zone and kind of gambled that one Illinois beat them from outside the equity. There's one of the big differences in the game right there Illinois with the lead. 33 point three calpers got outrebounded Illinois. Once he is 151003. Point is the reason why illinois' the ten point lead. For sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to think that shot for ambassadors Wichita State to the level. A corporate partners also want to know the pedal boat and not communications. If your interest in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics hall soccer sports properties at 316. 978752. Against Cleveland 677. Side. He and two. Think long shocker ambassadors. Illinois 33 which accounts for 43. During halftime feel lucky like that you. America we'll take another time out come back and run down more of the first half that you're listening. The shocker basketball hockey and soccer sports properties on in assess. 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We did Saturday and I live in balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help life. Go right. Eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's all happening right here on KMS that. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Indications and. Any day these doctors played it. Get 50% off your online order at any Wichita area Papa John's blog on the Papa Johns dot com or use the promo codes shocker fifty. And receive your shocker is can Wichita State. Trailing Illinois by the score of 33. To 23 let's run down some of the first that's that's where. We'll see it was only shooting really well the soccer's on the fighting Illini. Thirteen of 27 from the field that's 48%. While they shocker ten of 33 that is 30% the shocker struggling again from outside the arc. There is one of eight from three point range while Illinois is six to fourteen that was a big difference in last night's game. New Mexico Wichita State that similar numbers from outside the arc and it's. Happening again today each team has shot two free throws which obviously both of theirs Illinois to repeal. Wichita State is out rebounding Illinois twenty to 58. To two on the offensive glass and a second chance points to lead. 92. In the scoring department as I mentioned earlier just four hits or from Wichita State. Range this art with a seven for diamond Lockhart the four reach for Kiki Thompson's agreement without the cabbage that is it. Illinois paced by Ali Andrews who has 33 pointers T three out of or from outside the arc. He by yourself as to what three point eight. The entire soccer team she's got eleven points nine for a rainy Beasley this significant drop off as a few players have three. Sierra writes analyst Alex Whitner. And then he can't hit all we've 3.2. Weeks after Jalen accurate. Or how he ball. In the turnover department Wichita State with six Illinois with for both teams currently believe in that department and as a result. Illinois with only five points off turnovers that doctors with war. And the stat that matters most the one on the scoreboard Illinois got yet there bites head. As we'll take another time out this poll only 33. Wichita State. 23. Competitively priced services from checking accounts to home loans and everything in between. Credit union of America proud and sponsors Wichita State basketball again illinois' 33 Wichita State 23. Another timeout you're listening to shocker basketball brought about shocker sports properties on in assess things. Expense I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening lightning is striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on faith and as bad. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Patience and. Teams back out onto the floor now Wichita State. Down the fighting Illini that only 3323. Doctors. Is an Illinois team that really offensively. Is not lighting up Illinois is six of fourteen from outside the three point arc but again. That's not really there animal but when you consider that Illinois. Because 63 point makes already there shooting. 42% from outside the arc. Wichita State's got to feel pretty good the illness all of you with 33 points in and that's trampling. I think the soccer's very much in this thing if they can get their offense going you can't count on Illinois I don't think continuing the three point. With this kind of success that we'll see what happens the rest of the way. 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Window treatments shaped shelters or blinds got you covered of Wichita is your one stop shop at got you covered Dan will pay close attention to your needs and is just the right products for your space offering high quality products from the top manufacturers and industry called again today to take advantage of got you covered Sri cordless promotion going on through the end of the year some restrictions apply cold damp 3166127000. Or go to got you covered in Wichita dot com for a free no obligation consultation mentioned the shoppers and receive an additional 10% off any order got you covered Cisco shocks. Adjacent JB joins us from beyond reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK yeah. Workshop ambassadors for. How's the war. Impatient. Welcome back to the pit dreams dial into the call right now in Albuquerque that's hard to keep you. That's pretty neat related with corporate sponsorships. Nonetheless it's Illinois 33 Wichita State when he trees were about ready. Perhaps number two action suit that shocker dump them out with some more. Offensive aggressiveness here in the second half because. They're very much in this game and his team is proven at this time. Up here right and yesterday they can overcome. Double digit deficits and did so against better teams I think the Illinois right. And in Mexico that's against Illinois. This is the team that I think it's vulnerable to shoppers can get something going offensively they sent them back when this game. Also let's not forget also that will be disclosed little Alex written your bit. Pick up a couple thousand dollars they can. Perhaps get her to get to third with one. Who knows if there at the game at sea without belittling. In my left to right here in the second half was sitting across. From the team teams' benches here at this this would give up the basket while it's available only habit not to delay. Throughout they had got to keep keep Johnson streaking into the basket think you'll look over at the start to rebound putback nobility and the shock adjustments to more list. The rebound is out of bounds off Illinois. Is in the socket missing clothes and not just. Not able to put the ball in from even the closest. Distances they do get the ball was not happy