Your wallet and the "do-it-yourself divorce"

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st

Moneytracker Don Grant says "do-it-yourself" isn't a great strategy for a divorce.


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Rest those years old the American people not to be afraid. Warned our enemy and I think this will grow his base from the average people don't want to be afraid this won't make president from. More populous. 97 and thirteen thirty K and as as severe deep into bed in the morning. Now three big things relief. CBS TV host Charlie Rose. Apologizes for sexual misconduct seeded Wichita city manager says police will likely cut back. And use of cameras to write traffic tickets line. Tyson chicken plant for Kansas on hold now as companies move forward with a plant in Tennessee. Predict things Stephen dip on cable access. And this morning out there in traffic we're starting to get some heavier traffic on Nia Wichita roadways. And then a couple of different places that are in the north junction. 135 it's pretty 1996. Also want to count death. Eastbound Kellogg and sending it spinning your traffic right there Traficant Venus has brought to budget of Robin called Goodyear tire located downtown. Market and Waterman in the east every regional economic growth dot com your home work complete or fair. To becoming sunny and breezy today with a high of 56 degrees north wind at 1924 miles per hour. Clear and cool tonight the overnight low 23. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's high fourteen million net. Now mostly cloudy 37 degrees you've got to southeast wind at five miles per hour. Did you know that forty to 50% of your body heat is lost to the top of your head. She's a great selection of warm winter hats for men and women and hat man Jackson. At the clock tower in the Plano had an index 601 US Douglas opened six days a week. 648 now Steven Ted. The government is not making it easy. Four Time Warner and AT&T to merge the Justice Department's decision to sue to block AT&T'S takeover of Time Warner is a major blow to the company's plans. AT&T'S deal for Time Warner. Was valued at 85 billion dollars when it was announced last year. They taste would be an important test. Of what the courts would uphold a government challenged to a merger of companies that don't actually compete head to head. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has said. The idea that his company would be too powerful after the merger borders on comical. Carroll's MR Fox News. US stocks rose Monday as a mix of smaller US focused companies technology firms and banks climbed to drug makers struggled. Which limited those gains realtors in smaller companies rose for the third day in a row as their latest quarterly reports have investors feeling better about the US economy. Standard and Poor's 500. Index picked up three points while the dal advanced seven points also the NASDAQ Composite advancing seven points. And auto safety group is asking the government for recall of Chrysler Pacifica minivans over complaints at the engines installed without warning. The center for auto safety petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Monday. Asking for investigation and recall of 150000. Minivans. From the Tony seventeen model year we got a new Pacifica. Pay attention the group says over fifty people have complained to the government about stalling and Fiat Chrysler has not been able to fix the problem. Some have a complained that the fans have stalled several times. Nebraska regulators have approved a keystone XL oil pipeline route through the state. Breathing new life into the long delayed eight billion dollar project however. The chosen pathway is not the one preferred by the pipeline operator and could require more time. To study the changes. Janet Yellen as submitted her resignation from the Federal Reserve board the president dropped. Announcing he will leave when her successor is sworn in as Fed Chairman. Colorado regulators have issued a an eight point nine million dollar fine against average parent company. For allowing employees with serious criminal or motor vehicle offenses. To work for the company as drivers hoops. States if you won now Stephen dead on KE NN assess direct yourself divorce and your finances. Don grant CFP the money tracker with us this morning is always a morning Don. Good morning you know Steve I'm all about saving money and the course. You know when I could do it myself I will wave the time the tools in my abilities. Against the cost of having work done by professional and I cross my fingers and hope that made the right decision. Now I think the united you know. I would do that with gall bladder operation for example of what I suggest. Most people do with splitting assets even in an amicable divorce. Giving up investment and retirement accounts seems simple but it's not as easy as just cutting yes it's an app or whatever the negotiator multiple. Then making distribution now is say. It's particularly caddie. Win one ever has attention coming to them and retirement in improper. You legal agreements could result in heavy tax bills or penalties. In taxable account one holding an equal market value may be worth more than another. That's because a potential taxable gain. Compare one's stock purchased at 810 bucks this year to another stock purchased at fifteen bucks this year it also work. Twenty dollars per share right now. The first docket at 810 dollar taxable gain the second has just 85 dollar taxable gain so the recipient of the lower cost basis stock. Will realize less because of the embedded greater tax liability would soul. Tensions are complicated. And each one is unique many grow in value for each year are satisfied is an employee in good standing. And most are tied to income. Assigning a value to the non engines out can be extremely complex. Even after that is a sign creating the equal distribution documents generally called a qualified domestic relations order a lot broke. Required judicial review. They are judgments. Acquired Perot may also be necessary to split in the existing 401K or Ira. Without a distribution. Could carry earth would early withdrawal taxes and penalties. Many parts of an amicable divorce can be handled between the divorcing spouses. Decisions about the disposition of real mistake. Capacity of minor children and distribution distribution of common assets can be made good communication. However when it comes to the actual distribution. Please uses certified financial planner and experienced attorney to do it correctly. And of course you have any questions you give me a call the number 6342222. As always terrific advice for Shuster. Bob mark order today's world television and he. This is from the United Nations General Assembly. Assembly. The army. Because remote they're gonna promote our turn on the TV it's going to need good in recognition of the increasing impact television has on decision making by. Alerting world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security. World's television day. Now I have I've talked sec I'd buy big toe in television in the Pakistan and adds about all I've done little part time stuff. You've actually ask you actually worked. In that vast. I spell big headed your big. Edit there. And it's interesting that of the contrast between television and in radio and in case you've done both so you've got your good. I don't ball and I've done it from a news perspective and from an entertainment protective of its it's it's a wonderful media. You know if it's not abuse. Yeah ha that is the interesting thing is as you as a talent the interesting thing is do you you know I can just hey there's a phone looks talking go on the air Newsom good. Television not quote it's that simple. Think a lot of technical help to get it done that. Yeah yeah it does although. Some of it Lucia you know you know. And they get I'm the old do it yourself for Newt thanks for being with a 655 now. Stephen did it on kaine is says coming up top of the hour at 7 o'clock. We're gonna talk about the Tyson chicken decisions going forward that plant in Tennessee although news coming up which team instead. On came in a sense.