Yes, there is a cotton futures market

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 1st

Steve asks Tom Leffler of Leffler Commodities about the crop that's becoming more common in Kansas.


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Station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 630 and good morning Steve Macintosh. The widow of a Kansas been killed last month during an encounter with the barber county deputies has sued the county sheriff that is under sheriff. Christina Myers filed a. Federal lawsuit Thursday alleging law enforcement officials used excessive force when they killed her 42 year old husband Stephen. The lawsuit contends video shows Steven Myers was standing with empty hands at his sides. And did not threatened officers or attempt to escape. Now look at the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning this very quiet weather pattern will continue with temperatures soaring well above average following this chilly start this morning are hi this afternoon 61 is south winds pick up at fifteen to twenty miles per hour tonight's low 39 sunny and 62 tomorrow and Sunday breezy with a high near seventy I'm KM SS meteorite to stand holiday Al partly cloudy and 32 degrees. A Kansas legislative committee will not endorse a plan from state corrections officials to build a new president mainly because of how the project would be financed the state. And of corrections outlined its plan Thursday to have the nation's largest private prison operator builder replacement for the State's oldest and largest prison in Lansing. Course civic based in Nashville would lease of the new prisons and state were twenty years before the state owned it. The legislative committee wants the department to pursue financing the project with state bonds instead. The committee's recommendation to deep label project will go to top legislative leaders and governor Brownback. State law gives them the final say on whether the project moves forward. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. Wichita State University is beefing up its security for the NCAA volleyball tournament W if you will host the first two rounds of the tournament today and tomorrow. This is the first time the school has been selected to host. Kate is Kenyon spoke with a associate athletic director Brad Pittman who says W issue is upping its security for the volleyball games including using metal detectors. The more stuff you bring a longer take should get him. Sort tell people bring what you need to come a little bit early and you'll be fine. Pittman says only bags more than fourteen inches long fourteen inches wide and six inches high will be allowed inside the arena backpacks prohibited. Diaper and medical bags will be allowed but are subject to search prior to entrance. The bell ringers and red kettles can be seen at some seventy locations across Sedgwick county as a Salvation Army seeks donations during the Christmas season. Which of our commander major Joseph Wheeler tells K Unisys news holiday fund raising support Salvation Army programs throughout the year. We we have to stretch it out there are other campaigns throughout the year to help supplement but the biggest amount of income that's a minute Christmas. And it lasts for the majority of 2018. For instance this past year the Salvation Army provided more than 66400. Meals to our various feeding program. Major reader is our guest this weekend of issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on Kate in a sense. Vice president Mike Pence spoke with a Christian broadcast network about tax reform the vice president says he and president trump believe tax reform will be passed before the end of the year. We really believe that before Christmas comes. Know from delivered the American people the largest tax cut in American history. The senate is expected to vote on the tax reform bill by the end of the week Democrats have called the tax bill a giant. Tax cut for the rich opponents also argue the plan would add more than a trillion dollars to the national debt. A woman in the United Kingdom is homeless today after thieves stole. Our analysts houses get broken into occasionally of course but it's not often that feeds take an entire house but that's what happened to one woman living in woodland England about three hours west of London. Police say someone pulled up with a flatbed truck while she was an at home and hauled away her mobile home. Now this wasn't just some recreational viewpoint that was taken this house sports a fireplace. And a big screen TV. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News president trump extends Christmas greetings to. All Americans we pray that our country appropriate place where every child knows all filled with. Eight community. Rich with. And des nations. Blessed. With faith the president spoke at financial Christmas tree lighting in Washington DC it's the 95 year for the tradition. It is excused I'm not coming up on 6:35 deep into the morning on this Friday first day of December. About that the old caller's potential for fast nowadays and real well but top stories this morning what about. A guy from Wichita used to be a businessman here then. Was elected to congress. Then he was appointed a head of the CIA. Mike Pompeo with the via a background in intelligence and military. And then now he has reportedly being considered by president trump to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state did. Just one more reason that Mike Pompeo will never speak to us again to keep going soul so high it is an excellent you know there was a time when. Michael opera's people called hey can we get bumped the congressman on the air and if we capture it. But the heat he's an out call us anymore. And down he's from he's he's been now a prelude from an entourage. Of lackeys don't you think. CIA director and Ilya I have secret he's got a hello protection of it and don't need to go anywhere without one or two guys and I'll bet. And like mayor Longwell. In India he he didn't go anywhere without at least up might sneer at it but you know. Council member might you're watching his back via. Wal-Mart has pulled a teacher. Offered by an outside cell government's online store after a journalist advocacy group. Told the retailer found the shirt threatening the shirt says rope three journalist some assembly required. And in his statement Wal-Mart says that your violates its policy and