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Where the grapes grow

Saturday, October 17th
Guy's visit with Chris & Justin wraps upwith talk about Rodney Strong's vineyard coverage.

Segment 2: Sonoma Strong

Saturday, October 17th
Guy is joined in this segment by Chris O'Gorman & Justin Seidfeld from Rodney Strong one of his favorite Sonoma wine producers.

Segment 1: Arrive without aging

Saturday, October 17th
Guys first guest in this week's adventure in food, wine,and fun is Joe Stumpe. He is the former food writer for the Wichita Eagle and is now the editor/...

Segment 3: Say hello to Jack Volz

Saturday, October 10th
In this segment Guy talks with the Midwest Regional Manager for Round Pond Estate makers of a highly sought-after and respected ultra-premium Cabernet...

Segment 4: Wine Of The Week

Saturday, October 10th
Guy wrap's up this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with his selection of the "Wine Of The Week."