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John and his wife Marlena have lived in Sedgwick County for over 30 years.
John pursued a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kansas where he
studied Political Science and Public Administration. He has been involved in
multiple local and national political campaigns. Recently John was an elected
member to the Kansas House of Representatives. Today, John is a local
business owner and host of The John Whitmer Show, Sunday evenings at 7 on
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Greg Teufel interview 11/15/20

Sunday, November 15th
John talks with Pittsburgh lawyer Greg Teufel about how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots to be extended.

Kyle Drennen interview 11/15/20

Sunday, November 15th
John visits with Kyle Drennen, Senior News Analyst for the Media Research Center, about how the mainstream media covered up the New York Post story about...