removed it when it learned of it. The radio television digital news association I didn't know it was such a thing. Says Wal-Mart notified it about five hours after its complaint the pressure was being removed. Radio television. Digital music association nets but people who edit though the with the web pages. To be like now so what they're journalists who cares calamities. IR one. Yeah and not the greatest English in the world but. Back in the early seventies and again and radio I started finding reached its news stories and dead in tents anyway. We find information. You know right up the story. Maybe get some sound and guess what. Your journalist all right there you're telling people what's going on. And we may not be very good at it sometimes we may not get it right but. We're still journalist. I think that's one of the things that you're the in the new social media has locked into and that's the thing that people want it. There's NS we wanna tell other people things that are going right we wanna yes share with them information jerk selling we agreed to do it you know we do every day. The problem is that with the echo social media these days people don't have to hear anything they don't want us next that's true that's that's a tough part and so people don't even know. Everybody there was around the accusation a fake news bit. 90% of people have no idea what they can aliases and yeah if you don't have any clue people who's the I'm I'm very slow and they used to be here or somebody nationally problems state of Florida that are. And they said that's fake news at means I don't agree that yes that's what that means is I don't agree with that means the sun is shining but it's a fake so yeah. The accusation of fake news is that generally about the dumbest accusations thrown around far too much and you and I know there's there's talkers right here on our station it good but I I disagree you know. Oklahoma health officials say. The deaths of two people due to influenza a the first flu related deaths this season. In the sooner state. State of department of health says the two deaths were recorded between November 22. And November 28 in the ball for patients over the age of 65. Oklahoma health officials say a total of 105 influenza associated hospitalizations have been reported across the state since the current flu season began September 1. And I imagine this course Oklahoma they we've got we got blisters in Oklahoma obviously. But nationals which is neighboring state and we haven't Jan and I haven't seen anything from our state health officials are out. The flu season or numbers coming in at all so they're not yet maybe they haven't who have really got into it yet but. If we do it's about we'll keep you post than me and get a flu shot my wife is what you want the other day cultures and hospital if you did not. So we'll get on Rogen okay. What holiday movie are you don't. Find out by taking our quiz of the king and his his radio FaceBook page known out of FaceBook dot com slash K in SS radio. We'll pick five lucky people who took the quiz to in fort pack tickets to Britannica. Eliminations. I took detested and I am most like the movie elf as is Ted. And you add yours was. Scourge scourge Mina. Accents and it's 639. Stephen dead time for the commodities update with time left there of left or commodities according Tom. Good morning Steve the live cattle feeder cattle futures made lows for the week on Thursday after it started and special teams penetrating. The clothes for the candles most of triple digit losses but they did so well off concessional loans. Campus yesterday was reporting case straight up beat George between 12121. And only dog futures traded mixed yesterday some context make it new highs for the week but all the contracts closed negative. I'm close yesterday February live cattle dollar 62 low work. 12497. January feeder Cameron dollar 4150 force seventeen and they believe all developed world lower 6977. A wheat futures fell partly thirteen until the clone that they clothes make you beat along with soybeans although the court managed to close politics. So we've been so ordeal yesterday morning by the USDA totaling 657000. Metric tons. But just could not help our soybean futures at Dell yesterday traded above 24300. The climate Marge Casey wants to three quarters so tired or 34 and a quarter. Park court opinion a quarter I had 357. In January beamed up to an extent that 1988 a quarter January crude oil 48 had hired 5788. That you were going to volatility are 1217780. December recipe BMI in the airport police 638 amp December dollar index and change that 93 dollars at the event. The symbol Belgium's future 58 point sport. 24000 to sixteen. Commodity trading right marketing advisory Comtech web for commodities on the phone on the web by using 866 due to stop. I can fish used on the last few days I've had cotton on the brain you know. After seeing it some cotton fields and Cedric county in new in the big fire down there in harper county and I've got cotton. It's it whenever you come on I think cotton I don't know what that is. Because I would blue jeans all the time. Well I thought to remain out of you know polyester is. A triple net. But anyway it. Commodities are they're content commodities trader obviously right. In three years did you record those those that the bodies are those just now beginning of the deal here and can't. Quarter bottom you know some of those stations like do this sport about. Most of time we don't quoted at like he's steady it's getting more problem appeared Kansas but it on the road big crop. Time now right. Bible the first day of December anything we I don't know about commodities trading as you start to the last month of the year it's been a good year for you so far. It was like as. It has not been the best for the oil prices for some. You know people because we've seen little grain prices most of this entire year so that's been a little bit about. Problem that a financial markets have been good all all our life stock markets have been good this year. And you're driving that brand new cadillacs eagle there right. To life really. Really. Probably got a Rolls Royce pickup truck with 400000 dollars right. A diamond hubcaps. You predict. All right. Thank you sir appreciate it did 643 Stephen dead coming up Don grant CFP the money tractor. Fun facts about money. I'm ready laugh about bad Don coming up seated at the morning on Kerry and assess.