in the corner not that accounts and Kiki left we remember those you know. Hutu rebels and those battles on average now in broad view for three left wing. And since I. Really is come alive here these. Last couple of days for your first point of the season scored the last couple days five last night there's three more shocker down seven now here's what. Bad driving in the basket contact on the way. You go to the free throw line. Illinois going aggressively the basket that time. And it was Kennedy cat head the senior from bowling brook Illinois taking it hard to the hole shall go to the line. She's 70% free throw shooter in the first free throws QE is good. Until one more. Those not a cabbie called for the well let's agree that second. Sabrina did that start the game but starting the second half. Played well in the first half next week through this. Four points and five rebounds for Sabrina. And that first. Free throws went back up around 93546. Just about a minute gone in order Kiki content top of the key. Really with a left hand off of the left the key hands off a tough walk on the road you know the top that he loved me they Sabrina layup. Out of the power. Good work by a Grant Hill should get the assist and simply delays an afternoon at her family and friends in the stands applauding. Those are the cabbage and let him off the bench last night will go to the line to finish off the team to the three point play. That is her sixth point of the game this doctors now down by seven. Doctors have a chance to get a couple of three point plays one via a field goal one from the old school variety and Sabrina doesn't. He knocks down the free throw. Refers to the day. Since six points for the shot here's the first minute and ten seconds of the third quarter and they are looking more aggressive. You're in the second half down by six. 3549. And now this a look at the steel gets her hands in the passing lane to want to bounce pass Lockhart I mean drives layups is no good. Let's start lost the rebound underneath go away. Is good for Ambrose go. And life liquids the other half racists are yeah it's a four point game 3531. They start the half for the doctors let's see if they can. He could only Andrews back up to us now Icrc doctor Kirkpatrick dribbling like. Andrews topped the key. Backs it up outside the arc hands off last week that bad. Joseph dribbled off the key to the right hand. Down the right side of the lane wild shots up no good both on the cabbage clears. Could rebound for Sabrina her sixth aboard the game. There's lots are now stopping the left double shields and a couple of top there have been a good Kiki counts of the rebound but she couldn't save it from going out of bounds she threw it to Illinois. Technically she saved but through to the wrong team now Alley and yours right corner three it's nothing that's off the front of the rim no good. Rebound is Anders on the right baseline they'll Lozada cabbage tried to rip the ball away that the jump ball the Euro and they've ripped Wichita State. Illinois not really gone for the jugular here they look a little lethargic in the shelters just the opposite here in the third quarter and now it's not Christiane for. With a chance to draw closer 735 left or quarter. Lockhart topped the key right side to a broad view and opportunity for the start please note that Reggie got out. And if that's going to be on what you get that through third let's see if it is. Looks like that they've got. That help defender and they did that now the third on what you're instead. On Kirkpatrick that's exactly. At least here today about to check into Wichita State that we needed to the line. She will shoot two to put these shelters within 21. One on its way is no good off the field. Crazy is now two for three from the free throw line. First shot or miss of the day there's three of four. It was not cabbage out of the game high fives on the events for her as these aren't knocked down the next three through. Shot yours down 33537. And a half ago. They're cool as you rightly because Patrick outside the arc back if not that it Whitner wicked left wing Beasley. And indeed if he's regarded by nature to jumper that short Kiki talented guys he got the bullet Kiki want to run. You count the shocker that left wing Flockhart. Now back up to Thompson now that he had broad field. And the shoppers will settle into their half court offense he's outside the arc the free throw line right wing of the day. All of overhead that it will not that we know from packet pocket Thompson comes from off the corner road underneath but so are. Another nice person Zaria road kill and they sell art laser outfitted its old one point game. 3534. Eleven to one of the runs religious and I stated now without it he called on the doctors. Away from the basketball. Eleven B two is the run for Wichita State actually to start this quarter. And dwindling 3534. With a lead they've got the basketball. Right so right now this is going to be Jones is back in Britain. Back up top now to Andrews left wing Beasley the work that Tucker Patrick. Squares up to the basket guarded by Ambrose you shock and and maybe it's Kirkpatrick dribbles right double extended sound that's right we've got to cut it. That has dribbling outside the arc view atop the key leads that entity for wicker who fades away shots up it's no good and an offensive rebounds for Illinois. Beasley left wing. Finds that head underneath the bucket. Dribble contest shoots that shot no good rebound knocked around and Kiki Johnson comes with a crew Wichita State. Three mile three years Kiki into the paint it's downright mean this is what cart jump shot and it sort rebound comes to Kiki. He keep it in near the paint rightly pass this article three that's not very shortly deep. And able. And the rebound them down easily for Illinois. Beasley love than any nobody picked up with your legs up with no good. And she can't handle the rebound helping to pack up and a double team turns her shot blocked by the so hard. Now with anger get to. A right wing passed Andrews who goes up that easily. Now a little we'll sit there have Rudolph and there's a liability and amp roach coaches help the guy called for a while now. When that was tough was right there look like with your travel before. Contact him Rhode Island and basic content but that he's dead. It was not a huge. Illinois will in about 525 to go third quarter shocker down one this part of the team goes on economic back in. Beasley inbound right baseline fines for Patrick on the way to dribble toward the top of the key to the left him out threw it back right we'd be easily looking for pat has posting up. She loved the cat had posted up on Thomson Terrance those other candidates got the block and it's out of bounds off Sabrina. Good health finals on campus police he brought some energy off the bench. Shoppers on any of the island Illinois inbound scoreless in the last four minutes. Beasley gets in the right corner Al evils of the games you'll find with your updates on base with one up and it's good. There really working to get Alex whit Anderson shots now she's got that would go it is three point illinois' lead through Whitner. That was just here at this point the game goes on capitol yup. Put good at it. The our on ball. And so the free throw line here today. Three point play. It would take some time now with these jokers it's that guy after being down and at the half or 54 left their orders or Illinois 37. Wichita State duties this huge shocker basketball. