Yale Professor takes a selfie... with a couple of severed heads

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Tuesday, February 6th
The photo was shared in a "private" group online... of course NOTHING online is private.

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Police in great bend are still looking for leads in a fatal hit and run accident happened Saturday night in the 4100 block of Broadway. Police say nine year old rose younger was the victims he was struck by a vehicle traveling eastbound on Broadway that vehicle left the scene of the collision. Wichita and university police are investigating the theft of a pair of instruments from a music major French university. The Wichita eagle reports that a six foot tall harp. Valued at between eleven and 121000 dollars and of the soon were taken from a storage area at the university's fine arts at or over the weekend. Roll Rangel says that his heart was left on Friday in a room that requires an access code. He discovered them missing Monday. Google says the harp is pelican and will be ruined of the thief keeps it outside or in the garage. Band O'Neal came SS news. Detectives in Los Angeles say more witnesses have come forward and Natalie Wood death investigation. The initial cause of the Oscar winning star's death in 1981. It was ruled accidental drowning. Investigators are less and less convinced that's the real story. After news organization focused on Natalie wood's death recently LA county sheriff's investigators had more witnesses came forward. Some who'd been anchored near the boat woods was on near Catalina Island with her husband Robert Wagner. And heard the intense fighting those on the vote already told investigators about. Lieutenant John Corina says Wagner is the person of interest now he's refused to speak to them. He was the last person her on the table arguing. Before everything quiet Wagoner reportedly told the others on the boat she took the small dingy they had improbably went to shore. The Dini was found a mile from the yacht and a mile from where her bruised body was recovered. Jack Rosenthal Fox News. A popular sack is being redesigned. For women. The makers of Doritos are trying to make their chips more female friendly. Indra Nooyi CEO PepsiCo the parent company of burritos telling for economics radio that men don't mind licking their fingers or dumping crumbs into their hand while eating the chips. Nooyi adding that women don't like to crunch too loudly in public or lick their fingers. She says they are testing new chips which have the same flavor but are low in crunch and not as Massey. And they'll be packaged in a bag sized to fit in women's purses. Rich Dennison Fox News. Eulogized say several earthquakes hit northern Oklahoma early Monday but there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Now look at the forecast with gay and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning some of our new data showing the track of this latest storm system is going to be further north keeping precipitation and more measurable snow fall much further north. Along the near I seventy we may see some light snow or flurries throughout the afternoon in deceiving. Just a dusting possible with a high 26 clearing in twelve tonight sunny and 38 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday 730 that now Stephen did mostly cloudy seventy degrees now northeast wind at fourteen miles per hour in the Kate is as weather center radar showing me large area of precipitation Ted. And I mean this is a runs from south by seven to clear up the concordia. And it's all rolling to the east. And go from out west to east and it's rolling to the east. Hayes is involved great bend at Salina Emporia Hutchinson nothing there. And it's all kind of curl and to the north of Wichita but as our meteorologists are telling us this morning we could see something later this afternoon from all others. It doesn't look like it's going to be snow event or anything like that. Yesterday's high temperature which stopped 42 degrees normal high is 46 and win a wind gusts clocked at 34 miles per hour yesterday it was a it was in comes in a forties but it still got a win and that win win even if it's from the south it all pesky will now take its level fights. From the cells. They already have thirteen sons. But will a Michigan couple end up with a fourteenth son. Are expecting their fourteenth child in April Mike guys but they say they're able wait until the baby is born to find out the sex of the child. Hate to reach Watson is sees if they are accustomed large families she's one of fourteen children herself. Is my first question is can you port. It only Costa. The race it. Child these days well they're making it work somehow apparently somehow they've they've got an organized at the bit to the movie cheaper by the dozen either the original the one that came out later on the original original long time ago guidance and it's and Seattle that the original. It's Clifton Webb Eden where this came in myrtle lawyer of these people were time managers they studied it. Yes time management and it put in Webb was perfect as a father. And they got twelve kids and there's a dogged it I think it's a good show it to get bill goes back what 19467. To mourn their probably. Cheaper by the dozen. I don't. And we had four kids in my family that's seemed like that seem like a lot didn't you that you had four right I had four three siblings. And in dozer you know. Big baby boomers. And children and our families were moved use my wife has what 56 kids and her family anyway. Graduate dental school students and a top University of Connecticut north of onyx professor took a cell three with two severed heads. And used a permit medical research during training at Yale University last year Neil officials call the official disturbing it and I inexcusable. Both Yale and UConn health officials say they have taken steps to ensure it doesn't happen again the self he was taken in June at the Yale school of medicine during a surgical workshop and shared any. Private group chat. What's private Manning's private. Associated Press obtained a copy of photo. Of private group. And they give it to the AP and it is not private anymore little UConn health spokesman declined to say whether anyone. Was disciplined. Apparently I was. It was funny or. To do that and somebody didn't take it was well. Don't ask don't look at Ali Yousef photo in your tender profile no you don't want anybody to swipe right on severed head coach tells gruesome media room. Philadelphia store isn't buying. Are busy selling Eagles gear after Super Bowl victory yes of course they York. These guys in Philly they haven't had a championship of football since 1960 and the time to sell that merchandise is right. So I'm just I'm thinking about my closet not yet. I've got to look the Wichita State's. Little west high. Pioneers. Some Kansas university and yells geared up my center with a new friends I mean some went to Ian yeah you're it you've got Notre Dame under under it on your honor war annual notre anyway cardigan sweater today and Jad he's a power hockey fan he wears it. Every now and and risen. Rigby ol' hockey. This goes Fletcher just sheer torture right to Nazi uniform and it's wetter now. So anyway it that might be at an idea for him to share this what's what you Wear. Don't download that freaky and assess app from the App Store and leave us a comment by going to menu and click talk back and we'll play comments your comments on the air during the 8 o'clock hour was Stephen did. Tell us about what you like to Wear. Or whatever you wanna talk about Steve intentional. Whatever org have gone on really easy again. You go to the Afrique innocents app from the App Store. You know I don't know that I have a lot of gear that I actually touts a championship. Well I have a couple of pennants. My ball caps just how to championship I don't know I buy any championship here a bind ball capture all over the lot that I mean soccer's. Kate use Kansas City over the line. And get a pretty good collection of various ball caps one that I had a while back there was I thought was kind of cool I ordered special was a green it. Casey baseball cap for the old Kansas City and yes. Still up there somewhere added we're that it works and it like that. They don't retro man sports year was Stevenson I guess 741 now coming up. We've got editor bill Roy that would stop business journal. A troubled local company calls it quit quit even have the morning on K and assess.