Yanni, or Laurel?

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Thursday, May 17th
The inane discussion continues during entertainment news in "The Blur"

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88713. Thirty KM SSD to head the morning Steve Macintosh Ted good word. A brief standoff and Alexander following a police chase ended peacefully Wednesday afternoon bellies and a police say a man. Well outstanding warrants was pursued by Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and followed to the area of 69 street north of meridian just south of Alexander. The man exited his vehicle and holed up inside a garage in a residence near 69 and Charles. After a brief standoff while you were able to talk to the man who was unarmed and the king came out and surrendered a news to him into custody without further incident. Michigan State University will give 500 million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit in one of the worst sex abuse cases in sports. History 425. Million dollars will be paid to 332. Survivors 75 million will be set aside for future claims against MSU's sports doctor Larry Nasser who also worked for USA gymnastics Andrews pled guilty to child porn meant to abuse and who's been imprisoned likely for the rest of his life Michigan State's anti USA gymnastics were accused of ignoring or dismissing complaints about Nasser. Olympic gold medalist Sally raise min Gabby Douglas and McCalebb Moroni say they too were abused by Nasser. Jeff from and also Fox News. House Republican leaders are hoping to keep a coalition together to pass a farm bill. Adding New York requirements to the food stamp program fewest for any house Democrats are expected to support the farm bill because of new requirements to the food stamp program that they warned could keep millions off nutrition assistance. This bad film. Steals food off the table six children seniors do. Groups democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says the measure will increase hunger committee chairman Republican Mike Conway calls for reforms reasonable. Folks are willing to work force twenty hours a week. No matter how long they're that's circumstantial we're gonna be shoulder to shoulder with him. Which could threaten the bill is a Republican splits over proposals to change federal sugar in other commodity subsidies. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. We ride to Kansas is a motorcycle group yesterday group members presented plaques of appreciation and guardian Bell's two officers of the Wichita police department's new motorcycle unit. And two police chief Gordon Ramsay. Edward Evans says the presentation from his group to the officers were especially appropriate here on national police week in the US were try. A row what we're doing here motorcycle awareness within the state of Kansas. So today it was a way we can show our support for the local law enforcement officers. We're out there on the road they write every day is that job is what we do a lot of sport. Go have fun. We write Kansas now has 9600. Members statewide that motorcycle group started five years ago on FaceBook McDonald's as a Hamed burglar but in Texas cops are looking for a guy they're calling. The brisket bandit. The New Braunfels Texas police department turning to social media to ask for the public's help in coral rallying the red meat grabbing thief caught on video walking out of an HEB supermarket with seven beef brisket it's cops say the brazen beef beef raised the stakes coming back. This time taking six more brisket adding that he is a well seasoned criminal. Who they want to meet in person Gary Baumgarten Fox News. San now a look at the forecast McCain and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday could morning Dana good morning a quiet start to today's forests looks like beautiful weather ahead this afternoon are high 86 party cloudy and 64 overnight and a few thunderstorms come into the forecast tomorrow is a system moves in from the west. Breezy with a high again in the mid eighty's I'm KI SS meteorologist Dan holiday help. Cloudy plenty of sunshine out there this morning 67 degrees we have a southeast wind. At six miles per hour 835 now Steven did a morning on Kate and as as time for entertainment news the border with Ted Woodward Ted. Steve popular in CIS actress is getting backing from her network despite a series of some cryptic. Week CBS says something to say about actress Polly Peretz weekend tweets claiming she really left the shell after sixteen seasons. Because of quote multiple physical assaults Brett tweeting she kept silent because she felt she had to protect her crew jobs and so many people. CBS saying in statement Tuesday night quote. Pauly correct had a terrific run on and CIS and we are all going to miss her. Over a year ago Polley came to us with a workplace concern we took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all of our shows. Bret later tweeting I want to thank my studio and network CBS they have always been so good to me and always had my back. Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Kim Kardashian slammed for encouraging followers to -- diet candy in the now deleted sponsored posts on in Graham reality star Kim Kardashian and shared an ad for a deal on flat tummy appetite suppressing lolly pops telling fans if they want to get their hands on some they need to do it quick also -- nothing wrong that critics are condemning the post calling it dangerous and outrageously irresponsible. Accusing the TV star trying to make not eating look trendy to a young impressionable audience one posting it does she have absolutely no she ruled that the police sergeant eulogy male calling her dashing in a terrible and toxic influence on young girls adding this Stanley makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to Kardashian often promotes like tell me the line she and the brand and yet to respond on Krista and good when Fox News. Murphy Brown is back and now she's on cable. Murphy Brown returns to television in any new reboot of the series CBS says she has that the cable morning I'm exercising my choice. And this baby Murphy in the morning hurled team is back to the actors that played them according to the network. At their upfront press presentation Wednesday lashed out reporter Corky sure way to investigative journalist frank Fontana and producer miles Silverberg. However now Murphy has grown outside Avery. Who works at a rival cable morning shall. One of the press corps asked if it was similar to saying the fox and friends of morning Joseph rivalry CBS entertainer president Kelly call called that. A pretty good characterization. Michelle Leno Fox News. CBS and Kevin James. I'm Jacqueline Karl CBS canceling heaven can wait after two seasons because of the recent ratings drop since they decide to switch out actress Erin Hayes is character to bring in actress Aaliyah Romany. Look at you there it looked like they guy in Jackman I would. Think you'll Clinton admin if you have Paula shooting at a you're not. The show started out as the network's highest rated comedy but it network exact tells deadline. With regard to changing cast the show made its choice and unfortunately the audience did not respond to it. ABC's bachelorette fans bought our conference from the bachelor RE line dikes season is the new bachelorette and she says are an. It about him that track can be Entertainment Tonight caught up with host Chris Harrison and he said he knows everything that happens and this season's gone to have the most ridiculous fight over seas in fourteen of the bachelorette starts may 28 that's fox two on Fox News. It's this season. An Alley for American Idol and the stars will be on hand. American Idol redo for ABC announced the lineup for these star filled. B Rex says Nick Jonas and mustard caddie who now. Darius Rucker Gary Clark junior and you run that Adams are among the performers making a stop on the blue stage. Also set to appear troll Kermit the Frog here Kermit the Frog the show also feature performances from all three judges. Katie Perry Lionel Richie and is Brian the top ten finalists who take the stage may twentieth and the 21 Michelle Toledo Fox News. The final countdown for the royal wedding is on. They can Markel. She's gonna make a bit of a history with this wedding as well she's American she's an actress and your social activist. Just mixed background she's a divorce say they're a lot of firsts in there for the royal family her mother Doria arrived yesterday from Los Angeles we here. She's been hanging out with the couple and with the royals. As for Megan's father Thomas well it looks like he's not gonna make it to the ceremonies says. He's having heart surgery but there's also been a bit of a scandal in selling pictures of himself to the paparazzi is not clear yet. Who will walk Megan down the aisle however. The wedding party absolutely finalized a big group. Prince William the brother of Harry he will be his best man Megan you know maid of honor she says she has too many friends among the bridesmaids in the page boys will be the two. Lovely little kids Kate and wills the youngest one Louis will be sit down health. That's Fox's Greg Powell cup with that report 100000 people of the public will be expected to look at the wedding procession among the guest list includes princess Diana's favorite Elton John. Might perform at the after party. And you know goings on the big wedding. Let's check in with some of the late night jokes last night the late late show with James cordon. Oh what many China was shocked often stop to discovering how dog which she had boarded a local pet stole. Was actually a faux. She should have realized it wasn't a dog when it wasn't a dog. This version is Regina does that pet. That never boss stop thinking don't bruised and couldn't shut up about getting a free tough flags for people. Today host Steve it's in part of the national conversation for the last day or two you know it is that yeah I mean Loral Loral Loral down well that was certainly fodder for the comics last night Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Good unless they have wanna do is threaten the good feeling in the room but I feel like I don't have a choice because. This country maybe donated just this country much of the English speaking world has been torn in two over the past 48 hours by this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. OK so how many of you heard laurel. How many have heard in any. Hey Saddam Matta says forever divider our world and I heard it. Last I heard on my phone and I was sure hurt any Ellis and put up 25 times. I could imagine how anyone could possibly here laurel but now in this studio all I here's laurel I don't hear any at all. Well woody here a laurel or you Annie is one thing I think we can all agree on nothing is ever mattered less than it. Yeah antenna may be through and the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. The big nationwide debate over whether there's audio clip someone posted online. Is saying. Yeah me. For a laurel. Same track with the same wind up his chain of listener that. Yeah. Yeah. It. I'm talking about it regulated regulated. Morning everybody welcome to today out of Wednesday morning and it's nanny. Here who are all. Are you making any I'm I'm hearing and she hears the honey I hear a laurel my producer my ear hears laurel. Definitely definitely definitely yeah. All I can conclude is that this is the dumbest two days in the history of mankind no I hear stupid that's exactly. Well let's finish up weeks. Late night with Seth Meyers. American Airlines have announced that beginning this July passengers will not be allowed to bring emotional support hedge dogs goats or spiders on flights. Or as southwest calls them group to. 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