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first since this with no smiles. Your parents are staying home weekends wound up on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. Healthy smile as an hour. A thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. A little thing called taxation without representation one caused quite a stir with you here thanks. 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Sabrina the exotic cabbage just what it did double figures for the second day in a row and she also. Has helped to shoppers tied the score at 37 with a made free throw after Wichita State. Was down ten at the house. They scored 23 in the first half is already scored fourteen in the third quarter shot put up for the pain that would. Good and that was that had through Illinois that just gave the lead back to soccer's aggressive at the other end of the war. In their offensive output. They are much more aggressive a lot more urgency. Kiki Thompson right baseline it was not a cabbage midrange jumper no good rebound knocked out of bounds by Illinois. This shocker offense looks a lot more assertive now they may change the call are there. They're gonna talk about it and they are at Illinois basketball. Think that was Kiki Thompson they're gonna see that exploiting it out of bounds. The ball right at the Illinois shot his five of eleven. In the third quarter from the field that's 45% while Illinois has one of eight. Defense. This quarter by the shock is actually that was at the time out had hit hit at the basket right after the timeout. The to a 900 lineup. Nearly threw it away from the baseline that's a tough person. Chases down. That was after the rightly process they'll run loss comes down to the right baseline and beat the market she threw it away. Good defense by Wichita State. Mr. Patrick drove down to the right baseline underneath the bucket and try to hit one out in the last week and she fired a missile. Will be one of her teammates got a chip on Wichita State with a ball now. Three point trip they can rapidly gain Mickey Thompson with a basketball that's the key into the paint running voters up the good. Six points for Kiki getting aggressive in the patent floating would have been in. And we're tied again at 39. Patrick with a right we all of overhead on that last drive to the pain he left baseline now Andrew that's between Beasley jumper no good. Rebounded and he thought. Had what I have Rosie O. Layup is good down with a well every time he shot series tied up now Illinois comes back with a play. Truckers can't get on that run that hits them over the hump. And the free throw line is hadn't. Yet. Three indigo third quarter 4139. Illinois with Lee. I had 70% from the line on the year. Yeah he's two for two would make it three for three. Read through the noise at least one lead. He's 39 diamond rock hard to keep it counts of right wing back Lockhart and he goes on at the number of field. Left is he up to look hard enough there to keep. Kiki tapped to head with a ride him that call the play fifteen on the shot clock Thompson inches up to the top of the key throws right we got lost art. Back up hockey team that we do about it. It was not a cabbage drives left Atlanta is still. But Sabrina what the left hand she's got killed and six bowlers and the doctors one again forty to 41 would it mean for Sabrina. When Beasley. Not now with your back into the game as he looks left himself back now. To be easily doable right outside the arc right now. Yeah shoot dribble inside the top of the keys to the right elbow jumper about no good rebound goes up and guys. How about the lead out released yet they shocker handed out that it comes at you from Wichita State and logistics community the bucket. Kicks it out to the right wing Lockhart jumper from there until it. It's it's do or die but she was just inside the arc. From about eighteen and they shocker of the lead. Wichita State is now 4342. As the shoppers about school or illegal alien this border once you design and 58 left in the third quarter. There has back up that easily easily into easily up to the top he moved to the last. Looking back to the right now in there she still heavily outside the arc. Except the rebels it goes left side of the ball. All right now these three on the shot clock easily able last week three out of that last no hood. Nice defense is set for Wichita state of that cabbage the rebound out of Lockhart to the left baseline base jumper but it's no good. That was not a bad shot I don't think released it was early in the shot that she was open it was mid range from about fifteen feet she could not that would down just and is now. Yonkers that's offensively as well amid the team left their quarters doctors of 14342. All activity. On the left wing of suitable into the paint the right things like reflect won three medals at home. Alley and yours quiet within three days now but not down her fourth of the game there the legal is definitely that will be like 43. Under him and he goes there and order. I'm in Los describes this week's right now veering off to the right. Those back up to Johnson. He keep active and ride lot Illinois has done they'll hear these 23 little flaws are right wing with three. Three diamonds burglar to tell us today. As luck cards got her second of the day and the shelters back on top now 4640. Lives. Five seconds difference between the team that shot clock job clocked out in nineteen gain market when he wore. Beasley back that up with Europe now with your hands off the ball all topped the keys left wing Andrews along three rattled. Only injuries knocked down there. Three pointer of the game shot but they're adopted bucket. Kiki Thompson left wing with or Lockhart with three a couple of the cabbage she's got 8121. That's now the third quarter comes to it in. But it is the third quarter it was