Yesterday was Boxing Day, the busiest day for store returns

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

Steve and Ted talk about gift returns and big crowds.


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Is distinction which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning John Davidson in the morning feedback and son have a bird. In assists breaking news one person was treated for smoke inhalation. At the scene of a mobile home buyer needs Wichita. Firefighters. We're called to be 111700. Block of east Waterman just after 2 AM they count heavy smoke and flame cause of the fire is under investigation. Work on a supersonic business airplane could likely be headed to which does aircraft suppliers. Carry on corporation executive chairman Brian Barents says it's probable so the part to the company's 120 million dollar eight as to supersonic business jets. Will be made by Wichita suppliers. Parent says he fully expects which does aviation industry to play a role in the development of the twelve passenger jet. It is expected to make its first flight in 20/20 three. Now the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with some clouds across south central Kansas citizen dry and cold start to the morning forest. Temperatures expected to be in the mid teens by noontime 23 later on this afternoon. Cloudy overnight Carlos sixteen and with a clearing skies Thursday we're back to 38. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday out cloudy sky fourteen degrees in the windshield east to above. Wichita police are investigating a stabbing. It happened around 9:30 Tuesday morning in an apartment near sixteenth panache police say they were called to an area hospital at around 1015. After the injured woman went to the hospital on her own. And then underwent surgery. Her injuries were described as not life threatening no arrests have been made but additional details were not immediately available Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. There were only sixteen people were arrested in the entire city of Wichita on Christmas Day seven of those cases involve domestic violence six involve people who already had arrest warrants. Were also four arrests involving drugs or alcohol. Which the mayor Jeff Longwell tells kaine is says he has he's looking forward to an exciting new year. And they training centers if I open up without a finalized yeah. Baseball team and get that new stadium under way and that doesn't happen in a recurring and it seemed there and notre core or were getting ready to work her way through this old century to an engagement process. Well well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve into the morning show here on K and cash and cash. Extra workers are being brought to Erie Pennsylvania to help clean the town up after 660. Inches of snow fell. Emergency management spokesman dale Robinson says they're looking to clear the main roads first so help get arrive. We're also uses National Guard resources to bring in. Essential personnel whether it's I learned she responders. Hospital staff expects arrows that can't get him. Flights in and out of the town have been canceled. A tragedy averted in Florida after two boys ages six and seven were left and hot car their father is facing charges. 7 NEWS Miami's Brandon buyer with a story. Davie police say the father of two young boys left and locked in a car for an hour and a half luckily there was a customer walking through the parking lot hurts kids you know crying in distress in the parking lot customers' in store employees pleaded with the boys to unlock the door kid knowing that this person stranger didn't unlock the door Davies fired rescue would eventually free the boys thankfully the children are okay. But officials say it was close within minutes. He's determined verge of going the extra police say Allen Luna left both of his children in the car when he went into searched for parts. He is as newsstand now 633. Not the kind of story here this time you're usually. You're worried about dead heat when the kids get trapped in the garlic. The reporters said in this case cute to give people or knock on the bad as L a they say it. We don't you. Open up so. Anyway they were well schooled and Al. Not to open the doors for strangers. That's true it could have been a big problem lol yes get event could have been having problems six 33 now Steve intent here and again it's a Wednesday morning feels. You'll like it Tuesday it and it with the back where we came back yesterday. After the the bright Christmas break or have a a New Year's cannot the end of this week about just a piece. These public just come slightly under which one after another well you get the dead spot yeah agreements and all of a sudden it well it looks like forever to get another day our rights right officials in southeastern Louisiana safe for women were arrested after a large brawl at a Wal-Mart store over the weekend. Slidell police department says more than ten people were involved in the fight. Two of the people were taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. A 152 video shows a group of women fighting and shoving each other near cash registers into this horror. Police were told that some of the people were using pepper sprayed. Police have not released the motive for the fight. Knew you'd think maybe somebody but in his somebody's there in the from a lion or. They were hassling over you know league blue light special or whatever but. A group of women fighting in Slidell Louisiana a Wal-Mart. I would see women fight Republican years have you to edit it at. That. And dignified public figures it out not to see old wrestling. Fans down century to have it now. Kansas City man charged with stabbing two people last week in separate incidents. Is claiming demons told him to attack. The Kansas City Star reports 22 year old Steven. And December 20 in Kansas City he faces two counts each of first degree assault and armed criminal action. And one count of stealing a motor vehicle. Court documents show Bos told police demons told him to go through with the stabbings. Now of course this is what's at schizophrenic behavior Ted. Mental illness mental illness the price be in jail for about a month then back man I am and probably you know not