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Steve McIntosh
December 02, 2019 - 10:39 am
At Tuesday's meeting, the Wichita City Council will consider issuing bonds for two companies ... 18 million dollars for Air Capital Fight Line L-L-C ... and up to 95 million dollars for Textron Aviation. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells KNSS News the bond money represents those companies' investment in...
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close up water running from faucet
Rodney Price
October 08, 2019 - 12:02 pm
The Wichita City Council approves funding to replace aging pipes in the city's water system.
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September 19, 2019 - 4:35 am
(1080 KRLD) - A study warns to stay away from airplane water. Dr. Charles Platkin, editor of Diet Detective and the executive director of Hunter College in New York City Food Policy Center at the City University of New York authored a survey which purports some of the water onboard isn't fit for...
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July 28, 2019 - 9:45 am
Two months after Perry Lake flooded, the Kansas National Guard continues to deliver water to residents in a nearby village, and the effort could continue until mid-September. The Guard has delivered 1.3 million gallons of water to Lakeside Village because the community's water well pumps are...
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April 16, 2019 - 1:09 pm
During Tuesday’s Wichita City Council meeting, the group approved adjustments in user fees for water and sewer services. User fee revenue is supposed to cover services that benefit individual customers, such as trip charges associated with water shutoffs. A cost analysis found that under the...
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Tero Vesalainen / Getty Images
April 09, 2019 - 11:30 am
The city voted on a roughly $790 thousand contract with Garver General. The group will manage the day-to-day operations of the water treatment facility project during this phase. Garver's past clients include communities such as Shreveport, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas and Wylie, Texas just to...
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March 24, 2019 - 11:25 pm
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas City residents are being asked to conserve water while the city's utility is dealing with the aftermath of recent flooding along the Missouri River. KC Water said Sunday the water in the river, which supplies drinking water to the city, remains murky and has been...
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December 18, 2018 - 12:07 pm
The Wichita city council had unfinished business Tuesday, regarding discussion of a new water treatment plant. City staff had recommended a team for phase 1 of the design-build-operate contract for the proposed new water treatment facility. After a motion and substitute motion, Mayor Jeff Longwell...
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November 06, 2018 - 12:26 pm
The Wichita City Council heard from city managers regarding Wichita's plans for a new water treatment facility during a workshop Tuesday. Wichita has the green light to apply for federal funding but has until October 30, 2019 to get that application in. That funding would be worth about $200...
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July 22, 2018 - 9:17 pm
Inspector says he tried to ward duck boat company about design flaws before 17 people were killed in Missouri. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com
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