for the doctors they thought the way that it down by. We go to the sport this sport Illinois 48 Wichita State. We sit here listening to shocker basketball rookie by soccer's sports properties on in this that. Eleven states thirteen institution. Some of the nation's largest markets. There is power in our side. Over 360000. Student two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with the make up Bob powers six. No and across the country as. One a shocker drove into an American athletic conference tussle you can bet they rolled it on tires from Kansas land tire and ball was shock is looking up on some unsuspecting opponent on the hard wood and a escalate mascot what happened did the air fire what do his tires blew shocked nosy can count on Kansas land tired to be Johnny on the spot with service and repair with six Wichita metro locations and 23 all across the state you can count on Kansas land tired just like you can count on the shocker for the store nearest you go to Kansas land tired dot com can't display entire -- -- Ernie repaired these guys care. Are you doing there. Beautiful cars into. What's the right yeah 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course 92 he hates. My but it's more like seventy let me talk to the boss who would like to do well there insurance companies just seeing how are we see something you weren't really hard part of the planet given to protect. Deserves. Put out he's never done this before but he says I didn't immediately let us into some free air parishioners deal. State farm. Call anything today. George story from coast to coast AM join me week knights right here fine PMS. Workshop ambassadors. How's the war. Occasions and. Back to the action now Illinois basketball from my left to right as we start the fourth quarter. That we got herself the ballgame Illinois 48 Wichita State 46 we all left wing. Down Anders in the quarter that got it gardeners. She's five of seven from three point range today she's at the top speaking out and rodeo is things right here and Andrew to what we passed the ball. Back up at me it's not talks now under nine. Hathead dribbling the top of the key doing the right now back to the top of the key sets. But thanks. This defense Lockhart cap hit still traveling that would throw the whole wild without the buzzards and have bought. Good defense by Lockhart at the top that he good job and rose yo on. They shot clock violation to start the fourth quarter against Illinois shoppers with a basketball now. Down by two luck on top that he throws left the key was not happy he tries to find decided letter to fly and now. Sabrina meiji. That's pretty good chemistry like that let. Oftentimes they'll make passes and either intercepted or they lead the other went to Florida goes out of bounds that we did. Kirkpatrick on the right wing politics at us now approvals on Kiki comes into the baseline underneath the basket. The cat had left baseline the ball left wing three up and do good and in Rosie goes up and grabbed the rebound. And she got well biker Patrick. And that'll be Wichita State basketball. We're necessarily gonna grow he'll come alive in these two games in Mexico. Five points last night fight today seven rebounds last night read today she also has five assists today. She got rewarded for last night's effort with the start. There's no reason to think she won't be starting in tomorrow's news just had delightful turn on for her today here in Albuquerque. Last night actually his Lockhart in to the top that he wants to shoot jumpers it's good rebound comes down to Beasley. Easily the other way at the left side of the floor to the top of the key. Now backs and out and we'll set up their half court offense eight you have to go fourth quarter shocker down to 4846. Dylan's with a basketball throughout the top now that had pumped faked it three. Guarded by Thomson now crosses over dribbles to the right wing. Doubles in the traffic except the dribble through that back up to wing circles Beasley shot clock down to six Beasley leads for Andrews. Anders pump fakes the most directly two to three are you. Contested by those are the cabbage. She knocks it down anyway at Andrews now six of eight from outside the arc. To put it on fourth quarter. Illinois back at five diamond to the right baseline back atop a bruise you know hard to drive the lane and left hander is still on. It with a foul this argued the free throw line to try and finish at three point play. Now all the sudden and Rosie was exceeded last night's point total of five with seven. Jeans were eight and again she had not scored coming into Albuquerque. And it's put up twelve combined in the last two games finished yet with this one. Since the scenario to this drive. To shoot the free throw. And she's not sit down that was your first refuel the season it was good. Just like that's the shocker back when did do. He won the forty. This is Andrew let me now easily back up top Andrews. Reduce the left side now Beasley you know outside the arc. Leave that up high now for Anders again topped the heat riveting you'll left. The defense by the doctors that were right sided Jones Dylan guided by a broad Joseph sits on the shot clock is becoming a series after series thing. With three with two. With Juan. The shot clock violation again. As the doctors have buckled down defensively. And this second shot clock violation of the last few series. For Illinois and now Wichita State with a basketball again. Playing a much more complete second half both offensively and defensively. If they can find a way it is definitely injuries. They did that series. Shoppers with a two point trip here can tie the score. He won 49 little 750 left in the game counts and stuff a lot more confident he. And wrote him up and down the quarter was not the cabbage just shut up no good. Sabrina was opening could hit that shot but this that would. Mean literally the rebounds three minutes on third quarter sharply down to. He won 49. Easily access the dribble through rightwing editor Patrick announced house to Andrews fading away right baseline shots up the good. Well she's good for a Middle Ages twelve fading away on the right baseline up over those not a cabbage. Alley Andrew's got that would go 5349. Andrews now with one feet two. Whoever's team. 53 points here's a passage of the pets beside this could catch. Injury stepped up what he'd done it that's all through an older Wichita State easily left doubled jumper good. People Adam's friends. With the ball across the court called for a timeout Lockhart. Now paying attention and now his time now. Vehicle will take you to Illinois and a bit of an odd usage when he won left in the game. Fighting Illini 55 Wichita State 49 you're listening to shock the basketball brought to you by shoppers with properties on in access. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. 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AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the county home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. Bill Cunningham. Here are the great American join me. Workshop ambassadors. House of war. Cox Communications and 613 left in the game shelters down 65549. Guidelines cover of basketball that. Eight on the shot clock if he keeps on the inside the top of the laughable. Dribbling the back of the bucket. He lost his return over Wichita State. Shot as it turned it over now for the ninth time today we basketball in this thing and I mean. The crowd at all levels not happy that the wired. Concentrated she reached the round with tiger who's trying to receive the pass. That's the first team fell in Wichita State is now. Illinois with cute. Third ballot in Johnson greenish doctors who scoreless in the last two minutes plus Kirkpatrick with basketball right wing. You're linked stationary now moved on base once it's left side and there's still puffing driving in those who doesn't. That I've actually that was nice with a basketball. And rice gets it to go in Illinois now up by eight. They've come alive again after the shocker that is they tied at 49. Thompson right elbow has adopted laws are right in diamond jumped out it's what rebound this garden and he pump fakes and putback was well. And it's out of bounds who witnessed. The shock is we'll rebound them. So range he will inbounds. On the right baseline gets it and that Johnson got the right one here. To rain gear right wing just it's idea. Dribbles into the paint with 1 o'clock. Good luck that follows well in Illinois. That's that's very personal home. Content and you're so bizarre to the free throw line. Indeed he's you do first went up on its way hood. That is why there quarter range that seat he can heat up in the fourth shocker is when neither. This yard one of reach doctors. With twelve points and now she's taken the team lead with their team as he gets an excellent ago. Idol four left in the game it was the only 57. Wichita State if you want. Beasley right side outside the art before the ball a lot to do what you're. At the free throw line back to the bucket of it it's swears that notable than not there was a back up could easily now Kirkpatrick with a ball high left side. Dribbling outside the arc. Right manipulative driving scoop shot up what it would do no good. Here though the offensive rebound and it's gonna hurt she got twelve as well by both naughty athletes. Really a tough series right there the shocker got the benefit of the missed layup that it's Sabrina called for the now. On the rebound and Sabrina Hinske picked up. Another fell for her and that is your sport. I'm not on the floor for forty left in the game Illinois 57. Wichita State if you while you're listening to shock the basketball. Rescue by shocker sports properties on these incidents. Its own reflection of his homework sounds like between seventeen should be closeout is on. I'm buying at seven. The 27 teams are going fast they'll get special clothes out pricing and most popular twin seventeen ship models like Silverado Tahoe and traverse its London trade and get a great deal during the Tony seventeen should be close out. See your hometown Chevy dealer today. 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Shelter insurance through your shield your shelter or renters insurance siege Katie Shanle our match rifle on Wichita or Lindsay geared up and derby. This is Michael Savage stormy week nights debate on gay and. Workshop ambassadors for. House's war. Patience and. All right after the timeout Illinois its aggressive again and Witten you're not down a jumper into the fighting Illini now eighth. 5950. Ones they tend to run to hide. At 49 moments ago for fifty left your general view to the right baseline move I haven't gotten a lost art. Guided crosses over drive the lane wild shots that no good keep your contacts and diamond will go to the free throw line. That was Sierra rice that got the play calls for the block island. Lockhart to the stripe were diamonds pretty good. Three out of four all this season coming into the game today. These will be her first attempt of the day shocker is no field goals in the last three and a half minutes. We'll see if diamond can get them a couple of points right here for a late left in the game. Illinois 59 Wichita State 53. Nancy Fahey the coach for Illinois. Talking to one of the officials about something he's done over this course it. Whatever lies they've figured out and diamond Lockhart will now shoot 21 went on its way until it. And one more for Lockhart. And has really stepped up her offensive game this season. Diamond with their team coming into the game today averaging six knots that went down key averages. War. All of last season so much better 2017. To start. For her she makes both soccer still well within striking distance down by six at the four minute mark left the game. Beasley just right the key is to move left to the left wing inside the are now down to the left block shots up no good she got fouled by Lockhart. I'm in what's straight up with a hands Dotson contact on the body according to the official. And that Wilson easily to the free throw line from 51 left the game and Malia 65953. Burst free throws for Beasley on the afternoon Randy Beasley. Very good though the seas and 81% coming into the game first when he's good. She was seventeen it when he line from the strengthening and make that eighteen to 22 and one more years he is he free Illinois with a lead. And 6150. Threes he's not both of them down south of the ball 350 left in the game. Apart from a study habits are lucky enough we have them broad field. That's a tough snowball in the game out of luck I got the right one of Sabrina opens three. Guys. As well exotic. Not that would. Sabrina good for three. She's now got fifty that doctors are down 56156. Green and knocks down her first week of the day. More than five coming into the contest. Right down the left baseline with your kicks down the right when it Kirkpatrick pump faked a throw that up easily. Under the rights right now on the weaker country. Right baseline. With tiger shot a little bit and enters the rebound she got out on the rebound and I think that was quite diamond was that report. Needed was that was also the fourteenth album Wichita State. 