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Listen to in-depth discussions with local leaders about issues in the Wichita community.

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ISSUES 2018 05/13/18

Thursday, May 10th
Wichita City Manager Robert Layton discusses the city budget, a new stadium, infrastructure repair, and a new librfary

ISSUES 1018 05/06/18

Thursday, May 3rd
Small Business Administration Wichita District Director Wayne Bell discusses starting and financing small buinesses

ISSUES 2018 04/22/18

Thursday, April 19th
Ed Pavey is retiring after 28 years as director of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. He discusses 49 years as a law enforcement officer, and training...

ISSUES 2018 04/08/18

Wednesday, April 4th
Terri Moses. Executive Director, Safety Services Dept, Wichita public schools, discusses overall school safety, weapons, threats, and working with students,...

ISSUES 2018 04/01/18

Monday, March 26th
Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter discusses transparency, opioids and other drug abuse, sex trafficking ... plus recruiting, training, and retaining deputies

ISSUES 2018 03/25/18

Monday, March 19th
Mark Eby, Presdient and CEO Kansas Humane Society, discusses animal care and adoption