dealt with not cured or not to treat and all properly that's. We don't treatment on this anymore we could zip our interview with people in jail for a few weeks and then. Back on the streets chief Ramsey in our cheaply chief Ramsey which completes programs in our interview this past week it. Basically told me that did you know police today here there's a social workers of America now. There's not a non and that's what's pretty much happened in the last forty to fifty years a time when a police soft three game a badge and again it's and camps in western get a second. Not in more police are on the front lines of mental illness and the United States of America right now and I don't know that the region apparently we don't have the resources to. Treat people properly we don't have the institutions to take care of them properly so weak. Don't give a few drugs in America on the street. That's it's it's it's just a talking about staffing in in hiring police officers Wichita and a they've got a they've got people coming on and of the class of seventy go to they are indeed it is challenging. Because look at the look at the job you've got to be. Diplomat and psychologists. And that's a lot more than just stop and park right tickets. And I kind of illustrates that guy he's that demons. Possessed him. Well yesterday was obviously very cold day with a high of only 22 degrees. Not today a good day to get out and return gifts but as I understand it quite a few people there. You know Hydro by Tony square yesterday afternoon. That parking lot was stuffed. Ryan Chilean were driving up to the northwest side to late in the afternoon and there was a lot of traffic. And not all religious people come home from work in people in the stores will not been braving that cold weather they get out in return things I don't have anything that. And I'm gonna return everything I got to either fit there was something very nice that I would not return. Did you have anything that it knew you gonna re gifted noting. Mean you got to pair those bill Schneider's socks you're gonna ring get to meet next year. You know I kind of like to think that people it. Spend time and money to give me gift pretty savvy about it that would summing I would like. Arm. It would liken it to the people at that time off what I've been I was talk about this last half hour. I've been trying to using email you know contacting different people around town in. The news business trying to line up guess and what not. At. Just about nobody's home in I'm saying. The ball's almost of them try to doctors they're not responding because it again they're gonna be off to which gamers. Missile resistant to every Ted why are we off until January because we are devoted to what we do and too valuable to this company. You know whole week off but what would they do. Well there. Bring it and somebody that there are huge nobody can do it. I guess we don't wanna find out that's my show up every that we like to protect our phony baloney job exactly a romp a rob our off. And one of the reasons we like him or is it good friend Tom left for a lot for commodities holiest who keeps this up on the latest egg prices or is it egg price the find it. Our Intel. Never in the here and have no yards we are not. Hotel complex that they managed to recover from Friday negative week of trading in the negative catalog they'd report from Friday. Trading yesterday was positive in the close call triple digit gains. Accommodation of technical buying short covering and bottom picking Kristi cattle buyer willing to hog futures traded mixed in closed mixed with the street. In the nearby contracts. Markets will have regular closing times. On Friday at the closure yesterday their blood scandal two dollars and ninety cent higher and when he won 47. March beaters at two dollar and 80% to 14135. That you were lean hog and all of that by the hired 7150. He gave. The soybean futures yesterday at her strongest positive close in early December at the corn closed slightly higher in the week featured closed negative. The weekly export inspections of those surprises. Are still women lower than a year ago levels. At the moment mark Casey we have a quarter of opinion or nineteen and recorder which Cornell an opinion 350. Two and a quarter gain more easily been three and a quarter cent higher at 962 that I am. February crude oil warning them that one cent at 5946. February gold up two dollars and seventy cents at 12191. I'm mark S&P up one point police 688. Parts dollar index quantities then lowered 9258. In March stay out of speakers they come nine point 24 78. Three commodity trading right marketing advisor Comtech web for commodity on the phone on the web like 866. To 2000. How body got any thing that any gifts that you received at christmastime that you're going to. Have to take back get a different size inning like that. I wondered if I got lucky. Well today. We can see what that is would. I don't pretty much kept did you really I got me to world war that. Why you lose it's. Okay. And would you want to visit to use an awful lot OK the other one out there you go well I'm glad. But you know that's not really what I say the word it will like egg. Well you know I don't have them admit headset so it's gonna sound funny you I am. As the men. No that's good battalion let's Kenny utilitarian and it's something that team yet to rule is now and in. And can get something fun like a new boat or something. A boat wouldn't do me a lot of media I don't I don't have a lot of useful. Oh okay well to get some nice mittens or gloves or something to keep you warm. The other they're still darting all my thought that got Amy Fox yeah. You had your socks darned if that means that you why it takes him and puts puts a light bulb element does the whole thing and a right. It Thomas I did tell you for couple bucks you get a brand new pair. You're the kind of money you make. Right around that big tractor limousine years from the big bird duels day. We gonna teach you have spend money that's all. Right. I'll do it thank you done that's. Its outcome left her Olympic bodies now. 641 Stevens did coming up. Serious stuff done grant CFP the money record talking about retirement losses and recovery. I'm grant on the way Stephen head in the morning on May end up SS.