308 left in the fourth quarter Illinois 61 Wichita State's 56. Beasley and downright baseline gets within their rights right dribbles one down the right baseline taxes right back in the corner to Beasley. It will not that we knew it was way up high. On the right side guys with a ball again. Guarded by Stovall of doctors and amendment. Rights dribbling left between the greens now to the left wing of the left block him one up it. That falls off but she got out she's gonna go to the free throw line. And that was on the range and that's the third on this. So for for Lockhart corporal Lozada cabbage. And three now more bizarre those are also the shocker top three scorers and rice misses this route free throws. Sierra rice is only four of seven coming into the game and she misses the front in and the packages hood. Doctors with a ball in his life was ordered. 62. New pieces excellent got the lead still only a two possession game is sorry catches right baseline fired. Right he knocks it down Keith Adams a quicktime wound up. It was there for Wichita State the 240 mark 62 feet yeah it is indeed up yet that he knew she's got fifteen now. Well in the score sheet this dashing from. Wichita State started to look like would you like to see from this team that got three in double figures answers are yes and Rosie O these two points away. We'll be having a fourth and doubled the now the bad side of that is that God's over the plate but not scored at all. Indeed Tom it's a tough day today for five. That she's not let it all this. We see if they scoreless in eleven minutes to be trusted that should be incorporated in seasonal increase. She's not played much only seven minutes on this noble. Fourteen minutes no points he does have a cup. Witnesses through all the scoring bites I players today Wichita State government double figures zone. Pressure here by the doctors about three quarter court. We're going passes through right now Beasley Wilson writes our kicker Patrick on the wing guarded by Ambrose you know. Patrick now bounced the right incline. This is what you do with it should drive levels not happy feet of the basket late but no good and Sabrina gets the rebound that's okay. Also locker here come the shocker that guy that pulled up just inside the arc shoot the jumper looked around and around the SARS but the rebound underneath laser. I. The line for a three point play. Work on the board by the sword. Or 63 down to the game seventeenth boy and now arranging for a kid to all the doctors wouldn't want it at 210 left in the game. Only diamond head that would roll about 75%. Around the arraignment popped out but he. Worked out OK for Wichita State it is rage get the offensive rebound put back without the free throw is. We've got a one point game. It would only now is gone scoreless in the last two minutes when he five seconds and the shocker down one that he will fight to kill. And now Illinois could well. 832. Timeouts that we will. Stay right here but it got exciting again. The wolves or left in regulation literally 62. Wichita State 61. Each team is committed five he sells so we will shoot free throws the rest of the way. With its soccer team is hungry in the intermountain looking like in the second half it's like yeah. Doctors. Shot the ball. At just 838%. Clip in the effort excuse me that's for the team. 48%. This. It's not much that is because in the first half they were just ten of 33. The 30% so much better second half offensively. And defensively for that matters well. Illinois trying to get it in the lot of pride enters into all the way out here is what the Beasley. One on the shot clock for belittling these intervals over the right wing. And the man defense for Wichita State as easily left him dribble to the right elbow you to jump hook up there battles that. That's a nice jotted nice move. Illinois back up three about 45 left in regulation. Doctors down 6461. Lockhart now that the civil rights. Activists are ready to let him heal. Again it's history dribbles into the lane leads exotic happens nicely without the lawless. I'm not sure those are the cabbage was that the right life if she wasn't expecting the pass. But there was a little opening there for a broad view of who had the right idea Sabrina. Justin holiday and went off for him to 21 full court pressure from Wichita State. When the light passes through it they lead by 3120. Left in the game. Easily between the Marines. Moving off to the left now back to the top of the key just ride it that July public entity to Andrews Lazard I think. Size disadvantage there for Wichita State hourly enters its sixth youth. She's made 63 pointers today that kind posting up. Using his size and got it to go that was a big one. Here's this art at the other end right block with epic shot no good range he gets out to go to the line. The foul line waiting here and that is here that. So those meetings or a player who averages a double double Alex was eager for Illinois. Leaves. Doctors that are really good job on her key averages fourteen teams he scored that it's happened. And he's gone and only three rebounds as well as he averages and the team. The number on her with Anders really hurt the shoppers today still time though he's eight seconds left. Free throws for this art first one is good. Friendly bounces well. Make year and it is no one possession game 6662. This school right now. Seconds left a lot of time. It's hard to try to get to twenty points induced with this made 330 on its way he and look. The other one possession game. Dockers and demand full court down by three under a minute ago and it took off at Wichita State's got hero after the yen down. Beasley was trapped on the sidelines. And those are the cabbage debt to gains on the ball and Wichita State as well they've got it now with a team that you don't need this week for the time left. 55 seconds left doctors down three. And they throw. A lot of heart. When she might have been trying to pass it to the start of the corner diamond saw that was heard deflected the ball off of her hands. Helicoptered over their shoppers need another turnover now themselves. 