John Whitmer Show

John and his wife Marlena have lived in Sedgwick County for over 30 years.
John pursued a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kansas where he
studied Political Science and Public Administration. He has been involved in
multiple local and national political campaigns. Recently John was an elected
member to the Kansas House of Representatives. Today, John is a local
business owner and host of The John Whitmer Show, Sunday evenings on KNSS. 
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Medicaid Tourism with Colin Craig

Sunday, January 26th
Colin Craig from will tell us about Canada's growing trend in Medicaid Tourism despite the fact Canadians already have government provided...

2nd Amendment Rally with Curtis Houck

Sunday, January 26th
Curtis Houck from the Media Research Center will expose how the media tried to demonize 2nd Amendment rights advocates at a rally in Virginia on Monday.