Yes, you can retire too early

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 13th

Moneytracker Don Grant says it is important to consider all the factors before retiring.


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About Christmas. Nice holiday event. Memories of the. Seventh at thirteen thirty K and as as. We are Stevenson of the boarding at 6:46 here on Wednesday morning. Pretty big things. Democrat Doug Jones apparently defeat Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's special senate election of recount. Maybe coming seeing traffic fatalities increasing across Kansas law. Which it does City Council passes tougher panhandling ordinance. Pretty big thing Stephen dead on Kate in a sense. And this morning continue to avoid the area second and Emporia last night a traffic accident there. And destroyed a fire hydrant causing a flood that opened up sinkhole so they're still working on that one. Watch out there and that is a second opinion orient this morning's downtown area traffic updates from Kate in essence radio on hedges and sunny and breezy to. They with a high of 61 degrees this afternoon look for north wind it's 21 to 26 miles per hour. Increasing clouds tonight the overnight low thirty ended Thursday mostly cloudy cooler. Tomorrow's night's 45 degrees now partly cloudy 36 degrees maybe a west wind at thirteen miles per hour. Dana assessed whether brought you by the monarch explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday. Today. With four dollars select versions of risky located at 579 west Douglas in historically known them on arms you know deep into the wind. On grants he would be the money tracker with us again this morning and another story out of Florida we'd already have one out double and other and your Aaron Lackey out there they are. Florida wildlife officials and prosecutors have charged three men. Connected to a video of a shark being dragged behind a speeding boat using bullets jaws revenge here and as officials issued a news release saying. Michael Wenzel and Spencer planes all of Robert Lee but Mac. Each face two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. That's just how old man that's stupid Wenzel and fanatical also as a misdemeanor count of illegal method of taking your shark. A video of the shark being dragged went viral in late July after a Miami sport fisherman criticize it council shall made jumping the shark. Probably not much sympathy on you know for sharks. After the movie because I do I do their animals like a bit misunderstood and God's creatures you know they picked the right and who early but if we're not God's creatures and also vastly misunderstood. Right except we've got opposable fun alms yes but human bird being dragged behind a vote. As it oppose the Simi trying to water ski and you got it whatever. Thumbs. Big name companies not gains on Wall Street Tuesday delivering more records for two with a major stock indexes are getting tired of this winning. The stock market on you know you look I'm and his sickness is Standard and Poor's 500 index in the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished an all time highs. The second day usually in a slide in technology stocks pulled the NASDAQ lower. The S&P rose four points while the Dow gained a 118. Points and the NASDAQ. Lost twelve point soon. Indian anywhere that by 401K he's gonna top that. Yeah just pushing my retirement date closer and closer now. I whatsoever those bonds though we'll talk about that later bonds and I don't think you're loaded up with technology stocks because you don't know what they are. I don't mean definitely had a very good shape. That that would bell telephone audience it's after all that's at. How was stopped doing an American telephone and telegraph. Steel. Congressional Republicans are there and automated by an out of that is the last six to wave of the future congressional Republicans are rushing toward a deal on a massive tax package that would reduce the top rate. Or wealthy Americans like Don grant a 38%. And slash the corporate rate to a level slightly higher finally liberal leaders and contributed wanted. It happened Tuesday in a flurry of last minute changes that could profoundly affect the pocketbooks. Of millions of Americans I'm aka real right off my million dollar mortgage at him. And that they may leave that in federal government collected a record amount of tax income for the month of November and also. At a record level of spending for the month low course really taking together it produced a budget deficit of 138 points. Five billion dollars. Up slightly from a year ago. No matter how much. They've taken. That into balance very well 651 now Steve and Ted in aborting yes you can retired 22 currently. Yeah I don't Cassiopeia monetary you don't coltart and clicked and I guess in no danger in your case. And lowers. Well I just don't all look upon this is kind of funny though it through the Internet a lot of you last have crossed my desk and some link to some link to some link got me to the financial therapy association web site. Financial Lara the FTS. And at first blush it might seem kind of silly every kind of chuckled when he heard that. But there is so much emotion surrounding money it makes perfect sense that someone besides financial planners. Are helping investors understand the emotional side of finances. Early retirement is the dream of many. And often financial resources may confirm that worker could afford to retire early. If you're not happy with working for a paycheck or see that the green grass on the other side of the fence and you want to hop that fence and roll around a bit. Please take the time to understand the psychological. Effects of that decision. Moving from a forty plus hour week to retirement means moving to an open unstructured. Life. The retiree needs to create the structure. Or they may face a Marietta problems with the relationships. Emotions hell. And finances. Imagine that sudden change does one go out and spend money on things and activities like travel if so is there enough income to support that. My dad playing pretty well and he retired it 59 and even realize that number of years ago. But all of a sudden he was home all day he expected that he would be like the weekend when mom would prepare my nice hot ledge and well. And realize that mom has a full life to yup and meals are on him he also learned very quickly about cleaning the house. And doing dishes I just got this vision of him and they've had to go back to work exactly. Exactly to just to get away from all the hard work. What that understood the concept when he was quickly able to create structure by listing projects around the house it had been neglected he volunteered. He got back into tennis enjoy to group a local guys who regularly had breakfast or lunch together and developed a wine tasting group. That was for the early marquee I was for the record. A chaotic. As per the financial therapy association suggestions people should think about retiring early very carefully. It can be difficult to recreate the sensation of going to a place every day to be productive. With other people the social structure and get paid for it. Again there is a social structure at a workplace and it can be a sense of deep satisfaction when presented with a challenge and working with others to come up with a solution of course you have any questions you could give me a call the guy who's gonna work until he's at least seventy. At 6342222. To one. Minute manager back in the eighties or nineties who talked about high tech high touch. In other words you know he is the more high tech we get the more people really need to get out and and socialize with the other people. I was his fear I I don't remember that but I bet that makes makes perfect sense but you know it's interesting how you know we think that. We think that email is is. Helping us that yes I I have more contact with more people than I would back in the old days yeah. But it's cursory and it's it's colder it's harder it's not. The same person to person phone calls. Yes I like wave in an airplane you'll over something socially via today is national cocoa today. The perfect time to make yourself a couple hot cocoa are that Coca the clown and know enjoy Coco de into. So warm beverage made with cool cool power he can regardless of the clock and yes I do area you know sometimes you put little bush I mean I don't move with cream whipped cream bars a lot to whip cream bottom blisters you ran into last night at the Christmas to all the Wear cream we don't need the coat was talking about these national days readers that remember that yeah and it loses carried a teacher she says Hogan is she gets a lot of ideas for for that date during class sometimes when I. Phil Gramm on the national cook Cody good innings of cocoa today inspiration you guys are well we are we are again. We're at the current larger inspirations frankly. To the other people here and an income. Yeah especially the air people who really they look at us and say you at work too hard. You can look bad you're making us a piece off just a bit. About it today and take it up cash for each time as boring items that are 7 o'clock entertainers as morning news Stephen dead. Democrat wins Alabama's senate seat that's Dorian are on the way Stevens at the morning on tape and assess.