53 seconds left or port and then about Wichita State and its timeouts got to be called by Illinois. There was nearly 52 hole. Over the fighting Illini will have to in down in down in the corner. Illinois got a new shot clock of course 53 seconds left in the game. And only sixty seats in Wichita State 63. Shoppers were down ten at the half but came out. In the second half looking like a new team offensively. Much more assertive and aggressive offensively and has shot the ball much better. And now there within striking distance but they're gonna obviously need another stop. Down by threes with 53 ticks all the left. In the fourth quarter. Diamond laws aren't playing with four fouls Sabrina was not cabbage also was. Rangers this three. That's significant it is those three also the three leading scorers in the game for Wichita State this guard with plenty of Saudi cabbage with fifty. Lockhart with fourteen. Illinois does get to advance the ball up near their bit so there's there in the floor now as cap hit will look to get it in. And still look. Still look at she threw it away he had to get rid of it do avoid a 52 call and the shoppers that this deal won't cart left elbow jumper really. Six seconds last night when they asked. Another driver out all that's what you tell us they don't play some defense that only down on and with 46. Kids left in the game. They shocker we'll get the basketball well. Illinois has used their final timeout. Wichita State has won this is a sixty. Seconds I'm down. But what it job by these doctors in the second. And where it would Illinois be without the shooting at Ali Andrews. Shoppers who knows if he did that 377. Coming into the game but today he is sick today from outside the art. But the numbers the numbers that he shot these defensively at. Alex wit here. It not be forgotten averages fourteen and today it's so evidently he felt that if you minutes ago. For the shoppers now playing some defense but again. We'll get the ball that it was. There's some sort of I'll work. An offensive rebound by Illinois. 46 seconds still on the game clock in and do 32 shot clock for Illinois. So who shot her place of defense you've got to. Get the ball back Illinois once again and down to advancing the ball. Right at the front of their own entity in its rice interestingly enough who did bounding after throwing it like the last time. The shocker Judah in a pressure group though. And rose you're right in front of her but not the double team him. Look we're 0211 still she lived there for a lot but I cannot now. And let's start. With if he's down face down in the law that made its Wichita State ticket okay. Boy Illinois but it was interesting after rice made the big mistake on the inbounds pass that letter wrote in making an. And again she threw it away. And it was this steel for Ambrose go off to La cart related. And Wichita State's got the lead. 676641. Seconds left him Rosie O appears to be a patient back up on me. Although she's been taken to the band's. He Pete Townshend is in that's life for defensive purposes anyway. Link to the floor to go 41 seconds left shocker by one. Looking for that elusive first victory of the season. But it sounded in Albuquerque. I'll support them easily across this war. Shocker for the man to man game clock 33 shot clock he's twenty to beat the united that he just got twelve by the sword all the way out. The top of the key. And ranging surprise there that's an incentive good free throw shooter the line. That's the fourth on ranging down. The bad news views each unit it's a negotiated the free throw line. But there are thirty point five seconds left. In the games too essentially no matter what happens here Wichita State in play for the last shot and threw food on the free throw. We are tied at 67. What would a telephone. 21 feet away from the basket with your back to the bucket. Next what is up the good doctors down one. They can play for one shot Keith Adams is gonna have the shocker to try and do that as he calls a timeout. With 26 seconds left in the game. The shot here's all the time out. This will be a thirty. Illinois 68 Wichita State 67. But this shocker team. Again down fifteen crate and they came back and tied that game out. At Tennessee that led by four after one quarter. Nevertheless tendency to want to run in the first up was significant ones they trailed only by a point out. Really get a good job of pulling that thing down they've killed some resiliency. Some comeback ability down by eleven in this one. Wichita State moments ago had the legal forget that we got eleven last night. Before heading back that's a home game for New Mexico. Good crowd here to making a lot of noise in shock that overcame a double digit deficit to tie this one they still lost by doubles is useless. He backed or tied up when they could've been run out of the Chia Hillary got 45 left in doubt the lock our shoppers playing for one shot. Down by one with twenty Lockhart that you left doubled took a quick note please don't doubt that Illinois. What they feel has opted not to play for one shot and for practical with the the home. And it sure looked like she did they not gonna get it. And I was getting calls with ten seconds left instead that's on diamond Lockhart who fell out of the game. And Keith Adams is still asking why that didn't call the whole ball. And Lockhart is spelled out. The game Kirkpatrick to the line she's been issued to now with ten seconds left even if Kirk Patrick makes vote. The shocker can still send this thing to overtime with a three point may. Julia Preston about the check in for Lockhart. Diamond with 1618. Excuse me. Her season high last year was thirteen. And just give me an idea of diamond has done this season he scored thirteen Monday Tennessee. As many here all of last season in the today. He surpasses all of it with an eighteen offers breakthrough for Kirkpatrick is no good. So now a three pointer could limit for Wichita State. And at worst a few pointers tonight ten seconds left. Shocker if you have one timeout left the extreme character actress is no good but so I delete them. And a timeout called by Wichita State. That was this is Kirkpatrick is both free throws up he was two for two coming into the day. And she misses both here and all Wichita State needs now is that two point basket know how the lead. If it comes at the buzzer. Know how the win. Nine seconds left in the game. Keith Adams talking to the officials about something and I think it's about whether one inbound the ball. It looks like I believe it's going to be in front of the shocker bench. The Wichita State now with the teams to win. Coach items the clipboard out now I grabbing the play the white wolf ward. And these are there's those moments that you dream of as a player. A chance for the game winning shot in the doctors. Don't have that right now on what to think that the one. High on the season. A chance here for the game winner. Look carts fouled up with a shocker still have this art in the Sabrina was not a Catholic movies and Julia Preston was going into khaki. We've lost money out. He is the team. As well let's go all the Kiki Thompson. Shocker slow him down in front of their own Preston to get it in nine seconds left in the team doctors doubt one Julia pound the ball with a left hand. Looks love that in the paper into a double team and it's not out of bounds by Illinois. Julia loved one. With two players that he's ready to behind him Wichita State got a break there we're going opted out of bounds. Now trusted right baseline with seven seconds left. You couldn't write double breasted open jumper. Is so good stuff the president of the collapse Illinois that rebound with food with what they can't get I don't do. It was announced that inbounded it. Blasted open at the right elbow. And it jumpers or fluid and Wichita State loses quite old school Illinois 68 which you tell us the 67 mistaken for the most games through. This is soccer basketball. Black Friday had only been the best time to my home appliances deep discounts Clinton's client says. 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One company is on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like a big number doesn't not to express employment professionals. You're still seeing C operator welter or maybe you're looking to buy the new job and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success never charged was beatified John express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year. Let us help. Good to express rose dot com to find a location near you. No one talks to. In assets. Welcome back to the hit in Albuquerque where it's gone final Illinois 68 Wichita State's 67 Illinois. Five until now on the season doctor's fault you oh and six and joining me now what sightings. He doubted the coach this is this is a tough one to overcome a ten point deficit I thought is teams have a lot of written determination that second half but got done one point two million. Hard fought game. Product in mesa played extremely hard you know right now Howard. A tough spot we played quick break teens and now we're trying to get a win in the win column and I'm really proud of them. Please we climb our way and that really had. You have exactly what you want got the ball at the ended. And we try to run a little brat Pitt play hope we can speak about it in for arranging for an easy two footer with just nine seconds and forcing the ball and the ball went out of bounds and hit it we run in the towns plain and Jay had. Why wide open wide open mid shot which. It's. In basketball ball goes in life so much better and you know we hit that shots were celebrating right now so yeah 'cause now bacon plays at key times and and we're gonna stay together and hang in there and they stay tough and you know. I think I'm right now is Merle Haggard song if we make it see this ever touched it this. This is that it's challenging November that. You know the kids and that we did you know what we need to do and I'm not. That just went licences. We had a chance. You know we just got to keep working him. Hopefully. That's about with this at the hot hand in hand and weaken put the points really itself. On Monday I certainly think it will go to 23 points in the first half. 23 in the third quarter of the third quarter alone what did you do to try to get that up it's going. One thing that we felt like we kind of got a group that played what was planned out of one matter police. Sets. Crazy diamond Kiki you know an inquiry. You know I think that thing it you know really hurt his number fifty. Heard she had a career day. Six for eight boundaries and you know that's on the scout report and we know it. But. Yeah. Fourth quarter. Had a kind of got to explain all of the others went about it. We've battled but. Eight alive in here miles if we get this monkey off our back tomorrow. It happened so let's do it can't think it thinks that he's out of asking them. After Illinois. Edges that soccer 6867. That you get. Sees the difficulty with coach dad and he really wanted that one we thought this team that is well it's doctors come up just short. Don't forget our weekly coaches' shows with coach Adams resumes on Monday night AP sports real. At the Alley thirteenth green which we can with from 7 to 8 o'clock right after the wreck Marshall Field. Which takes place from six to seven you can catch it here on in assessment it's evident that the 30 AM. On Monday night we'll she the next everybody got to go back. Eight days at the Alley to keep the grid with a host or. The Keith Adams who will do it Monday night and healthiest if you hand this is not pose particular drive. From the game brought to you by Kansas where an entire theaters where great ties to professional auto service are always a slam them away. Are tied with coach items brought you by express employment professionals. Automation to put a million. To work. Time now for our players the game we're gonna go three G it's hard although there are a few that that if won this award diamond Lockhart an honorable mention. Eighteen points for her on seven of sixteen shooting also four rebounds and three assists. We're Lockhart said bring you those are the cabbage in other solid performance fifteen points and eight rebounds he fits it well. From the field but the thought six of thirteen and twenty points he also hits and clutch free throws down the stretch to keep shoppers postings eight at nine. From the free throw line and also seven rebounds as well for this hard and to overplay. Here in transition. Allotment here come the shocker that Ivan pulled up just inside the arc shoot the jumper that surround them with our that the rebound underneath lays out. The line at this point play. And this card would finish that three point play keeping the shocker is close but in the end. They were oh so close but not quite easily Preston. Misses a jump shot from the right elbow wide open up an inbounds play. With just a few seconds left in the game Illinois got the rebound dribbled out the clock. And the fighting Illini come away with a sixty to 67 victory. November its dockers your month at Carlos and Kelly suite cheerleaders for lunch or dinner at all three Wichita are also Kelly's. Kellogg and it's 47 itself Broadway and what he's done that northbound broad. This is the spirit what the annual fundraisers come out support team. That supports these doctors. Well they'll do from here next doctor broadcast will be tomorrow same time well 45 freaking world that they don't want. We'll see if the doctors to get that elusive first victory then his Wichita State. We'll take on cal Irvine a team that's about to play right now against the post of this Thanksgiving weekend the the New Mexico logos. So I think the simple slap back at the cages that excuse me universal studios' parking buttons making this one possible. Now until tomorrow this is being strengthened so long from Albuquerque where once again our final score. Let's Illinois 68 and Wichita State 67 now from the pit so long everybody. It's time to.